Microwave Coffee Cake in a Mug

I know this picture sucks, but I had 3 minutes to take a picture. Busy days. Desperate measures. And I wanted to eat it. You know my self control.

Coffee cake still doesn’t make sense to me. There’s no coffee in it. I mean, I get it. You eat it with coffee. When I was younger, my good ole’ ma and I would go to a donut shop and get coffee cake donuts. I never ate them with coffee, so the name was dumb to me, but efffffffin’ A did I love them. I mean LOVE. And this little cake in a mug is pretty damn close to what it tasted like. And just so you know, I never called my mother, ma. Ever.

Sometimes, I really wish I didn’t love food so much. I’m pretty sure I’d be much smaller. And my thighs wouldn’t rub together while I ran. Then I could wear shorts!! But alas, I love food just way too much. Dang it.

So the other day, I walked out of a spin class 10 minutes early because I was so bored with the music. She was playing music from the Thriller era. I can’t sprint to that. I just can’t. I’m sure people feel that way about my music in the gym BUT….I got nothing. Now I know how it feels.

Has anyone else seen the Durex commercial for their massage stuff? Anyone else think it’s weird that the two people making out in the shower have clothes on? I do. I think it’s super weird. And unrealistic.

Enough about weird stuff I like to talk about. Let’s talk about a couple paleo products I’m into right now. Just a couple. If you’re looking for a snack that’s already made for you, you need to check out these 2 products.

  1. Nohmad Snacks. They have all raw snacks which include chocolate chip and carrot cake cookies. AND raw chocolates like peppermint crunch and hazelnut with sea salt. I was STOKED when I tried these snacks. I absolutely love them. And right now, if you use the promo code ‘paleomg’ you will get free shipping on orders over $25!! Woot! Cool noise, eh?
  2. Kolat Fusion nut butters. Like, whoa. Delicious. I even used one of their products in my mini ice cream pops. Their nut butter flavors include Blueberry Cinnamon Walnut, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Cherry Vanilla Almond, and Espresso Hazelnut. I want to swim in their nut butters. Well, that was weird.

And just so you guys know, this is definitely my favorite cake in a mug. I’ve made a chocolate cake and a 21DSD pumpkin cake both in mugs, but this one is the best so far. You’re gonna LOVE it. Like for real foo.


Microwave Coffee Cake in a Mug



For the cake

For the topping

  • 2 tablespoons grass fed butter, at room temperature or slightly cold
  • 1 tablespoon almond flour/meal
  • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon

For the whipped cream


  1. Mix all cake ingredients in a mug and mix well.
  2. Place all topping ingredients in a bowl and use your hands to pinch the ingredients together.
  3. Add topping ingredients on top of cake ingredients. Place in microwave and cook for 3 minutes. Let sit to slightly cool.
  4. While the cake is cooking, place the solid cream that has hardened at the top of the can in a bowl and whisk together with maple syrup.
  5. Top cake with whipped cream. Eat up. Amazing. Truly amazing

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PaleOMG Microwave Coffee Cake in a Mug


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92 thoughts on “Microwave Coffee Cake in a Mug”

  1. I’m pretty sure you *eat* it w/coffee (not drink) and I’m just as sure that you can wear shorts. In fact, I dare you to do so tomorrow. You have warm weather. I do not.

  2. best nut butters ever: Fastachi – I could drink the roasted pecan….also have had pistachio, almond, walnut (so walnutty it’s a bit much, Artisana blend might be better), cashew – all superb. Fresh roasted some raw, ground when u order.

  3. What if you don’t have almond flour (and really don’t feel like going out and buying some because you have all the other necessary ingredients #lazy)????

  4. Does the Thai Kitchen canned coconut milk in the US have guar gum added? I’ve only found one brand in Canada that does not.

    1. Mandy,

      Don’t know where in Canada you are, but Aroy-D coconut milk does not have guar gum or anything like that added. I’m in Toronto and can find it in most Oriental food markets. I’ve even seen it in little mini cans, which are awesome 🙂 Blessings!

  5. I couldn’t resist and had to make this for breakfast this morning. Oh my goodness it is so delicious!! I had pretty much given up on cake in a mug recipes, but this really is wonderful!! Thank you for the awesome recipes!

  6. I’m a new-ish follower of your blog.. A new-ish paleo dieter.. And I’m sooooo thankful for your page.
    You’re a rock star for keepin it real and DELISH!

    I’m also a fellow crossfitter..any recommendations for quick nutritious snacks after I kill myself in the gym? Otherwise I go home to the kitchen and just put all food available into my mouth– not effective 🙂

  7. I seriously woke up STARVING and thinking, “What in the world am I going to eat!!i don’t have time for an hour cook time on anything!” And with angelic music in the background…your awesome recipe was in my inbox!! I shall live another day because of you. You saved the day, you superhero of food!!!! 🙂

  8. Ooh– I love mug cakes! I’ve only ever made a chocolate one. Looks like I’ll have to buy coconut sugar!

  9. 1.) This mug cake looks amazing. I just recently got back into this craze and I’m so loving it.
    2.) Entenmanns coffee cake was my absolute favorite baked good ever (we were too poor for fancy bakery coffee cakes) and I still fantasize about the crumbled topping omg.
    3.) I do in fact call my mother “Ma”. She secretly loves it.

  10. I can’t wait to eat this cake later. Or maybe two of them…
    I HATE wearing shorts. Even when I work out. But it’s a bajillion degrees in Texas right now, so if I wear my capris, I’ll not only burn up, but also get a pretty terrible tan. So I feel your pain. DOWN WITH SHORTS! EAT MORE FOOD!

  11. Holy WOW! Definitely just as good, if not better than the chocolate cake in a mug. All I had was palm sugar and that worked just as well. The topp

  12. I think I love you! I never make coffee cake because I’ll eat the whole thing in one sitting. This is going on my must make list.

  13. not sure if anyone asked already, buuut, is it possible to bake this in the oven? I don’t do the microwave thing.

  14. This looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it. Just out of curiosity… I bought some Walnut Oil. Have you ever used it? Does it work well as a sub? Also, do you still cook with Avocado Oil?

    Also, if you are a fan of ginger cookies, these are amazing.


    To date… they are my fav paleo cookie.

    1. Jamee, I’m not Juli, but thought I would chime in your question since I have used Walnut oil before.
      It has a VERY strong walnut flavor and should not really be cooked with (unrefined has the same smoke point as olive oil and burns more easily), it’s more of a dressing oil or finishing oil. I think you could get away with it in this recipe since it will only “cook” for 3 minutes, but your cake will taste only of walnut.

  15. I didn’t have any applesauce in the house to make this, but I did have some of your apple fig butter left in the fridge. So I decided to use that instead. I have I say it was still amazing!!!

    1. For the cake, absolutely. I won’t be exactly the same for the topping but it would still probably taste good. Just not have the texture you want

  16. OMG you are a GENIUS Juli!!! Just made this and I about died!! I used raw honey instead of the coconut sugar, but it still turned out so good! bomb.com!

  17. Thanks Julie! I needed a sweet fix. So so good! I didn’t have almond meal but I had almonds and a coffee grinder. Worked like a charm. I think even my hubby would love it!

  18. Thanks for a yummy and edible mug cake. So many of the others I’ve tried have been so dry I couldn’t eat them. You are a genius!

  19. Im a bit confused for the whipping cream.. It says to put the solid cream on top? does it get harder (how it looks in your picture) with the syrup? I have put Thai’s coconut milk in the fridge before and I see how “whip cream” like it looks in the morning. Please clarify this solid part please!! :'( lol

    1. when coconut milk solidifies, it hardens at the top and the milk sinks to the bottom. use the stuff at the top to make your whipped cream. it doesn’t harden with the syrup, just gives it some sweetness

  20. Just made this! Been eating the paleo way for a little over a week now. I was really craving something sweet tonight- and happened to have all the ingredients to make this mug cake— YUMMM! I really like the whip cream substitute! I really didn’t think it was going to work, but when I opened the can I was like “she was right!” HOORAYYYY!

  21. I’ve made this several times now… it honestly has to be the best mug cake I’ve ever had (and I love me some cake…)!!! 😀

  22. Mine came out very “eggy.” I had chunks of egg throughout – not very appetizing! Has anyone ever tried this without the egg? A non-paleo mug brownie I made before did not use an egg and it turned out nicely.

  23. I just made this and am devouring it as I type this. Insane! I was so excited to eat it that I didn’t let it cool and just burnt my tongue….

  24. This is very good I had no trouble what so ever didn’t make the whip cream as I didn’t have the coconut milk but the cake was awesome I’m trying to eat less processed foods not strictly pale o so I enjoyed with some home made ice cream delicious

  25. I made this as a special treat for my celiac/food allergy teen one weekend morning. He came downstairs asking “did you make cinnamon rolls?” Huge hit with the whole fam, now he makes them for himself and his brother (minus the sugar) for a weekday breakfast. Thanks for giving us a higher protein option for my teen with the endless metabolism! (If only doctors could replicate that metabolism for women!!!) Five stars!!!!

  26. Juli, this is GENIUS! I am in my first week of Paleo and i was in setious need of some comfort food. This was so satisfying and so unexpected!!

    Love your website – your candor and humor are brilliant!! While embarking on this journey I’m so happy to have your website for laughs, tips and recipes.

  27. Hey Juli,

    I just made this, and the topping made a huge mess in my microwave! I’m pretty sure I followed everything exactly as you said, so I’m not sure why that happened. It looked like it boiled over, even though there was plenty of extra room in the mug…

    Anyway, besides that little mishap, it was great! I will definitely make it again! And pray for a clean microwave… 🙂

      1. I think I just probably had less room in the mug than I thought. I’ll use a bigger one next time!

        Thanks so much for posting all your amazing recipes! I’m a busy teen, and it gets uncomfortable with friends and having to worry about what I’m going to eat at so-and-so’s party, etc. I rely on people like you for help! 🙂

  28. The only problem with this was when I burned my tongue… it was so good, I kept eating because it was so good!!!!!! Poor tongue but it was worth it.

  29. I read somewhere that sugar taken from the coconut palm will stop the production of coconuts. Not sure the sugar is worth that.

    Like your site. Gives me great ideas for changing my diet.

    1. I think the cup in your picture is deceptively larger than it looks. Mine overflowed…however, this was literally the the BEST mug cake in the history of everdom. And I am not about to waste deliciousness, so I totally spooned the overflow back into the cup as best I could and ate it up. That just happened. YUM

  30. I adore coffee cake but haven’t made it in ages. Just made this for my Saturday breakfast and this recipe may just be the best mug cake I’ve had. Ever. (and I love the chocolate banana ones) I just bought a large bag of coconut palm sugar as an experiment and it was really fabulous in this recipe. (organic palm sugar at Costco!) This plus some bacon and avocado just became my go-to weekend breakfast.

    (p.s. From what I’ve read, it looks like most coconut palms have up to 3 flower spikes. One flower spike is tapped for sugar while the others produce coconuts – so if it’s done rotating around the tree in succession, it could be pretty sustainable.)

  31. Im very allergic to almonds, would I be able to replace the almond meal for something else? It looks amazing! I hope I can figure out a replacment.

  32. Do you happen to know the nutritional information for this? Tried figuring it up but thought I would ask. Thanks!

  33. This was literally the easiest, tastiest mug cake I have EVER made – you’re a genius, Juli.. a GENIUS!

  34. Holy deliciousness, Batman! This hit the spot for me today after being totally drained after a very sweaty hot yoga session! I had some leftover pumpkin puree, so I used that instead of the applesauce and then added extra cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter – so super delicious! Thank you!!!

  35. I was out of applesauce so I smushed up some banana instead – it was delish! (The print feature didn’t work for me either.) Thanks Juli!

  36. I am looking at your fall round up recipes and this looks pretty good. I’m trying to find meal ideas and all I ever want to make is dessert. What is coconut sugar? Where do you get that?

  37. yum! just what I was craving. I realized after starting that I was out of almond flour so I used 2 tbs of almond butter instead (and omitted the butter). worked great! someone with an almond allergy would probably be successful using a different nut butter.

  38. oh well – probably better we dont know 🙂 I just substituted the apple sauce for very ripe half banana tonight and added a little allspice too and it was so yummy.

  39. Yum! I was craving something fall so I substituted puréed pumpkin for apple sauce and pumpkin pie spice for cinnamon in the topping- delish! Thanks!

  40. I’m new to Paleo (day 12 and ever so ready for something like this so that I don’t cheat!)- Are Ghee and grass fed butter the same? I thought butter had milk in it? Please let me know, I’d love to try this!

  41. Delish!!! I’ve made mug cakes that have been good….even great! But this one is AMAZING!! So good…I feel naughty eating it

  42. OMG, this is the BEST Paleo dessert I have yet to make! I love your humor and your recipes. I can’t wait to try some more of your recipes. And, as Valerie said, I also feel naughty eating it. I’ve been doing Paleo since mid August and now down 32 pounds. But, most importantly, I feel great!

  43. Hey peeps! For those of you who don’t have a microwave, I put mine on 240 Celsius and it took 30 minutes to set. Don’t be a dick like me and put your hand on the mug. You will not be happy.

    I think next time I’ll put some cream on it, it was a bit dry (everything I make gets dry, I suck).

    Also subbed coconut oil 🙂

    Thanks for another awesome recipe Juli 🙂

    1. OMG! Thank you for the oven option…I moved into my new apt and the microwave broke a few months ago, I had a toaster over so never through anything of it…now I don’t know how people microwave stuff, it just tastes like rubber…gross…I can’t imagine the texture of a cake out of that little radioactive box (I’m not anti-microwave, just prefer the outcome.

      I may add some coconut milk to keep from drying out…thanks Flo!

  44. Can’t wait to try this! So, I know this sounds incredibly lazy seeing as the recipe is already very quick, but do you think these would turn out okay if you pre-mixed a few mugs for the week and then just popped them in the microwave as needed?

    By the way, your page is amazing. I make your recipes regularly, and love them all!

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