Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites

Something that I absolutely love about these pancake bites is that there is no baking involved. And based on my baking skills yesterday…well, I have none. I always have high hopes for baking and I’m constantly disappointed. Which is why pouring batter into a machine is way sexier to me. No worry, no upset, no eating the burnt scraps. Just simple, fluffy pancake bites to snack on. Just simple, pure joy.

You know else is pure joy? Sleeping through the night since we got new pillows. Why is it so incredibly hard to find the perfect pillow. Even now, when I’m sleeping through the night, I sometimes wake up in the morning wondering if it’s enough support for the neck. I had pillows that drove me crazy before because they were like sleeping on a yoga block, and now I have the fluffiest pillow ever that it just sinks completely. Why is shopping for pillows the most impossible task ever?!

PaleOMG Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites

I would say that I’m so excited that this week is coming to a close…but I just remembered it’s only Tuesday. But this week I have my eye on the prize – a trip to Walla Walla, Washington. This will be my first time to Walla Walla and I’m pretty pumped. After going to Santa Ynez Valley (this amazing little wine country while not even being that into wine) I’m excited to experience another place with a similar feel. I hope the people are just as nice as SYV because I seriously cannot wait to go back there. I have some things on my agenda and a few restaurants on my itinerary, but I’ve never been so if you have any recommendations for gluten free restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops or just cool places to see, let me know!! I’ve found that recommendations from others can be a life saver when I’m on these short trips!

PaleOMG Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites

Have you listened to my podcast lately? For most of the 51 episodes I’ve recorded, I’ve talked to myself for a solid hour. But I’m trying to mix it up moving forward. At first, I had absolutely no idea who I would want to interview on the podcast, so I finally turned to my instagram to see the people I enjoy following the most and started asking them! For far, I have 4 interviews this week and 2 the next. And I’m hoping I can keep adding to that. I like talking to myself (I am an only child) but hearing other people’s stories is the whole reason I started listening to podcasts in the first place. Have you listened to How I Build This with Guy Raz yet? Obsessed. So if you have any person you would like to hear on the podcast and learn a little more about their story, let me know!

Walla Walla and human recommendations are a must today.

Now go eat pancakes in the shape of balls!

PaleOMG Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites


Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites


  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 30-32 pancake bites 1x


  • 3 eggs, whisked
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup tapioca flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
  • coconut oil spray
  • maple syrup, for dipping


  1. Heat up cake pop maker.
  2. Whisk together wet ingredients: eggs, almond milk, maple and vanilla extract in a large bowl.
  3. Then add coconut flour, tapioca flour, baking powder and baking soda and a pinch of salt to the large bowl. Whisk until batter is well combined. Lastly, add chocolate chips and mix completely.
  4. Grease cake pop maker with coconut oil spray. Then use a cookie scoop or tablespoon to fill each cake pop round (be careful not to overfill). Follow instructions for cake pop maker to cook until each pancake bite is cooked through. Repeat until no batter remains – it should make 30-32 pancake bites!
  5. Serve with toothpicks and maple syrup on the side!



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PaleOMG Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites

PaleOMG Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites


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56 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites”

    1. Tiffany Ziegelmann

      Hi Monica,

      You could bake these in either a cake pop pan or a donut pan. Just heat your oven to 350° and really grease the pan with spectrum shortening. Fill each area 2/3 full and pop them in the oven. Start peeking around 7 minutes. It may take as many as 15. If the donuts or donut holes are getting browned up too quickly, reduce heat to 325° . Let them cool in the pan 7 to 10 minutes and then flip them out onto a cooling rack. They freeze beautifully if they are individually wrapped. Reheat frozen donut in a toaster oven or regular oven at 250° for about 10 minutes. Enjoy!

      1. Thank you for Giving a substitute for the cake pop maker, Tiffany!! I have a donut pan so I will be making these this morning. ????

  1. Walls walla!!! Such a tiny cute town, I live about an hour away. Olive is my favorite little place. Such great food! Will you be doing any book signings, or is it just a visit?

  2. These look amazing! Do you think that arrowroot can be substituted for tapioca flour? And would it be weird to use all egg whites?

    Thanks for so many recipes!!

  3. For the podcast, I Love hearing from entrepreneurs, maybe some of the business owners from places you’ve blogged about like Just Be Kitchen or Barre Forte. FitLo Denver is another interesting business I follow. Maybe some fitspo people like Tara LaFarerra or Emily Schromm, or some of the bloggers you meet at events. Your podcast with all the girls at Siete was one of my favorites.

  4. I can’t wait for your upcoming podcasts! I see you are interviewing Miranda Chivers Oldroyd this week, love her! I have been following you for the last 5 years and have loved seeing you and your blog evolve over time. Keep rocking out amazing recipes, outfits and podcasts! You are inspiring thousands of people with your realness and dedication to your readers <3

  5. Juli, I must confess I have not yet listened to your podcast. However, Miranda Chivers (@fearlessmiranda) is someone that I follow as well and is a reason I may start listening to it this week. Thank you also for all of the great fashion inspiration that has helped me to get some great ideas to mix-up my wardrobe and get outside my brand comfort zone. -Elena

  6. I love your podcasts! I look forward to them every week, and my chores go by so much easier as I listen to you. I loved when you had the 3 other girls on with you! It felt like I was listening to my girlfriends chat, and was very entertaining.

  7. Just took these out of the oven! I don’t have a cake pop pan so I made them as muffins. I scooped 1/4 cup batter into the silicone muffin liner, baked at 350 for 20 minutes, they turned out perfect! Thank you for the recipe! ????????

  8. I have a MyPillow and let me tell you, that has been an absolute game changer for me in terms of sleeping well and waking up feeling refreshed with zero aches in my neck/back. I used to have a fancy down pillow but I was waking up 2+ mornings a week with a neck/upper back so sore, that if I wanted to turn my head I had to turn my whole body to do so. I was in SO much pain all the time. Over a year ago I got my hands on a MyPillow and as cheesy as the commercials are, I freaking love that thing. Provides all the right support in all the right places. I have not had a bad night’s sleep since using it! Plus I feel good about supporting a product made in the USA from an entrepreneur who started from absolutely nothing. They don’t pay me for saying this or anything, it really just is a kickass product. Just throwing it out there! 🙂

  9. These look amazing! Can’t wait to try these. My girls will love them! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing recipes. I am a big fan of all of your social media! Love ya girl. So authentic!

  10. Can’t wait to make these adorable pancake bites! Also, so excited that you will be posting more Instant Pot recipes. I LOVE my new IP and am always looking for great paleo recipes.

    Just wanted you to know, that you are the sole reason that Paleo was made easy for me. I became Paleo a year ago at the recommendation of a wellness plan. Their recipes were exhausting and I was ready to give up. I found you, and then some of your fellow friend bloggers, and the rest is history. So Thank You for all you’ve done for my husband and me.

    1. so excited to pull my IP out again! i missed that thing! and that is SO COOL!! so glad i could be part of your journey and make it a little less daunting!

  11. PSA; I am obsessed with my Casper pillows. I even bought my dog their fancy dog bed ( which he refused to sleep on, go figure) but I am SO in love with my pillows!

  12. Yay, I love how you interview guests because you ask fun questions in addition to more serious ones 🙂

    As someone who has listened to every single episode I think you should have Jaso Seib on your podcast – he recently wrote a book called body beliefs about helping women with body image issues and is trying to share that message with other women so I think he’d be a great guest since you have talked about that kind of stuff on your podcast.

    Also if I see a cake pop maker at a garage sale or thrift store I may have to buy it to make these pancake bites, they look so yummy and easy (flipping pancakes can be so annoying)

  13. Sooo yummy! Baked them as mini muffins for about 12 minutes. Both of my kids went crazy for them! Thank you!

  14. Have you ever heard of an ebelskiver? I just like saying it: able-skeever. It’s a Scandinavian treat. I grew up eating them and my mom bought me the pan to make them in. I might try making these with it! Thanks

  15. Sooo good. My daughter wanted chocolate chip pancakes on her birtbday, but I was unable to use my cast iron griddle as per usual due to kitchen circumstances at thebmoment. These were perfect, and it’s so fun to eat them them in the “bite” form. Thanks so much!

  16. Juli, These are delicious! I actually made pancakes instead of pancake bites(my cake popper hasn’t arrived yet) They came out perfectly and I even substituted cornstarch for tapioca flour( I was out of that also! Thanks again, super delicious!

  17. Hi Juli, I am so sad. I just found out I have a sensitivity to COCONUT!!! I have been paleo for 8 years and just got all that tested and have been using coconut for everything (maybe I gave it to myself :(). I want to try these with my kids. They look great. And, thank you for the kid recipes! I doubt this, but going to ask anyway, can coconut be subbed out? I know I will not avoid eating them if I do make them with coconut, which I will deal with, but thought I would ask. Thanks! (and it sucks even more because I just made your mint chip ice-cream this summer and it was AWESOME!! Thanks!

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