Isn’t it funny how we like to know what others are eating? I’d like to act like I don’t care what people are eating, but I do. It’s interesting. My friend Jaelyn and I always talk to each other about our diet changes, pretty much every week. I strive to be stronger and better at CrossFit like her so I always wonder what she’s chowing down on.

So after a few people asked what I ate in a day, I decided to instagram it! Why wouldn’t I instagram?! I freaking love it. I take so many unneeded pictures, it’s just stupid. So if you follow me on instagram @paleomg, you’ve already been bored to tears with my food and JOKES ON YOU, you get to see it again.

So this was my food intake on Thursday. It was a rest day so I did absolutely no sort of exercise. It was awesome.

5:30am – Grande Americano from Starbucks with a side of heavy cream. I’m guessing I added about 3-4 tablespoons of heavy cream to my coffee….maybe drank a tablespoon or so from the cup. Whatever. I probably drank half of it. I get bored quickly.


8:00am- Breakfast included about 1/4 cup of blueberries, a ground bison burger with homemade paleo ketchup, mustard, and avocado on top.

10:30 – 12:00 – Shopping for girl clothes. This is how clothes fit. I need shorts. Blaaaaahh. Effin CrossFit. I found jeans though!! At Old Navy. Go there CrossFit women, go there.

12:00 – WHOLE FOODS TRIP!! I snacked on 5-6 dried figs

12:30 – Lunch from Whole Foods- shredded chicken, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, and roasted red peppers.

well that looks like vomit

1:30 – I ate 2 failed pumpkin raspberry muffins. I guess the first failed one didn’t fail enough, so I had to try a second one….what? I’m dumb. They still tasted good, it was just like eating batter in the middle…which I guess I’m cool with.

5:00 – 3 glasses of iced tea at Happy Hour at Delite.

8:30 – For dinner, I ate a tuna steak. My crush cooked it up. I’ve always thought I hated tuna steaks and raw fish, but I loved it. Expanding my taste buds with a dude cooking for me! NBD.


Wow. Bored yet? I am. I have recently started to try to eat more, but kind of failed on this day. Trying to eat more protein, more frequently.

Sorry I just fell asleep…from boredom. Sorry my food and life aren’t more exciting. Shucks.