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So based on my podcasts, I’m into murder and sex. Coooooool. I’m more so into stories, confident women, and people who will tell it how it is. Which is why I obviously HAVE to recommend my own podcast. Plug. For any of you that listen, I love you. For any of you that don’t, I hate you. Ok, I only hate you when you leave an angry mean iTunes reviews. Who does that? If you don’t listen because you just find me overwhelming, that’s fair. But you most likely won’t like my recommendations. Most of them are pretty intense and not for the faint of heart. Hope these help add to your own podcast list and feel free to leave your own podcast recommendations in the comment section below!

Serial – I think Serial is a podcast that gets people interested in podcasts. It was the first podcast I ever listened to and I finished it within days. It has two seasons, the first one about Adnan Syed and the death of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. The second season is the story of Bowe Bergdahl and his choice of walking off his Army post in Afghanistan which led to his capture. Many people I’ve heard from say that they are bored with the second season, but I think it’s incredibly interesting. From his story to why he walked off his post, to the inconceivable torture he endured in captivity. Both stories are truly insane and the podcast is so well put together. I can’t wait for season three to finally come out! I wonder what it’s going to be about?!

Undisclosed – If you like Serial, then you will most likely like Undisclosed. One of Adnan’s friends takes a closer look into his case and all the wrongful convictions in the US. It really gives you even more detail into his case and makes you wonder why the hell this guy is in jail. I really liked this podcast, but I haven’t gone through all the episodes in season 1. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the evidence and is tough to understand if you aren’t listening to all episodes in a row. But it really makes you question our criminal system, that’s for sure.

Accused – Another podcast showing the mishandling of a investigation and an unsolved murder of Beth Andes. I listened to this a while ago so I’m forgetting some of the details but I loved this podcast and it’s a shorter one so it’s easy to get through the entire thing.

In The Dark – This podcast is about the Jacob Wetterling case, a boy who was abducted in the 80’s. This case was one that changed history by creating laws around sex offenders registries. The podcast talks about what went wrong in the case and delves deep into all the details. It’s a short podcast, only 9+ episodes so it’s pretty easy to get through.

Sword & Scale – This podcast is not for the faint of heart. Like, at all. It’s extremely difficult to listen to and I’ve had to turn it off many times. It shows the horrors of this world. Any scary movie you’ve seen, but actual real stories. It’s terrifying. And one of the things that has made me fear having children. Mostly because I’m scared of the people they may have to face, but also because they may kill me. It has stories that will blow your mind like the story of Johnny Gosch and the real life child sex rings that are happening in the US, to stories about how death row is actually much more comfortable for inmates then general public. It’s really tough to listen to and makes you trust no one, but it also opens your eyes to things you had no idea were happening. You were warned, though.

My Favorite Murder – Two women comedians come together to talk about their love for true crime and murders. It sounds weird and I’m sure it’s offensive to some, but they are just simply telling murder stories and having a good time together. They have 50+ episodes at this point and are easy to listen to and keep things light and interesting!

Someone Knows Something – This podcast has 2 seasons now, I just started up the second season. It’s another murder mystery podcast where the reporters go back through all the evidence, track down the others involved and truly try to solve the case. The first season is about Adrien McNaughton, a child who went missing while fishing with his father and friends. And the second season is about Sheryl Sheppard, a woman who also disappeared and has been a cold case ever since. It has a similar feel to the podcast below. It’s just interesting hearing all the details and wondering why they haven’t caught figured out more with these cases.

Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams – Similar to the podcast above, Missing & Murdered is a story about an indigenous woman who was murdered in British Colombia and why many have been afraid to talk after the history with the police and government. It tries to begin to uncover more details of her terrible murder and is still an ongoing podcast.

Up & Vanished – This podcast is about about the disappearance of Tara Grinstead which is an 11 year old cold case. The host’s goal is to solve this mystery by re-examining of the case, interviewing people who had to do with the case and answering listeners questions along the way. I sometimes get a little bored with the episodes that he answers people’s questions so I tend to skip over those. This is still an ongoing podcast.

Guys We F****d – Has over 160 episodes so you have A LOT to listen to if you are just starting out. If you are not comfortable with cussing or talking about sex in full detail, then this podcast is not for you. This podcast was started by two women comedians out to end slut shaming and promoting women exploring their sexuality and being proud of it. They bring men on the show that they have slept with in the past and talk about those nights and the whole experience. It’s quite interesting if you don’t get offended easily. These women are bold and proud of their experiences and I dig it. And it’s always fun to hear what other people get into in their own private lives!

The Bitch Bible – This podcast is hosted by a hilarious woman named Jackie Schimmel who says whatever the hell she wants to say, no filter. Again, if you don’t like cussing, then I don’t know why you’re even on my blog, but she cusses up a storm and has a sense of humor that only some people can take. I love her. She’s unapologetic, talks a ton about pop culture, and interviews random people. She just don’t give AF and I’m into it.

My Dad Wrote A Porno – Again – sex, dirty words, and lots of cussing. Not into it? Grow up. Those things are the best. This podcast is exactly what it sounds like: a guys dad wrote a porno so he reads it out loud, chapter by chapter, with his best friends. Their british accents and on point humor make it even more entertaining than the awkward sexual encounters in the book. Imagine if your dad wrote a porno. The grossest. Well luckily, his dad wrote even more books than just one so there are about 50+ episodes to listen to! So good and soooooo hilarious.

Girls Gone Wod Podcast – Joy and Claire, two friends made from a CrossFit gym, come together to talk about literally anything that’s going on, interview many people in the fitness and health world, and laugh hysterically along the way. I listen to them because I personally know them and have been on their podcast multiple times, but they are just fun and enjoyable to listen to!

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe – You know Mike Rowe from the show Dirty Jobs? Well his lovely voice records short podcast episodes, only 5 or so minutes, with stories of people you may have heard of, but never knew their short version life story. From Bruno Mars, to the inventor of plato, to the person who created Pringles, to Johnny Cash. He tells these little stories to only reveal who he is talking about in the last few sentences. It’s wonderful. And his voice is like butter.

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


29 thoughts on “Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now”

  1. I love “stuff you should know” and “Bad with money” if you are looking to branch out of sex and murder, though admittedly, the stuff you should know covers some sex and murder things.

  2. Oh my gosh this makes me so excited! I have been listening to every single podcast you have mentioned thus far! I am with you on Sword & Scale — not for the faint of heart! I was listening to the one about road rage when the guy shot another guy in his front lawn (in front of both of their families) and they played the recording of his wife’s 911 call as he died. I had to turn it off! But I like how raw it is and how there’s less of a narrator if that makes sense?

    I’m excited to give My Dad Wrote a Porno a shot. It sounds hilariously cringey!

  3. Serial was the first podcast I ever listened to and I loved it! I actually listened to season 2 first and was hooked. Thanks to you I am now listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno, which is hilarious. Thanks for the other recommendations! And I obviously also listen to your podcast 🙂

  4. You might love “Lore”. They’re half hour long episodes, and he posts every two weeks. They’re basically scary stories (like, dark Folklore, hence the name of the podcast!) throughout history, but they’re all true. And some of them are SO screwed up, hahah.

  5. I love (and was addicted to) true crime podcasts but I don’t know how you keep it up! I nanny in a home alone all day and live by myself I had to stop I was getting too scared!!
    Thanks for the recommendations these are great-downloading some sex and humor podcasts now!

  6. Gotta recommend this podcast. It tells the story of Paul Mudrowski, a man with autism who writes a blof from jail (through his mother). The blog can be found here: http://paulmodrowski.blogspot.com/
    And this podcast that talks about it is a tech podcast called On The Inside where a woman named Sruthi does all the investigation. There are only 4 episodes but they are etremely well done. Here is a link:

    It’s episodes 64-68.

  7. ah!! this came at perfect timing! Literally earlier today was looking for new podcasts to enjoy. You get me girrrl!!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Been in need of some new podcasts! This list is amazing. You should listen to Love and Radio and start with “the living room”. If you have heard it already. It’s awesome!

  9. Freakanomics Radio is awesome too! It’s just like the books. Random facts you didn’t think you needed to know…and probably still don’t.

    1. I love the Freakanomics podcast! The economist perspective is not one that comes naturally to me, but Stephen Dubnar is amazing at bringing in experts that shed light on complex problems in (fairly) straightforward language. The recent 3-part series on “Bad Medicine” made me slightly defensive, but I really like his work. I thought his examination of the complexity of facts behind the gender pay gap was really, really well done.

  10. I love this!!! I’m so excited you posted these, I find myself sitting at home on the couch with my headphones in listening to podcasts instead of watching TV. Thank you!

  11. THE Mystery show, invisibilia and Reply All, The tim Feriss Show, Heavyweight. Not creepy. Really good and zone out of life approved. You’re welcome. Just kidding. Always wanted to act like some ultimate authority on something, I’m not btw, and say that.

  12. You read my mind!! I have been trying to kick my TV addiction by listening to podcasts and only have like 3 (one is yours of course!) to listen to. This will keep me occupied for days upon days for sure. You should definitely check out The Potterotica Podcast – it’s like My Dad Wrote A Porno but with Harry Potter characters!!!!!!! SO funny!

  13. Ooohh. Good recommendations!
    Have you checked out Generation Why ? I think you’ll like that one. Been around since 2013 and it covers everything from murder mysteries to the paranormal.

    The hosts delve into the topics with such eloquence and ease.

    Strange Matters is a fun one too. Urban legends, murder mysteries, cryptozoology, paranormal..etc

    In the spirit of Guys We F*****, Shame On! is pretty funny too. The two girls from G.W.F were recent guests on Shame On getting goofed on.

  14. After seeing this post as I listen to most of these, I listened to your podcast for the first time and I’m now 5 podcast in since Sunday! I love that you listen to murder and sex as I laughed out loud when you said that as I totally relate. My boyfriend is always freaking out that I listen to murder podcast and watch “how to get away with murder”… so I am glad to see that someone else can relate! Thanks for keeping it real and all the motivate. I needed a reset and after listening to your story, challenges and successes, I am motivated to stop making excuses and do it.

  15. Great list Juli! I can’t wait to listen to your podcast Monday morning, it helps get me in the mood for the week to tell people to shut the fuck up and be an adult. I agree with Kim 2 Dope Queens is hilarious and I listen to Balanced Bites every week.

  16. Television show, not a podcast, but since you enjoy murdery creepy things, you may dig The Fall. I just binged the first 3 episodes, and am trying to work my life around being able to watch them all.

  17. I just found a new-to-me podcast called Wine & Crime that I think you would love. It’s similar to MFM, which is obviously awesome. I highly recommend listening to W&C’s Episode 5 first, because it’s flipping hilarious and a good representation of the podcast. The premise is that 3 Minnesota girls sit around drinking wine and and talking about crime, and by the end of the episode, they’re pretty wasted. It’s really funny!

    I’m a true-crime junkie and my fave pods include MFM, Casefile, Real Crime Profile, Locked Up Abroad, Real Crime All the Time, and The Vanished. The only non-true-crime podcast I listen to is….PaleOMG Uncensored 🙂 Cuz you’re awesome!

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