Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video)


I can’t even with this recipe. I love it so much. After making my Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf last year, I thought it would be fun to throw a new spin on it in casserole form. Because PEOPLE LOVE CASSEROLES. People crap the bed over casseroles. And even after making this recipe 4 times in a week, I STILL love it. It’s that good. Just trust me and make it, ok?!

PaleOMG Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video)

You know what I’m slightly sad about? I’m sad it doesn’t get bright out until later in the morning nowadays. I was waking up at 5am every day, then I would crush the entire day and do it all over again the next day. But now I’m not waking up until 6:30am. I’m losing an hour and a half of my day. Sure, I could set an alarm, but that would defeat the whole purpose of working for myself. So instead, I’ll just do the healthy thing about b*tch about it. That’s not annoying at all, is it?

PaleOMG Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video)

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PaleOMG Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video)

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PaleOMG Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video)


Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 55 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x


  • ½ pound bacon

  • 2x16 ounce bags of frozen cauliflower florets

  • ¼ cup nutritional yeast

  • ½1 teaspoon salt

  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder

  • ½ teaspoon onion powder

  • 1/4 teaspoon white pepper

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 pounds ground beef

  • ½ yellow onion

  • 2 garlic cloves

  • ½ cup ketchup

  • ¼ cup mustard

  • ¼ cup mayo

  • salt and pepper, to taste

  • chopped green onions, for garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease a large baking dish.
  2. Cook bacon until crispy, chop into small pieces and set aside.
  3. Steam cauliflower until fork tender. Add to a high speed blender and blend to combined. Then add nutritional yeast, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, white pepper, and eggs and blend until super smooth. Set aside.
  4. Place ground beef, onion and garlic in a large pan and break meat into small pieces, until meat has browned, add a bit of salt. Then add ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Mix then add a bit more salt and pepper and ½ the bacon.
  5. Pour beef mixture into the greased baking dish and spread evenly throughout. Pour cauliflower mixture on top and spread evenly throughout. Top with the rest of the bacon and a bit of black pepper.
  6. Place in oven to bake for 20-25 minutes, until top has slightly browned.
  7. Top with green onions before serving.

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PaleOMG Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video)

PaleOMG Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video) _____________

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144 thoughts on “Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (+cooking video)”

  1. This looks too easy to be delicious… which is what I always say about your 5-ingredient PALEOMG Spaghetti Pie!! So i’ll have to make this!

    funny story about the sticky bra. and belly button sweat. Can definitely feel that hahah

  2. I’m wondering what you’d think about how long my marriage will last since we didn’t have dessert at our wedding at all! We eloped in Costa Rica and since no one else was there, there really was no need for cake (or pie). Of course, we had dessert with our dinner which we called our ‘wedding reception.’ 😉

  3. Do you think this recipe will work without the eggs? Looks so deelish but I cannot have eggs! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes, as always!

  4. I CAN’T wait to make this and I know my husband will love this. I make your buffalo chicken casserole from your last cookbook a lot and while he enjoys it, he doesn’t want to eat it all the time like I can. He’s not the biggest spaghetti squash fan. This will be fun to switch up!

  5. This looks amazing – can’t wait to make it! I also love that you put your bra in someone else’s bag – that is 100% something I would do. The best.

  6. This week has been the worst. My fridge quit working (apparently that can happen when you don’t get both French doors shut all the way, who knew), so I’m eating things like “sardine and avocado salad” and work is slowly destroying me on a cellular level. But then I read your story and watched your video, and I now have a new lease on life. I can’t wait to make this casserole–I have a feeling it’s going to be The Casserole of The Year (last year it was your buffalo chicken casserole). Thank you so much. I’m pretty sure I owe you money now. Like at least a copay or something. ‘Cause this was better than therapy or a massage, or whatever else people make appointments for to feel good again!

    1. omg a fridge not working is the absolute worst! i went through that a couple months ago and it was a nightmare! glad i could bring you a little lightheartedness during a crappy week!

  7. What kind of camera do you use for your food photos? They’re beautiful! Do you use a different camera for traveling?
    Cant wait to try this recipe!! 🙂

    1. i use a Canon EOS-5D Mark III with the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens! and i have a small camera i usually take with me while traveling, but i mostly just use my phone for traveling photos because i get lazy carrying the camera around

  8. You know how some people get married and their life is totally boring without all the drama of dating? Somehow you’ve circumvented that. This story made me LOL! I can’t wait to make this casserole for my boyfriend and my roommate. They are going to love me forever. Thanks for the bomb recipe!

    1. that’s hilarious you say that because i was just telling my husband the other day how boring i am now that we are married lol so thank you for thinking that!

  9. Yum Juli! Adding this to our meals for the week! LOVE your recipes and podcast OMG you are THE BEST! ps…we live in Omaha 🙂 and I’ve been a long-time listener/reader and recipe maker of yours. Thanks for inspiring me to make delicious meals week after week! Xo!

  10. Do you think dijon mustard would work as well as yellow mustard? (I hate yellow mustard so I don’t keep it around, but I do like dijon!)

    1. I’ve made this 3 times following Juli’s recipe to the T. Didn’t have to change my shoes once. It is delicious whether I eat it from the casserole straight out of the oven or from tupperware out of the fridge 3 days later. So tasty and satiating. So, I’ve messed around a few times since:

      – yellow mustard tastes so much more like a cheeseburger than Dijon or stone ground
      – Worcesthershire is an addition to consider if it’s a part of your burger routine
      – last time I put sesame seeds in the cauliflower “bun” and I really liked it

      Also, freezing it is not recommended unless you can really dehydrate that cauliflower blend without overcooking it. I haven’t tried it on this casserole but with others the high water content of crucifers gets “unemulsified” (?) in the freezer and ends up soupy in the bottom of the dish = soggy cheeseburger :/

      Finally, if you’re making it for the first time bake it long enough so it’s browned like the video version. Yuh um!

  11. Looks delish! I am allergic to eggs and yeast, any suggestions? I was thinking about cashew cream for the top instead of the yeast…

  12. This was great! I was hesitant about the nutritional yeast and cauliflower, but it tasted great! My kiddos ate it as well which is a plus in my book.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Miranda Defferrard

    This looks so good I can’t wait to try it! Juli, can you link (or tell me where to find) the ground meat breaker-up-er? I’m tired of using my wooden spoon.

  14. Can I use bragg’s nutritional yeast seasoning for the nutritional yeast? I cannot find just “nutritional yeast” That is all I could find.

  15. If you swapped the beef for Turkey do you think it would turn out the same? any adjustments you would make to the wet ingredients?

    1. it would turn out the same, it just wouldn’t taste the same. but that’s not a bad thing. i don’t think i would make any adjustments other than maybe a little bit more salt since turkey has less fat

  16. Wondering what I did wrong. My topping tastes more like cornbread and less like cheese. Maybe I over-cauliflowered? I went a bit ham on the cauli.

  17. Oh my gawd Julie you hit it out of the park with this one! I love all your casseroles but this one is by far my fav! Simple ingredients, fast and easy process, and packed with flavour! ” Thanks for sharing!

  18. Juli! I made this recipe on Friday night for a dinner party. IT WAS A HIT!!!! Everyone ate second helpings! Thanks for creating amazing casserole recipes. I LOVE them so darn much. You are just the best!

  19. Omg Juli!
    My husband and I just made this for dinner for us and my parents and there were NO leftovers – everyone loved it!! ????
    Thanks for sharing such lovely recipes!

      1. Thank you for the link to the ear buds.

        Made the casserole last night and just as I expected, it was loved by all, Kids and Hubs.

        You are do generous with how you share all your wonderful creations and ‘finds’.

  20. making this tonight for the family. I just know they will love it. By the way, what earbuds did you decide on? how are they working out for you?
    Thanks so much for sharing all the content, it is fantastic.

  21. Hello, I made this last night, and it was indeed a hit! I used ground turkey, as I don’t eat beef. I also made mine with Dijon mustard. I will definitely put this in my repertoire.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  22. I love your video! Thanx for the Recipe. I made it last night, really good. Eating leftovers for lunch today. I didn’t have any bacon, but it still tastes really good without it. Nobody else in my house likes it though, I said good more for me hehe.

  23. Yum! I’m making this, this week for sure! And I LOVE your video. It’s so refreshing to see what REAL cooking looks like. You’re hilarious!

  24. I made this last night, and absolutely loved it. Oh my goodness. The tang of the ketchup really opened up the flavor of the beef. Best paleo casserole I’ve ever made. Thank You!

  25. Dude! I made this yesterday and don’t even really like Cheeseburgers but this recipe is the BOMB!! Thank you so much Juli! I had to add an extra egg to the cauliflower to get the blender going and I also added Dill to the meat mixture. Off to make your “Chili Cornbread Casserole” now. I love meal prepping with your recipes.

  26. Do you drain the fat after browning the meat? I would assume so but wanted to double check before making it. Love, love your podcasts and recipes!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  27. What would you recommend I could add to this recipe if I wanted to spice it up a little bit? Maybe just some jalapenos? I love this recipes and the pictures just look amazing so I’ll definitely make this soon

    1. nutritional yeast is actually super common. i’ve found it at every grocery store i’ve shopped at – king soopers, safeway, natural grocers and whole foods. and you can always easily order it online via amazon and get it in 2 days (or quicker). however, i do not have a substitute for it

    1. that’s hard for me to say because i personally like cauliflower. but i don’t think it’s an overwhelming flavor. however, i do not have an substitute for this recipe

  28. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t make this in the morning and stick in the fridge for a few hours and then pop in the oven for dinner? I noticed someone says above not to freeze it but wasn’t sure about just sticking it in the fridge for a while.

  29. Hi Juli! I made this recipe last week and my husband and I loved it! I made it with one duck egg (all I had) and Primal Kitchen Chipotle mayo (all I had). It lasted two days in th fridge because we both had several servings for leftovers! I’ll be making this again and again

  30. Hi, Juli!!
    I made this tonight for me and the hubs and it was soooo yummy!! As far as I’m concerned it’s a keeper!! It was easy to do and easy to assemble!! I even added slices of dill pickle between the layers which made it more cheeseburgery to us!! Good stuff!!

  31. Finally made this and it was so delicious! I’m not Paleo but I like your recipes because they’re clean and loaded with veggies! I was skeptical of the nutritional yeast but I’m glad I used it. It really does make the cauliflower taste cheesy!

  32. This is our go to right now – so freaking good! We are doing keto so just modified by using real cheese in with the cauliflower instead of nutrition yeast and it’s PERFECT. We also chopped dill pickle slices and added to the meat mixture – if you like pickles on your burgers, definitely do this!

  33. This was your first casserole recipe that we tried and LOVED it!! Hubs ate about half the pan in one sitting. Kids liked it too! I usually don’t care about their opinion, because sometimes they refuse to eat cereal…because it’s too wet…but, I figured it was important to mention that the little shits ate this!! The rest was gone the next day. We’ve also tried the Pad Thai one, and chili cornbread. All fabulous.

  34. I made this for dinner tonight and yum! Definitely going to be a new weeknight go-to. Can you believe it was hard to find normal cauliflower at the grocery store? I could find every frickin flavor of riced cauliflower though ha!

  35. Hi Juli! I have to avoid cauliflower for a digestive disorder. Do you think I could try sweet potatoes or regular potatoes? thanks so much!

  36. So freaking delicious!! Juli is not kidding – you are going to want to eat this every day. Potentially every meal 😉 Thanks for the yummy, nutritious meal!

  37. I made this casserole for about the 10th time. Just wanted to tell you again how much I love it! It’s one of my all time favorites on your site. Thanks for always posting yummy recipes that are healthy!!!

  38. Could you use a food processor instead of a blender? Excited to make this tonight!

    Ps…your Instagram stories are my absolute fave!

  39. I have made this so many times I hardly need to look up the recipe any more! It’s SO good and SO filling. The nutritional yeast is such a good idea/added touch!

  40. I Know it’s annoying to ask about substitutes- but do you think butternut squash would work as the cheesy layer instead of cauliflower? My only concern would be how the eggs would work. Obviously it would taste different.
    Love thus idea though! As soon as I can find some damn cauliflower I’ll have to make it again!

  41. Made this tonight. SO good! I’ll be sharing on my facebook! It is super meaty, so I had a salad with it. I would definitely call this a nice comfort dish.

  42. I made this tonight and it was delicious! I have a regular blender and adding a third egg makes all the difference. Thanks for a great recipe!

  43. Hey Juli- long time follower here, first time making this particular recipe though. Does the cauliflower need to be frozen?
    The frozen veggie sections have been pretty empty lately! #hoarders

  44. There is certainly a good deal of work to get this together, but if you need a well spiced tasty Paleo meal, this is it! My family loved it! Thank you.

  45. This was a hit, Miss Juli!!! But I did wind up losing my tamper inside my vitamix (it jumped in there, I swear!) and had to throw away the cauliflower batch and have hubby run to the store and make a new one. Darn you, Elijah Craig! I used primal kitchen chipotle because that’s all I had. But it was the bomb dot com. My cauliflower was more like mashed potatoes. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be more cohesive. But it’s soo delish!!

  46. This has become a staple in our house! Tonight I was fed up with the kiddos pickiness and risked blending in some chickpeas, broccoli and liver into the meat sauce haha. It worked! No one was the wiser! Thank you for your consistently fabulous recipes, humour, and your infectious positivity. Love following you!

  47. So good!! I needed a casserole and found this recipe! It’s so good! Definitely going to make again! I put extra ketchup and mustard on top when I had leftovers and that was good too!

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