Chocolate Coffee Protein Chia Breakfast Bowls

F*cking Olivia on The Bachelor. Telling a guy that you’ve hung out with twice that you’re unhappy with you kankles is just not the best game plan. Hey guy, I’m insanely insecure, wanna date? From what I’ve heard, and figured out on my own, people as a whole hate insecurities. Nobody cares about your weird toes or your zit between your eyes or that you have three nipples. Sure, people judge you in secret because that’s what humans love to do, but you can’t show those insecurities to someone you’re trying to sleep with. Hol

d your tongue. Then once you got him locked down, you can boast all about your bunions. Until then, act like they don’t exist, ok? Cool.

Who do you think Ben chooses in the end? Don’t tell me if you already read the spoilers. And stop watching the spoilers. This show comes once a season, enjoy it. I have my money on Lauren B. Or Becca. Or Jojo. No wait, I’m sticking with Lauren B. She’s like a tiny little doll. I think he wants a doll. But a nice doll. What am I even saying? I’ve seen him a couple times in Denver and he is a cauuuutie. And if he’s as nice as tv makes him about to be, he deserves another nice gal. I think Lauren B is nice. And she has the skill of juggling. That ain’t a bad thing.

You know what did not happen in Costa Rica? A tan. As I near closer to my thirties, the whole tanning thing just isn’t my friend anymore. Things I don’t want later in life: skin cancer, sun spots, or chicken skin. Thing I do want in life right now: to be tan. So whenever I’m out in the sun, I live with this little angel and devil on my shoulders, constantly bickering about what to do. I need to get some sort of tan because I’m having a wedding on

the beach, in Jamaica…in two short months. And based on my spray tan prom experience from way back when, orange color on your gown just isn’t super hot.

You know what is truly making me heated? This new Oprah/Weight Watchers commercial about her losing 26 pounds while still eating bread. It really pisses me off. I love Oprah, I love the stuff she does, but promoting a diet that is rich in foods that are truly bad for you, that wreck havoc on your system, and do not lead to weight loss long term is f*cked up. We all love bread. I don’t think anyone ever has hated eating bread. But why we don’t lose weight is because of all the bread, all the processed foods, all the sugar that is in our diet. And her sending off that commercial has upped her stock by 20%. Why can’t we just promote eating foods that are good for you, that nourish your body, and that naturally help you lose weight? Why can’t THAT stock go up? Riddle me that.


Chocolate Coffee Protein Chia Breakfast Bowls

  • Yield: 3-4 1x



For the toppings

  • sliced banana
  • some sort of paleo granola (or just chopped nuts)
  • my Raspberry Blueberry Jam
  • unsweetened coconut flakes
  • other toppings that would be great: chocolate chips, fresh berries, chopped dates, or nut butters
  • almond milk


  1. Blend brewed coffee, almond milk, almond butter, vanilla extract, protein powder, cocoa powder and maple syrup in a blender.
  2. Place the blended mixture into a resealable large jar (or 2 smaller jars) then add chia seeds. Seal jar and shake. Place in refrigerator overnight or for at least 3+ hours.*
  3. Pour chia seeds in a shallow bowl. (I heated mine up in the microwave for about 30 seconds because I wanted that warm porridge feel – but you don’t have to heat yours up if you don’t prefer) and top with banana, granola, jam, coconut flakes and almond milk.
  4. Spoon into mouth.


*When I make chia seed pudding, I find that after I shake it then put it in the fridge for 1 hour, if I go back and shake it once more, it doesn’t separate into a gelatinous mixture.

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PaleOMG Chocolate Coffee Protein Chia Breakfast Bowls


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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


59 thoughts on “Chocolate Coffee Protein Chia Breakfast Bowls”

  1. OMG YES!!!! About Oprah! That sh!t is cray cray…. I did weight watchers about 10 years ago and all I learned was how to get the most value on the points by eating cr@p! I am not perfect paleo now but I am perfect in eating real (aka not processed) foods! It’s a cult… I tell you … a cult! I still count points on plates even though I have no need. It was the worst and took me years to break those bad habits.

    But this looks amazing … cant’ wait to try it!

    1. i totally get how it can be good for people who have no idea about serving sizes and it helps you take control, but it lets you eat anything, COME ON!! i bet it’s hard to break those counting habits

      1. I always equate the theory to 5oz of broccoli is not the same as 5oz of cupacke or bread or pizza or anything else delicious that’s awful for you! Just simply calorie counting is not healthy, it may make someone lose weight off the bat, but it’s not sustainable!

  2. I promise spray tans are so much better than when we were in high school! I swore I’d never after a prom disaster, but in my smarter and later 20’s (cough, almost 30), I have started spray tanning. I vet the places I go hard, but I am obsessed with them now! And pulease, I want to bring Oprah’s stock down for that very unhealthy promo of Weight Watchers!

  3. Long time follower…first time comment-er. I totally agree on the Oprah thing! It makes me cringe. Thanks for the great recipe ideas! I’ve been looking for something to do with my over abundance of chia seeds.

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip to Costa Rica, sounds amazing!

    Since this has several servings, how long can it stay in the fridge? Suppose if I would like to eat a serving then save the rest for the next day? Will it still be good to eat?


  5. I love you Juli, but as someone who promotes balance and doing whats best for you, I’m a bit surprised at your comments about Oprah. Not everyone has a gluten allergy and just because it may be less nutritionally dense than other foods doesn’t mean it’s inherently unhealthy. Long term weight loss is usually succeeded by consistency. And people are usually most consistent on diets that they perceive are achievable, which might mean to some people having the wiggle room to eat treats like bread. I’m not an expert in Weight Watchers, but I’m fairly certain they reward eating fruits, vegetables, and protein via their point system over carbohydrates and sugars. Just my two cents, I will continue to be an avid reader as I love love love your blog!

    1. gluten allergies has nothing to do with how gluten affects every single one of us and what it does inside of our bodies, without many of us knowing it. especially if you live here in the US. gluten contains proteins that cause inflammatory effects like gut issues, allergies, arthritis, asthma and all sorts of autoimmune diseases. you can find all of those with a simple search. sure i am all about balance in life, but i’m not pro-crap on a regular basis that will lead me to more health issues in the future, just because it fits within my points for the day.

    2. I’m with you, Natalia 🙂 I did hard-core Paleo for 3 years and my health declined (and weight went up) pretty dramatically. I went to a bazillion doctors (both normal ones and naturopaths), and nobody could find anything wrong with me. It got so bad that I reincorporated bread products about 4 months ago because they were least upsetting to my stomach, and all of a sudden everything started working again. I now eat a whole foods diet, but it includes sprouted grain breads and some dairy on a regular basis, and I feel so much better. Weight went back down super fast, moods evened out, insomnia went away, etc. I fully believe that whole foods are a better way to go overall, but (at least for me) there was a way to include bread in that category without eating a bunch of bleached white flour products. This is just one person’s story, but I feel healthier eating sprouted grain bread than I have in a super long time.

      I still use Juli’s recipes all the time though!

      1. sounds like you went through exactly what i did, not consuming enough carbohydrates. increasing carbohydrates via healthier options such as rice, white potatoes, etc. completely turned around my health without consuming the protein that are in grains. i lost weight, slept better and my hormones were able to regulate. sprouting can’t guarantee a safe food for your gut like other carbohydrate-dense, clean foods can.

      2. Hey Julie, long time reader (3+ years) and have recommend your blog to tons of friends and family but I have to say your comments about weight watchers sound really biased, especially since I doubt you know the program at all. I’ve been paleo (ish) and have been doing ww for a little less than 2 years and have incorporated the great things about both. With the recent change of Oprah purchasing 10% of WW stock, more people are being encouraged to take control of their eating habits. The new program launched after Oprah uses a food’s calories, saturated fats, protein and sugar in order to calculate points. Foods high in protein now have less points so someone like me who already eats lots of protein actually gets to eat more. Foods high in sugar have automatically gone up and members are having to adapt and actually reduce their sugar intake. Much more weight has been put on whole, real foods and processed food now “costs” more so members are having to adapt to a healthier choice. Weekly meetings are focused on being active and learning how to be kind to yourself and similar topics that you have sort of covered through your blog. I think that if the options are that people either 1) don’t do anything to address their weight/health/or diet issues or 2) listen to Oprah and actually try SOMETHING out then we should allow people to be inspired to help themselves. Some might eventually cut out gluten and grains (especially because grains now are more points) but being paleo is hard work! We should be commending people who are trying their best to be healthy instead of condemning them for listening to a woman who herself has admited to being human and not handling something as difficult as her weight with ease. I have your cookbook, follow you on instagram and read your blog and today for the first time I find myself feeling a little alienated by something you’ve written. I crossfit 5x a week, attend my weekly ww meeting and maintain a paleo ish lifestyle. I can tell you that most of recipes are VERY weight watchers friendly because you advocate for similar values – lots of protein, healthy amounts of fat and limited sugar.

  6. Oh, poor Ben. You can see the sadness and regret in his eyes every time the producers force him to give Olivia a rose! And the crazy girl thinks he’s saving the best for last. But after losing the other star of the show, Jade, we’ve got to cherish this time with crazy Olivia 🙂

    Never thought of using coffee to flavor a chia pudding! Love the recipe, can’t wait to try it!

  7. Thank YOU! I cannot stand the Oprah jump-on-the-band-wagon-and-watch-the-stock-rise-‘cuz-she-endorsed-WW Crap. Can you tell?! So ticked. Hahaha. Agree with Alison’s comment, I used to count points and would wind up eating cake and ice cream all day ‘cuz it was within my points allowance. NONSENSE. Thank you, Juli, for promoting yummy, good-for-you recipes, real food and awesome workouts. You’re an inspiration.

  8. Gaaaahhh-lee I totally agree about the Oprah commercials. I’m all about some balance in my life but a daily regimen of inflammatory foods won’t do ANY body good. And I really don’t want to be rude here, but I probably won’t take advice from a woman’s who’s weight has fluctuated more than the weather….
    And bachelor stuff…YES—Lauren B is my girl! I, embarrassingly enough, did a fantasy draft with a couple girlfriends and Lauren B just happens to be on my team….soooo I’m obviously rooting for her. I also have Olivia on my team, so as much as I want to totally kick her in the kankles, she’s earning me some more points when she sticks around 🙂 Love your blog! And SO jealous of your trip to Costa Rica.

    1. Haha! I’m in a fantasy draft too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one 🙂 It makes watching so much more fun. I’m team Cayla, Becca, and Jo-Jo. My hubby swears it will be Lauren B 🙂 I’ll laugh if he beats me in fantasy Bachelor because we all know I wouldn’t beat him in fantasy football 🙂

      1. Omg soooo glad to hear more people do fantasy drafts for bachelor. I think your hubby might be right, Ali! At least I hope he is! Good luck with your draft!

  9. Hey Julie, I’ve been loving your recipes! What brand of chocolate protein powder do you use? I assume it is dairy free or is that even possible?

  10. Olivia has to stay!. That popping-out-of-a-cake dance routine was priceless!! It was so bad it was good. I had a good laugh at that.

  11. I think they may be making him keep Olivia for a little while. She’s such a train wreck and I cannot look away. Team caila!!

  12. I don’t watch the Bachelor but I went to college with Lauren Bushnell so I’m rooting for her ALL THE WAY!!! Glad to hear you like her as well 🙂

  13. WW has come a long way, and even has a plan where you don’t have to count points . Fruit and vegetables “cost” zero points, so are definitely encouraged. I don’t follow that program now, but lost a lot of weight on it, and it works great for a lot of people. Personally, I feel better when I eat clean, but gluten now and then does not cause me an issue. I eat everything in moderation! Everyone needs to find what works for them!

    This recipe looks great and I will be trying it this weekend

  14. I’ve never tried chia (congealed food is gross). I may give this recipe a whirl. On the Oprah note, I agree. People are always looking for the easy way to “Lose weight. Feel great!” I have the secret here, but my stock won’t go up. I won’t make millions overnight. But, I’m willing to share. Lean in, eat nutritious foods, be active. One thing that works for me when I think I’m doing all the right things is a food diary. Nothing like actually keeping a running tally of the (measured) food you’re putting in your body to keep you honest.

    Good luck with the tan resolution and I hop The Bachelor continues to intrigue you!

  15. The recipe looks great! But the last time I made chia seed pudding I couldn’t deal with the texture. Do you have any suggestions?

  16. This is my very first time visiting your blog and I’m literally LOLing at my desk right now. All of your insight and remarks are spot on. Kind of weird to sit here reading a complete stranger’s words thinking, “Wow- I could totally be best friends with this chick!” Thanks for the laughs this morning and the oh-so-yummy looking recipe. Heading over to the other corners of your blog now to do some more exploring into your world!

  17. I can’t with Olivia, I really just can’t! I was crossing fingers and eyes for him to not give her that damn last rose! UGH she is a little coocoo… but on to more important things, like your tan for Jamaica !! 🙂
    Check out and look at the testimonials. It’s a tanning mouse and people are raving about it. I follow them on Instagram and I will be trying it, once I’m finished with laser ha ha – hair free and a nice tan – aaahhhhh! Can’t wait to try this yummy breakfast!!!

  18. I’m always looking for really good Paleo recipes and stumbled upon your blog. I must say, this one looks so delicious and I can’t wait to try it! Just a question though, what would be a good alternative to almond milk? I might make this for a get-together and I have a friend who has an allergy to almonds. Thank you, and I will be browsing your site for more! 🙂

  19. Made this for breakfast today! I saved the almond butter for a topping, used plain protein powder instead of chocolate, and ended up having to add 2 extra tablespoons of chia seeds – my batch was way too thin without it. So, so delicious, and a nice change of pace from my usual eggs and greek yogurt.

  20. Hello,

    Can you suggest a substitute for the coffee in this recipe? I’d love to try it but cannot ingest coffee. Thank you.

  21. I can’t stand Olivia! The worst part about her kankles convo was that he was really down about his friends passing away! WTF?! I’m with you on Lauren B. She’s totally precious!

    I thought the same thing about the Oprah bread commercial. Thank you for your comments about it! Let’s not talk about the high dollar trainers and chefs she has at beck and call to help her lose that weight! It’s unfortunate how many people will start reincorporating bread in their diets after hearing that.

  22. A big YES on all counts.

    Olivia drives me absolutely insane on the show. Seriously, you’re gonna cry about your cankles to a guy whose friends just DIED?! Bitch please…

    I love Oprah, but that commercial is just lies. LIES!

  23. Happy Bachelor Monday! First of all, that breakfast bowl looks fantastic!! Second of all, I totally think Lauren B. is going to win the Bachelor. She’s so adorable and I feel like he’s really into her. Looking forward to tonights episode! Hopefully Olivia sabotages herself…

  24. Thank god I found this recipie. As a long time follower I just want to note – your blog is becoming less paleo and more Facebook feed. There’s overseas holidays, working out selfies, advertisements for clothes brands, what I’m wearing today rubbish. You legitimately have to filter through four or five stories to find what I originally came here to find – that is good food advice and solid paleo inspiration.
    I know your life is amazing- that’s brilliant – but keep on track – because it’s becoming a tiring effort coming here having to search so much.

    1. excuse me, corina, but this is MY blog. i put out exactly what I want to. just because you aren’t interested in something does not mean other people aren’t interested in it. i share my life, my stories, what excites me, and my food…because it’s MY blog. just because you’re interested in JUST food doesn’t mean other people aren’t interested in other things, like working out and bettering their lives and how they feel in their skin. it’s incredibly self involved asking me to change for YOU. shame on you. learn to lift people up, to support them growing and changing, and do not ever tell me to “keep on track” because hun, I’m on my own track and I fucking love it.

  25. Since hardly any of the comments actually talk about the recipe, I will: this recipe is delicious! I used plain kefir instead of almond milk and dates instead of maple syrup. Loved it!

  26. Thank YOU! I cannot stand the Oprah jump-on-the-band-wagon-and-watch-the-stock-rise-‘cuz-she-endorsed-WW Crap. Can you tell?! So ticked. Hahaha. Agree with Alison’s comment, I used to count points and would wind up eating cake and ice cream all day ‘cuz it was within my points allowance. NONSENSE. Thank you, Juli, for promoting yummy, good-for-you recipes, real food and awesome workouts. You’re an inspiration.

  27. question……..
    when you say step 3 – Pour chia seeds in a shallow bowl. you mean the entire mixture, right? lol its not just seeds, right?

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