Light and Crispy Vanilla Protein Waffles

I love waffles. That’s all.

I need to explain something. I don’t like the cold. What’s the point in being cold when you can be warm. That’s probably why I don’t ski. BUT, Colorado is pretty much the most wonderful place on earth and since we do get cold, we really appreciate the other 3 seasons. But right now, it’s straight up disgusting cold outside. It’s not pleasant. It hurts to breathe in, your hands freeze the second you go outside, and pretty much 70% of people got in car accidents on their way to work. Well, I have a different reason to hate the cold. So I bought a giant mirror yesterday. Human size. So I had the guys put it in my car safe and sound, and by the time I got home, it had cracked. It got so damn cold outside, that the mirror wouldn’t even keep it’s straight shape. So it’s cold either cost me $120 or 7 years back luck. Either way, it’s a real bummer.

But life isn’t worth sweating the small stuff, no sirry bob. Here’s a positive note. I put together a giant lamp yesterday without breaking it!! I may be speaking too soon, because I don’t have a light bulb to see if it actually works, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. If it doesn’t work, I’ll definitely throw it across the room. Or at the broken mirror. I can’t earn any more years of bad luck anyways.

I leave for Vegas tomorrow. THANK.GOSH. Once I have a mirror that isn’t broken, I was thinking about posting pictures of all the outfits I plan on packing. I used to look at Julie from PB Fingers fashion page all the time because she would post her weekly work outfits and night out dresses and absolutely loved seeing the cute outfits she came up with and where she got it at. So I might just do that. If you don’t care about that and just want to see food, LUCKY YOU, I will have a recipe to go along with it, so you can just skip Vegas dresses. I promise they won’t be hoe-ish though, it’s too cold for hoe.

Oh. And I’m really craving eggs and jam right now. Yeah, jam. Sounds so good. That is all. Ktotesloveyoubye.

Please stop hating me for saying totes.


Light and Crispy Vanilla Protein Waffles

  • Yield: 3-4 1x




  1. Whisk together applesauce, eggs, vanilla extract, and coconut oil.
  2. Add tapioca flour and whisk until combined. Then add protein powder and whisk again to combine. Lastly, add baking soda, cinnamon and a pitch of salt and mix well.
  3. Pour batter into the waffle iron (greased, if needed) and cook until crispy. Be patient. Mine took less than 5 minutes per waffles. Repeat with the rest of the batter. My batter made 6 round waffles.
  4. Garnish with coconut whipped cream and maple syrup.


Yields 5-6 waffles

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PaleOMG Light and Crispy Vanilla Protein Waffles


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103 thoughts on “Light and Crispy Vanilla Protein Waffles”

  1. I would be so mad if my new mirror broke on the way home. So mad! I feel your pain, woman. We definitely want to see your Vegas outfits!!! BTW I LOVE Julie from PBFingers!!!

  2. Hiya! i love Paleomg. One of the most genuine blogs out there.
    This recipes looks amazing. I cant do whey, any idea of a good substitution?

          1. Most recipes call for 4-6 eggs for 1/4 to 1/2 cup of coconut flour. I would start with 1/4 cup coconut flour and go from there….

          2. I did 1/2 C Almond Flour and a tbsp of coconut flour and it turned out ok… a little dry, but okay. And I had to use a different protein powder… I also didn’t have applesauce, so stuck mango in the food processor and it worked (all to avoid a trip to the store haha) 🙂 Juli, thank you SO MUCH for making this website! You’re the best!

    1. I used 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup of coconut flour and these turned out amazingly delicious, not dry at all!!! Will be making them again and again….thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. nooo they don’t. I have tried. I am officially buying a waffle maker now 🙂 her pancake recipe is delish!!

  3. It’s not THAT cold…only -2 as I type this…2 things
    1)I’m gonna have to make these Saturday morning when it’s supposed to snow again and
    2) there is no temperature limit on Hoe-Dress….just get it!

  4. I am so excited to try these this weekend, they look amazing. If you need a workout spot while you’re in Vegas you should come to Crossfit Max Effort!

  5. I can’t even handle how amazing these look right now! On Amazon currently looking for a waffle iron, getting me some more whey protein and making these bad boys! NOT a fan of pancakes, but I could eat waffles for days!! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. I just made these. I used chocolate protein and only had cornstarch, so used 1/2 cup. I was afraid to eat that first bite… but very impressed! They are really, really good! Thanks for this recipe!

  7. I added a crushed banana and used almond meal flour instead if Tapioca flour. Also I had Marks Daily Apple chocolate/coconut whey instead if the other….FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!! Pretty much think that this is the route Juli goes when she makes something “well hell they don’t have that but this should be good enough!!!” Love this site keep it up Juli your my hero!!!

  8. I love your blog Julie..seriously if I’m having a bad day your posts always cheer me up. These look amazing I miss waffles!! But do you think they would still be okay if I left the protein powder out all together?

  9. OMG you’re going to be in Vegas at the same time as me! I leave Sunday!
    If I see you, I’ll try to stay calm. I promise.

  10. OMG!!!! I have been craving waffles, AND my friend just gave me a waffle iron last night…Yay! I can’t wait to try these.

    Also just wanted to say Ive tried a few of your recipes just this week and they are all AMAZING!! THANK YOU!

  11. You are my hero! Transitioning to Paleo has been so much easier thanks to you and all of the fabulous things that you cook. This recipe looks like it is going to satisfy my breakfast cravings! Thank you!

  12. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for these. Paleo breakfasts for my boys can be hard. They devoured these and were surprised they were paleo. You rock my world!

  13. OMG I love you! I’ve been looking for something I can make for breakfast (since I have to be at work at freakin’ FOUR INTHE MORNING) and these are perfect. Make them ahead of time, then spread them with almond butter and a drizzle of honey in the morning and out the door. You’re awesome, and my gluten-free insides thank you 🙂

  14. Replacing protein powder with coconut flour 1:1 did not make light or crispy waffles. I’m not sure what the batter is supposed to be like, but it was like cookie dough. I’d try something else if you don’t want protein powder.

  15. Made these for a treat last night. Tasted amazing as they look. One problem, they were very dry….choking hazard kind of dry. We didn’t have tapioca flour so I substituted arrowroot powder. Could the arrowroot be the reason they were so dry?

      1. I used 50% whey and 50% egg protein powder for the recipe when they turned out dry. My wonderful wife made them again this evening using all whey protein and they turned out amazing!

  16. I used almond meal instead of arrowroot flour and the waffles were a hit at my breakfast table! Made another batch to freeze. Thank you!

  17. Who hates on you for saying “totes?” … That is totes ridic. 🙂 Love your blog and when I’m done with my Whole 30 (or maybe Whole 60, I haven’t decided yet) I’m *totes* going to make these waffles!

    xo, Meredith

  18. I don’t really think this qualifies a Paleo. First off that tapioca flower has just as high of a glycemic index as Wheat and Flour. Apple sauce, more sugar, Maple syrup, more sugar, This meal is going to spike your insulin which is not good. This is just as bad as eating a flour waffle. Not saying its going to kill you but why is this considered Paleo?

  19. Just made these for breakfast and wow! Was worries they’d be starchy or chalky but not at all! I am not totally convinced about whey being paleo but I just finished a Whole 30 so i thought hey why not, let’s “test” whey. 😉 great recipe

  20. Hi! Tried making these, before even adding the protein powder mine were dry, is this batter supposed to be more runny? I added all the previous ingredients exactly as instructed, so not sure what happened.

  21. I have been doing the paleo thing since September and have enjoyed experimenting with different recipes.i stumbled onto your website and will definitely be visting often! Your humor and “ramblings” very much remind me of myself! 🙂 im going to try these waffles tomorrow!

  22. I’ve already made these twice this week. I love that the recipe is so easily 1/4ed for a single serving!

    You’ve really outdone yourself this time, Juli. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  23. We do egg powder instead of whey. Do you think I could add vanilla extract, or am I just asking for a nasty disaster? I’d love to have a protein punch in a treat like this for my son as a change from sausage, bacon, or eggs.

  24. This is a perfect PWO glycogen replacing protein bomb! I really love cooking with tapioca flour. Now I know what to do with the chocolate protein powder I have that I can’t stand to drink cuz it’s oversweet. Make waffles! There is no such thing as a too sweet waffle 😉

  25. These do work for pancakes! I used ~3 tablespoons of coconut flour as a substitute for protein powder.

    THANK YOU, JULI! You majestical paleo unicorn, you.

  26. Amazing recipe!!! Mine came out just like your pictures except my waffle iron makes square shaped waffles. They are perfect to eat just plain like a piece of bread too. They were light and crispy just like the title says! I’m going to make a bacon, egg and avocado sandwich with some of the leftovers, I’m super excited about it too. Thanks for another great recipe!

  27. These were a hit with the kids today! They had the taste and texture of regular waffles, which was great. Thanks!!

  28. These are awesome! And a terrific protein-packed, gluten-free alternative to our standby recipe. But I would happily serve these on a regular basis because they’re so much healthier. I used Nature’s Best Isopure Vanilla protein powder and it worked great.

    The recipe made 3 7″ round Belgian (deep) waffles, and cooked in 45 seconds per side on my Prest0 Flip Side Waffle iron. I did have leftover batter which I cooked as a pancake (protein powder is too flippin expensive to waste a drop of batter!). Still delicious, different texture.

    I plan to try mashed bananas in place of the applesauce. Also, the recipe comes together much quicker if you combine all the dry ingredients in one bowl, combine all the wet in another, and then just dump the dry into the wet and stir.

    Thanks for yet another awesome recipe, Juli!

  29. So I just got a waffle maker (after a whole six years of pining after one!!!). I don’t know why I didn’t invest sooner!

    I’ve gone through and made EVERY SINGLE WAFFLE on your blog, and I have to say that this one is my favourite 🙂 THANK YOU!

    (PS – I’ve only had the waffle maker for two days. But every meal since then has been waffles, ’cause I’m obsessive like that)

  30. what could I replace the tapioca flour or arrow root powder with? I have coconut flour or almond flour. would that work? p.s you’re a life changer.

  31. Thanks for sharing the waffle recipe. The batter was more watery than traditional but end result was fine. I made this with a chef’s choice waffle iron that makes them fairly thin and came out great.

  32. Juli, love your blog, your recipes, and all the yummy extras your promote/suggest! Not sure what I’d do without you! I made these this morning and they kicked@ss. First cripsy pale waffles I’ve had and they still tasted amazing! Exactly what I needed after my partner WOD this am. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic-ness! What you do does make a difference to SO many people!

    PS – I wouldn’t hate seeing more pics of your little doggie. SO Adorb.


  33. I just made these waffles and holy hell they were delicious! I only had chocolate coconut protein, so I used that, and also added some enjoy life chocolate chips. SO GOOD! I actually bought a waffle iron just to try these and it was definitely money well spent!

  34. All these sweet treat recipes are just really nice. However, to this day, I have not found a substitute for sugar that doesn’t have an after taste. While I don’t like using sugar, I hate that after taste even worse. Any suggestions out there. Honey as 17g per tablespoon, so that’s out.

  35. Fantastic recipe – enjoyed it with blueberry compote. Doubled the recipe – made about 9 waffles in our belgian waffle maker. Freezing what we didn’t eat! Starting off the 4th of July with a bang.

  36. This was my FAVORITE breakfast recipe until I recently found out that I can’t eat Apples OR Bananas! Any other ideas on what I can use instead? Thanks, J!

  37. So good! Best waffles I have made possibly ever. I added extra vanilla (1tsp more) and more cinnamon (a tsp total).

    A few substitution tips:
    My protein powder has a very strong flavor and added veggie powder (plus it’s so damn expensive) so I only used a half cup and then added three tbsp of flax meal.

    For anyone else that can’t do eggs:
    I used egg replacer per their directions but added in additional light coconut milk (almond milk would be best consistency but I can’t do almonds) to get it to a more traditional waffle batter texture.

  38. Rejoice all you pumpkin lovers 😉 I successfully made these waffles by replacing the tapioca starch with Trader Joe’s gluten free pumpkin pancake mix – same measurement. Just be sure to grease your waffle maker! They’re an awesome protein packed treat with a drizzle of warm honey!

  39. Hi Juli,

    I made these waffles today for Sunday brunch. In a word, they were a HIT. All four kids agreed they were the best waffles ever.

    I discovered after my waffle irons (4 kids means 2 irons going at the same time) were already heating that I forgot to get the unsweetened applesauce at the store yesterday. I was going to make applesauce from scratch (how’s that for dedication?) when I noticed the very ripe bananas on the counter. I mashed two of those instead and the waffles still came out great. I’ll be using this recipe again and again as the basis for other Sunday brunch treats. Thanks for the great recipe.

  40. So, I’ve loved these waffles for quite a while now, but recently my husband switched to CHOCOLATE protein powder. I decided to go ahead and make chocolate waffles and they are almost like brownies. SO GOOD! I did replace 1/4c of tapioca flour with cocoa powder, but that is all.

  41. Just had these for breakfast. I have finally found my favorite pancake/waffle recipe. Thanks so much. Love your site.

  42. I just made these and didnt have applesauce handy, so I used mashed sweet potato, and they were bangin!

    Thank you Juli, you are the ish.

  43. I think I did something wrong?? My batter is extremely thick and the waffles are puffing up really big which isn’t allowing them to fully cook in the middle or get crispy.

  44. I made these last night. Oh were they amazing. I substituted flax seed meal for the tapiocca. Added about a quarter cup of coconut milk. They were so moist and delicious

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