Back on Track in One Week Flat

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I use to feel a tremendous amount of stress about vacation. I would obsess about losing weight beforehand and looking my best throughout. And I would also worry about what would happen after I got back from vacation after all the indulging set in. So instead of simply enjoying the vacation I was on, I would think about every meal, every drink, and every calorie. And then vacation would come to an end and I would feel just as exhausted as when I left. What’s the point of a vacation like that? It really wasn’t until this year that I came to understand that getting back on track really isn’t all that difficult, especially if you’re staying on track most of the time.

Consistency is key when it comes to any lifestyle. If you are consistent with your diet, exercise and mental stability, all pieces tend to fall into place. And because of that consistency, life is just simply more enjoyable longterm. Key the motivational consistency quotes –

  • “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”
  • “Consistent actions creates consistent results.”
  • “If you want to be successful, be consistent.”
  • “True progress requires time and consistency.”

What I mean is that when you stay consistent, you can indulge here and there and it won’t make a huge difference because you can get back on track rather quickly, even within a week. I’ve tested this theory multiple times at this point with the 12 different trips I’ve been on this year. I stay consistent with my diet and my exercise routine while I’m home, then I enjoy any trip or vacation I may take. I know that I will gain weight and feel a little less than my best, but I also know that I can get back to my baseline within a week.

And I thought I would share my experience from last week after traveling to Cabo and eating/drinking all the things to show you how quickly a body can bounce back. While in Cabo, I had dessert every night, I had multiple drinks throughout each day, I had chips & guac every afternoon, and I said yes to every gluten-free bread basket. Then once I got home, I cleaned it up. And this is how I do it:

  1. Grocery shop and load up on all the green vegetables, good fats, and high quality meat
    • I buy any kind of vegetable that’s calling my name – brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens, cauliflower, broccoli, arugula, carrots, bell peppers, and anything else that looks good or is in season
    • I grab ghee or olive oil for cooking and dressing
    • I usually have meat in the freezer from ButcherBox, but I’ll often get any wild caught fish and seafood that looks good or is on sale
    • Then I grab anything I may need for snacks such as almond milk yogurt, coconut chips, etc.
  2. Clean out the fridge and pantry of any foods that are a bit too indulgent and tempting
  3. Come up with a game plan with what meals I’m going to have throughout the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to make sure I have everything on hand and don’t end up eating something I shouldn’t when I come home hungry.
  4. Then I follow a few simple rules. And when I say rules, I don’t obsess over them. I just try my best to eat the best things possible, without trying to be perfect. That makes it easier when events or dinners come up. And not obsessing also makes it easier to stick with. When I tell myself I can’t have something, like chips, I’ll end up eating the entire bag. But if I just tell myself to try to limit it for just one week, I end up having a few chips then putting the bag away. The less restriction, the better for me. Here are the “rules” I follow throughout the week –
    • Drink a shit ton of water – I try to drink over a gallon a day. We tend to hold on to a lot of water weight, especially after travel. And flushing the system will help with the excess bloat.
    • Stay away from sugar – Sugar is bad for you. If you don’t know that at this point, where have you been?? It’s bad. And it will definitely hold you back from getting back on track. I try to stay away from as much sugar as possible, from fresh fruit to honey to chocolate to treats. Cutting out sugar is pretty life changing all the way around and bodies change pretty quickly without it.
    • Stay away from alcohol (aka sugar) – Yes, even wine. I know this is often the hardest thing for people to cut out, but it’s an amazing amount of excess calories day after day, and it will really hinder your progress.
    • No energy bars – I tend to have a bar or two most weeks, but on this week back, I try to stay away from them since most are pretty sugary and made with some sort of dried fruit and nuts, both which can cause inflammatory symptoms.
    • Lower carb for a few days – I never knew what carb cycling was until I told my friend that I seemed to do best when I did 3 days lower carb then had a higher carb day. I’m not doing a crazy amount of exercise at this point which means I don’t need a ton of extra carbs. And cutting them out for a few days then adding them back in for one seems to make my body the happiest.

A while back I had someone asked if I would share a weeks worth of meals, and well, I got through 6 days, then forgot on the 7th. But here is the breakdown of what I ate every day last week to help get me back on track. I still went out for some meals and still enjoyed some foods that I love, but I just tried to not overdo it! Again, a diet doesn’t have to be in black and white for it to work. It is just about staying consistent and eating the best quality as often as possible.

PaleOMG - Back on Track in One Week Flat

Monday Meal Recap (CrossFit Workout Day):

  • Coffee with splash of heavy cream, stevia extract and collagen at 530am
  • Breakfast – arugula, breakfast sausage, and primal kitchen ranch at 7am
  • Lunch – Beef burger from Park Burger topped with blue cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and mushrooms put on greens instead of a bun at 1pm
  • Snack #1 – Piece of Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares after creating a new recipe for the blog at 3pm
  • Snack #2 – Piece of smoked salmon wrapped in prosciutto at 5pm
  • Dinner – Pork chop, arugula with ranch and brussels with a few bites of carrots at 7pm
  • Water – Over 1 gallon of water consumed

PaleOMG - Back on Track in One Week Flat

Tuesday Meal Recap (CrossFit Workout Day):

  • Coffee with splash of heavy cream, stevia extract and collagen at 6am
  • Breakfast – arugula, breakfast sausage, and primal kitchen ranch at 7am
  • Cold brew coffee with heavy cream at 10am
  • Snack – Small bowl full of organic peanuts and coconut chips 1130am
  • Lunch – Smoked salmon in a coconut wrap with pesto, prosciutto and arugula along with roasted veggies I cooked in an air fryer at 130pm
  • Dinner – Pork chop cooked in Rao’s sauce with spinach and serve with a tomato salad tossed in olive oil, lime juice, cilantro and salt at 930pm
  • Water – Over 1 gallon of water consumed

PaleOMG - Back on Track in One Week Flat

Wednesday Meal Recap (CrossFit Workout Day):

  • Coffee with splash of heavy cream, stevia extract and collagen at 530am
  • Breakfast – Arugula, breakfast sausage, marinara and tomato salad (leftover from the night before) at 7am
  • Snack #1 – 3 Prosciutto & Melon Pesto Poppers
  • Lunch – Smoked salmon in a coconut wrap with pesto, prosciutto and arugula along with roasted veggies I cooked in an air fryer at 130pm
  • Snack #2 – 1/2 komchucha
  • Dinner – 1 carnitas street taco without the tortilla and a handful of tortilla chips and salsa at Adelita’s at 7pm
  • Water – Over 1 gallon of water consumed

PaleOMG - Back on Track in One Week Flat

Thursday Meal Recap (rest day):

  • Coffee with splash of heavy cream, stevia extract and collagen at 530am
  • Snack #1 – About 1/4 cup chia pudding (recipe coming soon to the blog) at 7am
  • Breakfast – Arugula, pork chop, marinara at 9am
  • Snack #2 – 1/4 cup chia pudding (recipe coming soon to the blog), peanuts, banana chips and coconut chips
  • Snack #3 – Bowl full of paleo puffs
  • Dinner – Salmon, cauliflower purée and roasted brussels sprouts and carrots
  • Water – Over 1 gallon of water consumed

PaleOMG - Back on Track in One Week Flat

Friday Meal Recap (CrossFit Workout Day):

  • Coffee with splash of heavy cream, stevia extract and collagen at 530am
  • Breakfast – 1/2 burrito bowl without the tortilla at Snooze at 7am along with another coffee with cream
  • Lunch – the other 1/2 burrito bowl at 130pm
  • Snack #1 – 1/4 almond milk strawberry almond milk yogurt, peanuts, banana chips and coconut chips, cacao nibs at 4pm
  • Snack #2 – Handful of paleo puffs at 6pm
  • Dinner – Salmon, cauliflower purée and carrots and Brussels sprouts at 7pm
  • Snack #3 – Coconut butter cup at 8pm
  • Water – Over 1 gallon of water consumed

PaleOMG - Back on Track in One Week Flat

Saturday Meal Recap (CrossFit Workout Day):

  • Coffee with splash of heavy cream, stevia extract and collagen at 530am
  • Snack #1 – 1/4 cup chia pudding, peanuts, banana chips and coconut chips at 8am
  • Brunch – chicken sausage, arugula salad and potatoes at Ophelia’s at 1030am
  • Snack #2 – 1/2 cup paleo puffs at 3pm
  • Snack #3 – 2 pieces of prosciutto at 5pm
  • Snack #4 – Handful of Siete Foods cassava chips and a little of their dairy-free queso at 5pm
  • Dinner – a meal at El Five that was a bit too hard to track since we all shared everything at a table of 4. I had an extra dirty vodka martini, then we shared some rabbit paella, patatas bravas, moroccan lamb sausage, hanger steak and some pork. Then snacked on some chocolate hazelnuts and some homemade caramels.
  • Water – Over 1 gallon of water consumed

As you can see, my meals and snacks were no where near perfect or obsessive. I still went out with friends, I still had some treats, I still had one drink, and I still enjoyed myself…I just stayed aware of most of my meals and the amount of food I was consuming. But the consistency on a regular basis is what really helps me relax when I travel and get back on track once I’m home.

Something I did while I tracked all these meals was also track my progress around my waist with photos. And I honestly hated doing this. I don’t track my meals, I don’t ever weigh myself and I don’t do daily progress photos. I like to do some comparison photos from years ago from time to time, but not often. It puts more stress on eating and working out and then I get in my head that I’m not doing enough. And that’s not the life I want to live. But I did the tracking just for this post alone to show you that progress really does happen day after day, even if it may not feel that way. And I tracked the area around my waist because it’s always the first to lean out which gives me the confidence to stick with my gameplan. But as we know, not all women are alike. Maybe you lose inches around your legs or hips or even face first and the waist is more challenging. I’m not even saying you should track by any means. Sometimes it’s helpful for people or sometimes it’s hurtful (like it is for me), but progress can be motivating and exciting as well.

PaleOMG - Back on Track in One Week Flat

I didn’t want this post to be about weight loss or having to be lean or anything like that, I just wanted to show that you can enjoy your life and not worry about every single calorie or macro or whatever you may be tracking. For most people, bodyweight changes. It may go up and it may go down. So finding what lifestyle makes you feel your best and sticking with it 80% of the time, well that’s a life worth living. When I’m home, I eat the best I can then when I travel, I stop really thinking about it and I enjoy my life. I know my body will change and I’m ok with it. And now I live a life that doesn’t include obsessive behaviors and that life is way more fun.

I hope this post helped show you perfection isn’t the key to a healthy lifestyle. Balance and consistency is. Eat as best you can, stay away from too much sugar and alcohol, workout, sleep, manage your stress and drink water. All of these things don’t have to be done perfectly, they just have to be done! Now go live your best life and enjoy every moment in between!


I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


106 thoughts on “Back on Track in One Week Flat”

  1. I read all your posts and make a ton of your recipes, but this is one of my favorite! I’m about to go on vacation and have been obsessing about it. This really made me breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you!

  2. Mel from Canada

    Thank you so much for this Juli. I appreciate this post so very much (and all your posts for the past 5 years that I’ve been an avid reader for). I’ve had issues with food and weight all my life but 5.5 years ago, I was tired of being obese and unhappy so I decided to get fit and healthy. It’s a constant battle for me but I always get back up and continue my journey. This post has inspired me and given me a reality check that consistency is key and changes come over time. I love that you took the time to track your meals and take pics. Everything you say in this post truly resonated with me. I deprive myself and try to be “perfect”, even on vacation and then boom! off the clean eating wagon with those treats I denied myself for too long. And then I feel crappy mentally and physically. I will print this article and make sure I read and re-read it to remind myself every day that life is awesome and new habits and changes take time but consistency is key. Thanks for all you do for your readers, both near and far. This is my favorite blog!

    1. it was super life changing for me when i stopped denying myself certain foods. whenever i said i couldn’t have something, i wanted it soooo much more. so i finally cut that behavior out and found myself having a much easier time at staying consistent while still enjoying the food i love!

  3. This was amazing to read. I recently went to Italy for 2 weeks and really enjoyed myself, didn’t feel guilty for the things I ate and drank. ( I did manage to stay gluten free 90% of the time!) It took 3 weeks from when I got home to really get myself back on track, and this week has had the most progress. I journaled every day as to how I felt, and what I did. Being consistent was the major key! I dropped 5 lbs of water weight this week, pretty much doing exactly what you said! Thank you!

    1. long trips like that one in a place where you may never go back with food you may never have, makes it a tad harder (more so longer) to get back on track, but it’s still so worth it to enjoy every single bite in a place like that!

  4. I have to say that I liked this post’s intention, the detail and the optimism. Well done!

    I guess I get trapped in the comparison game and so the abs photos threw me. I mean, WOW JULI! You are a badass and I hope to one day have abs like that and maybe if I followed your advice to the T i will get there 🙂 Just made me feel a little “less than” seeing these photos? I know that was NOT your intention and you gave a good disclaimer as always. Just my two cents. THanks for posting and sharing as always! You are always my favorite blogger, podcaster and dare I say ‘influencer’ to follow!

    1. i was a little nervous to post photos because i NEVER want someone to feel like that. but please remember, that’s the area on my body that leans out the quickest. for some people it may be arms or legs or hips or wherever. for me, it’s my stomach. it just has to do with my genetics. and i have to remind myself constantly to not compare because no one else out there has the same genetics, so what’s the point? i just look and commend them for their hard work and then i move on! please don’t feel that way, everyone is so damn different

      1. Thanks For responding! Appreciate your insights and the reminder that yes, we all have different bodies that change at different paces and in different ways. Know it was never your intention to make anyone feel that way ❤️

    2. Yes I would say I think that the intention is good but the pics took away from the positive for me. Not a comparison issue for me but just wanted to share my two cents as well for future posts. ????

  5. Great post! It took you 3 days to lose your abs! It only takes me one day of something having to much sugar and bam, bye bye abs! But I know that cutting the sugar and the carbs they will be back in couple of days. Cabo is the best!!

  6. Great post, and good timing (for me!) Currently on Day 4 of my own little reset after a few back to back trips and already feeling better! Thanks for the reminder to 1) Drink a ton of water and 2) Skip the bars for now. I can relate 100% to the anxiety and obsession while traveling and so glad I don’t do that to myself anymore. Lifes too short to skip dessert on vacay 🙂

  7. i’m leaving for a vacation this weekend and this was exactly what i needed to hear–i’ve been struggling to find the balance of eating healthy without obsessing over it and trying to live my life when the perfect healthy options aren’t there. my friends are doing a pizza party saturday night and i’m telling myself that it’s ok to have 1 slice of pizza [i brought some paleo snacks to back me up] and that i’ll be right back on track when i get home. THANK YOU! <3

  8. Thanks for inspiring me to get back on track after a week of overindulgence, and for emphasizing realistic progress instead of perfection! Your record of the week also illuminates for me where I could make some changes— I’m too reliant on my daily cocktail and dessert!

  9. Such a smart and helpful post! Thanks for sharing! You should do “what I eat in a day” more often!!!

  10. Love you blog and podcast, especially this post! I have the hardest time not snacking between lunch and dinner (usually a 6-7 hour gap) and usually one snack isn’t enough, even when it has a good fat/protein/carb ratio. When you go 7 hours between meals are you not hungry at all because you are that satisfied from lunch, or are you choosing not to snack because you have dinner soon?

    1. i would usually never go that long, but i went to an event where i just drank soda water (instead of alcohol) and stayed away from the snacks and i didn’t get home until late, which meant a super late dinner. i was definitely hungry before then, i just didn’t have another option so i waited until i got home

  11. I don’t know how you can handle puffs and chips and stuff. I end up blacking out and slamming the whole bag so I have to keep away! lol

    My husband and I do weekly meal prep every Sunday to help us stay on track, I’d love to see some meal prep ideas. Stuff that you can make ahead that stays fresh and reheats well?

    1. i don’t do a ton of meal prep, i more so do easy meals every night that i whip up in 20-30 minutes. but i have lots of recipes on my website to choose form that you can reheat throughout the week!

  12. Juli, which collagen do you use in your coffee? I’ve been wanting to try some for a while but don’t know enough to pick the right one. Thanks!

  13. I wasn’t going to comment. But seeing a couple mentions of the ab photos taking away the positivism of this post saddens me a little. Because it was a reminder to me, how I know I over indulge the foods that make me bloated or retain water after a trip out of town but I sometimes forget how it is easy to get back to feeling and looking less bloated if I stay on track for a few days. Plus I’ll feel better. I honestly think if I took some photos for myself to see, that would help me stay consistent instead of getting frustrated and saying “F this” as I drown my sorrows in a bag of potato chips and wash it down with a beer or whatever comfort food I’m craving at the moment. So thank you for sharing that, it’s not easy to do either. I also love the fact you shared meals at restaurants too. That is where I struggle because I want to eat all the things!

  14. Seeing all of the posts from people triggered by the ab photos, I feel the need to point out that those people might be assuming that this week of getting back on track is some magical form of fat loss.

    You can’t gain fat in three days of vacation, and you certainly cant lose it is 7 days either. The reason the definition is coming back is because all of the bloat and inflammation from sugar and alcohol consumption is going away.

    Juli didn’t gain or lose any fat or muscle, she is already lean and mean, she just lost some inflammation and bloat by sticking to a diet that her body reacts well to, which not only looks better but it feels way better too.

    More water and less sugary things means less puffiness.

  15. I loved this post, and I wish all us ladies could just stop the comparison game. I didn’t look at your photos and be like, daaaammmmnnn, I need to eat less/exercise more/yada yada yada. I was like, DAY-YUM! Juli is just like the rest of us who take vacays or trips and end up feeling bloated and less than fabulous! And she’s showing us that it is TEMPORARY and if you are usually on top of your food & fitness game, you’ll bounce back once you get back to your normal routine. Ugh, I’m so mad about all those trips when I wasted opportunities to try new foods/drinks because I thought I was going to suddenly puff up and stay that way forever. Ridiculous.

    And for the record – I usually always look like your Day 1 photo (and that’s on a GOOD day :-D) And I’m fine with that because I work hard at being fit and eating well. This is MY best body. Juli’s best body is just that – JULI’S!!! Not yours!! You don’t have Juli’s DNA so you can’t compare yourself to Juli. Be the best YOU can be. I’m happy Juli looks so great! And it has NO EFFECT on how I feel about myself.

    Ok, I’m stepping off my soapbox now 😀 Keep up the good work, Juli, and try not to let the feedback get you down.

    1. thank you for the kind words Bethany! the comparison game is real and it’s something I have to check myself on regularly because why the hell would i ever compare myself to someone? i usually find myself comparing when i’m having my own insecurities going on. when i get rid of those insecurities, i can look at other women and be proud of what they do in this world and the changes they’ve made for themselves without jealousy or frustration. thank you for supporting another woman and what i’m trying to put out into the world!

  16. Aloha Juli! Thank you for this post, I truly had an ah-ha moment with it. While I don’t do progress photos of myself when I decide to change things, this truly makes me want to do it simply because it will enable me to visually see positive effects of making better choices. Sometimes I get too much in my head and expect the 180 degree changes to happen overnight..and they don’t. But if I am consistently better tomorrow than I was today it will physically show at some point.
    I really appreciate all you share, thank you!

    1. thanks amanda!! i wasn’t a huge fan of the progress pics because it made me feel a little too in my head, but it is definitely nice to see changes to help you stay motivated day in and day out!

  17. This is definitely a good reminder that consistency is the key. But I do have to say that you are lucky that your abs lean out first. The first place I lose weight is in my boobs. 🙁 Whenever the “raisin boobs” show up I figure I must be on the right track. But so sad….

  18. Love this post! Also, makes me better to hear someone with such an amazing body still has insecurities to work through. I always think “if I had a flat stomach, I would be ok with everything else” but that’s just not true. We always find things on ourselves to pick apart, not matter how amazing your body may be! Love the blog/podcast and your adorable doggie!

  19. Such a great post!! Thank you! I love seeing your meals…the pictures make me want to eat more greens and veggies! I do often wonder how big the plates are that you use. Would you mind sharing? I eat relatively similar to you and my weakness is portion control. Any tips would be appreciated! Have great day!

    1. i use salad plates and soup bowls mostly! and i just try to eat as many veggies as possible with healthy fats then move onto the meat after and that tends to keep my portions under control. i find that i don’t have control when it comes to chips, tortillas, snack foods or sweets. but if it’s normal meals like i’ve shared here, i’m pretty good with stopping when i’m satisfied

      1. Me too, ugh! I eat well but I want like the whole pot…yikes. I also just dish out a tiny bit less than my husband, who is a bodybuilder and 60 lbs bigger so probably not the best strategy…LOL. I’m going to try using smaller plates and see if that makes me shut my mouth more. Snacks are the devil for me. I have the hardest time not going back for just one more handful. Great post! Thanks

  20. This is such a great post, Juli! So well written and described. This has roughly been my same game plan for getting back on track, and you’re absolutely right about consistency. It can certainly be challenging, but its soo worth it. Thank you for sharing!

  21. I have read for years and I really liked this post and felt that the comparison photos were a perfect addition. Nowhere did you make me feel negative and you were speaking about your own experience. It was a great reminder to enjoy the short term and not deny yourself a good time for the sake of good abs, yet you can still keep the abs you have earned with some consistency.

    I am a recovering binge eater and also suffer when I feel restricted. But this was done so well. Thank you.

    1. wow thank you amanda!! i feel you when it comes to binging. if i feel restricted, it’s ON. consistency is definitely to still enjoying life while taking care of your body along the way

  22. Personally, I loved this post. Sure, your physique may be enviable to most but I know you aren’t posting this content to brag or show off. No matter how great someone looks , they still can have bad days where they don’t feel their best. Enjoying life and indulging on vacation is how it’s supposed to be! I applaud you making this post because haters gonna hate. You do you, Juli! I know I’ll keep coming back!

    1. thanks katelyn! i don’t see my own physique like that, i just see constant room for improvement and taking care of myself and i like to share that experience with others

  23. I love this post! I find myself getting anxious for vacation because I know I am going to gain some weight. I just need to remind myself that if I am consistent when I get back, I can get back to where I was.

    Thanks for posting what you ate all week – it’s nice to see you still were able to dine out. I need to check out El Five – drooling over what you are there.

    One question – how do you make sure you drink enough water? I struggle to drink that much and I know it would go a long way to helping me feel less bloated.

    1. i keep track! i either write down each time i finish a water bottle or i just use a drinking water app to track it! and i try to drink over a gallon each day! once i get to a gallon, i stop tracking it

  24. I appreciate this post and the pics! They just help to motivate me – I want to have some visible abs at some point in my life. 🙂 Anyway, it’s very helpful to hear what you do to get back on track after vacationing because I’m currently struggling just to figure out how to start to get on track after being off track for quite some time. You know, life happens. Anyway, thanks for the motivational post. You’re the best!!!

  25. Juli,
    This post has been a great reminder for me that it really doesn’t take that long to get back on track after a trip and also really reinforces how quickly “back on track” happens – its freaking awesome how quickly our bodies respond!! It was also just what I needed to head into my next vacation a little more reasonably; I’ve already stressed myself with pre-planning where and, sadly, exactly what to eat. I’m sure my husband thinks I’m a *huge ball of fun*…. The answer is now: I’m going to pack good airplane food because a 7.5 hour flight with crap food would be miserable and probably disastrous, and outside of that I’m going to enjoy my vacation and appreciate that you gave me a visualization that one week back on track can be so beneficial and is totally doable! For anyone discouraged by the abs photos, its not like we’ve never seen photos of you before. You share workout photos/videos and also your beach vacations with us, so….what’s the problem sharing the photos in this post? How is this post different from the others? It isn’t. The point was how quickly your body responded to a week of good food and water after a week of enjoying all of the things you don’t have on a regular basis. Personally, I appreciate the photos vs. you simply saying “I feel really great after a week back on track”; this post saved both of us from the awkward and SUPER creepy Instagram DM asking if you had before and after photos of your week back on track LOL!

    1. i thought the photos would be helpful in showing it instead of saying how much inches or pounds or whatever was lost. since i don’t weigh or measure myself, the photos were definitely the easiest way to show proof, other than just saying i felt back to baseline. so thank you for saying that, allison! and i definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with planning some of your meals, especially when it comes to airports and plans. having things planned makes the vacation itself way more fun because you don’t feel like crap when you get there!

  26. This is an awesome post!! I appreciated and was /am inspired by all of it including the photos !!! Thanks Juli!! (And I truly live for your insta stories and bachelorette recaps which always make me laugh!!! )

  27. This was such a great post! I love your not so obsessive way of getting back on track – it is so refreshing! It really helps take he stress/guilt out of vacation. You’re the best!

  28. Perfect timing for me to see this…I was just saying to myself this morning that I have 3 weeks until Maui so I really need to tighten up my diet! I do this to myself EVERY time I go on vacation, I obsessively plan out a day-by day workout plan that I print out and bring with me, and at the same time I eat stuff I would NEVER eat, and drink like crazy and feel like crap about myself while I’m doing it and then really hate myself when I get home. What the heck…I’m 48…when will I learn 🙂 The only thing different about this year is that I broke my ankle 9 weeks ago so I haven’t been absolutely killing myself in the gym like I normally would be…ugh.

    This post was amazing and truly a help for my mindset…I am determined to enjoy this vacation and make better choices during it while still having fun and indulging when it’s WORTH IT and knowing that when I get back I will be back to myself shortly…usually 7 days does it for me too. I might just print this out and keep it next to my bed as a reminder to chill out while I’m vacationing 😉

    p.s. love the pictures…it really is amazing how cleaning up for that short of time changes a body, probably by just getting rid of the bloat and inflammation. Those pics really drove your point home.

    1. vacation was definitely meant for chilling out. and some days that may mean being more strict and other days it may mean indulging like crazy. i’ve learned to definitely go with the flow more because you’ll never get those days back!

  29. Juli, I LOVED this post INCLUDING your pics. I totally get that you did that not to show off, but to demonstrate how to get back on track. You have great abs and it inspires me to work hard to stay consistent and have the best physique I am meant to have. I can admire without becoming jealous. You look great and are an inspiration! Your diet wasn’t perfectly Palo or 100% strict, yet you stayed on track. Love it :-).

  30. Great post! I can totally relate to everything. I love how honest and open you are about your own inner BS voice. Thank you for sharing! PS you look amazing!

  31. I just got back from a week at the beach, so this post is perfectly timed and a great reminder! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your blog. As you can see from all the comments, it’s truly appreciated.

  32. You earned those abs— show them off! Makes me that much more inspired. I just ate a sugary gluten free muffin and wish I hadn’t. I’ll be looking to this post to help me throughout this week! Thanks Juli!

  33. I really like this post! Where I struggle with vacations and other indulgences is that if I go overboard with sugar, then I end up getting sick. Like cold symptoms that last a few days or up to a week. So while I like the idea of indulging in desserts and alcohol on vacation, I’m starting to realize it isn’t always worth it. Maybe 2-3x during a week-long vacation is ok but more than that and I’m not going to feel well. I guess I’m curious – when you say you aren’t feeling your best, what exactly do you mean?

    1. if my joints hurt or i can tell i’m bloated or i’m just feeling down in general, are all signs that i’m not taking care of myself like i should, if that makes sense

  34. This post was great — thank you for taking the time to write it out. I am really bad about drinking water; I am going to start trying to drink a gallon a day after reading this. I looove a good dirty martini too!

    Also, I found the transformation pictures really helpful. I personally take transformation pictures of myself every once and awhile so I can see how certain workouts/changes in diet affect my body composition. It’s hard to tell otherwise day-to-day. The people who are harping on you to not include the pictures have their own insecurities — I know how that feels, I have been there. But that’s something they need to work on; the answer for them isn’t for you to hide your body so they feel better about themselves. Thanks for including the pics as a visual, and keep doing what you’re doing!

    1. i agree with that, mostly because i go through those same insecurities. and i have to remind myself that it’s not the person who is causing the insecurity, it’s just myself and it’s something i need to work on inside me. thanks for the feedback Callie!

  35. I don’t think the ab photos detract from the meaning of the post. I wish mine could even look like the before pic haha. My stomach seems to store all my fat, so I’ve never had super defined abs, even at my leanest. Genetics suck haha, but power to you Juli!

    1. we all have that thing, whether it’s our stomach or arms or legs or butt. we always wish we had something better or different. just total human nature

  36. This is seriously the BEST POST, Juli! I am always traveling and on the road, so aside from traveling workouts, how to get back on track when you get back home is tremendous! No one ever talks about that. Your simple advice is so practical, and you advise things that I never thought about. Thank you so much!

  37. I’d like to add, that anyone who says they feel bad while looking at your abs, that is THEIR problem, not yours. They need to deal with their own insecurities, which is not up to you. You should be proud of your abs and all the hard work and dedication you put into being healthy. I am not as dedicated, and it shows, but I’m fine with it. You shouldn’t have to apologize for posting these pictures on your own blog.

    I can’t even see any of my abs, but not once did I feel bad about myself when reading this post. I thought it was cool that you did this! Anyone who says the photos detracted are just insecure about themselves, in my opinion.

    Keep doing you, you’re my favorite blogger and podcaster out there, and I don’t even eat Paleo ????

  38. Hi Juli!

    Love this post!! Thank you for sharing and giving me ideas to get back on track when needed. Can you please share what brand of lavender/coconut chips you use? I may have missed it listed..thank you!!!

  39. Hi friend!! Absolutely LOVED this post!! Such a great way to think about a game plan when getting back from vacation. Loved the meal ideas, too! Thanks for the constant inspiration!!!

  40. Hey Juli, I have been reading your blog for a while and I love this post. I would really love to hear your thoughts on getting on the right track to begin with. I have been mainly paleo for 5 years but since having 2 kids in the last 3 years I have not been able to lose the weight I gained from the babies. Having seen your before and after (you look amazing!), can you provide some key takeaways/lessons learned/best practices on how to get on track to begin with? Feel free to have a whole entire blog devoted to your thoughts 😉 I wish you were my health coach.

    1. it’s really hard to say and give you any advice since I’ve never met you nor do i know your daily habits. i would recommend talking to a professional. what i usually find with friends and past clients is that if someone can’t lose weight, it most has to do with what they are eating and/or drinking. alcohol is a big one. getting back on track should always start with diet (including alcohol), a regular fitness regimen, concentrating on getting enough sleep and limiting stress, and figuring out if anything is going on with hormones. but for most, it’s as simple as cutting out sugar and alcohol (even paleo baked goods) and working out regularly

  41. How long do you typically wait after eating and before working out on the crossfit days detailed above? Is it just the collagen coffee before the work out, or breakfast too?

    1. if i workout in the morning, i usually just have coffee with collagen. and sometimes i’ll have some sort of snack like 1/2 larabar or something small like that

  42. This post is so motivating, Juli! I love seeing that getting back on track can happen so fast when you have consistency in your life.
    Thanks for sharing these progress pictures and for sharing your knowledge, you’re the best!

  43. Everyone is commenting on your photos but no one mentions your 5:30am wake up call, #impressed. But seriously, you’re a rockstar. On all fronts. You work hard but still live your best life and inspire your followers to do the same. Great post!

  44. I appreciated the pictures as I’m a visual learner. It is amazing how fast a body can transform and that is why the photos were helpful. Thanks for your insight!

  45. I just read this for the first time, and I’m one that suffers from the same stress about eating as you described on vacation, only it used to be ALL THE TIME… like in a major, bad, unhealthy, disorder-ish type of way. Since then, I’ve resigned to be way less lean, because it’s a quick switch for me, like crazy AF or eating chocolate.
    However, with no macro counting, measuring, blah blah, I’m going to channel my inner Juli and eat your same meals. Not stalker-ish, just gives me a place to start…Love you for that.

  46. Thank you for this great post! It resonates closely with my current struggles of trying to enjoy life and still be healthy. You rock, Juli!

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