Banana Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Mixed Berry Compote

I really don’t even know what a compote is.

Btw, I’m in a bake shop right now and it smells stupid good. Like double chocolate cookies. Some with Reese’s mini cups in the middle. FML. Sometimes paleo is just not quite as fun.

Speaking of stupid good, these pancakes definitely were delicious. And they cooked up just perfect. I usually have a hell of a time making pancakes, but I’ve found that if you just make them smaller, they turn out. And smaller things are cuter. Just a fact. But what I think made these pancakes delicious was how I made them. You see, I just got 2 new swimsuits in from Victoria’s Secret. Well, kind of. My ass is on the plump side, so I had to exchange my medium bottoms for large, so once I got those, I tried them on. And I just so happened to be making pancakes while I tried my new swimsuits on. Multitasking is always something going on in my house. So while I made around 15-20 pancakes, I stood in the kitchen, while it was snowing outside, in my bright coral colored swimsuit. I must just be super stoked about my beach trips coming up because I’m not feeling super great in the swimsuits yet. Just neutral. Either way, they fit, and that’s a plus.

But when it came to taking pictures of these cute little pancakes, which I take outside on my front porch, I decided I didn’t want to change out of my swimsuit. Rather just put on a robe. And a jacket. And furry boots. I squatted while taking this food picture. My poor neighbors. Wanna see my outfit? Cool.


Let’s talk about cooler outfits though. Did you know I have a clothing line? Ok, it’s not really a clothing line, but I do have pretty sweet PaleOMG apparel {No longer available}. I got some tanks, some shirts, and even headbands because people shouldn’t have to ever, EVER workout without a headband. The other day I did that and I could taste my sweat. Who wants that? No one, that’s who. Anyways, coming up in March, I’m going to host a PaleOMG apparel contest. I want people to send in their best pictures in their PaleOMG gear. Whether that’s while doing a 1rm deadlift, cooking up a delicious recipe, or while making out with a rando. Ok, it doesn’t have to be a rando. It could be your lover. That would probably be less weird. But what matters is how rad you make the picture in your PaleOMG gear. And the winner gets something really cool, a prize that will include my first cookbook. What do you think about that idea? I want some feedback before I do it. NOW SPEAK!



Banana Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Mixed Berry Compote

  • Yield: 4-5 1x


  • 2 bananas, peeled
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons coconut flour
  • 1 vanilla bean pod
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 12 tablespoons honey


  1. Place banana in a food processor and puree until smooth.
  2. Then crack eggs into food processor and mix together.
  3. Now you’ll want to get the beans out of you vanilla bean pod. Use a sharp knife to cut the pod in halve, lengthwise. Then use the back of your knife to scrape out the inside of the pod, removing all the flecks.
  4. Toss the flecks into the food processor along with coconut flour, vanilla extract, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.
  5. Puree until smooth.
  6. Now heat up a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Once skillet is hot, pour around 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture into skillet. I made each pancake about 3 inches, and that was perfect for flipping.
  7. Wait until each pancake begins to form bubbles on the surface, then flip. If you keep the pancakes smaller, the will cook more evenly and flip perfectly.
  8. While the pancakes are cooking, let’s make the compote.
  9. Place frozen berries in a small saucepan over medium-high heat. Once the mixed berries begin to soften, add in honey and use a spatula to break up the berries even more.
  10. Make all your pancakes and top with berry compote.


Makes 16-18, 3 inch pancakes

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PaleOMG Banana Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Mixed Berry Compote



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177 thoughts on “Banana Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Mixed Berry Compote”

    1. I made this. it came out pretty pretty pretty well. I used arrowroot flour since I had no coconut flour. The sauce was sooo lucious and gorgeous. I used all blueberries and don’t think that it needed any extra sweetner. good recipe.

  1. from bottom to top:
    ahhhhhhhh pancakes
    yay amazon orders!
    yes, contest!
    boots with the furrrrrrr; are your bikini bottoms gold lame? getting spicy
    (hahaha jk jk)
    ahhhhhhhh pancakes
    so small so cute
    compote? isn’t that a dude? with glasses?
    Oh, lol, no. That’s capote. Truman Capote.
    thanks for making my Friday even better than it would have been!!!

  2. How did you know I NEED pancakes today?? They’re my go-to “I had a shitty day” food. Why won’t my husband wake up now so I can use the food processor?!

  3. Juli, I can always get me to laugh! Hope your neighbors appreciated your swimsuit and furry boots looks….very Sports Illustrated!! Heheheh

    Where can I see and order your stuff? I couldn’t find it on this page.


  4. Yes pancakes with berries, I wish I had two bananas right now so I could make these for my birthday breakfast!

    YES on the contest, that would be awesome. Just like these pancakes.


  5. Do you have an alternative for the vanilla bean pod ingredient perhaps? Maybe a little more extract? They can just be expensive sometimes… thanks!

  6. i’ve made “pancakes” with just the banana and egg and i’ve been wondering if adding a little almond/coconut flour would puff them out more. thanks for this! running to the store for coconut flour now!

  7. Hellllllo guys! I was wondering if this recipe made for a soft, squishy pancake or a more firm, crispy one. I’ve had the hardest time making paleo pancakes. All of mine are just sooooo squishy.

  8. Going to make pancakes now… I was going to make waffles but the universe according to Juli says pancakes-don’t deny the universe.just.don’t.

  9. I’ve been looking for a pancake recipe to cook tomorrow morning. It’s been too long since I last had pancakes. I’ve tried a few paleo pancakes in the past and none of them have been quite right. None of your recipes have failed me yet so I’m pretty excited for these pancakes.

  10. Hi Juli,

    I ordered your book the first day of pre-sale, 12/17/12, I mean duh, why wouldn’t i? I never was e-mailed a receipt & i just double checked & it was double checked. Is there anyway somebody can look into this? I seriously have a countdown going. i am SO pumped to receive your FIRST COOKBOOK!

  11. Because *everyone* knows you get the best natural light for photography outside! I too have pulled off an outfit like this this many times. Well, “pulled off” might not be an accurate statement. I think my cat ran away with his tail all fluffy. Being a cake artist and wanna be food stylist, I would photograph my cakes and baked goods on my back porch away from passer bys and looky-loos mainly because a girl with insane bed head hair, ripped pajama pants, an oversized winter coat and flip flops holding a huge camera and precariously tilting a large tiered fake cake into the light with her big toe while straddling a vintage wooden table in her driveway might cause some immediate neck-snapping WTFs?!?!?! and then possibly some bad accidents. Good photography with perfect lighting is never worth THAT.

    Oh, and yeah…these pancakes are happening. Right now.

  12. I’m such a sweets whore. Paleo hasn’t changed that. I now just bake Paleo sweets instead. Thank GOD you seem to live sweet things like pancakes as much as I do. Yaaaay for a mouth full of sweet teeth!!! 😀

  13. I’m imagining all of your readers are as hilarious and ridiculous (that is a good thing, by the way) as you, so I think the photo idea is fantastic. Oh, and I’d do some wild things to get a pink paleOMG breast cancer awareness tank. Headbands make my already chubby cheeks look like I just had my wisdom teeth taken out. It’s not cute… at all.

  14. I love the idea of a PaleOMG gear competition… makes me think that I might need to break down and buy some stuff! : ) Instead of just oogling it!

  15. Elizabeth Villandre

    First of all, you are fan-freaking-tastic. Like really. I am new to the paleo world (lost my paleo virginity about a month ago) and am in the incredibly stupid process of transitioning my 3 girls. They fucking hate me right now. I have been creeping your blog and every single post has me laughing and drooling. I am going to make these better-than-sex looking pancakes tomorrow. I think the only real way to win over the beasts is to show them all your delicious food. Seriously though, I think you may be my life saver!

  16. These came out awesome!! Will def be making these over and over!! My husband asked me several times “are you sure they are paleo” and my 3 year old son loves them too!!

  17. These were a HIT for my families breakfast! I recently found your blog and this is the second recipe of yours that I’ve made this week! Thanks =)

  18. These are insanely good! Didn’t tell my bf they were Paleo until after he cleaned his plate. He’s now a believer! These will definitely be added to our weekend morning menu rotation!

  19. these pancakes were so easy to make and they were double delish! i did not have a vanilla bean so i used 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. I did not do the berries, but what i did do was fried up some bananas in coconut oil and topped my pancakes with that. Huge success! thanks for the great recipe!!

  20. Since the site for pre-ordering your cookbook was down my hubby gave me an IOU for my birthday last week hahaha! I LOVED it and can’t wait for the cookbook!

  21. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! We’ve made it twice in one weekend:) our friend is allergic to bananas so we made it with pumpkin purée and it was still awesome for anyone with banana allergies. Thanks Juli! You always make eating fun.

  22. I made this morning, but with a twist. Instead of vanilla, I added about 1/4 cup cashew butter. I swear it tasted just like banana bread pancakes.

  23. OOOOH i made these little beauties this morning and my tummy was sooooo HAPPY that I did. THANK YOU sister!!!! I am a HUGE fan and telling everyone about ya. 🙂 Keep the goodies coming.

  24. I made it this morning, and it came out delicious!! I’d post a pic, but can’t figure out how to do that…but my friends on Facebook and Instagram are impressed with the pics. Thanks so much!

  25. Holy crap, these are amazing! Good call on the smaller size, my pancakes looked more like scrambled eggs until I made them smaller. That compote was awesome, I doubled it so my brood wouldn’t fight, but they did anyway over who got to lick the spoon.
    When I lived in Colorado, it was totally fine to walk around in swimwear and boots in the dead of winter, and maybe a jacket, to get to the hot tub.

  26. My hubby and I tried to make these yesterday and they tasted really yummy but they were gooey in the middle and didn’t ever seem to cool thru. Your picture looked so yummy and looked alot like regular pancakes. Any idea what I might have done wrong? They just never got fluffy.

  27. Good timing on these Juli. Made these during the big snow day yesterday. Just ran out of the 3 berry Costco bag so I used strawberries instead and it worked nicely. Someone above asked about not having vanilla bean, neither did I. I went with 2 teaspoons of extract instead and it tasted great. Probably not as good as the vanilla beans but still good.

  28. HI Juli! How important is the bean pod? Can I sub something else in for that? I don’t have even the slightest idea where to get one here in Edmonton. thanks!!

  29. I liked this recipe. We ate up every last one of them. The only thing i changed was adding 1/3 cup coconut milk (canned) and 1/4 cup coconut oil. It makes the pancakes less sticky so you don’t have to grease the pan. They were moist and super fluffy and tender. I can’t wait to make them again.

  30. So it’s snowing & crappy here, and I’m suffering from a gluten hangover (not ENTIRELY my fault this time, as I was feeling nauseous yesterday and for me, saltine crackers are the ultimate cure) and yet still wanting something carby & grainy & bad for me. THIS POST COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED AT A BETTER TIME!!! Yes, I’m shouting. Thank you, I now know what is on the menu for dinner, and the kids will be stoked as they love the whole “breakfast for dinner” bit.

  31. These pancakes are absolutley AWESOME! My twin boys were actually lurking around the kitchen to nibble on the crumbs from flipping the pancakes!

  32. Heya. I’ve just found your website. Enjoying it so far. 🙂 I’ve just started a Paleo diet, so natrally I’m on the look out for good sites to pinch recipies from!

    Do you think it’d be OK to use Almond flour instead? I’d really like to try this out!

  33. Made these for dessert tonight (which was Brazilian chicken curry and delicious btw) and they were a hit with my fella and me – had em with blueberries as that’s what I have lying round, and cream because cream is awesome.

    Thanks juli, once again 🙂

  34. I am making now. Didn’t have much luck with pancakes staying together. I have made paleo pancakes in the oven on a pan with parchment paper and they always turn out good. Will do that next time. Eating them now, taste great!

  35. Did in fact make them last night, and they were delicious! they didn’t hold together quite as good as regular pancakes while flipping, so they were a little misshapen, but oh so delicious!

  36. I have a pancake obsession and these were great! I didn’t have any problems with flipping them or them holding together. Almost too good to share!

  37. I doubled this recipe, but instead of four bananas I used two bananas and about a half cup of pumpkin puree (I really wanted to make your pumpkin waffles, but we had no coconut milk at the moment, so I compromised), also used freshly-grated nutmeg instead of the cinnamon. My compote also consisted of fresh pears and blackberries instead of frozen mixed berries, also.

    Regardless, I’m sold. I’m a new devotee. I didn’t know grain- and nut-free could be so damn good.

  38. We’ve been Paleo for about 6 weeks and have had problems finding good breakfast recipes … this one is a keeper!

    For those of you wondering where the coconut flour is in the directions … look at #4.

  39. Rachael Gosdin

    I made these for my whole family. First of all, kudos for coming up with a tasty and beautiful pancake! My only comment would be that as the recipe is written, it didn’t make nearly as many as it did for you, and I did make them pretty small. However, because the recipe is so quick and easy, I just quickly doubled it as the first batch was cooking. Big hit with my 2 and 4 year old, especially with the addition of a few chocolate chips. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  40. These were AMAZING! The recipe was quick to throw together and was delicious. I did learn, however, that my pancake flipping skills suck. :/

  41. YUM! Seriously – I mean YUM!! My 4 yr old had thirds. This is the first Paleo pancake recipe my husband said he liked. Did I say ???? YUM!

  42. Yum. It took me a while to get the temperature right (I use a stainless skillet with coconut oil instead of non-stick), but by the end of the batch the recipe was working for me.

    I skipped the berry compote and threw a handful of Enjoy Life mini chips into the batter. YUM!

  43. I’ve tried this 2 times now. Each time it’s awesome!! I don’t have vanilla beans, so I skipped that step. I didn’t’ have good luck with the caramelized plantain pancake recipe (they weren’t ripe enough) so I tried this one and sub’d plantains. Greatness all the same!

    Thanks so much for sharing such an easy recipe that tastes great! I’m loving paleo pancakes!!

  44. I’ve decided that you’re hilarious.

    I like the way you talk to yourself while you’re writing.

    Your recipes are awesome as well…so far.

    All that said, I like your PaleOMG gear idea. You should do it.

  45. Question: Made these yum-o’s this past weekend. Wondering if they will work as waffles? Should I make any adjustments? Thanks for keeping us all psyched in the kitchen.

  46. Made these!!! Totally delish and easy!! Instead of making the compote I just heated up some frozen berries in the micro w/ a little water until they were hot. But LOVED this recipe and how simple it was. Thank you!! =]

  47. Juli, you are a genius!! Holy smokes. I had a moment of wondering why I didn’t get very many pancakes…then realized it was because I ate probably half the batter before I managed to form them into pancakes…oops.

    With maple syrup, for dinner, comfort food pre-13.1 tomorrow.

    Thank you!!!

  48. This is the second time I’ve made these pancakes and I got the technique down
    better this time. for sure make the pancakes small, they flip much easier.
    These pancakes are delicious and a real treat on the weekends.
    My husband and I are new to paleo , so these kind of recipes have made the transition easier.
    I am really enjoying your website, the humor and
    the great recipes.
    thanks again,
    bernadette 5 STARS

  49. Omg!! These are the best tasting and texture paleo pancakes I have ever had! I can’t even begin to describe how yummy these were!! I think I made an “o” face as I fell in love with my first bite. You are f’ng awesome!! Thanks for the delicious recipes!!

  50. Amazing! Just Amazing! So glad I found them…they just saved me! Is it bad that I ate them all myself 🙁

  51. My husband and I have tried a bunch of paleo pancake recipes but this one takes the cake! (haha!) Freaking amazing! I have a new found appreciation for coconut flour 😀

  52. finally had a chance to make these….amazing. very worth trying to cut a vanilla bean lengthwise.

    love the website, thanks for everything you post!

  53. We made therefor breakfast this morning and they were amazing! The recipe made about about a dozen for us and we ate the all! Tipped them with a blueberry strawberry honey mixture. Thanks so much, we’ll be having these again!

  54. These were fantastic! I have been looking for an alternative to almond flour pancakes. My husband was a little skeptical at first, but they were a big hit.
    This recipe made enough for my husband and two boys. We just ate the pancakes topped with fresh diced strawberries and a little maple syrup. Thank you!

  55. These pancakes are so good, I can’t get enough!! you are amazing – thank you for what you do!!! ~<3 paleo~

  56. I just started the Paleo Diet about 2 months ago. I’m still adjusting to the meals I am able to cook, and I actually love cooking. I just bumped into your website today and these meals look fantastic. I can’t wait to try these pancakes.

  57. Amazing! This recipe is great, I was worried that it would be eggy, but it wasn’t. I had some friends ask me to make paleo pancakes for them and I chose your recipe to use so I made a test batch and my family ate them up so fast that I only got one for myself! I am going to have to make a triple batch next time:) Thank you!!!!

  58. Those were so good! FINALLY a good pancake recipe with coconut flour! DEF my go to pancake recipe! I only used 1 banana (because that’s all I had ;( ) and no vanilla flecks. Never the less it was banging! I bet it taste even better with those other 2 missing key ingredients! PROPS GIRL!

  59. These were FANTASTIC. These are not really easy though, just because you have to watch them so they dont burn and you cant cheat and flip them too early, or you got a mess to deal with your pan.

    They look just like yours.

    I omitted vanilla bean. I pureed the berries.

    They taste PERFECT.

  60. I was like a kid at Christmas when I had these – delicious! I want to pass the recipe on to my sister but she has a coconut allergy. Does anyone know if they can be made with Almond Flour or some other flour alternative?

  61. OMG is right! These pancakes were delicious. The only downfall was I had to share them with the rest of my family 😉

  62. These were, hands down, the best paleo pancakes I’ve ever had. In fact, they were better than most wheat based pancakes I’ve ever had, too. These are not a sacrifice in any way, shape, or form. Thank you SO very much!!!

    PS…we had them with bacon and maple syrup since I didn’t have the berries to make the compote. Mmmm…

  63. Topped these with some homemade cinnamon applesauce for my toddler (he’s not a berry fan) which was really good! I admit though, I left out the vanilla bean the second time I made them because I’m lazy and it’s pricey. They still taste amazing 🙂

  64. I have now idea what went wrong, but I dumped the rest of the batter after trying to make 4 small pancakes. Always irritating to waste ingredients and have a huge mess in the kitchen with nothing to show for it. Now I’m making eggs for the 5th time this week. I can’t even explain what went wrong. I just couldn’t flip them AT ALL — they were like a big lump of goo on the griddle that, when I tried to flip them, just fell apart.

    1. Me too! I finally turned my stove temp way down and put the lid on my frying pan while cooking the first side. That helped out considerably. I also starting stirring up the batter really well in between batches.

  65. What a hit! So, I made a half-batch of these for my 2 year old this morning and was so mad at myself for not making the full batch because they were delicious! Instead of the fruit and honey, I did a handful of goodlife choc. chips and a glob of almond butter for an Elvis twist. Yum. Thanks for another great recipe

  66. Just made these this morning for the first time and WOW! SO delicious. By far the best paleo pancakes I’ve tried yet! My bf loved them and he’s a normal eater so well done!! Thanks for another awesome recipe Juli! You make my brunch dreams come true..

  67. Thanks for this recipe! These pancakes are amazing! Everyone loved them, and the fruit compote equally amazing and so simple. It sometimes feels like it is so hit or miss with paleo pancakes (or baked goods) but these were just great. Thanks again!

  68. Cute Cakes! Hubby agreed they are ‘pancake-like,’ a relief to him, no doubt. My first sacrificial cake got a bit burnt (but I ate it anyway), so I put the heat back to Medium and the rest were fabulous! Thank you for a fabulous breakfast idea 🙂

  69. These were really delicious! I would suggest doubling the recipe though as I only got 9 smallish pancakes out of this. Not sure how you managed 16-18!

  70. I just made these and they certainly didn’t look as pretty as yours did! But they tasted delicious 🙂

  71. Day 5 of 30 day Paleo challenge -seriously need something special on this Sunday morning. OMG did these ROCK! Thank you!!

  72. April Hackworth

    I’m in LOVE!!!! First pancakes I’ve had in 2 months, and the BEST PANCAKES EVER!!!!!
    When cooking these, low heat & patience are key,
    But worth every saliva inducing second!

    1. April, I wish I read your post prior to making these yummie pancakes. I struggled with pancakes. Nevertheless, no matter how sloppy they looked, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

  73. We are new to paleo and dairy free due to health issues with our kiddos. Tried these this morning and my incredibly picky 2 yr old (who only likes carbs and cheese) ate 3 servings!! I’m struggling to feed him anything due to his pickiness and these are a goldmine. Just an FYI, I learned long ago that you can hide veggies in “breads”. So I added a shredded zucchini (uncooked) into the batter. I always do this to help get veggies into my kiddos ( Someday they”ll ask why mom’s foods are green). They were great! Thank you

  74. I am making these right now, and I am having a heck of a time flipping them. Even when they get super brown on the bottom, they do not want to stay together when I flip them. I am making them super small, and it is still giving me problems. Do I need to add more coconut flour to thicken them up a bit?

  75. So I just made these, at 2:30 pm in the afternoon, cause its my day off and I do what I want! They were heaven in my mouth!! Seriously the best paleo pancakes I’ve even eaten, and I am a connoisseur of pancakes. If you don’t have vanilla beans on hand it’s ok they’ll still taste great, but I seriously urge everyone to go out and get some real vanilla beans! I mean I got mine at Costco for gods sake! Also I halved the recipe, but used two eggs and it came out perfect! Thanks Juli for another fantastic recipe!

  76. Thanks for this awesome recipe. It is even kid approved. I made them for my super picky nephew and he devoured them. I added a few Enjoy Life chocolate chips to his and he loved it.

  77. I have just included a link to your delicious pancake recipe in our blog post about paleo today!! 🙂 Super tasty and they were the only ones that did not break apart after trying other paleo pancake varieties! Katharina

  78. these were fantastic! great texture, the hubs and the kids like it. i’ve tried a few recipes, and they are soooo yummy and sweet on their own, even without the compote. we doubled the recipe for 4 people and it was perfect (with a few leftover for snacks later).

  79. Holy shitballs! I have made some other paleo pancakes before, with almond flour, and, let me tell you, that was the LAST time I was going to make paleo pancakes. They just had no redeeming qualities at all. But, since today is Father’s Day, and I am a Good Wifey, I grudgingly made Hubbins some of these pancakes. Ho.Lee.Crap.Ola. They were fantastic! These shall be making into my belly with some fairly certain degree of regularity, that’s fo shizzle…love, Love, LOVE!

  80. Made these today for my hubby for Father’s Day. It’s the first recipe of yours I have tried. Wow! These were amazing! The only thing I realize is that I am probably going to have to double all your recipes since there are 5 people in my family. (: By the way, we love your blog. My husband and I are highly entertained by your streams of thought. Thanks for sharing your recipes!!

  81. I didn’t have any vanilla bean on hand, but this recipe was far better than the plain coconut pancake recipe I tried the other day. I think the banana helps cut the gritty flavor a lot. These were fab thank you!! I also added (I’m not sure if it needed it or not) a tbls of coconut oil to make them into waffles and with a little longer cooking they were awesome! Thanks!!! I would rate this a 5 if my phone wasn’t acting up.

  82. What do you use to ensure that your pancakes don’t stick to the pan? I tried using soy butter but it keeps burning and making my pancakes turn black 🙁 Do you use ghee or coconut oil?

  83. Juli,
    If I were to pre-make them so my husband can quickly make them for breakfast the next day, would it be best to make the batter and cook them in the morning or to make them all the way and just re-heat the pancakes. Just not sure if the uncooked batter will work as good if it sits in the fridge overnight. My husband loves pancakes but I’m trying to transition him to paleo so I have to make the stuff myself or he wont bother.

  84. Keep ’em small and cook on low, and you’ll be delighted! Another winner from our girl, PaleOMG. Great breakfast pancakes for adults and kids.

  85. Made these this morning and was afraid of what the coconut flour would do but they were awesome!! I didn’t make the compote this go round and added the honey as a topping directly. Thank you for such great ideas.

  86. Just made these for my non paleo niece and nephew and even my super picky nephew gobbled them up and asked or more 🙂

  87. So… I know that I am super late for this party; but, I just made these this am. (Super delish, btw!) Though, I think that I might have made a slight mistake. Instead of this making 15 (or more) 3 tablespoon pancakes, I only able had enough batter to make 6. Is this because I let the batter sit too long while making the compote? Or perhaps because I realized that i was out of baking soda and had to substitute baking powder (3x the amount of called for baking soda)? Any insight is welcome. Thanks!

    1. hmmmm I’m really not sure. you should have more, but letting the batter sit too long definitely could change it. that flour tends to thicken as it sits. wish i could help more!

  88. I live your recipes and sense of humor ! I am trying these today, I started paleo with a whole thirty challenge with my box, I love it as it has stopped my migraines! Now if I could just convert my husband who thinks I am starving him to death!

  89. Sooooo… goood!!!… Thanks for this!!!… Made me keep being in track but also having something delicious for breakfast!! 😀

  90. I’ve made a lot of different paleo pancake recipes and they usually turn out fine but I’ve never been wowed which, I guess, is why I found yours as I kept looking. This was an easy and fantastic recipe. The pancakes were light and fluffy with a bit of crisp (I cooked them in lard) to the edges, and my boyfriend, who is not paleo, took one bite and said they just taste like pancakes. He was impressed and so was I. Great job!

  91. These are awesome but I only made 6-8 pancakes:-/. Obviously bigger than 3 inches but I can’t fig out what else I did wrong. If u make 3 in pancakes how many do u eat????
    The berries r awesome tooooo

  92. I made these this morning ( In fact I am eating them as we speak) and these are so good! Especially with the compote! I didn’t add the vanilla bean because I didn’t have any, but it turned out very well!

    On a little sidenote, I had a hard time keeping the pancakes together while they were cooking but it was much easier to deal with it because I followed your directions about keeping them small.

    I will definitely be making these again!

  93. Soooooo no matter what heat setting I put my stove top on, these burned. (Medium high, medium, medium low…) Grrrr but seems like they would taste good!

    1. I was also worried at first, since mine seemed to be burnt, but I realized these are likely to look overcooked no matter what. If you look closely at the recipe images, you’ll notice the pancakes are quite dark. They really only need to cook for a couple of minutes before flipping them over. They’re ready to flip when your spatula doesn’t stick to the edge of the pancake. If it scrunches up a bit when you’re flipping them, that’s fine. You can gently pat them with the back of the spatula to flatten them again after you’ve flipped them.

  94. I was looking for a pancake recipe cuz the family is begging for them since I stopped making them once going paleo. I googled and found it on your website! which is my favorite paleo food site! Im sure it will be good.

  95. Making these now….with enthusiasm, my wife says, “see Julie’s recipes are always on point!” Love it….for someone that doesn’t like cooking to get that excited speaks volumes!

  96. Delicious! They wanted to stick to my pan, but stuck way less than the banana/ egg recipe I’ve tried in the past. I will be making these often!

  97. I just made these for brinner (breakfast for dinner) and they turned out excellent. Even my Paleo-skeptical husband appreciated them! I used fresh berries in place of frozen and just added a little extra vanilla extract to the batter since I’m out of vanilla beans. They still turned out great. Thank you!

  98. Do you think I could turn these into muffins instead of pancakes? only because my pancakes never come out right and muffins might be less of a mess from my inner child. Also minus the banana and add the berries in instead
    ( only because I don’t have a banana, its not because I don’t love them. I love all food)

    if so what temp would I cook them at and how long?


  99. J – would this recipe work in a waffler maker?
    Had a bad experience with a recipe similar that fell apart and stuck to waffle iron – thanks!

  100. So, I made these using oat flour cause that’s what I had on hand and I am not on anything strictly paleo and this is THE BOMB. SO delicious. Love it!! I always come check out your recipes because they are so easy to do!

  101. OMG! I just made these, and they are soooooOOOOO good!!! I did use coconut oil to fry them up in, and put ghee on them in addition to the blueberries, in which I did not use any sweeteners in the blueberries. Next time I will leave off the ghee, as I think it would have tasted even better (if that’s possible) without the ghee, plus it saves on calories. 🙂

  102. So, I make these at least once a week for my kids. My 4 yr old loves them. We now triple or quadruple the recipe each week. They love helping me make them and I love how easy, yummy and portable they are. Thanks!

  103. Did I miss something?? I followed the recipe to the letter and yet I had a really thick batter that did not cook and there is no way it would have made the amount of pancakes stated!

  104. Just made these little gems…..I great V-Day
    breakfast! Thanks for all you do, love your sight and your Denver too, my hood is Lakewoooooood! Haha, have a beautiful day:)

  105. These pancakes passed the (handsome)-firefighter-I’m-hungry-as-all-Hell-after-working-through-the-freezing-night-putting-out-a-fire husband test. Said regardless of how hungry he was they were the BEST. Pancake. Recipe. EVER. Juli, thanks for your help in keeping our marriage fun, healthy and delicious. 🙂

  106. I don’t usually comment on recipes but these pancakes were great! We aren’t a paleo family anymore however, we eat healthy (ie. no refined/store bought grains, no junk food, lots of fruits/veggies, etc.). We typically prepare grains in the “Nourishing Traditions” manner (soaking or sprouting grains before cooking). I forgot that I promised my daughter Sunday morning pancakes, which would have required soaking freshly ground spelt flour from Saturday into Sunday. Because of this, I needed a quick paleo recipe.

    I followed the instructions exactly and the only issue I had was the suggested medium-high heat. The pancakes burned almost instantly in my cast iron pan. I turned the heat down to low, cooked the pancakes much slower, and they had the beautiful golden color of a “regular” pancake. The kids ate them happily!

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