Giveaway of the Week: Blendtec 725 + Twister Jar AND Sneak Peek Recipe

IT’S TUUUUUESDAY!! Meaning it’s time to make a jar of my Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (see below), scoop out a huge spoonful, sit back in a comfy chair, and sign up for my weekly giveaway! I’ve given out a discount code for my favorite boutique, organic beauty products, then just last week I shared a giveaway to win a shopping spree with Thrive Market which ended last night and Christina K was the randomly chosen winner and has already been contacted! Congrats, you wonderful person you!

Has Tuesday become your favorite day of the week yet?! Because it’s mine!! I’ve given you the opportunity to feel good, look good, and eat good. Just kidding, eat well. Stop hating me. I know how to speak proper english…kind of. Anywho, this week I want to stock your kitchen with one of my own personal favorite kitchen tools that I use almost every day: my blendtec.

If you don’t have a Blendtec, it is 100% worth every penny. I’ve had mine for 2-3 years now and have loved everything about it. You can make batter in it, cocktails in it, smoothies, soup, ice cream, seriously everything. And have you ever seen the twister jar? It makes nut butter in SECONDS. Seriously seconds. And I use it to make quick drinks like Ginger Newtrition’s Adrenal cocktail! It’s nice to have the option of a large blender while still having the smaller jar option as well. And they are stupid easy to clean, which makes life even better.

In my newest upcoming cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook, I try to make it as simple as possible for you. Meaning my recipes are pretty simple (because let’s be real – I’m no trained chef), finding recipes throughout the book is simple, and finding out more on every page is VERY simple. In my new cookbook, at the bottom of almost every page, you’ll find a couple recipes to help you complete a meal, inspire you in your next meal, or show you what to use that certain ingredient with. Like my Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: if you aren’t sure what to use it on, just look at the bottom of the page and it says, “Add this spread to: Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Scones, Chocolate Hazelnut Pumpkin Bread, and Chocolate Hazelnut Iced Mochas.” Boom, you’ll never have to wonder what to eat your meal with because I make sure to help you out with that answer. Just trying to make paleo as simple as possible for you!

And that’s exactly why I’m doing all these giveaways. I want you to have the opportunity to win stuff that makes your life simpler. And this blendtec is exactly that. You’ll be able to make all kinds of recipes from my newest cookbook like this Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread in seconds in the twister jar, or my Almond Milk and Chocolate Almond Milk, or my delicious Pumpkin Frappe and Chocolate Green Mint Smoothie. You’ll be able to puree my sauces in a pinch and make my green chile hollandaise in a snap! It truly makes paleo quicker and easier. So that’s why this week, I’m all about simplicity with this blendtec giveaway! Sign up below the recipe! Giveaway runs until Monday July 27th at 11:59pm CST. TWO winners will be chosen at random to win a Blendtec Designer 725 (with their choice of either stainless steel or gunmetal color) and a Twister Jar to accompany it. Like a date. That’s a $759.90 value. If you didn’t know, that’s a lot of money. Craziness.

Oh, but before I leave you, if you want to take a sneak peek inside my book before you buy it, you can do that on Amazon right now! Click here then just click “look inside” right above the book cover! You’ll get a little glimpse into what my new cookbook looks like and the recipes you’ll find in there! And while you’re there, be sure to preorder it because it’s 48% off right now, meaning it’s marked down from $34.95 to only $18.13 now! How cheap is that?! And then it will ship to you in 4 short weeks!! Yayyyy, it’s so dang close!! Now get to eating some of my chocolate hazelnut spread and enter the giveaway below before it’s gone!!


Giveaway of the Week: Blendtec 725 + Twister Jar AND Sneak Peek Recipe

  • Yield: 1 1/2 cups 1x




  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  2. Place the hazelnuts on a rimmed baking sheet and bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until the hazelnuts have darkened and the skins easily fall off. Remove from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes.
  3. Use your fingers or a towel to remove the skins from the hazelnuts. They should come off pretty easily, but don’t worry if there are some random pieces of skin that won’t come off.
  4. Place the hazelnuts in a high-speed blender such as a Blendtec, or in a food processor. Process for about 20 to 30 seconds, until completely creamy.*
  5. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in a bowl in the microwave, then stir.
  6. Pour the melted chocolate into the blender or food processor and pulse until completely combined and smooth, about 2 to 3 minutes.
  7. Store in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

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Giveaway of the Week: Blendtec 725 + Twister Jar AND Sneak Peek Recipe PaleOMG Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

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  1. What fun! Would flip my lid ( pun intended) over the blender. Could really use one to make my healing smoothies and other recipes. Congrats on your book. Looks awesome!

    1. I’m w/ you, Alexis. I don’t have Twitter (nor do I want to), and I’m bummed I can’t enter the giveaways! Anyway you can incorporate Instagram and/or Facebook, Juli?? Pleeeeeease!!!!!!

  2. I have been wanting to make hazelnut butter. Can’t wait to try that recipe. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  3. How awesome and that recipe sounds amazing…a definite must try that I have saved and shared as well! 🙂

  4. Jamie Poindexter

    Would absolutely love a Blendtec! What a great giveaway! can’t wait to make that hazelnut spread, hopefully my husband won’t devour it before I get a taste 🙂

  5. FYI, the tweet is 9 characters over the limit so I had to amend it a tad…..I love this recipe and can not wait to get my cookbook!

  6. I got my Blendtec after two similiar-cost competing-brand blenders broke. I would love to keep a new one, and hand my current Blendtec to family.

  7. Is this the sign up? Juli — I love your recipes!!! I so appreciate all the time you put into your blog, into the recipes—& that you give us—your fans!!


  8. I agree with Juli, Blendec makes the finest blender in the world.

    Having worked in many commercial kitchens in the area, having one of their blenders at my disposal guaranteed perfect results consistently.

    My customers all rave about the smoothness and delicious consistency of their smoothies and soups. I bring the customers back into my kitchen and show them how its done.

    So grateful for this website and Blendtec.

  9. Oh my goodness, this is possibly the most exciting giveaway ever. I am a big sucker for smoothies, blended coffee and soups and have had a Blendtec in sight forever!

    Also, that hazelnut spread is so dangerous, I both love and hate you for it. Happy Tuesday!

  10. I’ve always said there’s nothing to look forward to on Tuesdays – I stand corrected!!

  11. Jeanette Wadsworth

    Chocolate Hazelnut Spread…..!?!?!?!?!?! OH MY!!!!
    Christmas will be coming early this year for friends and family!!

    Thank you – thank you – thank you

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  13. I love my Nutribullet for my green smoothies but sometimes it’s just too small for certain needs. A Blendtec would be Awesome (Boston term) to have!! Love all your recipes! Can’t what to try more!

  14. Catherine Smith

    Saw a demo at my local Costco and vowed to get one on Christmas after I’ve saved for it. Thanks for the opportunity! I think you’re gorgeous, confident and great at what you do!

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    Would so love to enter this giveaway, but I don’t do Twitter. Any way to open it up to FB or Instagram users? Pretty please!!!

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    Is this then entry? (are our comments what veneer us? ) I saw someone say something about twitter buy I done have it- I follow you on Instagram ; )

  18. I’ve already got my book pre-ordered, and I’m stoked for it! I wish I was a twitter user so I could enter the giveaway.
    But oh man, you should slap your copy editor. There’s a typo in all the promo material! “You EXCEPT me to not eat cake anymore?”

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    I can’t wait to try this!!
    Do you think I would be able to use Coco and coconut oil instead of chocolate chips?

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  24. Hey Juli! First of all, this giveaway is awesome! I’d love to own a Blendtec since my blender is on its last legs. Second, thanks for being such an awesome and thorough blogger! I love reading about your recipes and trying them out. I’ve felt so much better since eating a more paleo-inspired diet. I’d like to start taking my workouts to a new level so I was wondering if you can do a post on how you started Crossfit? For example, did you do classes? How many times a week? How long did it take to become comfortable with all the moves and terminology? How quickly did you start to feel and see results?Maybe you’ve already done that and if so, please let me know where I could find it! I’d love to get a better idea of how you started on your journey to get some inspiration and possibly try it myself. Thanks girl! Have an awesome Tuesday

    1. when I first started doing my own version of CF, I started in just a regular gym in college, modifying workouts i found on, starting with push ups on my knees and pull ups on the assisted machine. i watched a ton of videos online and taught myself most of the movements. after about 6-8 months in a regular gym, i joined a crossfit gym and started doing cf 5 days per week, resting on the weekend. i started seeing results pretty quickly, within the first few months because i was also pairing it with paleo/gluten free diet. then i wanted to compete so i started doing 2-a-days about 3-4 times per week. i hope that helps! it definitely takes a little time to get comfortable with the movements and terminology, but the more you do it, the faster it all comes together!

  25. I do not have twitter but commented anyway. This would be a great birthday present for me.
    Please enter my name.

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  30. Just came back from Mathew Kenney’s academy training ..
    In the plant lab there we only used Blendec
    Came back to my old blender..dreaming of the day this fine exquisite equipment will appear in my humble kitchen..

    Your recipes are so good and your blog is like a garden in bloom..


  31. Would love to win, but I do not have a twitter account. The chocolate hazelnut spread looks divine!

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    Great recipe and thanks for a chance to win the blendtec and jar. My sister has one and loves it. I have been wanting to purchase one. You are the best. Keep those recipes coming.

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