Yay!!!! We’re still alive. I love you, and you, and you, and you! Glad you looked at my website even though you were worried about croaking today. You’re the best.

Anywho, I’m not one to want a lot of stuff. I like buying clothes and shoes that make me look better than I actually do. And I like having kitchen appliances that I use often. I don’t really care about gadgets all that much (even though I’m trying to so I can improve my blog), I don’t care about fancy stuff (I tend to only shop in second hand stores at this point), and I don’t need much stuff…other than food. I’m just a person who tends to purchase the stuff that I want. I want a jacket, so I buy it. Like the one in the picture. I want a pair of boots, I go out and buy it. I bought an $8 pair yesterday. Steal!! I want accessories to make me look like I am actually a female, I definitely go buy it. I must be annoying to shop for.

So this is my Christmas list. It’s about to get weird in here. Because it’s going to include a list of bloggers I would like to meet. It will include food that I want to try. It will include kitchen gadgets that I seem to really WANT but don’t actually NEED. And it will include other random cool stuff that has popped into my head. You know how my brain works. It’s real weird.

Bloggers that I really want to meet because I think they are awesome:

  • Jenni of Urban Poser. She’s so damn hip. And cool. All things I lack. And her recipes are incredible.
  • Elana of Elana’s Pantry. It’s honestly kind of silly that we’ve never met because we live within 30 minutes of each other. But Elana runs an amazing website with food that will satisfy anyone. And her website is clean, crisp, and incredibly easy to navigate. I love it.
  • Heather of Multiply Delicious. Heather and I chat on a regular basis, but we have never actually met. She is an incredible woman with an eye for food photography and can come up with some fantastic recipes.
  • Ashley of Edible Perspective. Ashley is another one of those people that is within an hour of me and I’ve never actually met. Nor do I think she knows who I am. But I adore her blog, her photography, and her love for gluten free donuts. That girl can bake.
  • Danielle of Against All Grain. I don’t know what it is, but all the paleo bloggers I come across are incredibly good looking. And Danielle is no exception. Not only is she gorgeous, but she comes up with recipes that are seriously out of this world. She always wows me when I head over to her site.
  • Jessica of How Sweet It Is. She’s not paleo, at all. And that’s why I love her. Jessica comes up with these uber ridiculous recipes that are straight up food porn. Whenever I go to her site, all I’m thinking is ‘OMG’, but you know that’s normal for me. And she’s hilarious. Food and humor are meant for each other.
  • Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. This man is truly amazing, as I’m sure all of you already know. His site is full of information for literally ANY question you have. AND he has great books to go along with it. Mark is just awesome and I would be so ridiculously stoked to meet him. Even though he would be disappointed in my lack of paleo knowledge.
  • Brandon and Megan Keatley of Health Bent. As much as I absolutely hate CrossFit and paleo couples, these ones I can dig. Megan and Brandon’s website is what got me excited about paleo. I used to write on their blog every single day. Poor people, they were probably so annoyed. If you haven’t seen their website, you are missing out. AND they are coming out with their first cookbook. I’m seriously going to buy 10. No clue why, but I want a crap ton of them.
  • Hayley and Bill of Food Lover’s Primal Palate. I know what you’re thinking, ugh another couple. No? That’s just me? Whatever. This couple is one awesome, driven, and incredibly kind duo. They take amazing photography, come up with incredible recipes, and are always doing something. I love nice people. Even couples.

 This is my wish list of food that would just miraculously show up on my doorstep:

Random crap that I will probably buy for myself soon:

  • Season 1 of New Girl. The more I can watch New Girl, the better.
  • Camera. I’m going to do it. I’m going to buy this fancy camera so I can act like I have some sort of photography skills, which is a complete lie. I’m real excited for it though. It’s gonna be great. I can feel it.
  • BlendTec. I want to make green smoothies. While I was in California, Stacy would make me these smoothies every morning completely made out of greens and a splash lemon. They were seriously amazing. And made me feel good about myself for eating/drinking more vegetables. Whatever it takes. Am I right or am I right??
  • A leather jacket. I think that would lead to a sexier JB in 2012. Absolutely.

So now that I talked all about me, like normal, what is on YOUR Christmas list? ANYTHING?! Tell me it all!