Hi!! So sorry I don’t have a recipe for you today. Just my face to welcome you to the start of your week. Sorry for ruining your week. Jokes on you! Anywho, I’m not in my Colorado home right now, so it’s much harder to cook you a ‘Clean it up Monday’ recipe. Especially since I haven’t exactly been eating clean the last few days. I’m in San Diego, visiting some friends and doing some work out here, so I’ve been stuffing my face with delicious treats. LOTS of delicious treats. But sadly, I can’t tell you what work I’m doing out here. YET. It’s a secret, but only for a little while. You know I can’t keep a secret for long.

Before I talk about anything, can we talk about how there is a show on the Discovery channel called ‘Naked and Afraid’? W.T.F.? They put two naked people together in the wild and expect them to live. Kind of like Survivor, but in the nude. I guess Survivor has become boring over the years, so it only makes sense to make these people introduce themselves to each other in their birthday suit. It really only makes sense. Right? Ew.

P.S.- I totally watched it. Ugh.

Moving on.

Since I don’t have a recipe for you today, I at least have a day in my life. Well, a day of what I ate while I traveled to San Diego. Let’s talk about it!

So I woke up early to finish packing. My ADD kicks in while packing so it usually takes me at least 3 days to pack everything. Even if I’m only leaving somewhere for 2 days. Once I packed, I cooked up a burger I had from Whole Foods and ate it with some ketchup. I also chugged down half of a leftover Kombucha. It was delicious. But not enough. So once I left my house, I grabbed an almond milk iced coffee at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Devil’s Food before heading to the airport.


Once I got to the airport, I ran into one of my friends who I went to Lake Powell with last year and see on a weekend basis. Usually at the bars. Or drinking with friends. So what did we do? We drank bloody marys!! Well, I drank bloody marys, he had beer. Who doesn’t want that at 10 in the morning on a Thursday? I know I do. After we finished our drinks and parted ways, I came to find out I was the last person on the plane. Oopsies poopsies. I hate myself for saying that.


After being on the airplane for an hour or so and watching 2 episodes of ‘Mindy Project’ (awesome!!), I decided it was time to snack again. Steve’s Paleo Goods Berky was my snack of choice. After snacking, I figured out how bored I was. And ironically, they had a program playing about the science of boredom. What a terrible idea to play that show while people are flying. Terrible.

Once I landed in San Diego, I went straight to The Linkery for some duck fat french fries and homemade sausage. The french fries were bomb! Paleo? No sir. But they were covered in bacon, guacamole and an egg. Then I got two chicken sausages. It was wonderful. And I was full pretty fast because of the french fries, so I got to take one of the giant sausages home. That sounded weird, but you get the gist.

photo-22 photo-23

After doing some work in San Diego, the secret work, I finally got hungry around 7 or so and made some leftovers. Bacon, cabbage and leftover chicken sausages were on the menu for dinner. Cabbage should always be cooked with bacon. ALWAYS.


Then I went to bed by 9. I was exhausted. Not sure why. I didn’t work out. I didn’t do anything strenuous. I just ate and flew over the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. How boring? Are you pissed you even read this post because it’s so boring? I sure am.