Snack Attack: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

I love snacks.

I love cookie dough.

I love chocolate chips.

I love it all. So I put it all in one. With a little protein powder to boot.

Stomach bug went away! Hallelujah. Not working out and napping most of the day makes JB feel like one soft gummy bear. Ugh, don’t you hate when I talk to myself in the third person? I sure do. Anywho, I’m back to my normal schedule without feeling like a sick gummy bear. Thank goodness. Everyone I know is getting sick lately. Hell, I was sick 3 times this season. THREE. And the season isn’t even over!! I think I only got sick once last year, but this season, the bugs have got the best of me. What is that about?

Moving on. Remember the other day, when I told you I was going to Vegas soon and asked for some advice about what shows I should see and what restaurants are the best? Well, luckily I got a few comments. But I still need more. A lot of people told me about off the strip stuff, which I’m sure is amazing, but to be honest, I want to be a tourist. I’ve never been to Vegas, so I want to live it up. Thankfully, I’m not 21 anymore, so I’m not looking to drink myself into a blackout, all while doing it as cheap as possible. I’m willing to spend a little money. So lay it on me people. Give me more places to visit.

I think my biggest stressor about Vegas is what I’m going to wear. I don’t really dress 21 year old slutty anymore. Now please don’t take that offensively if you’re 21. I’m speaking from my own experience. When I weighed 26 pounds and could fit into skin tight dresses. Well, that’s not really my style anymore. And I have more curves to work with along with some confidence. So what’s a girl to wear? Comfy shoes, obviously. But if I’m wearing comfy shoes, what do I wear along with them? Time to go shopping!!! Which means online. Obviously. Presents arriving at your doorstep is always the best plan.

That was an entirely pointless blog post. Kbye.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

  • Yield: 3-4 1x




  1. In a bowl, mix together protein powder, coconut sugar, and coconut flour.
  2. Then add coconut butter, almond butter, almond milk, vanilla extract and a tiny bit of salt.
  3. Fold in chocolate chips.
  4. Use a cookie scoop to make 8-9 balls. Firmly roll them keep them from falling apart.
  5. Place in the refrigerator to set and store in the fridge.

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PaleOMG Snack Attack: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls


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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


156 thoughts on “Snack Attack: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls”

  1. I made cookie bites last night, too! Mine only involved almond butter, coconut, and cacao nibs so I needed to place them in the freezer to set.

    I have a wedding I’m attending this weekend, so I’m taking a gamble and renting a dress from “Rent the Runway”, that should arrive tomorrow. I’ve read that a lot of girls are using the site to rent dresses for Vegas and bachelorette parties, in case that’s an online site you want to look into. (I don’t have any affiliation with them, btw, just reporting what I’ve read and heard 🙂 )

      1. I’ve used that site too! It is great, I highly recommend it. Just don’t fall in love with what you rent 🙂

      2. There is actually a Rent the Runway STORE inside the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas now. It opened on Dec. 27. Just in case you didn’t want to do the website thing… Places to go (for free): The Cosmo because they have a HUGE 3-4 story chandelier that has a bar in each level, Bellagio Gardens, downtown if you like the hipster vibe. Also, Camp Rhino for an awesome workout that isn’t far from the Strip!

  2. Check out the “cut of the week” at Charlie Palmers in the Four Seasons. Unbelievable food and deal. $49 three course (more food than I could eat and I can eat a lot), plus it’s bottomless wine pairing. Their main entrees are usually $50+ alone, yet they do this cut of the week every week.

  3. I’m not sure if my comment went through the first time, so I’m posting again. I wanted to suggest Rent the Runway for your Vegas dress. Friends of mine have rented dresses from here for New Years, and I’m renting one from them for a wedding this weekend. That way a beautiful dress doesn’t get worn once or twice and doesn’t get hung in the closet for the rest of its life

  4. a) i need to make these asap!
    b) i heard of this gluten free place WILD LV from a friend that lives in vegas. not sure how far off the strip it is.
    check them out on facebook.

  5. there is no coconut butter where i live, would you be able to use ghee or grass fed butter to achieve the same thing?

  6. Just curious as to what coconut butter is. Is it the same as creamed coconut? Just coconut pulp ground into a paste.

  7. Last time I was in Vegas, my friend signed me up behind my back to jump from the top of the Stratosphere hotel. It’s not a bungee jump because the cord doesn’t make you bounce back, but rather an ~850 foot free-fall. After I murdered my friend and peed my pants with fear, I really enjoyed the view from the balcony where you jump (especially if you do it at night). It was a fun adrenaline rush, and a camera follows you all the way down and displays on every TV in the hotel, which is also hilarious. Just an idea for something besides the casinos!

  8. Juli – I have rented dresses through RTR probably a dozen times over the last year or so…weddings, rehearsal dinners, and especially NYE! The customer reviews/photos of the dresses are super helpful in deciding how the dress is going to fit, and it’s great that they allow for a back-up size and even an additional rental for $25! I have never been disappointed!! Happy renting 🙂

  9. How do you melt coconut butter? I tried it when I made your peppermint bark but it just softened and never melted. I used a double broiler; any advice?

    1. I tend to melt mine in the microwave because I’m lazy. adding a little bit of coconut oil to the butter sometimes will get it more runny

  10. While in Vegas you should go see a show! I have seen Zumanity a couple of times and I enjoy it (it is more sexual but there are some good laughs too). Any of the cirque de soleil shows are amazing. Britney Spears is there too…not sure if you are into her but I grew up with her so it would be entertaining to see her. Check out Serendipity for breakfast – their pancakes are awesome! Their is this pizza place in the Cosmopolitan, I think it is called Secret Pizza but you should definitely try the White Pizza. Okay, one more food place – but if you find yourself on the end of the strip (by the Wynn) check out Tacos El Gordo – their tacos are amazing! Some of the best street tacos I have ever had! Hope you have fun in Vegas!

  11. Janice Crombie Cross

    Re trip to Vegas – you have to go to the Hoover Dam – amazing – depending on how long you are away there are day trips to the Grand Canyon – Vegas was never on my bucket list but a few years ago I ended up there and loved it – didn’t get to half the things I wanted and I would go back in a heatbeat! Re shows – there is usually at least one Cirque du Soleil and they are all good! Enjoy! Clothes – layers – temp range throughout day is crazy! Sorry to sound like Mother – I just naturally revert to that role!

  12. Are you planning on going to Sunday Rehab at the Hard Rock? I know you are asking about places to eat but I think it is worth experience this pool party once while in Vegas. There is a live DJ and people dance and drink liter size drinks in and around the pool. I think they also have a place called the Pink Taco that you can eat at while there. Take picture if you go and have fun!

  13. Question…..I don’t know much about these chocolate chips, I see they get great reviews. I’m assuming they are paleo? Are they better than using a 70% or higher chocolate? I’d love a bit of info on them. Thanks!

    1. i don’t know if you can consider any chocolate totally paleo, but i like them because they are gluten, soy and dairy free. but if you can find a dark chocolate without weird additives, definitely use that! whatever you like best 🙂

  14. You sould see a Cirque du Soleil show. They are AMAZING. I saw “O” and Mystere in Vegas years ago and they were both awesome. I haven’t been to Vegas for a while but I’ve heard there are a lot more Cirque shows to choose from. I would bet any of them would be awesome.

    1. I just made them with dates instead of coconut sugar and they are bomb. I’m pretty sure you could just add flax or almond flour or any other ground up paleo thing in place of protein. But protein powder adds some vanilla, so you may want to add that back in…
      If anyone else is using raw vegitable protein–orange zest/juice fixes it right up and tastes fancy with the choc chips

  15. Do you count your daily sugar intake? If so how many grams do you have? Or how do you deal with no over dosing on sugar! I think sugar is my nemesis

    1. no i don’t. but i know that sugar definitely changes my body and messes with my hormones. so when i’m trying to be strict, i just try to not consume much. i don’t like to get too anal about it.

  16. I adore protein balls…but add in chocolate and I’m done! Yum. I am making these for my afternoon snack.

    I love Rent the Runway. A year ago I used them to snag a dress for my work holiday party. They allow you to order your dress and a second size for no cost to ensure you get something that works. Love this site!

  17. LOVE your naughty creations!!!!
    Rent the Runway is awesome! My mom works retail and tells girls to go there if they don’t want to drop some major duckets on a dress.
    You have to go to the Ice Bar in Manadlay Bay! The Thunder from Down under show, sit in the back and just watch all the old Bettie’s so bananas!!!! It’s hilarious.
    Margaritaville for cheap margaritas but they’re huge!
    I’d rock some sweet wedges, still hot…yet comfy! Bring ballet foldable flats in your bag just in case!

  18. I was in Vegas (on the strip) at a work conference in September. Check out the House of Blues Foundation room at the top of Mandalay Bay for pricey cocktails and amazing views of the strip!

    Had a delicious dinner at Sage and a more low-key but still good meal at China Poblano. I would definitely want to check out a cool pool bar scene if I was there not for work, very “Vegas” you know. Have fun!

  19. I have been OBSESSED with your blog since I started my paleo journey last April…just after a friend sent me your chicken enchilada stew recipe. It was so incredibly tastey I was sold on Paleo! I have since lost 12 pounds and feel immensely better!

    For this recipe, could you use any protein powder (i have vanilla pea protein on hand) or omit the powder all together? Thanks so much for all of your amazing recipes!

  20. Absinthe is a great Vegas show. It is in a tent outside the Ceaser’s I think. It is raunchy and hilarious. Plus they have great “cirque” type acts. Also, go to Holsteins Shakes and Buns at the Cosmopolitan. Amazing burgers and they will wrap them in lettuce so you don’t have to take off the bun. I think we ate there at least three times. 😉

  21. Susanna Barnwell

    OK here’s my take on Vegas! The last time I went to Vegas I was appalled at the way the majority of the girls were dressed out at the clubs… 2 inch skirts, 6 inch heels…. I even have a pic of a girl in one of those said skirts leaning up against a glass wall with no panties on… :-/ And at the end of the night those 6 inch heel wearing girls were running around with nasty dirty feet holding their shoes… don’t suffer- be comfy… and have fun!! So I wore cute/funky/totally me outfits like black capri cargo pants with a slinky black sparkly top and some cool platform wedges and felt fantastic being me…

    Enough about dressing… food-

    Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Paris is so freaking good- their mussels… OMG and you sop up the juice with their fantastic bread… I know… I said bread >:-)

    Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill is awesome- his corn and shrimp tamale appetizer is really tasty!!!

    STACK at The Mirage has really yummy starters… we ordered a bunch of them and shared them- they area served in unique ways…rock shrimp, crab and jalapeño tacos, adult tater tots, baked mac n cheese…

    Shows- I love Cirque Du Soliel!!! “O” is a MUST!!! and their Beatles show is insanely good!!! Those are the best 2 shows I have seen in Vegas hands down… I think The Beatles might be my fav!

    Go to Serendipity and have a hot chocolate sundae… dude… nom….

    Hope this helps!!!! There’s one more Asian place that I can’t think of, but when my girlfriend reminds me, I’ll add that restaurant, too!!!

  22. I got married in Vegas and it was my first time there as well. Stayed & got married at Mandalay Bay & LOVED it! Wear comfy shoes and I wore jeans, shorts, tank tops…nothing slutty. However if you go out at night, something a little more dressy works. Went to see Jabbawockeez and that was an amazing show! Def. go visit “Old Vegas” while you are there…you’ll need a taxi for that. Hard Rock is NOT on the strip so if you want to go there we took a taxi. Go see the waterfall at Belliago. Fashion Show Mall is down the other end of the strip (near Trump Hotel) and we went there and that was nice. They have a catwalk that comes up and they do fashion shows there too. You could always go see Mrs. Spears and her concert. HAHA. But beware, we had a time difference (i’m in NC) so the first few days we were exhausted since Vegas is 3 hours behind us so do make sure to get some rest. And make sure you have some money! The food is pretty pricey there and just don’t look at the people on the street handing out “those cards” because if you make eye contact, they are ALL over you! 🙂 And always, go take a photo at the “Welcome to Vegas” sign! It’s right down from Mandalay Bay.

  23. Quick question (and others can feel free to answer)…I’vhow often do you “cheat” and eat something non-paleo? Do you get sick and feel strange afterwards?

  24. A Cirque show is an absolute must. The last one we saw was “O” at Bellagio and it was awesome! While you’re there check out the atrium and the pool area. Be sure to walk through the Cosmopolitan and have your picture taken in the big red high heel shoe! The Wynn is worth a walk through too. As far as outfits go, be comfortable. You’ll do so much walking, it’s not worth it to be stylish but uncomfortable and in pain because you want to wear cute shoes. Trust me, nobody will notice, they are all in their own worlds. Of course this is coming from a 40 year old, so you might have a different opinion! Have fun!

  25. The shows make the trip. Zumanity is amazing and Blue Man Group is fabulous as well! (just don’t wear that awesome dress if your seats are up front).

    And you must… must… must have the experience of sitting at a blackjack table or standing at a craps table in a to-die-for dress with a cocktail in hand! Budget to lose a little so you can really enjoy the moment!

  26. Depending on who you’re going with, the Anthony Cools hypnosis show is pretty good – very adult oriented. I went on a friend’s bachelorette party a few years ago and was practically falling out of my chair laughing! If you want buffets, the top 2 are at The Wynn and Caesar’s. As for clothes, sometimes I’ll wear a dress, but faux leather leggings are also a hot option.

  27. These look super handy!

    But on a Vegas note, I totally support everyone who suggested Cirque du Soleil. Any of their shows would be super fun.

    Also, there is a Brazilian restuarant called Samba in the Mirage. Sooo good. It’s like Texas de Brazil where they walk around with hunks of meat and PLANTAINS!

  28. Hey there! So I saw someone else liked Zumanity. I second that, especially if you’re dressed sexy, it makes it more fun. Any of the Cirqe shows are fantastic and I’ve had a lot of friends who work for them in the past. They liked the Beatles show, but said it ends abruptly. Also KA, if it’s playing again, is a sight to be seen.

    Shoes? Girl. You’re from Colorado. Rock those boots, they’re comfy and I bet you have a few sexy pairs that you could rock with a dress or nice outfit. Sounds like you know that it will be chilly there in Feb. so you’ve got it in the bag.

  29. My Favorite Vegas Shows!

    For Music – Blue Man Group @ the Venetian
    For Circ de Solei – Beatles “Love” @ the Mirage
    For Magic – Penn & Teller @ the Rio

  30. These look perfect! Going to make them for dessert.

    Vegas- Eat at the Bellagio!!! The sushi place is super “see and be seen” but really pricey for not a lot of food… maybe meet a guy and they will buy 🙂

    The Buffet there is INSANE. Brunch buffet is heaven.

    Circo, Sensi and Olives are all $$$ but SO good and they usual have some cute men there too. I mean, if you care.

    Have fun! It’s a different wold but I love it.

  31. Someone may have already mentioned this, but I highly recommend CraftSteak at MGM. If you’re looking to gamble, definitely go for the craps tables. I learned to play on an app for my phone and ended up winning money. It seems overwhelming to learn, but it’s really fun.

  32. You MUST eat at Hash House A-Go-Go! They have a location in Orlando as well but Vegas is the original. OMG trust me…you will have plenty of food pics leaving this place and go VERY hungry

  33. Def see a Cirque show, I know the tickets seem pricey but it’s worth it. I’ve seen most and all are amazing. “Love” was awesome for the music/effects if you like the Beatles or your parents played it a lot growing up 🙂
    Someone mentioned Mon Amy Gabi and its great for a good meal thats not outrageous expensive. The Effel Tower is one of the best places I’ve at in years if you can swing it. Minus 5 ice bar is pretty cool too, it’s in Mandalay Bay or Mirage.
    Gamble a little! It’s fun. 21 is easy to learn and can be a blast.
    Go walk through the Bellagio, they have amazing art displays (and kick ass gelato). I wear wedges because they give you height but are pretty comfy to walk in, and slim pants/skinny jeans and sparkly tops for fun, and jewels!. Comfortable but fabulous!

  34. Ooooh. I love me some Vegas. Let’s make this easy to organize.

    – Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan
    – Bellagio Buffet
    – Happy Hour at RA Sushi Bar
    – The White Pizza from Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan (note: There’s no signs for it in the hotel, hence the namesake. Just find the Marquee Night Club, go up the escalator, and its in this dinky little hallway that has posters of music related things up.)
    – Five50 Pizza Bar at Aria. I haven’t been yet, but I heard it gives Secret Pizza a run for their money. The Farmstead and The Truffle is what I heard are the must haves.

    I know you like EDM, so these are the clubs you should check out. Check out the websites for each closer to when your trip is. They list what DJs will be there and on what dates.
    – The Light @ Mandalay Bay (best stage: with live Cirque performers).
    – Hakkasan @ MGM (brings in some the best DJs)
    – Marquee @ Cosmopolitan (My favorite club, you get a good overall mix of EDM and Hip Hop)
    Others worth noting:
    – XS @ Encore
    – Surrender @ Encore

    Also, if you need help in setting up bottle service, shows, gun shooting, or pretty much anything in general that you might want to do in Vegas, just shoot me an email and I’ll set you up with my contact out there that plans all that fun stuff.

  35. I’m not sure if all of these have been mentioned yet, but worth reiterating, anyway:
    -Jumping off the Stratosphere (prob don’t spring for the DVD of it, though, I’ve never actually watched mine & there are plenty on YouTube that you can pretend are you & save $50)
    -Sunday brunch buffet at the Bellagio (the line is super long, so bring snacks. And water for the hangover).
    -Any of the Cirque de Soleil shows (in only-related-because-it’s-also-a-show news, don’t waste your time with the MikeTyson one man show. Trust me).
    -Check out for super discounted club tours. I’m not a big clubber, so I couldn’t really care less about which ones I go to but the last couple times I’ve gone, we’ve gotten great deals on those VIP tours that include drinks on the bus and take you to 3 or so places over the night. No lines, no covers, and (in my experience, anyway) actual bottomless drinks on the bus.

    You’re gonna have a blast!

  36. Blue Man Group!!! Also just walking through all the hotels on the strip. They are amazing!! You could easily spend three days in any one of those hotels and not do the same thing twice. They all have many and different things to do and see.

  37. I don’t know you, but I think I know you. Know what I mean? Just trust me on this and check out Anthony Cool, a naughty hypnotist. I seriously had sore abs for days. My brother ended up being hypnotized and it was something I will never forget in all my life. So, so, so funny.

  38. I am so happy to have found your blog. I have now made 4 of your recipes in the last three days and have loved everyone of them. Have been posting pictures of the food on facebook and instagram, and have had a huge response. Do not worry, i have pointed everyone of them in your direction. Thank you again and continue posting great food. Your videos are pretty awesome as well!

  39. Fogo De Chao – Brazilian all you can eat bbq-ed meats, filet mignon wrapped in bacon? Yes please!

    Hash House A- Go-Go- just google the pictures! It’s in The Quad, was on Man V Food so good though!

    Carmine’s in the Venetian- THE BEST pizza 🙂

  40. These look delicious, I can’t wait to make them!! Also, I have to second the Mon Ami Gabi recommendation in the Paris hotel- they have a great gluten free menu and will bring hot gluten free bread to the table… Amazing! Also Canyon Ranch (I think it’s at the Venetian) has all sorts of yummy, healthy options!

  41. If you want to get away from the strip for something to do, head west out to Summerlin to Red Rock for some hiking. I don’t live there anymore, but when I first moved there, I was surprised at the natural beauty that could be found there. Definitely check out a show or two, Cirque shows are all good and La Reve, also Jersey Boys is phenomenal!
    Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion was a big favorite of ours, also Hash House a Go-Go is a must do. There was a small Indian restaurant called Mint Bistro that was another favorite and I thought it was gross, but there is a place called Hot and Juicy Crawfish, my husband loves that place, so if you like crawfish check that out. Oh yeah, and Firefly, it’s a tapas place on Paradise(I think) they have the best bacon wrapped dates and sangria!

  42. I love Vegas! My husband had to drag me there the first time, and now we’ve been 8 times! We are going next week, and it will be the first time since going paleo.

    In the past, our favorite buffets were Spice Market in Planet Hollywood by far, Bellagio and Wynn. We also like to get the 24 hour buffet pass, and time it so we can get two breakfasts, a lunch and a dinner. The Rio buffet is fantastic,too, but you do have to take a shuttle or taxi.

    As for shows, we like to see comedians. You can see a list of them on The Mirage usually has a great line up. Brad Garrett’s comedy club was great, I would recommend it if he is going to be there. He is hysterical, but not pc whatsoever. Vinne Favorito was fantastic, also not pc. He picked on people from the audience.

    Definitely dress comfy! One of my absolute favorite things to do is stand on the bridges at night and just watch the lights. You can spend a few days just walking through all of the hotels, they are all fabulous.

  43. I don’t know if I am too late as I don’t have time to look through all the comments right now. But I went to Vegas for my brothers wedding in August – we went to le Reve at the Wynn. Awesome show!!!!! You might say OMG that is expensive for tickets but after you see it you will understand why. They built the hotel around the underwater stage. Quite a production and don’t miss it!!

  44. you shut up right now and listen to me.

    bally’s casino/hotel. on the strip. tequila bar and grille inside bally’s.

    $2 tequila shots, beers, margaritas, and tacos all day.

    their tacos are really, really good.

    then there is a plate of nachos that is UNREAL. it’s called “El Jefe’s Nachos Grande.” the nacho plate is $18 (sometimes cheaper, depending on day and time) and it is HUGE. i was there with 5 other dudes, we ordered a few $2 tacos each, and a bunch of booze. that nacho plate was so big we couldn’t even eat half of it. and it is so delicious.

    the other place you should def eat is hash house a go-go. it is really damn good. and with your serious love of food, you’ll want to marry it.

  45. I made these today for my kids. They are 8 and 11 and just started running on a track team. My youngest is super picky and he loved them! I used two dates in place of the coconut sugar. Super YUMMY!!

  46. I’m surprised no one has said this but La Reve at the Wynn is an amazing show! It compares to the cirque shows with all the acrobatics and stuff, but both me and my husband really enjoyed the show. Also, The Blue Man Group is always great. I’ve seen the show in Chicago, Vegas, and when it came here to my home city. It’s a really fun time. I wish I had food suggestions but I honestly can’t think of any that stand out (I’ve been 3 times too, that’s pretty bad).

  47. I bought “Pure creamed coconut” a year ago, and haven’t used it! Could I just add some water to it and blend it in coconut butter?

  48. Ummm yes. Will be making these for the post-1st crossfit session ever (Crossfit Harlem). Very excited and foresee demolishing quite a bit of these.

    For Vegas, do a little research on the DJs who will be in town. Any big DJ like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Morgan Page (new residency at the Wynn actually) all have residency or play on any given night. If you’re in a group with girls you shouldn’t have that much of a problem getting in the clubs (obviously be prepared for high priced drinks, basically all the negative things that come along with big clubs). Hey, if nothing else my sister lives there and it seems like every one of her friends is a promoter. E-mail if you need a hookup. I’m sure you’re ready to get your dance on.

  49. These look great! But because of a severe nut allergy, I can not do the almond butter. What would you recommend as a substitute for that?
    My wife and I love this site! Keep the great recipes coming!

  50. When are you going to be in Vegas!!? I’m going February 7-10! These comments are very helpful for me as well. 🙂 That would be totally rad to run into you there seeing as I live in Wisconsin and would never meet you otherwise. Thanks for the recipe, looks yummy!

  51. Juli-

    I’m a Vegas native and I have some recommendations for you.

    Show- Michael Jackson One by Cirque Du Soleil. I’ve been wanting to see this show, everyone that has seen it raves about it and it’s set to MJ’s music so it has to be good.

    Food- Pick your favorite celebrity chef and go to their restaurant. You really can’t go wrong anywhere you eat. Check out this resource for info on exciting Vegas restaurants.

    Fun-After you’re done with the flash and the expense of the strip head to the Downtown casinos and Fremont street. Downtown is where the locals hang out besides the suburbs. East of Fremont street there’s a lot of cool bars . They have a nice roof patio and secret speakeasy room that sells prohibition era cocktails. Outdoor patio is nice. Just opened and has some interesting shops and small food joints. Vegas Mob museum, well done exhibits. Events and nightlife magazine.

    I hope I’ve been helpful and have FUN!

  52. Just went to Vegas for the first time this past July with a group of friends to celebrate my 40th. Pathetic I know and since I have only been once wasn’t going to say anything as I little to go on, but we saw Rock of Ages and LOVED it. (It could also be that we are old folks and we loved all the 80s rock, but it really was a killer show.)

    Can’t wait to try this recipe. I’m currently addicted to your chocolate coffee chia pudding…I keeping posting about it on instagram 🙂

  53. Love, love, LOVE the Peppermill/Fireside Lounge. It’s north on the strip, past the Venetian. So campy and old Vegas. Huge drinks the size of fishbowls, and lotsa locals! I also recommend Hash zhouse a Go-Go in the Quad. Those chicken and waffles…

  54. Lotus of Siam is in Vegas. It’s off the strip (way off) but considered one of the best Thai restaurants in the world. We always eat there no matter how long or short our trip is.

  55. VEGAS: one word comes to mind…buffets. And lots of them! I ate myself stupid when I was there (not a drinker) and my favorite was Cesar’s buffet. Tons of paleo options. As for dress in Vegas…after I ate my way through it all I could fit into were yoga pants or maxi dresses. Ugh. Fatty and I loved it! Enjoy

    your fan

  56. The Stratosphere used to have Bite, which isn’t there anymore (which blows, it was an awesome show) but now they have Pin Up, which looks amazing itself. I plan on making my husband take me there when we go to Vegas in June. Go be ridiculous and sit in on some weddings at one of the chapels! If you want to harass some bar staff and get harassed in return, Dick’s Last Resort at Excalibur is a good choice, but they are in no way Paleo.
    I’m going to make a huge batch of these balls this weekend, just because I can!

  57. Made these with my 5yo yesterday and he has eaten about 10 mini balls out of the freezer, gave some to a playmate today and then gave all of the rest to our neighbor up the street, to whom we delivered a mealtrain. Needless to say, I am making another batch as I type. Using mini choco chips this time as I think they will stay put better than the regular size. I also left out the coconut sugar, used a different vanilla protein powder and they were sweet enough. Thanks for a treat that I feel good about giving to my treat monster!

  58. If you’re tired of all the glitz and glamour, head to the Fremont Street Experience. Lots of fun bars in the Fremont East district on the other side of LV Blvd. I recommend dinner at Le Thai and don’t miss out on the Atomic. They also have a Denny’s with a full bar, if you’re into that…lol.

  59. I made these for my husband, who loves cookie dough. They were extra yummy. I did use a different protein powder and my blender apparently wont grind the coconut flakes into butter. 🙁 So i just added the ground coconut specks in. Turned out great! Is there any good reason why you use the protein suggested, over any other protein out there? I am in search for a good protein.

  60. I forgot to mention that you can buy half price tickets to a lot of shows the day of the show at the Tix for Tonight ticket booths. They open at 10. There is one near the M&M store, one between the MGM and Planet Hollywood, and another at the Flamingo, I believe. If you buy tickets for another show the next day and bring back your ticket stubs, you get even more of a discount.

  61. I’m with you on Vegas, girl. Do it up, but do it RIGHT. My last visit I ate my way through the town and hands down – Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse in Paris. Worth the money. Best brunch – Border Grill in MBay. Best show? Absinthe. Trust me. Go. Have fun!

  62. Yummmmmmmm! I decided to make these today, & quickly realized I was missing about half the ingredients. So, I used butter instead of coconut butter, regular white sugar instead of coconut sugar, sunflower seed butter instead of almond butter, & coconut flakes instead of chocolate chips. I also added a sprinkle of cinnamon to go for more of an oatmeal cookie type of flavor. And they are still awesome. So, I guess my rave review isn’t exactly for the recipe, but the ratios work for just about any combination of ingredients! Perfect. <3

  63. These are sooooo good. I used ghee/coconut oil mix in place of coconut butter. Also made it into a log shape and cut slices. So good, in fact, that I wanted to make oatmeal raisin too. Just subtracted the choco chips and used quick oats, raisins, cinnamon…and a little extra liquid. Can’t stop eating the “dough.”

  64. I dont know if anyone said it already but, I have heard that the blue man group is awesome, as well as any of the cirque de soloeil (sp!?!?!?) Also, go to the bellagio buffet for breakfast, it is amazing!!!! So many choices!!! Enjoy and have fun, Be sure to play roulette and craps too!!!

  65. Yum! Easy breezy. A great go-to-grab instead of a cookie or candy when you need something sweet with substance. *note, I could easily pound the whole batch in one sitting, and I’m pretty sure an entire cup of protein powder in snack form shouldn’t be what I’m striving for. 😉

  66. Another local here, I second all of Nidia’s suggestions -Mob museum is awesome!! If you go downtown there is a great brunch spot called eat across com the container park that is delicious.

    I have seen all the Cirque shows except for Mystere and the Criss Angel one, my fave is the new Michael Jackson one at Mandalay Bay. Light, the Cirque Bar opened there last year but I’m not the clubbing type so I’ve never been.

    Check out Camp Rhino for an awesome workout.
    Paleo eats – greens and proteins, the 215/eastern location isn’t super far from the strip if you have a car. Echo & Rig is on the west side of town, 215/Summerlin Parkway/Alta dr exit to tivoli village – grass fed beef including a ginormous tomahawk cut. There is a whole foods south of the strip off of Las Vegas blvd and town square outdoor mall if you are in need of that.

    Non paleo specific eats:
    We love taking people to Eat as I mentioned above, The Peppermill (great omelettes and bloody Mary’s – the fireside lounge is an experience in authentic Vegas kitsch) it is north end of the strip near the Riviera.
    Firefly is close to the strip and offers up some kick ass tapas.
    Cosmopolitan buffet is my fave- things come in cite little individual portions so there is none of that giant scoop of mystery being dished out, but instead little mini saucepans filled with bacon and brusslss sprouts.
    If you want the unintentionally worst service on the planet, go to Serindipity.
    I have heard great things about all of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants.
    John Bastianich’s restaurant at the Venetian is good and the little bar the public house across from it inside the Venetian had some great beer cocktails.

    If you leave the strip for anything touristy make it the loop at red rock canyon, or for cupcakes from retro bakery which is dangerously close to my house, and across the street practically from leticias cuciana which is beautiful and delicious authentic Mexican food made with super fresh ingredients – the prickly pear margaritas are delicious.

    Go up in the stratosphere at night, it lives up to the hype. NyNy roller coaster sent me to the chiro so I can’t endorse it.

    Besides Michael Jackson cirque show, I recently saw jersey boys which I was not sure I would like but it was funny and actually really good. Blue Man group, jabbawokeez and recycled percussion are also great.

    Abc store on the strip is great place to get bottled water at non-inflated prices

    I am pretty sure my tips make me sound sensibly 65 instead of 31 like I actually am, but have fun 🙂

  67. Definitely check out Freestyle Crossfit in downtown Las Vegas when you’re in town. We’re doing a 30-day paleo challenge this month, and we’ve all been using your recipes! 🙂

  68. FAKE LASHES are a must in Vegas 🙂 and lots of cheesy bling. I lived there (very shortly) and its pretty trashy so you can really wear anything as long as you have your lashes on, ha ha. Have a great time! and I recommend seeing Million Dollar Quartet, its a great musical and my friend, Felice Garcia, is in it. Her voice is incredible!

  69. These are absolutely AMAZING!! I have had to make multiple batches this week…being as how every time I turn around my boyfriend devours every last one of them!! This recipe is definitely a keeper!

  70. This is the most genius recipe I’ve come across in the paleo realm, and paleo people are pretty creative. My only problem is that I’ve already made two batches and can’t stop eating this divine cookie dough!

  71. oh sweet jesus. i cam home in a full on sleep deprived, PMS rage. I haven’t done crossfit in three weeks due to nursing school, and was pouring through my cabinets like a psycho crack head for some chocolate. lucky i found some chips and whipped these bad boys up. your recipes never fail me. another incredible recipe Juli! Thank you so much.

    as for vegas, if you walk around the nicer hotels during the day, club promoters will swarm your group of females and put you on lists. these lists include free drinks and the occasional creeper dude trying to grind on you (although, so much better than 800 creeper dudes on the dance floor).

  72. For Vegas try dune buggies out in the desert. There is a company that will come pick you up from your hotel. It’s crazy fun.

    Oh, and people don’t really mention this but gamble! Go play up some craps or blackjack. It’s almost like team gambling and can be a lot of fun! Plus free drinks. The hosts/other players will help with the rules and strategy, if needed.

    Have fun!

    Really enjoy your blog btw. 🙂

  73. Your blog was just recommended for food ideas from WLC, so I’ve had a lot of fun reading through your recipes and can’t wait to start cooking.

    For Vegas, you should absolutely go to Mon Ami Gabi. I went there twice and thought that their brunch was the best meal we had.

    A great show is Mystère at Treasure Island: truly fantastic. If you are looking for a cheap and filling eat, they have a small Vietnamese restaurant you can head to before the show that makes a pretty good pho soup.

    Enjoy Las Vegas!

  74. How do I describe my love for these yummy protein snacks that taste like naughty cookie dough? They’re wonderful and a satifying snack due to the protein

    Also, ordered Formulx at Juli’s recommendation and like the vanilla protein powder very much

  75. Just got back from Vegas Wednesday night, and wanted to give an update to my restaurant recommendations from a paleo pov.

    Caesar’s had by far the most exciting buffet, we went for Sunday brunch.. It is quite expensive, but worth it. If you choose to do the 24 hour buffet pass, they are included, but have a surcharge.

    We went to Caesars, Planet Hollywood’s Spice Market Buffet and the Rio buffet with our 24 hour pass, and decided we won’t do the 24 hour pass next time. Caesars was so good, that the others were a let down.

    The other places I can recommend are the Bellagio breakfast buffet and the Lux Grand Cafe inside the Venetian. The Bellagio started switching over to lunch at 10:30, so if you go around 10:15, you can get a huge variety. At the Grand Lux Cafe, they had gluten free clearly marked on their menu, and the staff was quite knowledgeable about the options. I had a fantastic burger there, and a Godiva chocolate cheesecake! (They are owned by the same people who own the Cheesecake Factory.)

    At Caesrs, we found a lady in the dessert area who is also gluten free, and she was able to let us know which desserts were okay.

    So, we stayed gluten free, but not 100% paleo due to a few gluten free desserts, and I came home 2 lbs lighter 🙂 I assume it was from all the walking and that we only ate 2 times most days, even though they were big meals.

    We went to see Vinnie Favorito at the Flamingo, he is hilarious, picks on the audience. He is not politically correct in the slightest, but manages to pick on every just the same so that it is funny.

    Have a great time!

  76. If you haven’t gone to Vegas yet you should see Absinthe .. Its a small cirque show outside of Caesar’s… Really funny and actually affordable unlike some of the other shows!

  77. Thanks for posting this recipe! I had some chia and flax laying around so I added a sprinkle of each to the mix with a splash of water. They taste amazing!

  78. Hi there – I made these last night and they are AMAZING! Do you mind if I post this recipe on my blog, with a link to your page, and a disclaimer that this is where I got it? Thanks!!

  79. I am so happy to find out that I can still eat my chocolate chip cookies in a healthy way!!! lol so I been in a detox for 21 days in the gym that I go, me and my husband are competing against each other and we are doing great so far. I been eating healthy no carbs and no sugars at all, but I still crave my cookies 🙁 (I’m known as cookie monster), but anyway I am so happy that one of my trainers told me to check this website! thanks for taking your time and posting this healthy ways of doing our favorites food.Im pretty sure that my husband is going to be so happy with this cookies since he likes his protein powders. I might become a Paleo follower now! God bless you !

  80. Subbed in a hemp protein powder for whey protein (hubby is lactose intolerant). Also pressed into a pan for bar form. Melted chocolate with a T of coconut oil and spread on top. Worked well for us (esp as a 4x batch. 2 weeks of protein bars for 2 ppl!!!!!!!!)

    Another spectacular recipe. This website has made our much dreaded transition to paleo very easy!!!!

  81. Do you record the.nutritional facts for your recipes? I’m trying to track as much as I can and have a hard time figuring out macros on foods made like this. Tryst me, its not gonna stop me from eating them, love all your recipes 🙂

  82. I just made these and they didn’t want to stay together squeezed really hard got them to stay but they are basically powder lol what did I do wrong

  83. Hi! I can’t wait to try these today, but the only ingredient i am missing is coconut sugar…would regular sugar be ok to use as a substitute? or you do you have any other suggestions?

  84. Jules,
    I am really loving your comment section/repeated question library almost as much as the food. You’re pictures of course are still the biggest draw for me. Just started working 2nd shift 3-11 so always eating on the go and a lot of your recipes are well suited for me. You going to be at the Cup in April with awesome snacks for those in need??

      1. H-Why the Cannabis Cup of course. Seems like the spot for Paleo snacking awareness.

        Side note, I just made your Cauliflower Rice in a white bean and chicken taco bowl with mashed avocado. Delicious, thanks!

  85. Go to Coyote Ugly and the Ice Bar! Coyote Ugly was by far the best place I dance/drank at (and we went to some of those fancy smancy clubs too, but always ended the night at Coyote Ugly). You can go in super dressed up (I went in a dress and heals) or super dressed down (shorts and flip flops). Take advantage of dancing on the bar!

    The Ice Bar is also fun! It’s a bar completely made of ice… For $40 (I think) they give you a parka, gloves, boots, and two drinks!

    Have fun!

  86. Hi!
    Can you cook these into actual cookies?
    New to all this and although these are probably a ‘cheat’, would love to know as many ways as possible to ‘cheat’ healthily…

  87. This sounds so yummy but have a little one at home that can’t eat tree nuts so almonds and coconuts are out. Any suggestions for substitutions that will still make it tasty and heathy?

  88. I made these with chocolate hemp protein powder, and hot damn. They’re delicious. Totally fulfills a sweets craving.

  89. I used Cellucor Cookies n cream whey protein and PB2 and these are incredibly good. Feels like such a treat. And I think I have an idea for a healthy cookie dough shake I can make using these! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  90. if you have never been to Vegas going to old Vegas is totally worth the trip.I’ve heard a lot of people say that old Vegas was a lame, but that’s always where I had the best time with my friends.itIt’s worth a trip just to see the sights. It’s also known as “The Fremont Street Experience”.

  91. I tried making this recipe and the proportions did not work at all. I used half vanilla protein powder (what I had left) and half hemp powder, but otherwise everything else was measured exactly. Had to add loads of almond butter and coconut butter to make it stick together. Ideas why this went wrong? Is hemp powder that much more dry? It tasted good when I finished still though!

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