So get this, my cookbook manuscript is due today. That’s why you’re not getting a recipe. I don’t have time cook, just to eat and type. And when I say eat, I mean eat anything that take 10 minutes or less to prepare. So I asked some of you on Facebook to tell me what sort of questions you had. Nothing specific, just questions in general. So these are super general. Ready, LET’S GO!!

Let’s start with food!!

Give me easy, quick meals! I need easy, fast meals! Will you tell me what is easy to make in less than 10 minutes?! What the hell am I suppose to eat other than eggs for breakfast?!

  • Want to know what I do in a pinch? I put a pork or beef roast into in a crockpot with some water or broth and some salt and pepper and cook it overnight. Then I eat it when I wake up. Then I eat leftovers for lunch. And more leftovers for dinner. Like today, I ate shredded crockpot pork for breakfast, then half a sweet potato and shredded pork for lunch, and a half a sweet potato, shredded pork, and plantain chips for dinner. BOOM. Stop thinking every meal should be incredibly fancy. A meal is a meal. Whether it’s morning or night. So eat meat for breakfast, eat breakfast sausage, eat some squash, eat brussel sprouts, eat avocado, eat sausages. A meal is a meal people.

Paleo snack foods:

  1. Meat- I always snack on protein first because it makes us feel more satisfied than anything else.
  2. Plantain and sweet potato chips. they’re amazing. Want to know how to get plantain chips crispy? Guess you’ll have to buy my cookbook come April!! hehehehehehehehe ha he.
  3. Nut butter packets or coconut butter packets. Cacoa Bliss packets are like THE BEST THING EVER.
  4. Beef jerky.
  5. Trail mix or a nut-free seed mix.
  6. Dried fruit. Such as larabars.
  7. More meat.
Is coconut milk ice cream actually good for you?
  • Check the labels. A lot of those coconut milk ice creams have a ton of sh*t in them, so be careful. If you feel like crap after, it most likely is a crappy brand. I like making my own, then I feel like heaven. Sweet heaven.
How do you control yourself from not eating a whole jar of coconut butter or a nut butter?
  • I put it away. I cut myself off. Not all the time, but most of the time I just had a spoonful then put it away. I feel full within minutes and forget about wanting to shove my face with more food.
Is kombucha ok to have every day? And what brand do you drink?
  • I try not to have kombucha every single day, but I have them probably 3-5x a week, which is pretty close to every day. It does have a bit of sugar, so if you’re trying to cut that out completely, then I wouldn’t have it quite as often. I drink GT’s, usually the original or gingerade flavor. It’s the bestest around.
Have you done zone with your paleo meals? Will you start zoning your recipes for your blog?
  • Yes I’ve done zone. No I do not do it now. And no I will never zone my recipes on my blog. Do you know how time consuming that is? It wastes at least 10-15 minutes or more of my life (especially since I suck at math) and that time I will never get back. Sorry about that, you gotta do the math yourself.
What do you drink at Starbucks or at other coffee shops that don’t carry coconut or almond milk?
  • I get an Americano and bring my own canned coconut milk. Just ask for them to leave room and you can pour it in yourself.
How do you get back on track after eating everything in sight? How do you stop yourself from eating so much sugar? I can’t get away from the honey!
  • After I eat everything in the world in one day, I get back on track as soon as possible. That may be the next meal, that may be the next day. But as soon as I can, I cut out sugar completely and eat full meals. And eat more meat than anything. I always feel satisfied and less like snacking when I’m shoving my face with meat. Stop being dirty. As for sugar, just cut the cord. Try the 21 Day Sugar Detox and learn to live without it!
Is there an advantage to using raw honey?
  • All I know is it tastes better than regular honey. I don’t know science stuff. Nor care.
What do you do in social situations where there are no good food options. Also, how do you explain Paleo eating to others without coming across as preachy. I get so tired of trying to explain it tto people when they ask.
  • First, I eat the veggies/fruit/meat they have to offer OR I bring my own food. If they ask questions, I tell them I have celiacs disease or really bad food allergies. If they ask questions, I tell them that I instantly throw up or are sick to my stomach. That usually shuts people up. If people begin to ask questions about why I eat the way I do, in a defensive/judgmental way, I just say I feel way better when I don’t eat grains or dairy. Then I stop being friends with them because why would a friend be judgmental about another friend having healthy behaviors? Probably because it makes them feel more insecure, like you’re judging them when you aren’t. If they have legitimate questions, I’ll answer them the best I can or send them to a helpful book. Easy peasy.
OMG what am I going to eat on Thanksgiving?!
  • I told you already, I’ll be posting Thanksgiving recipes for the two weeks. Don’t freak out. I’m here for you.
Now onto CrossFit!

What do you do for a living?

  • I’m a CrossFit coach. I work at one amazing gym with amazing people. The rest of my time is spent in the kitchen or on the computer working on my cookbook or blog.

Do you take supplements? What fish oil do you take? What do you do pre/post workout?

  • As of now, I do not take any supplements or fish oil. I cut out fish oil because I found some information out there saying that it can cause acne, which I would like to not have. As for supplements and pre/post workout food or drink, I rarely take anything. I like not eating or drinking after a workout, I’d rather just have a full meal after my workout. It just makes me feel better and doesn’t spike my insulin quite as much.

How do you “jump in” to Crossfit? It seems so intimidating going for the first time but I REALLY want to try…just without being the embarrassing newbie.

  • Don’t be scared or intimidated. Go to a CrossFit gym and figure out if you fit there. You want to find a place that you feel welcome and feel like you are able to learn a lot with the coaches you have. Just know that all the newbies in your classes will feel the EXACT same as you do, so no one is ever judging you, they are just wondering if you are judging them. Just walk in, say hello to someone, and before you know it, you will feel right at home!

How do you get back on the CrossFit train after you’ve fallen off?

  • Go to the gym. Feel like crap. Then feel better.

Random stuff!

Where do you get your scarves?

  • Anywhere and everywhere. Lululemon, World Market, Target, Old Navy

Will your cookbook be similar to your blog? With curse words and all?

  • Oh hells yeah! I don’t say f*ck in it, trying to keep it a bit under control. But I tell random stories similar to my blog and have random tid-bits throughout.

Where do you buy clothes?

  • Lululemon for spandex. Old navy for workout clothes, jeans, and tshirts. JCPenney for boots. TJMaxx and Ross for random sh*t. New Balance for workout shoes. CrossFit tanks for shirts. I buy my headbands at Lululemon, Lucy, and my own apparel.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be, non-paleo or paleo?

  • Bacon wrapped dates.

How do you recover after a night out with drinks?

  • I eat something with cheese, something with corn tortillas, and chug orange juice. Then I shower. A shower makes everything better.

Would you marry a vegan?


**If I didn’t answer your questions, it’s because I barely no my own name at this point. And have to be up at 4am tomorrow, so I’ve stopped functioning very well. Once my cookbook is all finished, you’ll have my full attention.