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I need to defend myself. I think some of the world may wonder why I wear scarves so much. And when I say world, I mean no one. But I feel it as my civic duty to defend my scarf wearing ways. You see, even though many studies may refute this statement, I still believe they are wrong: We lose the most heat from our necks. No, not our heads which is the common mistake, but our necks. You know what they say, the longer the neck, the colder the soul. So I wear a scarf as much as possible. I don’t want a cold soul.

I pretty much wear a scarf with every outfit. It’s cold outside but a jacket doesn’t really go with my outfit? Add a scarf.  It’s cold but not THAT cold? Wear a scarf. My outfit sucks and you want to be hip? Put on a scarf, you hipster! Yeah you. I’m not a freaking hipster.

Sorry that I’ve been a bit MIA this week. I’m working on a project in Pittsburgh and my last trip, which was 10 days, gave me 10 days back at home in Colorado before leaving for Pittsburgh once again for another 10 days. That being said, I haven’t had much time to cook, or eat, or workout, or blog or really do anything. But thankfully, I wear clothes every day so I have outfits for you! Let’s be real here, while I’m working in Pittsburgh, I have sweats on every single moment. All I’m doing is cooking and doing dishes so what’s the point in dressing up? Well, there is one point: to not feel like a complete slob every day. Sweats make you forget what real person life is like. And I don’t want to forget that when trapped inside for all hours of the day. Now let’s get to dressing up.

This was an outfit I wore on a Saturday night out to sushi. Sushi night is one of those nights that has to happen once a month. And since our favorite sushi place, Izakaya Den, is in our friend’s neighborhood, we always get together with them to celebrate eating a sh*t ton of food. And sake bombs. I bought these jeans over 2 years ago, when I was having such a hard time finding jeans while competing in CrossFit. I kept them super long so I could wear my highest of high heels in them, but I think they could still use a little altering. But I’ll probably never do that because I wear them less than once a year. But just FYI, if you’re looking for jeans for a more muscular leg or a bigger rear end, Citizens of Humanity jeans are awesome for that!


IMG_2257 IMG_2258

{ Beige and White Lace Top from Pink’s Boutique for $35 – similar one | Black Wool Vest from Pink’s Boutique for $45 – similar one that is to die and I have wish I had instead! | Citizens of Humanity Jeans for $168 | Turquoise earrings from Francesca’s for $15 – splurge / steal}

I don’t normally walk on train tracks, but when you have abandoned train tracks in the gorgeous Strip District of Pittsburgh with a crazy skyline behind you, you walk on them. B*tches be crazy on my instagram about how it’s illegal, but rules are for fools. Who am I kidding, I almost always follow the rules. Except when I jay-walk, or speed, or walk on abandoned train tracks. It feels so good to be bad.

So I’m in love with the Strip District in Pittsburgh. Seriously LOVE. It probably had to do with the gorgeous weather we had that day and the fact that I saw a celebrity at a market, but I still loved the short time we were there. When I was walking into the market, Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones (and other parts, obviously) was walking out. It wasn’t until 10 seconds later that I figured out who she was and totally geeked out. She was one of my favorite characters in Game of Thrones and legit cried when her character died (sorry for the spoiler if you’re watching that now – jokes on you). I wish I could have told her how great she was in that show. So since I couldn’t tell her the other day, I’ll tell her on here because everyone should see more positive things on the internet.

“ROSE LESLIE (that’s me screaming, chasing after her). Rose, I truly loved you in Game of Thrones. I miss your character. Thank you so much for bringing such an amazing character to life and keeping television exciting. AND for empowering women.”

I would then get really sweaty and uncomfortable because I just had a total freak out moment with a person I didn’t know. But man would I really hope that made her day even better. Positive feedback is so fun.



{ Grey Poncho now for $13 | Leather Leggings for $52 | Red Drop Earrings from Francesca’s – similar pairSole Society Maren Stacked Suede Bootie in tan for $90 | Scarf was a present from boyfriend so I’m not sure where it’s from – here is a cute one }

Last but not least, one more outfit in Pittsburgh. This was a casual and comfy outfit on a rainy day. After cooking all day, I asked Bill and Hayley to take a few pictures of me so I had one more outfit for the blog. Problem was, the rain was REALLY coming down. So I stood on their back porch while they took pictures from inside. Hayley finally came outside in Bill’s shoes and a short sleeve and got whipped in the face with rain to get a picture. Now those are some damn good friends.

This is my newest favorite sweater. I just recently shopped at Gap in their GapFit department and I seriously LOVE it. They have great workout clothes, sweatshirts and deals. This sweatshirt was on sale and could not be more comfortable. Get it now before it’s gone. I want to buy it in black, I love it so much!




Gap Terry Embossed Wave Sweatshirt on sale now for $30 (just FYI, I got a small in this because it runs a little big) | Grey Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans from Hailee Grace Boutique for $54 – similar pair | Leather Jacket from Francesca’s for $60 – similar one here and hereDolce Vita leopard flats from Nordstrom Rack for $40 | Infinity Scarf from Target last year – similar here and here }

AND PEOPLE, don’t forget about my Topo Athletic shoe giveaway going on right now on the blog! It will be gone soon so sign up before the chance is gone to win a sweet pair of these workout shoes!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


48 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. I adore these posts! Not only are you adorable in all of these but they are so helpful as I struggle with outfits and putting them together. Workout attire? No prob Bob. But otherwise, it’s hard to come up with ideas when I don’t shop much! Love the simplicity and style of your fashion, helps give me new ideas ever week 🙂 thank you!!!!

  2. I love, love your Fashion Friday posts!!! You have such a good sense of style : ) Also, i am incredibly excited to hear what your project work is, the pictures look AMAZING!!! Can you give us a little tiny hint, as to when it will be revealed?

  3. I appreciate that you aren’t afraid to print/color clash – it’s giving me some inspiration. Example: the pink earrings, knit scarf, and crochet top are things I’d never put together but it totally works!

    Also, I love it when you re-use pieces from your closet we’ve seen before – makes it feel more do-able in real time. I can’t afford to buy too much, but it’s all about combinations. Happy Friday!

  4. a bought a similar pair of the leopard shoes at lord&taylor under the Kensie line. Macy’s also selling them too.

    Love your outfits within a reasonable budget!

  5. I love your Fashion Fridays (and your workout posts). They are awesome additions to your blog! You look so fab in all of your outfits. I dig the inspriation!

  6. Love all the looks this week; so falley (not sure if that’s a word). I wish it would get cooler here in SD so I could start wearingy fall stuff too! BTW…love the red lipstick on you! I know you mentioned someone said it made you look pale, but I think you look great with that red pop! Happy Friday

  7. Those shoes specifically are DV by Dolce Vita Sambah in leopard print. has them in stock as well.

    I found a less expensive version at Target. While normally I would have purchased the DV’s…..due to finances right now, the Target ones are perfection.

  8. LOVE all these looks, especially the last one…I am all about scarves too…and since I don’t look good in hats, scarves are the way too go and I have quite the stash…Currently loving my Lululemon one, which you can wear in a bunch of different ways…Need to learn those ways. LOL

  9. The Strip District is pretty much amazing, so much delicious food- go to the Pittsburgh popcorn factory if you haven’t already. PS you have an amazing sense of style and your pictures are so model-esqe!!

  10. Ahhh, your Pittsburgh posts are making me miss home. That’s my hometown. Love the pics, and absolutely adore that white GAP sweatshirt! Getting one now 😛
    Hope you’re enjoying your time there!

  11. Another great Fashion Friday post! I love the casual, but cute look of the last one. I bought a pair of green earrings similar to the red ones you have from Target for one of my bridesmaids in my wedding this past June.

  12. This is (mildly) creepy, but wherever your home/apartment is in Denver…it’s the prettiest fall street ever. I want to live there! If I promise not to stalk you, could you give me a general idea?

  13. Love love your style. Your fashion friday posts are hurting my wallet LOL. By the way I found the gray poncho on for 12.99 and they have other colors 🙂 Also, Gap is giving 30% off so the sweatshirt is even cheaper than the sale price. Happy Shopping everyone!!!

  14. This was my favorite Fashion Friday post so far! All of these are perfect fall outfits and definitely right up my alley. Thanks for the post!

  15. Ugh I’ve been eying those booties! Still on the fence about them though. The photography for this post is amazing! Can’t wait for you to reveal your project 🙂

  16. Pittsburgh is my home, and these pictures are great! When you’re back in town, stop up to my section of the city (Mt. Washington) and have pictures taken at the lookouts. Best view in the world!

  17. Any chance of getting your man in on some Fashion Fridays? I don’t mind logging in to just see gorgeous fashionable you, but some man fashion inspiration would be great too. Keep up the great work and congratulations on all your success!! <3, your biggest fan in Alabama

  18. I love the rain outfit. It looks great and you inspire me to get in shape and cook healthy stuff after my baby girl arrives in the next two weeks. I just asked my Mom for the new cook book you have. Can’t wait!! I agree with your scarf thoughts as well. Want to be cool throw on a scarf!

  19. I loved this Fashion Friday post – mostly because you aren’t a freakin’ hipster. You’re a classic beauty – thanks so much for inspiring me to get the hell out of my Athleta stretch pants.

  20. I love your blue nail color. I can’t wait until I’m out of the military and can dye my hair whatever color I want, wear bright nail polish and carry a purse that isn’t black.

  21. I love these posts! You always give me inspiration and fun ways to pair items together! I also live your lipstick collection. You always look beautiful. Maybe you could include your color choices from time to time 🙂

  22. Juli, just to have more positive things on the internet, this is for you: you inspire me in so many ways: cooking, eating, fashion, workouts… You have a huge positive impact on my life! Keep up the great job you do! Can’t wait for your new project! 🙂

  23. Hey, Juli!
    I love these posts~ daily, I am inspired to put together fashionable outfits that make a statement. Weirdly, I think of you while getting dressed in the morning – but I’m sure you get what I mean by that LOL! Thanks for posting these- I feel like my inner girl is stepping out of her athletic comfort zone and to see that you buy affordable clothes is an even bigger plus! I love affordable clothing that looks amazing!
    Question, the leather leggings that you post here and the past weeks, are they warm? I feel like I find some that are as thin as summer workout pants. I would love your input on these. Have they served you well in the fall months and could you see yourself staying warm in the winter months in them? Thanks, Jul

    1. HA!! That’s freaking awesome! On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the warmest, the are about a 7-8. They are pretty warm for sure! These ones are great for fall and the leather leggings I posted a couple weeks back are perfect for winter!

  24. Juli, the pics in the rain are absolutely gorgeous. The first 2 look like they’d make a beautiful book cover. Or poster. Love that outfit so much. Those leopard shoes are always my fav on you. The train track outfit/pics are stunning too. Actually, this is my fav fashion friday you’ve done. I think light colors are great on you.

  25. I use the website for recipes, but it seems that there are less and less these days with more fashion-related posts. Is this turning into a fashion blog, or will there still be recipes posted?

    1. recipes will definitely still be posted! the last two months I have barely been home and i’ve been working on a project so i haven’t had time to even cook for myself. but i’m back home tomorrow and back to cooking regularly! lots of new holiday recipes coming soon!

      1. Juli that’s great to hear. I’ve been getting less paleo with my cooking due to laziness and need new inspiration – your recipes have been really tasty and I look forward to more.

  26. Jessica Sapington

    Soooo im going out to denver in jan, do you know of any AWESOME coffee joints or food joints i should hit up? There are peeps i could ask but i feel like your opinion is definitely one to be trusted. P.s. these outfits are adorbs!!

    1. for strict strict paleo, mmm…coffee in denver is a great coffee/bakery and blooming beets in boulder for an amazing paleo restaurants. my other favorite restaurants include: olive and finch, quiero arepas food truck, izakaya den for sushi, park burger, fruition, root down, linger, and cuba cuba!

  27. I love the recipes you share with us, your blog is hilarious and I love your fashion Fridays! I buy a lot of the clothes and shoes that you post. Thank you thank you!

  28. I needed that scarf peptalk. I have been feeling frumpy lately, and a scarf will def perk up the whole ensemble. And yo, amen to needing to dress up sometimes, and exit the sweats.

    PS Sushi night once a month is an awesome tradition, and should be broadcasted. Om nom nom

    Thanks for posting this even though you’re mega busy!

  29. Juli, you always look so happy and healthy. I’m sure you have the dark days like anyone else, but it’s so nice to see someone smiling so much and doing what they love. You are an inspiration.

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