21 Day Sugar Detox Results

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It’s official. 21 days are over. 21 days, sugar free has finally come to an end. If you haven’t heard, I’ve been doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox by Balanced Bites. And I’ve loved it!! Which is  sick and weird since that meant no sugar, including fruit. And if you know me, I LOVE sweets. Like, love love love them. BUT, sweets don’t love me. Not only do I gain 6lbs from eating 1 banana, but I feel bloated, I don’t have a ton of energy, and well, I crave even more sweets. And I found all of this out from not eating sweets. I had no idea I felt like that until I took these beloved foods out.

So let’s recap. Something else to remember that I have cut out of my diet is nuts. All nuts. One day, I just woke up and decided to not eat them because I was sick of feeling like sh*t all the time and wanted to know if they were the culprit to my bloated belly and stupid acne. I’m just such an all-or-none person. I have no middle ground, no sense of moderation. Just not how I roll. So I cut out nuts, then shortly after cut out fruit and sugar.

At first, this was pretty tough. My go-to night snack is anything sweet. Whether that’s eating Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips from the bag or chocolate covered mangos from Whole Foods, I wanted it all when the sun went down. So the first 3 days were kind of annoying, then the 4th day SUCKED. I mean, REALLY sucked. I was super light headed, really really dizzy, felt like I was blacking out half the day. It just sucked. So I went home, loaded up on sweet potatoes and sweet potato chips and instantly felt better the next day. I was just super low on carbs since I hadn’t really stocked up on vegetables in the first 3 days. After that, it was easy. I even made a couple sweet desserts and didn’t even taste them, just gave them to friends instead.

What I did find was that I craved something crunchy way more than I usually do. I really wanted sweet potato chips or Tyrrell’s vegetable chips on a regular basis. I day dreamed about them a lot. And I wanted to eat beets and carrots a ton more…probably because they are sweet. I ate more meat and more fat than I usually do, fat coming mostly in the form of coconut butter. I’ve stopped craving sweets most of the time, just once in a while I’ll get that.

So here were some of the things I ate while on the diet that aren’t entirely sugar free (but are acceptable in moderation on the sugar detox)

  1. Sweet Potatoes (mostly post workout)
  2. Green Apples (I had 3 over the course of 21 days)
  3. Tyrrell’s vegetable chips
  4. Coconut Butter
  5. Coconut Water (1 per day, if that)
  6. Kombucha (1 per day, if that)
  7. Alcohol (ok, that’s not allowed, but if you remember, I just couldn’t say no. 5 shots of Grey Goose were consumed)

So here’s what I think after 21 days. I think it’s awesome and everyone should try it. Yes, fruit is natural. I get it. But, if you’re anything like me, life sucks because even fruit makes you gain weight and feel bloated, so you may actually benefit from removing that excess sugar. After cutting out the treats, I felt WAY better and had more energy than ever. I also felt like my hormones were more in balance because I never felt like I was going through any mood swings. I felt like I was in a good mood almost every day.

So I was going to post photo results, but then I got scared and backed out. That’s just too frightening to me even though I’ve post half naked pictures of myself in the past. My bathing suit pictures is just serious. Sorry people, I’m lame.

What I can say is that even though my goal was not to lose weight or change anything body wise, I did feel like my body changed. I felt like my stomach got smaller, I felt a bit leaner, and I honestly thought my cellulite didn’t look quite as bad. I don’t think it’s anything that any of other person would notice, but I did and that’s all that really matters to me.

This is what I think. I think EVERYONE should try it at some point. We don’t really know how much sugar affects us until it is completely stripped of our diet. I, will probably not go back to eating sugar other than a once-a-week cheat, but Laura who wasn’t as greatly affected probably won’t be quite as strict as I am. So try it out yourself. Man up. If I can cut out sugar, anyone can. ANYONE.

Stop complaining. There will be a recipe tomorrow, ok? Geez.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


128 thoughts on “21 Day Sugar Detox Results”

    1. Paige asked about how the 21DSD would be for hypoglycemics…

      100% helps! I was absolutely in that category though not clinically diagnosed, I suffered majorly from blood sugar spikes and crashes. Most hypoglycemia is directly related to diet although some is rooted in autoimmune hormonal destruction. Removing sugar and adding fat to the diet helps get your blood sugar levels even and your appetite sated for HOURS.

    2. Paige — it will help. I am hypoglycemic as well, and it really, really helps to even out your blood sugar. Make sure that you eat plenty of glucogenic amino acids, and no alcohol. Frequent small meals. The first few days are horrible with the headaches, fatigue, and dizziness, but after that you’ll feel a lot better.

    3. Paige, I’m by no means an expert, but people with hypoglycemia would likely have to up the amount of carb-dense foods (i.e., sweet potatoes, plantains, etc.) they would consume. Your best bet would be to ask your doc, though!

    4. Any “diet” that eliminates natural whole fresh food is NOT natural and therefore shouldn’t be followed . It’s plain and simple eat natural whole ingredients, stay away from sugary sweets and exercise and you will feel amazing. God created these foods for us and they all serve a purpose. How can you listen to someone who is telling you to not eat natural ingredients. Of course you need to be aware of what your putting In your body . It’s all about balance .

  1. *highfive* on the detox!

    I have experimented with my fruit intake and I definitely think having one or two servings a day is optimal for me. Without it, I felt awful and tired and couldn’t lift my own butt off the ground, let alone lift a barbell. I think everyone should experiment with what is optimal for them!

  2. Way to go girl!!! I know that’s a hard thing to do, since you’re like me and love your sweets (fruit included). I’ve cut sugar and coffee out of my diet a few times. Although the sugar was hard I could handle it. The coffee however, let’s just say my husband was worried he would have to look for alternative living quarters. So, I limit myself to 1 cup of iced coffee in the morning. Congrats on your detox – thanks for the info : )

  3. Heather B. Duthie

    Congrats on finishing! Once I finish this Whole30 I’m on (which is in 6 days) I’m dropping fruit out for a month. I’ve completely hit a wall in my weight loss, and although I don’t eat a lot of fruit, I know it must be the culprit.

    Glad to hear your results! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

  4. No nuts and acne. MORE INFO PLEASE. Did you have any results there? I have been debating cutting out nuts myself and occasionally cut out everything but almonds…but cashews are my last true indulgence and the very THOUGHT makes me feel immensely deprived. Yet for clear skin, I would cut out anything.

    1. you’re in luck on the love of cashews. not sure where i read the post, possibly primal blueprint, either way, cashews aren’t so bad! actually have a higher content of the good stuff over almonds! google it!

    2. To those suffering with acne, I have suffered for years and years and have eaten basically paleo for many years. After seeking the help of countless drs, various allergy testings and other alternative health professionals I finally found a Chinese dr who took a blood sample for molecular allergy testing. He found me highly sensations to almonds, egg whites and cashews! 3 foods I ate constantly as I’m lactose intolerant and thOught they were the healthier option. 3 weeks of not eating these foods and my skin has cleared considerably! So it’s worth investigating.
      I love this site!

    3. cashews and peanuts cause horrible cystic acne for me. as does milk and bread. peanut butter and ice cream are the worst offenders. my skin was the most clear when i avoided nuts and dairy.

  5. You inspired me and now I’m on day 7 and I feel fantastic. Less bloat and more lean for sure. I’m working on cutting out the nuts too. I think I’ll stick to this longterm as best I can. Sugar is a little bitch. Had some sweet potato after CF yesterday and it has never tasted so divine. You’re carrot cake pudding is also keeping me going and my kids love it too! Thanks for all you do!

  6. WAY too early in my “low carb” lifestyle to consider giving up ALL sugar – I am only just getting to the point where I am able to handle “sugar has to come from fruit only”.

    But good for you!

    1. You can still look into the 21 day sugar detox. Diane has it set-up for 3 different levels of people. It isn’t just for those people wanting to go super low-carb.

  7. I will be starting this next week!!! Had braces put on last week so have been living off smoothies. Time to crack down and get on track. Doing level 3!

  8. You’ve inspired me. Just bought the manual. We’re going on vacation next week, but once we are back our 21 day sugar detox is on!

  9. Congrats!

    I was so inspired by you, that I’ve decided to give a sugar detox a shot, too! I’m on Day 2. So far not bad at all, but I’m now fearing this Day 4 you speak of. Thanks for that!

  10. I really need to do this… I can tell that fruit and nuts don’t really suit me, as I have the exact same experience as you. And yet…it’s blueberry picking season, and my little girls love blueberry pancakes. I never plan on eating them and yet somehow they always end up in my mouth…perhaps after apple picking season…

  11. How did you celebrate Juli??? I made chocolate chip brownies from tgipaleo’s website which were phenomenal. After 21 days, I definitely feel and look leaner, my recovery and energy has been really good, and my moods have been consistently high. There were two night where I ate way too many banana chips from this international market (masala flavored!!!) but otherwise it went really well. Day 13 or something was really hard for some reason. I wanted to ditch the whole thing and make brownies. Luckily, my husband hid all the chocolate and wouldn’t allow me in the kitchen. I have tried the detox/whole 30 before and never made it all the way through. So glad I actually completed something in my life now. 🙂 I also had cut out nuts, and I don’t really foresee going back to eating them or much fruit besides berries and stuff. I totally agree that although it’s natural, I don’t feel I look or perform best when I have all that sugar. Fruit especially makes me and my husband bloated and gassy (not fun or sexy). Through the detox I also gained an understanding of the emotional implications of certain foods. Banana chips for example are like pringles, I just can’t stop. They taste too freakin good. And I don’t like how they make me feel like a compulsive fat kid, so I’m giving them to my husband to take to his office. There’s a lot more satisfaction in making really delicious good-for-you food and enjoying it-not just thinking about what sweet sugary thing I can stuff my face with after dinner. Sorry to blab, I learned a lot, and I think this has been a huge step in me understanding what works for me. And I think everyone should do it. In the span of your lifetime, 21 days is nothing.

    1. I haven’t celebrated yet! I guess I’ll be celebrating with alcohol in powell BUT I will make a huge blackberry loaf to make into french toast once I get home!

  12. I did this in March and while it was hard at first I absolutely loved how it made me feel too! I even lost about 3 or 4 of those pesky pounds that are always just hanging on! I plan to do it again next month and with the right amount of will power, do it about twice every year… To get me back on track 🙂 Agreed that it’s something everyone should try! Congrats on being done!

      1. Ooo, you make your own coconut oil? I’d love to know how! and thank you for this site…I come here to read even if I don’t need a recipe because you make me laugh and remind me why I’m doing this! THANKS!! (and ignore the haters, means you’re doing something right.)

  13. Awesome! I’ve got two days left in my Whole 30, my first full on experience with Paleo. Eliminating sugar has changed my life. I’m a full on sugar addict, it acts on my brain like drugs. Breaking free from it has been illuminating!

  14. I’m the same way with sugar and fruit, really need to do this again (I went 30 days with no sugar in April and lost 4 pounds the first month and the other 2 months of my 90 day challenge, I only lost another pound!). I’m just going to wait until I can’t get fresh fruit here in Michigan 😉

  15. I’m on day 6. Day 4 was also brutal and I find myself about to run into the alcohol situation today as a friend who has been out of the country for a year returns for two days before returning to said country for another year.

    I don’t really get “sweet” cravings right now so it’s a bit easier but the first few days I was just shoving food in my face to try to kill the cravings. It was pretty crazy.

    1. Just chase some vodka or tequila shots down with water! I felt fine the next day! Good luck!! I did the same thing with shoving food down!

      1. I norcal’d it mixing my drinks w/ soda and lime. Luckily my tolerance took a hit so I was a cheap date and I only had 3 drinks total. Piece of cake. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  16. Wait a minute! Whole Foods has CHOCOLATE COVERED MANGO?!?!

    Thank you for inspiring me to do my own 21 DSD….starting tomorrow as I’m having a fig as I type this :-/ Go on with yo bad self girl!

  17. Marina Smirnova

    Would love to know how you felt after going back to eating fruit. Thinking of giving this a try though.

    1. I haven’t really had fruit yet, but I probably will have a delicious cheat meal once I get back from Powell and I’ll let you know how fruit goes!

  18. Congrats to you! I would love to see an outline of how you ate during this, especially what you had for portable snacks since you eliminated nuts and fruit (besides the obvious carrot sticks).
    P.S. I love your website! I have tried many of your yummy recipes and look forward to many more!

  19. Im doing the whole30 right now. This is next on my list. Thanks for always being an inspiration to me!! I am always looking up to you on so many different levels. Thank you as always 🙂

  20. I need to do this. Period.
    I, too, will go for the sweets, always, whether it’s fruit or chocolate chips. When I try to take out the blatantly unhealthy sweets, I end up eating more fruit than my stomach can handle and feel awful.
    Gotta get on boooardd… take the plunge… eeee! THanks for the review; it helps to hear from others who have gone through it.

  21. first of all i think you are hilarious, girl.

    second – you totally inspired me to do the 21 day sugar detox. since i am totally cheap, i was wondering if you had any websites/free resources I should use to get started or get more information? I remember reading that you followed the official book. maybe?

  22. Awesome, I think I’ll be trying this soon myself. I love fruit way too much. I’ve cut back a bit, but I still love my paleo treats too. The only sugar I eat aside from fruit is honey (it’s actually the only sugar I can have), so hopefully it won’t be too bad! Maybe I’ll start in a couple weeks, after I get back from my vacation (aka visiting my family back in the midwest).

  23. I’m always confused on this because I don’t understand how you maintain after without fruit. If you find you feel better without fruit does that mean you just don’t eat it anymore? And isn’t that not ideal for a “healthy” diet?

    1. Any of the vitamins and minerals you find in fruit, you can get from vegetables minus the excess sugar. So I just have to eat more veggies. As for the fruit, I’ll probably eat it once a week with my cheat meal 🙂

  24. I am on day 2 of the 21 day sugar detox! I felt like yesterday was hard, and we’ll see how today goes. The most difficult thing for me is finding something I can prepare for lunch on the weekend so I can portion it out to take to work. And snacks! I need snacks…celery and almond butter just isn’t cutting it for me. Can you make any recommendations? Also, I thought sweet potatoes were not allowed? I’m on level 3, maybe they are allowed at other levels. I’m really struggling with the detox and don’t want to give up!

    1. Sweet potatoes are recommended for athletes, that’s why i still ate them post workout 🙂 For snacks, I tried to eat protein, so I just ate a mini meal really!

      1. I guess I’m just being really hard on myself! I do CrossFit, so I guess I can allow myself some sweet potato, but I just feel like I’m cheating! Same reason why I won’t eat a green apple. Good job on making it through the 21 days! Hopefully I’ll be able to say I made it through in another 20 days…

        1. It’s absolutely NOT cheating to include post-workout starches for athletes! If you don’t want to eat them, your workouts and recovery will likely suffer- or you can scale back workouts if you choose during the 3 weeks…

  25. Juli~

    I am really interested in the 21day detox but have some questions. I did the Whole 30 successfully but really didn’t see great results. I felt better but only dropped 1.5 lbs. For the sugar detox, did you cut out nut butters as well as nuts? Can you have any coconut milk or creamer on the detox or almond milk? when you had sweets cravings at night, what did you eat so that it subsided? Thank you!

    1. I cut out the sugar AND nuts. I still had coconut milk (canned-which I used in my coffee) and I ate those different 21DSD desserts when I was having a craving at night OR coconut butter. That helped a lot.

  26. You rock *fistpump-explode-into-fireworks* I’m getting the courage up to give this no sugar thing a shot when I get back from vaca.
    Also wanted to say your ability to ‘link to you’ made it super easy so I added it to my own company’s website because frankly girl, you make me smile. Thanks.

  27. You have inspired me to finally try the 21DSD again. I had attempted it once and failed in the last week which is just dumb. So now I’m on day 4 and so far so good. I was wondering if you had noticed any improvement on your acne by cutting out the nuts as I too am dealing with stupid boy acne, only unlike you I am a stupid boy.

    1. Do you still eat dairy? Removing dairy for my diet is what stopped my acne. I still eat nuts, so I guess everyone is different. Just curious, why did you fail in the last week? I am on day 2 and thought about quitting yesterday, but I am pushing on through day 2! I hope I can make it…

      1. Dairy has been a rarity for me ever since going paleo. As for why I failed it all came down to willpower. I’m constantly in situations at work or with friends that involve food which is never paleo and especially not allowed on the detox. It got really tiring after the first two weeks to keep refusing food and then having to explain why I wasn’t eating it almost every other day. People just kept judging me, sometimes harshly. I’ve got a better mindset going in this time so I’m hoping that I can ignore the criticism and more sneakily avoid the bad food. Good luck to you too on your detox.

  28. Juli, you just rule! Love your block and I am actually learning how to cook using your recipes 🙂 I am sorry to hear about your acne, I also used to break out like hell but in my case, paleo has changed my skin remarkably. No problems anymore. I also use only organic cosmetics and very simple “recipes” for my skin. I found out the less complicated product, the better for my skin. My skin is combination, I have stopped using tonners, I use pure rose water instead. I wash my skin, use the rose water and then organic grape seed oil which is light in texture in comparison to other oils. I do this in the morning and the evening and my skin is just glowing. When I had acne issues, I used pure lavender essential oil topically and it also helped to heal the spots. Keep on, thanks for being here for us and your spirit is AMAZING! Greets from Europe…

  29. Juli- I for SURE thought you looked leaner on Friday when I saw you. I mentioned it to Adam and then again to Adam later in the weekend.

  30. I’m on day 7. Not doing too bad. After dinner is my go to sweet time but have been doing ok ith some coconut butter and sunbutter…ummm, yum!! I didn’t realize how much sugar (natural or not) I was eating until I cut it out. I do feel more hungry, but that’s probably because Im not eating fruit every time I open the fridge. Good job on your endeavor!! PS, I’m glad you’ve stuck to your guns and stuck up for yourself for all the negative feedback you’ve gotten. If they don’t like it don’t read it, it is voluntary. Keep it up!!

  31. Congrats on the detox and results, I know how frustrating small things about our bodies can be.

    I was wandering around the interwebs and came across this site. You are always talking about acne and what not and she seems to have lots of cost effective simple home made natural recipes. I am going to try the baking soda scrub tonight. 🙂

  32. okay, you updated us on everything except the acne. i feel your pain in that category, sister, so word up–what’s up?

    congrats on the 21 day detox. you’re a monster, girl. no nuts AND no fruit all at the same time. kudos!

    don’t feel bad about not showin’ skin here on the blog–shoot, it’s YOUR blog and YOUR body, so you do whatever you want.

    1. hey Jenn!! Ok so i’ll probably do an update next week about the oil cleansing i’ve been doing but my face has surprisingly gotten better. No nuts, no fruit, and sticking with an oil cleansing regimen of castor, jojoba, and coconut oil has seemed to help! I’ll update more for you next week!

  33. I am with you. I encourage anyone who is in the fence to try it. My top benefits from the 21 day sugar detox (plus I gave up coffee which for me requires lots of sugar)

    1. Steady mood– major plus+++++ since I have bipolar type 2 and also deal with anxiety.
    2. Freedom from cravings and being a slave to the sugar drug
    3. I eat real meals when I get hungry instead of pacifying my hunger with a fleeting moment of satisfaction from chocolate or coffee or whatever- the benefit there is not being hungry/buzzed/perpetually needing something else.
    4. Creating a real sense of pride by being disciplined enough to withstand the CONSTANT temptation of sugars EVERYWHERE. my confidence is way up. I’m a bad ass, if you ask me.
    It feels very good to be “sober” probably for the first time ever!!!!
    Thanks for everything Juli. You are M.A.D. (Making A Difference)!!

  34. Congrats on the detox! I’m going to have to go back and reread some posts on this because I’m totally curious. I’m more of a salt lover, but I know I eat more sugar than I think!!!

  35. I have the same reaction to fruit and nuts which are the only two things that keep me eating healthy because they taste so damn good. I had the same reaction you had when I gave up fruit (on a daily basis, it’s my “cheat” now….how unfair is a world where FRUIT IS A CHEAT!) but like you I just feel leaner and better.

    I just watched your last vlog and think you look absolutely inspiring, sugar or no sugar.

  36. I haven’t done the same sugar detox you did, but when I’ve been on point with a ‘clean’ physique competition diet..which is of course sugar free, my cellulite improves dramatically too. If only my desire to have less cellulite were stronger than my desire to eat fruit and honey at the moment. GAAAAAAHHHH!

  37. If your cutting out fruit, and nuts, you should see what would happen if you cut out coconut “stuff” too…..I read that coconut, while considered one ot the best “good fats”, was also an inflammatory food 🙁 It causes problems for some people.

  38. If your cutting out fruit, and nuts, you should see what would happen if you cut out coconut “stuff” too…..I read that coconut, while considered one of the best “good fats”, was also an inflammatory food 🙁 It causes problems for some people.

      1. That’s what I thought too, until I read this article…..I’ll see if I can find it and post it. It talks about coconut being an inflammatory food for the gut??!!! IDK 🙂 Hey….you didn’t have to yell at me!! LOL!!! 😉

  39. I started the detox yesterday. It’s been tough; I love love fruit so much! But it will be ok I can do it! lol I’ve been having to chew on ice cubes just to make the cravings go away! haha ( i think it’s just something to have in my mouth)

  40. Congrats on making it through the 21 days! I wish everyone had the attitude as you to just buckle down and get it done!

    Way to go your such an inspiration!!!

  41. Ok I just need to say that you are awesome and have seriously inspired me. I was sad to read your post about people not being nice. I don’t get people but don’t listen to them. There are so many of us out there that love to read what you write and so far I have loved all your recipes I have tried. Definitely going to try coconut milk in my coffee!
    I have recently cut out gluten and feel do much better. But still feel bloated and not great sometimes. I am so inspired to try this 21 days of no sugar! Thanks for being you and I honestly look forward to your posts!!

  42. Congrats girl! I think I’m going to try this, especially with all those amazing dessert recipes. I was wondering though, do you take casein protein ever before bed? Sometimes I’ll make a little protein “ice cream” and that helps with sweet cravings.

  43. I’ve been trying to cut out sugar as much as possible ever since I read Deep Nutrition last summer. Recently, I’ve been doing almost no fruit at all except for a possible green banana or handful of berries post workout. And seriously, I feel SO much better. I need less caffeine (nixed coffee and trying to just do tea) and my cravings are insanely less. I crave chicken with tomato sauce or ketchup more than anything. I’m still eating nut butters (no peanut) which I don’t think are a problem for me, but now that I think about it, my acne may have been better when I was eating JUST sunflower seed butter. Anyway, the point of this is that I’m feeling awesome, even though I didn’t track it or anything, and my muscles are definitely feeling the positive effects, and I can see it. Xoxo!

  44. Great sharing. Your article inspire me to start reducing my sugar intake and I’ll try to replace them with more fruits and vegetables. I have to take care of my cellulite before it became more!

  45. Congrats on your detox!!! 🙂 I have actually been COMPLETELY (and I mean COMPLETELY) sugar free for 10 years now!! It’s crazy; I crave salmon not donuts! Some people think I am odd, I think I am awesome, LOL! Keep it up, hope you can stay sugar free!

  46. Congrats on your accomplishment Juli!

    I’ve been eating Paleo for about three months now and have noticed WONDERS of improvement in my digestion and overall composition. Summer has been hard though, and I’ve certainly “cheated” more than I’ve wanted to. I am also a sugar and nut addict—and my ONLY snack during the work week is nuts. I circuit train (which is nothing compared to cross fit) and have built up a lot of muscle but can’t axe the “pooch” no matter what I do.

    You’ve inspired me to purchase the 21 Day Detox (just did!) and I plan to start it after Labor Day. Thanks for the push to challenge myself even further…oh, and thanks for all the recipes—you’ve certainly helped me along the way.

  47. Hi Juli – I’m new to this paleo diet but was forced to give up so many foods because of some severe intolerances. The biggy, fructose. Giving up all fruit and anything with fruit and almost all sweeteners was so hard because I have a huge sweet tooth! I love to hear your story because it makes me realize giving up sweets is hard for so many people. Sugar is addicting but I feel so much better now too. Good for you for sticking with it and carrying on! BTW – I just made your paleo granola recipe but with a little bit of brown rice syrup instead of the other sweeteners and it’s awesome! I love your site! Pam

  48. Hey Juli! I was just wondering what kind of sweet potatoes chips you buy… And what kind of oils are okay as an ingredient in them. Thanks!

    1. I buy ‘Food Should Taste Good” sweet potato chips (make sure they are not the sweet potato tortilla chips, those are different) and i buy them at whole foods. they ae made with soybean oil which isnt the best but i prefer that over soybean oil

  49. I love, love, love your blog! Congrats on your detox! I got through 15 days of the Whole30 program before my mother showed up for a visit and I ruined it. I’m going to HAVE to do this again, and I’m going to take your advice and cut out both fruits and nuts as well.
    I didn’t cut those out the first time, even when I was cutting out everything else sugary.
    Your blog is awesome. You seem so with it, but human and admit your failures. I think that’s why I like this blog so much. It’s one of the only ones i consistently read.
    Anyhoo…congrats again! I’ve got to kick these damn sugar demons!

  50. Can everyone please read one book called ‘SweetPoison’ written by an Aussie solicitor named David Gillespie
    Watch two shows one you can access on the web called “weight of a nation” – American – it raelly needs to cut to the chase – SUGAR is killing your country, you kids, your workers, your grand parents, your people

    The other is a documentary called “Chronic Condition” it should make you all f……….g cry and ask Obama what are we doing

    TAX – sugar – Coca Cola are committing th greatest crime on earth

  51. Wow. Very inspiring. I may just have to try this out. I know it will be tough but I would like to maybe try a shorter version to start and then advance to 21 days. CONGRATS!!

  52. I am a fruit addict (just bought a 4 lb tub of grapes at Costco I couldn’t resist & I will finish the whole thing) but I’m thinking i may need to try something like this. My skin has been breaking out, my tummy is usually bloated, & I looking to get a little leaner…I will try this…after I plow through my 4 lbs of grapes that is 😉

  53. I just found your site and this was the first thing I read. I did 14 days and felt the way you described! Good for you for going the full 21!!

    As a side note – I am hypoglycemic (someone mentioned it above). I use to have major sugar spikes and drops until I did this and then stuck to the Paleo. Now the only time I feel that classic “shake” from a sugar drop is if I drink sugar alcoholic drinks. The first week was WAY rough getting through the “sugar blues” but increasing my protein and fat REALLY helped. I ate a TON of carrots…I am pretty sure my skin was starting to look orangish.

    I love your blog…it makes me laugh when occasionally I would like to cry about what I can’t eat anymore. Thanks for that! 🙂

  54. Juli,

    This is the 5th day for the detox, first 3 days were tough and rough! Quick question, did you cut out sugar free gum?


  55. I’m doing the Whole30 Challenge right now, and boy, that no sugar thing is hard. Yesterday was day 3 and possibly the worst day of my life. Like, worse than childbirth. What?


    Ok, no. I’m still crazy because of lack of sugar. But I’m excited to see how different I feel once the gross part passes 🙂


  56. Juli-
    Sugar and bad carbs are my drug. I had fallen of the Paleo wagon in a big way, hard, I mean concussion sustaining fall! I had gained 20 pounds in just over 2 months, so I started this detox thing 11 days ago.

    The first 7 days were horrible for me. I had bad headaches, dizziness, mood swings, and extreme fatigue. I could not even go to CF for a week. However I stuck with it. I have lost 10 pounds already (I am sure 5 was just water weight) and feel really good. I extended the challenge for me to 30 days because I was in such bad shape, but can’t wait to see the final results.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  57. Hey Juli!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this site! Thanks so much for all you do. Still a newbie to paleo after dabbling half-a**ed for about a year. I’m on day 6 of the 21 day detox and feeling great! It hasn’t been all that hard and I found some great new recipes here, can’t wait to add them! So far I’m down 3 lbs and can’t wait to see how I feel at the end. Maybe I can finally kick sugar to the curb for good (side note: never was much of a sugar junkie until I got pregnant twice) so I hope I can reset!

  58. Hi Juli! I really enjoyed reading all the feedback on this detox. I have a big sweet tooth and I’ve been thinking I needed to do a detox for awhile now to kick the cravings so I think this should be great. One question…I am planning on starting the detox on October 1st but I am running my first ever full marathon on October 21st (the last day of the detox). Do you think that will be an issue to try and detox while preparing for such a challenging event? I also use “goo” and “chews” during my long runs for calorie replacement which have some sugar…have you heard any suggestions for non-sugar calorie replacements? Thanks so much!

  59. I’m starting the detox on Monday. I’m hoping it won’t be too tough. I’ll have to cut my oats, berries and beloved protein powder. Oh and the sugar free creamer 😉

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes! I can’t wait to try them. I’m not Paleo but after this detox may rethink it depending on how I feel.

  60. Juli,

    I am looking into ordering the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I have a carb and sugar addiction… the first step is admitting you have a problem.

    Since I don’t have the plan in front of me yet, I was hoping you could enlighten me about the rule for honey. Unlike many of my fellow friends, family, coworkers, etc. I do not like coffee at all. I hate the taste of it. I am a tea addict. My favorite tea is straight up breakfast black tea with honey in it. I drink several cups on a normal work day. Is honey allowed in the detox?

    If it isn’t… I am not sure how I will cope. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for everything! You’re blog is a lifesaver! Give yourself some credit or just reward yourself with something tasty 🙂

  61. I have been contemplating doing no nuts and no sugar for a month now. I think I’m just scared to try it since nuts and their glorious butters are/is the air I breath. Fruit I know affects me, I have 3 strawberries in the morning and find I’m bat-shit crazy for sugar all day long. I’m just going to man up and kick the habit all at once. Do you have a run down of what you ate, I’m just nervous ill be stuck and just eat anything, thanks for this post and all your posts, love this site!

    1. This is the only post I have about it, but I can say I ate way more root vegetables and sweet potatoes when I cut sugar out. And I ate a lot more avocado and coconut butter to keep from feeling that no sugar drag. Hope that helps!

  62. How did y reintroduce alcohol into your diet? I can’t go dry forever! The fruit nuts was much easier than I thought to give up..I’m on day 6 though….

  63. I’ve tried this before (but not as extreme, I still ate fruit), and it’s amazing how great you feel, and how you don;t miss sugar. The first few days are so hard though! I’ve also recently realized that nuts make my skin break out, and I’m trying to cut them out (but it’s so hard!)

  64. I am on day 3 of the Detox and find myself going straight to nuts Nuts NUTS anytime I’m craving anything remotely sweet. I also feel bloated and get a stomach ache when I eat too many (which is every time I eat them). How did you give up nuts? What do you replace them with? There are only so many carrots/snap peas and Tyrells chips I can eat. Suggestions? Thanks!!!

  65. Hi,

    When you did this detox, what kind of snacks did you go to?
    I’ve been snacking on nuts and banana chips a lot, but since that also casues me to bloat I need new easy snacks for work. I usually have about 7-8 hours between lunch and dinner so a snack is kind of crucial otherwise I go crazy on anything sweet or fatty at the end of the day. I’ve brought stuff like cottage cheese and berries to work, carrots etc. What else do you suggest? Did you cut out berries too from your diet?

    Long rant…

    1. I ate a good amount of plantain and sweet potato chips when i needed some extra fuel. also ate coconut butter and raw vegetables to fill me up. yes, i cut out berries also

      1. what brand plantain plantain and sweet potato chips did you eat? At trader joes they all have sunflower oil which is not approved for the detox. Thanks for your help!

        1. the ones i have found eaten have sunflower as well, but i didn’t worry much about those. i’m sure you could find some online without that though!

      2. Thanks for your fast response! I’m getting so many great tips from your blog! I found these Glories Sweet Potato Chips online but…..all these and or statements!!!
        Ingredients —
        All Ingredients are GMO-Free
        Sweet Potatos
        Expeller Pressed Canola Oil and/or Corn Oil and/or Olive Oil
        Sea Salt

  66. You couldn’t be any more amusing or inspiring! Im on my final day of whole 30. I do not miss cheese, bread or even alcohol…haven’t once this whole time. But I dream about sugar morning, noon and night. I’ve let myself binge on fresh and dried fruit more and more. Tonight I ate a slew of fruit and almond butter…so much so I made myself write it all down. It looked like a shopping list!! Im proud of how far Ive come but I know I have a long way to go. A sugar detox is definitely in order! Thank you for the motivation!

  67. Hey, Juli! Great blog! I have a question for you about the 21DSD. I’m getting ready to start the next one in October, but I was curious if it helped you with your sugar cravings, even a year later? I am the kind of person that can’t just eat one or two pieces of candy. Example – I brought in Rolos for the candy jar at work, and didn’t just grab two Rolos. I grabbed two handfuls, then went back for more. And I wasn’t even hungry! They were just there. So for me, I’m hoping 21DSD will help control that. In the back of my head, I think “But I’ll always love candy/sweets”, so I hope to get to a place where 1 or 2 pieces will be sufficient!

    Anyway, just wondering how if you are still feeling the good results a year later. Thanks!

    1. I can completely tell the difference when I eat sugar now. I become completely addicted and can instantly see the difference in my body almost right away. it’s amazing how much sugar changes our body. i’m waaaay less addicted to sugar as well. still definitely go on some binges, but way better than i was before

  68. I am so glad I found this post! I was already seeing improvements from no fruit on the detox, but I finally realized how much I rely on nuts and how my digestion doesn’t like them. Feeling better after not having nuts (or cutting way WAY back) too.

  69. Although they say misery loves company, I’m not exactly miserable, but… It’s nice to read that other people have issues with fruits and nuts. With the exception of a date here and there, I haven’t had fruit in 30 days. I cut out nuts for 21 days and have decided to have them in treats or bars, only, and not handfuls or snacks at work. I really don’t miss the fruit at all, and I enjoy having vegetables for breakfast every day.

  70. I’m on Day 14 of a sugar detox and I’m noticing exactly what you did. I dropped some pounds, my stomach isn’t protruding quite as much, and I feel a lot better. It’s not something anybody else would notice, but I definitely do.

    I’m really glad I stumbled on your blog. My husband is paleo and I’m doing the detox so your recipes have really come in handy!

  71. Im about to start on my 21 day sugar detox Sunday 083014, it looks like it can go well with paleo. I thought you cAn have green apples? I sprinkled organic Saigon cinnamon on them and it tasted pretty good. I’d even baked half of it with light drizzle of coconut oil and Saigon cinnamon. Pretty good. Let me know your take? I see some eat green apples and some don’t in sugar detox.

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