How To Use A Microneedle & The Benefits

Ok, so I totes love working on my face as much as possible. I love lasering the sh*t out of it, getting facials, getting cryo facials, using different serums, getting chemical peels, trying new products, getting botox…really anything that will help me ease into aging a little more gracefully, I’m into it. But because I’m aging and the collagen and elastin in my body are decreasing with time, more fine lines and ice pick are beginning to pop up. And I’m not a fan.

I go to my esthetician regularly (you can see my favorite treatments and products here), trying to get in once a month, but I asked her if there was anything I could do at home to help more with the aging signs. That’s when she handed me a .25mm microneedle! She said she uses hers daily and her skin is truly magnificent! (if you are in Denver, I’ll have her information at the end of this post!)

Microneedling is a small handheld device with thin needles that creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which makes new collagen and elastin, and helps products penetrate deeper into the skin. Using a microneedle can improve:

  • skin texture
  • firmness
  • scars
  • pore size
  • stretch marks

And since microneedling creates a pathway for topical treatments to get deeper into the skin, it should be combined with a product you love, like a vitamin rich serum or a peptide. Right now, I’m using a vitamin a treatment, but be careful using that if you are new to microneedling because it could be a little too harsh on the skin to start. There are a million different products out there to use, but after hearing multiple bloggers and friends recommend this youth oil, I think I will be adding that to my routine soon!

I created a short video for you guys to show how I use my .25mm microneedle but here is a little written review, as well!

  1. I wash my face with this mandelic acid cleanser
  2. I clean my face with mandelic acid pads
  3. I put my vitamin a treatment on my cheek and use my .25mm microneedle to roll 10 times vertically in each spot around my chin, mouth, cheek and eye, then horizontally and diagonally each way. Then I put the vitamin a treatment on once more in the spots I just rolled.
  4. Then I do my other cheek area. Then my forehead area. Then I fill in any spots that I missed (meaning they are not red).
  5. After I finish microneedling, I put on a prescribed hydroquinone cream to help reduce dark spots on the skin.
  6. Then I put on my night cream, neck cream and hand cream.

Remember, your face will be red and a bit tender, which is why I do it at night and not in the morning! And just a warning, you should do a test area first before you start any sort of regimen since an allergic reaction to the serum could happen.

They say that results can take up to 8 weeks to see, and I can’t say I see amazing results from my time spent using a microneedle on my own face. BUT I also don’t see results daily from the food I eat, or the time I spend in the gym, or the probiotics I take, or the collagen I drink. I trust all of those things to continue to work over time so I can age gracefully. And hopefully someday get rid of these ice pick scars that piss me the hell off!

If you are in the Colorado area, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my esthetician that has completely changed my skin. Every time I see her, my skin improves. My pore size looks better, my skin is softer, and the texture is smoother. And since I still deal with some adult acne, she always does a treatment that helps my acne out! She’s truly amazing! I am so lucky to have found her! And if you’re not in Denver, I’m working on having her on the podcast to talk about her background so hopefully you can find a trustworthy person in your area!

  • Shawn at Cherry Hills Facial Aesthetics 720-459-7960

Remember that I am not a professional, a doctor or an esthetician. See a professional before starting any sort of regimen.

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


60 thoughts on “How To Use A Microneedle & The Benefits”

  1. I know you talked about this briefly in your podcast but I can really tell a huge difference in your hair lately!! It just looks thicker and longer!! So healthy too 🙂 I started taking collagen and prenatal vitamins like you mentioned. Led to some interesting discussions at work lol.

    1. I thought the same thing about Juli’s hair!! It’s literally the reason I purchased Vital Proteins collagen. Well that and who doesn’t want to look younger in general.

  2. You’re just the best! “Hi Neighbor..” I’m dead. One of the many reasons I keep up with all of your jazz is because I think you’re a hilarious lady. Thanks for all of the free and fabulous information!

  3. I’m half way through a tub of collagen and I’ve noticed a difference in how I feel for sure! Yay Vital Proteins. I also ordered Butcher Box and I’m so glad ???? we love it so far!!! Now I’ve gotta research needling. If Julie says it’s good I believe it!!!! Thanks lady. You’re the best.

  4. Christianne Warlick

    How do you clean the microneedle? I have one of these as well but when I bought mine the reviews for it had conflicting opinions on the best way to clean them.

  5. Literally read this, went to Amazon, and bought one! Rodan+Fields has been selling them for awhile as what of course is a ridiculously over-priced cost. It’ll be great prep for my wedding a year from now! Thanks for another great recommendation!

    1. i heard they were super expensive. and from my experience, their sales team is excessively pushy which creeps me out so i never use their products

  6. I have been hoping you would do a post on this! I’m a skincare fanatic and love your skin regimen posts. I’ve been researching microneedling but have been hesitant to jump in because needles freak me out! Did it bother you at first or do you not really feel it? P.S. You are hilarious; please do more of these.

  7. I just went for my first appointment with Shawn today! I can already tell that she is going to work some serious magic on my dull, acne scarred, sun damaged skin. I was seeing someone else in Denver who just wasn’t cutting it. Shawn really seems to know her stuff and is so thorough. I had a bunch of stuff done today and I can’t wait to go back! Of course she asked me who referred me and I said you and I’m fairly certain the way I talked about your skin, she must’ve thought we were BFFs! Nope just longtime blog reader and Instagram story stalker haha! Thanks a million for the recommendation!

  8. Disclaimer- I promise I’m not trying to sell you anything. Just curious if you have ever tried beautycounter and what your opinion was? I thought I had seen a few friends of yours are consultants, so I had assumed you’d tried it!

    1. i’ve only tried a few things, but i actually just ordered some new products that they recently came out with and i’m going to try it out and let you know what i like soon!

  9. great vlog! I saw these micro needlers maybe like 13 years ago, and my 22 year old self said “nah i don’t need it” so i never looked into again… until now. it would be awesome if your esthetician would be on your podcast, I was just thinking of asking you if she could be a guest.

  10. Julie, I found your blog two years ago and it changed my life. You inspired me to eat whole food (I’m not strict anything, just strictly happy) and take the leap to try cross fit. Needless to say, my life is much healthy and happier because of it. Recently, my husband and I moved to Indonesia so I could finish some research for my dissertation. It’s been a difficult transition considering cockroaches the size of my foot and pythons that eat grown adults. But a few times a week I make my way to a hotel to use their WI-FI and read your blog. It brings back that sense of community that is defiantly lacking in a new country with culture shock and isolation. I cannot wait to try all these new recipes when we return in June 2018! Keep the posts coming! Love you girl!

    1. awwwww that’s so damn awesome!! so glad i could a little sunlight in a tough time. that would be such a culture shock and so hard being away from your friends and family. i hope time goes by fast but i hope you still enjoy all your time there!

  11. How many times per week are you micro needling? I have one but I forget to use it so I’m not seeing much benefit. I need to get in a regular routine.

  12. I know you have mentioned you struggle with cystic acne, or had in the past. I have this same issue and am wondering whether this had helped prevent cystic acne. Do you have other recommendations for treatment and prevention of cystic acne that have worked for you? Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks, and I love your blog and podcast!

  13. Hi Julie what is the peptide you were mentioning. I am sorry for not being knowledgeable about the products. And what are the best budget friendly products that I can use. Lastly do I need to do this daily or once a week is enought. I want to do it gor my open pores and acne scar problems.
    Thank you


  14. As someone who occasionally has adult break-outs,, wondering if you bypass an actual zit if you have one while micro needling? Or does that help heal breakouts? Thanks for your time you spend on such a variety of great blog content!!

  15. Hi Juli!

    I’ve been a huge fan of yours for the last several years 🙂 It all started with your infamous Pumpkin Granola! **drool** Also, you are freakin’ hilarious, and so personable which makes watching your videos loads of fun : ) I’m excited to try out a new facial regime, utilizing the microneedle. I’m curious about the hydroquinone cream you use though (I didn’t see a brand posted). I’ve battled hyperpigmentation for the last several years, and especially after having my daughter (6.5 years ago) my skin has not been as clear/bright. I also haven’t found a hydroquinone cream that I trust putting on my face because of the chemicals that are typically found in these types of cream. When you have the opportunity, could you possibly post which one you have used with good results (and that compliments the other products you’ve used)? I am aware that the kind you use might not work for me, but I’m willing to check it out and give it a whirl!

    Thank you in advance, and thank you for all of the wonderful recipes you post, the skin products you’ve tried and love, and staying true to who you are!


    Jane (from Aptos, CA)

  16. Hi Juli! Thanks for posting this. Quick question- you mention using any product with the needle. I use a topical acne medication (Tazorac) prescribed by my dermatologist… am I able to use this with my microneedle or would that be a bad combination? Thanks in advance!

    1. oh girl, that’s definitely a question for your doctor, not a person like me! sorry i can’t help more, but doc or dermatologist is the way to go for that sort of advice!

  17. I have tried and liked microneedling, after talking to Andy Hnilo from Alitura Naturals about it at Paleo f(x). Really love it but have to admit I’ve been lazy lately! He had told me 1-3 times a week was plenty…gives your skin time to repair in between. And I totally believe that using collagen peptides daily makes more of a difference than anything you put on your skin. Totally appreciate the way you share this info…. like you I’m always trying to make my skin better. Just turned 51 and I’m very happy with it (after a lifetime of cystic acne) but always trying to improve (or at least maintain the status quo!)

  18. I just got mine in the mail last yesterday and used it last night. Thank you!!!! My skin already looks a little smoother. Keep bringing the beauty posts!! and thanks for simply being you.

  19. I got two, one for my face and one for my stretch marks (to see if it would help) and I haven’t seen a big difference in my face other than my forehead wrinkles being a little smoother and less noticeable (thank goodness!). My stretch marks, however, are a different story!! They are much less noticeable and some of the smaller ones are completely gone (unless you look super closely, but no one should be that close to my thighs). Thanks Juli!

  20. Hello there! I dig the video and post. However, the products you use and recommend in your posts are quite costly and there are a lot of them. Do you have any budge friendly recommendations that have similar ingredients and results?

    1. i don’t. i’m sorry! that’s the one thing i won’t skimp on. and i’m not sure about products with similar ingredients because i haven’t looked around myself. sorry i can’t help more!

  21. You have to watch out what you use before and after dermarolling. Highly concentrated serums that contain acids can harm your skin. These serums are formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin naturally. When you introduce the dermaroller, you’re taking the serums even more profound, to an area of your skin they should not reach. Beware of this! You can end up burning your skin and causing more dark spots and scars.

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