Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread + Book Tour Dates Announced

YAY!! So much Paleo Kitchen in one post. Not only am I sharing another sneak peek recipe from my newest cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen, but I’m also announcing my first book tour that George and I will be going on starting next week!! I’ve never done an actual book tour before, so this should definitely be interesting. I’ve done some signings here and there for my first cookbook, OMG. That’s Paleo? but never speaking, or cooking, or discussing the book in several different cities. Now all I’ve been doing is figuring out what I’m going to wear and how I’m going to pack all of these outfits into one carry on bag.

This is what I’ve come up with: I’m going to pack each outfit, clothes and jewelry, into individual vacuum seal bags. That way they will all fit into the suitcase when I head out to all these stops. The only issue is, even though they will fit in the bag when vacuum sealed, I won’t exactly have a vacuum with me while I’m on the road, so packing the outfits back into the bag after I’ve already worn them will be tough. I’ll make it work, but it’s going to be a pain. I also really hope I can find an iron. Balls.

I’m so excited to hit some of these new cities!! I’ve never been to Seattle, Portland, or New York City. Most of these places I’ll only be in for a day or even just half a day, but I want to try to eat at cool restaurants while I’m there. So if you live in any of these towns below or have been to any great restaurants in those places, please let me know!! I’d love to try some local restaurants.

Here are the dates for upcoming book signings! Remember, this is just our first trip so we will soon be hitting other areas and cities throughout the summer all over the US! Hope to meet some new faces!

Tuesday June 10th 2014 in Colorado
Event Location: Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch at 7pm – 9315 Dorchester St, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 – Discussion, Q&A and Book Signing

Wednesday June 11th 2014 – Seattle, WA – Event Location: Ravenna Third Place Books at 7:00pm – 6504 20th Ave NE, Seattle, WA  98115 – Reading and Signing

Thursday June 12th 2014– Portland, OR area – Event Location: Costco #111 – Tigard at 5:30-7:30pm – 7850 SW DARTMOUTH, Tigard, OR 97223 – Reading and Signing

Saturday June 14th 2014 – San Diego, CA – Event Location: Costco #488 – Mission Valley at 1:00-3:00pm – 2345 FENTON PKWY, San Diego, CA 92108 – Discussion and Signing

Monday June 16th 2014 – New York City – Event Location: Broadway Panhandler at 5:30-7:00pm – 65 E. 8th Street, New York, NY 10003- Cooking Demo and Signing

And don’t forget to preorder your copy of The Paleo Kitchen today! It comes out June 10th, in less than a week! So get it while it’s cheaper on Amazon! The cookbook will have over 100 never before seen recipes as well as helpful ideas to start up paleo and stick with it and even tear outs in the back of the book that you can put on your fridge! So excited for all of you to see it!


Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread + Book Tour Dates Announced

  • Yield: 1 loaf 1x



For the pan

For the banana bread:

  • 4 medium bananas (about 1 pound)
  • 4 large eggs
  • ¼ cup (½ stick) unsalted grass-fed butter, melted
  • ½ cup almond butter
  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch of fine-grain sea salt

For the swirl:


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease a 9-by-5-inch metal loaf pan and line it with parchment paper.
  2. Combine the bananas, eggs, butter, and almond butter in a food processor or mixing bowl and mix until the ingredients are well blended. Add the coconut flour, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, and salt and continue to mix until all the ingredients are well combined.
  3. In a double boiler over medium-low heat, mix together the swirl ingredients. Heat, stirring often, until the chocolate has melted.
  4. Pour the bread batter into the prepared pan and spread it out evenly. As soon as you pour the batter, pour the chocolate swirl directly on top and use a knife to swirl the chocolate throughout the loaf pan.
  5. Bake for 45 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the middle. Remove from the oven and let cool in the pan on a cooling rack for 15 minutes before serving.

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PaleOMG Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread


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163 thoughts on “Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread + Book Tour Dates Announced”

  1. This looks so delicious. Holy balls.

    I’m actually visiting New York for the first time on 6/20. I’m just barely missing you. How sad!

  2. I’m so excited for you to visit NYC! I was in Denver on vacation last week secretly hoping I would see you! Do we need to do anything special to register for the events, or just show up? I will definitely be there on 6/19.

    Also, GustOrganics is a GREAT restaurant in NYC, it’s on 14th and 6th ave. They have a Paleo menu, all organic ingredients, and the first ever certified ALL ORGANIC BAR! You’re welcome!

  3. I was JUST looking at some overly-ripe bananas on my counter this morning and told myself I needed to look up a recipe to make with them. And… wah-lah! Julie to the rescue!
    Can’t wait to make this deliciousness tonight! Your recipes never disappoint.

    I’m going to share my humble opinion that you and George should make a stop in KC on this tour, as well….. 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you are doing an evening book signing.. I can’t wait to meet you! You are so inspiring! Thanks for all that you do!

  5. I vacuum sealed some of my stuff on a trip a few years back and just asked the cleaning lady at the hotel if I could use the vacuum for a sec. She was really helpful and ended up doing most of it, so it’s worth a shot if you’re staying overnight somewhere!

  6. I got myself all excited the more and more you talked about your book tour and then my dreams were shattered – you should come to Washington DC!!!! I can promise at least one screaming/shrieking adoring fan will be overly eager and pee-her-pants excited would have been there! Too much? Deal with it! 🙂

  7. Oh Poop…. I live about 2 hours away from San Diego and headed up to Washington through Portland but will miss your dates. So sad:(

  8. Oh man! I love this recipe so much! I’ve already made it twice! Thank you for my go-to banana bread! I live in New York and can not wait to meet you in June! So excited for your cookbook!

    Thanks for making Paleo baking so much fun!

  9. You’ll be hearing me say this a million times more, but COME-TO-MIAMI-OMFG-AND-BEACH-IT-UP!!! Florida is the limp d*ck of all states and never gets any awesome tours/bands/authors. We are so depraved of Paleo leaders 🙁

  10. Hey Juli!

    They make space bags that you can actually just roll and it takes all the air out…I think they are made especially for travel/suitcases! They work great!

    Also, just wondering what happened to the little Ziplist icon that we used to have to save your recipes? I miss it! =(

    One last thing…in Seattle, there’s an awesome restaurant right in the middle of downtown not far from Pike Place Market called Purple…it’s the coolest place, and they had a mean grilled chicken salad. Super cool atmosphere too! So excited for your new book, and please visit the East Coast too (like maybe Tennessee!) =)

    1. hey Sarah! i’m trying to fix that zip list issue right now, it’s just proved to be harder than i thought it would be. hopefully it will be fixed sooner rather than later

  11. This bread looks so delicious and I actually have almost all the ingredients beside coconut flour! Can’t wait to try it out. Going on a book tour is going to be so much fun, especially since you haven’t been to some of those cities!

  12. Chocolate and bananas are one of my all-time favorite food combinations. Good call! I can’t wait to try this myself!

  13. I made this last week when you posted that another reader was featuring the recipe and it was amazing!!! It stayed nice and moist for an entire week.. I also used crunchy almond butter – it added a little kick to it! 🙂

  14. The space bag issue already being addressed (roll them to get most of the air out and/or as the cleaning staff to borrow a vacuum) Almost every hotel I’ve been in (an I used to travel a lot for work) has a iron and an ironing board in the room, if not in the room usually all you have to do is ask.

    You guys need to do a Baltimore/DC trip, maybe somewhere in between?

  15. First of all, your book is preordered and I am SO excited to getting it!

    Second – have you thought about coming to Minneapolis????? It really is an amazing city and it is great traveling to in the summer!!!!!!

    1. I second Minnesota! There is an amazing (but surprisingly underground) foodie population!!! Tons of really great farm-to-table restaurants, locally produced booze made into craft cocktails and super(ficially) nice people 🙂 Plus, you would have the corner of the paleo market because no one comes here!

  16. I made this bread on Sunday night and it is awesome! I love chocolate and cinnamon together. For Seattle eats, I definitely suggest the Pink Door. It’s an Italian restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients, so the menu changes seasonally (plus they have awesome gelato from D’Ambrosio, so if you feel like some non-Paleo fun, I suggest that or you go to D’Ambrosio in Ballard neighborhood!).

    For Portland, Oba! GO TO OBA!! It’s on the pricey side, for sure, but it’s so worth it. Amazing cocktails and really good, innovative Latino food. There’s also a little food truck district in downtown Portland that has a ton of different options from Middle Eastern, Salvadorian, BBQ, etc. Sugar Mama’s is a nice little breakfast place in Portland that we really enjoyed. Also, there’s a Kure juice shop in the shopping district for a nice health kick.

  17. My youngest son (8) just saw the photo of the bread and is currently in the pantry looking for bananas. Looks like we will be making this ASAP!

  18. Come to Salt Lake City! I mean, we’re practically neighbors and we have a huge CrossFit/Paleo community.

    1. I second Salt Lake City! I would LOVE for you to come out here! You’re awesome, love all your recipes!!

  19. PLEASE come to Richmond VA… you could do Washington DC and then swing on down to us!
    Pretty pretty please with coconut sugar on top!


  20. Hi Juli!

    Quick question… any chance there’s something that can be substituted for the butter? If so, what would be the amount?

    Thanks!!! I hope Arizona makes it onto the travel list for you two! I would love to have you sign both of your cookbooks! =))

    1. I am not the amazing Juli, but we have a couple of people in our family who can’t do dairy at all. I made this Sunday using an equal amount of melted coconut oil and it was delicious!

  21. Hi, Juli.

    First of all, I really think you need to make a stop in Philly. 🙂

    Secondly, they make vacuum seal bags specifically for travel. All you have to do is roll up the bag to squeeze out the air. No vacuum needed! I have some and they work well.

  22. Hu Kitchen on 5th Ave in NYC — really awesome cafe and almost everything is paleo! They have entrees, desserts, brunch, etc and like I said, almost everything is paleo friendly – super conveniant!

  23. Any chance for a quick Boston stop on your trip, or maybe the next time you are on the road??

    And thanks for another peek from the book. Can’t wait for it to arrive soon in the mail!

  24. Seattle eats: Top Pot for the best doughnuts ever! There are locations all across the city. Local 360 for locally sourced food – menu changes all the time. Hip ambience and not too pricey. Japonessa for the best sushi happy hour ever (they have it almost every hour that they are open) and delicious drinks! None of this is paleo but it is all amazing and worth a try!

  25. Hi Juli- you would love Prasad in NW Portland or Harlow in SE Portland (Same owners) for healthy organic food. Andina is a Peruvian tapas place that will blow your mind, generally healthy too. I would love to meet you while you’re here!

  26. Question about the Portland visit. It says, “reading and signing” but what does that mean exactly?!

    Food reccomendations… Portland is known for it’s food carts and I’m sure you have already heard about VooDoo Doughnuts. No VooDoo is not paleo and sure to give you a sugar rush but it’s something you have to experience in Portland. Fair warning that the line can be around the block. For a delicious meal made with local, seasonal ingredients I recommend making the trip up to Vancouver, WA (just across the river) to Lapellah. Their menu changes based on what is currently in season and it is my favorite restaurant in the area. It’s a little pricey but absolutely worth it!

    sushi: Bamboo
    burgers: Dick’s kitchen

    also you should probably go to Laurelhurst meat market. its a butcher shop and restaurant. and they have lots of really good meat. doesn’t get much better than that!!

  28. For Seattle – Local 360 or Tilth for locally sourced, sustainable food; for Northwest seafood – try either Steelhead Diner (in the Market) Ray’s Cafe (on Ballard Locks); for sushi – Musashi’s in Wallingford (you’ll flip when you see how cheap and how good it is); and for burgers – Red Mill.

    Also, Die Bierstube is an excellent German bar near your signing. Completely not paleo (except for the sausage and sauerkraut), but if you want a boot of beer, can’t be beat. For paleo-ish near your signing, check out Thrive Cafe

  29. Totes Excited about you heading to Portland! I immediately had to text the BF to let him know we need to clear the schedule!

    Dick’s Kitchen is a great Paleo Friendly restaurant – excellent burgers!

    If your looking for something fancy, make a res at Urban Farmer downtown.

  30. Juli-
    You can use just Ziploc bags…put your garment in the bag…sit on it and zip… easy peasy. And cheap.
    Safe travels.

  31. This banana bread is amazing!!! I drizzled honey on a slice and was in heaven for a moment! So delicious! Cant wait to get the cookbook!

  32. I’m kind of sad :O( You’re going to be in Highlands Ranch on the books release date, which is awesome, however i pre-ordered my book from amazon and I highly doubt that it’ll be here that day so you won’t be able to sign it….

  33. Hey Juli! I just emailed you at your paleomg address. Mind taking a look at it when you get a chance? Thx so much … and for the banana bread recipe. oh mannn.

  34. Portland: if you’re craving sushi, definitely hit up Bamboo Sushi on NW 23rd! Then head two steps next door to Salt & Straw for the best ice cream ever. They usually have a vegan option if you’re going to stay Paleo and avoid dairy.

    Other good eats:

    Love Belizean food cart on SW 6th and Colombia
    KURE for smoothies, Bowl of the Gods
    Barista for coffee

    And if you’re going to fall off the wagon, have a donut at Blue Star Donuts, downtown. You won’t regret it. Skip Voodoo – go for Blue Star. They usually sell out by late afternoon.

  35. Can I make this in an 8X8 pan? Also — I don’t have any parchment paper…is this destined to stick to the pan? (I’m gonna try anyway…….This looks so AMAZING)

    1. I lined my pan with foil(because I am lazy) and forgot to grease it (because I have four distracting kids) and it came out great!

  36. BUMMER!! You’re getting to Oregon the day after I leave. I was so excited for a second. Best of luck with your book tour!

  37. Ah! Was so excited to see a San Diego date then was so sad when I realized I have an Oly clinic all day. Womp womp…

    btw – this bread looks amazing, can’t wait to try it

  38. Hu kitchen in NYC on 14th and 5th is a great paleo spot! You should drop in and do a WOD at Brick on 17th and 8th while you’re here as well. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  39. ahh can’t wait to meet you in seattle!

    DEFINITELY go to portage bay cafe for brunch. they serve local, organic food and have killer GF pancakes/french toast that comes with a trip to the “toppings bar,” where you can get unlimited organic berries, homemade whipped cream, nuts, etc. their omelets are also bomb – i recommend the spinach/mushroom/goat cheese one, add chicken sausage!

  40. Congrats on the book tour! For the clothes repacking issue, you could use those flat rate priority mail bags from the post office and mail your worn clothes home. I may have had to do that a time or two….

  41. See you in Seattle … both Pair and Franks Oyster House are just a couple miles from Third Place Books (my ‘hood!). For plane snacks, hit up a PCC Natural Market!

  42. Portland has lots of awesome places!! Cultured Caveman is excellent, they are getting ready to open up their first restaurant (they have several food carts). Voodoo Donuts is also a fun place to go just to see all the interesting donuts they make, it’s a fun thing to do if you have time! 🙂

  43. Made this as muffins! Tried to half the recipe and accidentally put in the full amount of almond butter. They are still delicious!

  44. I would LOVE to come to the signing in Tigard, but I’m leaving for Chicago that morning! DARN!
    PS I’m making this recipe tomorrow for the hubs! Looks soooo good!

  45. Yay! Hopefully I will be at your Portland signing! My husband works for a new paleo restaurant here in Portland called Cultured Caveman (they have 3 food carts as well), you should stop by for some yummy eats!

  46. Juli! Kansas City isn’t that far away!!! C’mon! You and George need to come here and sign a book for me. You two were my first Paleo heroes! BTW, I’m making this Saturday.

  47. I think I may actually be able to make the Portland signing date! The Cultured Caveman brick and mortar location in north Portland is opening any day now and will probably be in full swing by the 12th.

  48. While you’re in Seattle, you should come workout at my gym, Xplore CrossFit, and then grab some breakfast at Portage Bay cafe. Or Local 360 or skillet. Or just give me a shout and I’ll take you around downtown ; )

  49. Definitely making this weekend.

    On a side note, consider visiting somewhere in the southeast/midwest. I live in KY, and you’d be surprised at how many enthusiastic Paleo-ites there are around here.

  50. I don’t know if anyone posted this already, but you can pack a slim duffel bag in your purse or carryon and you can have two bags while you travel then shove everything in when you fly back home?

  51. Yayyyy!! I love George’s banana bread recipe, and this looks like the perfect adjustment to make it a little extra good!

  52. Yes!!!! So excited you’re coming to Portland! I will be there to meet you! You have to check out the Cultured Caveman… They rock!! And if you’re feeling naughty you have to go to Salt and Straw.. The best ice cream ever!!!!

  53. I cannot wait to see you in Seattle! Will have any books with you? My concern is if I order on amazon it wont be here in time for you to sign it?

    Also — although it is not a restaurant, you must stop at Pike Place Market for fresh produce! I buy it from the vendors, sit on a bench, and enjoy it right then and there! 🙂

  54. So excited to see you in nyc! I’m a big fan of your blog….love how outspoken and funny you are….you bringing Jackson to the book signing? Hope so…he is too cute!

  55. I know I already commented about this the first time you posted about your book tour but PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE come to Atlanta at some point this summer! Pretty please with a cherry on top! Unless you don’t like cherries. Then pretty pretty please with a gluten free chocolate cupcake on top. Or pretty pretty please with those apple pie pancakes on top. OR pretty pretty please with Jackson on top! Except no, don’t eat Jackson. Basically what I’m trying to say is PLEASE come to Atlanta on your book tour. 🙂

  56. Yay NYC! You’ll be just a few blocks north of midtown but close enough to walk to there. I only work in NYC and commute from outside the city so I do t know a ton of restaurants but if you love a good steak Smith & Wollensky is great. It’s across town from 8th ave where your book event is – you can google for the directions. Or Bar American, which is a Bobby Flay restaurant which is on West 52nd between 6th and 7th Aves. But what you should do is go on Yelp and search restaurants – there’s so many good ones, so many different kinds of foods it’s insane. Best of luck with the tour! I hope to get to the NYC event!

  57. Hi Juli!

    I love all of your recipes!!! This week I had Slow Cooker Brazilian Curry Chicken, which is amazing and it lasted 3 days 🙂 and I just made this banana bread and it is SO YUMMY!!! Thanks for all your recipes! My book of collected recipes is filled with most of yours!!!

  58. I have a problem. I’m not getting all of Juli’s post delivered to my inbox like I used to. Is anyone else having this problem??? I received yesterdays’s post about the $500 giveaway. The last email I received prior to that was from last Friday, May 30th.

    1. Hey Kim! I changed my email service so now you just receive the weekly email update on Fridays with all the posts that were on my blog that week

  59. Hi Juli! Thanks so much for your quick reply & explanation. So glad I’m not going to miss any of your posts! BTW…love your looks in the cool workout clothes in the Giveaway post! You look great…really fit!!! Love you & love little Jackson! He so delish I could eat ’em with a spoon!!!

  60. While you are in NYC, you MUST eat at Hu Kitchen! It is a paleo/primal restaurant that has a great atmosphere and the most amazing food, from desserts, to coffee beverages, to smoothies, dinner, breakfast….you name it! Me and my mom have gone to NYC before just to eat there again, and we will be doing so again!

  61. Oh, if only I could fly home to Seattle to see you guys, or if only YOU GUYS could come to Hamburg! Guess that’s just a downside to living in Deutschland, LOL. Safe travels and much fun to you both 🙂

  62. I have a question regarding this recipe. Does it matter if the butter is from grass fed animals or can I use just butter that is not. I am not doing Paleo BUT I like a lot of what Paleo is and the recipes and am doing more Paleoish recipes. I have massive food intolerances and this style of eating really ties into my limitations. So for me I don’t care at this point exactly where the butter is from but I know sometimes you can’t substitute because of the chemistry of how it all works together. Thanks!

  63. Hey Juli, what kind of almond butter did you use? My family doesn’t buy it very often because my mom doesn’t do that well with nuts, but we make it at home occasionally. Will it work with this recipe if I make it with a food processor? Thank you 🙂

  64. I wish I lived closer to Portland! You should go to Beast while you’re there, I’ve heard amazing things about that restaurant!

  65. Awesome, I think this is the best paleo banana bread recipe I’ve tried 🙂 (and the non-paleo husband said “yum”)

  66. Guess I got lucky! Picked up a copy of your new cookbook at BAM Saturday night. I didn’t think it was available yet, but was super excited to snag a copy! It looks fantastic by the way!

  67. JUST finished making this and it is SOOOOOOOOO freaking tasty. not too much chocolate, you get the hint of it followed by the cinnamon then the banana. I’m SO glad I just happened to have ripe bananas sitting on my table staring at me.

    I was going to wait for your new cookbook to come out on Kindle, but yeah, I can’t wait that long, gotta get it NOW

  68. Has anyone tried these substituting something else for the ghee? I am allergic to cows milk and try to limit how much I ingest.

  69. Found this recipe on Deliciously Organic’s site and it is absolutely delicious! I’ve already made it twice in 2 weeks. I love that the main sweetener is banana. The second time i made it I omitted the chocolate in the swirl. Tasted great both ways! Thanks for sharing this recipe online. Definitely wanting to buy your cookbook now!

  70. Definitely just made this. You should be proud of how my roommates and I DEMOLISHED IT!!!! I posted a picture on my blog 🙂

    haha, So friggin amazing!

  71. Hi! Any idea how long this lasts? Thinking about bringing this to an upcoming vacation with my non paleo family:) Have you tried to freeze it after baking?

  72. Loved this! I didn’t have any bread pans so I made them into muffins (which works anyway because I made these to take to work each morning for breakfast this week) and got 20 muffins out of the recipe. The main batter is delicious but the topping really makes it! Husband loved em. Will definitely make again 🙂

  73. Tried this and was amazed at the fluffiness and lightness of the bread! Didn’t have almond butter so used coconut! So delish, great with Vanilla Ice Cream. Thanks for the fantabulous recipes!
    You make Paleo delish!

  74. Made this last night and brought it to work today. Absolutely delicious and my colleagues all LOVED it. Definitely making it again. Thanks Juli.

  75. I made this on Friday night (it’s Tuesday) and it’s absolutely delicious. However I didn’t refrigerate it and it seems to have gone bad in the short 4 days it’s been sitting on my counter in foil? The taste has definitely changed and I can’t stomach it. Not sure if it’s just the batch I made or what, have you (or anyone else) run into this? I’m bummed I have to throw out the rest of the loaf!

  76. Similar thing happened to me, Liz. Thought it may have been because I used coconut oil in place of the grass fed butter? It
    Whatever the reason, the taste definitely changed overtime. Juli should we refrigerate next time? Is coconut oil an ok substitute when you’re lactose intolerant? Also juli- sorry for the random question, but was also trying to confirm if ghee is supposed to be ok for those who are lactose intolerant? I thought so and it says on the bottle, but I still feel badly after eating it so wasn’t sure if you had any insight on this topic?

    1. definitely refrigerate it. remember that it doesn’t have any preservatives in it to keep it stable like the ones you buy at the store. as for ghee, if it doesn’t make you feel good then don’t eat it, simple as that! coconut oil is definitely fine, and shouldn’t change the consistency at all!

  77. MAKE THIS! I made it and it was by far the best banana bread I have ever had. It was so easy. Please, if you are thinking about making this DO IT!

  78. Made this evening so that I can have it for brekkie
    tomorrow. It is delicious (tried a small piece). My daughter loved it. Even my picky spouse loved it. He couldn’t believe how light it was considering it was Paleo. Thanks so much Juli, for another wonderful recipe!

  79. This is the first recipe we’ve tried from The Paleo Kitchen book that arrived yesterday and it is soooo good! Will definitely make it again. We’ve substituted butter for coconut oil and added some pecans. Thank you!

  80. Made this tonight – OMG Yum! Also downloaded your new book – recipes look awesome! Can’t wait to try them out!! Keep up your amazing work.

  81. Any suggestions on substitutes for the butter? I’m really new to this way of eating, butter is okay for paleo? Thanks!

  82. This was the bomb! Very easy to make and super moist! It was the first “chocolate” I’ve had since completing my Whole30. I totally broke out from it, but that might’ve been b/c I practically ate the entire loaf by myself! Can’t wait to try other recipes and get your cookbook. Thanks for sharing!

  83. I made this earlier this summer and was completely floored by it. I brought it to my family’s hunting camp for a bbq and the “big tough” guys ate it up, with their wives asking for the recipe. Everyone was shocked when I told them it was PALEO! I can’t wait to make this again once I complete my Whole30.

  84. I made this the other night to bring to a Rosh Hashana dinner. There was a guy there who is diabetic and can’t eat much sugar. He said it was one of the best things he’s ever eaten. I had the last piece this morning with tea. The flavor, texture, and level of sweetness were perfect.

  85. I just tried this- I baked for over 1 hour and when I let cool it still seems too moist inside? Does this subside overnight? I re-read instructions to ensure I did everything the same- only change out was used Almond Flour instead of Coconut flour. Love the taste 😉

    1. changing the coconut flour for almond flour was the mistake. coconut flour is completely different and soaks up a lot more moisture than almond flour does. changing that ingredient is what changed the recipe

  86. I just tried this tonight, oh man is it yummy! I’m just wondering if I’d be able to sub the banana for pumpkin to make it a pumpkin bread? Would it be a 1:1 ratio? Would pumpkin and chocolate even taste ok together??

    Thanks so much for the great recipe!

    1. I was just going to ask this question! I am so glad I read the comments first. Can’t wait to try making this! I’ve made it the way the recipe is written and it is amazing.

  87. This recipe is so awesome. I tried it last night and it came out moist and delicious. I didn’t have much hope for it since I am really really bad at baking. I made sure to follow the recipe to the t . It turned out to be one of the best desert I’ve eaten since I went paleo.My husband didn’t even know there was banana in it(he does not like banana bread) and he loved it…I just told him it’s regular chocolate cake I made with flour and he ate it and asked for more.

  88. did this recipe just now… for our Gillies (twin toddlers)… and they approved!!! Thank you for some amazing paleo recipes the whole family can enjoy!!!

  89. Heyy! I made this from the cookbook, had it on my Xmas wish list. It was good, but I left out the chocolate swirl since I think I’m sensitive to chocolate… Oh how I miss it once I can’t have it!

  90. Made this last night, I was really impressed with the moist texture but my chocolate didn’t swirl very well. Maybe I don’t have the right technique, it mostly just sat on top and created a chocolate v-shape in the middle of the loaf :/
    Still tastes great though!

  91. I make this bread on a regular basis. I’m so glad that you have cookbooks out! I do better with hard copy! Mary

  92. We really loved this recipe. Thanks for posting such great stuff! I never feel like I’m suffering or sacrificing anything when I use your recipes. We made this and the churro waffles this weekend.

  93. THIS JUST CHANGED MY LIFE. my roommates and I are in the middle of finals week right now, so i decided to whip up a batch of banana bread and holy heaven this stuff is good. so easy to make, looks awesome, and makes the house smell so good. my friends can’t even belief how delicious this bread is. definitely eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between. Thank you for yet again another amazing recipe!!

  94. I just made this and it is AWESOME! So far it’s the best banana bread (paleo) I’ve made! Thanks!

  95. My friend made this and replaced the butter with coconut oil and it came out AMAZING. I asked her for the recipe so I could make this for my mom but mom needs to avoid nuts and seeds.

    Any suggestions on what I can use instead of the almond butter? Could I replace with coconut oil, more bananas or maybe apple sauce?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried anything. Open to all ideas. 🙂

  96. Hi there
    Sorry for the dumb question but is it 1 pound of bananas peeled or unpeeled? Not sure if what I would consider a medium banana is actually what others might consider large.
    Looking forward to making this.
    Thank you

  97. Just made this and only had 3 bananas so reduced some of the other ingredients like eggs, butter and nut butter to match. I also got lazy and just folded in the cinnamon, chocolate chips and honey instead of melting down to a sauce. 🙂 Made it as muffins (no loaf pan) and only baked for ~20 minutes! Came out great! So delicious! Added this to the recipe book!

  98. I’ve been making this recipe for years now, I’m convinced it’s the best banana bread recipe on the internet. I’ve tried many others but always come back to this one. Thanks Juli!!

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