Why do I keep calling myself JB? Stupid.

What’s up with my picture for this post? Yeah…I don’t know either.

Ok. I don’t really like talking about paleo with people. I definitely like talking about food, that’s for effing sure, but paleo…that’s a touchy subject. Even with people who eat paleo. Everyone thinks their opinion is right. Little do they know, it’s actually me who is ALWAYS right. Ok, I’m kidding.

But people don’t like being questioned, ESPECIALLY if it’s about what they eat. So I don’t question people. But when they question ME and tell ME what I’m eating is dumb, I want to cut a b*tch. Geez, that was a bit much. But seriously, I don’t question your oatmeal, I don’t care about your pizza, and I sure don’t give a f*ck about how many beers you had last night. So why do you care what I eat? Your life is YOURS. You make it whatever you want. You create your future. And you are in control of your health. So if oatmeal allows you to poop because of it’s ‘added fiber’ (well, you’re a liar) but I’m happy for you.

The thing is, the paleo diet was created off of the assumptions of the caveman diet. Cool. I’m not a caveman. I may not shower as often as I should, but I’m definitely not hunting down my food, suffocating it with my massive thighs, then eating it’s liver for extra iron. That’s just not me. Now chasing after a cupcake truck, that’s a different story. But I eat a certain way because it makes me feel better. My bowel movements are awesome. Yes, I did just say that. And I perform in the gym better than I ever have. Do I eat bacon? Yes. Do I eat a BALLS TON of fat in the form of nut butters? Yes. Do I eat chocolate covered walnuts far too often? Oh sh*t yes. But I still call myself paleo and am quite fine with that. Does that mean I follow the ‘paleo guidelines’ out there? No. But that’s because I was crazy strict paleo for some time and it didn’t work with my lifestyle. It made me crazy. Tell me I can’t have something, I want it 10x more. I’m like any other human out there.

But because of how much I’ve played around with my diet, I know what works for me. I know that I can’t eat a ton of cheese, but I’ll definitely do it sometimes. I know I will gain weight when I’m eating a sh*t ton of sweet potatoes, but I’ll still do it sometimes. And I know all this stuff because I’ve tried it all. I’ve been a little chubster eating my whole wheat sandwhiches and low fat crackers, thinking what I was doing was right. I’ve also been the very skinny person eating rice and beans. I was the person who hated the paleo diet and thought it was unrealistic. But then I tried it. And used my brain to it’s full potential. And figured out that what I had been eating in the past made me feel terrible.

Ok, now I’m just going on a rant. The whole reason I’m writing this is because paleo is what you make it. I update this website with recipes regularly to give people options. That may mean I will call my Bacon Alfredo a “paleo” dish or my coconut and almond flour waffle a “paleo” dish. You’re not cool with that? You havin’ a sh*t fit because cavemen didn’t have the means to cook like that? I don’t give a sh*t. Seriously. This is my website and I will make whatever I please and call it what I want.

I really do respect everyone’s opinion out there, but I also never want anyone to be afraid of trying the paleo lifestyle because they think it is intimidating and/or restricting. The paleo diet is what you want it to be.

Are you a Whole9 follower that restricts your sugar and does not make paleo pancakes because it is defeating the purpose of cleaning out your diet and getting control of brain? Awesome bro.

Or are you a Mark Sisson follower who still consumes raw milks and cheeses? Cool bro.

Or are you a Health-Bent or Civilized Caveman follower who mixes up their diet with gluten free meals and amazing primal desserts? Sweet bro.

I don’t care what you follow, but do one thing for me…stop questioning other people’s lifestyles. Stop forcing your ideas on others, paleo or not. And stop thinking your way is the only way. I eat this way because I love it, but I know my friends can eat grains and are perfectly fine. I don’t care that they do that, nor do I say anything when they do. Because it’s THEIR body and THEIR life.

And start reading. Figure out that one way isn’t THE ONLY way. These are some of my favorite websites and resources out there.

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