Getting Back on Track – Episode 92: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Today on the podcast, I’m sharing how I’ve finally gotten to a place in my life where I can get back on track after a week of indulging without feeling guilty about those choices I made on vacation. It’s a really freeing feeling.


Big thank you to this week’s sponsors!

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Episode 92 Transcription!

You know what time it is. It’s time to talk about one of my favorite sponsors; Sun Basket. Sun Basket makes eating fresh and delicious meals every single night easier than ever. With Sun Basket, you can have a healthy meal on the table in under 30 minutes. There’s no compromising with your own health goals when you have easy to cook meals that are delivered right to your door step.

With Sun Basket, they deliver organic and clean ingredients with 18 healthy options to choose from every single week. They work with the best farms and suppliers to bring you fresh and organic produce, and responsibly raised meats and seafood. And everything is premeasured and easy to prep. Everything I’ve made for myself has taken under 30 minutes, and clean up is a breeze because everything comes in these little tiny containers that you can just recycle away.

I get the paleo option from Sun Basket, but they also have gluten free, lean and clean, vegan, Mediterranean, family options, and more to suit anyone’s lifestyle. This week, in my own Sun Basket box, I tried the TexMex Turkey Skillet, with green chilies and avocado, and then the one-pan salmon with creamy citrus dressing and stone fruit snap pea salad. They were both so good, and even though both of those are a mouthful, they still took under 30 minutes, and cleanup was so easy.

I love cooking these meals, because even though I cook all the time at home, this gives me inspiration in my own kitchen, and reminds me of some of the fruit and veggies that I forget to pick up at the store, because maybe I just don’t think they’re my favorite. And then I try one of Sun Basket meals, and I’m reminded that all fruits and vegetables are so good. Except for eggplant. Eggplant is gross. {laughs}

But don’t let your busy summer get in the way of your healthy goals. Sun Basket is so convenient, and they will make eating healthy in your own household easier than ever. All you have to do is go to today. You can learn more there, and get $35 off your first order.

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hello! Welcome to another episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. I’m sad to tell you that I am by myself today. Recording solo. Well, Jackson is actually here. So that’s a great thing.

Speaking of Jackson; we’ve had all kinds of f*cking health issues lately. This guy is just a hot mess. We put him on a new diet, because his food was making him sick. And he loves it, and he’s been like a different dog. He’s been amazing. And then he just threw up last night, out of nowhere. F*cking weird, man. F*cking weird. He is just as sensitive as his mother. Very sensitive guy.

But, oh my god I have bites all over my body, and I have no idea where they came from. It’s freaking me out. I have them all over my butt, all over my leg, and they itch so bad. What the f*ck? I feel like I had a mosquito in my pants or something. Not cute. Mosquito bites on your butt are so gross. It looks like zits. If it is zits, then you just say it’s a bite. So maybe; I don’t know. I don’t know.

So even though Jackson has been all kinds of weird health issue stuff, we’re feeling back to normal. And I’m so pumped. I was walking Jackson on my normal walk, and they just built these brand new houses near me, like 5 or 6 houses that are stunning. So I’ve walked by this area since they started building them, and I continue to walk by it every day because these houses are stunning. And one day, I’m walking Jackson on his normal walk, and this woman comes out. And I notice there are two Frenchies in her house, because they just moved in. They don’t even have blinds up. I see two Frenchies in there, and she comes out in her pajamas, and she’s like hey!

And she’s the mother of one of my friends here in town. Her and her husband just moved here; I’m guessing to be closer to family, and because Colorado f*cking rocks. She has two Frenchies, and Jackson is best friends with these Frenchies now. One is a little girl who is like a year old. And she must smell good, because Jackson doesn’t ever hump, and he was humping anything he could get his hands on around her. Her face, her side, her ear, her butt. I don’t; he didn’t care. I mean, most guys don’t; am I right?!

But he loves her. And she’s half the size as him. And she’s the chunkiest little chunk. I love her so much. And her name is Lola. Can you f*cking even? Lola. I want a Frenchie little girl whose name is Lola. Oh my god! She’s just this little blonde chunky Frenchie. I love Frenchies so damn much. And seeing all three of them play makes me want to get a second Frenchie.

But man. We have a lot of upcoming travel, so I don’t see that happening. Yeah. Not only are Frenchies expensive, but they are very needy. And you just leave them, the might just get sick out of nowhere. I still think he’s been sick of anxiety. But who am I to say?

But, what did we book? Ok we have upcoming trips, my husband and I. We’re going to Cabo together this month; sh*t, it’s already July. We’re going to Cabo at the end of this month. I’m so excited just to have a little trip, the two of us. We can make out. We can hang out. We can do whatever want. Last time we were in Cabo, we were with our entire family. And family stresses me the f*ck out. Love them. Great parents. But family stresses me. Because everybody wants to do something different. And you’re thinking about making everybody else happy. You’re like; I just want to get a good buzz but I’ve got to do whatever they want. So this we can go where ever we want, we can do whatever we want. We can go grab cocktails.

I booked a restaurant I wanted to go to last time. I booked a reservation there. I need to book a couple more spots. But I’m so excited. And we also just RSVP’d to my friend’s wedding in New Zealand, which I can’t even. I’m so excited I got my husband to say yes to it; because as I’ve mentioned on this podcast, he works a lot, and he never gets to go on trips with me. But when else are we going to make the excuse to go to New Zealand? He would never do that unless it’s for a friend’s wedding.

So we’re going to New Zealand in November for Thanksgiving. Which is great. I love spending holidays not at home. I know that’s sad, but it’s so nice to get away. Especially winter, it gets cold. It’s like; get me the f*ck out of here. It’s just cold. And I just eat a ton of sh*t on Thanksgiving. Whatever. So we get to go there. So we have some upcoming trips.

I just booked a trip with my close girlfriends; Cassy, who was on the podcast last week and a couple of other girlfriends. We’re going to have a girls’ trip in Charleston. We just booked it; I think. I’m on a group chat, and I like to look at the chat later on in the day. It’s like; ok, you guys figure this all out, I’ll come in once it’s done. Because messaging is so overwhelming.

So, then we have a Charleston trip. I have Tahoe coming up, which I get to go to this Mind Pump. If you didn’t hear; I recorded a podcast with Mind Pump a while back on their podcast. I went to San Jose, and was on their podcast. They’re doing this group podcasting thing out in Tahoe. They rent out a billion dollar house, and just pimp it out with random people. And they asked me to go. And Joy and Clare from Girls Gone WOD are there, so I said yes. Because I love them. And then it’s less scary to go to a random place with random people. So that will be fun.

So anyway. I just got back from Leavenworth, Washington. Which I recorded the podcast from last week with Cassy Joy of She’s the best, as you can tell. People ask me all the time if she really is that happy; and she really is you guys. She’s happy. She’s an amazing woman. She’s so positive. I just love hanging out with her. I think I’ve heard her say f*ck once. She’s a lovely, lovely human.

And we went to Leavenworth, Washington last weekend. And it was so much fine. That was the first time she was away from her little baby girl. And she did great. The poor girl was pumping like every 4 hours. I don’t know how you women do it out there. Because f*cking Cassy had to; her day was so long. I’m getting ahead of myself, but when we left Leavenworth to go back home, we had to drive to Wenatchee, which is like 45 minutes, then you get an hour flight to Seattle. Then you have your layover in Seattle. And we both had to run to our gates, because Cassy’s was boarding and she thought she was going to miss it. And then mine was delayed and moved.

So I got to go home from there. So I was home at like 5, 6 p.m. and she had to go to LA, then to San Antonio. So she wasn’t home until midnight. And when you have to pump every f*cking four hours, and now you’re just doing this in all these airports. Talk about a living hell. I don’t know how you guys do it. I don’t understand how moms do it. This is the main; not the main reason. I don’t have a yearning to have children, but I don’t know how you guys do it. And love it so much. All your babies are so damn cute, and I totally get that because Jackson is the love of my life, and if I had a baby, I can’t imagine how much I would love him or her. But it is hard work. I can’t imagine pumping like that all the time.

When we recorded the podcast last week, we recorded it. It was late night. And then she had to pump at like 11 p.m. And she’s almost falling asleep while she’s pumping. And I see that sh*t; it pulls your nipple out. Your nipples become porn star nipples. And I like my nipples how they are. They’re just there. They’re just good to go.

Oh, speaking of nipples. I’ll get back to Leavenworth in a second. But speaking of nipples; my new athleticwear just came out, if you guys didn’t see it. I have worked with Four Athletics on two other occasions now, and this is my third campaign with them. They are a crowd funded website, which means once they fund a campaign; once they fund, say a pair of leggings or a top or a bra or whatever it is, then it goes to print. So they print almost what’s on demand. And instead of like most places where there’s a crazy amount, and you don’t sell it all, like a lot of clothes go to waste. And you don’t get that with Four Athletics. They print what is needed, so it cuts out that excess waste. And it’s USA made. It’s just such a cool company. I love working with them. It was started by brothers. They’re just badass people. I freaking love them.

So this is my third campaign with them, and the two other campaigns have gone so well that we decided to do a full line this time. So we did 6 different patterns and colors. There are two different fabrics. And each piece comes with a top, sports bra, shorts, crops, and 7/8th length. So you can choose; if you’re shorter and you don’t like the legging length, you can get the shorter ones. If you like shorts, there you go. If you like matching; gotcha. If you like mix and matching; gotcha.

All the fabrics are seamless, high waisted leggings. So it goes right above the bellybutton. But they’re seamless, so it doesn’t dig into you. My last ones that I came out with, a couple of them had the seam at the top, and so it might cut in a little bit. These I wanted to make sure that wasn’t any sort of issue with any sort of body out there.

They all have pockets on both sides of the leggings. They fit an iPhone 10; iPhone X. Is that ten? I don’t know. And they’re amazing. They’re so comfortable. They stay in place. They’re breathable. Their coverage is amazing. I just love them. And they’ve worked so hard; Four Athletics has worked so hard to take all the feedback that we’ve gotten from other people, and see what needs to be changed and updated and made better, made different. It’s been amazing working with them. I feel so lucky to get to partner with them.

So, when I was thinking about nipples, I was thinking about the bra tops. So one of my biggest annoyances is sports bras with pads. Because once you wash them, they fall out. They crinkle, and they get all those lines in them and it just looks bad, so I decided to go no pads with these bra tops. So someone recently wrote me on my blog, and was like; what about if it gets cold…; meaning what if my nipples show through?

I’m like; everybody has got motherf*cking nipples. I’ve never looked at a girl when she was working out and been like; man, I can see her nipples. I don’t give a sh*t. I don’t think anybody else gives a sh*t. But I get that some people get nervous about that. I’m just not one of those people. But I’m going to see everybody’s feedback, and if you guys are looking for pads in the future, we might go that route as well. But these bras are so supportive. I love them. It’s been amazing.

And right now, this campaign goes till July 26, which is a Thursday, and the campaign shuts down. So these are limited supply, limited time offer. And then we move onto the next one. And if they do well, hopefully we’ll get a next one. Because if I’m not doing well, why would they want to work with me?

You guys are amazing who have already purchased them. You’re awesome. I hope maybe you’ve come back after you liked the last ones, or maybe this is your first time. So can’t wait to see all your feedback. And then I can make these better, and better and better. And you can love them more, and more, and more. But that’s all I’ve been wearing is my Four Athletics leggings. I haven’t even been wearing my Lululemon leggings, or my Nike leggings. All I’ve been wearing is the Four Athletics ones, because they’re amazing.

You can get 10% off your order with PaleOMG. You can go to or you can just go to my blog; And it will have details right there. You can shop it right there! No problem, bob. I’m just so excited. But free the nipple.

My girlfriend and I today; because my main question I get is; does it show sweat. And some leggings show sweat sometimes, sometimes they don’t. It really depends on the person and how much that person sweats. But, I think that has to be forgotten about. Because; hey, we all sweat. Are you super nervous, like your armpits are showing sweat when you’re working out? No. Everybody sweats out of every crevice; which means your butthole gets sweaty, and pools sweat there. And your crotch gets sweaty. All that sh*t gets f*cking sweaty, ok. This is not new news. You need to stop worrying about it.

But my magic eye, my popsicle collection, those two do not show sweat at all. Black obviously is always a safe bet. And I know some women deal with the issue of urination; unwanted urination while doing double unders or whatever. So I get that. That’s embarrassing. I’ll give you that. Sweat is not embarrassing. Pissing yourself; that’s fair. I would want to hide that too. I’ve never had that issue with double unders. I feel very blessed to say that. But I know women who have had kids and who have not had kids who have that issue. It’s very common. Box jumps, double unders. Anything where you have to hold in tight; hold your abdomen in tight.

What’s going on? Is it your urethra? Is it a pelvic floor issue? I really don’t know. I never thought much about my pelvic floor. Maybe I need to, I don’t know.

Anyway. If you want to see this collection, just go to I am also going to do a giveaway on my Instagram soon. I just did one on my blog, so if you missed it there, I’m going to do it on my Instagram. But you’ve got to act fast, because it will probably just be like a four-day giveaway, and then it will be cut off. So definitely look around for my Instagram this weekend for that.

Anyway. I just want to let you guys know; I finally got rid of my Ford Explorer, and I will never be purchasing Ford again. I had so many issues with this Explorer, it has been a nightmare. And I know friends who have older Explorers who have told me they haven’t had any issues. But anybody I know who has had new Explorers; so it must be they’re just not making them like they used to, am I right? They’re not doing too hot. I hate mine.

Everything was; I mean, the battery died. Just last weekend. Out of nowhere. Battery is dead. Have to go pay, and then they’re like; this cord is corroded, and you might have to pay $1200. For a cord. When I’m about to get rid of this stupid car. And luckily, I was able to get rid of the car. It only cost me $300 to get this new battery. Only. Not cool with that either. But not $1200. But the car is gone. Peace out. Deuces. Never again. No more Ford. No thank you. I don’t want anything to do with it.

And, I’ve decided to lease a car. It’s like; there are so many mixed opinions out there about buying or leasing and what’s best. I’ve always bought cars; that’s what my parents always did so that’s what I kind of always did. I just followed in route with my parents. But I decided; screw it. I want a lease. I don’t want to deal with a battery dying. No thanks. I’m cool.

So I’m leasing a car now. I feel free. Something comes up; what do I do? I take it in. Please fix it for me. Not for free, but for free. You know what I’m saying? Not for free. I’m paying for it, but it’s so nice. And then in three years, it’s a different car. I’m done. I’m so glad.

But I do miss my red Honda Civic; 1998 Honda Civic. Which was my first car. That was a damn good car. And there was nothing wrong with it when I got rid of it. But, the problem with Honda Civics is people like to steal that sh*t. Someone stole it, smoked a bunch of weed in it, took the steering wheel off, and just left it a couple of blocks from my house. People love stealing those cars. So I had to give that one up. But I miss that car. I honestly kind of wish I still had it for no apparent reason.

Speaking of things breaking down; I feel like it always happens like this. Things happen in threes, or whatever. And our fridge has suddenly stopped working at times. It just turns off. It’s a Kenmore Elite, and I love my Kenmore Elite oven. It’s been amazing. And we have Kenmore Elite washer and dryer, and those have been amazing too. But this fridge, we just keeping having all these issues with this fridge over time. Now it just turns off. So I just hold down all these random buttons. If you just hold down the freezer temperature button, to tell you what the freezer temperature is, then it turns back on. It makes absolutely no sense. Then it stays on for a few hours, turns off. Stays on. Just does whatever the f*ck this Kenmore Elite wants to do. You do you, fridge.

Why does nothing work anymore? Remember the good old days? When things worked? Maybe this is why I like cooking at home so much. Because you create your own destiny with your food. Tat has nothing to do with hit. I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t get it.

Just so you guys know, my sister-in-law. I’m going to try to force her to record a podcast with me this coming weekend. Like; hey, so you have Sundays off now. So let’s do outfit photos, and then record a podcast. And then maybe you can hang out with your boyfriend, if I don’t need you. I’m really forcing her to hang out with me more.

Thank god my husband took up golf, because now I just work on Sundays and he golfs on Sundays and it works out rather well. He loves his golf night. Like tonight, he’s going golfing. He’s like; can I go at 4? F*ck yeah. He loves golf. It makes him so happy. And it’s so fun to see something that he’s obsessed and in love with. It’s so cute. I don’t know if you guys ever feel like that. But I just love seeing him happy after he goes. I mean, sometimes he’s supper pissed, because he’ll suck randomly. But it’s so cute to see someone happy! Happy, happy.

Ok, let’s circle back. Because you got me off track. Let’s talk about Leavenworth, Washington. Because I’d never heard of this place before this date was set up. So I worked with the same PR agency to set up this trip with And they worked with Santa Ynez Valley, and Walla Walla. Super cute places that are very wine country-esque. And Leavenworth Washington is that. It’s this little Bavarian/German town.

The town requirements, to have a business in town, is you have to be Bavarian themed. So the Starbucks is Bavarian. If you don’t know what that means, just picture a cute little German town. When you picture Oktoberfest, that’s what it’s like.

So the Starbucks is Bavarian themed. The Wells Fargo. The gas station. Everything has that theme. Has that cute writing. It’s just adorable. A new hotel was just opened about a year ago called the post hotel. And it’s stunning. So, a person who opened a hotel; I don’t know what the other hotel in town is called, but it’s a family friendly hotel. And he wanted to open an adult only hotel, which is way more my speed. After being in Myrtle Beach around a million children at our hotel, this was a nice change of pace in Leavenworth. No kids. And it’s a spa hotel. So they recommend that you wear your robe and slippers anywhere you want. So what did I do? I wore them everywhere. Breakfast, lunch, dessert at 8 p.m. Yes please.

So I’m wearing my robe as much as possible. It was lovely. The views are outstanding at this hotel. They’re absolutely stunning, because they’re right there in the Washington mountains. And there’s a beautiful pool. Beautiful hot tub. The spa; they have cold and hot tubs. So you get in a cold tub, and go in a sauna. They have these marble, lay down tables. So you could do in this hot, wet sauna and lay down. It was just so beautiful. And they served breakfast every morning, and lunch, and then they have dessert at 8 p.m. Which got me in trouble. Which leads into what my conversation will be later today.

It was so good. They even made, since they knew we were paleo, they made paleo brownies for us. Come on. And the staff is outstandingly friendly. I hate unfriendly staff. And you see that all over the place with any sort of business. But this business went above and beyond to be friendly, and helpful, and amazing the entire time. They work hard and they make sure you are pampered the entire time you’re there. It is such a beautiful hotel. And all the details are there. They did not skimp on any sort of details. And I think it took them like; I want to say seven years to open. To get it open. Because so many details. I loved it so much.

I’m going to write a blog post about it soon with all the actual details in it. But it was amazing. And speaking of amazing, we recorded the podcast last week after we did an 8-course dinner. We did this 8-course dinner at Mona. And if you’re there, it’s another place that’s amazing. And the called us ahead of time to as what our dietary restrictions were. And I told them; I eat gluten free. I stay away from grains and I don’t eat too much dairy but it’s not a deal breaker. Like if someone puts f*cking cheese on something, I’m not going to be like; yeah, no, I can’t do this. I’m cool. I’ll eat the goddamn cheese.

And he’s like; oh, this is super easy. We have much stricter dietary restrictions a lot of time, so this was super easy for him. And this 8-course meal was amazing. If you guys are ever in Leavenworth, you have to go to this restaurant because it was so bomb.

So while we were there, we went stand up paddleboarding down the river, which was really fun. I’ve never done down the river. I’ve always been on the lake, or I’ve done in the ocean. So river was fun, because it was like a really calm river where we were at, so we just went down. Of course, it’s calm and I still fall. Cassy fell too. We ate major sh*t. And then we got to go to a reindeer farm. And we went to a little wine party. This winery was announcing some of their new wines. So we went there. I’m trying to think what else we did.

Majorly, if I could go back, I would just stay in that hotel the entire time. It was the best place ever. I never wanted to leave my room. The room was so beautiful. The spa was amazing. I fell asleep in my massage because it was such a good massage. It was like, kind of tough at the beginning and calmed down at the end. I think he was rubbing my feet and I fell asleep. And then woke myself up dreaming about Jackson, because duh. Why wouldn’t I dream about Jackson when I’m missing him so much, and I don’t know if he’s feeling better. He’s sleeping at my feet right now, and he’s such a good boy.

He’s lost weight from being sick, and from us putting him on a diet. It’s so weird; you can see a rib. Not crazy skinny. You can see one rib. We’ve been both dieting together. I used dieting in a very loose term. Very loose.

Anyway. I wanted to; there’s a couple of things in Hollywood that I just wanted to talk about real quick. Because, Kaley Cuoco; she’s the one who is the Big Bang Theory blonde chick. The main character blonde. Love her. She seems like such a fun gal pal. I bet she’s a fun time. And I really like following her life. I just love watching other love lives unfold, because everybody’s love story is so different. So different.

She was married for a little while; head over heels. And then I think this guy had a drug problem. Maybe he was a tennis player. But drug problems aren’t great for the relationship, so I hear. So they end up getting divorced. And I think she meets this guy pretty quickly. And I know nothing about their relationship whatsoever. I just like taking; I don’t know, visual stuff from Instagram. So I’ve planned out their relationship; what happened in their relationship through Instagram. Which, if people did mine through mine, they’d think I was single, so I probably shouldn’t do that.

But whatever. So she gets engaged to this new guy, who is like a horse rider. Like a professional horse rider. And she’s a horse rider, so she’s going to love another horse rider, am I right? Horse riders love each other. So she gets engaged, and something that made me feel super weird is he proposed to her, and he was filming it like an Instagram video, and posted it on Instagram and her crying, and he’s like; so what do you say? And she’s like, yes, I say yes! And the camera is right in her face. I’m like; get your f*cking phone out of here! Ask a friend to film in the corner, hidden. It just made me feel weird.

So all these pictures are all over social media of her getting married, and her dress is f*cking sick. I loved it. It was like a dress, and there was this shawl on top that was lace all the way down the ground. It sounds weird, but she looked so beautiful. I love that her hair grew in, because I’m not into short hair. No offense to short-haired people out there. Just not into it.

There’s this picture that’s everywhere all over social media. They had this huge background feather thing, and they’re kissing, and his eyes are open. And it sucks; the camera got it at a bad time. And so his eyes are open and he’s looking the other way, and it’s just really creepy. And he has a blonde, long stringy beard. And that’s creepy. So he has his eyes opened, he has a long creepy beard. She looks stunning as f*ck. He better be the best. I hope he’s not into drugs, because at the moment, it looks like it. Don’t grow out a blonde beard, ok? Get out of there. If you’re blonde, you’re not made for a beard. I’m sorry.

I mean, I don’t think anybody is made for a beard. I think beards are gross. And women always; they’re like, no they’re not! I love a beard! I’m like; oh, you love smelling weird sh*t that’s been brewing all day? And they’re like, no. You do a beard oil. I’m like; ok, people eat throughout the day. Who is putting beard oil and washing their beard every 42 minutes? That’s how often I snack. Who is doing that? I know my husband wasn’t. Thank god that phase of his life ended. Meaning I forced it to end.

We were talking about compromise at the gym today. What people have had to compromise in our relationship, and I was trying to think of the things that we’ve had to compromise. And my husband had to compromise the beard. Because it’s hard to want to make out with. Let alone do other things. You know what I’m saying? You know what I’m throwing out there? Mm-hmm. My mother-in-law sometimes listens to it, so I’m going to cut it off there. Hey Jo-Jo, if you’re listening!

Anywho. I don’t know where I was going with this. I’m completely lost in my own thoughts. But what I wanted to talk about on the podcast this week is sugar addiction. And weight gain. So I’ve talked about sugar addiction already on the podcast. Go back; I think it’s in one of the first 10 episodes. Just kind of breaking that sugar addiction. It’s in at least the first 20. It’s pretty early on.

But, I have been traveling like crazy lately. So I’ve been in and out of places. And I get to go to these amazing restaurants. I have this opportunity to go to amazing places that have cocktails, that have dessert, that have really indulgent, high starchy carb food. And those places I’ll probably never go back to. There are a lot of places that I may never see again. And I’m not going to say no to those things. And I probably would have done that in the past. But as I enter into my 30s, I think; why would I ever say no to this? If I’m going to have the best cocktail of my life here in Houston, how would I say no? If I’m going to get this flourless chocolate cake in Myrtle Beach twice, how would I say no?

It’s something that I’ve come to face. When I’m doing these trips, and I’m indulging more than usual, I’m always going to gain weight. That’s neither here nor there; it is going to happen. I don’t know why I said nor here or there. It’s here and it’s there. I’m always going to gain weight. And I’m a person; my body weight has gone up and down over the years. I’ve gained 30 pounds, I’ve lost 30 pounds. I’ve gained 5 pounds, lost 10 pounds, gained 2 pounds, lost 1 pound. It goes all over the place.

And I say that meaning I don’t weigh myself, but I always know when I’m heavier. I can see it. I know how my body has changed. And in the past, when I used to go through this, I would freak the f*ck out. I was like; I’m gaining weight. I’m so upset about it. I hate myself. What am I doing wrong? I feel like I’m not doing anything wrong. I wouldn’t really face the music, and I see that so often with friends. They’ll say; I’ve been eating so healthy. But the weekend comes on and they’re drinking every single night, and ending up going to fast food, or chowing down on food they made at home. And that really adds up. And they’re not facing it. They’re just saying; that’s not actually it. It’s the diet. It’s not any of these other things.

And for me, I know it’s all these other things. It’s not my workout not enough. It’s not like being on birth control makes you gain weight. It’s not any of those things. It’s the food that you’re putting in your body, and what kind of stress you’re putting your body through. So whenever I go on these travel trips, and I’m going to all these places, I will gain weight.

So instead of being upset, and whining about it, and b*tching about it like I have in the past. I finally have come to terms with; ok. You’re going to gain weight. And this is going to continue to happen my whole life. I’m just not a person who stays at the same weight. I go through all these little ups and downs, and that will forever be my life. And I’ve come to terms with it. Because I know how to get back on track at this point.

And it’s super easy to gain 10 pounds. It is much harder to take off those 10 pounds, and to lose those 10 pounds. It’s much more challenging. I think people have to remember that. If you’re a person who gains weight easily; it’s going to take a little bit more time to lose it.

I have finally found my rhythm of coming back into town and how I get back on track. And I do that by almost carb cycling. And I didn’t really know much about carb cycling. And I still honestly don’t know much about it. I’m not saying it like I know much about it. I just had a friend; one of my girlfriends is in beautiful shape. She is stunning. But she is not a person who indulges very often. She doesn’t go bananas, like I do, on some flourless chocolate cake. She is very strict about her diet.

But if she’s ever trying to lean up a little bit, she told me that she started doing 3 days of low carb. So you’re just having your green veggies and any of your colorful veggies. And then a day of a heavier carb day. So having some starchier carbohydrates, whatever that may look like for you. And then going back to three low carb, one high carb, three low carb, one high carb.

And I really don’t know much about carb cycling. I just know what she told me. And I started just doing that. Not thinking much about it. But I would usually start craving carbs on that fourth day, after a hard week of workouts. And when I do this, when I get back home from a trip, I cut out all alcohol. I cut out all sugar. I’m staying away from the sugar. Any desserts I have in the house, I get them out of the house. And I stay away from sugar for a week straight; alcohol and sugar. Alcohol is sugar. I stay away from that. And I do that carb cycling of three days of low carb and then a higher day of carbs and back on again and back off again and so on. And I feel so much better.

It takes a few weeks to get back to where I was before. Honestly, it could take up to a couple of months of just feeling like myself again. Which is hard to get a couple of months, because I’ll be traveling again at the end of the month. But, it’s really been cool to get to a point that I know my weight is going to go up and down, and maybe it’s because I’m better at dealing with it because I have an amazing husband who has loved me at all sizes. Before, when I was younger and in the dating world, I’m like; no one is going to ever love me because I’m not thin enough. It was like those crazy f*cking things we say to ourselves. And I think my husband really get past some of those.

But I’ve just gotten to this freedom piece in my life. That; ok, who cares if I’ve gained some weight. I’m going to lose some weight another time, I’m going to gain it the other time. It really doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, I’m so happy with what things I get to do in my life, and I’m never going to say no to those things that are going to create so many memories within my life. I’ll always have these memories tied to food, and that’s really important for me. It’s not as important for everybody else. But food is so important to me, and it’s a huge piece of my life. And that’s not the same way for my husband or my sister-in-law, but it is for me.

It’s really cool to get to that time in your life where you have this freedom of not caring what other people think, and enjoying every little moment. And then getting back on track when you get home. And I get to this point; I didn’t workout for four days while I was in Leavenworth, Washington. And it felt so good to get back to my workouts. But I didn’t feel this angst and this upset for not working out. It’s like; oh, it’s ok. I’ll just get back to it on Monday. Get back to my diet. My best eating habits. And I’ll feel better in a week.

It’s been five days. I’ve worked out four of those five days. And I feel almost back to normal. And it’s really, really cool that I don’t stress about it anymore. I just say; ok. Gained some weight. Back on track. Good to go. Not stressful. I’m not even being crazy about it. I’m not like; oh my god; I can’t have this, I can’t have this. I just stay away from sugar and alcohol, because I know that’s the worst for my brain and my body.

I just eat good, healthy, delicious food. There’s no worry about anything. There’s no upset. It’s just that easy. It’s just so cool. And I just wanted to share that, because I think so many people; and I went through this too. So many people feel like; I’ve gained this weight. I’m f*cked. Whatever. I could never get this back off. Or just feel this self-doubt, upset, and sadness. And you don’t have to feel that way. You just have to find what’s best for you, and whatever weight that is, and whatever food that is.

And I know that I feel my happiest when I’m at home, eating my home-cooked foods, staying away from sugar and alcohol. Sleeping well. Stressing less. And I’m drinking a sh*t ton of water. And I feel my best that way. And that’s what I want to feel most of the time. But I’m still going to enjoy those moments whenever I’m out.

So I just wanted to share that. Because I’ve been listening to; I always listen to Joy and Clare of Girls Gone WOD podcast, and they talk a lot about that. Just having this freedom from food. It being an enjoyable thing; food doesn’t have to be just fuel. It can be an enjoyable piece. And it can be fuel, too. You can have both worlds. And both of these worlds can collide. And it’s ok. It’s ok to enjoy food. It’s ok to think about food as just fuel at times. It’s ok to have these things. Just make sure you’re enjoying those moments. And then getting back to whatever makes you feel best.

And man. I feel so good after five days. It’s been five days of being home, four workouts, and just eating homecooked food, and not overindulging in dessert and alcohol. I’m back on track. I’m back to feeling myself. It’s the best feeling.

So I just wanted to share how I get back on track after traveling. Because I feel like we look; and I do this, myself, but I feel like we look at social media and we feel like everybody has their f*cking sh*t together. It’s like; all these girls. I look at all these women. These stunning fashion blogger women and I feel like they have it all. They’re all these thin, just perfect looking women. They have their sh*t together all the time. And you never know what people are going through. Everybody goes through sh*t. We just see everybody else’s lives as perfection. And we have no idea what they’re going through.

For me, keeping a physique that I feel comfortable in and a body that I feel comfortable and confident in, I have to work hard at it every single day. It just doesn’t come easily for me. I think we need to remember that; don’t look at social media as what the real world is always. Remember to just find what’s best for you. It’s hard to sum up. But social media just drags me down sometimes. I’m like; how do these people have these perfect lives? The answer is, they probably don’t.

I’m sure there are people who have f*cking great lives out there, but everybody has their own personal problems, ups and downs, and issues. So remember that when you’re looking at social media. Or f*cking stop looking at social media. I have to stop looking at the explore page, because I get too caught up in that sh*t. And I’m like; ugh, I suck at my life! I suck at working out! I hate my body! I do sh*t like that. Especially around my period. Sh*t goes f*cking off.

But. Remember you can get back on track. You don’t have to feel guilty. You can remind yourself that if you work hard on a regular basis, it’s even easier to get back on track when you get back home. If you’re working out regularly, you’re eating healthy regularly, you get a little sugar addiction, it is easy to cut it off. Especially if you know your body. And for me, I can do it. I know I can do it, and I know I’ll get back on track. Which makes me enjoy my vacation, or any of my trips even more. So I just wanted to share that with you.

I hope that helps with anything you may be going through. Especially in the summertime, when there are four billion bikini photos on Instagram, and then there are all the trips we have with the family, and being around family, and going on different kinds of trips. It’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s happening. So hopefully that helps you.

I also want to say that I saw a girl on the street yesterday who whole ass was hanging out; shorts like a bikini pretty much, and she had tattoos that said “respect” and “integrity”. And she was f*cking rocking it. And she loved it. I want to have confidence like this b*tch. She rocked it.

Whenever I think about the people; I don’t look up to her, because that’s just too much. But whenever I think about the people that I look up to the most on social media. People that I don’t know personally, but it’s the people who always just ooze confidence. And of course, I’m sure they go through their own insecurities. But those people who just ooze confidence. And I try to be more like that. Even in times that I don’t feel confident.

But you know what f*cking makes me feel confident? My new apparel! I know that’s a plug. Bu f*ck, I love this apparel so much. So I hope you guys do too.

Anyway. I’m going to go. Because, I’m going to do a post soon. Oh, I just had to burp and held it in. I’m going to do a post soon about organizing your pantry. Which, my pantry is a f*cking sh*t storm. It is disgusting. So, I’m going to organize my pantry and do a blog post about it. And I just bought all these containers to store everything. So I need to start pouring in stuff. Because I think this will take me a few weeks. It’s not like a day job. It’s a quite a few day-jobs. So I can’t wait to share that with you.

So I’m going to go do that. Because my husband is golfing. So I have the whole night free to myself. Freedom! I love having the house to myself. Just like, man spread on the couch. It’s so comfortable. Ok. I’m out of here. You have a lovely day. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being the best. Stay confident out there. Be awesome. Ok? Bye-bye.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track – Episode 92: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Was feeling so down on myself today and in a negative headspace, and I knew your podcast would cheer me up like it does every Saturday. But today the podcast really brought me out of my slump! Hearing about not giving a crap about weight fluctuation and enjoying your trips, etc. really reminded me I just need to take it day by day!

    Thanks Juli for always keeping it real!!

  2. Hi Juli!! I have been reading your blog from the very beginning and have been following you for such a long time. I feel like we’re friends even though you’ve never met me HAHA. I listened to your Podcast today and I am so proud of you and happy for you! It sounds like you’re in a really great place with your body and body image and food in general. I am almost 34 and this is something I have finally come to terms with. The self hatred after over indulging has finally gone away, well 95% of the time:) Food is also a huge part of my life and I want to eat what makes me feel good but also celebrate and indulge. So hard to find that balance but sounds like you are there.
    Have a great weekend!!!

    1. awwww thank you so much for the love! it’s so damn hard to find the balance! and i definitely go through ups and downs and upsets with my weight, but taking it day by day without dwelling in those choices definitely helps!

  3. Can you do a what I ate in a day post on a low carb vs a higher carb day. I can’t wait to give this a try!

  4. Apologies if this is a double comment, I commented earlier but I do not see the original.

    This pod cast hit home, I too just turned 30 and had that f#ck it moment.. I’m much happier and my body is actually so much easier to maintain and sculpt when my brain isn’t overthinking it.

    I did make your caramel choc bark from your latest book (I have them all and have been a follower since your early kitchen dancing videos) — I totally had to pour soap on the pan (only scraps left) and toss it in the garbage so I didn’t dig later like a feral alley cat – winning moment! Thank you for all that you do for us followers! Ps- are you still coming to Canada!? We love you here!!!

  5. Charleston is the best and has some of the best food!!! I’ve lived here my whole life– what restaurants are you guys visiting??

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