Ok, so I totes love working on my face as much as possible. I love lasering the sh*t out of it, getting facials, getting cryo facials, using different serums, getting chemical peels, trying new products, getting botox…really anything that will help me ease into aging a little more gracefully, I’m into it. But because I’m aging and the collagen and elastin in my body are decreasing with time, more fine lines and ice pick are beginning to pop up. And I’m not a fan.

I go to my esthetician regularly (you can see my favorite treatments and products here), trying to get in once a month, but I asked her if there was anything I could do at home to help more with the aging signs. That’s when she handed me a .25mm microneedle! She said she uses hers daily and her skin is truly magnificent! (if you are in Denver, I’ll have her information at the end of this post!)

Microneedling is a small handheld device with thin needles that creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which makes new collagen and elastin, and helps products penetrate deeper into the skin. Using a microneedle can improve:

  • skin texture
  • firmness
  • scars
  • pore size
  • stretch marks

And since microneedling creates a pathway for topical treatments to get deeper into the skin, it should be combined with a product you love, like a vitamin rich serum or a peptide. Right now, I’m using a vitamin a treatment, but be careful using that if you are new to microneedling because it could be a little too harsh on the skin to start. There are a million different products out there to use, but after hearing multiple bloggers and friends recommend this youth oil, I think I will be adding that to my routine soon!

I created a short video for you guys to show how I use my .25mm microneedle but here is a little written review, as well!

  1. I wash my face with this mandelic acid cleanser
  2. I clean my face with mandelic acid pads
  3. I put my vitamin a treatment on my cheek and use my .25mm microneedle to roll 10 times vertically in each spot around my chin, mouth, cheek and eye, then horizontally and diagonally each way. Then I put the vitamin a treatment on once more in the spots I just rolled.
  4. Then I do my other cheek area. Then my forehead area. Then I fill in any spots that I missed (meaning they are not red).
  5. After I finish microneedling, I put on a prescribed hydroquinone cream to help reduce dark spots on the skin.
  6. Then I put on my night cream, neck cream and hand cream.

Remember, your face will be red and a bit tender, which is why I do it at night and not in the morning! And just a warning, you should do a test area first before you start any sort of regimen since an allergic reaction to the serum could happen.

They say that results can take up to 8 weeks to see, and I can’t say I see amazing results from my time spent using a microneedle on my own face. BUT I also don’t see results daily from the food I eat, or the time I spend in the gym, or the probiotics I take, or the collagen I drink. I trust all of those things to continue to work over time so I can age gracefully. And hopefully someday get rid of these ice pick scars that piss me the hell off!

If you are in the Colorado area, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my esthetician that has completely changed my skin. Every time I see her, my skin improves. My pore size looks better, my skin is softer, and the texture is smoother. And since I still deal with some adult acne, she always does a treatment that helps my acne out! She’s truly amazing! I am so lucky to have found her! And if you’re not in Denver, I’m working on having her on the podcast to talk about her background so hopefully you can find a trustworthy person in your area!

  • Shawn at Cherry Hills Facial Aesthetics 720-459-7960

Remember that I am not a professional, a doctor or an esthetician. See a professional before starting any sort of regimen.

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  1. Audrey Houston says:

    You have to watch out what you use before and after dermarolling. Highly concentrated serums that contain acids can harm your skin. These serums are formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin naturally. When you introduce the dermaroller, you’re taking the serums even more profound, to an area of your skin they should not reach. Beware of this! You can end up burning your skin and causing more dark spots and scars.