This post should really say – What to wear to France in Spring. But it doesn’t because I’m not totally sure is May is spring for France. And I’m too lazy to look it up. Cool story, bro. Anywho, I recently went to France for the FIRST time this May and it was pretty much the best trip maybe ever. Right behind New Zealand. I miss New Zealand so much. That place is perfection. But France is still pretty magical, especially in May. We were so lucky when we were there because the rain had just recently stopped and we had clear skies every single day! But we did definitely need layers. So today I want to walk you through some of the looks I wore while in France and talk about other items I wish I would have packed more of to keep me just a tad warmer throughout the trip!

First up – the travel look. Whenever you’re heading out on a day of international travel, you MUST wear comfortable clothes. No trying to be cute for when you land. No. Keep it casual with leggings or joggers then make sure you have LAYERS. You never know if the airplane or airport is going to be hot or cold, so be sure to come prepared with some layers you can put on and off. And one of those helpful layers is a cozy scarf. I once was stuck in the Miami airport overnight in shorts and a tank top, and an infinity scarf like this one was the only thing that kept me from getting frostbite. That airport is cold. And miserable. A scarf like this will keep you warm and cozy, and can even be used as a blanket or pillow!

What To Wear in France in May

{ Top | Jacket (40% off) | Similar Joggers | Scarf | Sneakers | Bag | Water Bottle }

Second look – another comfy one. I wore this look on the day we had a 4 (or 6, really) hour bus ride from Paris to Burgundy. So instead of putting on skinny jeans that would leave my legs dented for days, I stuck with a comfortable and warm pair of leggings and made it look slightly more put together with a faux leather jacket. When you’re in France, especially in May, you want to make sure you have layers like long sleeves and jackets. This look kept me protected against the wind that just wouldn’t quit one day. And since we would be walking around town a lot, I made sure to wear a hat. ALWAYS BRING A HAT. If you’re a person who takes care of your skin, make sure you have a hat on hand to put on anytime you walk out into the sun!

What To Wear in France in May

{ Top | Similar Jacket | Leggings | Hat | Sneakers }

Another must – high waisted jeans and comfortable tees. The last thing you want when you’re traveling is to constantly be pulling at your jeans or wondering if your butt crack is showing when you sit down. No thanks. These super high waisted jeans are THE BEST! I ended up wearing them on our drive back to Paris and throughout our last day, including during a 1 hour and 15 minute walk back to our hotel. And wedge sneakers even held up the entire day!!

What To Wear in France in May

{ Top | Jeans (35% off) | Similar Jacket | Bandana | Sneakers | Earrings }

This is a look that’s a great example of layers. Since I really had no clue what the day would feel like, I wore a tank top with a long sleeve button-up, then topped it off with a jacket. And weirdly enough, I found that I needed the jacket more while inside restaurants than while walking the streets of Beaune.

What To Wear in France in May

{ Tank | Button-Up | Similar Jeans | Jacket (29% off) | Sneakers (29% off) | Purse (40% off) | Bandana }

Now for the most important part – shoes. When you’re in Europe, you walk A LOT. Like all the time. I seriously came back thinner than when I left, even after eating pastries and pasta almost every day, all because we walked everywhere (and because their food is completely different than ours). But if you don’t have the right shoes on, vacation can be a nightmare. One of the women on our trip had flats on the first day that completely trashed her heels with blisters and she had to deal with those the entire week. We’ve all been there and heel blisters are a nightmare. When looking for shoes for your European trip, make sure you look for a super soft and cushy back to the shoe. No sharp or hard shoes. You want shoes that actually move with your feet. And if you’re unsure, I highly recommend trying out your shoes for a day before you leave to make sure they will treat you well! These are two pairs I brought for myself on the trip and LOVEDDDDD. They were both so incredibly comfortable and never gave me a blister or even irritated my feet.

What To Wear in France in May

{ Black Sneakers | White Sneakers }

The three biggest take-aways I got from traveling to France in May is to layer, wrap, and keep it comfortable when it comes to your feet. As long as you follow those three simple steps, you’ll be set on your trip. And all you’ll have to worry about is eating, drinking, and enjoying the views. France was such an amazing place that I truly cannot wait to go back to! And if you need even more ideas, here are some items I wish I would have had to stay just a tad warmer on my trip! Hope this helps you pack for yours! And next week I’ll be sharing must-haves for international travel. Stay tuned!

First Layer Up It Up

Then Don’t Forget to Wrap It Up

Then Make Sure To Keep Your Feet Comfortable


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  1. Hillary says:

    Hey Juli! Question – have you ever considered posting your Instagram live videos on the blog? Carrots N Cake does that and its a great way to catch her updates even if you don’t catch the Live. I’ve really enjoyed that style. Just don’t want to miss your updates/posts. I’m sad the Podcast won’t be as frequent, but I understand y our reasoning!

    Have a great Friday and keep up the awesome work – love this post and the fun sneaks!

    1. Rebecca says:

      I agree with Hillary. i’m normally pretty busy during the week and missed your update this past Wednesday, and now its gone (*tear). i think you are hilarious and would love to be able to watch!

      Thank you for the work you produce, i know i really enjoy it!

      1. Becky Searls says:

        I didn’t even know this was possible!! 3 votes for re-posting stuff on the blog! I sadly am way too sucked in by instagram so I just miss all your hilarity these days because I only follow you here. More hilarious videos on the blog please!!! <3 <3 <3

    2. juli says:

      yes i will definitely do that!

  2. Karen says:

    One of the most AWESOME things traveling to Europe, is the weight loss. HA. Constant walking … every where. Every time I’ve been (which isn’t that many times – just three!), I come back at least five lbs. lighter. As you say, you just naturally walk more and eat differently. Somehow, after macarons and pasta and crepes and gelato… the weight comes off. I need to stay in Europe for a month. =))

    1. juli says:

      it’s the absolute best there!! can’t wait to go back!

  3. jessie says:

    Love that you have mastered the French way of wearing scarves–so chic! When we went in early May, it rained nearly every day (which seems like is pretty common), so it would have been miserable without having waterproof shoes and quick-drying clothes. We lived in rain jackets and nylon travel pants, and I had a bunch of Uniqlo’s Airism stuff to layer with, plus linen shirts for warm days and merino wool sweaters for when it was chilly. Also, I bought these shoes just for the trip, and they were even better than I hoped–super comfortable even for walking all day and night, held up really well in the rain, and didn’t look like the typical American tourist white New Balance sneakers, lol:

    1. juli says:

      love those sneakers!! we definitely got SUPER lucky that it stopped raining the day we got there!