Cabo & Sticking w/ NYE Resolutions in 2018 – Episode 66: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Today on the podcast I’m recapping my recent trip to Cabo and ways to actually stick with your New Year’s Resolutions this year! And I’ll be doing a full recap of Cabo later on the blog this upcoming week!


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Episode 66 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

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Hello! How’s it going? What are you up to? Here’s what I’m up to. I’m on the couch in a position that’s going to put my back into pain later on, with a dog who is sitting between my legs near my calves. Dead asleep snoring at times, so you’ll hear that, per usual. Just getting back to the gist. Getting back to normal here in Colorado.

I just landed. I need to take a sip of water. I just landed in Colorado from Cabo yesterday. So, that’s my first time in Cabo, and I have to say, it is amazing. Cabo is freaking awesome. I get why people travel there all the time. Because it’s freaking awesome. And I always hear people say; oh, Cabo is so Americanized. It’s so touristy now. But number one; I did not get sick in Cabo. And number two, I found f*cking awesome brands, like Eating Evolved, and Artisana, and some of my favorite paleo brands, I was able to find in Cabo. So I think that was great.

So just backtrack for a second, in case you didn’t listen to one of my recent podcasts. I went to Tulum three weeks ago. I was in Tulum for my best friend’s 30th birthday, and I got incredibly bad food poisoning. The worst pain I’ve ever been in. And this is coming from a person who is allergic to gluten and grew up in a hospital because I was in so much physical in. This was the worst pain. It was f*cking awful. It was so awful. So I was very nervous about going to Cabo back to back, after I had just gotten better from that terrible experience. Turns out, Cabo was a totally different experience.

So here’s a little info about our trip. We wanted to do Christmas in Cabo. That was our goal this year. This was like 6 months ago we decided; how about we do a trip? My husband and I had just traveled to La Jolla, and one of our friends at the same time was in La Jolla with his whole family. They rented a house and they had so much fun just hanging out at the house together, bonding. Loved it.

And my husband really wanted to do that. He’s incredibly close with his family. With his mom, his brother, and sister. They just get along so well. They do everything together. They’re just the cutest little thing. So he wanted to do that. And I love my parents. They’re great parents. But they’re not people I just want to party with. And so I was a little bit nervous about that. Because, you go to Cabo, you’re going to party and have fun and let loose. So I was definitely a little bit nervous for that.

So, we tell our parents we want to go to Cabo and they’re totally down. We’re about to book our house. We find this amazing house in Cabo, and we’re about to book it. And then both my husband’s mom and my parents start shitting the bed about Cabo. About Mexico in general. That it’s unsafe. That we’re going to die. We’re going to get taken for ransom. Someone is going to spike our drinks, and we’re going to drugged, and money taken. Whatever.

They’re going off. And so we’re like; ok, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, we’ll find a house somewhere else for Christmas. So we start looking everywhere. And the thing is, Mexico is crazy easy for us to get to from Colorado. Because we have an international airport, so we can just fly direct to most places in Mexico. So it’s super easy and cheap. And then if you’ve been to Mexico you know everything is so much cheaper than a lot of places that you can travel to with that kind of same experience.

So we start looking at other places. From the Dominican Republic, to the Bahamas, to key west. And we can’t find the same size house for the same price. Everything’s so expensive, or they’re just nothing available like that. And my husband really wanted to do the house. So we go back to them, and we tell them. Unless you want to pay way more money, this just isn’t going to work. So they say, ok fine, we’ll do Cabo.

So we go back to book the house; guess what? It’s f*cking booked. And this is a day difference. Literally, it was a day later. And the house is booked through Christmas. First of all, we hate our parents. We’re super pissed. So next best thing we’ll go for New Years. We’ll spend Christmas at home, not with our families. And then we’ll go to Cabo for New Years. So we booked Cabo through New Year’s.

So Christmas was kind of different. We spent Christmas eve with my parents, because they’re in Colorado. But we didn’t see Brian’s mom or brother, who were both in Nebraska. We just stayed at home. My sister-in-law, husband, and I we all stayed at home Christmas day. We watched Christmas movies. We made drinks. I made a big brunch. And at the end of the day, my husband was really sad that we weren’t with is family. And wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. He just said it didn’t feel like Christmas.

And it really didn’t feel like Christmas in Colorado. We had a snowy day that day, but we’ve had such weird weather that it just didn’t feel like winter in general. So whatever, it wasn’t his favorite Christmas. And then his birthday was the day before we left for Cabo. So then his birthday was kind of; not forgotten about, because we got him a gift, and he was able to go do stuff that day. But we were packing and getting ready, so we couldn’t go to dinner or anything like that.

So it was just kind of a weird week. So we go to Cabo. We rented this amazing house. And I’m going to do a blog post next week, so the podcast comes out on Saturday. I think I’m doing a blog post maybe on Wednesday. And I’m going to link the house. Because the house was amazing. The pictures online didn’t do it justice. It was such a cool place. It was beautiful. It overlooked the ocean. It had the best sunrises and sunsets every day. And they had a rooftop patio that we could go to.

It was in a gated community, so you feel safe. And there’s a community beach that you can walk to. It’s just like less than a 10-minute walk or run. And it’s on a cliff side, and this little beach. You can f*cking go workout there. Nobody was really there hardly ever. There were just always a few people.

And the house was huge. It had two bedrooms upstairs with three bathrooms upstairs. Huge kitchen, living room, dining room. And then downstairs; it’s weird, you have to go outside to go downstairs. There’s not a staircase inside. So you go outside, and on the outside there’s a pool with a jacuzzi. There’s a volleyball court. There’s like a little palapa where we made drinks. I’ll get to that in a second. Where we made drinks and just hung out on the patio, played cards, whatever.

And then there’s three bedrooms downstairs. And in two of the bedrooms, there’s one kind of master bedroom that has a living room and a kitchen and a huge bathroom. And we stayed in that one. And there were two other bedrooms, and they have a kitchen in the middle of them. And still great sized bedrooms. They share a bathroom with two sinks, and then there’s this little kitchen. So there are three kitchens in this f*cking house.

The only thing; upstairs had an electric stovetop and inside, or below, has the gas. I’m like; run the gas upstairs! Everybody wants gas in the main kitchen, bruh! So that was my only complaint. And that’s a pretty pitiful complaint. It was huge. You had so much space. You had a rooftop patio. It was beautiful. I can’t say enough good things about this house.

And this was such a great change after Tulum. Our house was in the ghetto. It smelled like sh*t every day. And this house in Cabo, it had a filtration system. So you didn’t have to worry about brushing your teeth. I didn’t drink the water from the sink because they give you water like out of those huge jugs, whatever’ they’re called. And we bought water bottles. So it’s just so nice to have a filtration system. And then a lot of the rooms; there was only one room that you couldn’t flush toilet paper down, but you could flush it down the other toilets. And that’s always nice.

Having food poisoning when you can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet kind of sucks ass. No pun intended. Eww that sounds kind of gross.

So, yeah. The house was fantastic. And we were probably, from downtown Cabo, we were probably a 20-minute drive. So the house has a little sheet of how to order a taxi, so we just ordered a taxi through that. And actually found a great taxi guy who we would request every time. And his name was Alfredo. He was a gem. So we would get a big van taxi. He took us down to Cabo.

The first day that we went down to Cabo. Because we spent a lot of time at the house. And not everybody loved that. I personally love doing nothing. My days are full of doing something all day every day. Which I think most people are, maybe unless you kind of sit at a desk. But I’m always doing something. So to be able to disconnect from my phone, disconnect from my computer. Sit in the pool. Drink a drink. Eat a lot of food. That’s the main concern on vacation for me, is how much food can I consume. I don’t really care about doing stuff.

But we were with a group of people who wants to do stuff. My husband, you can tell. He gets antsy the second we get there. I’m like; ok, we haven’t even unpacked our things. Just stop being antsy.

So, the first main day we went down to Cabo. And my mother-in-law wanted to go to Cabo Wabo, she wanted to have that experience. So we went to Cabo Wabo to have lunch. Which, I was very surprised that the food was decent. It wasn’t sh*tty food that you would think that you’d get at Cabo Wabo. It wasn’t anything crazy fancy, but it was still decent food. So we got the Cabo Wabo experience.

What else did we do? We ended up just walking around town. Walking around the Cabo area. And it was so; well, I guess I’m jumping ahead. I won’t jump ahead yet. So what else did we do? We went to Cabo Wabo. We made a ton; oh. When we got to Cabo. Sorry, I’m jumping around. When we got to Cabo, we ordered a shuttle service. And when you order that shuttle service, you can order an hour in between, so we had them take us to Costco, because our house was really close to Costco, anyway. I would not recommend this. Maybe because it was the New Year’s weekend, or the day before New Year’s, pretty much. So it was f*cking crazy in there.

But also, you want to buy meat in bulk, but everything else you don’t want to buy in bulk. I don’t want to buy two things of butter. Like two huge packages of butter. I don’t want to buy two things of olive oil. Two things of mayo. Two things of ketchup. And that’s what we ended up having to do. So we left behind a lot of stuff for the next people who go into the house. Or like the cleaning lady who comes through. I felt like it was a lot of wasted food, of condiments and stuff. We ended up eating all the meat and vegetables and fruit and everything. The only thing we left behind was some drinks and those condiments. But I know they have a Walmart nearby. But I just wanted to do Costco, because you can get better quality meat.

But it was funny because most things are in Spanish. Obviously, because you’re in Cabo. And we didn’t have anybody. My husband and I were the only ones who went into Costco. So I had no idea what I was buying sometimes. I could tell one was margarine, but I wasn’t sure what butter was called. So I was just guessing it was butter. And one thing, I was like; I think that’s turkey and not chicken. But I don’t know the word for turkey, or chicken, in Spanish. So it was a lot of guessing. And then you know Costco. The carts are the size of cars. And everybody is just wanting samples and stopping. And it was just mayhem. It was awful. So that wasn’t our favorite part of going into Cabo.

But we were able to make so many meals at home. And that probably helped with not getting food poisoning. But I love that about rending a house. And I was worried, because I cook for a living, and I make all of our meals in the house. So I was kind of worried that I would end up having to do all of that and it just wouldn’t feel like a vacation. Luckily, my dad made dinner one night, and my husband really helped me the other nights and made sure we were able to cook meals, and it was fine.

But it was so nice being able to cook your own meals and get healthy stuff that you didn’t feel weighed down after eating. And, one of the best parts. Seriously, my favorite part. My husband was like; I can’t believe how obsessed you are with this. In walking distance from our house; probably half a mile away, you do have to run across a four-lane high, so that’s totes sketchy. But there’s this awesome little market.

They have smoothies there, homemade smoothies that they’re making. They just have amazing products. I found Eating Evolved and Malk, my favorite almond milk brand. And they had Califia Farms. They had so many cool things. We were able to get any of our ingredients that we kind of forgot. We were able to grab it at that market.

And then when we ran out of alcohol, of course, because that goes quickly, we were able to grab drinks and beer and sometimes ice. They were very low on ice in Mexico. We were able to grab those. And take it home with us. So that made it super easy. But I was able to find such cool brands. Which made me fall in love with Cabo.

So, anywho. We went to town, and kind of got the Cabo experience. And then we decided that the next day we wanted to go whale watching. Because a ton of friends had recommended whale watching, and said it was amazing. And they were completely right. I have never gone whale watching. I’ve only seen dolphins. Like we saw dolphins when we were in Costa Rica for our one-year anniversary. And I thought dolphins were so cool. But whales are bananas! Like, I can’t believe.

Seeing whales in person is just so cool. And it’s mating; I guess it’s mating season right now? So that’s when the whales jump out, like Free Willy style that you imagine. So we just watched this one whale go all around. And he would flip his fins up, and do his little whale tail in the air. And then he’d jump out. And I got some cool photos that I’ll share on the blog in my post. But it was an amazing experience.

And I’ll share the company that we used in my post, because it was so much cheaper than anything else that we looked at. I think it was $50 a person. And they take you out, and you can go to a beach. We didn’t go to the beach because it was crazy crowded. But you can go to the beach. You go whale watching. He tells you all about Cabo and what you’re looking at and all that jazz. And then he took us into town, where we ate at The Office.

And everyone recommended The Office. And I didn’t think it was anything special. My drink sucked ass. My husband; we both got the same drink, so I think mine was just an off batch. But Office is right on the beach. You’re eating with your feet in the sand. It’s crazy busy. It’s totally a tourist attraction place. So if you’re cool with that. And whenever I went somewhere; whenever I eat Mexican food I pretty much just eat fajitas, so I think I just got fajitas there. Nothing crazy exciting.

But what I love about Mexico; and I feel like you don’t always get this in other countries. People in Mexico work f*cking hard. At least all the places that I’ve been to. These guys at The Office, they run around like a crazy person the whole time. And food takes a while because there are so many tables. But these guys are busting their ass back and forth.

And I feel like when you’re in Jamaica, you’re on island time. And when we were in Jamaica for our wedding, getting dinner would take two hours and no one would be doing really anything. Getting a drink would take like one hour. So it’s always nice to be somewhere where people are working their ass off, because I respect that so much. And I really want to tip the sh*t out of people when we’re there.

So anyways. We went to The Office, and then we just walked back to the main downtown Cabo area. And you can get a water taxi to make it easier, but it’s definitely a walkable place. I think. And my mother-in-law had knee surgery last year, and she walked most placed, too. So it’s definitely a walkable place for a lot of different spots.

So, what’s so crazy. This is such a small world. The world is such a small world. When I was at The Office, I ran into a member from the gym. And so weird, just ran into her. And then as we were walking, we were in front of the Cabo sign. So my mother-in-law asked this woman; she’s like, hey can you take our picture? And we’re getting in this picture, and I’m like; I know that woman.

And we take this picture, and I walked up to her, and I was like, can I ask you your name? And she goes, “Juli Bauer?” I’m like, how do you remember that? She’s like, how could I forget you! She was one of my professors in college. She was my speech teacher. And she was one of the coolest teachers. She’s one of those teachers who she was a fitness instructor, incredibly hyper all the time, had so much energy. Beautiful woman. Tall, fit, tattoos everywhere woman. And she would bring her whole class over for group dinners. I think I was a freshman. So, my freshman year I’m incredibly insecure at that point in my life. Like, really lost. Really sad. Homesick. Just feel like it was that hard time in college that some people go through.

And so, she was one of those people who I felt like gave me purpose. She gave us a bunch of free gym memberships because she taught classes at this gym. She was this mentor. And I never even considered people a mentor, I’ve looked up to people. And she was definitely one of those people, when I look back, that she really made a difference in my life. I can’t believe I ran into her Cabo! Like, such a small world. And she was taking our picture. She was like; wait, were you just in that photo? I’m like, yeah, you just took my picture! So crazy. So bananas.

And then a girl on Instagram said she saw me in Cabo Wabo. How crazy small world is it? Like, so weird.

So anyways. After we went whale watching, we kind of just wanted around. And then we went back for the night. For New Years. I think it was maybe that day. We literally just stayed at home. We played Cards of Humanity. Is that what it is? Cards of Humanity with our whole family. Which is so awkward.

Ok, first of all, it’s not as awkward with my mother-in-law because, you know, she wasn’t my mother from birth. And my mother-in-law likes to party. She loves; what’s it called, entertainment. She always is up to date. She was like; oh, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in Cabo right now, do you think we can find them? She’s up to date with all the hot gossip in the entertainment world. She’s just hilarious. And she likes to get down one some drinks, have a good diet and rum. So she’s a fun time.

So I don’t feel as awkward in front of her. But my parents, they birthed me. I went through awkward adolescence with them. And my mom doesn’t say many things. She doesn’t like dirty stuff. That’s just not her jam, and she gets offended. And even my dad said that. My dad said, I don’t know if she’ll like this game. So we’re all very worried about it. Because if you’ve never played, oh, Cards Against Humanity. Did I say that right the first time?

Cards Against Humanity, they have the grossest sounding things. Like cum-guzzler. Smegma, which I had to Google. I had to Google a lot of words while I was playing this game. There are a lot of disgusting things on there. And there are super offensive things that if you don’t have a sense of humor or you can’t laugh about things; like beating a child. Which is completely fair. But if you can’t get light in the situation, it’s not as fun. So it was very awkward at times, or I was just grossed out in general. But we got through it. We played Cards Against Humanity.

And then we just celebrated on the rooftop. And what was so cool about our views; there were fireworks; 360 fireworks all the way around in downtown Cabo. And we just got to watch all the fireworks. It was freaking rad. It was just the perfect way to ring in the new year. And I didn’t drink that night, so waking up sober in 2018 in paradise in 80-degree weather, looking out at the ocean as the sun rises. I mean, does it get any f*cking better than that? I want to spend every single New Year that way.

Because I feel like; you know. When you’re trying to plan a New Years’ night out. It’s like; oh, let’s go to this bar that’s a $50 fee to get in. And then it’s super drunk people running into you, and guys being assholes. And you’re wearing a stupid f*cking short ass dress in 15-degree weather. Then you have to find a cab home. And when you get a cab home, it’s like a 50% increase. It’s probably even more than that. It’s an upcharge to get home. And then you’re hung over, and 2018 starts off f*cking sh*tty. It’s the worst.

So this was the best. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

Then, I think we ended up; what did we do? My parents and my mother-in-law wanted to go to San Jose and just look at galleries and walk around the town. And I had zero interest in doing that. That does not sound like a vacation to me. That doesn’t sound fun to me. So we passed. And we decided to play games at the house.

So you wake up super early in Cabo, because you want to watch the sun rise. So you’re up by 6:30 on vacation. And I would work out every morning. And my workouts were done by 9 at the latest, and I’d have breakfast. And then it’s like 10 a.m. and the whole day is completely yours. So, you have this long day ahead of you. And my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and husband had drank the whole time they were there. I didn’t really drink. I’d have one or two drinks. And then I’d be over it. Just because I didn’t have all the ingredients that I wanted. We bought these jalapenos to make spicy jalapenos, and the jalapenos were not spicy at all. So it was like; eh, I’d rather drink water and stay hydrated.

So the last day, when our parents went to San Jose, we decided to make fun drinks. So we went to that little market down the street, and we got all the ingredients for a similar drink that we had in Jamaica called the dirty banana.

And this is totally our own version; I’m not sure what the actual ingredients are in one in Jamaica. But it was like banana, almond milk. I used cacao powder because I couldn’t find cocoa powder. Agave or honey, whatever you have on hand. What else? Vodka. Peanut butter. We put peanut butter in it.

So pretty much we made a f*cking milkshake and put vodka in it. So we make one. And I’m like; this is delicious. I drink it in 14 seconds. I’m really good at drinking milkshakes. So I drink that. Feel good. Let’s make another batch. We make that. And then we had champagne, and we needed to drink the champagne. Because we bought a sh*t ton of champagne for mimosas and for New Years eve, and then we didn’t drink any champagne on New Years eve, and we forgot orange juice. So we had all these bottles of champagne that needed to be drank.

So then we decided to take dirty bananas and champagne down to the beach. At this point, I’m just drinking and not drinking any water. And we’re in 80-degree heat and sun. And things get fuzzy at this point. So, if you follow me on Instagram, you saw my Instagram stories. And I was a drunk f*cking mess. And my friend was like; you really didn’t seem like a mess from an outside perspective at home. She was like; you really didn’t seem like a mess. Honestly. She’s like; it was just really funny.

So I was a hot mess. And I’m just putting up all these Instagram stories. Never again having my phone when I’m that drunk. Not allowed. But the main thing that sucked was I was PMSing at the same time. So I’m PMSing, and I’m wasted as f*ck. Blacked out. So that’s why I don’t really drink. Not only can I not handle my liquor pretty much, but I black out very easily. I’m just like a zero or 100%, and that’s how I am in life. I either go all in, balls deep. Or I don’t get in at all. That’s a weird way to say it. But zero or 100. And I was 100 that day.

So totally blacked out. And got in a fight with my husband. Refused to go to dinner. The dinner I had planned. Refused to go to dinner. Cried. Fell asleep. Cried more. Fought with my husband more. And I feel like I’m a fairly easy person to deal with. But then I get on these PMS days, just one day. Not even every month. Every few months where I just f*cking lose it. And I was stressed out about this trip in general. I was a little worried about being with the family for a week straight. And I was nervous in general. So that didn’t help the situation. I just f*cking lost it. I broke down and lost it.

So then, I wake up by 9. And we go to dinner. I’m sober at this point. Probably not sober, but I’m functioning like a normal person. So we ended up going to this restaurant called Toro. We see Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo. And then go home, still fighting with my husband. He hates me and I’m so sad about it, and then I’m very embarrassed by my actions. And I’m never embarrassed about anything. But now I’m very embarrassed and upset with myself.

So I ended up erasing most of those Instagram stories. I didn’t even watch them. I was just like; oh my god. I could see my face melting into goo, drunk good, and I just had to erase them. I got so many messages from people, and I’m just like; oh man. I just suck. But just because I fought with my husband for no reason.

PMS and wasted do not go well together. Dirty bananas can be extremely dangerous. Highly recommend, but keep your sh*t together. Man. They were so good. And champagne on top of it. I just can’t.

So, that was not the best last night in Cabo. I really f*cked that sh*t up and made everybody fairly uncomfortable. It was not my best moment. Man. Sucks to be a dumb b*tch. But I guess we all have to be that sometimes. So that part sucked. Everything else, amazing.

So my husband and I always talk about if we can ever afford to have a vacation home, doing something that was like an AirBNB. Like an investment property where we go there a couple of times a year and then rent it out the rest of the time. And I thought this place would be the best place. Because not only is Cabo; it’s 2 hours and 45 minutes from Denver there. So easy to get to, it’s insane. And we were looking at houses, and some of the houses were like, 1500 square feet was like $150,000. 1500 square feet in Denver is like $300,000 or more. So, that seems like such a steal. Especially when you’re in f*cking Cabo! The best.

So I think I tainted his viewpoint on Cabo, because I sucked. So I’m hoping I can kind of come out of that at some point. Because I think that would be so cool to get somewhere. We’d love to have, if we were ever able to afford it, a vacation home in Costa Rica. But Costa Rica is just so much harder to get to. You know, you have to fly to Houston and then to Costa Rica. So it’s like a 7-hour day. And then you have to fly, where we like, you have to get a smaller flight and that’s a 20-minute flight. So it’s just a long f*cking day, instead of a quick 2-hour.

I wish Hawaii was closer. Because then you don’t have to go through customs. But 7 hours is a bit of a stretch. No thanks. And I’ve never been to Hawaii. {laughs} So I’m just saying that based on anyone and everyone saying Hawaii is the best. I can’t wait to go there at some point.

But anywho. The Cabo trip was a success, other than my awful self. And now I kind of want to spend every New Year like that. Because it was the best way to ring in the New Year. If you can make that happen, highly recommend it. It was so cool.

And it kind of made me put into perspective of what I want to improve in the New Year. Number one; being less of a b*tch when I’m feeling extra bitchy. Because I have the best husband who tries so hard to be a better husband all the time. He’s f*cking so awesome. I’m so crazy lucky to know him, and to be married to him. So I want to improve being a wife, for those moments that I suck. I know I could get better. And I want to be a better friend a better daughter. Because, I’m not great on the daughter front.

So yeah, I feel like that trip put some things in perspective. Instead of; oh, I want to get in better shape. And I want to be better at my job. It put some real-life perspective in there that you don’t always get when you’re getting drunk at a bar in town and paying triple the price for a cab home. That makes sense.

So it was great. It was a great trip. I loved it. It was a blasty blast.

I’m going to take a quick break form this episode to talk a little bit more about this weeks’ sponsor; Aaptiv. It’s the New Year, and it’s the perfect time to get motivated and concentrate on your own health. I’ve been talking about that all week on the blog. And Aaptiv is making it easier than ever.

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There’s nothing worse than terrible music in a workout. Am I right? Right.

And one of the coolest parts about Aaptiv is that you can do the workouts from anywhere. Whether you like to workout at the gym, at home, outside, or when you’re traveling, Aaptiv is ready to go with you. All you have to do is plug in your headphones, then you have a personal trainer in your pocket. It’s the best.

And they have different workouts for everyone. Whether you’re interested in running, strength training, cycling, climbing, yoga, even meditation. And Aaptiv trainers give you the guidance you need to be better at these types of workouts you love. Since I’m into doing group exercise classes mostly, I love Aaptiv for their stretching so I can actually get a cooldown in once I get home. I’m always too chatty when I’m at the gym, or I’m just racing out to do something different. So whenever I get home, I turn on the stretching section and I get a cooldown in. And so I can actually work on my mobility because I’m really bad at that.

And guess what? Aaptiv subscriptions start at $14.99 billed monthly, or $99.99 for an annual membership. But right now, for a limited time, new members get 50% off an annual membership. Which is just $49.99 for the entire year of unlimited workouts. Unlimited!

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So if you’re ready to kickstart your own 2018 goals, if you’re ready to get in better shape, or stretch more, or just meditate more and become one with your body, Aaptiv is here for you. They’ve got your back. So big thank you to Aaptiv for supporting this podcast, and supporting PaleOMG Uncensored. Don’t forget, if you want to try out Aaptiv, this is the perfect time. Because you can get 50% off your annual membership. All you have to do is just go to And if you don’t see this, or you don’t remember that, don’t worry. I got it all in the show notes for you. Now back to the show.

So since I’m kind of talking about New Years’ resolutions and all that jazz. It’s the New Year; a lot of people are thinking about weight. I think the whole trigger word right now, paleo for sure. Primal. Keto. And Whole30. I think people have been Googling the sh*t out of those. Because those are all three amazing things.

For me, I don’t do any sort of plan. Like a Whole30. And I’ve talked about this on the podcast before. Because that template does not work for me. That doesn’t work well. It makes me very psycho about my foods. And I can’t stick with it. So after 30 days is up, I go back to my normal poor habits. So I don’t do any of those things. I just try to eat better.

So I just got back from this vacation. I ate more of what I wanted. I had a piece of cake that had gluten in it. I was like; you know what? I’m going to do this. I know I’m going to probably have a stomach ache. And I actually didn’t. Maybe it was a small enough amount. Or my stomach is just kind of healed that I can get past that kind of thing on a small basis. It doesn’t happen too often.

So yeah. I’m back here, and I’m back to wanting to feel not as vacationy. It’s time to get back to normal business. So I do that by no game plan. No 21-Day Sugar Detox, no Whole30, no keto. No nothing. I just say; ok. I’m going to eat well rounded meals. I’m going to have my protein. And that means I’m going to have Butcher Box beef chicken or pork. I buy my fish or seafood at Whole Foods. And I always buy fresh and wild caught. I don’t buy any farm raised. And then I get green vegetables.

I try to buy organic as possible. And I try to get as many green vegetables as possible, or very colorful vegetables. So today I went to the grocery store and I bought kale, asparagus, beets, zucchini, arugula, peppers. I bought as many vegetables that sounded good. And I bought some frozen ones so when time is just a little short, I don’t turn to heavier carbohydrates as a vegetable. I always have vegetables in the freezer. Like cauliflower or peppers or cauliflower rice so I can quick grab those and make stuff.

So that’s what kind of works for me getting back on track. Just having options available and having a ton of things available in the fridge at all times.

So I kind of want to talk about sticking to resolutions. Because I see it, and I grew up with it, and I used to be that person too. That made a resolution that stuck with it for a few weeks, and then totally f*cking gave up on it. And it’s like; what is the point in making a goal or a resolution? What’s the point?

You’ve set other goals in your life. Whether you’re like; ok, I want to get pregnant. Me and my husband want to get pregnant. We’re going to do what we need to do to get pregnant. Whether that is just get pregnant by having sex and being lucky, or changing your diet. Or IVF. Or adopting. Or whatever it is, you make it happen.

And I think health is one of those things that’s easily forgotten. If you want to get a new job, and you’re ready to do it, you f*cking do it. But health is one of those things that’s forgotten about. And that is such a shame, because if you don’t have your health, what does your family have from you? Because if you’re not taking care of yourself, not only are you probably sh*tty to be around, but how long are you going to be able to live that life? And how long are you going to be able to spend time with your family if your health is going away farther and farther as time goes on.

So we all set goals and resolutions for a reason. And we set those when it comes to our weight and our fitness for a reason. So why the f*ck would you give up on them? I just hate it. And I’ve been that person. Believe me. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Finally I was fed up with it. I couldn’t take myself anymore. I could take this repeated process of saying, I’m going to do this. And not sticking with it.

Not only was it unattractive to myself, that I was like; I can’t believe I didn’t stick with this. But telling someone I’m going to do something and not doing it, I think that’s very unattractive for that person as well. They’re like; ok, cool. You’re a person who just says stuff and doesn’t do it. And that’s what kind of keeps me on track. I say I’m going to do something, and I do it. And I get it done. And fitness became, thankfully, a routine.

And it’s hard to create a new routine at first, but then once you get into it, it becomes this great feeling. And fitness can really; it doesn’t have to feel like a job or it doesn’t have to feel like a nuisance or frustration. It can just be something that’s a highlight of your day. For me, it’s the one hour a day that I’m away from my phone. I’m not checking my emails. I’m not checking social media. I’m not getting a post done, a podcast done. I’m not doing anything. It’s the one hour I get to spend by myself to myself. Concentrating on myself.

So I think that that fitness; maybe it’s not even an hour. Maybe it’s 20 minutes. But to have 20 minutes to yourself. I have a friend who is a mom of 3; twins and a 3-year-old. And that fitness has become her time to get away. To be able to be a grown up for a second, because she’s a stay at home mom. And she gets to be herself, and concentrate on herself. And that has become a really big highlight of her day. Even though it’s time consuming to pack up all the kids. To get them into daycare. To go to the gym and get that workout done. At the end of the day, that’s her time. And she’s really taken advantage of it.

So, you have to remember, if you see something as negative, then you’re never going to want to stick with it. You really have to change your mind. You have to change your viewpoint. You have to move past that. If you say; “Ugh, I have to go to the f*cking gym again.” How much are you going to do that? You say, “Ugh. I can never, ever have sugar again.” Are you going to stick with that? How are you going to make these new resolutions; these new goals long-term lifestyle just normal procedures in your day?

Every single day I wake up and I have a schedule written out, and my workout is in that schedule because it is part of something I want to do. And I’ve changed my viewpoint. I’ve said; I’m not going to do these workouts I f*cking hate. I’ve found a workout I love to do that I enjoy that I’m around people who are just as excited as I am. So then it’s never a nuisance. It’s never a pain in the ass. It’s never a, “I don’t want to go to f*cking go to the gym!” feeling. It’s so nice to find that.

So you have to find new ways to look at things and to create these goals so they can become long term lifestyle changes to make you feel better.

So. Here’s the thing. Let’s start figuring out how you’re going to do this. This is how I do things. You can figure out however you want to. I write out my schedule a week ahead of time. I already have a week written out. In that week I write down every time I’m going to get my workout in. Because I have days that start early and they end late.

Where am I going to fit that workout in? Does that mean I need to go to the gym earlier? Does that mean I need to sleep in and go to a workout later? Do I need to ask my husband to make dinner, because I really need to get this workout in? How do I need to change my set up so I can actually make it happen? I really have to figure that out. And I move my schedule around as needed to make it work.

I also do not let myself get complacent. So, just recently I decided, well I was doing Orange Theory a couple of times a week. Loving it. It was so nice because the gym was really close. And I could make different classes. And I was just kind of not feeling CrossFit for a little bit, so it was so great. Then, I got a few sh*tty coaches in a row. Like, five or six classes, and I was f*cking over it. I was not feeling exciting. Not feeling enthusiastic, motivated.

So what did I do? I quit that gym and I moved on. I bought a normal gym membership so I could go in on my own, because I do CrossFit already. But I can go in on my own and do stuff on the side that I wanted to do in case maybe I can’t make it to a CrossFit workout or schedule changes or I want to add in some complementary stuff. I can make it happen.

So I don’t let myself get complacent. Because as soon as you do that; maybe you’re not getting sore anymore. You’re not feeling challenged. You’re not feeling motivated, excited. That’s when you’re going to stop working out and it’s going to become a routine. So planning ahead and then changing whatever I need to do. Change my surroundings. Change it up. Mix it up. That’s how.

Now, food. Food is one of those things. Food is a hard one for people. Because, I mean, think about all the times you’ve had food related parties. You have a birthday party and there’s cake. You have a dinner party and there’s all different foods that you’re trying to avoid. This is where you have to start planning ahead.

First of all, I don’t put myself in situations where I know I can’t eat some of those things. So I either eat something ahead of time, and bring my own drinks. So if I know there’s going to be alcohol at the party and I don’t want to drink, because I become a f*cking hot mess when I drink. Well, I bring la Croix, like little cans. Or; I don’t know. Any soda water, so I can drink some of those and I feel like I’m part of the group. And I’ll eat ahead of time.

If it’s like a dinner part where your friends are making dinner, it’s a sit down dinner, I think that’s a little different situation and I just kind of eat around it. I eat the protein, I eat vegetables. I know I can have some rice. And then I usually stay away from the dessert or whatever else. And I just explain that. If you have friends who don’t understand that; well go f*ck them and find new friends because that’s stupid.

But I plan ahead. I make sure I feel satisfied and feel full so I’m not finding myself digging into food that I don’t need. And at the end of the day, sometimes I’ve not gone to events because I don’t want to eat certain things. And I know I just kind of can’t handle it sometimes, and can’t say no, and I will eat it. I just don’t have the best self-control when it comes to some things. So I literally have not gone to certain places and parties because I know I’m not going to be able to handle some of the food.

And no, that’s not the best option. But that’s the best option for me, and I don’t mind that because I have some social anxiety anyways, so I don’t mind being by myself and kind of missing some social events. But that’s really worked for me. Planning ahead, and changing my situation. Sometimes that might mean staying away from a certain situation.

But at the end of the day, you set your goals. So why the f*ck would you not accomplish them? That’s what I always say. And there’s always some things we kind of said along the way, and maybe our priorities change. But your health should always e a priority. Health, when it comes to food, it comes to exercise, it comes to stress management, comes to sleep. All of those things should be looked at and dealt with every single day.

If you are missing one of those components, it’s time to look at those and it’s time to look at your situations and improve them. Because your health is all you’ve got. If you don’t have your health, what do you have? Cool, you have a family around you that you can’t spend time with? Cool, you have grandkids that you can’t chase around because you can’t walk up a hill without being winded? Remember that your health is all you have. I think it should be put first and foremost. We all have situations that kind of change that. But if we can get back on track throughout the year, instead of waiting for an entire New Year, and resetting your priorities and changing as they need to be changed, you will find your own overall health and it will continue to improve over the years.

So that’s my little 2018 tidbit. And if you can get a vacation in, or a staycation in, get it. Because it will reset your mind, reset your priorities. You’ll be able to find what’s important to you. And then you’ll be able to kiss your husband, who hopefully still loves you after you were being a b*tch, ok? Hopefully.

So. Now it’s off to planning for 2018. I’m trying to pick some guests that I want on; some people that I want to hang with. So if you have any recommendations of people you’d like to hear on this podcast; give me a shout out! I’d love to hear them. I’m going to go finish some stuff up for the blog, get it all ready. If you haven’t been to the blog this week on, I’m sharing all kinds of fun stuff. I shared dairy free Greek yogurt pancakes. And yes, it is dairy free. Don’t ask me; you just have to look at the recipe. You’ll see.

I shared a Mexican chorizo frittata, which is a great New Years’ resolution recipe. It’s super easy and delicious and awesome to eat throughout the week. I did a weekly workouts post. I’m adding in new, complementary stuff to my CrossFit. I’ve been adding in some butt workouts that I’ve been doing at this gym by me. And then I’ve been sharing those online. I shared a bunch of travel workouts on my Instagram this week if you need a little bit of inspiration.

Then, my amazing friend, Bree, who works out at my gym. She just recently started this company called the School of Betty, and it’s all about improving the things you want to improve in your life. So, she did this year of no shopping just to prove she could do. Literally no shopping for clothes. I think she saved like $30,000. It was f*cking crazy. And she has all these different ways of prioritizing your health, your budget, all these different things.

And she’s sharing a little freebie on the blog about 5 simple steps to creating a budget. She’s just freaking awesome. I love her so much. She’s such a good person. She beat cancer. Whenever she puts her mind to something, she does it, and she goes all out in this new business that she started, while she already has a couple of jobs. She’s a CrossFit coach and then has a real bigtime management job.

But she is so cool and she created this company and I wanted to share it with you guys. Because I think budgeting should be kind of high on the priority list. It’s not something we’re taught. I mean, what were you taught to do? Sign checks. That’s what we were taught in elementary school. We were never taught about taxes. About saving. Nobody taught you that unless your parents taught you that. So this is a really great tool to help you figure out your own budget. And she creates these crazy excel sheets and shares those with people. She’s the best.

So I’m sharing that on the blog as a little guest post. And then on another budgeting gist, because we’re in 2018. I don’t know why I keep saying gist. I’m not even using it in the correct term, I’m so annoying. But whatever. So on the blog yesterday, because this is coming out Saturday. On the blog on Friday, I teamed up with Stitch Fix to talk about staying within your budget. Stitch Fix is this amazing styling service. They send you a box every month, or whenever you want it. Every three months. Every season change. Whatever you want.

And I’m talking about how you can stay within your budget of setting price points on certain items, or setting a price point on your entire box. Super cool way to budget in the New Year while still being able to find some new clothes and feel your best. Whether you’re at work or happy hour or out with friends. Whatever.

And then tomorrow; so Sunday on the blog, if you’re listening to this on Saturday, I’m sharing my recent experience with Profractional. My face is healed up. And I wanted to talk about the full experience. Because it is such an amazing laser, and I highly recommend it to anybody. And I wanted to share my experience, and kind of before and after, and the whole process. So I’ll be sharing that on the blog. So you’ll have that to look forward to. A new beauty post.

So that’s that. And now I have to pee, ok? So thanks for listening this week. Sorry it’s kind of a shorter episode. Just got back into town and getting back to life. So I will be working on new episodes and planning for the future. And thank you guys for listening. You’re the best. I will talk to you next week. Bye bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


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  1. HI Juli!
    THank you so much for sharing about your drunken fight with your hubby. I have done that more times than I care to remember and always wake up feeling so guilty and crappy the next day. I am definitely aware of it now and it happens way less frequently but I am happy to hear that I am not the only one. Thanks for being so honest and real.

  2. My partner and I are going to Cabo next week, so your recap of your Cabo trip could not have come at a better time! Looking forward to reading your full recap, and whatever recommendations you may have! (Speaking of, the whale watching excursion sounds amazing.)

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