Apple Cinnamon Muffins

These muffins taste like airy heaven bread.

Best way to describe it. Sorryfornotbeingsorry.

I did something wrong. I must have. I’m a firm believer in karma and my karma must be teetering on the bad side. My car got broken into. Someone doesn’t like me. Because they somehow pulled back my window, got into my car, but proceeded on to not steal anything. There was a $20 bill literally sitting in the cupholder and they didn’t take it. Wtf. They did take my registration sticker though. That was kind of them. It’s just so frustrating because it’s not even worth getting mad about. I can’t do anything about it. These buttheads still broke into my car. And my window is still wide open for every creature to venture in to. I’m extra excited to see what kind of bugs have breaded in my car by tomorrow.

What did I do karma? What did I do to piss you off? Is it because I drank alcoholic beverages this weekend? Is that why you’re mad at me? I’m a sad little teddy bear right now.

Well that was a downer moment.

Let’s talk about something better. Like food! Laura and I were in a slight coma after our workout on Friday night and thought, for safety reasons, we should just to buy food somewhere. Pretty much we were just too lazy to cook our own sh*t. So we went to a restaurant called Jake’s and got some giganto burgers and sweet potato tots. BEFORE YOU START FREAKING OUT, these sweet potato tots definitely aren’t paleo. Addictive, yes. Paleo, no. Not sure what they are made of. Sketch stuff, I’m sure. So we chowed down on them, I pretty much cleaned my plate and then ventured on home, uncomfortably full. After watching (Laura cried through most of it) The Vow and letting our stomachs settle, we decided to try to make paleo cinnamon rolls. It failed. Don’t worry though, I will succeed. The day will come. But that’s really not what’s important. The key point of this story was the we turned on the oven in a house that was already 84 degrees, with no air conditioning. We were melting. Meaning sweating. Maybe that’s why my cinnamon rolls failed. I sweated into them. Excess liquid.


Apple Cinnamon Muffins

  • Yield: 9 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Add almond flour, coconut flour, cinnamon, baking soda and salt to large bowl, mix together.
  3. Then add your eggs, oil, honey, and diced apples.
  4. Mix thoroughly.
  5. Place silicone liners in muffin tins, then place batter evenly throughout. The mix gave me 9 muffins.
  6. Bake for 25-30 minutes. These guys take a bit of time, but they are totally worth it!
  7. Let cool. Then eat them. They’re just heaven.

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PaleOMG Apple Cinnamon Muffins


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


142 thoughts on “Apple Cinnamon Muffins”

  1. Thank god this recipe only makes 9 muffins because I can’t stop eating them! Amazing as always!

  2. I recently started with living the Paleo life and i must admit, it isn`t that easy. I love sweets and bread etc.. But the fact that there are so much healty treats really does it and keeps me motivated. I love these muffins. Thanks for posting it. KR from Holland

  3. 2 things. 1) please marry me. I have a great husband but I could always use a concubine that cooks great Paleo. You’re my go-to site for EVERY paleo recipe now. And 2) please write a cookbook? Please please pretty please? I will buy a cookbook and a headband if you do. Promise!

  4. sorry your car was broken into. obviously they don’t know who you are. and how you could probably kick their ass.

    is there a shortage of registration stickers out there? is it ridiculously expensive to register?

    i had someone break into mine 6 months ago and they took my gps. not the adapter to actually plug it in though. and I hadn’t updated it in 4 years so they did me a favor.

    1. My husband takes a razor blade to my registration sticker (once its on) and slices it several times. Therefore, it can’t be peeled off and taken! Just sharing a good piece of info!

      1. Stealing registration stickers seems like it may have something to do with organized crime rings and/or terrorist plots… Am I way off? Why else would someone want that?

  5. Juli, you and your friend Luria sound just like my friend Paty and I! WOD-FOOD-WOD-FOOD… rinse and repeat… plus a healthy dose of craziness! Paleo tots or not, sounds like you had an awesome weekend 🙂

    1. Poor Laura, i butchered up her name in my previous comment… I was distracted texting Paty telling about your blog entry 😛

  6. Hey Juli! Love your stuff! Was wondering what almond flour you use? Do you use Bob’s Red Mill? Read on Wellness Mama that some people gat bad results when baking and that’s all I have on hand. Would love to make these tonight, but don’t wanna take the chance. Any thoughts?

  7. Made these this morning. Ate four. (yum!) Immediately made a second batch, this time with strawberries. What? The oven was still hot. Ate two more. OH. EM. GEE! delicious either way.

  8. These look absolutely amazing and I would love to make them, however we have severe nut allergies in our house, so the almond meal/flour is a no go… What would be an alternative? I apologize if you’ve covered this somewhere else, I just stumbled across your page through a friend just today! Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. You could try using sunbutter in place of almond flour. It might actually make them even more moist. I’m guessing around a cup of sunbutter might do the trick, but you may have to be the tester for that :/

  9. Wow, cannot wait to try making these! Love your site!! I’ve been addicted to your sweet potato brownies and make a batch weekly because they are SO DELICIOUS! You mention using silicone muffin liners and I’ve never used those before. Do they make a big difference? What brand are yours?

    1. I’m not sure what brand I use because I got them as a gift. If you google silicone muffin liners, there are a bunch of different kinds out there that all do the same trick. They are awesome. NOTHING sticks to them.

  10. Huh? The muffins in the pic are in paper cups? What happened to your silicone? You inspired me to get some silicone cups — to be different, I chose the Wilton square cups. They should arrive in the mail this week, then I’ll be making these!

  11. These are so absolutely delicious. I have a hard time limiting myself to one. I especially love that I had everything I needed right in my pantry (since I got the urge to make these at about 10:30 at night).

    My husband has been grumbling about missing “regular food” lately and these totally shut him up. Thank you!

  12. They are delicious! I’ve made a few other baked goods from recipes from other sites and wasn’t too impressed. These are so good!
    I’m glad I’m out of almond flour and won’t have it until next week or I’d be making another batch and eating them all!

  13. Just made these and my toddler love them! I shared em with a friend of mine, as she gushed over how advanced my little guys is “he is so talking so well, must be intellectually advanced”. Moments later we realized he had eaten half the paper the muffin was in. My little genius.

  14. These are in my oven right now :O The batter is so good, I can’t wait to eat them! So much cinnamonny goodness.

  15. Such a great recipe! I baked it in a loaf pan so I could get more than nine servings. My kids loved it, and so did my non-Paleo, gluten-loving guests!

  16. Made these last night. My 6-year old (who I don’t have fully paleo) ate two. My three-year old gave me a dirty look and picked out all the apples. She’s pretty much a pain. I brought them into work and fed them to my co-workers and they were gone within five minutes! So yummy and super easy! Juli, you are awesome.

  17. They’re in the oven right now and my kitchen smells delicious! Thanks for this recipe. If the muffins taste as good as the batter, they’re going to be amazing! p.s. I subbed coconut nectar for the honey.

  18. They were fantastic! We practically inhaled them 🙂 I’ve just made a second batch requested by our 19 yo ds, with the addition of some dark chocolate chips 🙂 Thanks again for such a great recipe!

  19. These had good flavor but were a little dry, I might add a banana next time for moisture. Maybe I left them in a little long.

  20. These look great. Actually last week my car got broken into, the whole side window was shattered and I didn’t find out until the next day. The idiot left the gps and like $5 worth of quarters. I’ll be making these soon!

  21. Really hope someone can help? Has anyone made the Paleo “Nutty Pan Forte”? It is in the Paleo Chocolate cook book I downloaded. I am sure something is missing from the ingredients of the cooking time is wrong. The finished result is not hard…it is very soft and sticky. 5 minutes in the oven doesn’t sound right to me? Help?

  22. OMG…these “Apple Cinnamon Muffins” are a HUGE success! Thank you soooooo….much for your recipe.

  23. Dang, I burned mine because I put the oven at 450 instead of 350, well they cooked in 15 mins but the edges were a bit blackened… Glad I got extra ingredients! Tried one, it was tastey but charred.

  24. I’m visiting a friend in upstate NY and wanted portable something to bring to her. I happened to have these ingredients and couldn’t sleep so I did some 3am baking. When these came out of the oven I thought they looked a little dry and figured I screwed up somehow and I should know by now not to make paleo treats for non-paleo people because they’re so doubtful anyway and then if I screw up they see it as a confirmation that paleo baking is gross/tasteless. I figured the squirrels would praise me once again. (Many times my husband has asked “Why is there a squirrel on top of the garage eating a cookie/danish/muffin?”)

    I decided to taste one before tossing them out and have to say these are pretty bad ass. I will never doubt that you can deliver a foolproof (me being the baking fool) recipe.

    My friend and I are going to devour these muffins if I don’t eat them all on the drive up.

  25. My boyfriend just started a paleo challenge today, and he has a crazy sweet tooth. Me being the great girlfriend took to the kitchen, these are amazing! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes over the next 9 weeks 🙂

  26. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that your recipes are great and they have inspired me to start getting more creative with Paleo myself.

    I just started a blog to share my experience as well. Your doing a great job.

  27. Came out perfect tonight even though I added too much salt bc I wasn’t paying attention!! 5 stars since it won’t let me highlight the stars!!

  28. i’m in the middle of the whole life challenge right now and your recipes have been so great–thanks! i can’t have honey–do you know how much stevia i should substitute instead? went apple picking the other day and have so many apples i’ll be baking for weeks! thanks!!!

  29. Someone once broke in to my car, they ignored the £150 car seat, radio and £80 trainers in the car and only took one disk of a two disk traditional Christmas song cd and left a large key and one glove in the car :/ I felt stupid reporting it!

    I can’t wait to make these, we don’t reAlly get coconut flour here so will have to sort an alternative.

  30. These are delicious!

    I’ve varied the fruit/flavorings to suit my mood. This week it’s diced peach and a few drops of natural almond flavor. Sometimes I have to add a little bit of extra liquid to make it work depending on the size of the eggs.

    I often use alternate kinds of fat, I’ve tried palm and sunflower oil. I also accidentally omitted the fat once and while they stuck to the wrapper they were still edible.

  31. Seriously, I am addicted to this site. And your recipes. I made these muffins, as well as the Sweet Potato Brownies, which are now a staple with the teenagers that flock to my door for treats. This site has motivated me to bake like no other. Now if I could just get off my a#s and work out, life would be like it should! Thank you for such an amazing site!!!

  32. Your site is amazing and your blogs are hilarious, mostly because your life sounds almost identical to mine. So yes, I am saying I think I am pretty funny. Anywaysss…did you peel the apple or did you keep the skin on? Thanks so much for all your recipes!

  33. Hi

    tried making these but they came out pretty dry, i had to add milk as the mixture was just too dry so have no doubt got the measurements wrong! I am in the Uk and had worked out one cup was = 125g. I also used ground Almond rather than Almond flour but can’t imagine they are that different. Does anyone know the measurements in grammes and mls!?

    They look great unlike my ones! Many thanks


  34. I just made these and they are amazing! Thank you for the recipe! The only thing I had to change was we don’t use raw honey so I mashed up some strawberries for sweetness, other then that they were so perfect I made then in the miniature cupcake pan so they were just so cute. Thank you <3

      1. thanks Julie- I doubled the recipe and added about a cup of applesauce instead of the apples. They are fantastic! I made them in mini muffin paper cups and only baked for 20 minutes. I will give them as healthy gifts to coworkers. Bravo on this recipe!

  35. Hi Juli! Quick question..when you say 1/4 cup coconut oil, is that before or after its melted? They look/sound delish! Thanks!

  36. My kids go crazy for these muffins! Just wanted to let you know that I will be sharing a modified version of this recipe on my blog today. I will, of course, be linking back here to give you full credit. Thank you for this awesome recipe!

  37. They aren’t that sweet, but i made a glaze to put on top of them & they came out great! How can I make them sweeter though?

  38. Hey! I’m about to make these but I don’t have everything the recipe calls for – no almond flour. I have other wheat free flours though – anything I can substitute? I also don’t have enough coconut oil. If it’s not worth it to make these without the same exact ingredients I’ll wait. Thanks!

  39. My husband, 19 month old son, and myself have been doing the Whole30. My husband loves it so much he wanted to make it a Whole60 and I only agreed if I could add in coconut flour (which is not Whole30 approved) so I could have some muffins for breakfast every once in awhile. I left the honey out (not Whole30 approved either) and I made my own almond meal and added the biggest apple I could find. These are delicious and exactly what I needed. The fruit was the perfect amount of sweetness. Thank you! I will definitely be making these again.

  40. Wow these are the BEST paleo muffins I have made yet! I’m going to monkey with them and see how they do with a pineapple/carrot combo, blueberry… Oh the possibilities!

  41. I LOVED these! The second time I made them I didn’t have an apple on hand. (I know, who eats Paleo and doesn’t have one on hand) So I used a banana and added a little nutmeg and cloves. UM HELLO!! Holy sh*t balls good. Love your blog and all your recipes!

  42. Juli, great paleo muffin recipe, thank you for posting it. I followed the recipe exactly and they came out just fine. For some who may be experiencing a slightly dry muffin, try measuring almond flour by weight (4 oz) instead of the scoop method. To keep my sugars as low as possible, I used a granny smith apple. For those who want the extra sweetness, serve up muffins with honey butter. I’ll be making these again!

  43. I love to leave feedback for others who are ‘about’ to try making the recipe…. I always read the comments first too. These are FANTASTIC! Easy to mix up. I chose to peel the pink lady apple and chop super small, and I noticed that the coconut flour had dried up my batter a bit so I added a few tbsp of applesauce and Voila` a super fluffy breakfast treat! Trick is to not over bake, they are still cooking for a bit afterwards in those silicone cups. Thanks for the recipe Juli!

  44. MADE SOME!
    I think next time I will add a little more liquid so everything sticks together better. Maybe I just didn’t mix it ennough.
    I LOVE cinnamon so these are a great treat or even breakfast on the go! Thanks! I’;; try out more of your Paleo recipes!

  45. Made em, they’re amazing! I managed to make 11 muffins though. Question, my muffins don’t stay well together, they’re not crumbly but they fall apart easily, any ideas why? Thanks! 🙂

  46. Another awesome recipe! My husband hates apple pie…but devoured these! Making another batch this week.

  47. Does coconut flour vary? I love your recipes but every time I make a coconut flour recipe it turns out dry. With this recipe I added only 1 tablespoon of coconut flour and added 1 tablespoon of coconut milk and they were still dry. Any Ideas? What brand do you use? Thanks and I think you are awesome!

  48. I tried the apple muffins,twice, and both times they were ver dry. Maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong. I’ve tried other muffins and they were great! Than you so much!!!

  49. Awesome muffins! the second time I made them, used a food processor to mix the wet ingredients, (except the apples) and then pulsed in all the dry to make a nice smooth batter. I folded the apples in at the end. Found this made the muffins a lot more light and fluffy!

  50. I made these tonight after dinner, just added another apple and two tablespoons of pure bourbon vanilla extract. LOVED it so much, thanks for making my night!

  51. These are SO good. I made a batch yesterday and my husband even liked them!! This is a man who has Kindergarten tastes, you know. He said, And they don’t even taste healthy!! Sheesh!! LOL. So guess what’s in the oven now in little Halloween muffin papers? Yes, a DOUBLE batch of these yummy healthy muffins!!

  52. Looks delicious! Any chance you have tried this as a bread loaf? I want to try that way and wondering if I should do anything differently.

  53. I made this recipe today as a loaf because I don’t have a muffin tin so I used a 9 x5 pan. I love the taste but I want to try as a muffin because the loaf crumbled when I cut into it. Thank you for sharing!

  54. Came across your website today and had to try these right away. Made them this morning, and has one for breakfast. They were delicious!!! Thanks for the recipe.

  55. Yummmmmm. Just made these. Added some Orange ginger and coconut to it. So good. Thank you for all he great recipes you give us.

    1. that’s really up to you and your body. everyone is different and body goals are different so its not really me to say

  56. I mixed up a double batch and it was super dry – so I put another apple, 1c of strawberries and about 1/4c of almond milk in the blender and added that to the batter – came out great!

  57. I want to make these for a friend who is essentially on a paleo diet but can’t have eggs. Any suggestions on what to use as an egg substitute?

    1. I know this is forever later, but if you come back to it… I subbed one of the eggs with a flax egg and the muffins were perfect. I think that it could handle fully replacing the eggs with flax eggs.

  58. My wife made these and mentioned that someone wanted the nutritional info. Her batch made 12, so these are the macros on 12. Here you go…..These numbers are PER MUFFIN. Cheers
    150 calories, Fat= 6.5, Carbs = 19.7, pro= 5.5, fiber = 12.2

  59. Hello, the are in my oven right now but I’m worried about them. I used 1 egg and 2 sub with chia egg. I also use my own mix of sweeteners Eyrythritol, Stevia and Lohan. I hope it’s not going to be too dry. I also put 1tbs of Yakon syrup. Should I have put more liquid in there?


  60. Thank you for this recipe – I didn’t have enough almond flour to make apple bread one day and stumbled upon your website.

    These have become a favourite but I have tweaked the recipe a little – instead of 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, I use 1 generous teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 generous teaspoon of ginger and 1 generous teaspoon of all spice…and some extra honey because I have a sweet tooth!

  61. I made these late last night during a big craving for something sweet. Muffins aren’t normally appealing to me for whatever reason, but I didn’t have enough ingredients to make a loaf of anything. I’m so glad I decided to make these muffins because they are really excellent for Paleo baking. The taste is really there! Also, I am excited about how inexpensive they are to make compared to other Paleo recipes. I will definitely be making these again very soon 🙂 Thanks for the great recipe!

  62. Hi,

    I tried to make these the other day but failed. I used a food processor instead of a spoon. So made Apple Bites (they still tasted amazing) I just started a blog up and was wondering if it would be ok to share your recipe on it?

  63. Loved the flavor of these! Mine turned out a bit dry (maybe next time I’ll add a splash of milk or applesauce), and they could’ve done with a couple minutes of bake time shaved off. I’ll definitely try them again!

  64. Just cooking these now. I didn’t have muffin cases so I’m trying it as a slice. Thanks for the recipe! I’m missing breads and starchy goodies. I’m new to Paleo. This will be just the ticket! The smell from the oven is divine 🙂 I’ll let you know how the slice goes.

  65. I made these with 1/2 cup of applesauce in place of the apples. I did not include any coconut flour (i didnt have any). Next time I will eliminate one (or two) of the eggs because the muffins tasted a little eggy and seemed unnecessary without the coconut flour.

    They came out very moist! And were quite delicious. I will definitely make them again when i want a snack. I might add some fruit (blueberries) in addition to the applesauce and maybe some flaked coconut. Yum!

  66. Oh my, these are amazing!!!
    I’ll be making them again and adding nuts, raisins etc.
    Many thanks for a great recipe

  67. This recipe and muffins are perfect!! I’ve made them twice now and added 4oz unsweetened applesauce to the recipe mix. They’re very moist and I refrigerate them after about 2 days just in case. …..I’ve had muffins go bad before so refrigerating them helps reduce that risk. I’ve also used the same recipe (quantity wise) minus the apple for my banana carrot muffins which also come out perfectly. Thank you so much for this recipe.:)

  68. these didnt turn out well for me at all. i measueed well and used all the ingredients you listed but the muffins are heavy and dry with no taste. so disappointed….. Have no idea what happened…. ugh

    1. i’m sorry they didn’t turn out, nancy! i wish i could help more! if they turned out dry, it could be that you don’t have enough liquid. and different coconut flours can react different so it could be that!

  69. These are great paleo muffins. Not too sweet, great crumb!

    I subbed one of the eggs for a flax egg because organic free range eggs are so expensive where I live and until I find a farmer, I will ration my eggs. They are perfect! The texture was perfect.

    I am going to make these again with only flax eggs and when I do, I’ll update on how that turns out. It’s always good to have that option available for friends with allergies! or for poor paleo people like me ;D

  70. First batch I made were overcooked and not very sweet. If I were to do it again I’d add more sugar and slim down on the time.
    Second batch I made I used less cinnamon and substituted strawberries instead of apples. Watched them more carefully this time and sprinkled the top with coconut sugar and they were delish!

  71. Made these into mini muffins. First batch I overcooked. Womp womp. But the second batch turned out. I like that it’s not too sweet and I like that there’s actual apples in it.

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