Weekly Wokouts + Topo Athletic Shoe Giveaway!

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Happy Monday, you workout lovers, you! So get this: to reward you for loving working out and for finally looking at my Weekly Workouts post (I know you’re only here for the giveaway, you bastard), I’m going to reward one special person with a pair of Topo Athletic Shoes! If you haven’t seen these shoes yet, you need to. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like them. I’ve stuck with the same shoes for a long time and I’m quite comfortable with tying my own shoes. But these Topo Athletic Sante gym shoes are seriously fantastic. Super easy to tighten them (similar to snowboard boots), say to loosen them and they are wicked comfortable. They are a little wider in the toe area, which I find really comfortable and even better looking then skinny shoes. Skinny feet are weird looking.

Let’s do this!! This giveaway is for both men and women since Topo Athletic makes great shoes for everyone. AND the winner gets to choose what shoes they would like! So enter away! This giveaway is for US and Canada residents only. Sign up below! And while you’re at it, look how adorbs these ones are!


Sunday – Rest day! This was a day I planned on going to the gym, but after a night of Halloween party partying, I said no thank you. Alcohol ruins everything. It’s the worst.

Monday – Back on the wagon. I’ve been practicing my butterfly pull ups as much as possible and that’s exactly what I did this day. Since I had just been back for half a week at the gym, they were a little all over the place, but I managed to get a couple sets down pretty well! Hoping to have them down by the time I compete in a team competition this month. Gag.

Squat Clean & Split Jerk: 12 mins to find a heavy double. 20 sec between reps. I to to 120#

Front Squats: 6 x 4. All sets at 82% every 90 secs. – I used 95#

7 min AMRAP Of:

6 Power Cleans (185/135)

9 Burpees

12 Pull Ups

I got 4 rounds + 4 power cleans using 105#

Tuesday – I loved this workout. Any workout without squats in it is my jam. My jaaaaaam. Meaning I hate it less.

Snatch High Pulls with 2 sec Pause at Knee: 6 x 2. All at 80-90 % (8 mins)

Power Snatch: 6 x 2. With 10 sec Reset Between ( 12 mins) – I got to 105#


4 RFT OF: (12 min Time Cap)

10 HSPU or 3 Wall Walks

20 KB Swings (70/55)

40 Double Unders

I finished in 7:48 using a 45# KB

IMG_0977 IMG_0978

IMG_0964 IMG_0968

Wednesday – Yay! I can finally do some weighted pull ups! Not a ton of weight, but whatevs, I can still do it!

Strict Press : 3-3-3. Adding – I got to 85#

Then Push Press: 3-3-3. Adding – I got to 115#

In between every press set perform:

3 Weighted Pull Ups. Adding OR Max Effort Strict Pull Ups OR 7 x Bent Over DB Rows each side. Adding. (14 mins) – I used a 15# kettlebell to do my strict pull ups



12 min AMRAP OF:

200m Run

15 Box Overs (24/20)

15 Back Squats (135/95) – from floor

I got 4+100m at 85#


Thursday – This workout was holy hell uncomfortable.

EMOM For 9: 3 Power Clean & Push Jerks (225/155) or 75% of 1 rep max. – I used 115# and it was hell

For Total Ring Dips / Dips: (kipping or strict) – I did ring push ups because dips hurt my boobs. So do ring push ups. Boobs just aren’t suppose to do that sh*t.

60 sec work / 60 sec rest

45 sec work / 45 sec rest

30 sec work / 30 sec rest

15 sec work / 15 sec rest


21-15-9 Reps For Time Of:

Deadlift (255/175)

Hand release push ups

Toes to bar

I finished in 8:17 using 125# deadlift

Friday – I wasn’t going to take a rest day since I was leaving out of town soon, but then I did. And went to the dog park instead. That’s way more fun. I need small dog friends who want to play with Jackson because none of the big dogs want to.

Saturday – Talk about not wanting to do this workout. I woke up, saw this workout, and quickly regretted not working out on Friday. Shame. Because the sled push whooped my ass, especially since we only do them twice a year.

400m Sled Push With A Partner (empty)

Then on your own,

20 OHS (135/95)

400m Run

20 SDHP (135/95)

400m Run

20 Thrusters (135/95)

400m Run

20 Burpees

I finished in 19:23 using 65# for all of my lifts.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


76 thoughts on “Weekly Wokouts + Topo Athletic Shoe Giveaway!”

  1. You are such a beast! Those weighted pull ups look insane! And I wish I looked that cute when I worked out..

    Are you still using Simply Pure Nutrients for your supplements? I’ve been looking into cleaner powders for after my wods and I know you mentioned their stuff in a previous post.

  2. Wow, your lifts amaze me. How long have you been doing crossfit for?? I would kill to be able to use the weights you’re using. I’ve been doing it since last Feb, but took 2 months off in the summer

  3. You look insanely cut, and also – those pink & black leggings. I’d say I need them, but my workout clothing drawer barely closes.

  4. Love it and I’m totally going to try some weighted strict pull ups tonight! Those shoes r awesome and I could use more I’m in my nanos all day!

  5. I follow you on Pinterest and on Facebook. I don’t have Twitter. I have been wearing the same tennis shoes, which are not CrossFit shoes, for years. I would love a new pair!

  6. Great job! I see your gettibg stronger everyday keep it up girl! And i Just entered and im exited to see the result. Thanks for the chanve to win.

  7. I’ve been working on pull ups for foreevveeerrrr!!! How on Earth are you able to do them? I’m so incredibly jealous. Give me tips, please!


    I LOVE the shoes! and your blog, and your recipes, and your comments! PLEASE! pleeaaseeee! pretty pleeeaseee make me the winner:) pleaaseeeee!

  9. I just want to say thanks for posting your workouts in honesty! I always feel pressured to do workouts at Rx weight. Thanks for showing us that you can still be strong and pretty BA while doing less weight!! 🙂

  10. I sort of love those shoes, and sort of think they’re kitsch ugly at the same time.

    I totally want a pair of them now though.

    Congrats on the workouts this week. You always look so happy and fresh working out. I’m totally jealous.

  11. Those people that don’t like these posts are lame.. I LOVE them. I really do. I just get interested in other gyms + their programming! I’m doing a lifting cycle right now, but can’t wait to get back into normal WODs. Made the goal this week to work on my DUs more!

  12. Who doesn’t love cute workout shoes?! Sign me up 🙂 Love your blog. Made your pumpkin chicken coconut curry… got rave reviews from my restaurant-owning sister!

  13. Lichen rodriguez

    I love those shoes and love your blog! I have all kinds of foot pain and am always looking for a good pair of shoes to work out in! Make me a winner!!

  14. Pamela Ricciardi

    Love working out vicariously through you… I get inspired, but know my body can’t cash that check just yet!!! Perhaps, I would perform better in some new duds for my hoofs!

  15. I really like your sight, however I have problems exercising because I have physical disability with right knee and right hip and all of right arm .So doing most exercise and walking to get hart rate is a hard thing for me to achieve. I have lost 77 pounds in 1 year with using an air bike and eating the Palo way with some exceptions to keep my sugars level. But all in all everything is going good. I’m glad I found your sight to get more food ideas, because my menu has been getting a little boring. So thank you again.

  16. I am as athletic as a rock —–in my mid 60’s but would love some new shoes for walking. We just retired and plan to head to the senior center of winter, Quartzsite , Az so I really could use new shoes for my walking. You are just the cutest little soul, love reading your adventures and your recipes. Joan

  17. Those are some super cute shoes and would really help to keep up my motivation to keep on truckin’ and to keep on keeping on this paleo lifestyle. Down 51 lbs and counting! Love checking out your site for recipes, inspiration and humor!

  18. Why does EVERYTHING have to involve Facebook and Twitter? Much like ALCHOHOL, FACEBOOK ruins everything. So bummed that I follow your blog, follow you on Instagram and LOVE your style but can’t ever enter your giveaways. Oh well–guess I will have to buy my own shoes!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. i hate Facebook too, hence why i never ask you to follow my paleomg Facebook, but other companies want that. and there isn’t an option through rafflecopter to follow on instagram (which is dumb) so i’m sorry about that! Facebook is dumb like alcohol, 100% agree

  19. These shoes are totally adorbs!!!! Plus, totally digging on your clothes (teal shirt…) Where do you shop!!?! Awesomeness with the workout girl, way to go on the weighted pull-ups!!

  20. Love your blog so much! My first paleo blog ever and The Paleo kitchen was my first recipe book. Keep up the great work! Those shoes are pretty awesome too. Fingers crossed!

  21. I love your site! It’s a great combo of information, inspiration, and fun stuff. I’m super excited about the shoe/cookbook give away!

  22. Hi Juli! Those shoes look AWESOME!! I just finished my first month of Crossfit and have been loving it and have been looking to get some new kicks, so even if I’m not picked I still may invest in a pair!! (I couldn’t like them on Twitter since I’m not on Twitter, but still liked them on FB!) Thank you also for amazing, simple recipes–I’ve been paleo for one year now and you have been a major influence from my first day. Love your site–keep up the good work!


  23. Random thought.. Wondering if you plan to or have thought about including what you are eating on your workout days? I feel like that is a huge challenge with most people – not knowing how to properly fuel their bodies before workouts and after. (Maybe you already have said something about it and decided it is a pain in the ass) I haven’t checked your blog out in a while – these workout posts (and fashion Fridays!) and even your transformation is incredible. Even though you are beautiful no matter what – feeling that way is what matters. I am glad I got back on the JB bandwagon 🙂 Always a good read.

  24. Got my first HSPU today with a kip… So stocked! I can do strict PU as well but the weighted PU is a whole another level of coolness!!! Gotta try that tomorrow!!!

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