Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Energy Balls (+Cooking Video!)

Last week was one of those weeks that didn’t feel like anything would go right. And I kept finding more and more things to get upset about. I was drowning in frustration. And my attitude just made things worse. It’s amazing what a negative attitude can do. At one point, I was cry-yelling at home, by myself, to no one. I had finally hit my tipping point.

Now looking back on it, getting that upset about simple stuff was so incredibly pointless. It was a waste of energy and a waste of cortisol. But at the moment, it was such a big deal. I called a reputable company (zero res – seriously don’t ever use them) for carpet cleaning and couch cleaning and the creepiest guy came out. Maybe he was creepy because I listen to so many murder podcasts so everyone is up to no good in my head, but he was pretty creepy…and I was home alone. Anyways, he first cleaned our couch which took about 2 hours then quickly cleaned our rug. When I walked in the room, I noticed that the tarp he put down was covering part of the rug…turns out, he never moved that tarp so he forgot to clean the dirtiest part of our rug. How do you forget to clean the one thing that you’re cleaning?

My anger truly engulfed me. It was so unattractive but I couldn’t rid myself from it even with a good workout, a good meal, and working my ass off to get my work done before I left for Vegas.

Then Vegas came along. Thank the lawd for Vegas last weekend. I swear, if you are thinking about going to Vegas anytime soon, make it one night. There is really no reason to go more than one night. I worked out in the am back home in Colorado, flew out in the afternoon with two of my friends, went to dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant Lotus of Siam, went to the club until 4am, got 4 hours of sleep, breakfast, then flew back home. And luckily, my phone didn’t really work when I was there, so I got away from work completely. But it was only 20 hours so it wasn’t a huge deal. And I came home feeling refreshed and not angry anymore. Until I saw the rug again.

But why none of this story is entertaining today and why none of it really matters is because I lost a friend suddenly this week and really none of this crap matters. Not the dirty rug, not the money lost, not my stupid minuscule frustrations. None of it. In this post I planned on talking about making better choices on Halloween and making treats for yourself so you aren’t tempted by the sh*t fake food available, but I just can’t comprehend putting on some sort of lecture when all I really want people to do is not sweat the small stuff and to be aware that we never know what others are going through. So be kind to others. When someone cuts you off on the highway, remember that they may be going through something. When someone is rude to you on the phone, remember that you don’t know what their day has looked like. There are plenty of assh*les out there, but there are also plenty of people who are just going through something that we just don’t understand. So today, just try to be kind to others. Compliment someone you don’t know, smile at someone on the street, pay for someone’s coffee in line. Just do something nice for someone that may be able to turn their day around. We live in a tough world and you never know when a small act of kindness could go a long way. So enjoy a Halloween treat, enjoy the people around you, and enjoy the little moments.

PaleOMG Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Energy Balls


Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Energy Balls

  • Yield: 15 energy balls 1x




  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor (except for the chocolate chips) and pulse until completely combine.
  2. Then fold in chocolate chips until combine. Place in fridge to firm up for about 30 minutes.
  3. Use a cookie scoop to scoop mixture then press mixture firmly in the cookie scoop. Remove then form ball with hands. Repeat until all mixture is gone, about 14-15 energy balls.
  4. Store in fridge until serving.

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PaleOMG Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Energy Balls

PaleOMG Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Energy Balls


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


43 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Energy Balls (+Cooking Video!)”

  1. This post is GREAT! I try so hard to just be kind, sometimes its a challenge but you truly never know whats happening in a persons life. I know I often come off “bitchy” when I’m sad or had a horrible day and I am actively trying not to do that. Also, as a nurse in a busy ER I’d like to remind people to be nice to your nursing staff. Yeah some nurses have bad attitudes and suck but most don’t. I know personally when you have to wait, I feel horrible and my apology is genuine. Usually your wait has nothing to do with me but I do feel bad. I know this is usually the worst day of someones life so I take the heat because they need to vent it somewhere but it become draining. I got into nursing to help people and make their lives a tad better when they feel their worse…..Sorry I went off on a tangent on your page

    Side note: I HATE that you get hate mail or hate social media. Its insane to me! You put out a post legit everyday and I love how you put your life out there.
    People it’s OK to eat paleo, workout and love fashion! If you don’t want to read about her awesome fashion sense on the website, look at one of the hundreds of post about food! I guess I’m in a ranty mood LOL

    I just wish everyone would be kid to everyone, think of how much better our days would be (cheesy, I know)
    Anyway thanks for all the great info!

    1. I just want to update that I missed where you said you lost a friend….Im so sorry for that, its horrible.Hope you are doing ok

  2. I have been going through something similar lately… everything seems to be going wrong and I just end up feeling constantly frustrated. A bit like Eeyore with my own personal rain cloud. Thanks for the reminder to not sweat the small stuff. =)

    This recipe looks amazing! I’ll be making this with my girls after work today.

  3. Oh My Goodness Juli I’m so so sorry. I have no words that could really make an impact here but thank you for the beautiful reminder to appreciate every second. It’s so easy to forget that, and thank you for using that painful moment to remind us all to be more grateful. You’re an absolute gem, girl. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Losing a person is never easy but losing someone suddenly can be even worse. My condolences to you. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and not sweat the small stuff.

  5. Sorry for your loss, truly I am. It sucks and when it happens to anybody it’s absolutely terrible. I try my best to be kind to others even when my life is in complete utter shambles. I try my best to be kind to others because I know what it feels like when it feels like you can’t catch a break. I try my best to be kind because I look at it as an opportunity to send some positive vibes their way so in the cyclical way of life those good vibes will shine on me in the future. Anyways, thanks for words of encouragement, sorry for your loss and thanks for the reminder not to sweat the small stuff.

  6. Dear Juli, I am such a fan and I’m heartbroken for your loss – life is just so mean sometimes. I hope you are surrounded by love and loved ones right now and that the friends and family of your friend are comforted by each other during this terrible time. Hugs from a fan.

  7. I’m sorry for your loss Julie. When my uncle passed away a couple of years ago it helped me put a lot of my personal problems into perspective. He was one of the few family members that I was close to and he was so young, it hit me much harder than any other losses I’ve had. At the time I was going through a break up and it made what I was going though seem so insignificant. I try to focus on what really matter in life, but sometimes you can’t help but get hung up on little things. It sucks.

    On a more positive note, I have been loving your podcast so far. You are hilarious. I’m always looking forward to the next episode!

  8. Julie…

    I have been reading your blog and following you on social media since early 2014, and I have never commented before – but I could not pass up dropping a note this time.

    So, so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad suddenly a year ago, and it is true – when you go through something like that, nothing in the world seems to matter. A tragedy really alters your perspective on life, and reminds you that sweating the small stuff is an incredible waste of time and energy.

    Listening to your podcast this week, I was reminded of what a real, positive, hilarious, inspiring person you are! Especially to young women. I am a few years younger than you I have looked up to you for several years! Thank you for inspiring me and being a role model on my journey to becoming a healthier, happier person by finding paleo and growing my self confidence.

    Keep being the awesome, wonderful person that you are!! <3

  9. So sorry to hear about your friend, Juli. But thank you for the reminder to not sweat the small stuff – I definitely needed to hear that today! xoxo

  10. Kirstin C (@ultrarunnergirl)

    Hugs Juli. I am so sorry you lost your friend.
    Also, you rock. Thanks for all you do. Eff the haters.

  11. Hi Juli,
    Big fan of you on all channels and across everything you do! I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You are so right…it really can be a challenging world we live in, which makes it so much more critical that we lift each other up. Thank you for everything you do and for sharing so much with all of us.

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I tend to sweat the small stuff more often than is healthy. Also thanks for posting an energy ball recipe that does not have oats in it! So many of them have oats and I cannot tolerate them – so very excited to try it out!

    Also, I have never been to Vegas. I may have to go now to blow off steam and since you say that my phone may not work…!

  13. So sorry for your loss, Julie. Right before reading this I was throwing myself a pity party because of a few (now completely insignificant) things gone wrong – and after reading your post I slapped myself out of woe is me mode and realized there is so much to be grateful for. When life is going a million miles a minute we often forget to enjoy the small things. After reading your post, I’ll be telling my loved ones what they mean to me! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  14. Hi Juli,
    I don’t ever write comments but I can’t help myself now after reading your post. I’m very sorry about your friend. Life sucks sometimes and the worst part is when we lose someone close to us. I am amazed at how you are still able to maintain a positive outlook, especially given all of the other things that have happened to you lately.

    I just thought I would let you know that you are amazing and inspirational and just an awesome person in general. Your blog is literally the only blog I read, and it’s always a part of my day that I look forward to. I love how you don’t ever claim to be perfect, and don’t preach like you have all the answers. You are human and vulnerable just like the rest of us, and the best part is how you are willing to share that with your followers. So THANK YOU for being exactly the way you are. You will be in my prayers 🙂

  15. Juli, so sorry to hear about your loss. There are few things to say to make this time better, so just know that you are in many people’s thoughts and prayers. The subject of your post, not worrying about the small things and doing kind things for others, is such a great one. It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things, so reminders like this post are great. Thanks for all you do!

  16. Can I substitute cashew for almond butter? Also, another question, would you recommend me buying an open surface donut pan or the donut “maker” machine? I don’t really want to buy both, but would like to make paleo donuts every once in a while. Thanks!

    1. you could, just make sure to not use a super runny almond butter. and i think a donut maker is way easier than the pan so that’s what i would recommend

  17. So sorry to hear about your friend. Thank you for the reminder to reflect on the here and now and cherish our days.

    On a separate note I saw that protein power the other day – there was a coco one as well. Do you use it much? Will is mix/ taste good with just water added?

  18. I’ m so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. The whole world seems to change when someone close to you passes away. Thanks for the reminder to cherish those close to us. I hope your pain eases with time.

    On a food note, I made these yesterday. They are wonderful. I am working hard to hold back and parcel them out. My daughter said that “they taste like Christmas.” So good! I used almond butter and chocolate protein powder because that is what I had. Amazing! I look forward to making the recipe as intended someday. Thanks so much!

  19. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend! It’s so tough losing people. I lost my husband 2 years ago and it’s amazing how differently I look at life now and how fragile it is. One day people are here and they next they could be gone without any warning. It puts into perspective what’s important.
    Being kind is so important, for others and for our own peace. Doing something nice for someone else is as much for them as it is for us and if more people did it more often, the world would be a better place.
    But… creepy guys in your house when you are alone are no fun!!
    I can’t wait to try these little tasty morsels. I think they will be perfect to keep in the fridge at work for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack! Thanks Juli!!

  20. So this has been one of my staple snack recipes!! I have to adjust cause I never have flax seed, dates or natural maple syrup in the house. I use honey instead of the maple syrup and leave the other 2 out. They still come out amazing and I can’t stop eating them, I have to restrain myself! I love every recipe I have tried of yours and love trying new ones!! Thanks Juli!!

  21. If I am going to make this recipe again, I need to invest in a better food processor. My food processor seized up- I think that my “batter” was too thick for it’s little motor. I added all my ingredients to a bowl one by one, folding them in as I went. Then, put the dates in the food processor to chop them up before adding them. It still turned out amazing, as do all your recipes.

  22. Hey Juli,

    Just subscribed to your podcast this week for my commute to school and you mentioned these… I immediately went to the store and bought ingredients and made them. SO effing delicious. Thanks for being so funny and getting me through my commute and making great recipes. Also, I am in love with your pup. He’s too dang cute!

  23. Just saw you made these for your SIL in your stories so of course I had to make them myself. Perfect fall inspired treat. However I sped through and realized I forgot to put in the chocolate chips after I already formed all the balls lol. They were fantastic even without the chocolate. Thank you Juli.

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