I felt a bit less addicted to things this week. Maybe it’s because I was less emotional, therefore not having the f*cked up mindspace to search for things to fill those voids. Not sure that made sense, but it did to me. I did feel a bit of an addiction to the chocolate coconut bark that I made this week. That was pretty epic. Thankfully I have girlfriends that will help me consume most of that. It always makes you feel better as a person when your friends will eat with you. That’s why I could never have weirdly skinny friends. Friends who barely eat are sh*tty friends. Period.

But I did have some exciting new things happen.

  1. I learned that my legs are not really in the mood to work this week. Meaning that every time I prepare myself for an air squat, I want to die. Ok, die is really exaggerating, but it takes me a while to even get in a squatting position. Thank god we have high toilets here. Life would suck with toilets on the ground.
  2. I also have teamed up a little bit with The New Primal. That’s the company I was telling you about the other day that sells jerky, dried fruit, and nut packets…they fit in your pocket, the the name Pocket Paleo. Makes sense. Not for me, since I don’t even remember what it’s like to have pockets, but I have a purse. A huge purse to be exact. I love them. They are saving my life between coaching classes. And if you use the PaleOMG code, you get 10% off your order!! Check them out!!
  3. I found out that when you bake sweet potatoes for about an hour, they become really soft. Like OMGSOFT. No need to even mash them. Just bake them for a disgusting amount of time then use some muscle to chuck them into a bowl and you have instant mashed sweet potatoes. I’m a genius.
  4. I remembered how much I LOVE the movie ‘Something Borrowed’. Dear.Lord. I love that movie. It makes me kinda, sorta, maybe believe in love. And it makes me want to read the book, ‘Something Blue.’ I probably won’t. Just being realistic. Goals though, it all starts with goals.
  5. I still hate olives. But I love sea side cheddar. Freaking love bro. Thank god for Whole Foods samples.
  6. When I actually drink water during the day, I only have to pee like 26 times a day. Thank god peeing is so convenient when I’m coaching.
  7. I saw pee in a beer mug in the alley. Yep, pee. It could be beer, but who would leave behind beer. I’m grossed out.
  8. I got a new camera. Nope, I was GIVEN a new camera by my amazing web programmer Peter. He had one lying around and sent it to me so my pictures would stop sucking ass. Now maybe you’ll have something to look forward to when you check out my site!! Let’s all thank Peter together!! THANK YOU PETER!
  9. I figured out I don’t like coffee in my butt crack. FYI, don’t leave coffee mugs filled with coffee sitting on your couch. #Badidea.
  10. Best for last. Guess what happened today? Something great. I now have PaleOMG women’s shirts available for purchase. Well, not me, but my good friend’s at Renegade Fitness have them ready for you to check out. You see, my good friend Tom and the other owner’s of Renegade Fitness, Greg and Orion, asked if I would be interested in having them sell PaleOMG shirts on their website. Sh*t yeah I said yes!! So if you are interested in purchasing a white PaleOMG tank top or black PaleOMG tshirt, check out their site. Sorry guys, no mens shirts at this time. I know you were totally wanting to sport a PaleOMG shirt around. But hey, if you do, you should leave a comment so I know! Or just buy a women’s tank. Hey, we don’t discriminate! Soon I will have a permanent link on my page, just you wait :)

Wanna see what they look like?! The great hand of Jason took these pictures. So they are shaky. Don’t judge. Okcoolthanksbye.

Oh look at that white tank top go

that's my back side

Oooo I got more sass in this picture-too bad Jas obviously does not have a steady hand

oh hey second back side shot

CF Broadway + PaleOMG unite. Jake looks comfortable. I'm obviously extremely light