Did I really just refer to MYSELF as paleomg? Gag me.

It’s official. You can preorder my first cookbook. If you weren’t sick enough of me on here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or Instagram, or Pinterest, on you now have ANOTHER way to be annoyed by me!! Via a cookbook. Yesssssssss! I’m so excited.

So let me tell you a bit about my cookbook.

  1. It’s my first one.
  2. The name of the book is, ‘OMG. That’s Paleo?’
  3. There is an excessive amount of pictures of myself throughout the book. Sorry. Only child syndrome.
  4. My photography is getting better. Slooooooooowly, but surely.
  5. I have lots of rants in it.
  6. There are 30 never before seen recipes in the book.
  7. I’m already planning my next one. Turns out, I REALLY like writing.
  8. It comes out in April.
  9. You can order it RIGHT NOW!!

So here’s the cool thing about preordering my book. Everyone will receive $5 off, but only Continental U.S. will get free shipping.  Anyone outside the Continental U.S. can order, but you’ll have to email presales@scribe-publishing.com for us to calculate the shipping and then invoice you separately (so it might actually be better for those people to wait the extra two weeks for it to go on Amazon, and it will be available on the international Amazon sites as well).

YAY! Click here to purchase it right now!

Also, some people have been asking why they didn’t get an email confirmation… well you should have gotten a receipt/email from PayPal.  If you didn’t, you should check your junk mail, and still if not, they can email presales@scribe-publishing.com to check on anything.

And real quick, I need to go deep on everyone. I am truly so incredibly thrilled about all of this. I can’t believe I received the opportunity to write a cookbook and it is all thanks to anyone who has supported me and this little teenage diary of mine. I’m so pumped to share this book with you and even more excited to work on the next one. I really love you guys. What can I say, I just love loving people. I love love.