Like my picture? I drew that. On the back of an envelope. Skills. I got skills.

I love saying sesh. It makes me feel cool. Like I’m one of the cool CO snowboarders going up to the mountains for a gnar sesh. I don’t even know what that means. Gnar pow pow. Whatever.

So I asked some of you Facebook people if you had any questions for me and thank you to everyone who wrote a question! You guys are awesome! I hate Facebook but love the people on it. I honestly like looking at my PaleOMG Facebook page more than my own. My own is boring. I’m a bore.

So let’s answer some questions! If I didn’t write back to yours, well, I’m an asshole. My b.

First I’m gonna answer personal questions. Like bathroom habit ones. I’m kidding. You all know my bathroom habits already.

How did a girl who hates snow end up in Colorado in the first place?

  • My mother gave birth to me here.

Where do “Crossift girls” buy clothes because God knows we wear “toothpick” jeans! I love my legs but this is a huge challenge for me 🙂

  • F*ck jeans. I have one pair, and they’re kind of mom jeans. They almost reach my belly button. But I had to buy some and they were $19 at H&M and they are stretchy as sh*t so I can squeeze my jumbo thighs in them.

Where do you get your workout gear, headbands included?

  • Lululemon for all my shorts and pants. And I just wear CrossFit gym shirts and tanks. I get my sports bras at Target from Champion. And my headbands are Lululemon, Lucy and BondiBand.

What are you favorite and least favorite wods/lifts?

  • Favorite: snatch and overhead squat. So I love the workout Nancy or Isabel.
  • Least Favorite: heavy thrusters and pull ups. meaning Fran.

Do you take any supplements? Also do u use protein powders or any sort of recovery drink?

  • Yes I do! I take Simply Pure Nutrients for my protein powders and fish oil. That’s all I ever take. And I don’t take my stuff religiously. Following rules makes me disobey them. So I take my stuff when I feel like it. Usually a half scoop to a full scoop a day of recovery fuel. And then 2-3 grams of fish oil per day.

How did you bust your sugar habit? I am a baked good junkie…

  • Have you seen my recipes? I definitely haven’t dropped my sugar habit. I just got away from grains and sketch sugars because I get so sick. Sugar is still a good friend to me.

Do you stay below a certain # of grams of protein, sugar, carbs? I know you have said in the past you dont calorie count but just wondering if u keep track of these things. Also, how long did it take u to get ur super toned body doing CF?

  • No. I don’t really understand grams that much. I understand ounces more because of when I zone my foods. So when I do zone, I usually stay between 9-13 ounces of meat a day. I don’t know about carbs or sugar. I just try to not consume an entire bag of chocolate in one sitting. I think that has a lot of grams of sugar in it. I’m guessing. As for super toned bod, I don’t exactly have that. I’m still pretty feminine. But I’ve CrossFitted for 2 years now.

How many days a week do you do one workout.. how many days do you do 2x a day? Are there days you train 3x in a day? How often do you rest meaning no workouts at all?

  • My training changes regularly because of upcoming competitions. As of now, I do one strength and one wod per day. And I take 1-2 days off a week. When competitions get close, I do a strength and 2 wods 2-3x a week. I don’t ever do 3x a day. Not that I haven’t in the past but I don’t get a ton of benefit from it because I’m so exhausted. I schedule my rest days and stick with them. Sometimes will row or run if I’m super sore, but taking a day off completely is what helps me the most. And I’m usually so beat up from the past days that doing nothing is truly a blessing.

How much do you spend on groceries every month?

  • I don’t want to talk about it. I haven’t even done the exact math because I truly don’t want to know. My accountant probably wouldn’t appreciate that. I’d say most likely $150/week so around $600/month. Ah jeez. Thank god I love doing this or I’d be sad about being broke.

How do u keep the weight off if since you make a bunch of sweets (chocolate, sweet potatoes, desserts, etc) I feel like the minute I eat those things I gain weight!!!!!

  • You should see the size of my ass. I also give most of the sweets away. I have two female roommates. We all live together meaning we go through our monthly gift together. They don’t turn away sweets, especially around that time. And I have lots of bro friends. They’ll eat anything.

Why do you always complain of no man if your life, and what’s up with Jason or Sergio, why not one of them? .LOL!! Just kidding, I will try to think of a serious question, although I am really kinda curious about this one. 🙂

  • Well my dear, Jason is married with one of the most gorgeous women I know and 2 children and my coach. And Sergio is one my best friends. That’s why I talk about them so much. I talk about Laura a lot but we’re not dating. We’ve thought about it, but it just wouldn’t work out. Neither of us like to do the dishes.

Do you have a culinary experience? Your recipes are all amazing!!! We have made almost all of them and have never been disappointed.

  •  No culinary experience, just eating experience. I’m like a professional when it comes to eating. I studied Health and Exercise in college. Haha.

How did you transition from doing crossfit on your own in your college gym (where I am now) to competing in regionals (where I want to be)? I just don’t see this stuff ever getting any easier!

  • Get yourself in CrossFit gym with awesome coaches. I wish I would have had a coach from the start who could teach me what I needed to do to get better. I’m just now understanding form which is helping with my workouts and I wish I would have known that all from the start. Seriously, find a cool gym and commit to it!


Now let’s talk food stuff. Sorry if I just bored the sh*t out of you. I know I’m boring, I KNOW OK!?

For baking, is there a decent substitute for butter?

  • Yes! Coconut oil

Where do get all your grass fed meats?!

  • Tropical Traditions
  • US Wellness Meats
  • TX Bar Organics

How/where does one start with this diet? do you recommend any books to read?


  • The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
  • The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

Websites for Recipes and Paleo Info:

  • Robb Wolf
  • Mark’s Daily Apple
  • Everyday Paleo
  • NomNom Paleo
  • The Clothes Make the Girl
  • Civilized Caveman
  • Primal Palate
  • Whole9
  • Health-Bent
  • Balanced Bites

What paleo foods should you avoid if you’re trying to lose weight, bananas, fruits, honey, etc?

  • You got it, avoid the sweets and high glycemic foods. So sweet potatoes, fruits, dried fruit, sugars. Stick with the cleaner foods. If you are wondering what foods are high glycemic, Google knows all.

What type of food processor do you use? Do you have any recommendations for someone getting ready to buy their first processor, any specific accessories to look for?

  • I use a 9 cup Cuisinart Food Processor. It’s awesome. It has a shredding attachment and some other kind of attachment that I don’t understand nor care to read the instructions to understand. I totally recommend this food processor, it’s awesome.

What to do when avocados go out of season??!!

  • I dig coconut.

Other than water and beer, what can i drink for breakfast, juice seems to be a no-no.

  • #1- Who drinks beer for breakfast? Come on guy. And it’s called coffee. Coffee is god.

What do I do about snacks?

  • Oh geez, everyone has this issue. Here’s the solution, make smaller meals. Stop thinking a snack has to look a certain way. Like something that came out of a vending machine. If I made a burger with broccoli and avocado for lunch, I’m sure as hell going to have something similar for a snack, but in a smaller amount. If you want to stay full, eat some protein. Stop eating bags of nuts. They are not that good for you. Protein is.

Is there any chance you could also provide measurements in the metric system please? The whole ‘cup’ thing is a little confusing!

  • Oh gosh no. I’m lucky I even know what a cup is. If America didn’t kind of suck and taught me the metric system, then yes, yes I would. As for now, cup it is. I still love you.

Do you really view food as fuel? Its kind of a hard concept to grasp…

  • Kind of. I like good tasting food more though. Food is fuel but fuel is delicious.

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  1. Sarah says:

    We are a family of five and spend about $150-$200/week on groceries. Before going paleo, it was about $80/week. But, the benefits are worth it! Totally worth it!

  2. Abby says:

    I’ve been obsessed with your blog recently. My boyfriend has been trying to get me to do CrossFit with him for a while but seeing your bod when you posted pictures from Regionals inspired me to finally just do it (creepy? maybe). I’m terrified of looking like a weak little idiot though. I think I’m just looking for some comforting words of advice before I go in. I’m sort of athletic, I go to the gym and stuff, but can’t do a pull up and struggle with a few push ups, so I’m afraid of being laughed out of the gym for being totally out of my element!

  3. Abby says:

    Okay, I thought I posted this already but maybe not…I have no idea how this shit works.

    I’ve been reading your blog regularly for a while now and I’m totally obsessed with it. My boyfriend got me to start eating paleo a while back, and I loved the way I looked/felt but fell off the wagon for a while there. It’s kind of annoying being a poor college student and trying to eat that way. Anyway, you’ve inspired me to start it up again and I’m loving it.

    My boyfriend has been trying to get me to go to CrossFit with him and see what it’s all about. Because I’m stubborn and self-conscious, I’ve been fighting him for a while now, but I really want to try it out; your pictures from regionals made me want to do it- you have a really awesome body. Haha, sorry if that’s creepy. So anyway, I think I’m just looking for some comforting words of advice because I’m pretty terrified of getting laughed out of the gym and that I’ll just start crying cuz I’m embarrassed that I can barely do a pushup and can’t do a pull up for shit. Haha

    1. laura says:

      no one will ever laugh at you for starting crossfit. we all began at the bottom and that’s the fun of crossfit, you’re always getting better, there’s always something you can improve on, or master, or begin to rx. and there are modifications for everything in the meantime. the hardest part is just walking in the door. crossfit boxes are like family, they will welcome you in and help you get going and support you along the way!! do it!

    2. Rebecca says:

      No true CrossFit box is ever going to laugh at you or allow any laughing at someone for not being able to do something or excel at something. There are always improvements to be made in every area. First, get the form and technique, then the strength and speed… Everyone has been at the starting line and everyone in my experience is always supportive. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses… they are different from person to person. Just get in there, start and keep at it. You’ll be grateful you did!

  4. Linda says:

    This is @ all you crossfit gals that are looking for jeans that fit your legs and butt. Check out the relatively new curvy cuts from Levi. hey are awesome and well they are LEVI’s!!

    Happy shopping 😉

  5. Cecilia says:

    Snatch and OHS are your faves!!??? Girl you crazy! But you must be good at them to like them. Damn now I know what I am working on today.

  6. Branda says:

    So there is really no hope for wearing jeans? I have been doing crossfit for about 9 months now and I am loving it- except NO JEANS FIT 🙁 Butt & thighs are so big (meaning strong of course) and waist is smaller making it impossible to fit in any regular sizes!! Wearing gym clothes 24/7 is getting old…….

    1. Toni says:

      I have the same issue, but I go to a tailor and have the waist cinched. Easy peasy. 🙂

  7. Brittany says:

    Okay, seriously, you are fantastic! I feel like we are best friends already;) Thanks for sharing some of your secrets.