Cinnamon Roll Balls

Do you think people who give out parking tickets enjoying doing it or absolutely hate it? I always wonder that. Especially when I see someone give me a parking ticket. No, I know I asked for it, but I still wonder what they’re thinking while they give the ticket. That job would make me real sad.

So this weekend, I really did….nothing. I stayed in Friday night. I stayed in Saturday night. And then I went to the lake on Sunday and didn’t even really get in the water. Wtf? I slightly feel like I wasted a weekend, BUT I don’t feel like getting wasted. You get what I’m throwin’ out there? Well, the more I live my life not competing in CrossFit and not trying to live a completely strict life, the less I like to drink that much. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to have some wine sometimes and get a little crazy from time to time, with nights resulting in a sweaty dance floor. But, I really hate feeling depressed after drinking. And, obviously, that’s what alcohol is. A depressant. I just feel super bloated after drinking. Which is weird, since I remember feeling super skinny and dehydrated in college after a week of binge drinking. How things change.

Anywho, I’m in this weird stage of my life that either my friends are going out and getting trashed or staying in with their significant others. But I don’t want to get trashed. And I still want to hang out with my friends. But drunk people are annoying. And they peer pressure you into drinking. Or just peer pressure you into feeling guilty about not drinking. I don’t know. It’s all just very frustrating. Why doesn’t everyone else feel bloated and depressed after drinking and want to stop like I do? Am I the only one out there that likes to be sober and get up the next day to have a positive day? I love positivity. And bloated Juli is not a positive Juli. #factoftheday. I just feel boring. I hate being boring. I’ve been told that I need to find “balance” and I obviously have not found it yet. #rantofthedayisover.

Ever wonder how many people out there are on the human growth hormone? Is that a pill or do you shoot it into your butt? I don’t really know much about it. I just know about it from guys talking about it. I wonder how many people are on it in the CrossFit community. #wonderingthoughtoftheday.

OMG. I totally want to see that new show ‘Total Divas’ on the E! channel. I don’t care what you think of me. I really don’t. But that kind of trash tv looks awwwwesome. I mean, come on. It’s about women in the WWE world. They’re attractive and fake fight each other. How can that not be interesting to watch? Their promotional commercials have totally sold me. SOLD.

Oh PS- like my doodling on my cinnamon roll balls? I’m obviously extremely talented.


Cinnamon Roll Balls

  • Yield: 8-10 1x




  1. Place dried dates in a food processor and pulse until broken down.
  2. Then add nut butter, coconut, cinnamon and salt and pulse until well combined.
  3. Use your hands to roll small bite-size ball shapes.
  4. Top with melted coconut butter.
  5. Eat and imagine they are cinnamon rolls. They’re not, but the mind is able to do pretty cool things.
  6. Refrigerate leftovers. If there are any!


Makes 8-10 balls

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


91 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll Balls”

  1. juli, i totally hear you re: not drinking and still wanting to be social! it is super freaking frustrating. can’t a girl be a blast on the dance floor and NOT wake up feeling like death the next day? i say yes. super excited to meet you at the CF Games! emily

  2. I’ve never drank (that doesn’t sound right, but it’s accurate) – personal choice. The peer pressure got less as I got older, maybe because I let the people who pressured me drift away. If ppl are insecure about how much they are drinking, they will take your choice as being related to them, instead of something you do for yourself. That’s where the pressure comes in. Feel bad for them that drinking is the only way they know how to have fun, and consider if maybe you’ve moved into a different phase in your life and they haven’t. (and they may feel like crap the next day but be addicted anyway and unable to stop) Friends should respect your choices even if they can’t support them (except when they’re self-destructive, clearly this is not).

    Gotta check out the cracked nut butter, and anything that says cinnamon roll is worth a try.

  3. First of all, I am dying that I don’t have that cinnamon roll nut butter. Secondly, I literally could have written this exact post. I think 25 is the age where people either keep acting like college or start moving towards marraige/kids/etc and being in neither of those camps is frustrating as all hell. Just know there are other ladies out there in the exact same boat 🙂

    1. Definitely feel the same way and I totally agree with Rachel above. I’m 25 and single and stuck in that between camp. My roommate has a serious boyfriend and neither of them drink so it’s either 3rd wheel it with them or hang out with my friends that love to drink.

      Just trying to stick to my guns because I feel the SAME exact way you do about feeling depressed and bloated the next day.

      P.S. on another note – are you going to be at a vendor’s booth at the CrossFit games? I am going to be there and would love to meet you!

      1. I’m almost 28 and on the same boat as well. I usually just hang out at home or go over to a friend’s and spend time with them and their family doing whatever family’s do. Luckily I love kids. If I tried hanging out with my bestie alone, I’d never see her. Be grateful you don’t live in Utah Juli. I get strange looks all the time because apparently there is something wrong with me being 27 and unmarried/without children in this state. /sigh

  4. I’m the same way. My friends love going to HH’s and I just can’t hang anymore like I used to. I will either go and have a iced tea or I actually do better driking tequilla with lime or gin and soda water vs. beer or wine. You are awesome. Come to DC and visit!!

  5. Few ideas of new things to do that can involve just a few drinks or none, your choice.
    Dinner and a movie or a live performance
    Sporting events
    Painting Class with wine (social canvas)
    All of these things do cost money, but when you think about how much you would have spent on drinks it’s pretty comparable and it’s a whole lot more entertaining. Keep your eyes open on groupons and things going on in your area, once you get your friends out and show them different things to do, I bet they will turn the corner with you!

  6. I’m sort of infamous for “sneaking out” of parties so that I don’t have to deal with the whole “WHY?! Stay here and drink more!” ordeal. That probably makes me a horrible friend HA!

    1. In our circle we call that move the “fade-away” – it’s done right when at least an hour after someone’s left is the first anyone notices. Get busted leaving, and the jig is up though!

  7. I don’t think you’re the only one! I too get super bloated after drinking, and I’ve also found that the older I get, the less my stomach is willing to tolerate alcohol. And of course, as you approach 30, you enter the world of the glorious “two-day hangover.” I’ve also found that, as I get older, I’m less inclined to want to deal with being hungover. My time is precious, I have shit to do, and I don’t want to waste the weekend lying around being completely useless and feeling like death.

    Wow, that all made me sound really old. I guess it’s time to face the fact that I AM old.

  8. You are definitely not the only one!!

    I’m also very sad that the Cracked Nut Butter only ships in the US…. I’m in Canada!! Not that far!!!!

  9. See Juli, you’re not the only one!! I used to be the Party Queen, and now can barely drink 2 beers without a headache. Not worth it for me. Yes I get sh!t all the time for not drinking, but I don’t care. I would rather feel good than drink and feel like crap. I’m almost 30, I don’t need peer pressure to drink anymore. “If you want to drink fine, but leave me be with my Nalgene of H2O!!!!”

  10. The older I get (26, so old!), the less willing I am to throw away 1/2 my weekend by getting too drunk. I tend to plan early morning, active things which deter me from drinking unless I want to have a REALLY bad time. I also agree– the depressed/anxious feeling is even more what I want to avoid than the hangover! I think it’s just part of growing up; don’t beat yourself up.

  11. Ashley Rodriguez

    Soooooo with you on the bloated thing! I used to be able to put back a bottle of wine one night, scarf down a burger the next day & feel fine. Now? Now it’s 2 glasses & this Mommy is sound asleep. And awakes with a headache. And a bad mood.
    Oh the things we endure as we age. Lucky us!!

  12. You pretty much described a dilemma I am currently going through. My boyfriend and I just had friends over this past weekend and I def drank WAY more than I usually do and guess what…..on Monday I was a blimp, felt like crap and was depressed. I have been thinking about cutting out alcohol until I am comfortable with how my body looks….I struggle with body image issues and its a drag….but guess what….another one of our friends is coming into town this weekend and all I can see is a repeat of last weekend and I am already feeling anxious….not a good sign! I think with this issue friends just need to understand and respect your choices….just like I am ok with them drinking they should be ok with me not drinking….easier said than done im afraid

  13. Girl-I hear you completely on the drinking debacle. Also, you should know that I’ve appointed you as my official ambassador to CO—I’m visiting Colorado next week and have about 3 free days to explore…what top hikes/places to visit would you recommend? Thanks mama.

    1. i have absolutely no clue when it comes to hikes. i stay away from walking uphill for hours as much as possible. but going to any ski resort in the summer is super fun because you can mountain bike or hike.

      1. That’s what I was planning on doing, because being non-US I can’t buy it! Stupid customs rules >:( Still, super delish looking 🙂

  14. Are we the same person?! I don’t like to get wasted-face anymore either. It’s not worth the bloated, guilty feeling I have the next day. I just feel like I’m undoing everything I’ve worked hard for. I’m 22 and it makes me feel like a granny.

  15. Why can’t hanging out with friends mean doing crazy fun physically active healthy things instead of binge drinking or eating? I want to wake up and be awesome instead of being bloated.

    1. this is how I feel too.
      Whenever I get together with friends and it’s an open ended plan, I always suggest something physical rather than “let’s meet at Cheesecake Factory”. Even if it’s something simple like a walk at the beach or hanging out at the park.

  16. You are so sweet to throw yourself out there and let people think through life’s crossroads with you. It’s great! Some people might make the mistake of assuming I have self control because I eat right and don’t get drunk. Truly, I’m just avoiding physical pain. Plus, I have never needed to be drunk to have fun. If I did, I’d be thinking hard about that. You definitely don’t strike me as someone who someone who needs alcohol to loosen up. You are a what-you-see-is-what-you get kinda gal, right?

  17. Just ordered the cinnamon cracked nut butter… and ‘cuz shipping is so expensive on one… added chocolate chip cookie to the order. Hopefully this will satisfy my guy’s sweet tooth! I’m SOOOO gonna make the cinnamon roll balls as soon as my order gets here! You’re GREAT advertising for these companies! 🙂
    BTW – I’m with ya on the drinking thing. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I could never get to the point of forgetting the stupid crap I did the night before. So, that stuff ended fast!

  18. This recipe has convinced me to order some of those nut butters you’ve been talkin about! And for the drinking thing, I think almost everyone who reads this blog is an active-ish person and can share the same sentiment about wanting to NOT waste the day being hungover. If I had a dollar for every time I said “I can’t have that shot, I have a long run in the morning.” then another dollar for every time I get made fun of for saying that- I’d be friggin rich.

  19. Gutted we can’t get hold of the nut butter in the UK. What do you think, almond butter and extra cinnamon as a sub?

  20. I don’t drink at all and am 27. Tried smoking and drinking when I was early teens and haven’t touched anything since I was 13. Why pollute your body any more than it already gets on a daily basis? I still go out with friends, have a girlfriend that drinks on occasion, but I personally do not drink, smoke, do any drugs of any sort and try to stay away from medicine all together.

    Also, I am trying this recipe for sure. Dang.

  21. I don’t drink anymore, and my bf is just a social drinker (a beer or two). After discovering an interest in fitness & paleo/clean eating two years ago, it just didn’t seem appealing anymore. Plus I get super asian lobster faced, heart palpitations and tightness in my chest — um, no bueno. My bf and I always comment on how glad we are to save the calories and the $$ too.

  22. Ok, you are slightly breaking my heart here….lol, I live in a small little town far far away from where they sell this delicious looking cracked nut butter and I can not bring myself to pay 23.79 total to have a 12oz jar shipped to me. Can I make any substitutions, and if so what? Thanks 🙂

  23. I’ve lost interest in drinking in the past few years. When I did the Whole30 I loved it because I could blame my not drinking on the 30 day challenge. My friends didn’t question it because they knew what I was doing but if it were me just not drinking on any other occasion they just don’t understand. I could take or leave alcohol. But mostly leave. I had the depression that comes after drinking. It sucks. Like sucks A LOT!

    Peer pressure is hard but it’s important to know that your friends won’t stop being your friend because of your lack of drinking and if they stop hanging out with you then it means they aren’t true friends. But I totally get the social pressure. It happens all the time.

    Best of luck to all of us nondrinkers!

  24. I am going through the same thing– and I am in my mid-40s. Every event seems to revolve around beer/wine/drinks/going out or even staying in. It doesn’t end in your 20s for most people, sometimes they just take a break. I’m at the stage where people either never had kids, or did and now they’re grown and they’re able to do what they want again… so look out second childhood! With my health issues I can’t process alcohol well, so one or two drinks once in a while is fine, but otherwise it’s all bloating and misery and not to mention getting WAY to loopy on way too little alcohol. And the lack of energy and feeling silly and down about it the next day– so not worth it. I’m working on my socializing sober skills right now.

  25. Omg I feel the same way about drinking. Every time I do I feel wicked depressed and regretful the next day. Because along with drinking comes binge eating crappy stuff which adds the the guilt.its hard because most social events involve alcohol and people are such dicks when you refuse a drink. Like what does it matter to you if I drink or not? Annoying

  26. I was just telling someone the other day how I can’t remember the last night I was at a bar at last call, and that I’m perfectly ok with that! 26 is such an awkward age…half of my friends are not only married and have a baby, but might even be working on #2 and I’m over here just chilling…definitely not working on any babies!!

  27. I normally go to your site for Paleo recipes and think you’re really funny. I never saw the serious side of you until today. My husband and I are going through the same thing. We don’t want to drink at all anymore, feel like we are wasting our lives, weekends away. Not that we are heavy drinkers, but once in a while, one of those crazy nights creep up. You’re not weird. I think we all go through that in life. Specially after going Paleo. I certainly feel the after effects of alcohol at a MUCH more intense level than I did before & I HATE IT! I hope we all reach that place of full & total peace of mind while we are here. I haven’t tried this recipe, but I will. BTW your recipes are awesome. I’ve tried many of them & made modifications to some that are just FAnTAstiC! Thanks for the postings & the ramblings!

  28. I feel ya, sister. Your rant of the day is my rant of the day. I wish vodka helped me lift heavier, but alas. Priorities priorities.
    I think I’m making your artichoke walnut chicken pesto stuff tonight, yay!

  29. Totally relate with all that…& I’m 46. Somehow the positives of drinking (everything is better/funnier & I’m more relaxed) seem to always outweigh the negatives (bad night’s sleep, feeling shitty the next day or two, bloating, set back in health etc). I’ve gone through phases of my life where I’ve not drank much or at all for different reasons. I’m in a phase now where I’m drinking too often, almost every night (though usually only 2-3 so I’m not so sick the next day). Also I take glutathione & vit c that night & I really think it’s helped my hangovers :).
    Love, love, love your blog, it’s like I could’ve written them myself, except I suck at writing..,

  30. well it takes time, but eventually you end up with like-minded friends. i’m (cough cough) turning 40 this year and my friends run the gamut from late 20s to early 40s. with almost all of them, we like to be active. do we drink? yes. but usually over dinner and after a hike/run/surf/SUP/cycle. and ya, we get drunk sometime but it’s rare. mainly cause we like to DO things on our time off.
    like i said, it took awhile to get all my peeps in my life. but certainly as you get older you just want to surround yourself with people that reflect either the lifestyle you have (and want to keep) or the one you want.

  31. On HGH…my 15 year old son has to take it because he doesn’t produce enough of it. He weighs 77 pounds and is a sophomore in high school. It’s very frustrating for him being little. It’s a shot that is given subcutaneously much like insulin. Just thought I’d throw that out there for y’all. 🙂

  32. It’s so nice to hear this from YOU and from all the people commenting… I feel so out of place in my age group (24 as well) by not drinking. But honestly it makes me feel like crap, and I love getting sleep and waking up refreshed. And not worrying about the stupid crap I may have done the night before. Plus, Juli, I hear ya with the depressant thing… depression + alcohol as a depressant = no fun the next day. You are awesome!

  33. I wish I liked dates. There are so many yummy sounding paleo recipes that use them, but I just hate the taste sooo much.

  34. I spent the last 10 years being everyone’s favorite binge drinker. Now I am having to re-invent myself because I want to be healthy, and also get really really depressed after, not to mention mean and nasty…. There is so much pressure to drink and so much entertainment revolves around it. But then when I am not drinking I am generally alone and that sucks too. Thirty, single and sober is even more lame. #NoWin

  35. I’m 30 now and I often will go to the bar to hang out, but just have water. I just tell my friends I’m not drinking and usually they are good with it. If not, I just tell them “I need your support on this” and then they usually shut up about it. I will from time to time get “Why aren’t you drinking? Aren’t you into having fun?” from randoms. I don’t understand that the only way to have fun is drinking? Oh well. It certainly is about the person questioning you, that they are not comfortable with their choice and maybe they shouldn’t be drinking, so they try to get you to drink so they don’t feel bad or think anything is wrong with them. Don’t sweat it and do you!

  36. Infinitely relatable post for most me thinks…Nodding in agreement with nearly every comment from your faithful flock of followers…especially Megan’s above…I find that if you decline the drink that will result in YOUR personal decline into a depressive bloated state…the entourage immediately imagines that you’re dieting and that you’re “no fun”…

    I need to tone down the drinking events as I find them to be personal excuses to move on to the salty no-no’s…water retention…nasty mood and mega-bloat the following DAYS….not worth it!

  37. My finace is a super heavy drinker and feels like death in the morning. I however, decided to go against it and not drink and I get some gnarly headaches from booze anyhow. I think I have an allergy to it, thats what I’m going to keep telling myself. Funny though, he posted on good ol’ FB how he feels like death and I wrote write back, “if you’re wondering… i just left to the gym and i feel GREAT!” Such a loving relationship. hahaha

  38. I’ve been on that same not drinking mindset. I really is great waking up at 7 or 8 without being exhausted with a head ache…wondering where my credit cards went and why I have a rubber chicken on the dresser.

    My recent way of dealing with being a boring responsible person is setting up little excursions for myself. I’m going kite boarding this weekend, which I’m PUMPED about…and sailing lessons in two weeks. If I’m learning or practicing something I don’t feel like I’ve wasted it as much…but I hear what your saying.

  39. One word: Brunch. First of all, brunch is the new dinner. All the kids are doing it. Second, you can totally get drunk off of mimosa’s or bloody mary’s. One’s a fruit and another’s a vegetable, so you don’t have to feel guilty. Fact. Third, if you don’t want to drink, you’re not a weirdo because it’s the morning/early afternoon for goodness sakes. You don’t need to drink in the morning. Fourth, if you do drink, the hangover happens that night, and unless you got REALLY drunk, it’s all over by the next day.

    Get your friends to do more brunches. It will fix everything.

  40. Like many other people who commented here, I too could have written this post… which makes me feel sort of boring, but it’s a fact- i just hate how i feel the next day after i drink. I think a lot of people ignore the fact that it’s a depressant and that.. well, post-college bodies don’t bounce back as well as during-college. 🙂 Sooooooooo, boring-ville it is! Or I’ll go out to parties/bars w friends and not drink, and then just leave early (bc you can only hang out w drunk people for so long before you want to punch everyone for being obnoxious).

  41. I love reading your recipes but I have developed a nut alergy (peanuts first, but now I get a reaction to all nuts).

    What can I subsitute?

    1. Sunbutter! (i.e. mushed up sunflower seeds, not a nut in sight). It’ll taste different, but the consistency is very similar to other nut butters.

  42. I feel the same way – about the parking officers, of course. What a sad job. I feel like that about the cleaners in my office too though, but I suppose at least they get to move around all day instead of staring at a computer screen for hours!

    My partner and I are both military, and the pressure to drink can be pretty extreme. I’m currently doing “Dry July”, which is a month off alcohol to raise money for cancer sufferers, and frankly I feel awesome (and have been charging people to drive them home, all in the name of charity, but I won’t deny it feels pretty good!). I know it will be hard to maintain after the month is up and my ‘excuse’ is gone, though.

    Food for thought, two guys I know (both in the Army) don’t drink, one because he never really has but the other one said to me “I don’t like who I am when I drink, so I don’t drink.” which I thought was a really sensible and defensible statement – who would force you to do something that makes you into someone you hate? Not a real friend, that’s for sure.

    Your blog is my favourite blog combining food and personality. My colleagues are big fans when I bake your treats, too 🙂

  43. Well, I’m 51 years old and ten years sober. Interesting reading all the posts, for certain! I’ve just begun this Paleo journey and OMG is my go to site. I have MS and struggle with the workout part – consistancy is a B*#ch. Especially because I used to do tri, bi and duo-athalons. I’m doing it for the leaky gut and overall health for immune. But, I simply love your spirit and energy, Juli. And your recipees and FAB. Thank you.

  44. got my cinnamon roll butter AND chocolate chip cookie dough butter. HELL YEAH!!! I could eat them straight out of the jar! But… am going to make the cinnamon balls. Now… got a fun recipe for the choc chip butter? 🙂

  45. Juli, I just made these and they are awesome! I added some chopped pecans to give it some crunch – a nice addition.
    Thanks for your creative recipes and your funny and thoughtful blog!

  46. Juli,

    I’m right there with you on the no drinking thing! What is this weird phase in our life where people aren’t quite ready to move on from the college years? (Ok, who doesn’t want to relive college from time to time?). If you find that balance then please let me know!

  47. Just saw this post, and I can’t agree more. I always feel so set apart from a lot of people because I don’t drink. I simply can’t handle the physical discomfort, anxiety, depression, and regret the next day. Even if I just have one drink, it leaves me feeling bloated and tired. Just not worth it to me, and the longer I go without having anything to drink, the less I am willing to dabble in it. I wish not drinking were more socially acceptable. I am sure most people think I refrain because I am always “training” for something, and that is true, but really it is because I just can’t handle it. The fact that so many people poison themselves on a regular basis puzzles me, and I have to remind myself that I used to do that too. I just… it is not good for you. I am a nurse as well so I see the more negative effects of drinking and where it takes people.

  48. Juli- WOW seeing this post could not have come at a more appropriate time for me, it’s a little freaky. Although I knew of this site before, I only started really delving into it yesterday. I too am 25 and have been partying hardcore for too long now, and am looking to take a break and make a positive change which I came to realize like a week ago. All my friends still want to go out all night, which is fine and I wish I could hang out and be social with them without being wasted and destroying my health/mental well-being, but for me it’s all or nothing and I’d prefer to focus on other things right now (looking forward to being back to getting healthy, enjoying cooking/learning about new paleo recipes hence me looking at your site). Anyway sorry for the long boring speech but I love this site and you seem like an awesome inspiring person, and wholly crap after reading all these recipes I’m hungry now at 1am lol no bueno! Can’t wait to try them out, keep up the good work!!

  49. Stumbled upon your blog and LOVE the recipes. Already planning to make several of them !!!

    I LOVE cinnamon rolls and have been searching for the perfect paleo recipe as I have so many food intolerances and allergies.

    Since I can’t use almond butter, I think I will try it with sunflower seed or pumpkin seed butter.. and just load up the cinnamon and coconut!

    BUT I also wanted to comment on your not drinking post. I just turned 25 and that was the last of it. I felt shitty/bloated/had allergic reactions after how much I drank, I made a huge whole in my wallet because of it and I couldn’t remember much of the night. At the end of the day, it was not worth it. I too am single, with most friends in relationships or still in the university party lifestyle and well I just can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore. I have been lucky that most of my friends are able to accept that and do still love to party with me, because I am able to go out and dance and get sweaty without drinking… and to be honest, I think I have a better time than most of my friends when I do. That’s because I love dancing though! And as someone earlier said… even if I do stay home or do things for me – it is definitely as they said, it’s because I am content.

    I think it is great to just do things for you, do whatever you are passionate about and makes you happy, even if it isn’t what the “crowd” is doing. Our own happiness is more important than anything! 🙂

  50. Well, I don’t have Cracked Nut Butter in Florida and couldn’t wait for an order to try these, so I used Sun Butter in this recipe. I rolled some into balls and left the rest in a container so I can grab a scoop whenever. 🙂 It is woooonderful!

  51. Juli-You are absolutely hilarious! And you make reading about recipes so fun! I am SO glad I found your website! I will certainly be making a lot of your receipes!

    Thank you!!!

  52. I’ve just recently discovered your site, and I’m really enjoying looking through your recipes for inspiration as I (slowly) convert to being as close to 100% paleo as possible. And I love that you blog about whatever comes to mind, not necessarily all about the recipe!

    So, I had a good laugh when I read this one, since I work in the parking office at a university. (Not writing tickets, just talking to people about them…) I think for most of the officers, writing a ticket is just a job — we regulate parking through the rules & regs (or laws, if municipal), and enforcing the rules just has to happen to keep order. On the other hand, we do sometimes get a *little* enjoyment when we catch egregious cheaters. You know, the people who will bend any rule they can get away with, or steal a parking permit in order to not have to spend their own $200 (per year) on parking.

    My two cents from a parking perspective!

  53. Your blog is awesome. I totally agree with the drinking thing. It’s freaking everywhere! I recently took a month off while I was doing a detox, but that ended last week. Last night I saw my girlfriends which involved a ton of wine. Today I have a headache and am super tired and pretty useless… ugh!

  54. Where can I buy the cinnamon roll cracked nut butter?? I really want to make these! They sound delish! Or does anyone know what’s in it so I can try to make a batch up myself?

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