21DSD Green Apple and Coconut 2-Bite Treats

Can we talk about New Girl right now!? If you haven’t watched the latest episode, shame on you, but look away RIGHT NOW!!

OMG Nick and Jess are finally getting together!! The last episode was fantastic. Mostly because Schmidt got stung on his face by a jellyfish while trying to catch a lionfish with a lacrosse stick. BUT the Jess and Nick thing was awesome. He’s so in love with her. I never thought my favorite show could get better, but once they threw love into the mix, I pledge to never EVER miss another episode. How many times have I said episode in this blog so far? Answer: too many times.

New subject.

I went to the dermatologist yesterday. Instantly started crying. Poor derm lady. She had no idea what that appointment was about to bring in. Well it brought a mess of a grown woman, desperate for answers. I even wrote down a list of everything I’ve tried to help fix my skin. I just can’t take it anymore. I can’t look in the mirror anymore, my face constantly hurts, and I cry probably every two days out of frustration. No one should have to live their life like this. Time to take control.

On a lighter note, I’m going to get my nails AND toenails done next week. Yes, yes I am. I seriously haven’t gotten my nails or toenails done since high school. I never saw the point. The polish just came off, looked gross, then made your nails worse. BUT, since I will be doing a cooking presentation next week at PaleoFX, I thought I should try to make myself look more like a lady. I think I might even wear an apron, like one of those skirt aprons. Those things are adorable. And I want to try to fool people into thinking that I’m adorable. Little do they know. Can’t wait to see some of your there. What in the hell else am I going to wear other than an apron!? I just got instantly stressed.

OMG. I have found a new blog I love. And it’s a paleo blog! I usually only fall in love with non paleo blogs because they have way better food porn, but this one is awesome. And naughty. And I love me some naughty paleo food. I actually found her off of instagram while sitting at the dermatologist. The things you can find while bored. And I am so lucky to. Check out Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind. She’s pretty new so she doesn’t have a ton of recipes yet, but every single one she has looks stupid good. I’m kind of in love with her. Go check out her blog and give her some love on instagram @vanessabarajas. You’ll be happy you did.

Oh PS, who here is doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox? I swear, you can do it if I can. Especially if you have these cute little things stored in your fridge. It has a slight sweetness to it and the fat from the coconut oil and coconut butter keeps you full and satisfied. For real, make these.


21DSD Green Apple and Coconut 2-Bite Treats


  • 1 green apple, cored and diced
  • ½ cup coconut butter
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon (or more, if you’d like)
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 extra tablespoons coconut oil, for cooking


  1. Place a medium skillet over medium-high heat.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to the pan. Once hot, add diced apples and begin to cook down, making sure they do not burn.
  3. Once apples are soft, add the cinnamon and a bit of salt.
  4. Now you need to get the coconut oil and coconut butter soft, so place both in a bowl and into the microwave for about 30 seconds, then mix with a spoon.
  5. Then add the sautéed apples to the bowl with coconut butter and coconut oil and mix well, adding a bit more cinnamon.
  6. Now use a spoon to scoop out 1-2 tablespoons of your chunky mixture into a silicone liner in a muffin tin. Repeat until mixture is gone. If you do not have silicone liners, use paper (they may just stick a little).
  7. Place in fridge for at least 20 minutes before eating. Also store in the fridge because they may want to melt!
  8. Makes about 9 discs.
  9. Enjoy the 21 Day Sugar Detox!

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PaleOMG 21DSD Green Apple & Coconut Treats



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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


140 thoughts on “21DSD Green Apple and Coconut 2-Bite Treats”

  1. your recipes are seriously making me want to give the sugar detox a go! good luck with the skin doc! keep the chin up 🙂

    1. Hey, girl! I’m on day 14 of the Sugar Detox. I feel surprisingly good. I never have control over my eating so this has been a great challenge and good results!

      I am sure by now someone has told you about Rodan + Fields. I’ve partnered with them. They are the creators of ProActiv’. I had acne problems and my face is clear as a young child b/c of our Unblemish line. I’d love to send you samples and get you started on a regimen. It’s guaranteed money back with empty bottles and it last 60 days!

      Thanks so much for the encouragement and awesome recipes! Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Juli-

    I recently started reading your blog and wanted to let you know how much I love your posts, your recipes and your general approach to life. You seem like such a blast, and if I ever find myself in Denver, I would seriously love to go out and cut a rug on the dance floor with you.:-)

    I know it’s easier said than done, but try to keep in mind that you are a multi-talented lady with a rockin’ fit bod, and the acne is just one small part of who you are. I know it must be hard though, and I hope you find some answers soon! Keep up the great work!

  3. These are *EXACTLY* what I need! Did I mention my bday is tomorrow….and I’m doing this detox…. Does this mean I get extra props or I’m just insanely stupid? I guess we’ll find out!
    Don’t stress about your skin lady! I had cystic acne since I was like 10. I saw the derm and was put on an oral antibiotic and a prescribed gel. I was on both for 6-9 mos. Once things cleared up, I havent really had any problems.
    Keep your head up!

  4. Juli, have you tried fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend? I’ve been reading a lot about it and just ordered it for other health reasons, but one thing most people said was that it dramatically cleared up their skin in a matter of 4 weeks. Worth a shot? Green Pastures is the brand that Diane Sanfilippo recommends.

    1. I also totally recommend Green Pastures FCLO/BO blend. AND, you should definitely get their beauty balm. Seriously, that stuff is freaking amazing. It helps the little bit of acne I do get go away super fast.

      Finally, Juli you clearly have a hormonal imbalance going on you should probably get to the bottom of that. I’m still trying to regain control of mine but I feel a lot less crazy now that I’ve been seeing a DO and she figured out all the crazy f’d up crap that was going on in my body (I had hormonal imbalance, low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, neurotransmitter deficiency, and deficiency in essential fatty acids and enzymes to name a few). Baby steps but I’m digging myself out and I think that’s probably what you need to do too. You’re awesome, you can do it!

      1. I agree with these 4 people above! Maybe getting your hormones and all that checked and then doing some research behind the why’s will give you some answers. I hope you can figure it out juli, but you are still beautiful. Check out Paul Jaminet- he’s a genius and might be able to give you some insights if you shoot him a message.

  5. Juli – good for you on the mani/pedi! If you hadn’t already planned on it – make sure to get the gel/shellac polish. It lasts 2-3 weeks depending on how hard you are on your hands and it’s so worth it! I haven’t gotten a regular mani in years – no point when it chips in 1-2 days. Post a pic so we can see your polish!

  6. Thank you so much for this recipe. This is my first sugar detox and its day four. Yesterday I walked by the candy at the store and I just wanted to swim in it. I need something to maybe satisfy this sweet tooth! Super excited to try!

  7. ummm can we talk about how much more i love schmidt (aka max greenfield) since i found out he was doing the open?!??? omg LOVE HIM. And love nick and jess. and you. because these look AMAZING and i can’t wait to shove them in my gullet. This looks like the perfect road trip treat for me for this weekend!

  8. OMG, I think I am in lust with this recipe, and I have not even made it yet!! I need to get my rear to the kitchen ASAP for this one.

  9. I’m confused, do you put the soft apples in the muffin tins BEFORE you freeze the coconut mixture, or after?

    Thanks for your help!

  10. Going 4 days strong on the detox!! your recipes are a life saver..you are AMAZING and i would imagine that those in your life are very lucky to know you..cant wait to try these little buggers for dessert tonight!

  11. Hey Juli,

    I love your blog. Sorry about your face… I have struggled for years with breakouts, cystic acne, etc. I recently, and very randomly, discovered that I am horribly allergic to honey. If I avoid it, no problem, if I have even a little bit, big problems… Just a thought. Good luck to you.

  12. Okay, I just made this in about 10 minutes but I am not on the sugar detox so I used a Fuji and I added a little pure organic stevia…OMG! It tastes like the filling/crust mixed together in an apple pie. HEAVEN! Thanks so much!!!

      1. Even if the ingredients are whole 30 compliant, they go against the spirit of it, as in replacing candy with something else. Sorry for sounding like the whole 30 police. 🙂

    1. Oh, these definitely qualify as SWYPO, Kayleigh. In fact, I think just LOOKING at them qualifies as SWYPO!

      I too am currently am doing a Whole30 (more like a Whole45) and have another week to go still. But I am so pinning these and planning to make them as soon as I’m done. Wow do they ever look yummy! 🙂

      Oh, and hang in there. The Whole30 really is a life changing experience and it feels amazingly good!

  13. 1st, I love your blog. You are my spirit animal.
    2nd, my skin has made me cry too. I don’t know what your skin issues are but I have cystic acne. It got so painful that it would wake me up duding the night. I had to suck it up and pay for laser treatments. It was worth every penny and I just thought I would mention it in case it is something you’re considering. Skin problems SUCK and are my cross to bear, apparently.

  14. OMG these look amazing. I’m just four days into a 45 day paleo challenge, and I’m totally craving sweets. This looks like the perfect little nom nom for me and it keeps with the challenge. Perfect timing! Gonna’ make them this weekend.

    Oh, and I hear you on the face thing. I can’t seem to tame the beast on my face either. I hope the derm gave you some good advice!! Regardless, I think you look great!! BAZINGA!!

  15. Acne SUCKS. I’m afraid to go off the pill for fear of getting it again. In the meantime, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Do it. It doesn’t sweat off during WODs. Tiny bottle, lasts forever. Bit of an annoying pump dispenser and it takes a little while to master the application but…It. Just. Works.

  16. Those look so tasty! Also, I had to skip part of your post because I haven’t seen the last episode. Blerg!

    I did the 21 Day Sugar Detox in January. You go this, girl!!!

  17. These do look so good but i’m on the whole30 for 80 days now. I have not gotten in to the nut or coconut butters just shredded unsweetened coconut. I’m afraid The sugar demon will come back!!! At 58 next week I still would have breakouts I was put on Spironolact 50 MG and it worked beautifully. I no longer take any medication for Acne since giving up dairy, grains, sugar…i do use Tazorac (gel works best)topically..i wish you the best as I feel and know that pain. xo

  18. Let me first start by saying that I very likely could not have transitioned to Paleo without your recipes. I’ve made several things from your site and LOVED them all! Can’t freakin wait for your cookbook. AND (bonus) your blogs literally make me lol. Usually when I’m supposed to be doing something else, like working…busted.

    I’m starting the 21DSD Monday! I’m nervous but super excited! Even more excited that I’ll have some of your recipes to help me along. I have a beach trip planned in one month, so it’s kind of perfect timing.

    Have fun in ATX!! I highly recommend SoCo area if you have some downtime.

  19. Oh god, I understand your acne pain . . . I myself recently gave in and went back to the dermatologist. I couldn’t stand waking up every day and looking at my face in the mirror; sometimes it itched and hurt so bad at night that it woke me up. He gave me an antibiotic, which is working, but I can’t stay on it forever . . . trying the 21 DSD to see if that helps me manage it when I get off the meds.

  20. I do know how you feel about your skin. I was soooo incredibly frustrated last summer. Who wants to be battling the onset of wrinkles with acne??? On the plus side, the lady at the cosmetic counter said people with skin like that usually DON’T get bad wrinkles. 🙂 Fortunately for me, ProActiv works pretty good. I still have issues, but nowhere near what I did.

  21. Hi Juli!

    I am doing the 21DSD with you! You inspired me to do it. Just thought I would tell you since you asked. 🙂

    These look delicious and I am going to make them this weekend!

    Thank you for always making my day at work entertaining.

  22. First, let’s just day I should not be held responsiblefor what ever comes out my mouth during the sugar detox, it’s not pretty. I can not believe how addicted I was to it. Nice meeting you tuesday, Jesse and I were walking out as you were walking and you helped explain the gym membership to us.
    Good to hear you went to see a dermatologist and it will get better, but nothing happens fast, give it time. I know it’s frustrating but it does get better. If he or she gave your Retin A, it’s awesome for acne but can overdry your skin, so try to find a good moisturizer to balance you out.

    I never had acne until I was 35 and went off the pill – then BAM! Horrible cystic acne ALL OVER my back. I tried home remedies, Proactive and OTC stuff… then I finally had it checked out and my Derm gave me Spironolactone. This is some serious stuff! It knocked it all out in 2-3 months (it was that bad) and now I have a small flareup two times a year. I take the meds for a week or two until it settles down. It is not recommended if you are trying to get pregnant because it will block sperm. However, if that is not a concern, I suggest you ask about it.
    I also use Argon oil for the redness and scaring….. this helped minimize this issue.

  24. Have you tried cleansing morning and night with castor oil? Works like a miracle!! First hand experience here. Nothing the doctors gave ever helped. Try it! It works

  25. If you figure out the skin thing, please post! I didn’t have acne issues for over 10 years until transitioning to Paleo last fall and now I can’t get rid of it.

  26. I never comment on anyone’s blog but my heart went out to you when you wrote about your doctor’s visit. First, spirolactone is used to treat multiple health problems and acne is one because it blocks over production of testosterone, so to speak. It works for some but not others (raising my hand). If the acne is caused by estrogen dominance instead of testosterone than another protocol would be more helpful for some.
    But I really like the protocol from the “Virgin Diet” from nutritionist, JJ Virgin. You can make it paleo and then it’s like paleo+sugar detox+elimination all rolled into one. This acne thing is such an interesting topic b/c many of us that battle it lead much healthier lives than a lot of inactive junk food addicts that have beautiful skin.
    I enjoy hearing about your journey and reading the comments of your great visitors. Thanks

  27. OMG. New Girl!! I was laughing my ass off at Schmidt when he got stung by the jellyfish and at the end when he attempted to put “Cece” back into the ocean. And about damn time for Nick and Jess!!! #waytooexcitedforthis New Girl is by far my favorite show

    BTW Doing the 21DSD and I am definitely making these this weekend! Thank you 🙂

  28. I’ve just recently found your site and am seriously enjoying your recipes! Thank you!

    I, too, just have to add my bit about your acne issues. I so understand. I’ve been there at the derms and they stared at me with no answers but medication. My problem was acne rosacea and I had a a severe case of it that built up over 10 years time. It was at the point where I was looking like a burn victim. Now, I know everyone has different results with things but what did it for me was a natural skin care kit from (www)daybreaklavenderfarm(com). Diet is a biggie but external care is also a huge factor. I ditched my meds and went with the skin care and cleared it up. I was in remission for a few years until a change in climate has triggered it again. Once again, the natural products are keeping it in check for me. I know of many with severe acne that were able to clear up their issues while others reduced them. The bonus is the stuff smells and feels great! Good luck to you and thanks much for the great recipes and entertaining posts!

  29. Julie, gel nails! You can actually get gel color on your nails and it will last with no chips for 2 weeks! Try and you will like it!

    Have you tried an allergist for your skin? Somtimes acne can be caused by allergies. Just a thought 🙂 Take care.

  30. I hate that acne is making you so sad! Have you ever tried doing the lemonade fast? I think it’s called the master cleanse. You know the one beyonce did to lose weight for whatever that movie she was in. Well I think you should try it. My dermatology professor had terrible cystic acne on his face that didn’t start until college, if I remember correctly. And he tried literally everything to fix it, but nothing was working. Then I can’t remeber the entire story, but someone told him it was all coming from the inside and he needed to seriously detox. So he did the master cleanse for like 2 or 3 weeks. He said initially, in the 1st few days, his acne got worse. His body was just dumping toxins out of his pores. And then it all just cleared up. Which is what inspired him to go into dermatology. For anyone with acne he preaches diet, diet, diet. I know you eat paleo and you probably eat healthier than 90% of americans, but maybe there is just some really deep toxicity that you’re body for whatever reason just isn’t ridding itself of.

    I’ve tried the cleanse 2 times, not for acne purposes, mostly for detoxing and my skin looked fucking awesome throughout.

    1. I ditto the thought above! A juice fast primarily grren veggie would work to. Whenever I do a juice fast my skin looks so much healthier. As far as detoxing goes I think this is the best way to get long term results. When your body can’t flush toxins out of your liver, colon, kidney’s, it will start to push them out your skin. Unfortunately…paleo is the worst possible diet if you need to detox. I love eating paleo but it will not help you cleanse. The best possible detox diet is one with little to no fats and tons of whole fruits and veg. Obviously this diet us only good for detox, long term you wind up with defficiencies. Once you are done/ have the results you are looking for, you can switch back. You would probably have to go through a healing crises and put on wod’s on break for a bit. I would also suggest after the cleanse/detox to be really strict about organic+pastured meats and organic fat sources. Wishing you all the best!

  31. you probably already know this but shellac will help your mani stay if you are doing crossfit! i’m getting my toes done this weekend too 🙂 it at least helps me feel like summer is close even if the temperature overnight was 28 degrees here!

  32. Yes, I am doing the 21 DSD starting April ! This will be my second time. The first time i slacked off towards the end and gave in to my cravings. This time I am going to be more prepared and have a better idea of what I will be in for!

  33. Hi Juli
    I started the same day my 21DSD before I read your post. Good motivating suppor for me.
    And I am looking forward very much to attend your cooking class at PaleoFX. I’m coming from Zurich (Switzerland) just for the summit.
    See you

  34. +1 on the shellac/gel manicure!!! I finally got the kit to do it at home, and it’s a miracle for when you need your nails to look pretty but you’re picking up bumper plates etc. all the time. I’ve gone 5-6 weeks before without redoing it and they stay pretty well. Most people get 2-3 weeks, which is still amazing!

    Keep us posted if you figure something out for your acne. I went off the pill last year and since then my face has been very sad, too. 🙁

  35. Girl. I think it’s a totally inappropriate word but AMAZEBALLS. These are just AMAZEBALLS. I feel like with these and the occasional roasted beet I can actually make it through the 21DSD.

  36. GO NICK AND JESS! I mean, finally. Their first kiss was so hot. Yes, I need to get out more.

    I’ve lost 5 kg (I’m American but live in New Zealand so I have metric identity crises) so far with Paleo and have plateaued during the last month, so thinking about the 21 DSD…this recipe rocks, especially as you ate it at night, even with licorice tea to calm my cravings I still want something sweet at night! WANT WANT WANT!

    Love your blog and your recipes – just went to the Fijian market for some plantains (which were green so I got tindok instead which is looks like a GINORMOUS yellow banana) to make your pork and plantain hash!

  37. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m on day three of 21DSD and don’t think I can make it without your recipes.

  38. I just made these! SUPER DUPER DELISH! I modified a bit. I sprayed a mini muffin pan with a little oil and then filled about 3/4 full. I was in a hurry to eat them so I put them in the freezer. : – / When I took them out I let them sit for 5-10 minutes and they popped right out of the pan. Weeee!

  39. Wait…what did the doctor say about your skin? Did s/he prescribe anything? I used to have such bad/deep acne when I was in my mid 20’s. Just curious.

  40. These look fabulous! I am on day 6 of the 21DSD and I really didn’t start having any cravings until today. I made some awesome paleo banana bread and ate with some pasture butter. These will satisfy my next craving I think!

  41. RETIN A Micro
    only thing that ever worked. im a lifer. it does what accutane does, only topically. i tried all the homeopthics, all the antibiotics, dietary changes….after 6 weeks and a shedded layer of skin, i do not worry about my face any more. wash with cetaphil. use sunscreen. its bomb digs. i felt paralyzed with my acne, covering up, re-covering up…ugh!! i get it. love ya!

  42. Seriously, I’m in love with your website and would give one of my little toes for one of these right now! Your little stories and random thoughts make me miss Denver that much more. Definitely go for the gel manicure…totally worth the extra few dollars! And good luck with the skin issues!

  43. Because of you I had to burn through a bunch of saved New Girl episodes and get caught up! Got the paleo giggles when I heard this:
    Jess: “Are you adding butter to bacon?”
    Nick: “It keeps it from sticking to the pan.”

  44. I made this last night. Tasty! Similar to apple pie. I think next time I’m going to sprinkle some almond flour into the mixture, make it even more like apple pie.

  45. I know i’m adding to lots of advice already, but have you tried drinking lemon water? I’ve always had acne problems, but my skin went crazy after I went off birth control, and then even crazier when I got pregnant. I talked to an esthetician and she suggested drinking the juice of an organic lemon (and it HAS to be organic – I’ve tried regular lemons and it doesn’t work nearly as well) with 32 ounces of filtered water FIRST THING in the morning – don’t brush your teeth, don’t do anything before you do this. Anyways, she said the theory behind bad skin is it’s caused by a liver that has difficulty “resetting.” Usually this has nothing to do with diet (as a fellow clean eater, how frustrating is it to see people with terrible diets and beautiful skin??), just genetics. Long story short, I did this for 2 weeks and all acne is pretty much gone. I stopped, and the acne came back. I then tried regular lemons with not nearly as much luck. A pretty easy thing to add to your routine, and heck, at the very least you get some tasty hydration first thing in the morning. Hope this helps!!

  46. I had the worst most painful acne in college.. my nutritionist told me acne was always a sign that your liver is having a hard time detoxing… it turns out that its usually dairy. After I cut back a lot on the dairy, the cystic acne I had went away! Good luck girl

  47. Juli, this looks great! How’ve you been doing on the detox? I cheated on freakin’ Day 19! For crying out loud! I did get right back into it, but, sheesh, how ridiculous! I am going to make these to celebrate the last day, and then I’m going to celebrate being done by making your Caramel Cheesecake Bars (Minus the Cheese). Sooooo looking forward to that!

  48. Hey – I came across your posts on Pinterest, and LOVE the recipes you put up! I have been eating the Paleo way for about 5 weeks now, and your recipes are relatively easy and wanted to say THANKS!


  49. I lurk here, and swipe your recipes with alarming regularity. Dood~ these are blecky! Seriously! Wowza! They will sit in the freezer, languishing, until some middle of the night, sleep-eating child makes a fatal error and grabs a couple more. You make GREAT food, and inspire me to push my limits, but these didn’t work at my house. They were gritty. Mine look the same as your picture, and the flavor was tolerable, but the sensation of chewing on sawdust was not worth a second bite. Post another coconut oil filled, bite-sized gem so I can have a fresh adventure with you!

  50. I have hormonal cystic acne but finally got things under control! I have tons of things to recommend if you want to message me (and I don’t sell and am not affiliated with any of them!). If the problem is hormonal, you could have a sensitivity to testosterone, which is what I have. Mine is controlled pretty well by a low-dose birth control, but my dermatologist also mentioned that there are other meds that can balance your hormones a bit more to help your skin. Also, it’s crazy painful and kind of $$$ but laser treatments really work, and a series of those totally saved me when my skin was the absolute worst. It went from super embarrassing and demoralizing to people complimenting my skin in around 6 months. I also have sensitive skin so weather really affects it and it’s hard to find products that work but are gentle. I have a good roster now if you want recommendations! Anyway good luck with it all!

  51. Juli, a food allergy is causing your acne. The very same thing happened to me. It was dairy. I did a detox for health reasons, gave up dairy, and my skin cleared up in 4 days. If I eat dairy, that very day or the next it starts to come back. I had been taking antibiotics for 2 years and they hadn’t helped. I know you don’t eat dairy, or very little, but like the person with honey allergy, some food is triggering your acne.
    You also mentioned seeing a naturopath is very expensive, but it is worth all the money in the world for someone to give you answers, and not prescriptions with horrible side effects. That being said, herbs and supplements can have side effects, so do your own research too. Many naturopaths work on a sliding scale, so it’s worth checking in to. I converted to seeing a naturopath 5 years ago and I will not go back.
    Good luck! I love your food!!

  52. these are amazing!!! i used coconut manna and a little bit of almond butter and the coconut oil…SO GOOD 🙂

  53. Julie! I love your blog, I read it everyday but never comment. I should! I’m going to start more often. Anyways, I am sure you are bombarded with suggestions for your acne. It’s no fun and everyone is different and thus has different things that work for them. I struggled with really bad acne for a long time and tried everything. Literally everything, even acutane which destroyed not only most of my oil glands but also a lot of my digestive system – it helped but didn’t cure my acne and the side effects were awful, I wouldn’t suggest it. But in college a friend of mine’s dad was a nature path. He CURED my acne. It turns out that everything I was doing was just making the issue worse. He had me quit all the acne antibiotics, washes etc. and start treating my skin like it didn’t have acne. I used a very gentile face wash (Purity by Philosophy) and I used pure argan oil on my skin afterwards (yeah, oil, I know it sounds counter intuitive but it’s the real deal) In addition I started taking beta carotene (turns into Vitamin A in your body but you cant overdose like you can with regular Vitamin A) and Flax seed oil. His theory was that if I ingested oil and put it on my skin that my body would compensate by producing less oil. It made sense to me and more then that it worked. All this stuff if easy to come by and if you are up to it I would give it a chance. It takes a good 4 weeks for the flax & beta carotene to kick in but I swear they will change your life. I have tried to stop taking both of them and my skin breaks out again – so it’s a habit for me now but one I’m happy with since it’s not really medicine or chemicals. It might work for you!! I hope you try it and I hope it does!

  54. Juli, I love your blog! You are awesome! So sorry to read about your acne struggles. I have suffered with cystic acne aswell but I’m almost clear right now. Like you I tried nearly everything. But I always believed that it must be the result of an internal issue, so I did strict paleo with some improvements but continued to research and after reading a lot about leaky gut I really felt that was the source of my problems. So I started supplementing with vitamins D3 and K2, collustrum/lactoferrin, and quality fish oils. It worked! Just thought I’d share, it might be something you can look into.

    PS I am addicted to coconut butter so i will have to try making these for my April 21DSD!!!

  55. 1. Juli- youre the bomb.com
    2.I also have experienced crazy acne issues along my jawline and chin since becoming Paleo…what gives!?
    3.Would love to hear what you found out at the derm and if you eat anything special for your skin-fermented, butter stuff, etc

    (again, see #1)

  56. Howdy! Love your blog and recipes. Just a comment on the acne. If your diet is clean (and obviously yours is) and hormones are in check, you might want to ask your doctor about a systemic yeast issue? I cleaned my whole diet and life and still had these pesky issues and it turned out to be yeast invading my whole system. You guys think a 21 day sugar detox is hard? Try 90 days on an anti-candida diet! 🙂 But knowing it is killing the fungi makes it all worth it. I am off arthritis meds, skin meds, and other prescription meds just from killing the excess yeast. I have my life back!! Rock on woman!

  57. I also received a free book from Tropical Traditions because I purchased coconut from them via a link from you, so I thank you as well!

  58. Just made these! I have had a love-hate relationship with coconut butter. Some of the things I’ve made with it have turned out chalky and gritty. These puppies are wonderful! I love how the apples soften the texture of the coconut butter and oil!

    Shrimp and Jalapeno biscuits in the oven right now!! Can’t wait!

  59. I made these today too. Between these guys and your pumpkin espresso French toast, I’m pretty much in heaven. Love them!! 🙂

  60. I made these last night and they are so amazing! I was feeling sorry for myself I haven’t been able to eat chocolate for 6 months due to health issues. I’m usually ok but around holidays it’s just in my face everywhere I go. These treats made me feel like I wasn’t deprived any more. Thank you so much Juli, I love your recipes!

  61. Sharon St Andre

    Hey, I am not a salesman by any stretch, but I would like to tell you about what helped my complexion (I had hard knots right under the skin, you know the kind that won’t pop); I started drinking a health drink called LIMU. Within a few weeks, my skin is perfectly clear. It also cleared up those weird little bumps I had growing all over the back of my arms. Look up fucoidan on google. There are lots of studies. That’s what LIMU has in it. I enjoy reading your posts, they make me laugh out loud.

  62. So is the skin intervention guide no longer working for you? I thought you looked great in the PaleoFx photos and I’m sure you think it is worse than others do. Don’t be hard on yourself you have so many fans that adore you. Me included. If I come to Colorado can I please meet you!? You inspire me and keep me entertained with every post

  63. i want to start the 21 day sugar detox.
    did you cut out honey and fresh fruit?
    i really enjoy my fruit smoothie for mid am snack
    love the blog

  64. (Found this posting while searching around for Paleo Reese’s Cups as I have been craving them like mad lately. I hope you don’t mind a random internet stranger commenting here about your post.)

    I had horrific acne from around the time I turned 21 until I was 32. It seemingly sprang up out of nowhere and sucked. I paid thousands of dollars to a dermatologist for laser treatments and, while they helped get rid of my hyperpigmentation, it didn’t do anything for the acne. Hormonal birth control helped calm things down, but never fixed the issue. Other products did nothing or just made my skin worse.

    I switched to a new doctor and found out I had an insanely low-functioning thyroid. Medication for that helped, but didn’t fix things. Reducing processed foods (and especially soy!) helped, but didn’t fix things.

    I wound up using benzoyl peroxide at 2.5% strength, and I am now clear as a bell (though there is some scarring from all of the severe acne. I’m honestly lucky I have as little as I do, and using apple cider vinegar as a toner has worked wonders for that.) I would definitely say that if you’ve tried everything else, try the acne.org method. I only use their benzyol peroxide and AHA+, sourcing my moisturizer and facial cleanser elsewhere, but this really has completely transformed my skin. I definitely had some embarrassing and mega-itchy skin peeling, and it took over a month for my skin to adjust, but it was 100% worth it. Best of luck, and I’m looking forward to trying out your recipes! 🙂

  65. I just want to say thank you for introducing me to coconut butter! These are amazing!
    I love your blog and all of your recipes…you are hysterical and your posts always make me laugh! Your awesome!

  66. Hi Juli,

    You are the omg, “oh my Goddess” ruling monarch of paleolithic formulated treasure from wild mountain and forest floor..

    Our household is brimming with aromatic wonder as hearth fire stone kettle cooking yielding your recipes have a distinct luster, texture and sweetness vital to our palate.

    Thank you Juli for the beauty you bring to our table.

    Regarding your complexion anxiety and the seemingly endless loop of changing many forms of yourself without the desired results, please visit my website as I have a different talent for such aggravation.



  67. I made these last night and they are deeeeeeelicious.

    I used mini muffin tins/liners so I ended up with about 16 total pieces.

    They didn’t even really stick to the paper liners.

    I truthfully liked these way more than I thought I would. I really wish I brought some with me to work today.

    Thanks for another great treat recipe! (As usual!)

    About your skin, I had similar issues before. But the pills the derm gave me killed my stomach. I couldn’t take them with food, and by the time I could eat, I felt too sick to. I use Proactiv now, which works for the blackheads and small pimples, but the big lumpy painful ones did not go away until I started taking oral birth control. I had to try three before I found one that worked for both my acne and other needs (severe cramping, etc.). My skin is pretty much clear now that I’m combining clean eating, Proactiv, and the pill.

    Best of luck to you, and keep being awesome!!

  68. Hey Juli, I made these a few weeks ago and they didn’t turn out as I was hoping. They just tasted like coconut oil…I didn’t use Niki’s, I used coconut butter, is that why? I was super bummed cause these look so good, and a bunch of others seem to have come out good. Any tips or thoughts?

    Thanks! Also, LOVE your blog 🙂

  69. I cannot thank you enough for this recipe! I’m on day 17 – Level 3 of the 21 DSD and probably would not have made it without these little nuggets.

    Thanks again!

  70. You know what would be good in these. Don’t hate me, they are delicious as is. But I want to add macadamia nuts! Not a lot, just enough to really schmaltz it up!

    My kids ask if they can have these for dessert? My answer: Absolutely!

  71. Joyce Hawkinson

    Cystic acne sucks. I finally saw a dermatologist years ago and she prescribed antibiotics that kicked mine to the curb. Done. Except that every now and then something would threaten but never appear, and I would also get a migraine. While searching for the cause of the migraines, I eliminated gluten and dairy and the acne never came back. I want to encourage you in your quest to eliminate your CA because it leaves scars that may not be visible now, but after you’re 55 or so, that skin will show signs of aging first because of the continued stress. Best of luck!

  72. Doing the detox and I will be making these. I loved the blueberry ones and I can’t wait until strawberry season to try them.
    Not that you want anymore unsolicited advice… but… I see a whole lot of eggs in your recipes. Maybe they’re the problem? They are a cross-reactor for a lot of people with gluten intolerance. I am currently eliminating them for a month to see if it helps me, and nightshades too. The Paleo Mom says a lot about them. Good luck. BTW, you are beautiful. The rest of us see it. 🙂

  73. Juli, I Read your blog, not exactly aware of your facial derm issues but I have been using an AWESOME and AMAZING product. It is all natural. And helps with a number of skin problems. Email me if you want some info. I can send you information about it. By the way love the coconut apple treats. I am soooo making these!!! I have major issues with my eating and really am trying to be better with eating only foods that will nourish my body!! Hope to hear from you.

  74. These make me so happy. I didn’t have anything to put them in to chill so I lined an old egg carton with tin foil and spooned it in. Worked like a charm!

  75. There are too many comments to read through, so forgive me if this has already been mentioned as a suggestion to try, but as a fellow acne sufferer I wanted to help. Miralax (or some other gentle method that works as a laxative or helps you ‘go’). I’ve suffered from acne off and on from age 13 – 27. I’ve been on various antibiotics, all sorts of prescription topicals, proactive, spironolactone, and accutane 4 times.

    Ultimately I found my skin behaves its best (and at times completely clear) when on birth control (which isn’t always preferred), when I’m ‘regular’ (seriously I can break out two days in to irregularity and a day after a gentle lax my skin clears quickly), benzoyl peroxide topical (either prescription or proactive or acne.orgs type all work, the drug store brands IME do not). Also I notice very clear skin..without even having to wash face regularly, when I’m in a phase (for whatever reason) of eating very small portions and avoiding most grains/sugar.

    Hope you find relief, whatever remedy it may be! Luckily after over a decade of torture I finally know tricks to get mine under control. Great blog, glad I stumbled upon it tonight.

  76. A popular, fairly effective cellulite treatment is to massage the affected areas
    with a paste of olive oil and coffee grounds. It battled against Drew’s Flygon and Absol, alongside Squirtle; however, the fierce battle left only Combusken and Absol on stage after the first half of the five minutes. However the back of the package was basically a ‘what you can do’, and I figured since they added little star stickers on the nails on the back of the package that inside of the package I would find these same little star stickers, and small green and white swoosh stickies.

  77. I just started being a creeper and reading the hell out of your blog and noticed this post (because apples! and coconut! Yay! I’m making these later 🙂 ). I, too, eat paleo and had the breakout/acne issues as well. Even before. I thought changing to paleo would help, but it didn’t. It took me cutting out coffee and cutting way down on chocolate for my face to clear up. I know, I know, is this a level in Dante’s Hell?! I’m a mom so…you know both of those seem like sanity deal breakers, but cutting them out also helped my adrenals chill the hell out. So hey, not so bad.

    I also do Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver oil caps and those are awesome 🙂

  78. Hey,

    I just went Paleo/sugar free and I LOVE your site and recipes!! I cannot wait to try some of these. I feel your pain on the whole acne thing because I struggled for YEARS. Especially with post acne marks. Things that worked for me recently:

    *80 to 100 oz water daily
    *GNC Triple Cod liver oil (2 daily)
    *GNC active multivitamin (2 daily)
    *Biotin (100mcg) WITH
    *B12 (500mcg) ( 1 each daily, I found out taking biotin without b12 causes heavy breakouts)

    *Sulfur soap 10% (works wonders for me and my oily skin and now my younger sister uses it. DO leave the suds on for 10 minutes or it doesn’t work the same.)

    *Dr Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask (pricey but I’d leave it on overnight and my face would clear up LOVE this stuff but you can probably find a cheaper version)

    *For post acne marks I have used glycolic acid peels up to 10%.

    I hope this helps if you have not tried these already.

    OH and I just read Kaitlin’s comment above and I also agree that when I’m regular, i RARELY break out. My digestion issues have ran alongside my acne issues most of my life as well.

    Keep up the great work with these recipes:)

  79. where in the world are you finding these coconut flakes! i have looked at whole foods, sprouts, mothers, trader joes, and albertsons….i know i could get some online probably cause they have everything online but i want to make your recipes right this second!! all i do at work is look at all the good stuff i could be making and at least 10 out of the 12 things i wanna make need coconut butter…yeah the stores didnt have coconut concentrate either…or maybe they did..but the store clerk couldnt find it and either could my little asian eyes.

  80. Just made these. YUM! My 8 yr. old daughter tried a small bite, then snatched it out of my hand, asking if we had more. They are a hit here! So yummy!

  81. You should try Primal Life Organics skincare line. My skin is super sensitive, dry, and acne prone, and it loves the banished and beyond kit. Also look into buying the Skintervention Guide by Liz Wolfe. It has everything you need to know about correcting skin problems and resources for products and solutions.

    These look great. I will definitely be trying them since I have found out I am allergic to chocolate, vanilla, and all forms of sugar including honey. I’m going to have to have some creative satisfying treats around.

  82. Doing the 21 DSD right now and these really hit the spot. I’ll admit, some the “dessert” options are usually less then stellar but these were absolutely delicious! These have definitely have been inducted in my recipe round up hall of fame.

  83. I’m just wondering, what is considered 1 serving? I noticed the recipe says it makes about 9 discs, but is 1 disc equal to 1 serving? I’m afraid this will be one of those, once you pop, you can’t stop type of yummy goodness. 🙂 These look amazing, and I can’t wait to make them tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

  84. These are absolutely addictive! My son’s girlfriend gave me the recipe! I made them…oh my. I also made my own versions…added walnuts to the apple, made peach and pecan and added a bit of nutmeg, plus used some plums from my brother’s orchard in another batch!!! This is a very versatile recipe! Thanks.

  85. Juli,
    If your derm issue is acne we need to talk. My son had (note past tense here) treatment refractory acne. He walked into the derm office and he was just wowed, here no problem qualifying for accutane (now off the market I believe) and we did the whole bit, he got moderate partial relief that was immediately lost when treatment ceased. His nickname at school was herpes face. It was hideous. A few years ago I started making my own soaps and the first soap I made was researched and designed for him. As long as he is consistent and faithful his skin is beautiful. Everyone who buys it keeps coming back. I have a doc in OK referring patients. Hit me back and I’ll send you a bar.

  86. I made these tonight and they were FANTASTIC!!!!! Nice and creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness. I’m newer to Paleo, and have loved looking over your recipes. I can’t wait to try more out! Thanks!

  87. Juli – I’m sorry people keep commenting that you should try juice/veggie/lemonade fasts or clean diets to help heal your skin. Some people don’t “get it”. Keep your head up and keep cooking, girl.

  88. I just made these and they’re fantastic! I accedidently browned the apples more than I intended but still turned out. I also added unsweetened coconut and loved that too! Thanks for sharing. How often do you eat these? One per day? Thanks again!

  89. Hi juli!
    I was wondering if you could tell me what’s the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil? I’ve tried looking up the difference but can’t get my head around it? Thank you!!!

  90. Ok please oh please try this before you do anything drastic with you skin!! Remove all citric acid from your life!! As much as possible anyway. The chemical additive not real citrus!! It’s in everything and I for one am very allergic!! You should see and feel a difference in 3 days!! Citric acid is in EVERYTHING!! Shampoo, Soap, Food, Drinks ect!! Just give it a week and I promise you will be in shock!!

  91. We made these treats last night but instead of green apples used green tipped bananas. They were amazing!!!! Tasted just like a banana muffin!!

  92. These are amazing! Not as sugary as I’m used to…I’m a dark chocolate phan-at-ic! Need to cut it out for the summer and even though my kids are healthy eaters, these will help their after dinner sweets craving that I have unfortunately taught them. Apples for dessert tonight! I think one per day will be my problem. I really like sugar.

  93. Thanks for this! I made these today as a treat to myself and they were really divine. I have been on a sugar detox for all of September (not even using natural sweeteners like honey) and my tastebuds have accustomed to non-sweet things… boy was this a shock! A good shock! I wrote a bit of a review/post on my own blog. 🙂

  94. oh i can’t wait for these to get out of the fridge..i added pecans, pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut flakes..oh my!!!

  95. I love these! I actually leave the apple out now (I’m not a big fan of fruit in my desserts). They taste like cinnamon sugar frosting to me. I add vanilla and stevia.

    Did you find something that worked for the acne? I am going through a crazy hormonal patch and would love to kick this to the curb!

  96. I just started the 21dsd today. I am confident I will make it through the next 20 days with flying colors, thanks to this recipe. Yum, Yum, Yum. Thank you so much. You rock! XOXO

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