Coffee Cake Banana Bread


Say what?? I want to eat this all day. No seriously. I almost did yesterday.

Alright. I need to put something out there. Right on the table. This is for my readers that have read my blog for a while now and know my complete life story. First, thank you for sticking with me. You’re the best. You’ve been with me through the ups and downs. So a while back, you read about my break up. Well, months later, that lovely man and I rekindled our happiness and have been together for sometime now. Annnnnd we moved in together. First time moving in with a guy. Woooo weeee. I decided to keep some of my relationship stuff to myself since there are so many variables when it comes to creating a happy relationship. Sometimes it’s just better to keep that stuff between you and your partner, instead of the world wide web. BUT since I hadn’t updated anyone and there were some questions in my last blog post, there ya go. He’s just wonderful. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I couldn’t be happier. Taking a new journey together has been awesome.

Sorry this post is coming at you a little late. Let me explain myself. So yesterday, lovely Sunday, I woke up and made a smoothie. Fact. Then worked out. Then the true fun began. I went couch shopping. Ugh. Not only is furniture shopping an extremely awful task, but on a Sunday when all hell breaks loose in every parking lot, it’s an even worse task. Ok, I shouldn’t really complain. It wasn’t that terrible. It just gets pretty unfun when you’re hungry and have to pee. So we looked for couches, found one we liked, couldn’t decide if we should get it, then went to another furniture store. Which was even more unfun because it was way more expensive. But the parking lot was better, so that was a positive.

Yes, I understand unfun is not a word. If you were thinking that in your head, you’re unfun.

So after the boyfriend and I found out we couldn’t come to a conclusion, we headed to brunch. Around 3. I was starving. Hangry. After a couple mimosas, I felt decent for them not being as strong as needed on a sunny Sunday. But I knew I wanted to make this recipe. So we bolted home for him to take an afternoon snooze and for me to bake. And I baked. And failed. I put this recipe into a too small baking dish and it pretty much went every where. All over the oven. I mean…I still ate the edible parts. But the non edibles turned into smoke inside the oven. So I then cleaned the oven and couched it for a while in frustration. But I couldn’t go down that easy, so I made it again last night and just stared at it since I couldn’t eat it until I took pictures until today. Which leads me to right now. This very moment. I just took pictures of this beauty. Now go make it. It’s amazing.


Coffee Cake Banana Bread

  • Yield: 6-8 1x



For the toppings


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a8×4 loaf pan with oil then line the middle with parchment paper. It will make it easier to remove from the pan without it coming apart.
  2. In a large bowl, mix together bananas, maple syrup, vanilla extract, eggs, and almond butter.
  3. Then add coconut flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon and salt and mix well.
  4. Pour batter into baking dish. Place on a baking sheet.
  5. In a small bowl, add butter, coconut sugar, almond flour, cinnamon, and pecans. Use your hands to mix the toppings together.
  6. Place chunks of the toppings all around the top of the banana bread mixture.
  7. Place in oven to bake for 50 minutes.
  8. Remove from oven, place on cooling rack and let rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting and serving.

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PaleOMG Coffee Cake Banana Bread


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370 thoughts on “Coffee Cake Banana Bread”

  1. This looks amazing! I love your blog and am on here almost every day!! You rock! Question for you- I have an allergy to bananas… but all the best recipes have them…is there anything that you would recommend as a replacement??

    1. I haven’t tried it but you could use a sweet potato or pumpkin puree as the base then use a little applesauce or flax meal to bind it together!

      1. This was so delicious!!!! We only had two bananas, so we replaced the third banana with some pumpkin puree and it worked great! 🙂 Love your posts!!

    2. 100% pumpkin puree works great too for these recipes that call for bananas… If you do that, find some pumpkin pie spice too. It also has less calories than using the banana and it’s amazing!!!

    3. This was amazing. Probably my absolute favorite gluten free banana bread I have ever made. I’ve already made it a few times and will definitely keep making it!

  2. Yay! I just had a similar experience, broke up and got back together and I definitely kept it underwraps for awhile. Soemtimes the only people that need to know are the people involved in the relationship. So happy for you!

    Also, this looks fan-freaking-tastic. Wish I wasn’t at work so I could make this tasty treat!

  3. WHOOOOOOA that’s just GREAT NEWS!!! 😀 So cool!!! Seriously Juli, I know we’ve never met, but it’s crazy how reading about your life and stories makes me feel so happy for you 🙂
    (And of course this cake/bread looks AMAZING, as everything you bake!!)

  4. Juli – Recipe looks amazing and really happy to hear the good news. I was speculating since you were kinda vague about moving and all that. How fun!

    Anyway, question: when you say brown bananas you mean like old-brown, so that they’re sweeter, correct? Not brown frozen? Thanks!

  5. Yummylicious!! Just a shame I can’t get almond flour anywhere in the UK 🙁 as per usual I have all the other ingredients xx

    1. Almond flour is just ground almonds – in most UK supermarkets in the baking section, and Holland & Barrett do it too. Enjoy!

    2. I’ve been making this bread for years! I recently got a tin for mini loaves. Anyone have thoughts or ideas on an altered cooking time and temp?

  6. Buying furniture is one of my least favorite things to do. Since I’m moving now and hate moving furniture even more (and thus threw away, donated or sold all my old furniture), I’ll be in the same boat soon. I just.. do not enjoy furniture shopping/buying/assembling.

    I’m on Day 9 of the 21DSD and before I maim someone within arm’s reach because I want this banana bread so badly, I’m going to try my darndest to re-create this recipe in a 21DSD-approved fashion.

    Urge to maim is… so, so strong.

    1. @ Megan- You can use thoughs substitutions for sure if you enjoy gluten and other anti-nutrients, as well as a higher insulin spike.

    2. @Megan you can’t taste the coconut when making baked goods using coconut flour and sugar. My hubby HATES COCONUTS and never knew till recently, that I use coconut flour for baking cause I’m allergic to wheat.

  7. Any suggestions for a maple syrup substitution? I cannot even stomach the slightest hint of maple – odor or taste. Thanks for your help.

  8. “Coffee’ cake.. I assumed there would be coffee in it. Mean, Juli. Still sounds amazing; I’ll make it, eat the entire thing, I’m sure. Maybe its time for a coffee chocolate something something cake/muffin thing (that title needs work).

    1. Of course if I spent more than 30 seconds on your site, I’d see the “Double Chocolate Almond Espresso Muffins” from like 3 days ago. ok, carry on.

  9. This looks flipping amazeballs. Like, I want to eat it right now. Thanks for the life update. I was speculating this is what happened, but happppy to have it confirmed. Man there sure is a lot of people stalking your life like me. I just love this blog. You are too funny and your recipes are delicious. Making this tonight, for sure!

  10. OMG Juli this looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try this!!!

    I have been reading your blog for a long time and just started Crossfit this year and trailing and error-ing (if that’s even a phrase) with the Paleo diet I love to read your blog.

    I am a grad student at the University of Delaware and finishing up my degree. I have to do a research project and I was wondering if you could help me out. It’s a short online anonymous survey and will only take a few moments of your time but seriously help me out!!

    The only criteria to take it is
    1) male/female between 19-50 years
    2) have been following the Paleo diet for at least 3 months
    3) member of a CrossFit gym

    Here is the link to the online survey.

    I really appreciate your help!! Also if you know anyone else personally that fits this criteria it would be much appreciated 🙂

    1. Happy Friday! 🙂

      I was on lunch break and took the survey! I’m all about supporting the Paleo “Diet” (strict or not). Hope you have a great day.


  11. Soo Ive been wanting to tell you that my family and I are seriously indebted to you forever. Your recipes are ALWAYS amazing and super simple ( amazing for being a mom of 2 under 3 yrs and new to the paleo lifestyle) but Im not all savvy with blogs till i just figured out how to comment on this post! Sooo, Juli…THANK YOU! Cant wait to try this recipe! YOU ROCK!

  12. What do you mean Juli? You don’t share every detail of your love life on your cooking blog.
    I feel lied to. Haha just jokes!

    Glad you are happy 🙂

  13. hey now, there is an album by a band called Jawbreaker titled “Unfun” — I even had a kitten named Unfun, but we changed her name to Hooch, cos she was crazy. (which is fun) There’s nothing wrong with a good neologism now and then!

  14. I have been following you on Instagram for a while but just recently started looking at your blog. I seriously read it every now! I’m happy that things worked out for your and your guy. Congrats on the new place.

  15. I don’t even like banana bread, but this recipe is sooooo good!! I honestly haven’t made one thing of yours that we don’t devour. You were my first paleo cookbook :). Your recipes have made us commit to and thoroughly enjoy the paleo lifestyle!!

  16. I cannot wait to try this one! I am such a huge fan of coffee cake and anything involving ingredients you might put in a pancake. I’m salivating already.

  17. This is delicious! I didn’t have coconut flour and didn’t realize it until I was already in the middle of making this–used 3/4 cup almond flour and crossed my fingers. It worked (not sure if it was the flour issue but I did bake 10 minutes longer). Super yummy!

  18. Nothing I like better than a healthy snack! I’m terrible at baking though so I’m drooling at your creations! My friend told me she saw paleo brownies (organic and packaged) on this website but I’m not sure if it’s good. Has anyone tried it before?

  19. At least I’m not the only one stalking your page and *gasped* when read moved in with the boyfriend! So freaking happy for you!!!

    Side note, I REALLLLLLLLLLLLY want to make this but I don’t have any cooking items anymore 🙁 stupid moving!

  20. I would like to replace the Almond flour by something else (Allergy), Can you suggest another flour forme please? Thank you

  21. Thanks for this yummy concept!! The coconut flour I’ve used creates grainy texture…which I don’t like. Is almond flour less grainy? Also, your pic looks like you put topping in center of banana bread as well as on top. Did you?

  22. glad everything is working out with you and your man 🙂 and this recipe sounds amazing!! love bananas warm, which might sound weird but sometimes we cook up a banana with scrambled eggs

  23. Hi Juli! Made your churro waffles this morning and threw in some blueberries…..soooooo good! Can’t wait to try this recipe after my tax appointment this afternoon! I am making your bacon chicken alfredo for my hubby and three little darlings for dinner tonight. Many thanks for providing me with recipes that nourish me and my family. So happy for you and your man!

  24. Is the bread supposed to be fairly wet when cooked. I just made this… And it smells divine… the topping is to die for… But my bread is very wet, doesn’t seem raw, just very “moist”. And it has a very, “eggy” taste. I’m wondering if I did something wrong?

    1. Just a guess, but it could be that the eggs you used were much bigger than the ones Juli used. I think (but am far from sure) that she has said before that she uses medium eggs. Mine are always either large or extra large. When I’ve made some of her other recipes, if the batter’s looked a bit too loose, I’ve added a touch more coconut flour (just a little goes a long way).

  25. Just wanted to say congrats on your new endeavors! You will learn alot.

    But the main reason to contact you is because I made this wonderful coffecake this morning and it was fantabulous!
    Thanks for all your terrific recipes and your blog. You are a keeper!

  26. Made this last night, it is incredible. So much better than mainstream coffee cake, so moist and delicious!! Thank you!!!!

  27. Can anyone enlighten me; do baked goods come out differently when cooked with coconut flour vs. almond flour?

    I am not allergic, per se, to coconut flour but it doesn’t sit well with me and I nearly always sub it for almond flour in my paleo recipes, but I wonder if it makes it turn out differently? I don’t have anything to compare it to seeing as I never use coconut flour.

    This looks amazing and I really want to try it with almond flour. Any suggestions?

    1. almond flour and coconut flour are very different. usually you need much more almond flour compared to coconut flour if you are subbing it in a recipe. i like cooking with almond flour, personally, but it doesn’t sit well with me so i used coconut flour more. this recipe you could definitely use almond flour but you would need about 1 cup or so

  28. Is there a substitute for the coconut sugar in the topping? Specifically, can I use honey instead of coconut sugar for the topping? It’s all I have and I want to make this ASAP.

  29. I have never used or even heard of coconut flour. I have been cooking n baking for more than 60 years. What is coconut flour and where do you buy it? Can you sub all purpose flour? This sounds amazing!

  30. Wonderful!!! Love this my new favorite. I added chocolate chips to it and oh my god heaven. I’ve made several people try it not tell them it’s paleo and said it was the best banana bread they have ever had. So moist and a little piece cures my sweet craving. Thank you!! Never had a recipe from you I don’t like!!! Love this site!! Awesome recipes and stories lol

    1. genius idea! that sounds amazing! i honestly thought about adding some chocolate chips, but I usually just want to add chocolate chips to everything I make

  31. If you did a blind taste test between this and a traditional banana cake, I wouldn’t know which is which. So good. Thank you!

  32. Man when I was a little girl, the old lady who babysitted me made the BEST coffee cake. I was in love with coffee cake because of her. I haven’t had much coffee cake since then but this recipe takes me back… Not to mention its combined with banana bread?! Juli you rock.

  33. Juli, I just bought blueberries and was going to make the blueberry chocolate chip nanner bread and NOW THIS LOOKS AMAZEBALLS. It’s a seriously difficult decision to make.

    I also was reading some of the comments re: new dog and people shaming you about wanting to get a puppy and that you should adopt. I totally understand wanting to get a puppy and not an older dog, but I did run across this website that lists a bunch of rescue organizations. They say that there are puppies to adopt. Might be the best of both worlds? Or maybe after you get your puppy it will need a friend. 🙂 The only thing cuter than 1 french bulldog is TWO! 🙂

    Mucho grateful for this site and your generousity. Don’t let people get you down…enjoy your new place and finding a cuddly pup!

  34. Wow, my first time to your site and I found this recipe.

    Do you have a breakdown of the Calories, Protein, Carbs, etc for bread?

  35. Just made it and it is SOOOOO good! Love your blog! I’ve just recently gone Paleo (2 months) after my dad has been for 4 years and I am loving it. Your blog is my go to!

  36. Note to self. Don’t start baking at 10:30PM. When you wake up the next morning to make the topping you will then realize it was supposed to go on PRIOR to baking! Doh!

  37. This. is. so. good.

    I made this recipe last night, and it made for a delicious breakfast! I didn’t have coconut sugar for the topping, so I threw together a random mix of coconut oil, shredded coconut, almond meal, honey, and pecans…and it came out fine! And I also subbed almond meal for the coconut flour, since I didn’t have that either…I just used 1 c. instead of the 1/4 c. as you had suggested in another commenter’s post. Honestly, this banana bread would be great without the topping too! Mine was super watery when I put it in the pan, so I was a little nervous – but it firms up surprisingly fast. Thanks for this super easy go-to recipe, Juli!

  38. I just made this today, but it turned out more like banana bread pudding than banana bread. The only sub I made was I used coconut butter instead of almond butter – could that be the reason? It’s yummy, but the texture is very gooey and runny, not like a cake.

  39. I Love Love oh did I say Love this bread. It reminds me of cinnamon rolls! I am making it again this weekend. The only subbing I did was replace the syrup and sugar with dates.

  40. I’m in the middle of making this deliciousness and my house smells like cinnamon, butter, pecan heaven. I can’t wait to eat it. Would it be bad if I didn’t share any with my people?

  41. This looks amazing and I’m so excited to make it today!! I don’t have a bread pan, so had planned to use a muffin tin. Would I cut the oven time in half? Say 30 mins bake time?

    1. Just took them out of the oven and devoured one. Came out perfect, although i mistakenly bought crunchy almon butter, and had to use it for this. SO YUM!!!

  42. Hi Juli! Just finished two pieces of this with my coffee. I love how the coconut flour worked: slightly spongy, not too wet and without any aftertaste. I subbed sunflower seed butter for almond, and added a little salt to topping. The topping btw is fabulous. This recipe and your blog are both keepers.

  43. Thanks for the amazing recipe! We made into muffins and my family devoured them. Now I’m just waiting for more overripe bananas on the counter so we can make this recipe again.

  44. hi there
    this recipe sound so good! where do you buy your coconut flour and almond flour? i have seen almond at trader joes/sprouts but not coconut flour

  45. how would you recommend storing it. Also, the middle is a bit jiggly. Will it firm up as it cools? Smells delish!

  46. I have tried several of the GF banana breads out there. Hands down the best! I made it loaf style the first time and it did not cook all the way through. On going problem I have with loaf breads. But, made it into muffins yesterday and perfect. This will be made over and over at my house. Thank you so much for the recipe!!!

  47. Hi Juli,

    fab to have found your site. I’m from the UK where paleo is a quietly spread secret and I have eventually found out about it’s amazing health benefits.

    If I were to sub the Coconut Sugar for maple syrup…do I need to add something to soak up the liquid?

    Thanks…so greatful to have found your blog!

  48. Can I sub almond flour for the coconut flour (I have so many different flours and can’t bear to buy another)? If so, should I change the amount used? Thanks.

    P.S. I’ve been intentionally ignoring my bananas all week because I’d much rather make your banana bread than eat a banana. ;))

  49. This is amazing! I am gluten free and new to paleo! Made tonight as muffins, baked for 15 minutes, perfect. Wanting to pin on Pinterest but unsure how! Thank you!

  50. I do not have coconut sugar, really don’t want to use regular sugar….any suggestions!? I have been seeing this darn recipe all over the place and must try it!! 🙂

  51. Haven’t made the recipe yet, but I wanted to tell you that I am so happy that you and your boyfriend got back together. Someone as wonderful and talented as you deserves someone special! Love all the recipes…find them all so very delicious!

  52. This recipe looks amazing but I’m allergic to nuts. Can I substitute the almond butter and flour for something else? Love your blog btw! Thanks

  53. This is the BEST bread I have ever made..we have made 2 batches in 2 days! and if anyone is curious.. I used a mini loaf pan instead of a large loaf pan and it turned out wonderful. So I am sure you could also use a muffin tin as well. Thanks for this recipe!!

  54. I have made MANY different paleo banana bread recipes and my husband has never been terribly excited about any of them (he doesn’t eat paleo). However, he LOVED this one and said it is the best one I have made by far! I agree with him – it’s excellent!

  55. Wow this was good! Even better day 2
    After being stored in an airtight container. I went over the top, and made a glaze from grass fed butter, a few drops of Stevia, and cinnamon melted in a sauce pan. Soooooooo tasty!!!

  56. I’m just wondering if you have any tips on making this entirely nut free? I am doing a presentation at school on the paleo lifestyle and I want a snack everyone can eat, someone in my class is allergic to nuts but she said seeds are ok. I bougt some sesame seed butter so I’m thinking I could use that in place of almond butter but I’m not sure what to use in the topping. Any help is so appreciated!

  57. So I just made this and I am one of those really cool humans that is allergic to eggs and almonds. I subbed applesauce for the egg and made the topping with coconut flour (added about 3/4 tbsp at a time) and it was FREAKING AMAZING. Thanks again for making treats that are paleo, adjustable AND don’t taste like sawdust. I love you. Mean it. No seriously. I think I just got creepy. Ugh.

  58. hey juli! i made this recipe today but mine didn’t come out with the consistency i thought it would. it still tasted delicious but was a bit watery. do you have any suggestions on what to do next time? i followed the recipe exactly so i don’t know what happened. thank you so much!

  59. It doesn’t seem like you need another one of these, but i made this and it is amazing!! i doubled the topping (cause it was just so good) but it is amazing. i want to eat it all day too. i just tell myself i have to wait til breakfast to do it again. good work!!!

  60. I just had to comment again! I made this again tonight and my boyfriend and I are eating it for dinner. I think he fell in love with me all over again, LOL. This is the first time in a long time that we have had dessert at home, thanks to you we are happy again with this fantastic paleo concoction!

  61. Juli-Thank you so much for this!!! I baked it in a silicone quad bread mold and ended up with four amazing little loafs!

  62. Juli!

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

    Secondly, I super love your mini banana bread loaves. I actually just made them a couple of weeks ago. ANYWAY, I am trying to avoid too much almond butter, so this is a great way to make those mini loaves different! A coffee cake version is going to be awesome! I love your creativity – thank you for being such a great addition to the paleo world. 🙂

  63. Made it for the 2nd time! I never do that! Remembered to get the topping together before baking this time and it was awesome.

  64. This is HEAVEN! Making it for the 3rd time in two weeks… I love this recipe. My husband also loves this recipe which sucks because I have to share 🙁

  65. So pretty! I made this the other night, and it turned out looking beautiful and smelling fantastic, but I felt like mine turned out with a greater emphasis on the “banana bread” taste than the “coffee cake” taste. Not that I’m complaining…I could survive quite happily on nothing BUT banana bread! But I was kind of anticipating the more mellow and rounder flavors of a coffee cake. Which leads to my question.

    Do you think substituting green plantains for the ripe bananas would cut down on some of the stronger banana notes in the recipe? I don’t have a lot of experience with plantains, but I thought they might be a good substitute.

  66. I made this last night and…l LOVE IT!!!!!
    The bananas I used where not brown and it came out perfectly sweet. Thanks for the great recipe! 😉

  67. This looks delicious! I would love to make this tomorrow but do you think I would be able to swap the coconut flour for ground almonds or is there something else I could use? I can’t find coconut flour anywhere! Thanks for the recipe x

  68. This is the best banana bread I’ve ever made! I made one sub–Nikki’s Pumpkin Spice Donut coconut butter instead of butter. I didn’t have butter, and the coconut butter has a similar texture to streusel, so I thought, hey, why not… And is it ever good! I’m sure it would be fab with real butter, too.

  69. Thank you for the recipes. This looks great! Will you please consider adding a pin it button to your posts? I think it would add to your traffic too.

  70. what would happen if i used desiccated ground coconut instead of the coconut flour. i really want to make it tonight and i don’t have coconut flour on hand. i definitely don’t have time to make it now

    1. i have heard one thing one time, but not sure how much of it is true. as for the topping with coconut flour, no i don’t believe that would work because it is much different than almond flour

    2. I used coconut flour for the topping when I made it, and it was okay. Not perfect coffee-cake-topping level of greatness, but alright.

      It was crispier and darker than the topping in Juli’s photos (hers looks much prettier), while the center of the bread was just barely finished, so that might be a downside. But it wasn’t horribly burnt, and the bread definitely still disappeared quickly!

      Bottom line: coconut flour sufficed in a pinch for me, but next time I would probably make the effort to get/use almond flour.

  71. I am making this recipe for the second time this afternoon. It’s seriously one of the best banana bread recipes (Paleo or not) I have ever tasted! Another home run for Juli!

  72. FREAKING amazing. Made the recipe exactly as is. The topping part is the best! Will for sure make again…kinda dangerous though as Im pretty sure I could eat the whole thing in one sitting. Thanks!

  73. Just made this tonight to use up my ugly, brown bananas…could be! I snuck coffee into using Vanilla Bean + Espresso Almond Butter. Thanks for another great recipe!

  74. Made this last night, it is delish. But I need to tweak a little, mine came out a little oily. May have been the almond butter and I will reduce the amount of butter in the topping next time. Still the taste is amazing!


    When I first made this, there were hardly any comments, and now that I have time to comment- it looks like everyone else agrees with me as well.

    THIS BREAD IS AMAZING! It tastes like a cheat- real, hold-it-in-your-hand bread and that sweet crunchy top! OH MY! Favorite Paleo sweet treat to date!

    Juli- you have helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I’ve been paleo for a little over a year (no health issues, just enjoy knowing that my food is real). I started with you and I KEEP COMING BACK! Amaze. Rock on, girl.

  76. The only bad thing about this recipe is that I keep shoving slices of it in my mouth, and can’t seem to stop. o.O

    I also can’t decide if that’s a bad thing or not.

    As someone who LOVES banana bread, and has been denied banana bread for years after giving up gluten and trying to eat healthier, in my mind, this recipe descended from heaven, with golden light beams, strumming harps, and angelic vocals.

    I love the coffee cake / banana bread combo (genius!). I had never made coffee cake before, and I figured the toppings must take a lot of effort… but apparently not!!! This was easy!!

    I can also see myself making the bread without the topping at times in the future, for a slightly less sweet treat! The bread was absolutely delicious in its own right.

    This recipe will definitely be on repeat in my house. Thank you, Juli!! 🙂

  77. You are amazing!! I made this for my gym and everyone loved it and now everyone loves you! I have yet to make anything off of your website that is not good. Thanks for all of your hard work; it makes living a healthy lifestyle so much easier.

  78. Wow! Yum! We loved it! No changes whatsoever! I will be making this again for my family. They loved it!

  79. This was great! I baked mine for 55 minutes, and my oven tends to run a little hot so I was suprised but it definitely needed that extra time. It’s still SUPER moist but cooked through. The middle of mine sunk but it still looks pretty and the taste is AMAZING! Like a french toast/banana bread/cinnamon bun type flavor explosion. As usual, your recipes don’t dissapoint! Thanks!

  80. Juli,
    You are a freaking genius!! I made this last night, but I was out of coconut flour, which like many of the posters I didn’t realize until I was already in the process. Substituted about 3/4 c. of almond flour. I also made muffins rather than a loaf and put some Enjoy Life dark chocolate chips in my topping. I also used half the amount of cinnamon and put in 1/4 tsp of nutmeg to replace it. I am SO HAPPY this morning eating my banana nut muffin! The flavor, the texture, the crunch and the soft, and the mouth-melting deliciousness! I’m thinking the next brunch that I host is featuring these!!
    Oh… Since I did muffins instead of loaf, they baked for about 40 minutes.

  81. Can’t wait to make this. I don’t see anywhere number of servings and calories per serving with nutrition information???

  82. Crossing my fingers I will like this, every paleo desert I have made always taste bland, dry, too coconutty or just not the same as the real deal (obviously) it’s in the oven right now and smells and looks really good. This recipe caught me eye because it’s the 1st paleo bake good recipe I have seen that calls for Grass feed butter, I was sold 🙂

  83. Hi…I am going to try this. I can’t have any grains and baked some muffins once with coconut flour that sadly were just awful. But this really does look good. Thanks from ‘Down Under’. 🙂

  84. About how many grams or cups of banana do you think this would be? I save all my brown bananas in the freezer and they are broken up!

      1. These were SO good! Made them as muffins for a friend who is anti-paleo and she loved them! Just pre-ordered your new book can’t wait!

  85. I made this recipe a couple weeks ago and forgot to comment but MUST! THIS IS DELISH! 🙂 I made it for a few of my bible study ladies and they all loved it! The topping really makes it and I didn’t think it was too tough to make….yum yum yum!

  86. I have this baking right now and I’m super excited! Thrilled this website was shared with me! Can’t wait to bake more, like those blueberry breakfast bars

  87. Hi 🙂

    I baked the bread today and I didn’t realize that I was suppose to use a 3/4 c of almond flour inplace of the coconut flour. I only used 1/4 c of almond flour. Would this make it spongy/egg like? The mix up with the almond flour was prob the problem right? Great flavor just odd texture. Would it help if I cook it longer?

    On a side note can you tell me what to use tapioca flour for?

    Thanks a ton!!

  88. I am commenting again and giving a real rating after tasting this banana bread, hands down best paleo desert I have ever had! It’s Moist and doesn’t have a strong coconut taste, it’s also actually sweet enough to full fill that sweet tooth u have. Yay finally I have found something paleo I like!

  89. OMG…I’m addicted! I’ve made this no less than 5 times since seeing this recipe, and have gotten more people hooked. I used one of my apps and it looks like the size pan you recommend, as 8 servings is around 362 calories per serving. I just used the maple usurp I had and my butter wasn’t grass fed, but at least the calorie count should be close

  90. Hi! I have been searching the interwebs for a paleo banana cake recipe to no avail. I have to make my daughter a strawberry banana cake for her birthday. Do you think this bread sans the topping, doubled, and poured into a sheet pan would work?

  91. Super delicious! My only issue was that 50 minutes was a little too long to bake (could just be my oven though), so the exterior was burnt. Still tastes amazing though.

  92. This is awesome and so easy to make! I mixed the ingredients together, put it in the oven, went for a run, and then pulled it out of the oven! I just moved in with my boyfriend recently too, it’s great so far! Except he devoured like half the bread, btw, the jerk.

  93. Soo delicious!! I haven’t had a lot of time lately to bake/cook/sleep/pee due to my thesis, but I made time for this little loaf of deliciousness! Def worth it. 🙂

  94. This was so delicious. I have made three loaves in 2 days. I baked it just a couple minutes longer and covered with tin foil towards the end and then removed the foil for the last few minutes of baking….my kids loved this as well. I’m taking a loaf to share at crossfit tomorrow morning 🙂

  95. Hi Juli,

    I stumbled a cross this recipe yesterday while looking for a good Paleo cake to bring to a friend’s Passover Seder. I made the cake today with a few modifications a) I switched the pecans for walnuts b) I used Spectrum non-GMO shortening instead of butter; and c) I used maple sugar instead of coconut sugar.

    It came out beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe and saving my Passover baking!

  96. Ok, this was amazing as your recipes always are….and I just made it again with a few little changes….I added a chopped dark chocolate bar, blueberries, extra cinnamon, and nutmeg…..oh, and I used honey….Partner suggested I add a little chipotle or ancho chile for a little Mexican Hot Chocolate undertone, but I haven’t tried that yet….

  97. Juli-
    We hosted Easter for the first time, combining 3 different families and tried to stick to a mostly Paleo menu featuring 2 egg bakes and this AMAZING coffee cake! It was a total hit – even among picky non-paleo family members! Great recipe!
    Thanks Juli!

  98. I just made this coffee cake and it was perfect!!!! So good…it is going to be my go to recipe when company drops in. The only change I made was with the pan….I used a 8×8 pan and cut the baking time to 35/40 mins so it came out more like a coffee cake.
    Thanks so much for the Fantastic Recipe!!!!!!

  99. Juli, this recipe is killer! I have made it several times and it is by far the best paleo treat ! My husband and I changed our life style to paleo in January this year and together we have lost over 100 pounds! Your website is amazing , thank you for all you hard work and time you put into this site. I love trying new recipes, and getting new ideas. Tonight we are going to attempt to make your chicken curry w/ noodles.

  100. Made this yesterday for the first time for a group of carb addicts and everyone loved it! Fantastic recipe. Now I just need to keep myself away from the kitchen so that I don’t eat it myself.

  101. This was SO good! The texture…the topping….gaaaahhhh. I made it about three weeks ago. My daughter and I are about to do some mommy daughter bonding and baking this again. Your recipes are awesome. I haven’t been unsatisfied yet…I think it’s been like 3 years since I started following you. The first time I made this my topping overcooked and I thought I burned it. Guess what? It was still so declious.

  102. I just took this out of the oven and had to have a slice. It is WONDERFUL!

    I love your site. There is nothing from here that my hubby won’t eat. Thanks!

  103. just made this (minus the coconut sugar – because i forgot to buy it) and it was relish. sneaked in one slice before bed to taste it. can’t wait to treat myself this weekend with a cup of coffee!! Thank you!

  104. I made this coffee cake this weekend and it was so good and very easy. Next time I might not add as much maple syrup because I don’t like very sweet food.

  105. Amazing!!! Just finished baking this and it was easy to do. I made my own cashew butter, since I had some cashews on hand. My Nutribullet and patience made it happen. SN: it’s cheaper to make your own nut butters. I also made pumpkin seed butter and it was delicious. I gave some to my co-workers for his children, but he wound up putting it on his chicken. Anyway, I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for my bananas to ripen so I used the fresh ones I bought today. It still came out great. Thank you Juli.

  106. Hi Juli,

    Was wondering if regular sugar can be used instead of coconut sugar. What is this difference besides cane and coconut. coconut is healthier? I’m sure.

  107. Newbie to your site and have been doing Paleo (not strict) about 2 months due to several autoimmue problems recently diagnosed with.

    I am DEFINITELY be making this Yummie little concoction to serve to our guests coming to help with the initiation of our new deck in a few weeks………but first I’m gonna make one JUST FOR ME !!! LOL

  108. sorry if this shows up twice!! not sure if my first try at this actually worked. I was wondering if this recipe froze well. I’m hoping to make it now and freeze it for an upcoming vacation, but I know all paleo doesn’t freeze well. hoping you can help. Thanks!!


    This is AMAZING! One of the best Banana Bread’s ever. And it’s Grain-free? wtf. Happy girl, happy belly.

    This girl is indebted. Awesome. Simply awesome.

  110. Just made this….so good! thanks for sharing this indulgent recipe! Love this site.

  111. Well I made this for moi boy last night and left some out for him as he was getting home late from work and needs a snack!!! HE LOVED THEM.. (I made them in moi silicon heart muffin pans) Great snack for him before bed.. banana’s, eggies & the topping..
    ps.. I luv .. luv.. luv your blog.. with moi tea and flax cereal I read and laugh in the am!!
    Thanks for sharing and allll the best to you on your book launch!!

  112. Making this now…why do I put the bread pan on top of a baking/cookie sheet? WIll it hinder it from cooking all the way through?

  113. I made this tonight and it tastes good but it was very soggy and had a lot of moisture around it . I didnt have this with your chocolate swirl cake. I have had this happen with other paleo banana breads and I can’t figure out why! Any suggestions?