Chocolate Waffles

These are, hands down, the best waffles I’ve made so far. If I could rate my own recipes, I’d seriously give these waffles 28 stars. I couldn’t stop eating them! And it was great since I made them for Laura but she could only eat half of one because she thought they were so rich sooooooo I got to eat all of them. That butt be growin’!!

So Tuesdays are my day off. That means I usually do laundry, cook a couple meals for the week and try to clean my kitchen that I will just get dirty within 30 minutes of cleaning it. It’s frustrating. A never ending dirty kitchen is dumb. Is it selfish to want a boyfriend strictly for helping me with dishes? I mean, I would do the cooking every night…isn’t that fair to have someone just wash the dishes?! I’d be down to kiss the person as well. A makeout session AND dinner. Why the hell wouldn’t  my imaginary boyfriend do the damn dishes? This paragraph is pointless.

Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Well, other than playing in the park with my friends from CrossFit Broadway then most likely going out dancing once again on Saturday in hopes of dancing with the great gay guy who spun me around the dance floor…I’ll be working at a Health Fair at CrossFit Eminence! Can you say run-on sentence? Yes, yes you can. CrossFit Eminence will be holding a health fair this Saturday May 19th from 8am-3pm which will have all kinds of fun info and stuff to do. Like the Body Fat Truck. That’s what I’m going to do with my Saturday. Get in the body fat thing-a-ding and cry for the rest of the afternoon. I’M KIDDING, jesus. It might be cool to find out how much fat is hanging out around my lower section of my body. Ew.

I hear they also will have a dunk tank. I feel very neutral about that. Neutral meaning not good. If someone tries to get me to go in the dunk tank, I will absolutely not act like it’s funny nor play along. B*tch mode. Does that make me a bad person? Kind of. But me without make up on is scary. And the last thing I want to do is dunk my head under water then have people frightened of me and not check out my website. F*ck you acne. You’re mean. You make me look like a bad person.

Anywho, if you have any free time on Saturday, come to CrossFit Eminence between 8am and 3pm for all kinds of stuff to make you a healthier person. I will also be doing a giveaway with treats and apparel! Don’t miss out! Maybe you can go in the dunk tank for me?! YES? Cool. You’re awesome. Whoever you are.


Chocolate Waffles

  • Yield: 4-5 1x




  1. Plug in your waffle iron. You don’t have a waffle iron? Why? Because it’s the most pointless tool in the kitchen and takes up a balls ton of room? True. But buy one. Waffles are awesome.
  2. Whisk your eggs in a medium-large sized bowl.
  3. Add your coconut milk and sweetener and whisk together with eggs.
  4. Next add your almond flour and mix more!
  5. Then add your cocoa powder baking soda and mix together.
  6. Lastly, add in your chocolate chips, vanilla, salt and cinnamon. Mix together thoroughly.
  7. Pour into your waffle iron and cooking until cooked through. It took about 4-5 minutes for mine to cook through and crisp up.


1. I have no idea if these will work as pancakes.
2. Roasted, unsalted almonds were on sale so I just made my own almond meal in a food processor. Meaning I threw the almonds in a food processor and turned in on for 30 seconds. Ta dah! Almond meal. Easy peasy, cheap and squeezy.

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PaleOMG Chocolate Waffles

I may or may not have burned the waffles. shhhh. and then ate half of one and tried to position it in the picture like I hadn’t chewed on it…


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120 thoughts on “Chocolate Waffles”

  1. Ok…this looks seriously awesome and I’m drooling now. But, I think I’m doing something wrong. I’ve done some of your other waffle recipes (pumpkin waffles) and they were a disaster with the waffle iron. They stuck like mad and I ended up having to scrap them off with a spatula and got a small pile of scraps. I even let it cook for like 5-7 minutes. What am I doing wrong? I want this to work so badly!!!

    1. Try coating your iron with coconut oil, or similar. My waffle iron has been sticking everything lately. I now coat it with oil before every waffle.

    2. Same happened to me with the first pumpkin waffle. I figured out the issue! Second time around, I sprayed way more cooking oil and, VOILA! It no longer crumbled or sticked. It tasted AMAZING!! 🙂

  2. Juli- when you post to use 1/3 c coconut milk, what’s the ratio of the creamy stuff on top to the watery juice in the can? Better to just use the water or the fat on top?


  3. Finally got myself back to full paleo (struggling bad right now) and these waffles look AMAZING! I cant wait to find time to make them

    My waffles even come out in the shape of penguins… really they do.

    Juli you are incredible, crossfit men should be at your feet!

  4. Ooooh..what a fabulous waffle recipe to try post long run!! I love waffles. I love dark chocolate. I love my Belgian waffle maker. I love your blog!!

  5. For a cup of that coffee and some of those waffles I’d make out with you and do your dishes!! LoL Kidding…kinda. 😉 My hubs may not like that idea.
    I agree with Mel…those crossfit men should be crawling after you.
    I printed these out to try this weekend! Looks de-lish as always.

  6. Yay, I have everything here to make these! I think I just found breakfast.

    And I feel the same way about my reasons for wanting a boyfriend, I get tired of taking the garbage out week after week!

  7. OMG I wish you had a local restaurant. I would be such a regular. I love to cook but hate to do anything remotely related to baking. thanks for posting about the Health Fair at CrossFit Eminence. I am definitely going to try to go and get tested! Excited to see what apparel you bring!

  8. Your comment to your pictures made me laugh out loud. Sometimes I think of taking pictures of my food, but because I’ve already eaten most of it the picture wouldn’t turn out well… you did well with your picture presentation of a partially tasted waffle! I will be making this in the future!

  9. There are real life guys that will do the dishes and make out with you….I was lucky enough to catch one of em, so they do exists and are not a figment of your imagination:)

    What is with the Crossfit guys… are gorgeous with a rocking bod…….I’m guessing you are so awesome they are intimidated by you, they need to grow a pair and ask you out!

  10. Hahaha girl I just did a post on paleo waffles and I said they would *probably work as pancakes. Truth = I have NO clue. Whatevs. Someone is bound to try it and the worst that can happen is they leave us a nasty comment that they do NOT in fact work as pancakes. Or me rather, because you were straight up like ‘Ya I dunno.’
    Im going to need to add cocoa powder to mine next. Gooood idea.

  11. OMG Juli you are a freakin mind reader or something! Just last night I was digging my food dehydrator out of my kitchen cabinets when I came across my dear old friend the waffle iron. I thought to myself “oh waffle iron it’s been so long, we need to find some delicious paleo waffles to make in you.” Oh low and behold you post WAFFLES!!!

  12. If you find a man to do the dishes, HOLD ON TIGHTLY!!! As soon as you start cooking a large portion assume you have taken on the WHOLE housewife thing and that you will do them. Not.Fun.

    PS Can I ask what kind of makeup you use? Acne is my enemy that I constantly wage war against. CONSTANTLY.

    PPS…Can’t wait to try this Recipe!!

    1. Hey Rebecca! I use Napoleon foundation stick. It covers up everything. I still have acne, but it definitely makes me feel better lol.

  13. And people think paleo eating is restrictive… pshh I need to show them these waffles! Your pictures are looking great too, and I always strategically place the pretty side of food in the front angle hah.

  14. I once asked if it was wrong if I only wanted a girlfriend to cook me delicious and nutritious meals. Some girl heard me and was not amused and I was told I had serious issues. I was joking, of course.

  15. Did someone say burning and sticking? Traditional waffles have significant oil content in the batter… plus it increases outer crispiness.

    Good tip on the almond meal. I passed on the 1 lbs bag of almond meal at $10 the other day.. it sounds like I can do it myself for $4.

  16. My waffle iron has gone missing but I MUST have this recipe in some form with me this weekend (going to a three-day music festival). I am bringing all of my food and I want these babies for breakfast. So, I’m going to attempt these as pancakes. WILL REPORT BACK.

    1. These worked great as pancakes with a couple modifications! I added more coconut milk (maybe around 1/8 cup) and decreased the almond flour by 1/4 cup. This made a more “pancakey” batter. I greased the pan with coconut oil. I made smaller pancakes so they would cook through without getting burnt on the outside. They are delicious!!!!!!

  17. These were a great treat for breakfast this morning and really took care of that chocolate craving I’ve been having!!

  18. OMG. Thats all I have to say. Made these for my wife this morning for her birthday. Homerun. They were great and our 13 and 11 yr old girls even loved them. 3 recipes tried…more to go.

  19. Made these for my wife for her b-day breakfast. Homerun…loved them. We all did (our 2 girls, 13 and 11 yrs old also). 3 recipes tried…can’t wait to try more.

  20. This recipe is magical. Why? (Other than because it’s from Juli). Because it also works for pancakes. I’m chowing them down right now. Due to my undomesticated lack of planning, I made a few adjustments:

    -No canned coconut milk so I used Almond Coconut milk (definitely less thick)
    -No cocoa so I used chocolate protein powder
    -Also substituted 1/4 cup almond meal with 1/4 cup protein powder.

    I cooked them about 90 seconds each side at med-low heat.

  21. Someone mentioned Pantothenic Acid for acne so I tried it (like you, acne sufferer for YEARS, even when all Paleo and what-not, and I’m “old,” in comparison to you). Looked it up and decided to overload the dose. I’m doing 2,000 mg AM and PM. Seems to be giving me some good results so far (only a little over a week). Just FYI.
    And I will make these this weekend. Yum.

  22. Okay that’s it I’m offically buying a waffle maker just to make these yummy things! BTW I have made several of your recipes and love them!!!

  23. Made these this morning (as pancakes) and they were un- FREAKING believable. It was like a brownie covered in maple syrup and who doesn’t love that? They were tested by all four of my kids and approved.

    Thanks Juli once again for another awesome recipe.

  24. Made these this morning…Amazing! I love them, my daughter loves them. Whats not to love? It’s chocolate!

  25. I too, had a waffle iron fail, despite brushing with coconut oil 🙁 I’m half tempted to just eat the rest of the batter raw because I want to eat these so bad!

  26. I found a belgian waffle maker in REALLY good shape at a local thrift store for $4.99 ! I figured, what-the-heck? I thought trying to go Paleo ment noooo more waffles, but here they are! So all those whinners who have no waffle iron, start at thrift stores. And bring in a big box of stuff you don’t need while you’re at it. Ultimate recycling. Luv, luv PaleOMG! Thanks Juli!..Shelly

  27. Very satisfying! I don’t have a waffle iron and refused to go buy anything today (that’s why I landed on this recipe – had all the ingredients), so I made them as pancakes. I added another egg to thin the batter out a little and didn’t have any of the chocolate chips, so I chopped up some dark chocolate. I’ll have to get some of those chips one of these days… yay, pancakes!

  28. My grain-loving boyfriend nommed the shit out of these before our heavy day today.

    Thank you, thank you.

  29. I just made these as pancakes……OMG!!! Heaven!! Almost like chocolate brownies in pancakes form!! I will be making these again….tomorrow morning. Thank you 🙂

  30. Seriously, I made these and they were SO amazing!! like, perfect. Leftovers were even better! Kinda turned brownie-like. LOVE!!

  31. My husband is a picky son of a bitch, I have only found one “paleo” waffle recipe he would eat. He is a whore for chocolate so I guess I have to make these! (Worst case I have ANOTHER batch of waffles to myself. Oh no!)

  32. You are so funny. I don’t do paleo (but do LOVE your recipes) but I come to read almost every post you write just because you crack me up! ha. These look freakin’ awesome, too. I do not have a waffle maker, but just read someone else’s comment on there that they do work as pancakes… and love the idea that you can make your own almond meal.. duhhhhh

  33. These were AMAZING!! I kinda sorta went out and bought a waffle maker yesterday just because of this and your other pumpkin waffle recipe.
    Howeverrrrr.. I have a question. I followed the recipe exactly and I got a SUPER stiff batter, like so stiff I couldn’t even mix everything together. I ended up adding 5-6 huge tablespoonfuls of coconut milk to get it to a better consistency, and I still had to spoon the batter in to the waffle pan and spread it out with the back of the spoon.
    Any idea what I did wrong? Have you heard this problem before?

    1. I haven’t, but that’s smart you added some milk to it, you could also add coconut oil to give it more of that smooth texture. Did the still taste good?

    2. Oh Geez I know this reply is like 1000 years late but if I use a finer grind of almond flour I have the exact same thing happen! Maybe someone will see this and it will be helpful…

  34. This is a great base for bread, cake pancakes! At least, I think it would be…
    I just made these lovely waffles but monkeyed them out with a few additions- 2 ripe bananas (they really needed to be used), coconut oil, and 1 T of coconut flour….the waffles were soft but easy to take out of the waffle iron and crisped up some after cooling. They were extremely light and delicate in the mouth while being super filling!
    I will probably try this as a cupcake base soon as the crumb appeared to be perfect for that.
    Thank you for a great recipe.

  35. Made these as pancakes!!! YUM!!!!! I didnt have any coconut milk so i used almond. And had to add a dash more milk to give it a more batter feel. Totally filled my sweet tooth craving and I dont feel bad about it! 🙂

  36. Would this recipe work with coconut flour instead of Almond meal? I don’t have almonds at the moment, but totally want to make these tomorrow for the kiddos.

    1. I’m not totally sure. The consistency will definitely be different and you’ll have to be careful with the amount of coconut flour, maybe less than a half cup would work. it can get real dry, real quick.

  37. Giving it a shot right now. Fingers crossed. I tried to make my own almond meal too, I don’t think I have a powerful enough processor, but I am using it anyhoo. Wish me luck!

  38. Ok, these were SO good, they even got my 7 yr old son’s approval, and he doesn’t EVER try new things. They were super easy to make and with my new $10 waffle iron that I brushed lightly with almond oil, they came out perfectly fluffy and cooked evenly on both sides. This will be a Sunday staple!

  39. Just made these this morning in my george foreman grill (that has a waffle griddle). I got 4 waffles out of it (1/2 cup batter for each). These are the best waffles i have ever had! My kids gobbled them up!

  40. Wow! Just Wow. No, also amazing, rediculous, dangerous, and utterly satisfying. Thank you. Oh, one more…OMG!

  41. Is there a way I can figure out how to switch out the almond meal for coconut flour in recipes? Like you, my body just can’t handle nuts but almond flour is everywhere in Paleo recipes! So I’m looking for a formula or conversion I can use!


  42. Coconut allergies run in my family. I’m scared to try anything with coconut in it. Do you have a substitute for the coconut milk?

  43. YUMMY! Made this as a test batch for Easter brunch this Sunday…Will be serving non paleo family.They definitely made the cut. Thinking of adding either strawberries or raspberries for topping. Thanks!

  44. Tried these this morning for my non-Paleo husband, and myself . I am always trying recipes to see if they pass his test. He liked them we both thought that the flavor was perfect. Hubby thought they were a bit dense/dry but my little food tester had a great idea. Something that I did with my paleo banana bread that made a big difference in texture. Beat the egg whites separately and fold them into the batter for extra ‘air’. I’m going to try that again next week.

  45. Made these over the weekend at my parent’s house since they have a waffle maker. I now feel like I need to buy my own waffle iron! These were wonderful. My whole family really enjoyed them and usually they are skeptical about my gluten-free Paleo food. It took much more coconut milk to get the batter to the right consistency and we added about a tablespoon of melted coconut oil to the batter to ensure it to not stick. Great chocolatey flavor (I used mini chips), good texture, delicious with strawberries and syrup. Thank you!

  46. I just made these…they are waaaay too delicious to be good for me!!! Love them. Thank you!

  47. My kids loved these, even w/o choc chips. I only had a cup of almonds to grind so added some cashews too. Nice to have a waffle recipe that isn’t crumbly or gummy, though perhaps a little dry. And I have TWO waffle irons, so there!

  48. These were very yummy. Kid approved as well! I added some shredded coconut to them. They are like a brownie in waffle form.

  49. Grabbed a $7 waffle iron just to make these. Holy yum!! Even the picky 5yr old ate two! Thanks for rescuing me from breakfast boredom!!

  50. Yum!!! I found the batter to be a bit thick so I added some almond milk to thin it out. They were great! 🙂

  51. The batter came out very thick. Is that normal? Did anyone else have this problem. I found that it cooked well in the iron but the taste was a bit dry even with all the berries and syrup!

  52. I just attempted this recipe, and the batter, and subsequently the waffles, came out very dense. I followed the directions exactly (no substitutions). Any tips on how to make them fluffier like how they look in your pictures?

    **the waffle iron I used is also a fairly shallow iron for waffles, if that makes any difference?

  53. These really were OMG, I’ve just finished a whole 30 so yesterday I made your vanilla banana pancakes then today I made these and now I think you should move over here to England and become my personal chef! Maybe tomorrow I’ll make the breakfast meatza before my ass gets too big from eating all these delicious sweet recipes! I did have to add a little extra coconut milk though as the batter was too thick.

  54. Out of curiousity, have you tried these with maple syrup and honey? (separately of course) Just wondering which sweetener you prefer in this recipe. Thanks!

  55. I made pancakes from this recipe but I did have to add about 3/4 cup of whole milk to make it runny enough to pour onto my skillet. They tasted good, especially with butter and organic maple syrup. I need a waffle iron!

  56. I made these this morning. Mine are VERY cocoa-y. Could I leave out one of the tablespoons?

    Also, how much did you put on the iron? 1/4 cup? 1/2 cup?

    Thank you!

    1. absolutely. and i don’t write about how much should go in the iron because every waffle iron is different. 1/4-1/2 cup would work depending on the size of the iron

  57. You’re on a first name basis in our house… every single recipe I’ve made from you is always AHHHHMAZING! This recipe is no exception and is one of my favs!!! So delicious!!! The batter was a little too thick so I just used common sense and added a little coconut milk to thin it out a little. Topped it with coconut whip cream, fresh berries, and a little berry syrup! So great!!

  58. These are soooo good! I am new to paleo cooking, so I did add 1/3 cup gluten free flour because the batter was like mush, I am not used to that if that is normal in paleo cooking….? I will defintaley makes again!!

  59. This is the first waffle recipe I have ever made. My hubby got me a waffle maker for Valentine’s because I started a paleo way of eating this year… picky 1yr old devoured these!!! I’m going to sneak spinach in them next time….lol!! Thanks for this recipe! Winner!

  60. Would these taste good without maple syrup? Also would it taste good without the sweetener?

  61. Wow! These were amazing!!!! 28 stars, for sure!! Love your site & your recipes. Thanks for making my primal journeya little sweeter! Your recipes helped me convince my husband to go primal this year!

  62. Second the intimidation comment from a jillion years ago; I’m a little late to the party. It’s getting increasingly difficult to find men who can share in the joy of a women truly coming into her power. I got kinda lucky, and I’ll loan him to you, but you need to have me too! Heehee. Dirty.

    Anyway, this was excellent, but I didn’t have coconut milk, so I called my food scientist sister for advice and then used 1/3 cup cream/milk combo and 1 tbsp coconut oil. I either cooked them too long or got the ratio wrong because they were kinda dry. Assuming I do a shorter time, what can I do to make them moister?

    Heh. Moist.

    Thanks for being you!

  63. Yooooooo!!! Lovin’ this recipe! In case you were wondering, they work just as well for pancakes. Super thick and moist – perfect. Can’t wait to get a waffle iron and make them how they were always meant to be.

  64. lol at the imaginary boyfriend. i come home every night from a 12 hr shift cook a meal and usually do the dishes. unfortunately my wife doesn’t cook too good and isn’t willing to try a whole lot. I’m going to try these waffles for my boys I’m sure they will love them.

  65. These are so freaking good!!! They came out perfect. My ten year old loves your recipes. Licked the plate and spaghetti squash in the garlic chicken spaghetti. Loved the breakfast cookies and these are gonna be a hit. I thought I’d pre-make them for tomorrow….well I had to have one! Breakfast for lunch! Thank you for your amazing recipes. It has helped me lose over an inch around my waist in 2 weeks. I’m a trainer and instructor. Love all types of disciplines – yoga, pilates, running, dancing, spinning but paleo has changed my body. Your recipes make it easy.

    1. haven’t tried a nut free for this recipe but you should check out some of my other waffles that are nut free and you could add some cocoa powder to it!

  66. I generally hate baking with almond flour just because it makes for a very weird and dry consistency, but as waffles it was fantastic! I love that you only put in in a tbsp of honey so they aren’t crazy sweet. They are pretty rich though, so I ate mine with sliced fruit on top and my kids enjoy them with applesauce on top instead of syrup. I think they would be great as well as a dessert with a little bit of coconut milk ice cream, but we’ll have to try that another week. I rarely eat sweet foods like this in the morning cause it makes me feel pretty crummy for the rest of the day, but we make exceptions for this recipe because it is just so yummy. Kudos, Juli.

  67. taste like chocolate cake but in waffle form! more dense than gluten waffles, but that means they’re filling and one batch will last a few days for just me. thank you juli!

  68. I tried your fantastic recipe on my new waffle iron — I did not have coconut milk in the house so I whipped some up using coconut butter and water. It worked out fine.

    I also created a warm compote of maple syrup and blueberries for a topping. I had enough to make 2 more waffles which I will try freezing (if I don’t gobble them up first).

  69. These were amazing!! I didn’t have cocoa powder but they still tasted great without it. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes Juli!!!

  70. Oh, I love this recipe and have made it lots with the ground almonds I buy at the health food store. For some reason I thought they would be better with finer ground almonds, so I got some at the bulk place. Well, they were not nearly as good at all. The batter was way to thick, they stuck to my waffle iron (which was liberally greased with bacon grease), and they didn’t get gobbled up by everyone. Like, these kids usually eat a batch then cry that there are no more. So back to the less fine almond stuff it is.

    I am currently doing a whole30 but there are on the menu for my celebratory brunch next week, along with mimosas and the pumpkin brownies from your recipe book. Can’t wait!!

  71. Looking at all these reviews I must’ve measured wrong or something or maybe I overcooked them but they seemed overly crunchy, burnt tasting and not at all like waffles. Looking at your pictures, mine did not fluff up at all, they were hard and thick with not a ton of flavor. How hot did people cook these in their waffle maker? I had mine on medium and cooked 4-5 minutes. I also had a sticking problem so next time I’ll try more oil.
    I did give these low stars but I admit it may have been chef error. I hope it works better for everyone else!!

  72. I was wondering if you used a regular waffle iron or a belgian waffle iron to make your chocolate waffles? I only have a belgian waffle iron and no regular waffle iron.

  73. I made these but found the texture really off. I often use almond flour and have made a number of paleo waffle recipes so I am not sure why. The batter was very thick, resembling macaroon batter almost. I didn’t have any problems with it sticking to my waffle iron though the chocolate chips did burn.

    Eating them they are not quite gritty but that’s the closest word I can come up with. They don’t taste fantastic to me but they do taste okay, the biggest issue is texture and mouth feel.

  74. I got all your cookbooks for Christmas and I’m trying a few recipes per week. This was the first recipe I tried and I loved them!

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