Sugar Detox Pumpkin Cake in a Mug with Chocolate Whip

Haha. Whip.

You all are going to hate me. And judge me. I know it, I just know it. I kind of cheated. Well, not kind of, I did. I drank alcohol. And alcohol isn’t exactly allowed on the 21 day sugar detox. Oopsies poopsies. Ok let’s talk about why I gave in.

Sergio leaves for Afghanistan in 2 weeks. He’s also an assh*le and said that if he dies, this would be the last time we drank together. It’s not funny, but his humor blows. Give him a break. I’m kidding, I love him. So when I showed up to the bar for Sergio’s ‘see you next year’ bash, he handed me 3 shots of Grey Goose. Yes, three. Yes, I took them. Yes, my stomach was a bit woozy. But the night went wonderfully. Like, OMG good. As soon as 4 shots hit my stomach, the music finally got better. Amazing. The DJ remixed ‘Call Me Maybe’ with ‘Feel So Close’. Yeah. It was awesome. And if you don’t know those two songs, google them then imagine them making love and having a child out of wedlock. Pretty awesome.

When I got home, I drunkenly ate carrot chips. So dedicated to paleo. I got jokes! Anywho, I thankfully don’t feel guilty about it. My friend is going to Afghanistan for 6 months, I wasn’t going to be a complete douche and not drink because I’m sugar detoxing. That’s just dumb to me. And you know what, I had the best night I’ve had in a looong time. Yes, I could have danced without alcohol ruining my liver and increasing my ass size, but then I would have noticed the people staring on with offended eyes. And that would have been just embarrassing.

I left the bar literally soaking in sweat. I could even ring out the sweat from my hair. That’s a good way to get the guys. Make yourself look like a wet poodle. I was a living poodle.

Disclaimer: Drinking is bad for you. And vodka isn’t paleo. Don’t be bad.

It’s funny how I hate sports but I love the Olympics.

I watched 4 movies this weekend. By myself. I need to find a man. Damn poodles.

Oh by the way, I swear this cake isn’t as dry as it looks. I swear!


Sugar Detox Pumpkin Cake in a Mug with Chocolate Whip

  • Yield: 1 1x



For your cake

For your chocolate whip

  • 1 tablespoon coconut butter
  • 1 tablespoon canned coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon sunbutter (or nut butter)
  • 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


  1. Mix everything in a mug!
  2. Put it in the microwave for 1:30-2:30 minutes!
  3. While your cake cooks, mix together your chocolate whip!
  4. Once your cake is done (let it cool because that sh*t gets hot) and top with your chocolate whip!
  5. YAY sugar detox! (exclamation!)


Not on the sugar detox? Lucky. Add honey or maple syrup!

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PaleOMG Sugar Detox Pumpkin Cake in a Mug with Chocolate Whip


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


96 thoughts on “Sugar Detox Pumpkin Cake in a Mug with Chocolate Whip”

    1. This recipe MUST be wrong.
      This was not right.
      I made it twice. Both times with coconut flour.
      Please edit or remove. It is inedible.

  1. Crazy that there’s only 1 Tbsp of pumpkin in there. It looks like way more in your mug. It must puff up some in the microwave? I loved the carrot pudding and can’t wait to try this one. I’ll be using canned butternut squash puree though since I already have a can waiting in the cupboard.

  2. I personally think it was reason for celebration. But maybe that’s just the raging College Girl in me. And PROPS for sticking with the detox! Literally I would probably get Insomnia cookies and stuff my face. You’re a champ.

  3. Love it. I cam home drunk at 3am a few weeks ago and cooked kale and eggs!?!? WTF. Worst drunk food ever, actually carrot chips is worse…. Only just.

  4. Christen Suratt

    Life first….size of ass second 😉 And have you not ever spoken to men, they LOVE big ass and yours isn’t even big. I have seen big….like a woman leaving a grocery store carrying two gallons of milk one on each ass cheek. True Story. I wish I had ass….I wish this crap up front from having babies would migrate…but no. I do 5000 situps a day for nada! lol Thats a lie. Most I have done in one day is 300. Whatever….off to WOD. Slamming recipe BTW!

  5. Any suggestions to replace the egg? Looks so good. I’m on AIP right now, everything looks “legal” except for the egg.

  6. And this is what I can do with my remaining pumpkin puree. Amazin’.

    Also, I hope you have a foodsaver thingy so you can ship Sergio lots of yummy foods!
    I’ve got that task coming up in 3 months and if you make any awesome “bulk” recipes, I’d love you even harder. 🙂

  7. This looks amazingly yummy and yay for a fun night! I cheated too and drank too much wine over the weekend…at least my drunk food was eggs and shrimp!

  8. I really just want to be your best friend. It might be creepy but I talk about you as if I know you sometimes “Oh did you see what Juli posted today?!”….yeah, I swear I have real friends too.

  9. Looks amazing! But, I have a question for do you keep your canned coconut milk from going bad? I’ve tried to keep mine in the fridge for a few days, but it just ends up looking disgusting. I hate wasting half the can. Any suggestions?

    1. I freeze mine if I know I won’t use it within a week. Sometimes I put the extra in an ice cube tray so that I can defrost only what I need. The texture looks a bit different after it’s been frozen/thawed but once you stir it really good and use it your recipe, it’s fine

      1. this is a brilliant idea! my coconut milk either goes bad or I find myself making endless curries with the leftovers.

    2. Coconut milk has never lasted more than 3 days in my fridge, so I know nothing about it going bad! lol Just add this sh*t to anything and everything! And full fat coconut milk in coffee is heaven. just saying.

  10. I AM JUDGING YOU FOR DRINKING. No I’m not. Seriously, who would do that?

    Also, I agree with Karli. I’m kind of a big Paleo deal on Pinterest because I just repost your recipes. Thanks for making me look cool.

  11. wait so no crying at the bar?? Well done!! Glad you had a good time.. thank you Sergio for your service to our country! 🙂

  12. Thank you for this. Starting my detox tomorrow. Gettin’ it! Glad you had fun at the bar, way to go with the flow and just have fun!

  13. this sounds really good!!! no one is judging you for a lil bit of booze… i won’t even tell you what i consumed this weekend.

  14. It looks delish… but how does it really taste? I gave up all sugar June 1st so I wont be adding any sweetener. Want to make sure its worth the trip to the store!

    1. it’s not super sweet but the chocolate on top actually helps. i even poured some coconut milk on top to keep the sweet moist taste of it!

  15. OMG I need this in my life today. I made your carrot cake pudding stuff, delicious, but thought, hey this would be better if it had pumpkin in it, and voila, you made some pumpkin shit today. Love you! I’m going to try the pudding too with roasted pumpkin once fall comes, I figure that would be delicious. Making this tonight since i keep pumpkin around for my pup to throw in her food (lucky bitch) and we can share our pumpkin together.

  16. Kristin Ritter

    You are officially one of my most favorite people…I am trying a sugar detox right now and this is just what I need in my life!!! It looks amazing and I know it has to be I have LOVED all of your recipes that I have tried. Thanks for the amazing recipes and the always entertaining post…You always make me laugh!!!

  17. Ok, so I just tried to make this and I think something may be missing in the recipe… like maybe a flour of some sort? It kind of turned out like a cinnamon scrambled egg. Lol. I tried the carrot cake pudding yesterday and it was phenomenal!! So, hopefully I can get this one right sometime soon : )

  18. Jennifer same thing happened to me! My mom and I just tried it an it was a cinnimon omlette 🙁 I was thinking maybe using a tablespoon of almond flour?

    1. Bummer. Well, I’m thinking she may have used some coconut flour since she is off of nuts right now. But, I also think that there should be more pumpkin b/c the color was not orange at all either. @ Juli- I’m totally not hating on you, girl. I still love all of your recipes : )

  19. Made this last night. It was so good, I got out all the ingredients again and made another bowl. I know eating two bowls kind of defeats the purpose of a healthy dessert, but I couldn’t resist. I didn’t actually make the chocolate whip because I’m lazy. Instead I just drizzled a tiny bit of honey across the top for a little sweet kick (obviously not sugar-detoxing).

  20. As my non-paleo sister put it, ‘This totally satisfies the emotional need for dessert without being sweet at all. Weird.’ Agreed. It was really kind of savory, but good and emotionally satisfying. Haha, thanks.

  21. Oh my. My husband is a pumpkin addict and I just so happen to be growing a bunch of pumpkins in my first-ever garden this year! I think I just might have to make this for him… and maybe for me. You know, since there’s going to be extra.

  22. I love your honesty! I would have done the same thing and have. I am also a wet poodle. Wet poodles have more fun!

  23. This is effing delicious. I am not sugar detoxing, so I threw in a handful of raisins and drizzled some maple syrup on top. Hold crap is that amazing. Thanks for this!

  24. Lauren (San Diego)

    This was delicious! I added 1/2 tablespoon of maple syrup and increased the coconut flour to 2 tbs. I microwaved it for 2 min and it came out great! It was moist and almost souffle like. I shared a bite with my 9mo old and he enjoyed it too 🙂

  25. I wanted to like this so much…but I also ended up with cinnamon scrambled eggs. Even with the coconut flour!

  26. I liked it! I was so impatient I didn’t want to wait and let it cool so I ripped it with a scoop of frozen coconut milk!

  27. mmm pumpkin — I wish all recipes had no more than five ingredients though – too much to buy and keep track up step wise!

  28. I failed at this one.It was brown, haha! So gross. So I ended up just spooning coconut butter in my mouth, that did the trick 😉

  29. This looks so good – I don’t want to make just one serving. I want to make a pan-ful. I want to use my whole can of pumpkin – because I LOVE pumpkin – and bake it in the oven.

  30. We just started the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge in our house last week. And if you dont know about it, check it out! (it started at our gym, very cool). Basically living 9 weeks with no sugar or booze=absolutely painful with zero social life. I mean, we’re only 2 weeks in and my boyfriend is having dreams about secretly licking cupcakes every night. ANYWAY your sugar detox recipes are absolutely saving our lives. SAVING OUR LIVES. Post more!!! I feel like i might just start having dreams about YOU juli bauer 🙂

  31. AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing! This was so easy to make. The whole family (picky husband, the whatever teenager and the very picky ” I eat what daddy eats” 3 year old) all loved it! A major score in my book! We have converted to the Paleo life style for almost 2 months now and your website has helped so much! I can’t wait for my headband to arrive!!!

    Happy Fall!

  32. i just made this, and WOW if you haven’t had it before, do it NOW! it takes like 2 minutes and you have CAKE. it is super moist and delish like real cake, maybe even better…i’m probably going to tinker around and make this in a million flavors.

  33. Wow. I just made this. I didn’t have everything for the chocolate topping, so I just made the cake, and drizzled a tiny bit of agave on top. Seriously….OMG! This is the quickest, easiest and yummiest paleo snack ever. Can’t wait till I can try it out with the topping. ….probably tomorrow lol. Great job, once again with another fantastic recipe!

  34. THANK YOU!!! I’m sugar detoxing and this is amazing!!! My husband is working nights so I’m gonna mix this for him and leave a note with microwave instructions. What a wonderful pumpkin cake surprise!

  35. Eating this as I type. I am not eating nuts or seeds right now so I used a little coconut oil and melted the “frosting” over the top. I love it. I was really needing something comforting today. My husband who is not doing the 21 DSD with me says, “it tasted like sugarless pumpkin pie with a dog poo melted on top” ok, he didn’t say poo.

    1. coconut oil would work, but wouldn’t be quite as tasty, and you would have to put it in the fridge until it hardened a bit then scrape away at it.

  36. I’ve had his three days In row. Three! I topped with Steve’s original cinnamon crunch granola, after I PR’d my back squat. Mouthgasm. Thank you for your amazeballs recipes!

  37. Holy CRAP this is the most amazing thing I have tasted in a long time! I can’t believe there’s no sugar in it it tastes so sweet! I could eat this every single day for my entire life. Thank you!

  38. I tried this for breakfast today and wanted to share that it took almost 25 minutes at 350 in a small ramekin (for those who don’t have a microwave), but it was beautiful and really good! Hoping this photo will show up. . .

  39. Hi Juli,

    Just wanted to stop by and say “Hi!” I’ve been a follower of yours since I started my Paleo life (Last June 2012). I am now on Day 2 of my Sugar Detox and its pretty killer. Thank you for this recipe. I am going to try this out when I get home. Its funny how carrots are now the sweetest thing in my life LOL!

  40. Husband and I were hopeful with this one since we are both on the sugar detox, but it tasted like chocolate egg. I could hardly taste any of the other cake flavor like the pumpkin. The texture was right, but the cake flavor was all wrong.

  41. I tried this, but my chocolate whip looked NOTHING like yours and was totally runny…has this happened to anyone else? I used almond butter instead of sunflower butter, but I can’t imagine that would account for such a big difference. The cake is AMAZING though.

  42. This cake was delicious! I’m on day 13 of my first 21DSD and your treat recipes have saved my life. This one has by far been my favorite though! I had to admit that I just topped my cake with coconut butter because I didn’t have sun butter/nut butter for the whip and it was still super delish!

  43. Georgia McLaren

    Please move to New Zealand and cook for me. Please.
    I love your recipes so much! And having a giggle at the blogs haha!

  44. Since I’m Pale-Atkins with no aversion to dairy, I made this with heavy cream and olive oil instead of the coconut oil and coconut milk- totally worked fine! Though definitely not orange…

    Adding a bit of xylitol to the cake and the whip worked well too! The hubby was really suspicious of this one, but once he tried it, he begged to finish mine!

  45. Not sure what I did wrong but mine turned out a hot mess. Brown and not very tasty. 🙁 I so wanted to like this one too. I’m doing the 21DSD so I’m limited from my normal go to Paleo date mousse.

  46. I added some stevia for sweetness, but I think next time I’ll add more pumpkin and less egg. I could barely taste the pumpkin. Definitely a creative idea, thanks for taking the time to share it!

  47. This was terrible. I’m on the 21dsd & it was not good no matter how bad off I am. I tried to like it. I wanted to love it. Sweetener won’t help. It’s that bad. Don’t try this at home.

  48. I wonder if I did something wrong but I thought this tasted awful and I was on day 15 of detox so its not like I needed supersweet. I think It really needed some sort of sweetener even if it was puréed green tipped banana or something.

  49. I liked this, but might replace the whole egg with a flax egg next time? I found it just a tad bit eggy. I did add one packet of stevia for sweetness and skipped the whip. I think this would be really nice with a smear of coconut butter on top. 2:30 in the microwave and it was still moist, but fully set. I actually shared this and found half to be plenty filling.

  50. Thanks again for your recipes Juli! I just ate this and it was great! Fortunately I’m not doing a sugar detox so I drizzled some honey on top and it really hit the spot! I’m thinking more pumpkin and less nutmeg on the next one…

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