JB’s Viewpoint on Paleo

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Why do I keep calling myself JB? Stupid.

What’s up with my picture for this post? Yeah…I don’t know either.

Ok. I don’t really like talking about paleo with people. I definitely like talking about food, that’s for effing sure, but paleo…that’s a touchy subject. Even with people who eat paleo. Everyone thinks their opinion is right. Little do they know, it’s actually me who is ALWAYS right. Ok, I’m kidding.

But people don’t like being questioned, ESPECIALLY if it’s about what they eat. So I don’t question people. But when they question ME and tell ME what I’m eating is dumb, I want to cut a b*tch. Geez, that was a bit much. But seriously, I don’t question your oatmeal, I don’t care about your pizza, and I sure don’t give a f*ck about how many beers you had last night. So why do you care what I eat? Your life is YOURS. You make it whatever you want. You create your future. And you are in control of your health. So if oatmeal allows you to poop because of it’s ‘added fiber’ (well, you’re a liar) but I’m happy for you.

The thing is, the paleo diet was created off of the assumptions of the caveman diet. Cool. I’m not a caveman. I may not shower as often as I should, but I’m definitely not hunting down my food, suffocating it with my massive thighs, then eating it’s liver for extra iron. That’s just not me. Now chasing after a cupcake truck, that’s a different story. But I eat a certain way because it makes me feel better. My bowel movements are awesome. Yes, I did just say that. And I perform in the gym better than I ever have. Do I eat bacon? Yes. Do I eat a BALLS TON of fat in the form of nut butters? Yes. Do I eat chocolate covered walnuts far too often? Oh sh*t yes. But I still call myself paleo and am quite fine with that. Does that mean I follow the ‘paleo guidelines’ out there? No. But that’s because I was crazy strict paleo for some time and it didn’t work with my lifestyle. It made me crazy. Tell me I can’t have something, I want it 10x more. I’m like any other human out there.

But because of how much I’ve played around with my diet, I know what works for me. I know that I can’t eat a ton of cheese, but I’ll definitely do it sometimes. I know I will gain weight when I’m eating a sh*t ton of sweet potatoes, but I’ll still do it sometimes. And I know all this stuff because I’ve tried it all. I’ve been a little chubster eating my whole wheat sandwhiches and low fat crackers, thinking what I was doing was right. I’ve also been the very skinny person eating rice and beans. I was the person who hated the paleo diet and thought it was unrealistic. But then I tried it. And used my brain to it’s full potential. And figured out that what I had been eating in the past made me feel terrible.

Ok, now I’m just going on a rant. The whole reason I’m writing this is because paleo is what you make it. I update this website with recipes regularly to give people options. That may mean I will call my Bacon Alfredo a “paleo” dish or my coconut and almond flour waffle a “paleo” dish. You’re not cool with that? You havin’ a sh*t fit because cavemen didn’t have the means to cook like that? I don’t give a sh*t. Seriously. This is my website and I will make whatever I please and call it what I want.

I really do respect everyone’s opinion out there, but I also never want anyone to be afraid of trying the paleo lifestyle because they think it is intimidating and/or restricting. The paleo diet is what you want it to be.

Are you a Whole9 follower that restricts your sugar and does not make paleo pancakes because it is defeating the purpose of cleaning out your diet and getting control of brain? Awesome bro.

Or are you a Mark Sisson follower who still consumes raw milks and cheeses? Cool bro.

Or are you a Health-Bent or Civilized Caveman follower who mixes up their diet with gluten free meals and amazing primal desserts? Sweet bro.

I don’t care what you follow, but do one thing for me…stop questioning other people’s lifestyles. Stop forcing your ideas on others, paleo or not. And stop thinking your way is the only way. I eat this way because I love it, but I know my friends can eat grains and are perfectly fine. I don’t care that they do that, nor do I say anything when they do. Because it’s THEIR body and THEIR life.

And start reading. Figure out that one way isn’t THE ONLY way. These are some of my favorite websites and resources out there.

Health-Bent’s point of view- my favorite, it works best for me!


Mark’s Daily Apple

Robb Wolf

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


146 thoughts on “JB’s Viewpoint on Paleo”

  1. Amen ~ I feel the same way. Don’t care what people think, usually they go “Oh, it’s low-carb.” Well OK mostly. I don’t expect it to be for everyone. It works for me and it worked for my son, he lost 100 pounds and got in incredible shape. I’m older & slower & definitely lazier & I lost 40. Gained it all back when I added beans & rice (blamed the vegetarians I lived amongst for awhile), and I’m feeling better again after realigning what works for me. And what SATISFIES me! That’s what I love about YOU JB, you love your food, you eat that good sh*t til you can’t move. Mah sistah.

  2. So do you appreciate recipes shared by your readers? I stumbled across one I think you’ll love cos it’s luscious like all your recipes. But I don’t want to infringe. . .

      1. OK, found this recipe on “Karen’s Gourmet Low-Carb Recipes by Karen Barnaby.”
        Chicken w/ Bacon, Cream and Thyme
        (I changed that to “and Mushrooms”) 2 servs.
        So – Preheat oven to 350. Wrap two S&P seasoned chicken thighs with two slices of bacon each (recipe called for breasts but I love thighs cos they don’t dry out), forming an X around the thighs, and tuck 2 springs of fresh thyme each in under the bacon. Saute’ in an oven-safe pan til the thighs are browned on each side, in your favorite fat. I added some coarsely chopped criminis into the pan the last few minutes of browning. Cos I get inspired like that. Now add 1/2 c broth and 1/2 c coconut milk or cream (recipe called for heavy cream), and add a minced clove of garlic. Bring this to a boil, then bake uncovered in the oven for 15-20 minutes til the sauce has thickened a bit.
        Check your seasonings, and dig in. This was even better the second time around – I cut the chicken off the bone and chopped it up, added a little more broth & coconut milk, and enjoyed it again! Hope ya try it, hope ya like it, love you and your recipes and every word that comes out of your hilarious, realer than sh*t mouth!

  3. Just found your website last night. I love your straightforward and “real” personality Juli. I’ve been doing Crossfit for several months now and enjoy it. However, most of the people @ my box are on the Paleo diet and when they found out I wasn’t following it–seemed shocked. Then, I started to take away foods restricted by the Paleo Diet and then, like you said above, I wanted it more and then ended up having bingefests. It’s been a vicious cycle and I know it’s affecting my performance w/the workouts as well (no brainer), but I keep doing it. I don’t want to play anymore and what you said above was empowering for me. Do what works for me and stop thinking about what other people think about what I am eating. Period. Looking forward to more good reads from your blog! Thanks!

    1. That’s freakin awesome kt, I’m glad I could empower u in some sort of way. I used to do the exact same thing, restrict then binge then feel terrible about it. Not to say that I don’t do that at random times but it is very rare now that i allow myself peace of mind and dark chocolate. I think everyone should try the paleo diet just to try it but remember they are human as well, and not hate themselves for that

      1. I agree. I like trying new foods and feel the Paleo Diet has exposed me to new ingredients/combinations. I’m trying it out mainly to work out some digestive problems I have with the grains, dairy, legumes–which I see from reading some of your past posts–is something you notice as well (what “agrees” and does not agree with your tummy.)

        1. KT, i used to have a ton of digestive problems and thought that’s just how it was until I cut all those out. Now If I ever have a stomach ache it’s because either A) I consumed far too much chocolate or B) Because I’m dehydrated. It’s nice to know what I’m eating is helping me instead of hurting me

  4. great post! brings me back to planet earth when i start to get all crazy about my “paleo” diet and remember that i have to tweak it for me and it’s not the end of the world if i eat “paleo” pancakes or “paleo” cookies etc. yes i’m doing the whole30 but only cause i wanted to prove to myself that i could do it and cause i wasnt real good over the holidays and just wanted to get all that crap out of my system, i am looking forward to the end tho so i cannot be as picky! thanks juli, your posts always remind me that we are human and have to make it work for us, not “them”. :0) you rock!

  5. Amen to that. Thanks for the post. When my doc recommended Primal Blueprint to me at the end of May last year, I had never heard of it. Needless to say, thanks to the internet, I found a whole new world. I dropped 40 pounds (10 to go!) following the primal blueprint (I just can’t totally give up dairy) but find a lot of great stuff from the paleo community. When people ask how I lost the weight and I mention primal/paleo, the most common reply is “what’s that?” and so it’s a great opportunity to educate! Thanks to all that you do!

  6. I’m kind of a half and halfer and moving more in your direction rather than the other way and can see the benefits. I actually see Paleo as being a very balanced diet with regard to nutrition. Cooking with coconut oil now, something I never thought I’d do…. By the way, I gave your site to a gal that I grew up with in Anchorage who belongs to a “Paleo Fitness Club”. She, and her friends, are probably lurking on your site as we speak.

  7. Fuck yeah. Eat what you want, but at least be fucking educated about it. I mean, it’s only your health, for crying out loud.

  8. Wonderful post, JB (I like this new nickname!) =) I totally agree. I think this applies to most controversial topics.

    For me it is simply this:
    1) be open
    2) be educated
    3) be nice.

    If you can do this, I gladly will talk to you. If not, no thanks….I have food prep to do.

  9. From one JB to another…sing it sista! I have fallen in the rut of telling those around me to eat Paleo or die and lemme say, doesnt work. People need to try it and see if it works for them. Can I stop the eye roll when someone comments on my bacon,avacado and eggs while they attack whole wheat pancakes with syrup, side of banana and an OJ? well no but thats why i splurged on Ray Bans this holiday season.

  10. You are my hero lady! THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST AND TRUE TO YOURSELF. You inspire me to do the same in a world where people dont know how to keep their mouth shut.

  11. You obviously know that I love your viewpoint on this as you live with me and i NEVER feel like you judge me. In fact, you take what I am craving (pizza, pancakes, pumpkin, etc) and help me make it better for me. Your attitude and the way you view Paleo is what makes me feel like I could actually do it. I guess we will see in the coming weeks 🙂

    Thank you for empowering me and motivating me to make my life better and healthier. Also – super excited that i can actually comment now!! Go new website! BOOM

    1. I love that I can hear exactly how you’re saying boom. No one else knows. I love you Laura. Wanna make pancakes this weekend? Great. me too.

  12. Now I can eat my Espresso Dark Chocolate for breakfast in peace :). Couldn’t agree more; it’s funny how when people push their ideas on “you” it’s easier to be offended & push back vs. simply doing your thing with confidence & ease.

  13. I started following your blog because I liked your take on the paleo diet and the recipes you provide. I’ve wanted to try paleo for awhile now but was either too scared or thought some of the info and recipes I saw out on the interwebs was too strict and I’d fail at keeping up after a few days. I made a variation of your bacon wrapped meatloaf earlier in the week for dinner and my husband told me it was the best ever and why didn’t I ever make it that way before! Love the blog, your recipes and your sauciness 🙂

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog/site. I look forward to checking in with you every morning. I have been a silent follower for a while now…im a little shy and always worry about my spelling and if what i write makes any sense. I have been CrossFitting for a about 5 months and Paleo(ish) for 4. I am loving all of it…the good, the bad and the ugly. And by ugly i am referring to calluses on my hands and the way i probably look when i get up at 530 in the morning to WOD. Actually, i am super proud of my calluses. Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that YOU make difference in my life (and i am sure many others). Your no nonsense, keep the sh*t real attitude is so refreshing. As i can actually identify with you. Speaking of which, your picture of the sign on your lawn. I have been wanting to put a sign, just like yours, on my lawn for years. What’s up with that? Crap in your on yard or at least clean up after your dog!

  15. Another awesome post. I’m glad you talked about this, because I always felt bad that I’m not one of those “scream Paleo from the rooftops, convert all my family and friends” kind of people. I kinda felt bad about it for a while, and was all “I’m a terrible person because I don’t care about what the people in my life eat”. Truth is, I don’t care what other people eat, and I don’t want them to care about what I eat! Don’t ask me a million questions about what I “can” and “can’t” eat at the dinner table. Just shut the hell up and don’t look at me.

    Top five blog posts, for real.

  16. Awesome post…it’s so true. You totally have to find what works for your own body. I’ve been guilty of being judgmental of others (cuz, of course, I know I’m right), as my best friend is a vegan *gasp* and also still about 25 pounds overweight *duh*…but since I’ve gotten so tired of people being critical of my eating habits (even though I never get sick and am at an ideal body weight and body fat %) I’ve given up on judging (or IMO trying to be helpful) others choices!!!!

  17. Great rant, but my paleo point of view gets even more extreme than the luminaries you mention. You see, I’m a farmer who was paleo long before paleo became paleo when I made a commitment to eat ‘clean’….only pastured/browsed meat either I or someone I personally knew had raised. Same went for veggies, fruit & dairy. When my milk cow (yes, I even milked her) went dry, I gave up dairy entirely for a year, but have gone back to some since my butter supply ran low. I got a little lenient with the nuts since macadamias and Brazil nuts don’t grow here, but opt for organic when I can get them. I eat lots of local fish & game foods, too. But my point is this….while the paleo/primal/whatever way of eating you want to call it, unless you are eating CLEAN foods…not sh!T meats from Costco, you might as well still be sucking down a Twinkie at the molecular level of cellular damage done to your body. Just remember, it not ‘you are what you eat’….it’s ‘you are what you eat eats.’

    1. Joel YOU’RE AWESOME. I think you’re a dude, but I’m not positive, but love when guys post on the website because it doesn’t happen often. Thank you!

  18. Oh Juli – You are a breath of fresh effin air! You make my days so much more enjoyable when I read your rants. When someone pisses me off about my opinion I tell em – “This is Jeanneosophy baby” and when they ask – “What’s that?” My reply is “Jeanneosophy – I’m right and you’re wrong” 😀

  19. This post is so timely. I’ve had a few group potlucks that I’ve been to lately and it drives me crazy that people comment on what I’m eating (or not eating). I’m just eating my own stuff that I brought and I don’t comment on their cinnamon rolls, or breads, or pastas, or bean infested chili, so why do they have to comment on the fact that I’m only eating the muffins I brought? Makes me want to become a hermit and never have to deal with people again! I’m getting better at not getting so upset though and watching them get sick around me when me, my husband and my two kids are all in school and daycare of some sort and not one of use spikes a fever, runny nose, or throws up. I feel like our health speaks loud enough.

    And I completely agree with you on making Paleo work for you. I could never do the strict whole 30 cold turkey. I had to transition into it over the course of a year and do what worked best for me and my family. It was freaking hard! Try telling your six year old he can’t have cereal with his milk. Do you know what happens? He cries…real emotional I’m heartbroken over my cereal cries…not even the annoying I’m just trying to get my way crying. Anyway … I make Paleo “treats” all the time because that’s how I can go to the grocery store with my kiddos and not load up on cookies and cereal. It gives them something to look forward to. It helps my husband not buy goodies at the coffee shop in between classes. We all do what we can to be healthy and live happy.

    Thanks for your post and sorry for the crazy long reply. Also, I love squash as much as you do. Unfortunately my family doesn’t. They need to learn to like it though because I keep making your recipes anyway, even if they’re not super happy, hahaha.

    1. We all do what we need to do Jacey! And thank you for the long reply! It’s always great to hear what’s on people’s mind! Stay healthy and happy!! That was cheesy.

  20. Heck yeah, Juli! Eff all those Paleo Nazis, LOL I love my grass-fed cheese, dark chocolate, & almond/coconut flour more than anything, and I’m totally for tweaking Paleo for what makes YOU feel good. I’m just doing Whole 30 bc, like Dani, I want to prove it to myself (I got too Paleo baking crazy, lol I love raw organic honeyyy!) and I totally threw Paleo out the window after Thanksgiving until now. Dumbest choice EVER. Felt horrible and couldn’t fit into my pants! Anyway, grok ok! This post is what a lot of people need to read.

  21. Awesome!!! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. My January calendar is filled with a new recipe every day. I have loved everyone.
    Currently I am dairy and gluten free so they work awesome.
    People do need to check in with there bodies and figure it out.
    I love how my husband puts it when he sees very overweight unhealthy people, “and that is just somehow okay”.
    Dont complain, figure your sh*t out and do something!!!
    Thanks for your site!!

  22. I LOVED this! You just kicked off my weekend to a GREAT start! You tell them my beautiful cousin! Love you to the moon!

  23. Juli, your site is the sh*t! My friends just turned me on to your site a few days ago when they sent me a link to this rant. Brilliant. I knew when I read this rant that you get it. It is 100% about finding what works for you, and this can be applied to diet, exercise and every other aspect of life. I started paleo about 7 months ago kind of on accident. I went on vacation with my friends who are hardcore crossfitters and eat paleo and in order not to be a pain in the a$$ from a food perspective I conformed to their diet for the 2 weeks we were together (there were more of them then there were of me). After two weeks of paleo I felt like a million bucks and I haven’t looked back since. I’m an ex crossfitter, I used to do it for about a year when the first crossfit gyms in Boulder were just starting up. I do my own thing now even though i borrow heavily from crossfit… it works for me and I think I’m in some of the best shape of my life. It can be a challenge at times, my biggest problem has been finding menu variety, which is why i think your site is great, the recipes are awesome! I know my pizza/ hostess cupcake eating friends will probably never understand the way i eat, but my response to them is always “don’t knock it till you try it… i was skeptical at first too”. To each their own I guess. Anyway, keep up the awesome work, your site is fan-freakin-tastic!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! Once you get on the paleo diet, there is no turning back. You just feel too good!! Glad you’ve found a great path for yourself! That’s what life is all about!

  24. I love what you’ve got here! I’m always looking for inspiration on new paleo recipes to try and you are so right in that you need to figure out how Paleo works for you in your own life. I would lvoe it if you would check out…it‘s an account of 365 days of paleo recipes, crossfit workouts, and craft beer (if you’re going to drink beer, might as well drink GOOD beer, right?).

    I’d love if you checked it out. Thanks for some new ideas!

  25. I love what you’ve got here! I’m always looking for inspiration on new paleo recipes to try and you are so right in that you need to figure out how Paleo works for you in your own life. I would lvoe it if you would check out .it’s an account of 365 days of paleo recipes, crossfit workouts, and craft beer (if you’re going to drink beer, might as well drink GOOD beer, right?).

    I’d love if you checked it out. Thanks for some new ideas!

  26. IFYI- ‘m sure it’s because my workplace has an old version of IE, but the pics on the new home page are ginormous and cover half of the posts on the page. I’m having a real tough time telling when there’s a new post (and then getting to them). Not a problem when I’m at home, but I dig checking this site to break up the day.

  27. JB – I’m a dietitian, and I always feel like I’m on the “hot seat” when people ask me about my lifestyle/diet. I love your attitude about it and your blog, in general. The fact that you throw around the F bomb and other cuss words on a regular basis is pretty awesome. I’m sending you a high five via the Internet and a big, fat “F yeah!”

  28. i’m like at least 1/8 paleo – on my dad’s side.

    all kidding aside…great points. haters are gonna hate…i read a quote that seems to sum up those out there who feel the need to come on your site and “educate” you on their beliefs.

    “arrogance is like training wheels on a bike…it’s for weak people with little balance.”

    keep on keepin’ on. thanks for the love.

  29. Juli,

    Your blog is hilaaarious. I just started Crossfit in November and am participating in the Whole30 Challenge this month, so I have been trolling the web to find great sites with delicious recipes to keep the food boredom at bay. I love everything you have to say and I especially love the way you say it.

    Keep it up! And uhm, I’m blogging about my experience here: if you’re interested. Your writing has inspired me to amp up the amount of sass I include in any given post, so thank you for that.


    1. Thank you soooo much Heather!! I’ve actually looked at your blog before and LOVE it! Gorgeous and simple layout with amazing looking food and recipes!! You may be getting an email from me soon!

  30. Juli,
    OMG…you are hilarious and just a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for your honesty. It’s so hard to find these days. I’m new to paleo and I do struggle with the dos and don’ts. I too have had many digestive issues, so I’m really starting to learn what works for me. My next goal will be working out. Closest gym is 45 min away and not easy to get to. The joys of living of bf egypt. Anyway, you are encouraging and enlightening and completely love your honesty. Thanks for your blog. LOVE IT!!!

    1. Thank you Jan!! Let’s get you working out!! I could help you figure out some workouts to do at home!! Email me if you would like some help!

  31. Juli, I’m so glad I found your blog while looking for good Paleo recipes. Instead of getting my rest for tomorrow’s WOD (which is Fight Gone Bad, I’ve spent the last two hours looking through your site. But you’re worth it.

    You are more addictive than chocolate.

    I’m hooked and a new fan. Love ya, girl!

  32. Juli,

    After reading this blog, I am reminded that I might be eating to much sweet potato. I usually eat sweet potato pieces after my morning WOD with sardines. On average, I eat 3-4 medium sized sweet potatoes a week. Do you think this is to excessive? I love the sardines with the sweet potato, they go great together, do you have any ideas on another side for my sardines?

    1. Michelle it totally depends on your size and metabolism AND goals. I’d say 1-2 is a good amount for an average women, but it will range depending on each person.

  33. I just read your blog tonight for the first time. This post first and then many more. I love it. I walked into our local crossfit gym last June on an impulse to change and I’m hooked. Change feels good, but I keep it to myself. My change is for me and everyone else has to walk their own road. Keep loving life and living passionately.

  34. Bravo!! I get questioned all the time as well. I’m not strict as I should or could be but being deployed make eating paleo really stinking difficult. But I do what I can with what I have and when I do “cheat” I pay for it later… In more ways than one, if you know what I mean. So keep it up, I really appriciate your blog and all the fantastic recipes that I will soon have to try after I get back home from this deployment.

  35. Thank you so much for this Juli. I am so sick of people making paleo impossible to follow by creating unrealistic restrictions. You hit it on the head: I am so proud of the people that can live that way, but I also feel the apex of caveman/woman evolution is the elusive cupcake truck hunt 😉

  36. I stumbled upon your website because of your post for sweet potato brownies! Thank you for your posts! You have a more down to earth approach to this whole Paleo business in my opinion. I dropped sugar, wheat & dairy for 10 days – my workouts were AMAZING, and I dropped 5 pounds. Then, sugar & I got back together and had, what you might refer to as “make up sex” and now I’m addicted again! I think time for Whole30 just to prove to myself and see my workouts and general health improve! I am definitely going to keep following!

    1. Sugar is quite the bitch. If i want to be completely clean on my diet, i don’t even go near sugar and the cravings go away pretty quickly. Give sugar the cold shoulder! you can do it!

  37. I am so late to your party because I just found out about you through Multiply Delicious. Once I got here and started looking around, I stumbled in here. I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this post. I am fairly new to Paleo but I already know that “strict” Paleo isn’t going to work for me (I did it strict, strict for several months) so I’ve been trying some variations. It’s going to take me a bit to figure it all out, but in the meantime, I wish I could have written this myself.

    Also, Ima just give you a High Five (I actually do have a regular post on my blog called Friday High Five – you will be on it this week) for your recipes that use regular ingredients. Not too much craziness here – just the sort of site I’ve been looking for to help me along my Paleo way.

  38. You are such an inspiration, Juli ! I am new to your blog… just stumbled upon it searching for recipes… this rant has given me such relief, and now I can accept the fact that I shouldn’t beat myself up over falling off the paleo wagon every now and again. Thanks for being strong… sometimes being strong isn’t a measure of how much we can lift, but how much we can bear. You rock, Chicklet ! Good luck in the Open ! (p.s. I only got 104 burpees)… lol… 🙂

  39. Ok, I’m not stalking your blog I swear…well maybe I am but my stalking stops there 🙂 I had to comment on this because I feel the same way.

    I am trying Paleo(ish) eating because clearly I am not getting all the results that I want with the way I’ve been eating for years. So I’ve been posting on FB about my new eatingl, and of course someone posts an anti-Paleo eating blog on my page. And of course this friend who posted it is not one that I’d ever seek fitness/eating advice from because I know how she eats and (not) exercises. I don’t bust her a** for eating sh*t food and doing jacksh*t for exercise but ya know clearly *I* am the one “drinking the Kool-aid” as far as Paleo is concerned.

    Whatever. Tonight I’ll enjoy my deer steaks, grilled asparagus and cauliflower “rice”, bask in the fact that it’s delicious food and remind myself that “she” doesn’t even know what a dead lift or box jump is.

  40. I found your blog via pinterest and I tried your avocado slaw and it was completely amazing! I have been wanting to try paleo but it’s scary when you look into it and see that there are booooks dedicated to it. That is just way to much work I say..I work full-time and school full-time. I am with you I just need to stick to working out and tweaking what I eat to work for me…and hopefully find a way to lose the last 20lbs. Because deep down i’m a fat kid in a medium sized body…lovvveee foood!

    1. Figure out what works for you and go with it. Just because someone says you should do something doesn’t mean it’s the right way 🙂 your body is yours!!

  41. Hey
    I LOVE eating paleo, I’m a kiwi (new zealander) living in Abu Dhabi in the UAE and it’s super hard to find stuff here but I’ve manged to track down coconut oil which I buy by the gallon – oh and we have the sneaky bacon section in the supermarket, its like the xxx section of a video store – naughty kids corner etc.

    I love the lifestyle, its so amazingly tasty, I love meat, eggs and I get sick to shit of people telling me that I shouldn’t eat bacon… would help though if I was trimming down, I have not lost any weight to date, I have eliminated dairy (not really fussed), all wheat etc… my only vice is chocolate, i don’t eat a tonne of it but clearly enough to stop me from dropping inches – something I need to work on clearly.

    Sadly, there is no such thing as Crossfit in Abu Dhabi where I live which sucks, luckily I am moving to singapore in august which has a wicked crossfit community.

    Anyway, just wanted to say cheers for your awesome blog, it cracks me up and has some seriously shit hot recipes.

    Keep inspiring…!!

  42. I know this is a few months old, but I had to comment. I 100% agree. My philosophy on paleo matches yours, spot on. And you’d think that after 8 months paleo, that I’d be used to other people’s reaction but I swear that it sometimes catches me off guard. Why all the paleo-hate out there? And the paleo-police are as bad as the paleo-haters!

    My theory is that they are not eating enough bacon. 😉

    Thanks for posting this!

  43. Juli, I am not a mushy person AT ALL….however, I have to tell you that your blog has helped me so much already. I hated and I mean HATED Paleo when I first started. All I did was think about the wonderful things I could never eat again. It depressed me and made me feel like a failure every time I enjoyed something that wasn’t “on the list”. Your blog has given me a breath of fresh air and allowed me to make healthy, fun meals for my family. I lost 4 pounds this week eating your recipes!! If I wanted chocolate…I searched your recipes for a healthier version. If I wanted a good spaghetti squash recipe…I searched your blog. You are amazing and I want you to know your hard work is GREATLY appreciate. Keep up the good work…it’s making a difference.

  44. I must say I agree with a lot of your points on here. I have had to figure out what works for ME and what works for me may not work for others. I am still trying to figure all this out but it helps that I find sites like yours. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

    AND how did you like the snow today??/ Yeah, I’m from the Denver area too.

  45. I mean really I hate this picture its from 5 years ago. :/ where the heck did it come from…anyways.

    WOMAN! ROCK IT. You and I agree on this. Even my coach said the same thing, everyone’s body is different. Find what works. I love me some cheese from grass-fed beef — once in a while! (learning this now)

    🙂 You make me smile. I so wish you lived in MI! LOL

  46. Hi Juli,
    I came across your blog a few months ago via a friend from my Crossfit gym back home sending me a link to your sweet potato brownies. I’ve been hooked ever since, your recipes are wonderful, but beyond that, I think you are hilarious and your posts literally make me laugh out loud sometimes. I’m pretty homesick for Boulder and Colorado in general, which is where I’m from, but I currently work and live in Kuwait. I really miss having a Crossfit gym to go to and other crossfitting/paleo friends. I went to Crossfit Flatirons and Crossfit Roots, both in Boulder, for about a year prior to coming over here. I do crossfit on my own or with a few friends that I’ve talked into it, here at the gym on base (I work on a military base), and I cook all of my own food so that I can stay Paleo. It’s hard to find the ingredients sometimes, but I’m just glad that I can still eat healthy and workout over here. I just wanted to tell you that I check your blog weekly for new recipe ideas, and because you talk a lot about Crossfit, Colorado, and just life as a paleo girl in general, and it makes me not so homesick 🙂 So thanks. I also really value your view on Paleo, and I agree with you. I went very strict for a while, and I have too big of a sweet tooth, so I would end up giving in and eating all the worst stuff, so I’d rather bake some awesome paleo treats instead 🙂 And I also love the sh*t out of almond butter, I order it by the case!

    1. I LOVE CF Roots!! Nicole is so freaking awesome and an absolutely amazing athlete! Just saw her a little while ago for a cert! Glad my blog is helping and we will have to wod and eat together once you are back 🙂

  47. Awesome post! A good friend of mine was just arguing with me about whether or not I eat Paleo. She, of course, follows a standard diet and has never read a thing in her life about Paleo. However, a friend of hers is doing some super strict Paleo thing so she knows everything. I have tried completely cutting out dairy and found no difference in weight loss or how I feel, so after 2 weeks of cutting it out, I promptly reinstated full fat cheese, greek yogurt, and cream. This makes me NOT paleo. I also do some baking with stevia and erythritol, honey gives me a stomach ache. This makes me NOT paleo. To me it’s all about trying out different things and seeing what works. Will I ever eat wheat in any form ever again? Probably, but I will do it knowing full well that I will feel awful afterwards and immediately regret it. I eat what makes me feel good and gives me the energy to live my life. I can’t obsess over labeling the way I eat. I say I eat Paleo because it is essentially what I do and mostly fits in with my way of looking at food. Anyway, my own little rant I guess. Love your blog!!

  48. Your blog is awesome. I’ve just started the “paleo” lifestyle and am loving it! I of course, get the “you shouldnt be eating like that” or “you have no weight to lose” comments all the time, but like you said….I feel better eating this way. Your blogs are hilarious and your recipes are kick ass. I’ll keep following you for sure!

  49. You’ve got a great perspective on Paleo and your blogs crack me up. I’ve been eating Paleo for about 2 months and feel so much better, have lost some of the weight I’ve been blaming on aging…I’m aiming to make 50 the new 40 (even though I still have 2 years until that “milestone”.) Love the recipes, keep them coming along with your your great posts! Also a “JB”.

  50. This blog is perfect. My wife and I decided to give the ‘paleo’ lifestyle a shot a few days ago. My friend who follows it made me aware of your site, said he has met you before and your awesome. I have pulled a lot of recipes off your site (thanks by the way). I posted a question on a bodybuilding forum I use and the general consensus was its pointless and one guy criticized me for not really following paleo because I don’t eat grass fed organic meat. I haven’t had a single grain or drop of dairy in 4 days, weighed myself today for the hell of it and already down 3.5. I know weight fluctuates daily but I was impressed.

    Regardless your post is great. Thanks again and keep the great recipes coming

  51. Standing ovation! Hands down the most accurate (and funniest) description of how it feels when someone gives you the stink-eye for not eating Grandma’s yeast rolls at the big family BBQ. I know I’m late to the party and this post is a year old – but man, it was exactly what I needed to read today.

    You just keep on being awesome. 🙂

    1. I’m late, too, but exactly what I needed to read at the right time! Just started (well, trying) the paleo lifestyle and frustrated with so much conflicting information. This blog is by far my fave and my .’go to’. I don’t know if I’ll get to 100% paleo but isn’t it enough that I’m being more conscious of eating clean and learning what works best for me?! I think so! Thank you to juli for being real!!

  52. Thank you for this post. I have been eating a mostly Paleo diet for about two months now. I love it and I feel A LOT better (on the days I don’t cheat a little). But, often because of the perfectionist I am I worry I am not doing it jsut right. But this post changed that and made me feel so much better. I LOVE you blog, it is so honest and funny! Keep up the good work and keep inspiring people like me!

  53. I just found this post and it is EXACTLY what i needed to read! I loved it! It is so hard to figure out what works for you, and it takes a long time to do that.
    I get so much crap from my co-workers (who think I eat too clean) and my friends (who make fun of me for being paleo, but then give me crap, and make me feel guilty, if I have pizza with them)
    I just started focusing more on my lifting and getting into the competition side of CF, and I had to change my diet to incorporate more starches, because i was dying in workouts and I took so much crap from my “strict” paleo friends.
    People need to shut it and let people fuel themselves to live, and eat cupcakes every once in a while! (because duh, cupcakes!)
    Thanks for being real Juli!

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