Elvis Cookies: “Peanut Butter” Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I honestly don’t really know the exact sandwich Elvis really loved, but I’m pretty sure it was these flavors. If it wasn’t, it should have been.

Moving on. Welp. That wasn’t exactly fun to watch last night. That’s really all I have to say about that since I don’t really like football anyways.

Sorry this isn’t a 5 ingredient recipe. It’s tough to move houses and cook at the same time. But I’ll get you one this week. Don’t worry buttercup.

But anyways, moving is done. If you didn’t hear me talk about it for the past month, you sure missed out. I’ll give you a recap, I don’t want you to feel in the dark. I found this apartment about a month ago and even though I didn’t need to move out of my house until May, I decided it was too perfect to say no to. So I hounded the landlord with emails and calls and got my deposit check in as soon as the bank opened. I didn’t give him the opportunity to say no. Well, since I got the place starting in February, I decided I shouldn’t waste more money not living in it. So I’ve moved from the Wash Park area of Denver to City Park. I like parks.

Moving is probably one of the least fun things. Ever. You always scrape some kind of furniture. You usually fall at least once (especially if you’re moving in the snow like I did). And you find out all the money you have to spend on refilling groceries, decorating the place, and figure out everything you’re missing since you don’t have roommates anymore. A plunger? Ah crap. Hi Home Depot. But in the end, it’s totally worth it. Especially if you have lovely friends who are selfless enough to help you move. You know those are good people because honestly, nobody actually likes helping with that.

So I’m living the uptown city life now. Lots more shouting and car noise, but I’m into it. Now I have a much larger kitchen so I actually enjoy being in it AND I have an office AND I have a huge balcony to take food pictures on. Pretty much, I got this new place so I could make better food and blogs for you. I’m so selfless.

That’s a total lie.


Elvis Cookies: “Peanut Butter” Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Yield: 12 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix together banana, sunflower seed butter, honey, egg and vanilla. Then add in cinnamon baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Mix well.
  3. Lastly, fold in the chocolate chips and cooked bacon.
  4. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the batter and on to the baking sheet. Place them about 2 inches apart because they will spread out just a bit. Yields about 12 cookies.
  5. Bake for 18-20 minutes.
  6. Let cool before removing from baking sheet.
  7. Eat up and feel like elvis.

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PaleOMG Elvis Cookies: "Peanut Butter" Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


89 thoughts on “Elvis Cookies: “Peanut Butter” Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies”

      1. These were so yummy! I ate the whole first batch straight out of the oven, I didn’t have sunflower seed butter so I used almond butter. Do you have the nutritional facts on these??

        1. It’s really easy to figure it out with sparkpeople.com. You enter in all the ingredients and the servings and it tells you the facts.

  1. Accident or not, I’m okay with bacon being listed twice in the ingredient list 🙂

    Yay for moving and helpful friends! Happy for you!

  2. Sorry about your Broncos 🙁 But hey, being done moving has to balance that out a little bit! We appreciate your selflessness.

    Oh man. Bacon and chocolate. These are going on the “to make” list.

  3. These cookies look amazing! I am allergic to nuts, so a recipe without almond flour is greatly appreciated. 🙂 I know this kind of defeats the whole “Elvis” component of the recipe, but I was wondering if you thought I could use something else in place of the bananas? (ie. pumpkin or squash puree or something) I am allergic to bananas, unfortunately. I will still make them “as is” for my kiddos, though. Thanks, Juli!

      1. Julie –

        To add-on to the question about substituting the pumpkin puree for the bananas – approx how much do you think you would add? I would be using canned pumpkin. Do you think 1 C would be a rough, good equivalent to 2, small mashed bananas? I want to make this recipe for my husband but he hates bananas and I can never trick him!

    1. Katie,

      Have you tried anything with cooked (baked) bananas? I too am allergic to bananas, but only raw bananas. I can eat banana bread with no ill effects or anything that has the bananas baked in.

  4. I love your ginormous vanilla bean cookies.. and these look like they have a similar base.. so I bet I would love these.. (duh there is bacon in them). Going to give these a try after my 21dsd! Enjoy your new place!

  5. “A plunger? Ah crap.” – Witty hilariousness 😀
    Especially funny b/c that’s one of the first things I had to buy the day I moved out on my own, thanks to my brother who was helping me move. Um, thanks?! Ah, brothers…

    Are these as good as they look?? I.e., amazing!?!

  6. Not sure where to write this but I followed a strict Paleo “diet” in January. This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to eat non-Paleo. Oh my goodness… the stomach aches, heartburn, and tummy troubles that followed! I never realized how bad grains/dairy are for our bodies until now. I look forward to continuing Paleo – for life! And of course making more of your awesome recipes!

  7. Just wanted to say congrats on the move!
    I’m a devoted follower – and love your humor, your blog and your recipes!
    Can’t wait to see what your new place inspires!

    PS> I’m eating burnt broccoli right now! Yum – I do mine a little different though, after it’s done I add raisins and cooked bacon. Sounds weird, but if you’ve never tried it, give it a whirl!

  8. Marie-Claude Dumas

    Great recipe! Can’t wait to try it out. Can I replace the sunflower seeds butter by almond butter?

    Thanks! 🙂

  9. I am for sure making these!!! But I think I will use almond butter instead of sunflower seed butter. I hope they turn out great!!

  10. Hi honey:) I’m new to your blog. You sound like such a sweetie. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. My Dad was a die hard Elvis FANATIC! According to him, Elvis loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches:) He also carried a picture of Elvis in his wallet until the day he died. He was such a crazy character!

    Looking forward to following your blog!

  11. I just have to say I love your writing style. It make me smile. I needed a smile today at work. 🙂
    I’m so making these later.

  12. I just moved from Wash Park the weekend before last myself, after two years… Congrats on more space and wayyy less $ per sqft (and especially for not caring about “the football”).

    Thanks for the recipe, I think I’m going to try adding some black cherries to the mix as well.


  13. so excited to try and make these… they seriously contain all of my favorite foods in one cookie!! just one question, with baking these paleo desserts I find that sometimes the cookies burn easily, and yours looked a little toasty on the bottom. were they difficult for you to cook to perfection, or do they burn easily??

    also, what would you suggest adding in if I wanted a slightly thicker consistency? would adding just a touch of almond flour really tweak the recipe?


  14. Would it be completely horrible if I used 1 cup of actual peanut butter? I love peanut butter a lot more than sunflower butter.

  15. Hi! I think this cookies look amazing, I´m definitely trying this! I really don’t like sunflower seeds or peanut butter, do you think it would be ok if I just use normal butter? or what do you suggest? Thanks!

  16. Yummy!! How do you keep them from turning green when you use the sunflower seed butter?? Whenever I cook with it my stuff turns green. Something about a reaction with the baking soda I think? But these look perfect!

    1. Yes it’s the reaction with the baking soda, but I’ve only once ever had that issue. These cookies never changed color. I have pretty good luck with that for some reason

    2. OMG mine started turning green, too! But only at the end of the batch. The first few cookie sheets were fine, but the stuff that was left in the bowl until the last round turned green, and produced green cookies! Maybe it’s just the speed with which you get them into the oven after you mix in the baking soda?

      Come to think of it, I noticed the edges of the bowl turning green first, so it probably is an oxidation thing.

      Speeeeeed cookies!!! 😛

  17. oh my this sounds great! think plantains would work and maybe tahin? as we don’t have sunflower butter

    didn’t watch much of the game, was not to impress haha

  18. OMG! they are absolutely delicious, I made them following the recipe exactly and, even when I don’t really like a lot sunflower butter, These cookies have an amazing taste, I am having a hard time waiting for them to cool, since I put them on molds hahaha, my husband and I already ate 3, but I’ll wait for the others so I can take a little picture, hahaha , thank you 🙂 great recipe and soo soo easy.

  19. I just read a comment above and I thought it was something I did for my batter to turn green. Learn something new everyday 🙂

    When I made these last night they were way runny and reminded me of a pancake/cookie hybrid! So I was thinking of maybe trying this batter out for pancakes? What do you think?

    They were still delicious btw and I totally ate 3 of them last night….

  20. These look delicious!! I’m going to try it ASAP! 🙂 Question- Do you need to roll and flatten the dough before placing in oven? When I make paleo cookies they usually don’t turn out too well, I was wondering if it was because I did/didn’t roll and flatten them. Thanks! I’ll leave a review when I make them 🙂

      1. I made these and all I can say is that they were AMAZING! One of the best paleo cookies that I have tried making!! Perfect taste, and texture! They spread out a lot, so they get HUGE in size! They are like the size of a face! Honestly tastes like peanut butter- but it isn’t! So good!

  21. I made these and love them! I used peanut butter(its what I had in the house) Make sure they cool off enough as they fall apart easy, but so good!

  22. Yo Juli! I made cookies with half the batter (SO good, especially the day after), and left the rest to be eating batter. But I think it oxidized because it turned DARK GREEN on the surface. Was that the banana’s doing? I can’t find any explanation on google. I tossed it, but wonder if it was actually safe to eat? The baked cookies, however, remained un-green. And delicious. Thoughts on the batter?

  23. Hi,
    I’m knew in your blog. These recipes look amazing and yummy!!! I will be following you from now on. Thank you so much for sharing with us these wonderful recipes. I will try these recipes here probably tomorrow.
    Thank you again and looking forward for more recipes.

  24. Awesome!! I love these cookies I added 2 TBS of sifted coconut flour and had to sub the honey for coconut sugar. Consistency is amazing. Thanks for sharing this recipe. My plan is to wedge some dark chocolate coconut bliss ice cream and make ice cream sandwiches.

  25. I’m sensitive to nuts and seeds and am just wondering if instead of buying commercial nut or seed butter…if I could make these cookies with raw/soaked sunflower seeds.. and would it be necessary to then roast the seeds?

  26. I’m new to your blog! Paleo for 3.5 weeks. Omg I made these for the opening ceremonies last night. The sunflower butter I had was omega 3 with flax seed. They were amazing!!!!!!the whole flax seed added a lil extra crunch. My fam loved!

  27. I made these today but without the bacon because they are for my kids and they aren’t into mixing flavors. Should I add more fat to the recipe because mine came out very fluffy and more like a muffin consistency. Thanks!

  28. Your cookies look so flat, shiny and moist!
    EVERY SINGLE TIME I make paleo cookies, they puff up and turn into bread. I follow the recipe exactly! What gives?

  29. thank you for tasty treat, I would never dare to mix bacon to the sweet. I have used the homemade sunflower butter, amazing. You made our day. I have already tried lot of your recipes and could not wait to go forward! you rock 🙂

  30. These are excellent. I made them without the bacon. They look greasy/shiny after they are made, which is funny and they are expensive (Sunbutter is not cheap), but overall I was impressed. Thanks!

  31. So I just made a version of these because we didn’t have honey, chocolate chips, or bacon. I subbed maple syrup for the honey and 2 tbsp cocoa powder for the chocolate aspect. And they are still SO amazing. I can’t wait until I get my hands on chocolate chips and bacon, because they’ll be even better. Thanks for an awesome recipe!!

  32. These were delicious!! I’ve never made cookies with bacon before, and although I did it for the benefit of the boyfriend, I actually think I kinda love bacon in cookies now. ;P

    My coworker nicknamed these “muffin tops”, because the batch I produced had that moist consistency of a perfectly soft, chewy muffin top, more so than a floury cookie. But I am totally fine with that! They were ridiculously delicious either way!

    Great flavor combo with the banana, nut butter, chocolate, and bacon! And I love that there’s actually no flour involved!

    Thanks for making Paleo baking easy and successful! 🙂

  33. didnt see any instructions to refrigerate and just checked your comments and saw to refigerate. do you think these are still okay if I left them out overnight in a Tupperware and just put them in the refrigerator this am? they were delicious! thanks!

  34. So, I made these over the weekend.. and in a rush, I accidentally picked up the mint extract instead of vanilla.. and its actually pretty good! .

  35. Fail on my part. I set the timer for 18 minutes and got busy, never checked my cookies, when the buzzer went off I had badly burned cookies, boo! I will say that these were so good that I scooped the middle out and ate them like that and they were excellent. I hate when I fail at a recipe with such expensive ingredients. Oh well, I will be making again but I will watch them like a hawk!

  36. I tried using almond instead of sunflower butter, but the consistency of my batter was so thin that I didn’t think cookies would work! So I improvised, added some raw cacao powder for added thickness, grabbed a 9X9 pan, and voilà, I had brownies!

    And they came out so well! Even my Paleo-skeptic friends thought so. Thanks!

  37. Ok, so these sound amazing! Must make. Note to self, buy copious amounts of bacon!
    Anyway, so my question is about your chocolate chips, enjoy life. I love and use them btw, mini chips make me happy. And I got this crazy deal on am*zon, like less than 4$ a bag good. Ok so these contain sugar and I thought that was a no no on the paleo diet, maybe I am wrong? I thought it could only be honey or maple syrup, or fruit.
    Either way no one wants to give up chocolate and these are pretty great. Just curious. 🙂 Love your site btw, I am fairly new to this, but I am trying to incorporate it into my diet. Thanks!

    1. if you can find soy free and dairy free chocolate and chop it into pieces, that would be best. the sugar content is a bit high but it’s nice to not have soy lecithin in chips

  38. So I tried this recipe and I may have messed up but my batter and cookies turned out green and awful… maybe I am would try a different kind of butter

  39. Not sure why but I could not taste the bacon flavor at all.
    I used almond butter instead maybe it over powered the bacon flavor. They were good but kind of a waste to,put in bacon if I can’t taste it.
    I have made a lot of your recipes so am thinking It might be the almond butter instead of the sunflower seed butter .

  40. These were very tasty, but likely because I used a mix of tahini and almond butter, my batter turned out very thin (even though I used only 1/2 cup of banana puree as noted in the comments section). There was no way I could make individual cookies, so it became a big cookie sheet which I cut up at the end! So, lesson is – make sure that whichever nut butter you use it’s a relatively firm one!

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