It’s very interesting working on the internet because you see people’s personalities shift throughout the year. The first of the year, everyone is happy and positive and ready to conquer the world. Spring is still pretty good, but you get a few stragglers who tend to complain about something that is upsetting them. Summer is slow because people are on vacation and concentrating on fun activities. But then fall comes around and all the anger and frustration and stress comes out. And the internet (a place where you don’t have to talk to someone face to face or ever see the human in person) is the perfect place to take it out. And I tend to get those people with frustrations, insecurities, stressors and upsets on my site and social media who really let it out there. I always wonder if other bloggers similar to me get these sort of people and just don’t talk about it, but I have a hard time with that not voicing my upset.

Maybe it’s because I speak my mind or because I’ve become a more confident person over the years, but whatever it is, it makes others mad. It’s such a shame. All my website has really become over the years is a place for inspiration. It’s almost like my vision board in a way. It’s a place I can share my ups and downs and how I’ve moved past those times in my life. It’s a place I can share what food and fitness has inspired me the most and changed my life for the better. It’s a place for me to try new things and learn new skills that I never thought I could do. It’s all a positive thing and it’s a shame that someone sees it in a negative light. So I must thank all of you out there that have left a positive comment or tried a recipe or bought a cookbook or recommended a podcast or told me to try a fun, new workout, or gave me a restaurant to try when I was out of town. Thank you to all the positive people that have kept their positivity going throughout the entire year. It’s a hard thing to do and going after someone over the internet seems to feel good to some, so thank you for not doing that, even when times are tough in your own home.

Ok, enough with that. I feel better now. You know I can’t hold that sh*t in. Anywho, I need to tell you what I’m SO excited about. I think I mentioned it already but it’s coming together now! I recently decided to take our guest bedroom and turn it into an office. We only have people stay with us a couple times a year so the bedroom really wasn’t doing anything except collecting dust and storage. So I took the bed out and cleaned it up and made it my office and photo studio! I’m so so excited about it! I put up little cheap shelves from Target then put up a clothes rack to store some clothes, shoes and accessories then set up a mirror. In front of all that is a desk then right next to the window is where I take all my food photos. I also have a huge cabinet full of all my food props, so it’s easy to take photos in that room. I know you’re probably like – yeah, I don’t care. But I’m SO PUMPED to have a separate space from my entire house so I can cut myself off from work at night. I can’t wait to show you how I put together the space!

It just feels so nice to be a little bit more settled in our home. It’s been a year and a half and I still don’t feel totally settled in. There’s just always something to add or change or improve and it’s always hard to decide what to invest your money in. Right now we are finally really working on our backyard. For a little bit, we were thinking about putting in a decent amount of money to have our dream backyard…but then we decided that saving the money for something else in the future was the better decision. The one thing we are definitely investing in is a hot tub. I hate winters. Snow is gross. It belongs in the mountains, not the city. So we are going to enjoy every bit of winter in a warm tub sipping hot cocoa and highfiving. It’s gonna be magical.

I talked too much today. I’m annoying myself. Kloveyoubye!

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5 Ingredient Butternut Squash & Sage Breakfast Casserole

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  • Yield: 5-6 1x


  • 2 cups diced butternut squash
  • 2 tablespoons ghee
  • 1 pound breakfast sausage
  • 1 tablespoon minced sage + extra sage leaves for garnish
  • 10 eggs, whisked
  • salt and pepper. to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease an 8×8 baking dish. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Toss butternut squash in ghee and sprinkle with salt. Place in oven to bake for 20-25 minutes, until soft and browned. Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees F.
  2. Cook breakfast sausage in medium saute pan over medium heat. Break breakfast sausage into small pieces and cook until no pink remains.
  3. Whisk together eggs then add in breakfast sausage, butternut squash, minced sage along with salt and pepper. Pour mixture into greased baking dish, top with extra sage leaves, then place in an oven for 30-40 minutes, until no jiggle remains.

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PaleOMG 5 Ingredient Butternut Squash & Sage Breakfast Casserole


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Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star


  1. Emily L says:

    I wanted some butternut squash in my life and thought to myself, I think Juli Bauer probably has an outstanding butternut squash recipe on her website. I went through the archives, found this recipe and made it this weekend. IT IS SO GOOD. SO GOOD. I followed the recipe exactly (except for the whole sage leaves, I didn’t have any). It turned out perfectly and even looks pretty. I made it for my own breakfasts this week, but I’m saving this recipe for future reference because it’s just freaking delicious. Highly recommend for anyone’s next brunch or meal prep session. Thanks Juli!!

  2. Desiree Ganz says:

    Love this one (confession: I love all your breakfast recipes, but this is now a Fall fave). I click on 5 stars but for some reason the system keeps showing 4 …

    We love things on the spicy side so I add some red pepper flakes in the mix. My husband, who’s from Wisconsin and cannot fathom eating something without cheese, heats his up with shredded cheese and is happy as a clam.

    1. juli says:

      awesome!! so glad you liked it, desiree!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Hello Juli,

    Thank you for a wonderful blog and for always providing such awesome recipes. I have been wanting to try this for a while and am so glad I did. It is very tasty! The sausage gives it seasoning and flavor, while the butternut squash adds a touch of sweetness and balance. It’s really super! I ran out of sage leaves so used regular sage and sprinkled some parsley on top for color. It was great! I might add a handful of chopped scallions or chives if I had them on hand but its great as is. It is now in our rotation.



    1. juli says:

      awesome!! glad it turned out!

  4. Caet says:

    I just have to say, I notice this recipe ends with “until no jiggle remains” and I’m lol-ing at how perfect that is. It should probably be your general blog slogan that applies to your overall life concept (and egg dishes). Love your book and blog, don’t let the haters get you down!!

  5. Emily says:

    I gotta tell you…I love this recipe but the *best* part is the apple fennel breakfast sausage that used to be included. I see you’re now linking to butcher box. You should really revert back to the original version! I’ve made it some many times but will always stick with that delicious version.

  6. Kristy says:

    Made this for breakfast four days ago and making it for dinner tonight!!!! So delicious! Followed recipe and added onions after sautéing them!!

    1. juli says:

      so glad you liked it kristy!

  7. Hillary Gras says:

    I have made this multiple times and did two for my BF and I for breakfasts this week on whole30! SO YUMMY AND EASY!!!! Thank for you such a brilliant recipe

    1. juli says:

      yay!! glad you like it so much Hillary!