Chocolate Maple Crunch Banana Muffins

I love muffins. Wait, no. I love muffin tops. Not the ones that are glued to my sides, but the ones I eat. I love them. Whoever decided to just sell muffin tops in stores is a complete genius. And these muffin tops in this recipe are by far the best ones I’ve ever made. You’ll be quite happy to try these muffins. The bf didn’t agree, but sometimes, he’s just wrong.

Enough about muffin tops. I want to talk about exercise. Yes, yes I do. So I wanted to chat about fitness, the ups and the downs, and creating a workout you love to do. That’s honestly why I started this blog in the first place. To not only talk about food, but what life is like when you CrossFit every day.

I have been struggling with CrossFit for a little less than a year now. After Regionals last year, I injured my shoulder, then I injured my elbow. It led to me taking a step back from competing. And since I wasn’t competing anymore, I wanted to look different. I had gained over 30 pounds, some muscle and some fat, and wasn’t comfortable in that body anymore. My body didn’t look like the ripped CrossFitters out there who become lean and more muscular, I just had more weight on me. And I hated it. So I stopped working out multiple times a day, cut back my weights, and started running more. But running more led to other injuries. Pretty much my body has been feeling like it’s falling apart and I’ve been upset and frustrated constantly about it.

But the thing is, I’m not one to stop working out. I would look like a bowl of tapioca pudding if I did. So I stopped going over head in CrossFit and I kept running, mixing it up with some sprint work as well as “longer” distances. I put the “” down because I run 2.5 miles, which is long for me. By the end, I feel like my body is crumbling. Literally, crumbling. My awkward turtle body was just not meant for running.

Anywho. I wanted to talk about this because I want it to be proof that you can create your own kind of CrossFit. Or really, any workout. I think a lot of people are intimidated by CrossFit or by a gym or a certain kind of workout, but they shouldn’t be. I’ve created a workout that I’ve begun to love again and look forward to because I’m changing my body and feeling good in my skin. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Last year, it was all about hitting personal records, not crying during muscle ups, and making it as far as I could in Regionals. Now it’s about not hurting during a workout, fitting into shorts and jeans, and feeling good in Mexico. Funny how priorities change.

I don’t know why I’m talking about all of this. Most people won’t care. But maybe someone will. Because honestly, I’m writing this to say…don’t give up. Don’t ever give up in your workouts. And if you haven’t started working out yet, start today. There is no better day than today to try something new. Try Zumba, try pilates, try yoga, try cycling, try p90x, try insanity, try CrossFit, try out a fitness class at your gym, try lifting weights, try swimming, try walking/jogging/running/sprinting, try anything. The more things you try, the more you’ll begin to figure out how exercise can be fun in some way. Or at least beneficial. Ok, I’m getting off my soap box. That’s enough ranting for the week.

I really wish we had soul cycle out here. I want to try it. Any workout with good music, I’m in.

Look at these cool people who came in to CrossFit Broadway to workout and visit. They are so great. Thanks for stopping by Lauren and Ryan! You guys had good movements. I love that.


Enough about exercise, I want to talk about food.


Maple Pecan Crunch Banana Muffins

  • Yield: 12 1x


  • 4 bananas (I used the extra brown ones)
  • 6 dried dates, pitted
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 cup Coconut Oil, melted
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 5 heaping tablespoons coconut flour
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • pinch of salt

For the delicious topping

  • 1 cup mixed nuts, chopped (I used sliced almonds, walnuts, and pecans)
  • 2 heaping tablespoons almond flour/meal
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • pinch of salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In yourfood processor, puree bananas and dried dates until you get a paste. Let it go for a while so the dates can break up completely.
  3. Add in eggs, coconut oil, and maple syrup and puree.
  4. Then add in the coconut flour. Mix. Then cocoa Powder. Mix. Then finish it off with adding the baking soda, powder, cinnamon and salt. Mix well in your food processor.
  5. In a separate bowl, add together the delicious topping mixture.
  6. Now line your muffin tin with paper muffin liners (I tried using silicone and they were a pain to get out) and use an ice cream scoop to plop batter into each muffin. It should make 12 muffins so try not to pile too high because the topping will take up a lot of room.
  7. Then add a heaping tablespoon of topping on each muffin and spread out around the muffin.
  8. Place in oven and cook for 35-40 minutes. These guys take a long time because they are so dense and wet, so check them at 35 minutes and every couple minutes after that. All you need to do is press on the top, if it give a lot, they aren’t ready. Be patient.
  9. Once they are cooked, let cool for at least 20 minutes. That way they will come out of the muffin liners easily.
  10. Then eat up and love your life.
  11. I did. Multiple times.

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PaleOMG Chocolate Maple Pecan Crunch Banana Muffins



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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


103 thoughts on “Chocolate Maple Crunch Banana Muffins”

  1. As good as these muffins look (which is amazing!) your photos look just as great! Thanks for sharing such great recipes! Can’t wait to try this one 🙂

  2. These look lovely! I just bought some bananas, so I think I’ll let them brown up and bake these on Sunday!

  3. I’ve been feeling the same way lately! I started running again to give myself some balance and just a mental break from CF. Thanks for posting this!!

  4. Thank you for this inspirational post Juli! Exercise can take many forms; I think finding what you enjoy is key to success. I too sustained a shoulder injury this year and it really messes with your head when you can’t work out the way you think you should. Getting creative is a must in that situation. Thank you for your excellent posts and amazing recipes.

  5. Hey Juli!
    Thank you for posting this. I am a distance runner, I’ve never really done any other type of exercise but running. I just ran my second full marathon a couple weeks agao and it was great! However, my muscles are definitely lacking and not as toned as I’d like them to be. I would like to feel more comfortable with my body in general, but especially at the beach and I know lifting some weights would be good for that. I’ve always wanted to try Cross-Fit or weight lifting but have been too initmidated by crazy sculpted bodies at those places so I stick to my running bubble 🙂
    But you have motivated me to try something new, so I’m hoping to sign up for this weight training class I saw at my gym the other day.
    Thanks for posting & sharing all of your amazing and delicious recipes! you rock!

  6. I SOOO needed to read this today. I started crossfit in February.. And I was extremely out of shape. I’m slowly seeing and feeling changes which is exciting but in this mornings wod I just about had a meltdown because I’m feeling like I should be better at things by now.. I sucked it up and got on with it but so many times I’ve wanted to give up because of being scared of crossfit. Today was one of those days… 🙂

  7. I’ve been going through something similar with my workouts, and my satisfaction with my body. It’s tough, especially as you get older and what used to work like a charm, suddenly stops working because you’re body basically says EFF YOU YOU’RE GETTING OLD! Fun times. Thanks for the honest post, definitely nice to know there are people out there going through something similar!!

  8. I felt the same last year or two (minus regionals – never in my mind. I saw so many people getting hurt so now way josé).

    It’s a looong and boring story how I came back and started to like cross fit again and started to run so I’ll spare you all the details.
    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing – it helps a lot. If I’ve read this 1,5h ago I just maybe could have figured it out a little bit faster than I did but hey, you always learn something from your journey 😀

  9. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and it took 15 years to find a workout I could do without making my RA crazy. After thinking I was crazy for a long time (at a certain point you feel like it’s in your head and maybe you just really don’t want to exercise), I found a place that does “exercise rehabilitation” for people with disabilities who find it hard to exercise. It took them a long time to find something I could do, but over time it morphed, and now I am able to do pilates on a reformer. Occasionally I fall off the bandwagon, as I had done the last month, but I’m back at it. You also need to learn to forgive yourself for not exercising like you should, or you’ll never get back to it! Almost 3 years now with a good exercise program and been Paleo for 16 months. Good combination, and my RA is in remission. for the first time. Crossfit will never be something I can do (although it looks awesome), but that’s ok.

    1. Hi Lori, I am just getting into nutrition and have been doing some basic exercising over the past couple years and hoping to get “my” RA in remission. I am inspired by what you wrote here. Contrats and good work! Would you consider sharing some with me more on how you went about it? Please email me if you would, at Thanks, Karen

    2. Hey Lori!!! I just wanted to give you a big hooray!!! I am coming up to my 10 year RA anniversary since formal diagnosis, it’s a tough road. I love hearing other RA peeps that have found there exercise groove and are looking after their bodies. I also wanted to encourage you to don’t underestimate what your body can do, it make take longer, have longer steps, hurt more *yeah I know* and look different to the path that everyone else has to take , but you CAN do anything. I’m proof. 12 months ago my goal was to bet strong enough to have a bash at CF …. today that is exactly what I am doing. You just have to take baby steps xx

  10. Thanks for that post Juli! I have been feeling similar lately and feel bad about wanting to take a break but you reminded me it’s my body and my workout. I finally came to the realization that I can do whatever I want and if one year that’s triathlons and the next it’s crossfit then that’s what I’m going to do. I was trying to do everything and it just doesn’t work! I really needed to here a post like that, you’re a great inspiration, thanks!

  11. You just inspired me to go take my dog for a walk. I’ve put on 100lbs in the past 5 yrs due to autoimmune issues and the fact that I’m lazy and like to pig out. I’ve been slowly adapting to the paleo lifestyle and need to get my arse in gear and burn some calories. Thanks for the push to get out there and move.

  12. This post really hit home for me…about 8 months into crossfit, I started getting injury after injury…I’m currently battling chronic bicep tendinitis and patellar tendinitis and have had to modify many of my WODs to be able to do them. It has been SO frustrating, but the only thing I cling to is the fact that I’m still trying and haven’t given up. I love what you said about creating your own CrossFit and I really hope that is a mentality shared by most of us who love this sport. It’s hard not worry about falling behind others or comparing yourself to others because your body isn’t cooperating, and I feel like I’m just getting to a point where I’m REALLY understanding that I should only be focusing on myself and getting back to 100%. So thanks for being open about your own journey! And since I’m actually commenting here, I have to say, I love your site and your recipes–you are awesome!!

  13. It’s funny how our priorities change, but then again, life would be so boring if we didn’t have variation. I was SUPER into running a few years back, then I transistioned into weight lifting. Now I’m starting to skip some strength workouts to make sure I get in enough yoga. I enjoy seeing my body change with each stage.
    You’re right, any kind of workout you enjoy is a good one.

    I feel you on the injuries though. It seems like one thing pops up after another. I don’t know if I’m genetically predisposed, not drinking enough water, or not refueling correctly. Maybe I just need some time off! I dk!

  14. This recipe looks D-Lish. Also, thank you for posting about your workouts. I started crossfit to get lean and fit, and turns out I’m just growing with muscle everywhere. So it’s time to put the PR’s down and work on a new fitness routine. Lower weights and more sprints/rowing on my own time. Plus, better eating.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  15. Hey Juli!

    Have you thought about incorporating yoga in to your workout routines? I do a lot of research on pubmed and the studies are all showing positive results for yoga and health benefits. 🙂

  16. I’ve definitely gone through the rollercoaster ride of fitness. From being all excited and pushing your limits to losing the fun and passion for it all. Like you, I’ve learned to figure out what makes me feel alive and I’m okay knowing it’s not always going to be the same thing. At one point I was ALL IN to the Ironman thing and then that lost its luster and I was left putting together the pieces, having to figure out what got me excited to workout again. Now I’m obsessed with trail running and strength training, but I am signed up for an IM. I’ll make it work and then I’ll go back to doing what I love. p.s. who doesn’t love a great muffin top?!?

  17. Juli, you are so cool and so real! I can relate to you in so many ways. Sometimes you say exactly what I’m thinking prior to even reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You’re totally inspiring. Come visit Santa Cruz, CA sometime, I think you’d like it!

  18. I love this! I was working out for the wrong reasons, getting hurt, and hating it and my body. Now i found my soul mate workout, feel great, and can eat the entire pan of these muffins and not feel *as guilty 🙂

  19. This post rocks! What you described is exactly what I did 2 months ago. I tried everything and hated it… until I got the guts to try CrossFit. Me, a girl who is about 100 pounds overweight and hated walking from the car to the house several times when I had to unload groceries. I walked in terrified, LOVED it, and now I can’t get enough. Now I’m not making several trips to the car for groceries because I can just about carry them all in at one time now 🙂 You are so right, you just have to find what you love and don’t give up! Sometimes it’s a struggle every day, but there will always be something that draws you in and keeps you going.

  20. Thank you for sharing this INSANE looking recipe (yum!), but thank you for also sharing your personal fitness struggles. After turning myself into a hardcore kettlebell user/fitness instructor, I found myself with an unending string of issues: a shoulder injury, unaligned hips and ribs, weak wrists and elbows, and a sprained ankle. Most of these issues are due to chronic joint problems and I’m currently rehabing them as best I can. But despite trying to maintain a positive outlook, it’s hard not to get sad and frustrated that my workout style went from beast-mode-all-the-time to brief, unweighted PT reps. Reading about how you’ve recovered and reworked your goals gives me hope and inspiration for my own fitness evolution. Thank you, Juli! 🙂

  21. I LOVE reading your blog, and I LOVE your cookbook too. I haven’t posted for a long time, but I am so happy that I was able to take time to read this today. I have been questioning my workouts as well lately. Before CrossFit, I did the typical 45 – 60 minutes of weights, followed by 30 – 45 minutes of cardio. My body was lean and muscular. I started CrossFit about 2 years ago and fell in love with it. I love lifting heavy and the intensity of it all. I recently recieved my level 1 cert. I have also struggled with how my body has changed over the last year. I am definitely thicker and plan on adding in more sprint workouts this summer in hopes of leaning out once again!! I am VERY interested in your NEW workout plan if you care to share 🙂

  22. I don’t think that you mean dried dates. Regular dates, like medjools for instance, with the pit in them, are not dried. They’re fresh and are nice and soft. They stay fresh for months, even though they’re not dried. Dried dates usually come in a little plastic tub in chunks. Not something you want to use!

    1. I think she does mean dried…Medjools are dried on the vine as part of their ripening orocess, and whike they are softer than some dates you can find, they are dried. Fresh dates are yellow or orange, look somewhat like an apricot, and have kind of a plummy taste.

  23. Juli, I usually don’t leave comments on your recipes, I just enjoy them! One of my favorite things about your blog is your “rants” about your life. I have to tell you, I needed this blog- so bad. I’ve been doing crossfit for almost 6 months now and I’ve lost 20 lbs since then. My gym is having a 40 day nutrition challenge and I am on day 16! I’ve used one of your recipes every day and will probably do so for like, ever. I’ve been feeling borderline depressed about how I look and how I’m not exceling with my WOD’s as much as I’d hoped to. I’m still not where I want to be body wise and was about to reach my breaking point until I read this. Thank you for this post, thank you for your recipes, thank you for being you, and thank you for sharing your life as if it we were your friends. Keep it up, if anything for us (your fans!)

    – Michelle E.

  24. I love this recipe!! Such a neat idea to make a muffin variation like this!

    I 100% agree that everyone just needs to find a workout that works for them… even creating their own. That’s why I love staying active – it’s something I do for me because I’ve found so many variations I love, regardless of what anyone else thinks!

  25. Thank you for posting this, I just recently also took a break from CrossFit and starting running and of course started to have other problems with shin splints etc. So now I am easing back into CrossFit while trying some other activities so that I can slim down a little more than I felt I was before. Thanks for helping me not feel bad about not only doing CrossFit!

  26. This is my first time posting here. But, I’ve been lurking for a while now. 🙂 I’ve tried many of your recipes and they’ve all been great! My kids love the magic brownies minus the topping. Silly kids. That’s the best part! Can’t wait to try these.

    I’m posting because of your workout struggles. I’m not a Cross fitter. That’s just not me. You’re heading in the right direction I think when you say create your own. I’ve always found that mixing and matching keeps things fresh and your body alert. Personally, I love dance classes. I get my cardio dancing hip-hop to salsa and my strength from barre or pilates reformer classes.

  27. I loved your post! I’m a mother of 2 and new to Paleo and now Crossfit (they kinda go hand & hand hu?). This is the first time in my whole life I feel like I’ve really “worked out”. Crossfit is amazing and hard and inspiring and it puts me on the floor. I love it. I gained 45 pounds with the last babe and I’m down to my last 10ish pounds. I’m on my 4th week of Crossfit, doing it 5 days a week and I haven’t lost an OUNCE however I’ve lost a pant size and am feeling stronger that I ever have so trying to focus on the scale. Keep up the awesome posts they are motivating and if we’re all here reading them then we’re obviously interested (duh!) 🙂

  28. Great post. I love when you talk about exercise and crossfit.

    To me, I decided to get serious about exercise so I could look good. So I decided to give bodybuilding/bikini division a try and it was amazing! My body look better than I had ever seen it, but then my health was failing and I didn’t even realize it. You may have had injuries and I’m glad you decided to give your body a break to heal, but my body was in a constant catabolic mode and I didn’t get periods…eeeek, too weird for a recipe post, lol.

    So my new goal was to regain my health (and fat…unfortunately). That’s when I decided to try crossfit and now I workout to perform and stay healthy. I wish my mind would love my body as much as it did when I was unhealthy, but girls are crazy. So are you btw. I always think you look great. Anywho…great post! 🙂

  29. Jules, first of all my roommate and i love your blog, like look at it every day and honestly multiple times a day to see if you posted a new recipe! but i have a huge issue that nobody can seem to solve for me, but i feel like you would know the answer. i am allergic to coconut, like get super bad headaches and nobody wants to be around me because im crabby allergic. i have been able to use almond flour instead of coconut flour, but cannot find a good substitute for coconut oil, do you have any recommendations?! Im desperate. Mostly because i really want these muffins. Thanks!!!!!

  30. I want you to know this blog means a lot to me! Just 6 months ago I moved from Denver to Australia and had a lot of life changes before the move and when first settling here. I gained 30lbs and could barely squeeze into my everyday work clothes and my normal gym routine was non-existent. I wanted to cry, I felt like at 28 I had ruined my body, and it made me even sadder considering I live on the beach.

    Recently I came across CrossFit and Paleo and I found a great coach to help me with both. The fat is coming off, I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, and I can wear old jeans without the bad muffin top. I am starting to feel human again. Your blog keeps me excited about CrossFit and Paleo, being young, and just wanting to be healthy. It has also made me love cooking!

  31. These photo’s looks amazing!! And I love your honesty and openness regarding crossfit! Keen to try this recipe, I need to make a dent in my coconut flour stash!

  32. Juli ! I just got your recipe book all the way here in South Africa 😀 I am attempting the 21DSD from Monday – so these muffins (and all the other yummy treats are going to be rocked out this weekend!)
    Your blog is AWESOME.

  33. This post also hit home for me! I love working out but often succomb to over training or do too much too fast. I keep getting injury after injury as well, plantar fasciitis from training for a Half too quickly. I recently decided to try something new.. a boxing class. Yea, towards the end of the class during a drill, I felt a “POP” in my knee. That was tuesday. Now Friday, still hobbling, will see my knee doc Monday. Ugh.

    I recently gained 15 pounds and am less than thrilled about it. But also feel quite uninspired at the gym… now with this knee injury i’m a tad more frustrated. But will do what I can..

    Blogs like this are great! And I thank you for sharing your experience.. definitely helps those of us that are struggling with similar issues.

  34. I really liked the way you opened this post and were just being HONEST! It is great that you are listening to your body, still working out, but making it work for YOU and making YOU feel good. That is the way that it should be! Training should be fun and not painful, discouraging, or a pain in the butt. Have a great weekend!

  35. Thanks for sharing Juli – hits so close to home for me! I started CF after 40 and after 4 years or so, I’m feeling totally crippled by an injury that just refuses to get better. Like you, not exercising is not an option but it’s been a real struggle telling myself to scale, not lift heavy etc. Your post has made me really think of taking a break from CF (stop drinking the kool-aid as my husband would say!) and try out other things. I need to evolve as my body seems to be doing! Thanks also for all the yummy recipes – tried the jumbalya earlier in the week and am still loving the leftovers.

  36. Danielle Halsey

    You rock. You inspire me. And I have a small girl crush on you that makes any guy I date feel slighty under loved. But this post was needed. I started Crossfit in January, my biggest issue is competing with myself and being to hard on myself. I can’t seem to have the faith and confidence in myself in workouts or frankly in life. So this post, was needed. Very much so. Alright. And I suck at running….. Like not ohm she’s just saying… no i suck. I see 400 meter run on a work out and want to cry. Well I’m gonna to run red rocks… Let me rephrase that.. Do sprints up the stairs til I want to puke. And then go again. Maybe cry. Haha Keep on keeping on girl

  37. Not a boring story at all. I think a lot of us can relate. I’m 34 years old and when I go to Crossfit, I feel like I’m 84. I can’t snatch because of my shoulders, I can’t run because of my knees, blah blah blah. I feel like an idiot when I do classes…I feel like people are looking at me like, “You’re just lazy.” or “Just suck it up and drive on!” <—haha, that's my nod to the Army…which might be part of my hang up, actually. Right now, I'm eating as Paleo as I can, doing what I can when I get to CF which is sometimes only once a week, and I feel good. I feel ok with my body too, sooooo…everyone and their judgements can suck it. 😀

  38. Just the other day I shared with my husband a line from your blog. You said something like you were experimenting with running for the next 30 days because you thought doing Crossfit was hurting your body. We laughed, because, like you, he is recovering fitness over acheiver. Maybe you had considered just giving your body time off to help it recover, but you did not mention it. The flip side is over acheivers accomplish more in a day than us slackers will in a month. So, here’s to hoping you find the right balance! It’s fun to hear how you’re working it out.

  39. You really just rock. This post just confirmed again why I love your site so much (aside from all of the delish recipes!). Your honesty is so refreshing! I started CF about a year ago and fell in love immediately. I was so excited to see my body transform, as all the people told me it would, and get stronger and more fit. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this “transformation”. I looked exactly the same. Maybe even a little bigger (bc of muscle), but definitely more lean and muscular. I was depressed. I was also dealing with chronic shoulder and back issues which didn’t help because it made the workouts even harder…some days I couldn’t even get out of bed without pain because my back was so bad. So I decided to relax a bit. Take some time. And now I do CF as more of a supplement to my current workout program which is more HIIT. NOW I’m starting to see a difference. Next up is incorporating yoga. Anywho….keep on keeping on Juli. You’re awesome and this is by far my favorite paleo recipe site out there. =)

    PS – I found a FABULOUS supplement that has really really really (did I say really enough?) helped with my shoulder and back issues. Made a HUGE difference. Like I can get out of bed without feeling like I’m 85 difference. And its all natural and Paleo approved. I’m not pushing anything, I promise, but check out the website for LuRong Living. Read all the info. Then try it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

  40. it is so true… I was not a sporty child at all… I took up mountain biking, field hockey and snowboarding in my 20’s and capoeira in my 30’s… it is never too late and today is ALWAYS the best day to try something new!

  41. Thanks for the recipe. The Chocolate Maple Crunch Banana Muffins look marvelous. And by the way, the idea of cross-fitness is a great way to express the need for balance and moderation when reaping the rewards of modern lifestyles. You rock Juli.

  42. I eat paleo because I love how I feel when I do. I don’t crossfit and only workout 3-4 times a week. The only way I have been able to lose a lot of weight is taking weight loss supplements. Then when I stopped, I gained even more back. I am learning how to be happy a little thicker. As long as I stay toned and my tummy is relativity flat…Everyone has a journey. Ty for sharing yours. None of us are perfect!

    1. I made these amazingly delicious muffins thinking they’d be around for a while because my husband and step sons wouldn’t like them once I told them what I used to sweeten them and minus flour.. (trying to gross them out) ..Boy was I wrong! I got 17 out of the batch last night and there’s 3 left! I couldn’t find coconut flour anywhere in my town so I used all almond meal/flour..worked great! Thank you!!

  43. Hey Julie, I’m the same as you. I quit doing obsessive amounts of cardio and started crossfitting a lot. It was great fun until I gained 20lbs and couldn’t fit into any of my clothes anymore 🙁 I’m currently trying to find a better balance. I hope it’s working out for you, you look fantastic!

  44. After I had my first baby I started running to lose weight. I started at a mile and eventually ran up to 5 miles at a time. I hated every single second of it. When I had my second baby I felt like the only way I could lose the baby weight was to run so I put it off. I kept the baby weight on for two years! I remember one day literally saying I don’t have to run to lose weight. Now I’m even lower than my prepregnancy weight. I can do pull ups and push ups and I rarely run. I do what I love to do in the gym now and feel a lot more fit than my running days.

    I’ve been feeling a little funky lately so I think I’m going to make these muffins. Baking makes me happy and these little muffins sure look happy 🙂

  45. Thanks for posting this Juli. I think as women we all have some type of body issues no matter how hard we work out. I started CF in Feb this year and I have been mostly pleased at my progress but instead of all the muscle definition that I’ve put on, all I see is the flabby bits that are taking too long to go away. My husband has been deployed to Afghanistan for the last year and just returned home on Wed the 15th. It was so great to hear him tell me how amazing my body looks and seeing his surprised face made all of the pain of those WODS totally worth it! On the downside it looks like I’ve managed to screw up my knee with a torn meniscus and LCL. I’m getting the results of my MRI next week and it’s completely freaking me out because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to CF again and so far CF is really the only workout that I look forward to and have managed to stick with 🙁 anywho…we will just see, looks like water aerobics may be in my near future for awhile :/

  46. I can’t wait to make these tonight! I had brown bananas waiting around for this perfect marriage. Those pictures are lookin’ awfully perty Miss Bauer!

  47. This was amazing, thank you! It is awesome to be able to find new and fun paleo recipes here. Keep up the great work 🙂

  48. Just made the muffins, my very favorite so far. I’m not sure how you could top all of the other recipes! Delicious! Well done!

  49. Great post. We hate injuries!! We both have mild scoliosis and oh that slight curve can cause a lot of grief! We love to exercise and feel fit and healthy….and like you love food!! So when we can’t exercise we just feel ‘blurghhh!!’ We do the same and mix up our workouts… bit of yoga, running, weights, cross fit, swimming. No week is the same!!

    e & c

    ps. muffins = OMG yum.

  50. HiHi!
    I reaaaaallly needed to read this post today, because of the muffins, and because of the message. A back and knee injury have been making me feel like I’m falling apart, and I’m sad about missing workouts etc. This gives me some motivation to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back there!
    Thanks 🙂

  51. I absolutely loved this post because it is so true. You don’t have to love CrossFit, you don’t have to love running, but you must do something! Try new things, get out in nature, move your body…
    My husband is a Level 1 Cert Instructor and enlisted in the Air Force and he has been telling people for a long time to just get out and do something. Just because CrossFit works for us doesn’t mean it works for you. He has taught so many people about exercise and fitness and this post was just reiterating the fact that moving your body is more important than not moving your body. So thanks!
    And P.S. I can’t wait to try this recipe 🙂

  52. I don’t have a slight clue why I haven’t left a comment before because I have been obsessed with you & this entire blog since the day I found it. Anywho! Just want to say you’re such a badass. Seriously.
    This post reminded me SO much of me (not like every other post doesn’t). I have been a crossfitter on and off for two years & it’s been an up and down emotional and physical battle for multiple reasons..I was doing 2-3 workouts a day, then had an eating disorder, then had rotator cuff surgery, yadah yadah yadah. But I went through the same BS about not liking my body.
    I say all that to say this, keep it up. You’re amazing, inspirational, and once again a badass.
    AND a freaking awesome cook. Thank you for making me fat off of healthy food 🙂

  53. Hi Juli, just curious: how much weight have you lost since reducing the weight lifting? Same problem here, started crossfit, got too skinny, decided that I’m too weak, increased weights, started heavy lifting, now weight is constantly increasing….no decision yet if it is ok for me or not….

  54. I hear this message loud and clear. Three years ago I started running, and that ended last June with an attempt at a fifty miler, my body just crying for a change (I severely needed to build muscle and balance out). I found crossfit last August and had been kicking butt with that until I injured myself after a beginner’s competition. Since then, I’ve been trying to balance my old running hip injury with my new spine/back problem, while still getting a workout in. It was hard for me to just scale WAY back, but it’s worth sucking up my pride to at least be at the box with my friends getting my sweat on. And I’m slowing working running back in thanks to help from my PT.

    Muffins look amazing!

  55. The muffins look amazing – printed to make this weekend! Love the orange top – may I ask where it’s from?

  56. Hi Juli! Love this post!! Ryan and I had so much fun at Crossfit Broadway with you. We’re missing Colorado already 🙂

  57. Juli

    I can’t tell you how much I love reading your posts! They are hysterical, inspirational, and informative. I started Paleo in January. I have had Crohns my whole life, and makng the change to Paleo has CHANGED MY LIFE. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. Thanks for your recipes. Almost every one I have tried has been a hit, and this is my next ” to try”
    Keep up the good work, and I agree with you, TRY anything you think might be interesting. I tried spinning after being afraid of it for so long and am now hooked. SO much so, that I want to become certified (in spinning, not the crazy)
    I also incorporate dance/ballet Pilates, rwegular Pilates and Barre Method, to change it up and stay interesting. I just turned 57, and even though everything hurts, at least it’s a GOOD hurt, one I gave myself by doing something positive. People just don’t realize how great it is to challenge oneself and then actually SEE the results.

  58. Hey Juli,

    I’m an occasional reader (okay, mostly recipe searcher), but I happened to get caught up in this post, and I’m SO glad I did. Not only does the recipe look incredible, but I’m really relating to your talk about exercise – especially feeling that your body is failing you.

    I’ve dabbled in CF a bit but have mainly been running for the past three years. I recently found out that what I thought were the aches and pains of a good, long run may actually be associated with a rheumatic condition. MAJOR BUMMER. Anyway, it was comforting to find your post and to see that other people can relate.

    Glad to see you’ve found a workout you’re beginning to love again, and I hope I can soon, too.


  59. (Stupid iPhone) *in my body lately, have been crossfitting for 10 months now and have put on about 15lbs. I know its muscle but I don’t feel like I’ve “leaned” out at all. I wasn’t overweight when I started so I guess I understand why I haven’t lost but if I could just trade back 15lbs of fat for that muscle I’d be so happy! But I hate cardio, i know I have to integrate more I just feel like I have cement blocks on my feet while I run… Ugh. Keep the inspiration coming! You’re the best

  60. Talk about tasty! My 3-year old begged for seconds, and my co-workers couldn’t believe they didn’t have flour in them. Definitely not low in calories (by my estimate, they’re a little over 250, if you make 12 muffins), but a great treat and awesome alternative to anything with flour.

  61. I just made these but instead of 1cup nuts for the topping i used 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes- delicious!!

  62. THANK YOU. It’s so nice to finally find a blog written by a foodie who has real struggles with fitness. I have been running and doing crossfit and loving it, but it’s hard because I feel results; I don’t see them. While I can now run five miles and finally do more than one pull up (!!!), my weight hasn’t changed a bit. It’s time to focus on those results I can feel, because in the end weight is just a number. Now I am loving your paleo recipes, and my husband and I are seriously considering making this lifestyle change. Reading posts like these from you, though, is so refreshing because it’s raw and real. Your attitude inspires me to keep at it even when I don’t “see” the results I want.

  63. hiya! i love the muffin liners you used for photographing- did you also bake the muffins in them? and would you mind sharing where you found them? Thanks!

  64. Catching up on posts and I have to say this is what I needed to read today. For the past 8 weeks, my office has been doing a weight loss challenge. Every Monday we get on the scale and I never seemed to get the results I thought I wanted. I would get very down on myself because while I was working hard and hitting PRs, I struggled with that stupid number. During this 8 week challenge, I completed my first Tough Mudder and full Murph. So I had a thought the other day, I may be in last place but I’m active and I’m not starving myself. Who gives a $h!t about the number on the scales!?

  65. It was tortuous to wait the 20 minutes for these to cool, but totally worth it. These might be the best Paleo muffins I’ve ever had! I’ll definitely be making them again!

  66. It was tortuous to wait the 20 minutes for these to cool, but totally worth it. These might be the best Paleo muffins I’ve ever had! I’ll definitely be making them again!

  67. Made these yesterday, but I put some vanilla in the batter and little bit of coconut in the topping and they were delicious!! Thanks for much for the recipe!

  68. I just wanted to make a comment regarding your skin issues, Juli. I, too, suffer from what’s called ‘adult female hormonal acne.” It’s caused by stupid imbalances in testosterone and estrogen and usually carries the tell-tale signs of constant breakouts around the jawline. I have mine about 85-90% under control, and here’s how:
    1) Go to the dermatologist and get a prescription for spironolactone. Now, you may be wondering why I’m telling you to get on a diuretic. Just trust me, it clears out the toxins in your liver partially responsible for acne.
    2) Take a burdock root supplement (I use Nature’s Way) 1-2 times a day (2 each time) (Also clears out toxins)
    3) Do a weekly facial mask using bentonite clay & apple cider vinegar (I use Aztec healing clay)

    I don’t know if adult female hormonal acne is what you have, but it’s worth a shot? It will take about 1-2 months to see results, but you will see them.

  69. Muffins in oven now…can’t wait!! Tasted topping and PaleOMG!!!! Lets just hope I don’t devour entire muffin tin!

    Okay…I love your post! You are so dead on! I Cossfitted(@ the awesome Sandia CrossFit here in Albuquerque) for a good 8 months. It was awesome! I learned a ton! But…realized @ 5’9″ 135-140 lbs…the extreme RX weight throwing around thing wasn’t exactly what I wanted. The comradery – incredible! I just needed something a little…less…less…I guess. So…I took what I learned and applied it to my own regime. I now…run to a big field and do my burpees, bear crawls, handstand push-ups, squats, around the world lunges, sprints, jumps, pull-ups, etc. etc. etc. And…guess what! I feel…look…great! I’m also eating paleo about 3-4 days/week and just being smart about what I put in my body. It all works out. I couldn’t be happier. Now…this doesn’t mean I’ll never go back to crossfit. I love it and love to learn new techniques. But…what I’ve learned is that I don’t need to break my body to reach my goals.

    Kudos to you and your awesome posts! Keep moving and eating and you’ll be on top!

    Muffins almost done! Smells delish!


  70. Even though I can’t eat these because I’m a week into the Whole30, I made them for a Cupcake Day fundraiser at work (for the RSPCA to help mistreated animals), and they were a hit! I’m the only paleo person at work right now but there’s plenty of GF people who appreciate sweets like this, especially at a work function. My fella didn’t mind then either 😉

    PS I wanted to rate this 5 stars but my tablet won’t let me, sorry!

  71. FatandSkinnyDebra

    Thank you for your website and words of encouragement. I found your site on Pintrest and love the recipes. But, seriously, about working out that’s me, trying to get my body back on track:) I am now officially 55 and don’t look it, but I have to constantly work at it! You young women take a note, it gets harder as you get older, no joke! So, if you work with Crossfit or anything else keep doing it, because rusted out bodies from disuse are prone to ailments of any sort! I have my fat and skinny times like everyone but, maintenance in food and exercise IS a lifelong commitment. But, I have a weakness for sweets, my fat times!!!

  72. The muffins sound like they would be delicious. More importantly though–your rant. I like it. It is funny how one little (kinda long) blog post can make you think about your life in a completely new way. I have been changing my eating habits lately, and I know I need to add in exercise but I just don’t know what is the best fit. I see all these skinny bitches talk about Crossfit, and it looks pretty neat but I haven’t really researched places around me because it also looks really intense. Also, I live in the sticks so unless I want to be watching Billy Blanks videos, I have always felt like my options were limited. Billy is pretty intense though. But then there is running. Are you kidding me? How does a person forget about this activity? I don’t know, but I will be getting up a little earlier to try it out in the am.

    Thank you :]

  73. These are amazing! Thank you for all of your recipes! We (me, hubby, & boys 9, 7, & 5) love them! Your blog posts are hilarious too! 🙂 You’re the best! Thank you for doing what you do!

  74. I just made these for the first time and they’re awesome!! I only have a 3 cup food processor, so after I realized all ingredients weren’t going to fit, I poured everything into a bowl and used my immersion blender, AWESOME!! …just like everything else I’ve ever made from your blog! Excited for your new tome with George!

  75. I made these last night and they are truly wonderful. My only suggestion would be to add some vanilla; vanilla is the soul of all baked goods. The only substitutions I made were omitting the maple syrup, but only because I was totally out! I used a bit of honey instead.

    I would also encourage everyone to remove the muffins from the pan after 5 minutes, and then let cool on a baking rack for 20+ minutes as suggested. If you let them cool in the pans, the muffins will continue to bake and may turn out dry. Who wants a well-done baked good?

  76. These muffins are the best! I’ve made them 4 times since finding the recipe because we always have all of the ingredients in the house.
    If we have over ripe bananas, I keep them in the freezer. Fed them to a bunch of non-paleo people and they loved them.

    I keep them in the freezer after a day or so and they are amazing straight out of the freezer. The last time I made them, I doubled the topping ingredients because that’s my favorite part and they were delicious. Good things happen when you search your recipe archives. Thanks for another hit!

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