Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares

You guys. I wish I had some long chat about Men Tell All from The Bachelorette last night, but I just couldn’t do it. More so my husband couldn’t do it. Since my SIL doesn’t come over to watch The Bachelor anymore because her new job is on the other side of town, my husband is often forced to watch it with me. We have a TV downstairs where I could watch it by myself, but our basement is a solid 6 degrees at all times and it also has spiders. So I just never go down there and remind my husband that I watch golf with him and NEVER complain. Football? F*ck that. But I’ll shut up and stick it out when it comes to golf. I don’t understand why. Maybe because the athletes and spectators aren’t cussing each other out every other second in golf. Or giving each other brain damage. Who knows.

Anywho, I turned on the Men Tell All after my husband agreed to it since he was working on his computer last night, and he lasted a solid 3 minutes before he started picking up his things to head to the other room. He’s the kind of guy who actually hates drama. Not the kind that says they hate drama but you know they’re entering any conversation with any rumor about any person alive while saying how much they HATE drama. He’s the opposite. If I start trying to tell him about something dramatic that has happened, I see him fading fast. Which makes me less dramatic (shame) and a better person (shame). Hence why I didn’t watch the episode last night. Men yelling at each other is public makes me feel weird. I’m here for Bachelor in Paradise and Blake.

PaleOMG Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares

Speaking of drama, can we please talk about my air fryer drama I had last night?! I recently snagged this NuWave air fryer because I’ve seen so many people using them lately and recommending them. This air fryer was definitely on the less expensive side, but sinceI had a handful of friends who recommended it, I decided to pull the trigger and buy it. I couldn’t wait to try it out because my friends told me how much they love to roast veggies in it and that’s something I do almost every night. So I finally pull it out of the box and try it out, making both the way a friend recommended it – 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Nope. Not cooked through WHATSOEVER. Burned on a few edges but still raw in the middle. And I cut my brussels sprouts in fourths and carrots into tiny slivers. So then once I reached out to social media to figure out what I use doing wrong, I got info like cooking them at 370 for 20-25 minutes then upping it to 400 for 5-10 minutes. But that totally defeats the purpose of buying an air fryer. I bought one to cut my cooking time in half, not add time to it. Maybe I just want my veggies different than other people do?? I don’t know but I’m hella pissed!

I’m going to try to stick it out and try it in other ways like cooking pork chops in it tonight, but I’m scared to fail at veggies again. Veggies are my favorites. Damn you air fryer, damn you to hell!!

PaleOMG Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares

Now on a less dramatic note, even though that’s not my style, I read an entire book this weekend! And I know that’s not a big deal to most people out there, but this b*tch right here doesn’t have much time to read. I am on my computer in the morning, in my office and kitchen in the afternoon, then back on my computer all evening. There’s really no time for books unless I want to read 3 pages before I go to bed each night. And after trying to get the The Luckiest Girl Alive for WEEKS, I finally gave up on it and bought The Woman in Cabin 10 at the airport to read on our recent trip to Cabo and I read it in 3 days! I absolutely loved it! And it made me want to read more! I asked people on IG for book recommendations and had probably the most comments EVER in one post. People really feel passionate about books, I guess. And since it will take me FOREVER to get through all the comments, here are the most recommended in the first hundred comments or so:

  • The Couple Next Door
  • Something in the Water
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • The Woman in the Window
  • The Wife Between Us
  • In a Dark, Dark Wood
  • Sharp Objects
  • Then She Was Gone

I’m thinking about getting a couple to read at night, but I also am thinking about getting Audible so I can just listen to books on tape as I work. Should I pull the trigger and start paying the $15/month to listen to 1 book? Give me your advice because I don’t trust my own.

PS – this post totally feels like the good ole’ days when I talked about random sh*t going on in my life…and I’m digging it. Let’s get back to my PaleOMG roots. Cool? Cool.

Now go try this little delicious snack!

PaleOMG Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares


Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares

  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 16 squares 1x


  • 2 (5.3 ounces) container of greek yogurt*
  • 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon lavender buds
  • 2 tablespoons hemp hearts
  • 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts
  • 2 tablespoons coconut chips
  • handful of blueberries
  • handful of dried strawberries

other topping ideas:

  • gluten free or paleo granola
  • gluten free or paleo muesli
  • fresh fruit
  • chia seeds
  • cacao nibs


  1. Line an 8×8 glass baking dish with parchment paper and spray with coconut oil spray.
  2. Place yogurt in a medium bowl.
  3. Add honey, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and lavender buds to a small saucepan and place over medium heat. Cook for 3-4 minutes until honey begins to slightly bubble.
  4. Pour honey into yogurt then add hemp hearts and chopped walnuts and mix until well combined. 
  5. Pour mixture into baking dish and top with coconut chips, blueberries, dried strawberries.
  6. Place in freezer to freeze 3+ hours or just simply overnight! Cut into 16 squares. Store in freezer.


* I used Kite Hill almond milk unsweetened greek yogurt

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PaleOMG Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares

PaleOMG Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


48 thoughts on “Breakfast Yogurt Freezer Squares”

  1. Hi Juli! Just wanted to say two things: 1) I super super super recommend you try that Phillips air fryer that you originally posted in your stories. I cook ALL my veggies in there and they are just so bomb. I roast my brussels in there a few times a week! I’ve personalky tried about 4 or 5 different brands (my family members all have one) and consensus is definitely that Phillips is worth the extra money. 2) don’t do audible! Check out the app Libby— all you need is a local library card and you can get access to audiobooks for free via that app. Maybe take that for a spin before you take the plunge and spend for a monthly subscription.

    1. Yes!! 100% agree with Meaghan about the Libby app. Girl, learn to love your library because you can get all of it there. Libraries are so much more than printed books. Been doing audiobooks for 8+ years on the drive to work. And, by the way, “Behind Closed Doors”…you will NOT Abe able to put it down.

  2. For $10 you can get kindle unlimited on Amazon and get books AND audiobooks!
    I’ve never tried an air fryer, but these yogurt squares look amazing!

    1. Agreed! Do the Kindle Unlimited! It’s amazing! When you have time to sit down and read, you can read and then when you jump in the car or go for a walk, put the audio version on and it picks up where you left off.

  3. Love the book recommendations! I too need a page turner or I’m out. I currently have your second cookbook on my nightstand (yes I read cookbooks like novels).

    I use the app Overdrive to check out audio and e books for free using your local library card. Super easy. You just sometimes have to wait a few days for a copy to become available.

  4. Seconding Kindle Unlimited via Amazon ($10 a month) and the app Libby for library audio books. W/ kindle unlimited you can ‘borrow’ up to 10 books at a time and there’s no return date like the library.

    there’s also a book club you do call book of the month. I haven’t signed up for it bc I get my books from the library but they post on IG the new books every month. the newest ones usually have a wicked long wait list though so I just read older BoTM selections. you pick your selection each month for a fee and they mail you your books.

    I am a huge reader but fell into a major slump the past year or so and didn’t read a single book in all of 2016. 🙁 I broke out of my slump with Bird Box by Eric Heisserer. I demolished that book in 1 day!! it’s being made into a movie too starring Sandra Bullock that comes out i believe this fall.

    Also, if you need help picking books, if you go to The Woman in Cabin 10’s page on Amazon, i like to use the carousel at the bottom that has ‘people who bought this bought this too’ and i get a TON of book recs from that little thing as well.

  5. Hi Juli!I use the app OverDrive for reading/listening to audiobooks and LOVE it! it is a free app and if you have a library card (or can borrow a friends) you just sign into the app using that and you can borrow books and audiobooks for free! The only problem I run into is that you usually only get to borrow the books for 20 days and sometimes you have to wait for a book to become available. But I definitely recommend trying it out before you pay for audible!

  6. Hey Juli!

    I have had audible for a while now and I love it!

    IMO, it’s best for when you have time to listen, such as a commute or going for a walk. I never listen to it while at home. I also find that the experience is best when it’s a good narrator. The narrator can really make or break a book. There are a few narrators who are fantastic, such and Julia Whelan (sp?), who read both The Great Alone and Educated, and the narrator of Something In the Water (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!).

    I’m pretty sure you can find a promo to try audible out for a month to see if you like it.

    Hope this helps!

  7. I am like your husband in regards to The Bachelor. It is hard to watch so I just can’t do it!! My mom is a huge fan of it but it makes my eyes bleed haha However, I did watch this trashy show after called The Proposal and it was just stupid good. Itwas totally shallow but I got sucked in somehow…

  8. Sarabecca Landkamer

    I love audible and listened to most of these books non audible while driving or running or cleaning my house (makes this so much more fun/less awful) or sitting and staring at a wall while I’m supposed to be cleaning my house. It’s the best.

  9. I’ve read two of the books on your list and here are my thoughts: 1: The Couple Next Door – I actually listened to this book, and it was SO good!! Definitely recommend it. 2: The Wife Between Us – not my favorite. It had a very 50 shades-esque feel to it. There were a few twists but nothing that I didn’t see coming. I don’t want you to waste your time and swear off reading forever, so i wanted to warn you!

  10. Hey girl! I LOVE my audible subscription and to be honest I can’t imagine having paperbacks anymore. It is nice to have the odd physical book on you for at night or in the airport but I am all game for listening to the books just like I’d listen to podcasts. If you like all of those crime podcasts you will DEFINITELY love audible. It’s also really fun to listen to books like “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Amy Schumer or things like that because you can hear their sense of humor while you listen. SO GOOD. Highly recommend.

  11. The Marsh King’s daughter by Karen Dionne is really good, about a woman who was a product of a kidnapping and now her father is out of prison and coming after her. Very engaging and easy to read!

  12. I recently started listening to audiobooks on my commute but was tired of paying for Audible. I joined the public library and they have almost every book on audiobook…for free! I live in San Antonio and am unsure if the public library in Denver is different (I’m assuming not). They have an app that you can literally borrow the book then immediately download it to your phone/tablet. I only had to physically go into the library the first time to apply for my card. Hope this helps!

  13. Don’t give up on The Luckiest Girl Alive! Just read that on vacation and it was so good!!
    I too have gone to library books, both real and downloaded- I find I read more if I have a due date or limited time I have them.. free is nice too.

    1. i can’t do it. i feel kind of miserable reading it lol. i can’t stand being around people who complain about their body and themselves constantly which means i definitely don’t want to read about it in a fictional character lol

  14. Definitely Audiobooks!!!!! Other people’s suggestion to start with your library card is good, I live in a tiny town and there’s still plenty of audiobooks at my library. Kindle Unlimited is great too – I’m an obsessive reader and I’ve found loads of books I enjoy on KU, but not that many have the free audiobook. And it’s disappointing when a book I particularly want is not on KU at all. You would have to decide how much enjoyment you get out of the audiobook to determine if Audible is right for you. I do have a few Audible books, and I got the Prime Day $5/month deal, but I choose books I know I will listen to over and over again. Also I choose the longest, most expensive books I can find. 🙂 I figure a 40-hour book that I love is totally worth the $15 credit!!

  15. Juli,

    I’ve LOVE my air fryer! It’s one of the few appliances I keep out on my counter 24-7. BUT I use it as a reheating tool. I roast my potatoes, veggies, paleo chicken fingers, etc. in the oven for my meal prep but when I’m ready to eat them, I reheat them for about 5 minutes in the air fryer and they are even crispier than the oven (like they have been fried). Your “Herb Crusted Acorn Squash” recipe is one of the best this way!! I’ve been following your blog for years so I know you tend to eat something different everyday, but for those out there who meal prep for the week, it’s a great option to feel like you are having freshly prepped meals rather than mush from the microwave!!

  16. This would be SO good with some sort of a granola or cookie crust/base like in your lemon raspberry cheesecake bars. Ooohhh… I may have to try that.

  17. Yes you should definitely get Audible. I love it and use it all the time. I listen to books while I work, in the car and while I work. Definitely worth the $15.00 per month and they do specials all the time where you can buy 3 credits for $33.00. I have listened to way more books than I could ever read. Recipe looks awesome also.

  18. Hey Juli!

    I don’t normally comment but my daughter and I made your yogurt squares and they are sooooo good! They’re like a way healthier version frozen yogurt in a bar. I had to force myself to stop eating the whole thing!

    Thanks for all that you do!

    BTW, I’m a fan of Audible too!

  19. These look yummy. I want to try them soon.

    I wasn’t particularly interested in the couple next door. I skipped ahead. However, that may have been just because I wasn’t in the mood at the time. You might check out “a perfect stranger” by megan miranda. She has other good books too. I’m a big fan. I liked her book “all the missing girls” which was very popular for a period. “Under the harrow” is good too. I cant remember the author for that one. It has a similar feel to that of “girl on the train”.

  20. Oh, btw, if you get a local library card, you can download libby, sign in with your library, and listen to 1000s of audio books free through your library.

  21. This recipes looks interesting but Why heat the raw honey? Makes it no longer raw and according to Ayurvedic principles: can make it bitter but worse , Ayurvedic dietary principles warn that consuming honey that has been cooked, baked or added to hot liquids contributes to ill health over time. The reason is because honey that is cooked becomes like glue. The molecules then tend to adhere to mucous membranes in the digestive tract producing toxins, called ama. The literal meaning of ama is undigested food or toxins stuck within the digestive tract. It is considered to be the root cause of most ill health in Ayurveda with heated honey one of the most difficult forms to detoxify.
    Charaka, the ancient sage of Ayurveda, wrote over 500 years ago that “nothing is so troublesome as ama caused by the improper intake of honey.” (1)

    So could you use maple syrup if the mixture needs heat or use honey but not heat it?

  22. First – I love your website! Your writing just makes me smile and feel like I’m reading a friend’s blog! Secondly – I haven’t taken the plunge on air fryers yet and now I feel like you saved me some cash 🙂 Finally, I second the other poster’s rec for Educated and The Great Alone. They are books that I keep thinking about well after the final page was read.

    Thanks for being you and for sharing you and your recipes with all of us!


  23. Ok, first off these look delish and I will def make for my kiddos. Second – get Audible!! I love to read but it’s so hard to find the time to sit down and read. Since I signed up for Audible, I read so much more and have more opportunities to listen to the books (on the train, grocery shopping, at the gym, while I’m cooking, etc.) – it is totally worth it!!

  24. Elizabeth Belluscio

    Hi Juli,
    Love your recipes!
    Definitely, get Audible! I have been reading books with this app for years! I love it. I don’t have time to sit and read very much. I am in my car and on the road frequently, so I ‘read with Audible! I highly recommend it!

  25. Just FYI – Libby and Overdrive are the same company. Overdrive is the company but their new app Libby is much easier to use (the Overdrive app is getting old and hard to update so they came out with Libby recently). The Denver library has a great selection but I have cards from a couple metro library systems to increase my options;-)

  26. Audible is definitely worth it compared to the price of actual audio books. My husband has a subscription and looooves it but after all of the comments about Kindle unlimited we may have to check that out.

    P.S. A big YES to the old school PaleOMG chats. I loved them!

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