Biscuits and Gravy

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Austin is a really cool place. Like, super cool. And I haven’t even ventured into town yet. I’m just really digging the weather. It’s slightly humid right now and not too hot, so my skin is way happier. I swear, my skin always is happier in humid places. No matter how much I moisturize and oil and glob on anything hydrating, my skin is always dry in CO. Stupid skin. Stupid CO.

So PaleoFx has been fun so far. I haven’t done much or listened to much, but I’ve met some bloggers and some food lovers. Those are the best kind of people. It’s just so intimidating. All these people know so much and I don’t even know how to find jeans that fit correctly. But seriously. All these people have fantastic cookbooks and blogs and podcasts and gosh knows what else, and I feel like a child. A 24 year old blogging child who knows how to do nothing. Except eat.

I know what I need to do. I need to work on confidence. Sexy Juli 2013 is not possible without confidence. And remember how that was one of my New Year’s Resolutions? Well it was, and it’s still a work in progress.

Speaking of sexy, let’s talk about what’s not sexy. Actually, we’ll talk about what IS sexy and what IS NOT sexy.

Lesson 1: What IS sexy

  • Men in jeans with flip flops. I dig that look. If a guy can pull that off, I’m down. If he can’t, he probably should get tanner feet. And relax a little more. Relaxed people tend to be sexier people.

Lesson 2: What IS NOT sexy

  • Men in jeans with five fingers. And a dress shirt. And a blazer. Not ok. Do you hear me?? NOT OK. Just because you have pale toes doesn’t mean you have to wear gloves on your feet. I understand the benefit to five fingers, I do, but when you’re having dinner, after you’ve showered and shaved and put on pants that are more snug around your nether regions, do not slide on foot socks to sport around women who are in high heels.

Lessons learned by JB. You’re welcome male population. I just got you laid. And when I say laid, I mean I just got you flowers around your neck in Hawaii. Not really, but I have to say that so people don’t get offended.  But seriously, you’re welcome.


Do you remember the other day when I posted Shrimp and Jalapeño Sweet Potato Biscuits? Well, I topped them with gravy. Because I want gravy on a regular basis. These still aren’t exactly the same, but they did the job. I’m not craving them anymore. Right now I’m just craving sleep. Talking about paleo all day is exhausting. Not really, just eating a lot of food and standing is exhausting. Not really. I’m just a bore. And similar to a child.

Oh goodness. I need to do 13.4 tomorrow.


Biscuits and Gravy

  • Yield: 3-6 1x




  1. Make your biscuits!!
  2. While biscuits are cooling, add the breakfast sausage to the pan and cook until you no longer see any pink, breaking up the sausage as it cooks.
  3. Once meat is cooked through, remove with slotted spoon and place in a bowl.
  4. Leave the rendered fat in the pan and add your coconut flour to the hot pan teaspoon by teaspoon while constantly whisking.
  5. Once you get a thickened mixture, add coconut milk to the pan, whisk then add the parsley, garlic powder, sage, smoked paprika and salt and pepper. Mix well.
  6. When the flavors meld, add breakfast sausage back in. Taste and salt and pepper as needed.
  7. Pour on top of biscuits. Or eat with a spoon. Or drink. Whatever you need.

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PaleOMG Biscuits and Gravy


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


96 thoughts on “Biscuits and Gravy”

  1. I’m not sure the five finger look is ever OK. I understand the benefits of them; I just can’t get past how they look.

  2. Did the gravy have a sweet taste to it because of the coconut milk and flour? Or did the sausage just take over everything?

  3. you’re a god send.. biscuits and gravy is one of my favorite comfort foods! i definitely agree about the jeans and flip flops and that calm, confident attitude… haha. love it.

  4. Wow! Yum! Can you taste a lot of coconut in this or do the spices hide the “coconuty-ness”? I like coconut in my sweets, but I am struggling to get used to it in savory dishes.

  5. Can’t wait to try this recipe! ur recipes are amazing and have been a big hit w/ my family (even the kids). Thank you!

  6. Cannot wait to try this! And thank you for posting a pic of the atrocity of five fingers and jeans- I’ve never seen it before. Just awful.

  7. I have been waiting ever so impatiently for this recipe, even my kids are excited about trying it. And when I mean trying it, I mean getting a little tiny bite, because I’ll probably end up eating the whole dang thing myself.

  8. I saw a dude walking about the Smithsonian in five fingers once. The freakin’ Smithsonian! GTFO.

    Oh…and that recipe looks incredible. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for this recipe. My son just discovered that he likes biscuits and gravy through his lunch food co-op at school. The kids are learning how to cook and make their own lunches. Anyhow, take out the jalapenos and I think he will be making this for his mama.

  10. Ok, 1.) Biscuits and gravy is my all time favorite breakfast that I’m even willing to eat (gluten and all) IF they are done right. So thank you. And 2.) YOU have an awesome blog with tons of followers AND a kick ass cooking book. You are so popular in the paleo community, even my non paleo friends know of you because you have healthy recipes and are freaking hilarious. Plus you get more comments than any other blogger I see around (especially including myself.) So BOOM self consciousness, you did not win today because Juli is busy owning your ass.

  11. Hahahaha I love your recipes— but I frequent your blog to hear your hilarious stories. You’re someone I’d wanna hang out with. Thanks for just being real.

  12. I have So Delicious coconut milk in my fridge- you know, the kind that comes in a half gallon. Would that work, or do I need the canned stuff?

  13. I can’t wait to try this! It looks amazing!!! You should just come up to Lubbock while you’re in TX! You can get a WOD in with us here at Capstone Crossfit!

  14. No five-fingers for me. Never have, never will. Jeans, yes. Five-finger foot-sock-things, noooooooo indeed.

    and damn, I need to make this…

  15. People who wear FiveFingers with dress clothes aren’t doing it to make a fashion statement :/ trust me, if I could wear a nice pair of flats, I would. But when the alternative to FiveFingers is to have foot cramps all night because your feet are no longer pointed like high heels but actually shaped like a normal foot, you wear the vibrams. Its actually PAINFUL to wear dress shoes.

    We get enough flac from everyday people for wearing them, are we really gonna get it from bloggers promoting a healthy lifestyle too? 🙁

    1. yes, i’m sorry sad panda. he did not have to wear high heels to this event. he could have even worn flip flops and it would have been fine. but a blazer and five fingers. stop it.

      1. No, you lost me there on the comment on flip-flops being a better alternative to Vibrams. If you think the toe-gloves are ALREADY gauche, what makes showcasing their bare, nasty male paws any better? ESPECIALLY if paired with a suit?

        IMO, flip-flops are for the beach. In any other case, they are for people who are TOO (W)USSY to go barefoot/TOO LAZY to wear REAL shoes.

    2. I have Fred Flinstone feet. Always have, always will. Yet I can find something else to wear besides Vibrams. Even paleo folk are susceptible to trends. So wear them by day, but when you dress up, dress your feet up too!

  16. haha what the heck! five fingers!! I am a snob about sandals too though. I just don’t want to look at gross guy toes! 😛 thanks for the good laugh. Glad I am not the only loser who notices this stuff. I have to refer my mom to your site, she just recently developed an allergy to sulfites and food preservatives. To the point where her face gets super red, dry and painful and stays that way for a couple days. I am trying to convert her to paleo but its really hard for her. She just needs some good recipes!

  17. This recipe needs more stars. I was excited but guarded about making a paleo gravy and whether or not it would actually be GOOD.

    This recipe is AMAZING! The shrimp wasn’t very prominent, so I would say not “needed”. But everything else about this meal was just awesome.

    ….I might make more in the morning!

  18. Juli–you rock! Pretty sure this recipe will get me laid! You have no idea how much my fiancé loves biscuits and gravy…and jalapeños. I can’t wait for your book! I sure wish I was at PaleoFx this year just to meet you!

  19. Juli:
    You are, by far, the best of the Paleo recipe creators, 24 years old or not. There hasn’t been one dish on your site that did not make my husband and I weep tears of joy over how delicious healthy food can be. I can’t say that about any other food blogger that I’ve checked out. You are my go-to girl, and for that, I thank you! Keep ’em coming! Please!

  20. Made this for my husband and our two best guy friends – they were so stoked on it! Who knew Paleo could be this good… Oh wait, you. Thanks for the awesome recipe. I am doubling this next time so I can have more! Yum!

  21. oh juli! you are a god! i’ve been wanting to make gravy but haven’t found a chicken-free recipe for it since most have chicken stock (i have a chicken intolerance, damnit). i can’t wait to try this since i just ordered some delicious ground pork from the farm.

    also, what is 13.4?

  22. We made this today but the gravy didn’t turn out it became more of a paste over the meat than ‘gravy’. Any suggestions?

  23. I was in attendance this weekend at the Paleo Fx as well, and agree with you wholeheartedly… Dress clothes + fivefingers = no bueno!… GIVE IT A REST! A few hours in dress shoes isn’t going to kill you… By the way, I loved your cooking demonstration, really fun!

  24. This looks amazing – before we ate paleo my husband and I would make “healthy” biscuits and gravy with skim milk, whole wheat flour and probably reduced fat sausage. Hah we were so naive. Anyways – I am now 7 months pregnant and realllllly would love some cereal. I’m not going to say it’s a craving but lets just say I’ve been thinking about it a LOT. So my very simple request is that you make an easy paleo cereal or granola for all the pregnant paleo people out there who refuse to eat corn flakes. : ) I make your recipes all the time so I trust that you’ll come up with something good. By the way – congrats on your cookbook and your cooking shows!!! Thanks for all the amazing meals and recipes!!!

  25. I’m so dumb with canned coconut milk. Do you use the whole thing??? Do you mix the thick stuff with the watery stuff? D you use the whole thing?

    Ugh, sorry I’m so dumb. Please help

  26. In the process of making the gravy now and have the biscuits in the oven, made with pumpkin and def need to up the flour because it was puréed and soupy. Took a little piece off the corner and still tasted amazing, doesn’t bother me that they look like pancakes!

  27. I’m glad you liked your stay in Austin! Its defiantly the best city in the best state (can you tell this is where I live lol)

    I just made this and it would not thicken! I had to use like 5 1/2 teaspoons of coconut flour, do you have any idea what I did wrong?

  28. This made me laugh. Because I know exactly the guy you’re talking about that was wearing those. And I tried to stifle a smirk when I saw it as well. Awesome recipe btw:))

  29. Seriously. Your blog is the BEST. I love that you are not serious, you are not a food snob, and you make recipes like BISCUITS AND GRAVY. You are my hero. And you are why I can stick to a paleo-esque diet. Thank you.

    Five fingers are ok in public, but only as a part of a Halloween costume.

  30. Florida, just move to FL with me!!! There is plenty of humidity here and it’s great for the skin!!! Miss you tons and cannot wait to see you in a few weeks!!!! xo

  31. Definitely your best recipe (that I’ve made) so far. I’ll be making this again and again. I used a yam and omitted the sage because my husband doesn’t go for strong spices. Fabulous!

  32. I tried the gravy and it didn’t come out spot on for me. It just took a really long time to get remotely thick and I had to use a crap ton of almond flour to get it there which affected the consistency – kinda pasty. I will def try again though.

  33. I don’t do your recipes justice. They never turn out quite right. Made the biscuits and gravy tonight. The biscuits are pretty close. But the gravy is thin and sweet (tastes pretty strong of coconut) despite following the recipe exactly. Good thing the jalapeno cuts some of the sweetness. Not bad but I know it could be better. Will have to add to the “try again list”!

  34. I finally read your blog on this, and not just the recipe. Hysterical — and I totally agree. Another ‘nit’ of mine, are the guys who were socks with sandals. Might as well wear a pocket protector and tape on their glasses too. BTW — just showed this recipe to my (non pale) husband who’s family is from Louisiana — I will evidently be making this for breakfast next weekend.

  35. Vibram 5 fingers are not okay if you aren’t working out. Otherwise they are absolutely never acceptable.

  36. Where can I find sweet potato biscuits. All we have is Hyvee and Pomegranite Market and both don’t carry them.

  37. I lovelovelove biscuits and gravy! I tried this recipe a few weeks ago, although the gravy didn’t turn out well for me. It was thin and I could taste the coconut flour in there. I should have known because in the past using the coconut flour, the ending results always have that pungent, dry flavor. I’ve never tried arrowroot though; Does that do the same justice, but without the coconutty flavor??

  38. Cant wait to get the bf to make me these! (If it isn’t a protein cookie I don’t bake. Too much chemistry in my kitchen….I don’t measure) For the five fingers I like to sometimes think they’re wearing part of a skeleton costume from halloween. It makes them more whimsical and fun people in my mind, like “hey it’s like when I went to super serious job interviews and wore knee high stripey neon pink socks no one could see” or like the little girls walking with their parents around stores in princess dresses or pink tutus.

  39. I couldn’t get my gravy to thicken. Is it maybe because I put a lil olive oil in the pan before the sausage? or not enough coco flour? i did 3 tsp, then put in two tbsp. still really thin. im bummed. this is the first recipe i didnt nail from your blog! Everything is so delicious

    1. Not sure if this helps but I used arrowroot powder instead of coconut flour and when my roux got too dry I added fat.

  40. As a FiveFingers junkie, I think the vibrams with the suit is VERY sexy 😀 It speaks to my inner hippie. The recipe is also fab, btw!

  41. My boyfriend hates when I try new recipes because something ALWAYS goes wrong..especially when it involves Paleo-izing non-Paleo food. When I told him I was going to try a new recipe for biscuits and gravy he was not too excited.

    So as I served him his plate in the living room on our fancy TV trays while watching The Fellowship of the Ring I was so nervous I couldn’t take a bite until I saw his first-bite-reaction.

    Told me it was the best “Paleo meal” I had made him.

    Sooo thank you for an awesome recipe and for brownie points with the BF.

    Totally making these again.

  42. What can I say.. this was an epic fail for me. I did not like the biscuits at all. Way to sweet and very wet. And the gravy was very coconut-y and grainy. Maybe it would be better with arrowroot..

  43. Thank you for a great gravy recipe! I did a mixture of coconut flour and arrowroot to thicken things up. Question though… I’m pretty sure I had way too much fat from my sausage, as I was probably more like 3 tablespoons of thickener instead of 3 teaspoons. Once it all cooked down together, it was super greasy too. Was thinking next time I would remove the sausage, and remove the rendered fat, wipe the pan down (my sausage stuck some, not the best pan), and THEN add SOME of the rendered fat back in and go from there. So my question is, how much fat do you think we actually need? 1/4 cup? 1/2 cup? Thanks!

  44. Just made this, and I’m pretty sure you’re a genius. I used plain pork + seasonings to make it 21dsd compatible, and wanted to eat the whole pan with a spoon. Served over some coconut flour herb biscuits. Thanks for the recipe!

  45. I think the Vibrams and jeans ARE incredibly SEXY!! Maybe I am biased, I have been wearing Vibrams with skinny jeans for four years, and I am definitely a babe! Also, this recipe is fabulous!

  46. I’m pretty new to paleo and trying to convert my boyfriend! He gave this an 8 out of 10 on the “paleo scale” which means it was pretty damn good!

  47. Been having mad cravings for ‘scuits and gravy lately. I used to love them, but haven’t had any in the 2 years that I’ve been Paleo. I’m glad I dug up this old recipe of yours. Should go perfectly with Brittany Angell’s biscuit recipe. I love her soft biscuits! They remind me of warm soft gluten filled biscuits thati used to love. Oh, tomorrow morning is going to be amazing!

  48. Hilarious post, great recipe. I am always looking for those food blogs nobody knows about but should (but secretly I wish they never do so I can have all the awesome recipes to myself, muwahahaha). Anyhow, good work, funny, made me hungry.

  49. Holy CRAP- THIS IS AMAZING. I used the sweet plantain biscuits instead – put them in a bowl and poured the sausage gravy on top- so damn good. The flavor is amazing. I wasn’t sure if the gravy was going to be too coconutty tasting but it wasn’t at all. Perfect. Juli- you are a freakin wizard.

  50. Was wondering what I did wrong. My oil was separating from the flour. I am new to paleo cooking, though I should be old, been doing Paleo for almost two years. VERY basic cook and wanted to branch out finally.

  51. I made this gravy to go with our favourite paleo bicuits for breakfast at the weekend. (I have been craving bicuits and gravy!)I really don’t like coconut milk so was a little concerned about the flavor coming through. This was sooo scrumptious! Not even a hint of coconut. The kids and I loved them (including a picky eater – so picky that he’s very underweight)! I just finished the left overs. Mmmm! I will be making this regularly, it was so quick and easy. My kids actually asked me to keep this recipe, that really means a lot! We have been enjoying many of your recipes over the last couple of years. Thank you, thank you!! 5 stars

  52. Michael Massimino

    Love the recipe, trying the sweet potato biscuits this weekend. Highly recommend Cashew Sauce instead of all the coconut. Soak 1 cup cashews for two hours, drain, rinse, blend with 1 cup water. Boom, creamy cashew sauce.

  53. I know this is an old recipe but I just made it today and thought it was amazing! I made the biscuits with no shrimp or jalapeno and they turned out great! The gravy I made with one canf of coconut milk and arrowroot.

    The taste was great bit the consistency was like slime. Is that normal or maybe something I did?

  54. My family loves this sausage gravy. Totally reminds me of my Grandma’s. I need to get on those shrimp and jalapeno biscuits.

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