Lavender and Vanilla Bean Scones

This was my first experiment with scones. Bill and Hayley from Gather inspired me with their cranberry scones that looked to die for. So I experimented and they came out pretty good. I’m going to try a nut free version for my next ones. In the meantime, enjoy!

So guess what? Don’t guess, I’ll tell you. I was part of my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. Starting Thursday, wedding shenanigans began. We started with a luncheon, then manis and pedis, then rehearsal, then rehearsal dinner. Long day, lots of food, and many people whose names I will never remember. Even the ones I’m related to. You see, part of my family lives in the southern part of the state, but I never knew much about them until now. So not only is it hard to remember their names, but it’s even harder to understand how I’m related to them. I think I have many cousins, but my brain can’t wrap around how exactly I’m related to them since I never grew up with any of those people around. Anywho, I met a new half of my family and have already forgotten all of their names. I suck.

So Friday was the actual wedding day. Do you know how long getting hair and makeup done on 8 women takes? Too damn long. From 9am-3:30pm long. And I wasn’t going to pay to get my hair and makeup done, so it was actually only 7 getting the works done. The price for hair and makeup would have been $100, and since I was taking 2 days off of work, I would have been broke if I paid for that. But it was definitely worth it, the ladies looked awesome. And the dresses were quite a statement. They were turquoise and white chevron dress that were a bit short on some of the ladies. Mine, thankfully, didn’t didn’t ride up very high, but for the women who were blessed with larger bosoms, they were constantly pulling down their dresses. Can’t wait to see some of those pictures. I wish they were up now, I would share them with the entire world wide web like any good bridesmaid and cousin would do. Shame. Someday soon I’ll get to share those.

she pretty eh?
my groomsmen was a good sport
awwwww so cute

But the bummer about the wedding was that I couldn’t drink. Since I couldn’t take 3 days off of work, I stayed sober so I could drive the hour back home that night instead of being hungover and trying to drive back at 7am the next morning. That’s never a fun feeling. Especially when you have to interact with 8 Louisiana groomsmen who have been drinking all day and are bored out of their minds. That’s when a drink is quite helpful. It’s really interesting watching the difference between men and women at weddings. The bridesmaids tear up and can’t hold back their happiness for the couple, while the groomsmen are staring off into the distance, bored with listening to the vows and are really just thinking about getting to the drinking. Or at least that’s what my experience was. I couldn’t stop watching the groomsmen. I’m pretty sure one of them farted during the ceremony. Come on dudes. It’s literally a 10 minute ceremony. Get your life together.

Weddings are funny. Thousands of dollars spent on one day. One day that’s hard to even remember all the moments because they fly by so quickly. Thousands of dollars spent for a few hours of fun. It’s an interesting concept to me. I dreamed of a wedding day and looking all pretty and all that crap when I was younger, but now, I can’t even visualize it. It’s very foreign to me. My cousin looked drop dead gorgeous, her wedding was a complete success, and I even cried, but I still can’t see doing that kind of thing for myself and that damn lucky man that I marry. Thankfully, I have a wedding in Mexico next week to go to. Pretty sure I’ll be having a couple drinks at that ceremony. And reception. And on the beach. And at breakfast. Just kidding, I like coffee at breakfast. Kcoolbye.


Lavender and Vanilla Bean Scones

  • Yield: 8 1x



Scone toppings


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Run the cashews through your food processor until it becomes a slightly coarse meal/flour.
  3. In a large bowl, mix together the cashew meal, baking powder, salt, lavender buds, and vanilla bean seeds.
  4. Then mix in your egg, almond oil, maple syrup, and vanilla extract and combine.
  5. Lastly, mix in your arrowroot flour to help thicken.
  6. Add the dough into a ball onto a parchment lined baking sheet then press down to help flatten out evenly.
  7. Place in oven and cook for 20-25 minutes.
  8. Let cool slightly.
  9. While the scones are cooling, mix together honey and butter (heating the two up together) and top scones with the mixtures and some coconut crystals.


Makes 8 scones.

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PaleOMG Lavender and Vanilla Bean Scones




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43 thoughts on “Lavender and Vanilla Bean Scones”

  1. Yummyness! They look great. Totally w/ you on the wedding thing. I’ll probably go to the courthouse and then out to lunch if I ever get married!

    On another note I have now made the Cuban pork burgers 2 x and yesterday they were amazing me and my daughter were like silence, munch, munch, mmmmmm. Thanks!

    1. Thats what we did! Couthouse and lunch at a Steak House… I’ve never regretted it. We did have a reception about 6 months later, but it was low key, and just close family and friends. The thought of spending that much money on one day makes me want to vomit.

  2. I couldn’t find a way to just email you (prolly didn’t look hard enough) so I’m just going to put this here. I went to a Mexican restaurant the other night and got a sandwich that used fried plantains as the “bread.” Made me think of you and your website because it seemed like something you would make. The sandwich had flank steak, cheese, avocado, avocado mayo, pickled onions, lettuce, and some sort of aioli on it. You should create something like that! 😉 It’d probably be even tastier.

  3. geeze louise these look incredible. kinda wish i had made these for my wedding morning. and yeah your cousin is stunning! you too in that chevron blue!

  4. Yum! Will flag these for sure.

    And re: the whole wedding thing, I got married in a big old farm house my parents were in at the time, room for about 50 people. No white dress (I had bought a pretty white sweater…it was December…but some D-bag broke into my car at work the day before and stole all the bags I had in there) no fancy cake (my mom made it) and it was basically a potluck dinner. Total cost was probably $400 when you factored in chair rental and paying the minister. I too don’t get the obsession to spend THOUSANDS on one day. I’m much more practical than that, and would rather spend it on things for my house or something.

  5. I’ve never tried lavendar. Going to have to try it!

    I’ve been with my guy for a long time now; we talk about marriage but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’d be happy with something super low key: just a few guests, a delicious meal, and a beautiful summer night. But let’s get real here, if the food was anything less than wonderful, my wedding would be ruined. I have a spreadsheet; we can get married for less than $5,000, rings and dress included!

  6. You’re gorgeous! stunning! beautiful!
    Just thought you should hear it again today.
    I’ll be going to elope to Mexico too with a damn lucky man if I ever get married…. Shoot, I need to go on a date first. Thats depressing to think about:) I work as a health coach for an insurance company, and all us girls are obsessed, OBSESSED with your blog. Pretty much all we talk about at work. Your blog, your food, your awesome-ness. So thanks for writing and being totally awesome. Us Minnesota girls Thank You! =)

  7. Agreed on the wedding! I’ve always said I care about being married, not the wedding. When my friend told me the budget for her wedding I started laughing and said “You’re joking right?” to which she responded “It’s not enough is it?” No, that’s WAY too much. Your wedding is one day but your marriage *should* last a lifetime people. Do you really want to be paying for that until you’re 50? Rant over. Weddings sure are fun though, as long as I’m not paying the bill :0) Oh and those scones look good too, ya know since this is a food blog and all.

  8. “I’m pretty sure one of them farted during the ceremony”. I can’t stop laughing at that!!! Have been afraid to try scones but these look too good not to try. Thanks for the laugh and the recipe.

  9. These were good, but there was just too much lavender. It was overpowering. I’m going to make them again, but w/ just 1 tbsp of lavender. I’ve never eaten something with lavender, so it could be that I’m not used to it.

  10. I am SOOOO glad you were a part of our day! What a fun, crazy, interesting and entertaining evening it was!

    Love you FARRR past the moon and I cannot wait to celebrate your day soon… on a beach in Mexico of course! xxoo

  11. these look FANTASTIC!!! i use lavender in a yogurt marinade for pork and chicken. haven’t used it in baking yet. looks like i’m going to have to! 😀

  12. These are amazing! I didn’t have lavender or vanilla bean but couldn’t wait for a trip to the store. lemon zest worked well as a flavoring too and I just added a tiny bit more vanilla extract. you are brilliant especially with baking. Thanks for being awesome =)

  13. just pulled these out of the oven! the house smells great. next time maybe a little less of the lavender, its pretty strong. oh and you can find the lavender and vanilla beans at cost plus world market.

  14. Bernie from NC

    Since I sometimes don’t tolerate cashews, I substituted hazelnut meal and coconut flour. I had to double the egss and left out the arrowroot. Topped them with earth balance dairy & soy-free buttery spread mixed with raw honey (1:1). My daughter loved them ! Thanks.

  15. Can you do a version of these with almond or coconut flour? I don’t really like cashews and would much prefer almond or coconut.


  16. Delish…. used about 1 cup of a mix of almond and coconut flour (because I was lazy and didn’t want to whip the food processor out), walnut oil instead of almond, and 2 Tbs lavender bunds instead of 3 (since one reviewer said they were too “lavendery”). YUM!!

  17. P.S. Mine only took about 15 minutes to be perfectly cooked through. Mine also made about 4 good sized scones

  18. Just made these for breakfast/brunch and they were a-ma-zing. I used almond flour instead of the cashew meal and it turned out pretty darn good. Didn’t have any lavender buds, but I just threw in some lavender flowers from my garden and it worked. =D

    I’m just so excited because I’ve been wanting to cook decent scones for some time now (every time I’ve tried out in the past they always seem to turn out doughy and gross!) and with this recipe I finally did it! yay!!!!! Thanks for posting this!

  19. I just made these, they’re fantastic. I subbed butter for the almond oil, honey for the maple syrup, tapioca flour for the arrowroot flour, and I used Mexican vanilla beans instead of Tahitian or Madagascar. Then I just topped them with butter, they were sweet enough without the topping being sweet too.

    Next time I might just use 2 tablespoons of lavender instead of 3, but they weren’t overpowering with three or anything.

  20. I JUST made these and they came out PERFECT! These are sooo delicious and pair perfectly with coffee. I found I didn’t need any topping on them, but that’s probably because I just completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox a couple weeks ago and this is my first treat since then 😉 Trying not to eat them all right now–eek!

  21. these look amazing. i would like to make them to share with my daughter but i am not sure she will like the lavender. how would they be without it? would you recommend adding something else in it’s place?

  22. Holy smokes these should come with a warning label – it’s nearly impossible not to eat the entire thing in one sitting! I didn’t have lavender so I skipped that. I used 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 tsp of almond extract. Sooooo good! I can’t wait to try the lavender.

  23. these scones have the best texture of any paleo baked good i have made. I subbed a teaspoon of cardamom for the lavender and they have been a staple in our house. my daughter has requested healthy chocolate scones. how do you think it would be to sub cocoa powder in and any suggestions on how much cocoa powder?

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