Sweet Potato and Apple Breakfast Patties

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Don’t you love when I add garnishes to plates? I’m obviously incredibly good at taking pictures of food and know exactly what will make your mouth water. That’s a lie. I usually have to take pictures in my dark kitchen at 11pm, while trying to not forget to turn the gas stove off, or leave food on the counter where Laura’s dog will snatch it up. Therefore, I then have to beat him. Nobody likes a person who beats a dog. Ok, jesus, stop thinking I’m an animal beater.

This meal is a bit ridiculously simple. It was made on a Friday. Remember how Fridays are exciting days for me because I usually get to make my meals and eat them off a real plate? Oh, the simple things in life. Well anyways, this was one of those meals. I wanted sweet potato hash browns AND pork sausage. So what did I do? I added that sh*t together to make a little handy dandy patty. And was it delicious? Oh dear God, delicious. It was the perfect post wod snack for my workout with Meg at CrossFit Lakewood. We did a snatch, GHD, and pistol wod and all I could think about through the entire thing was my delicious treat. Do you think I have a problem? I mean, during the 400 wod at Regionals, throughout the double unders I kept thinking about how delicious my protein shake would be. This is why I have Fred in my life at times (my buddha belly).

By the way, I just got a smart phone yesterday. I’ve been missing out in life. But I also feel old. And in the dark. Apps are confusing to me. Sending text messages is difficult without buttons. And my phone dies by 12pm. It’s going to take some getting used to. But you know what that means?! I will be creating my PaleOMG Facebook page and updating it regularly VIA PHONE!! Oh my God. Crazy. I already took pictures that should be on my page, but still not used to it. Baby steps. Stop laughing at me. I’m 23. I’m old. Kidding, ok. Thank goodness I have Ryan from CrossFit-Evolve to explain to me how to work my phone and be one with society. I thank you Ryan.
Check out this video from Again Faster on my Breakfast Patties!


Sweet Potato and Apple Breakfast Patties


  • 1/2 pork sausage
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 apple, cored
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon basil
  • 1/2 teaspoon tarragon
  • 1/2 teaspoon rosemary
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon fat (I used duck fat)


  1. Add your pork sausage and seasonings to a large bowl and mix thoroughly to combine.
  2. Now grab your food processor. If you don’t have a food processor, jokes on you and you’ll have to use a shredder or whatever will shred your apple and sweet potato into hash brown threads. If you’re using a food processor, put on the shredding tool.
  3. Throw your whole sweet potato and apple to it to be shredded (I’m getting sick of the word ‘shred’)
  4. Once they are done, add the sweet potato and apple directly to your pork sausage mixture and use your hands to combine with the pork.
  5. Heat up a large skillet under medium-high heat and add a bit of fat to the pan. Coconut oil would be great for these patties.
  6. Now form 4 patties of your mixture and add the patties directly to your oiled pan. Cook at both sides for about 5-6 minutes depending how thick they are.
  7. Enjoy this food with a friend, on the floor of a CrossFit gym. It just doesn’t taste quite the same at an actual kitchen table.


This made 4 patties

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Grocery List Helper:

  • Pork Sausage: on sale at Whole Foods (you can even by the links if they are on sale and just take off the casing!)
  • Sweet potato: Sunflower Market
  • Apple: Sunflower Market
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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


31 thoughts on “Sweet Potato and Apple Breakfast Patties”

  1. Holly Cow these are flipping amaaaaaazing!!!! Thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with the rest of the world! Love all your recipes they haved saved my insanity……

  2. i agree with nicole–these are DA BOMB!!! such an amazing flavor amalgamation that i never would’ve thought of on my own. so thankful to have another breakfast option! thanks for ALL you share!

  3. Love, Love, Love! I used 1lb of ground pork for the first ingredient because I didn’t get what 1/2 pork sausage meant. 1/2 a sausage, 1/2 lb sausage? Plus it makes 6 instead of 4, bonus! This is sooo yummy. It is both of my teenage girl’s favorite paleo meal, as they are doing a 30 day paleo challenge with me. We drop a fried or poached egg on top. Da bomb!

  4. We just had these for breakfast today! They were great – it is wonderful to have a new breakfast option…breakfast is my biggest challenge eating paleo. I ended up using turkey sausage instead of pork sausage (because that’s what we had on hand) it turned out wonderfully! Thanks!

  5. hey julie. just gotta say, im really a fan of your blog! all of your recipes are awesome! these patties are legit! i made a huge batch of them and look so forward to eating them every morning for breakfast!

  6. Wow, you look so different here, I just saw the carrot cake pudding recipe…and well, WOW. Nice recipe again, Thanks!

  7. I am doing with ground beef for a New Years Day breakfast for my daughter and I! I actually thought of some kind of patty for breakfast last night, seasoned some beef and threw in the fridge last night before bed. I was going to just make sweet potato hash browns but now, I think I will do this! I think I have an apple… somewhere… LOL Happy New Year Juli!

  8. holy tomatoes! delicious! I used a spicy italian sausage, and the sweetness of the potatoes were so good together. I burned the crap out of them but they were still amazing. Now my paleomg cookies are almost done. what a great breakfast!

  9. I really love your videos! I’m more of a visual person so being able to see everything step by step makes cooking these awesome recipes so much easier!

  10. Made these for a Paleo AutoImmune Protocol daughter…she (and we) loved them! She said they tasted like French Toast. We used ground chicken and fried in tallow, used sage, marjoram and cinnamon for spices. Very very good.

  11. I’m from good old Aurora, Colorado!! LOVED this recipe. I double it because the kids scarf them down faster than I do. THANK YOU WOMAN!!!!

  12. I am trying to see if I have an egg allergy, so I’m off eggs for bkfst. I am going to try these. Has anyone tried cooking and freezing these so they just need to be warmed up in the AM. Not a lot of time to get ready in the AM on weekdays.

  13. Love the recipe but the cross contamination in the video makes me cringe. With all the hyper processed food most folks have become complacent about things like trichinosis. If you are trying to eat closer to the land, eating animals that have had less antibiotics and such it would be a good idea to be more careful to be more careful.
    Love the recipe! easy and yummy!

  14. IS THIS A JOKE?? You’re my freaking hero. This is my second time making these and I feel like I could literally eat them every day. The first time I made them was the day before yesterday. Holy F. I also made your blueberry bbq chicken yesterday and holy mother-f-er. You’re a genius ok??

  15. Yes, you can freeze these and just warm them up in the morning for breakfast. I make about 10 on Sunday and have them each morning. I started baking them in the oven instead of frying on the stove. They are fantastic.

    1. Hi,
      can you bake it in the oven? if so, what temperature and for how long?
      I am about to cook mine up and cannot wait to eat! So easy to prepare.

  16. Hi! I’m new with this diet of Paleo and I have noticed that some or the majority of recipes use bacon (pork), can I substitute bacon with turkey bacon since my husband don’t eat it at all and for that matter I don’t cook anything containing pork.

    And I love cooking with olive oil, can I still use this oil in my dishes rather than the other oils you present in your recipes? Any suggestions???

  17. Mother of God! These are F’n amazing… Good Lord! Juli, I have to say you did the Damn thang with this recipe. Mmmmmmm….

  18. Try peeling a previously baked sweet potato, cutting into small pieces in bowl.
    Core and cut up one apple (golden del works best for me) and cook on top of stove with a little water until tender and water is cooked off. In another skillet, crumble about 1 cup of ground turkey and cook until browned. I add taste of salt. Put apples and ground turkey on top of sweet potatoes, stir around to mix and ENJOY. Can add a handful of fresh blueberries if you have some. Or about 1/2 teaspoon organic coconut oil.
    This is perfect for celiac, histamine intolerant, dairy intolerant… as I am.
    My every morning breakfast !

  19. OMG! These were so damn delicious! I squeezed out the sweet potato and apple blend just cause I didn’t want the sausage to be too watery. And it was perfect! So tender and flavorful! Can’t wait to eat these through the week. If I’d ever had to take something to brunch, I’d definitely take these!

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