Superbowl Snacks: Bacon Meatballs with Mango Honey Mustard Sauce

I’ve talked about my roommate Laura before. That’s because she’s awesome. She started CrossFit at an actual CrossFit gym just back in August and she has been absolutely killing it!! More than anything is this world, I am absolutely so lucky to have the opportunity to coach her daily while she gets her first strict pull ups, strengthens her deadlift like crazy, and shows those toes to bar whose boss. CrossFit has made her strong physically and strong mentally. It’s absolutely fantastic to watch. I’ve seen her confidence soar through the roof because of it and I’ve never been so proud to call someone my best friend. You rock Laura. CrossFit is awesome.

So the storm of the century is suppose to be coming. Well, it was suppose to come last night. I’m not really sure what the hell the weatherman is talking about because it’s not really that bad out. That’s what sucks about Colorado. Don’t.Ever.Guess.The.Weather. Because you’ll most likely be wrong. To be the weatherman in Colorado is like being a leper. You are slightly hated by all because you can’t seem to get anything right. I don’t know. Maybe it’ll snow all day and officially become the storm of the century. I sure hope so. People were making lines out of the grocery stores making sure to stock up on god knows what. I’m good here. I got sweet potatoes, bacon, beef, coconut, almond flour, and coffee. I’m thinking a sweet potato hash and some waffles will do the job of creating a happy home for Laura, Steph, and I. My lord I love my waffle maker.

I don’t have any nut butters in the house though!!!! I.HATE.TODAY. Ok, that was excessive. I love today. Nuts or not.

Guess what I have coming next week?!?! BLACK PALEOMG TANK TOPS. omgomgomg. So excited. Thank you so so so much to whoever has bought a shirt through Renegade-Fitness. There are still white tank tops and black shirts available right now for purchase, even if they are out of your side, you can still make a purchase and the size will ship next week when we get our new shipment in!! YAY! Now with the black tank tops, you can burpee it up, flop in the mud, or sweat excessively through the shirts….and no one will know that you’ve only washed it once. I love black tank tops.

Oh, and don’t forget to come back later tonight for 1 last Superbowl recipe! Oh and I lied. It’s snowing. Like A LOT.


Superbowl Snacks: Bacon Meatballs with Mango Honey Mustard Sauce

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 4-6 1x



For the balls:

  • 1.5lbs ground beef (or any other ground meat you see fit)
  • 6 slices of bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 egg, whisked
  • 1/4 cup almond flour
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • salt and pepper, to taste

For the dipping sauce:

  • 1 mango, peeled and cut away from seed inside
  • 23 tablespoons ground old fashioned mustard (in the jar)
  • 12 tablespoons yellow mustard
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • dash of chili powder
  • salt, to taste


For the balls:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Put a large skillet over medium heat and add your diced bacon to it.
  3. Once bacon has rendered some fat in the pan, add your onions. Mix together and poke at it randomly to make sure the bacon and onions don’t burn. Once bacon is cook through, add the bacon and onions to a plate with a paper towel on it to cool and soak up some excess fat.
  4. Now add your ground beef to a large bowl, then add your cooled bacon and onions, along with egg, almond flour, and seasonings.
  5. Use your hands to mix all that goodness up thoroughly.
  6. Now roll into little bite size balls and place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
  7. Bake for around 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the meatballs.

For the dipping sauce:

  1. While your meatballs are baking, time to make your sauce.
  2. Add your peeled and sliced mango to a food processor and puree until your have a sauce.
  3. Now add your ground mustard, yellow mustard, and honey to it and puree it all together.
  4. Taste to see if you want it sweeter or more tangy and add extra honey or mustard as needed.
  5. Add spices and salt and puree one more time.
  6. Place some toothpicks in your meatballs and let guests dip away!

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64 thoughts on “Superbowl Snacks: Bacon Meatballs with Mango Honey Mustard Sauce”

  1. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I just wanted to take the time to say I love the humor, the recipes, the simplicity of it all. This is a great site that I will definitely continue to support and share! (not that you needed my support or anything, or even that my opinion matters!)

  2. I LOVE mustard…never tried with the mango though…these look great…
    Stay warm out there- my brother lives in Denver, so I’ve been keeping an eye on the crazy weather out there.

    Tennessee however? 63 and sunny 😀

  3. So do to my inability to make decisions coupled with the crazy yumminess (new word) you have going on here, I think I’m going to make ALL the superbowl recipies you have posted thus far…..and I’m not even watching the game with anyone… excited!

  4. I’m making every one of your superbowl snacks!!!… except maybe the apple pie nachos. That’ll be my breakfast the day after. They all look delicious!

    So how many balls do you think this will make? I need to make sure I have enough balls, they look like they’ll be a hit. 😉

  5. Holy Balls, these sound awesome! Cant wait to make them! I tell everyone about your site! Love love!

  6. Juli, your blog kicks ass!! Not only is it good information but funny as shit! I have been making recipies from your site for about a month and nothing has sucked. It has all been amazing stuff. Just ordered one of your tank tops and can’t wait for that. Have worked out for years but now I am totally interested in Corssfit and the Paleo diet rocks. Keep it up! Look forward to your posts everyday. Thanks!

  7. Omg… Bacon meatballs and black tanks… I’m gunna eat and order the hell out of both… In that order. You are awesome

  8. Dumb question, sorry. Ground mustard, as in the powdered spice? Or the grainy already in the jar stuff? I’m making a shopping list at 7am and can’t seem to wrap my head around this. Lol

  9. OMG! I am maing the meatballs as I am typing this post… they smell delish… your blog is awesome and makes paleo so kick ass easy!

    I have to make the sauce but i dont have yellow mustard… oh crap.. can i use dijon??

  10. Hi! I made these tonight with ground venison and they were awesome!! I am new to paleo and not very experienced in cooking, so your recipes have been been lifesavers. Otherwise, we would be having the same boring crap that I already know how to cook every week. I also thought you should know that our meal plan this week consists of nothing but yor recipes (even breakfast and treats are covered thanks to you!) 🙂

  11. So I plan on making these for a work function later this week since everyone in my department eats nothing but shitty food…. Ill just have to smoke n mirror my way into people thinking these aren’t good for you so they eat them!!!!

  12. Wow, these sound amazing. Trying them tonight! I love your blog, the recipes have relieved my paleo boredom. I was stuck in a rut. Thanks!

  13. Made these this afternoon with a few substitutions for some ingredients that I didn’t have on hand. Used chicken instead of beef, coconut flour instead of almond flour and since I didn’t have chili powder I sprinkled in some red pepper flakes and garlic. They came out pretty tasty! Thanks for your inspirational recipe!

  14. i am a little late to this party, but i made these tonight and all i can say is DYNOmite! Everyone loved them, even the baby.
    I did use dijon mustard which made for a spicy meatball…literally. . . lucky for me, that’s how I like it.
    You win!!!

  15. These are super delicious meatballs, tonight is the 3rd time I’m making this recipe. My 10 year old requested them, he calls them “those awesome meatballs with the dip”

  16. This was so delicious!!!!! My boyfriend got a really good deal on ground boar but he wasn’t sure how we should eat. This was perfect! The best part was stealing….I mean, tasting the onion bacon mix before adding in the other ingredients 😛

  17. Delicious! We all loved these. My 2 year old was licking every bit of dipping sauce out of his bowl. I think next time we’ll pop them in the skillet for a bit to crisp up the edges. Thanks again, rock star!

  18. These meatballs are AmazeBALLS!!! I use turkey meat and add jalapenos to the mix. I put them in the smoker for a couple of hours and they come out sooooo good! Thank you for a great recipe.

  19. So, you have a different meatball recipe that uses the slow cooker. Do you think I could make these in the slow cooker as well? Do I need to worry about them sticking together? Thanks!

  20. These were very tasty! I made the sauce with peaches instead of Mango (what I had on hand) and it was so delicious, our 2 year old was eating by the spoonful. Served it with a salad and potato dish and fed our family of 8 for dinner without having to double the recipe. Thanks for the great recipe! 🙂

  21. Made these to snack on while at work and the bacon is a nice touch! Didn’t make the mango sauce though since I just wanted the meatballs. Next time will broil them right at the end to make them a bit crispy!

  22. Tonight I made these meatballs for the THIRD time and I swear, they just keep getting better and better. …or maybe I just amaze myself more and more with my cooking skills. Either way, my husband hoovers them down and I’m happy because they are Paleo. Great site and Juli, you complete me!

  23. Hi,
    I wanted to make these for a weekend getaway with the girls. Question is, if I make these ahead of time, what would you recommend for re-heating/serving? I thought of a crock pot but I worried they would dry out since the sauce is on the side. I’m new to cooking with meat so any help you can provide is appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  24. i made just these and they are AMAZING!! cooked half as meatballs in the oven and half as hamburgers in the frying pan (in bacon grease) and topped with fermented sauerkraut. YUMMM!

  25. i made just these and they are AMAZING!! cooked half as meatballs in the oven and half as hamburgers in the frying pan (in bacon grease) and topped with fermented sauerkraut. YUMMM!

  26. I made a variation of these for Christmas appys, with ground turkey, subbed coconut flour for almond, and just had fun with spices… Fantastic stuff! My dipping sauce was mango-habanero (for us chileheads), although some guests just went for ketchup (blah). But needless to say these did not last very long. Will definitely be making these again!

  27. This may be a dumb question – but when I put the ground beef in the bowl to mix everything together, it’s still raw right?! THen it all bakes/cooks in the oven, correct? Just wanted to make sure!! Can’t wait to try these!

  28. I made these last week for football playoffs! The meatballs were amazing – but isn’t everything with bacon? 🙂 So I had a lot of the dipping sauce leftover and decided to use it on salmon the following night….it was AWESOME! 2 for 1 meal planning!

  29. We just made the meatballs to eat during the Super Bowl – DELISH! Had them w/ ISWF BBQ sauce since I’m on a Whole30. It worked great! Thanks! 🙂

  30. Made these for SuperBowl, they were delicious! I even have some leftover to take to work today 🙂
    The dipping sauce was fabulous as well, I keep thinking of new ways to use it. Great with sweet potato fries by the way!

  31. Nice recipe, but in terms of performance, WORST WEB SITE EVER!!!! More than 15 minutes of waiting for over 200 ads to finish loading. Prevented me from printing the recipe the site was so slow. Will not be back!!

    1. that doesn’t make any sense. i have never had this issue and i use my site on all different devices. can you tell me which device you are using? no ads should be loading and preventing you from printing.

  32. Making this tonight! Though, instead of the mango honey mustard, I’ll be making a honey mustard with paprika, garlic powder and pepper. My hubby is allergic to mango’s! So excited!! We are trying to stay away from tomatoes for my son right now and it seems like everything made with ground beef is also made with tomatoes!
    On another note, I love how easy it is to navigate your website! I’ve never left you a review but feel the need to after using so many of your recipes! Oh, and my hubby absolutely loves your Italian meatloaf!! Compares to his mother’s unpaleo meatloaf! Oh yeah!

  33. Does anyone know how many cups of mango? Is it 1 cup. I bought mango already peeled and cut up, but don’t know how much is equivalent to 1 whole mango.

  34. I’m busting this recipe back out for our CrossFit Christmas potluck. This is one of my favorite meatball recipes and the blend of flavors is perfect. Thank you for a killer recipe!

  35. Hi, what would be a good substitute for almond flour? I’m allergic to nuts. Can’t wait to try out the recipe!

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