Favorite Things Right Now – Episode 58: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Chatting all about my favorite things right now, from skincare to makeup to food to cleaning products!!

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Episode 58 Transcription!

1. Favorite things: Products [27:35]
2. Favorite things: Food [30:47]
3. Favorite things: Clothes [37:10]
4. Favorite things: Beauty [40:31]
5. Favorite things: Miscellaneous [47:16]
6. Not so favorite things [50:20]

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Well hello, lovah. How are you? I’m sitting over here on the couch right now, with the little puppy dog that I just walked. Because it’s actually nice today, and the sun is shining. And it’s not freezing AF. And, I still, I don’t now look like a total freak. Let me explain why.

So, I did this treatment called ProFractional. Let me get comfortable. I did this treatment called ProFractional. I’ve talked about it on my blog before, because I’ve done it once before. And I finally did it again. So, it’s this laser. It is an intense f*cking laser, and it gets down deep in the skin. Your skin builds new collagen. So not only does it help with fine lines and wrinkles, but it helps with acne scars, ice pick scars, or just any scars in general. So you’re pretty much building a new layer of skin.

So to build a new layer, you’ve got to take that f*cking layer off. And that’s what they do with this laser. It is very intensive {laughs}. So this time around, I took some drugs beforehand. And I got a nerve block. And no, they’re not like; I’m not doing cocaine or something. But some pain drugs. And I got a nerve block in my face. And I numbed my face beforehand. And still it is so painful!

My esthetician, she told me that someone who listens to the podcast or reads the blog. Someone told her that microblading; so eyebrow tattoo, is much more painful. And I’ve done both, and that is a f*cking lie. That is a straight up lie. ProFractional is so painful. And it makes me feel like such a p*ssy. I feel like such a little b*tch! It hurts so f*cking much, and I hate it. And it’s awful.

And the first night is miserable. Because your face is bleeding. You can smell the skin burning. It bleeds. You have an open wound of a face. And I’m going to post these pictures. I posted pictures on Instagram, on my Instagram stories. But I was going to do a blog post about it once it’s all healed with day by day photos of how it looks as it heals. But it is awful.

The only reason I’m doing it is because I know it’s totally worth it. We do a lot of sh*t that is miserable. Like eat healthy all the time. Who wants to eat f*cking healthy when there’s Twinkies and donuts and mac and cheese available? Let’s be real. I don’t want to f*cking do it, but I still do it. Do I want to workout every day? No. But I still do it. Because I know it’s good for me. Same thing with this miserable treatment.

And, I really don’t want my acne scars to, I don’t know what word I’m trying to say. But I don’t want my acne scars to be there. So trying to start young, erase these cystic acne scars that continue to get deeper as I get older. And my face isn’t as dewy and glowy and chubby as it was. You know when your face is, not like chubby, but you have that bounce back full face. Now it’s kind of getting to the old looking face. So I am taking a step in the right direction, by taking all my skin off.

So the last three days; I’m recording this podcast on Friday, and I got it done on Tuesday afternoon. So I hid out in my house. Sorry I keep yawning. You know; you know the drill, when I’m f*cking by myself. Dammit. But I’ve been hiding out by myself. Luckily my husband wasn’t home on the bloodiest day; on Tuesday. Luckily. But then he’s gone through this process before, so he knows how it goes. And that night is very painful, because you’re like an open wound. You’re still bleeding.

But I didn’t leave the house on Wednesday. And then Thursday, I had to go to the grocery store. Still looked like a complete freak. But you know, Natural Grocers. Whatever. They’re super granola-y there. Love that store. So yeah, it has been an interesting few days. It’s Friday. I just finally left the house. I was able to put on some makeup, but your face looks like a slab of sandpaper. And that’s how it feels. It just feels like sandpaper. It’s really rigid. It’s like all these little dots all over your face where the laser went over. It’s f*cked up man. But beauty is pain, right? That’s what they say. And I believe them. I believe them.

So it feels so good to finally get out of the house. My husband was out of town. I missed him. We haven’t really had some great quality time with each other lately, so we’re going out on a date night this coming weekend. I love that guy. He’s just the best. He thinks I’m f*cking crazy for these facial appointments, but he’s the best still. I think he’s crazy how much he’s spending on golf, but I support him. You know? We’re living that DINK life. That dual income, no kids life. So, he can buy whatever clubs he wants to buy.

He’s just dedicated to this sport that he decided he’s in love with in the past three months. He loves it. He’s planning a boy’s trip to Scottsdale to go gloving in the winter. Since, you know, Colorado is the worst in the winter. And it snows. And it’s the pits. So he’s doing a golf trip there. A-dorable. It’s like 12 dudes or something. I can’t think of 12 girls I would want to hang out with on one trip. Or dudes. Or just human beings. That’s a lot of people.

So, I didn’t want to start recording this podcast. Because I have a new show that I’m really into, thanks to the guys of Mind Pump. They turned me onto this show called Big Mouth on Netflix. And if you’re offended easily, and you don’t like funny things, you probably won’t like this. And you probably; I don’t know why you’re listening to me. But this TV show is kind of like Family Guy. But it’s talking about puberty.

So it’s these cartoons going through puberty and all the awful things that are tied into puberty. So, guys jerking off 47 times a day, like into socks. And girls getting their period, and becoming 100% psychos. It is the best, because it was me 100% hands down. Puberty is the worst.

When people wonder why I’m not interested in having kids; it’s like, were you present in your own puberty? Because I was there. And there is no f*cking way I want to raise a human that was like me. Kicking the door, screaming, getting into mischief that I can’t talk about on this podcast, because my parents might listen to it. Doing dirty stuff. Eww! No. Puberty is disgusting. And you have to raise a child and watch them go through that.

What is that… do you remember that; oh my god, I f*cking love that part. On Bridesmaids, when the blonde is talking about her sons, and how they’re going through puberty. And how they’re breaking; she can break a sock in half? {laughs} Oh my god {laughing}. Oh my god, that part is so funny. But for real, that is puberty.

So if you get stuck with a female, your life is a living hell. And then if you get stuck with a boy, you’re living in a sock hell. You have to buy new socks all the time. And new bedsheets. Ugh. I can’t. Puberty is so gross!

I even had a mom today at the gym, this mom has 3 children. And she loves being a mom. And we were talking about wrinkles, because she was asking about my face appointment, and what it was for, and what it did. And I was like, you know, once you have kids, your hormones are changed so it messes with your skin even more. And she was like; yeah, and the stress of being unhappy. It’s like, from day 1 to 18 years old. That will do it too. I was like, oh my god! This woman who loves having children, she just said how every day is the worst day. I love her. She’s just honest. And she has three children she loves. But wait till those three children go through their period. Eww. Pants are going to be ruined everywhere. Toilets are going to be clogged. It’s going to be anarchy! Name that movie. Breakfast Club, duh!

So anyway. You should totally watch this Netflix original. It is hilarious. So thank you, to the guys at Mind Pump. I’m actually; oh my god. I’m so sorry I’m yawning. Please don’t give me a bad iTunes review. It’s Jackson’s fault. Jackson is my dog. I don’t know how I can blame him on anything. But he’s sleeping, he doesn’t know I’m blaming him.

So I am actually going out to San Jose where the guys of Mind Pump, if you haven’t listened to that podcast, go to MindPumpMedia.com. You can check them out. They’re awesome guys. And I had Sal Distefano, who is one of the main guys. I think there’s three, and Sal was on my podcast, in case you missed that episode. I think it was 56, and this is 58. And he is so intelligent. So fun to talk to. So they invited me out to San Jose to their studio, because they have a full-on studio where they record. Not their couch full of dog hair with their dog on top of them. Just a little bit more profesh. Just a tad. And they invited me out there.

So I just go there for a quick trip. I literally leave one morning, and I come home the next night. So I have dinner with these guys, and then I record the next morning with them, and then I hop back on a plane. So I’m so pumped to chat with them, and actually meet them in person. And I’ll keep you updated when that podcast comes out. But if you just like listening to people randomly talk, but talk about really cool stuff and have some great information, they are fun. And the come out with like 5 podcasts a week. Bananas! Straight up bananas. I just don’t have enough to talk about. Well, obviously, by myself and with my dog. So, yeah.

But in general, I find myself, as I age, the less I want to talk to other human beings. Because I’m like; I’ve done this. I’ve been here before. I know how it’s going to go down, and it’s not going to be fun. So I’d rather just go home. I know; I’m such a b*tch. But I do like the people that I like. It’s just few and far between.

What else is going on in the world? I have this little long going on, this little cough going on because I didn’t work out Sunday, Monday, and then Wednesday, Thursday. And then I just went back to a CrossFit workout and did an Airdyne, the bike. That son of a b*tch. I hate my yawns so much. Not only do I hate my voice, but hearing my yawn; this is why I can’t listen back to my podcast. So if there’s ever random music in my podcast, you know it’s because I didn’t listen back to it. Because I can’t stand my voice, and I can’t stand my yawns. No. I can’t do it.

So, another huge thing that has happened that I’m so, so excited about. As I lose my voice completely. So, ok. Get this. I teamed up with this company; oh I kind of sound sexy right now. This is like Phoebe in Friends when she loses her voice. That’s how I feel right now.

So I teamed up with this company called Four Athletics. So if you listen to the Girls Gone WOD podcast, you’ve probably already heard of this amazing activewear. Because they’re the ones who introduced me to it. They did a collaboration with Four Athletics to come out with their own leggings, and I tried them and I’m like; oh my god! These are f*cking awesome leggings. Because I’m very particular about mine. So I was very surprised when a smaller company that I didn’t really know about was actually coming out with great quality.

So we started talking about doing a collaboration together! Held that one down. And the; oh my god, I forgot. No, never mind. I was about to go on a b*tchy tangent, but I didn’t. {laughs} So, I teamed up with Four Athletics, and I was able to create my own leggings. So I wanted to go similar to the wonder under high rise 7/8 length. Those are my favorite Lululemon tights, and I wanted them to be similar to that. Because those are always my go-to staples. I knew I wanted them to be blue, and I wanted this night tide color. That’s what the blue color I chose is called. And then I wanted there to be some sort of floral design. So I wanted this feminine touch to it.

I feel like when you put floral all over, it just kind of makes your ass look huge. Especially to women who have a bigger butt; it just really stretches and looks funky. So I wanted to keep the floral pattern down towards the bottom. And I wanted just these light, feminine colors into it.

So we did a bunch of sketches; or they did a bunch of sketches. The designer did. And went back and forth, changing; oh actually I want this flower to be this color, and I want this flower instead of this flower. And came up with the design. They shipped out the leggings. I got them, I love them. I made a couple of changes. Because what is so cool about Four Athletics, is they are a crowd funded company. So that means, they’re made in the US, and they only produce what is ordered. So if you order a legging, they print a legging. So instead of buying all of this material, and then some never gets used up, they’re only purchasing what is ordered. So it really frees up waste.

What’s cool about that is they take out the middle man. So they actually cut the price down way more. These leggings are originally $120; and they’re marked down to $68. So it’s super cool. And they do these campaigns where it’s time constricted. So these leggings won’t be available forever. So they’re only available until November 22nd, and then will probably never print this same legging again. So THIS will be the only time you can get these first PaleOMG leggings!

So I’m running a giveaway on my website right now, and then I’ll be doing a giveaway on my Instagram, as well. And I know some of my girlfriends are doing giveaways that I’ll definitely point out. My girlfriends from Girls Gone WOD, they did one. I know Cassy from www.FedandFit.com is going to do one. And so some of my lovely little people are helping me spread the word.

These leggings; they’re above the belly button. They come high waisted. They’re not see-through. They don’t show sweat. They don’t give you a camel toe. Camel toe and sweat showing through seem to be the big two things women freak the f*ck out about. But it’s like; hey, if you want to pull those pants up and your vagina wants to say hello to the world, you rock it. But these leggings don’t do that. You can see my photos online. I did not have that issue. I also didn’t have an issue with sweat showing through. So, keep that in mind when you’re deciding if you want to purchase these.

And what’s cool about this campaign is it ends on November 22nd, but if you get in your order by November 22nd, you will get these in time for the holidays. So Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, you will get that before Christmas. So if you want to purchase this for a friend, or your lover. Your partner in crime. Your dog. I don’t know; you have a cat? You’re a cat person? That’s totes cool, ok. Your cat can wear these. I support it. Send me a picture, please.

So yeah. These leggings launched, and I love them, and I’m so excited. And talking to them already about creating new ones in the future. And just being able to create more of a line. So I’m so excited! I was so nervous. It’s very hard to decide what your first pair is going to be. And nail it down to one thing. So next one we might be able to pick a few different designs, which will be really cool. So I can’t wait! I’m so excited.

If you want to check these out, you can just go to www.PaleOMG.com and you can get it there. Or you can go to FourAthletics.com, and it’s in their workshop. So if you just do /products/PaleOMG you can find it. But it’s right on their main site, as soon as you go on there. You’ll find the PaleOMG leggings. And, if you want to get these, you can get them for 10% off with the promo code PaleOMG. FourAthletics.com. if you miss any of this, I’ll have a link in this podcast notes. And you can always go to www.PaleOMG.com because I have all the information there. Totes cool? Totes cool.

Something else that is very exciting that I was working on. Why I had to skip the gym on Monday, Sunday and Monday, was because I am filming some cooking videos. So I’m trying to expand the blog a little bit more and give you guys some videos to look at these recipes. And I’m going to start filming cooking videos every month. And so this first time around, just to get used to this crew and filming these videos for the first time, I filmed 6 cooking videos, and I did 5 old recipes along with one new one that will be coming out in December.

But to make sure these days go really smooth and easy and quickly, and so we can start at 9 in the morning and end at 4, I had to prep everything the day before. So I’m pretty much buying double the groceries, because I’m going to recook it on camera. So I had these skillet potatoes that I did. So I made the skillet potatoes, put them in the oven, and then remade the skillet potatoes almost completely. And so I would have; ok this is how you make the skillet potatoes. Slice them up, but they’re almost already sliced so they’re all in the pan, ready to go. And then, ok, put it in the oven. Here’s the magic of TV! I have the finished product.

So you’re prepping before and after everything ready to go. And then after I made everything the day before, I also had to clean up the kitchen. So doing all the dishes, cleaning up completely, getting everything back away. Get the plates ready to go that will be served and photographed. And so it was a whole Sunday thing, literally 6 in the morning until 8 at night I was getting everything ready to go.

And then started the next morning. Got ready, took Jackson out because Jackson would be a psycho if he was at the house and there was a camera crew here. And then the camera crew got here, and we filmed those 6 cooking videos. And it was awesome. It was so easy. It went way better than expected from doing all that prep the day before. That helped out tremendously.

So I’m so pumped, because I will have these videos for you very soon, probably by the time; hopefully by the time you listen to this podcast. I’ll start releasing them. And then I’m going to start filming more, so I will have even more for you coming up.

So yeah, when you start seeing these, please give me feedback on them. Because this was my first time filming, and I really tried to show my personality in these videos, but it was also just like getting a feel for them at first. So feel free to give me feedback. If you followed my blog, I don’t know, 2011, I did these cooking videos where I danced on video. There will be no dancing. I shouldn’t say that. There will be no dancing in these first ones that I recorded. Hopefully there’s dancing in the future as I get more and more comfortable with this camera crew. But I would love to hear your feedback, and hear what you think. I’m excited to see how these go, and see what you guys think. So that is very exciting! So I’ve got leggings, I’ve got these videos. I got my face bloody. So much has happened in a week!

So, ok. Just back up a second. My husband did this allergy test called the Dunwoody test. And he had to check out some food allergies, because he’s had all these issues. And he has to not drink for a while. And my husband likes to drink; he likes to have a couple of drinks a week, if not more during the weekend. And I don’t really care to drink at all, because I see it as wasted calories. But now my husband is not drinking. And as soon as he was like; I can’t drink, I wanted to drink. Like, him being told he can’t made me feel like I can’t, and then I wanted it.

Like, he was out of town when I was filming these cooking videos, and by the end of the day, I don’t want any of the food I cooked two days in a row. I don’t want to be near my kitchen. I don’t want to see the dirty dishes. No. Get away. So I went out to a restaurant, and had dinner by myself. And I got a cocktail by myself. The cocktail ended up sucking ass, so it wasn’t even worth it. But if this was before my husband stopped drinking while he’s healing his gut, I totally would not have gotten a drink. But I was like, yeah. Husband’s gone, I’m going to do it! And I had a cocktail. But man, it was a stressful two days. It is, I’m telling you.

Ok, one last thing before I get into actual talking. Can we talk about Stranger Things for a second? Because everybody is so obsessed. And I totes get it, ok? I’ll stop saying totes, I’m sorry. So I totally get it. That 80’s vibe, Steve’s hair, the 80’s music. The guy who looks like, what is his name? Dammit. I shouldn’t have even said that because now I can’t remember his name. But I get like the vibe, everybody loves the 80s. We all do. They’re the best.

But why does everything have to be so gooey and gross on Stranger Things? It kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach when everybody is like; they’re cutting off the limbs of this creature, and they’re digging in this goo infested good. Why does everything have to be so gross? I’m just not into it.

So I really try, and I’ve almost watched all the episodes. And my husband has fallen asleep in every single one of them. So I’ve seen every single episode twice at this point. He fell asleep last night, on the final episode. I was like, come on, bro! But why does everything have to be so gooey? It’s just, I don’t know. I find it tough to follow. There’s a lot of moving parts. But everybody loves it. My best friend Laura is like, obsessed with it. And I like her, and I trust her. But she’s wrong.

Ok, it’s still a good show. It’s just like, I don’t quite get it. I just really like Steve’s hair. I think I have a crush on Steve. His hair is just so good. It’s so fluffy. I want his stylist. I want that height! I’m so jealous.

1. Favorite things: products [27:35]

Ok, so let’s talk about some favorite things. We haven’t done an episode like this in a hot while. I hope you guys have been enjoying some of these interviews that I’ve had on. I’m trying to do a couple of interviews, and then an episode by myself. Then a couple of interviews, and an episode by myself. Kind of switch it up; just keep it fresh. Oh so fresh. Frosh. You know.

Ok. So, let’s talk about some products I’ve got going on right now that I’m loving. This water bottle is my favorite water bottle, and I think you need to get your hands on it now. Because I think they’re maybe going out of business. I don’t know what’s happening to them. But I bought as many as I could, because I think they’re almost gone. And it’s the Avex water bottle. And I’ve tried a million other water bottles, but this one I drink so much more water. I’m staring at it. I’m going to take a sip right now. It keeps your water so cold. It has a little spout, so you push this button, and the spout opens up. And you can just chug water.

Because some water bottles; what I love about this one is this one opens up air, so it can just flow. Because you know, when the air, if it doesn’t have air, if your mouth is on a water bottle, how it stops and you have to let air, oxygen back in it for it to come back out. Do you know what I’m talking about? Well this opens up air when you press on the spout, so water just flows. So you’re drinking water like a beast. And then it has a little lock, so you can lock it, because I have poured water on my computer before and completely ruined my computer. So my husband bought me this water bottle. It’s the best. And I bought it in 40 ounces. So imagine how much water I’m drinking a day. Imagine how much urine that is! No? You don’t want to imagine that? Whatever.

So these Avex water bottles. I’m pretty sure the business is going out of business. I don’t know what’s happening to it. Nor do I care to look it up. But you should totally get these water bottles. Vacuum insulated. Hot or cold; your preference. Why you’d want 40 ounces of hot liquid, I don’t know.

Speaking of hot liquid, I could really go for a coffee right now. I get to this point every single day that I’m like; ok, you can’t have coffee after noon. And I’m like a one cup of coffee kind of person. But every time it hits like 1, because I told myself I can’t have coffee after noon, I want it so much more. This is why I don’t tell myself I can’t have something. Because I want it so much more. If I don’t say any of that stuff, then I just eat healthy. But as soon as I say I can’t have blah-blah-blah, I want it so much more.

So yeah. Avex water bottles. Check them out. You will love them. Best water bottle ever. Before they’re gone.

2. Favorite things: to eat [30:47]

Now, another thing I’m eating daily; not another thing because I haven’t said eating yet. But something I’m eating daily is Butcher Box breakfast sausage. So I’ve talked about Butcher Box. I’ve talked to Mike, the owner of Butcher Box on here. I’ve had Butcher Box as a sponsor on here before. I obviously talk about them all the time. And I don’t talk about things I don’t like. I love Butcher Box. I love them. I get to work with this girl at Butcher Box who I just adore. She’s just a gem. So I just love Butcher Box even more.

They’ve been so great. And they have the best quality meat. I get a box of their grass-fed, grass finished meat every month. So I just started doing some add-ons to my order, and I added on; I had to hold in that yawn. I added on the burger patties and then breakfast sausage. And the breakfast sausage is so good. It’s like salt, pork, and sage. And that’s it. And it’s bomb. There’s no sugar added to it. They use heritage breed pork. So good. Highly recommend that, especially if you use Butcher Box. You can do an add on if you haven’t tried it already. It’s so good. It’s just the best breakfast.

So sad, because my husband can’t have pork right now! So he’s been having to have turkey sausages. Then he’s not supposed to have pepper. So I’m like, do you just want me to get you ground turkey? Such a bummer. He can’t have chicken either. He’s living a non-fun life right now, that’s for sure. Not his best life. #NotHisBestLIfe. Hopefully our date night makes him the best life ever. Hopefully having me as a wife makes it a better life. Because knowing you can’t have pork, or oranges, or black pepper, or anything fun is a real downer.

Another thing I just tried in the food category that I loved is one of my favorite restaurants that’s a paleo restaurant in town. It’s called Just Be Kitchen. So I’m sorry if you’re not in Denver, and you’re like, “I don’t give a sh*t about something I can’t try.” Apologies, ok? Maybe you’ll visit Denver. You’re in China? I’m sorry. Come here. Come try this. Because Just Be just came out with biscuits and gravy. And it is so bomb. They do like a mushroom gravy, too, so if you’re vegetarian. But I’m obviously not. And their biscuits and gravy with pork sausage was so delightful. Oh my god!

I could totally make biscuits and gravy at home, but it’s just a lot to make. I’d much rather do some sausage, bacon, and a salad than put the work into make biscuits and gravy. I don’t even want to put the work in to make pancakes, let alone biscuits and gravy. So this Just Be Kitchen; they just released their fall menu. And ugh, it is so good. I filled up on it before I had my face lasered off and went into a two-day depressed state. So good. So good.

What else? What other favorite things am I loving right now? Oh, food. I want to stay on food for a little bit. The forager cashew. If you’ve seen Forager brand, they have some drinks. But they also have a cashew milk yogurt. I think they have cashew milk you can buy. And I’ve had that before. But I’ve found that it goes bad really fast; like crazy fast. And so I just haven’t purchased that. But they have this cashew milk yogurt, and I love it. And it has probiotics in it, as well. So good! So if you can’t have dairy, check them out.

Another dairy free cheese thing I love, and I used it in a recipe this week, actually, is Kite Hill cream cheese. So if you haven’t checked them out, they’re an almond milk cheese company. And they just milk those almonds. You know? Milk those almond teats. And the cream cheese is outrageously good. Outrageous. Highly recommend.

I made a pumpkin cheesecake. Oh, that reminds me to talk about what happened on the blog this week. Which I always forget to do. Which is stupid. But I made a no-bake pumpkin cheesecake. So you can make them in these little cookie cups, or you can just put it in jars like I have. That’s calling my name now. It’s in my fridge, staring at me.

And then I also made a Thanksgiving side dish. So that’s like a little Thanksgiving dessert. But if you’re going the side-dish route, I made this brussels sprouts salad. And it’s roasted with apples and butternut squash. And, what else? I think those are just the three. And then I make this dressing that you put on top of it after it’s roasted and you get those brussels sprouts burnt and black, how all brussels sprouts should be eaten. I just hate brussels sprouts when they’re not fully soft in the middle and burnt on the outside. What’s the point in eating a kind of soggy, slightly hard brussels sprout? Gross.

So this side dish is easy because Thanksgiving is stressful enough on its own. Because you’re probably hanging out with most likely people you don’t want to. Maybe it’s a Friendsgiving, I don’t know. But holidays stress me the hell out, so I just try to act like they don’t exist.

3. Favorite things: clothes [37:10]

Anyways. Other things that I’m loving. There the best jacket. Oh my god. Did I just say “Jackie?” There’s the best jacket that I just received. I got it from Lole. And I talk about it in a blog post, but in case you missed that blog post, it’s the Lole faith jacket. And it’s expensive. It’s definitely on the higher price range, but it’s so comfortable. And I gave; you’ve got to keep on the blog, because I had a two-day discount. It was on only good for two days, so if you didn’t watch the blog you missed this discount on this amazing f*cking jacket.

But it’s this Lole faith jacket. And it’s just this incredible high quality. It is so warm. And it’s one of those jackets that goes above the knee. Like it’s a long jacket. But it cinches in at the waist. So it gives you shape. It is so warm. The hood is lined with; not fur, but kind of. Not like velvet. I don’t know. Some sort of faux fur. And you stay so, so warm all day. Oh my god I love this jacket so much.

As you know, if you’ve followed me for any amount of time, I had Colorado in the winter. I don’t like being cold. And as soon as October hits, my feet are cold until May. I don’t have good circulation, I guess. Or it could be that it’s f*cking cold. I don’t know. But all I do is put my cold toes onto my husband, and then he likes me less. He’s going to end up divorcing me because I have cold feet.

Oh, speaking of warmer places, I get to go to Austin soon. So pumped about that. Going on a couple’s trip; how adorbs is that? Done that one other time in Mexico and that was super fun. So I get to go to Austin with another couple; oh yeah! And then I have two trips to Mexico in December. Two! Cabo and Tulum. Girlfriend’s birthday, and then a family trip. Yes, to get away as much as possible when it’s 14 degrees here. I woke up and it was 24 degrees outside this morning. 24 is not warm. And it’s not enjoyable.

And I get it, there’s nothing to complain about because it’s probably like 60 degrees now and sunny, and Jackson was sweating bullets out his mouth because it was so damn warm. Not so damn warm; but warm enough that I unzipped my jacket. But still. My toes were cold this morning.

I did get the biggest robe in the world. I need to post it on Instagram because I got this fluffy robe. And it is so warm that I started sweating this morning while I was wearing it. But I’d much rather sweat; have sweaty pits, than have cold toes. And believe me, I have sweaty pits already. That puberty stage that you hit when you’re just sweat all the time; it never went away. My brother-in-law has that too. We get each other. We just totally get each other with our sweaty pits.

4. Favorite things: beauty [40:31]

So some different products I’m loving; and I’ve talked about all these products. I did a beauty post recently, so you can go to that beauty post and it talks about all these products there. But there’s these Tula; now I need to make sure I say it right. But Tula dual phase cleansing pads. So they’re kind of like a facial in this little pad. It makes your skin so smooth and bright, so I’ve been using those. Here, I just looked it up so I’ll say it right. Dual phase skin reviving treatment pads. It’s a mouthful. And you can actually get any Tula products for 20% off with the promo code PaleOMG. They’re amazing.

Any of these products that I’m talking about; these were not sponsored. I’m just talking about them because I really love them and I use them all the time when my face is actually healed and I don’t look like a psycho freak. Ugh. So I’ve been using those on a regular basis, in between seeing my esthetician. So I can look fresh. Frosh.

I’ve also been loving this revision skincare. It’s called Revox 7. So a reader actually recommended this, and that’s how I tried it out in the first place. And it’s like Botox in a bottle. You put it on your face. You’re supposed to put it around your smile lines and under your eyes. And it kind of plumps up your skin. I’ve been noticing more and more fine lines around my mouth, because I frown and I smile all the time. And I still refuse to get any injections. Like fillers, yet. I’m just not to the filler stage in my life. So this Revox 7 fills in those fine lines. It is awesome. I highly recommend it. It’s expensive, but you don’t use very much. And I don’t even use it every day. I use it more of if I’m going on a date, or I’m taking photos, or I have my videos I’m filming, that’s when I do it.

Another beauty product; these are all beauty products, but I’ll link them. So if you forget any of them, you have the link there. So, Jane Iredale, this mineral BB cream. I picked it up when I was traveling in Idaho. Even though I didn’t have the most fun when I was there, I did go to this amazing little beauty bar, where it had all these fantastic beauty products. I just looked in the window when I was walking by and saw Jane Iredale, and I love Jane Iredale. I use it all the time; her products. And I’ve been using powder for years now after my friend Hayley from Primal Palate introduced me to it. I was using the powder, but I don’t really like powder for day to day. I like powder on film when you don’t want to be shiny. But for day to day, I want to look a little more dewy, and glowy.

And so this BB cream, I use with just a beauty blender to blend it into my skin, is amazing coverage. So I use that as my foundation, and I use a concealer for any spots like under eyes, where they’re darker, or any zits. Whatever. But this BB cream is money! I actually just had a person message me yesterday, and thanked me for introducing them to that product. Because they are obsessed with it now, too! So cool. Obsessed. Obsessed.

And, another thing, I’ve been having some skin issues. My hormones have just been a little off with changing birth controls, and just getting them kind of reset. I’ve been using the charcoal mask by Beautycounter. So I got the; they have like a, what’s it called. I just don’t want to call it something else. It’s the multimask set. I couldn’t even think of that word. Cool, Juli.

So it’s the Beautycounter multimask set. And it has a charcoal mask, a brightening mask, and a plumping mask. And it comes with a brush, too. So you can put it on with a brush instead of your hands. So it just makes it a lot easier, getting it under your eyes, and just into the crevices, instead of building up a mask under your nail. Because that’s so cute and all. So I’ve been loving that.

And then one more; one more thing. I think you have to get it at your doctor. I don’t think you can order it online. But I use this beyond complexion vitamin C with HQ lightening serum. So it’s the hydroquinone serum. Which helps get rid of dark spots. So I have a lot of dark spots on my forehead from years of lifeguarding. So that pigmentation has been messed with. So as soon as I hit the sun, that pigmentation comes back. Even as much as my esthetician works on it. It will always come back.

So I took the summer off of using it, because I knew I would be in the sun most of the time. Especially since we’re out on the boat a lot. And the boat, like we own a boat. We don’t own a boat. Someone’s boat. When we’re out on someone’s boat. So this HQ, I started using it after the summer ended. I used it for a couple of months, and those dark spots completely went away. And now I’m going to take a few months off of it.

I think it can mess with the pigmentation of your skin if you use it too much. And it can kind of bleach the skin, almost. I don’t know, is that called hyperpigmentation? Not totally sure. So I’m taking a couple of months off, then I’ll use it again, take a couple of months off and kind of switch through it. That was recommended by one of my estheticians. So I love that. If you have dark spot issues, that stuff is money. Money. But I think you have to get it from a doctor. I’m not 100% sure. Just because I got it at my esthetician’s office, that’s how I was able to get my hands on it.

5. Favorite things: Miscellaneous [47:16]

So, these are like totally weird things that I’m loving lately. And they sound so stupid. So this company, if you’ve ever used Jet.com. I did a sponsored post with them recently, and it introduced me to their new clean living products called uniquely J. And they came out with this cleaner dish soap. I can’t say any of my words right now. I think because I have that phlegmy cough from the Airdyne.

But this clean living soap they have, dish soap. It’s a lemon thyme basil dish soap. Ugh, Juli. And it smells so good. I’ve been using that for all my dishes, and it makes your kitchen smell so good. And then a hand soap I’m loving is the Myer’s; so this is a different brand. So the Meyer’s hand soap, the mum scent. Who knew mums smelled so good? I don’t know what a mum is. Is that a flower? I just think of moms. Moms are debatable if they smell good. Mum is a flower, right? I don’t know. Smells so good. Love that stuff. It is so delightful.

And you just want to smell your hands. And then you want to wash your hands more. So you probably don’t pick up all the diseases that are out there. Because everyone is disgusting. Another reason not to have kids. They’re disgusting.

Ok, I think I only have one more obsession, thing that I love. And it’s nothing new. I think I just stick to my same old, same old things. I don’t know. I’m about to make cookies, so maybe those will be on my favorite things list. But I am loving Express and Nordstrom lately. And Express especially because they have fun gliterally; oh my god I literally cannot talk today. Literally. Name that show. Parks and Rec.

They have a bunch of glittery stuff right now that I cannot get enough of. I just went in there today for a couple of returns, and then just pretty much just purchased everything new that I had just returned. They had so much fun glittery stuff. And who doesn’t want to wear glitter all the time? And you can only really get away with it on a regular basis, on a weekly basis, during winter time. You go summertime, and you look weird. You look like you’re trying too hard. Wintertime, you can do it. They have all the glittery things.

We’re celebrating New Years, not at home, this year. So I might just still wear glitter. I don’t know, man. I’m thinking about it.

6. Not so favorite things [50:20]

So those are my only favorite things this week. I was trying to think of things that I’m not into right now. You know? I think it’s good to think about things we’re not into. And then just throw them away. You know what I’m not into? This mirror that’s in front of my face right now. Because this face ain’t doing me any justice. Ok? Not into it.

I’m not into the cold weather. I’m not into Facebook listening to my phone. Because literally, I had to put this down, because somebody came to the door. Looking at an Instagram story, an ad for Uniquely J popped up. Hello! Just talked about them 40 seconds ago. Hey Facebook, you’re creeping me out, man.

I don’t really love the explore page, because it only gives me naked chicks and them working out in thongs. And based on the people I follow, which is no women working out in thongs, I’m not sure how that became my explore page. Why can’t it just be Frenchies and chocolate? Ok? Because those are my high interests on my people I follow on Instagram. So why is it all assholes? Like, literal assholes? Not human being assholes, but someone’s asshole, working out.

Who works out in thongs? I mean, I am all about feeling good in your workout wear. You just take your shirt off. You wear those short-shorts that your little bum hangs out the bottom. We used to have this stunning trainer at our gym who wore these little shorts and her little butt cheeks would fall out the bottom. And I didn’t hate on her. I was like, girl, if I had that ass, f*ck yeah I would wear those shorts. Go you. But a thong? Come on. That is not comfortable. Unless you are running on a beach in Brazil. If you’re just f*cking going to the leg press, and you’re in a thong, imagine the herpes you’re getting on your ass. Ringworm.

I got ringworm once. You know why? When I taught swim lessons. To children. Hence, another reason why I don’t want to have children. Yep. They’re disgusting. Hating on children this week, I guess.

Other things I’m not into; I think that’s it. I feel pretty positive. I mean, I have been a hermit for the past few days, stuck in my house. I could go off on tangents about the world that we’re living in, but you know, I’m not really into the political and constitutional podcast genre. I like to stay away from that.

Oh. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. No, I guess I already talked about this. But I’m going to add this to my list, ok. I’m going to add it once more. Of, this is things I love. Because I wait every Thursday for this. Wine and Crime podcast. If you haven’t listened to that podcast, do it. They are magic. Straight up magic. They are so funny. If you don’t like true crime, and you don’t like murder, then you probably won’t like them. But they’re very feminist, opinionated, hilarious, intelligent, badass women who just talk about different topics of true crime. And they talk about the psychology of it. And the history of it. Of different topics. And then they talk about different stories. And they have good stories.

Because I feel like I’ve heard every different serial killer out there at this point. Because I listen to so many true crime and murder podcasts. But these girls dig up new ones. And they’re just way more fun to listen to than a lot. They’re just the best. Wine and Crime podcast. Listen to them.

Ok, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for you today. Because right now, I need to make some cookies. Because I made them yesterday, and I wasn’t happy with them. And of course, I ate 47 of them even though I had to throw them out finally. And I just wasn’t happy with how they turned out. So I’m ready to whip up some new cookies today. And nail this recipe down. So I’ve got to do that.

And then I’m making surf and turf for my husband and my sister-in-law tonight. We’re having a surf and turf Friday night. And then I have date night this weekend. And then I’ve got to work all day on Sunday. So I hope you go crush this weekend. I hope your day is badass as all hell. And I can’t wait to hear your feedback on these videos, once these videos go live.

Don’t forget that my leggings; these leggings are only going to be available until November 22nd to order. So you need to get your hands on them right now. And you can get them for 10% off with the promo code PaleOMG. Just go to FourAthletics.com. You’ll find them right there. But you can always go to www.PaleOMG.com and enter my giveaway as well! Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo-hoo! So excited.

Now. I’m off. Don’t forget to go to www.PaleOMG.com. And don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe. But please, only happy reviews. No need to give me feedback about my yawns. We’ve been down this road. If you’ve been listening to me from the beginning, you know how it goes. Ok, you know. You’re the best. Now, I will talk to you soon. I cannot wait to hear your feedback on these videos. Now go try out some of these products, because they’re the best! I’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Favorite Things Right Now – Episode 58: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Juli you crack me up! I 100% love your non-interview podcasts more — not that I don’t like all your episodes, but I think you’re entertaining enough on your own to keep listeners interested for an hour ????

  2. You’re hilarious! I listen to these when I go on my walks and I LMAO!

    Ok, you are many things, but a gardener you are not 🙂
    FYI, a “mum” is the shortened name for chrysanthemum, a flower, which is why your fave soap smells nice!
    Your riff about it being a nickname for mother — and how they don’t always smell good so not sure why they named a soap after mother — was hilarious!

    (BTW, your yawn fests don’t bother me at all, but they’re probably because you’re not breathing.)

  3. I’m listening to one of your older podcasts right now- listener questions- and someone asked what you about marriage. I have to say that I LOVE how much you love being married and how you always have good things to say about your husband and your relationship. It’s so refreshing to hear when sooooooo many people complain about marriage and their husbands and the whole “ball and chain” idea. I love being married, and I think it’s awesome when others do, too.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in to these podcasts and your blogs. Keep bein’ you, yawns and all.

    1. omg before we got married, that’s all i heard – marriage sucks, it’s so much work, they never seem happy. but luckily, we’ve had a great almost 2 years of marriage. we are financially stable, we don’t have kids and we are both in good health so we don’t have much to complain about and haven’t gone through super tough struggles yet. but i’ve loved marriage. it’s the best having someone you trust, love and care about at your side every day. it’s a good feeling for both people. thanks for the love on the podcast!! i really appreciate it!

  4. I just have to tell you that I absolutely love listening to your podcasts! I used to follow a Keto diet and was so strict with logging and weighing food. It was ridiculous! After listening to your podcasts I have let go of the obsession. And it feels so good! And definitely stopped eating keto. I felt absolutely awful with it! So happy that I found you! You are real. You are HILARIOUS which I need right now since i am going through a very stressful time in my life at the moment. You are a total breath of fresh air! I am hoping that things settle down soon for me and I know that listening to you will help me through it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing podcast and information but most of all, your sense of humor and genuineness! Looking forward to listening to the rest of your podcasts! 🙂

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