Lemon Poppyseed Waffles

You know how I know I’m smart? I just made waffles. And you know why waffles are so much better than pancakes? Because they hold your syrup for you! No syrup left behind. That’s what I always say. What? Anyways. If you don’t like syrup and tend to eat your waffles and pancakes dry, you disappoint me…not saying any names. Laura.

Anywho, it’s Thanksgiving Day. And it sure is a day to give thanks. No but seriously, we tend to forget what we have to be thankful for sometimes. And that really is a shame. So since I’ve been making lists lately, here is another one. I know you’ve been dying to see another one of my lists.

What Juli Bauer is thankful for (Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person. And yes, that is creepy):

  1. Living with Laura Hazlett and having the opportunity to call her my best friend. If you haven’t noticed, I talk about Laura A LOT. She is my little sunshine. This girl just gets me. I’ll walk in the room and her and I will just make weird noises and it somehow makes sense to us. She’s the wind beneath with wings. The candy to my nut. And the fat to my bacon.
  2. Being able to not only workout with but also work with the one and only Jason Kelly at CrossFit Broadway. This gym has changed my life. Everyday I walk into this gym, I question the fact that I didn’t bring an extra pair of pants to change into once I piss myself from laughter. Jason is an incredible coach and gym owner and has taught me so much about changing people’s lives. His stache is pretty damn epic too.
  3. Any of the people I have met through the CrossFit community. I am damn lucky to know the people I do. I swear, every new competition I compete in, I meet someone who truly changes my life that day. And I’m not just being a douche and saying that. I truly mean it. I get the opportunity to talk with amazing people who are not only really good looking, but care about the people and the community around them. That’s pretty awesome. And very rare. I can thank CrossFit Evolve for believing in me and supporting me from the beginning.
  4. My parents. I had a competition this past weekend and had to run up a hill with a plate at the end…my dad ran up the whole hill next to me cheering me on. That’s damn cute. And when I competed at Regionals, my mom cried while she watched me in the 100s wod. Knowing that I make my parents proud is pretty epic…especially since I don’t always make my mom proud when I blog…and talk about my brazilian wax. My b, mom.
  5. Headbands. If I didn’t have headbands, I would have sweat in my eyes, then I would cry, then I would quit my wod, then I would hate my day, then my world wouldn’t go round. And then I would have to do my hair. And shower. Life would suck.
  6. My health. No matter how much I get upset about my weight changes or my skin issues, I am very lucky to be able to push myself daily in wods and get stronger regularly. I need to remember that more often and respect myself more. So today, I am thankful for my body.
  7. My car…that I’ve had since I was 16. Thank god she’s still kickin it.
  8. Anyone who has every read my blog, tried a recipe from my blog, recommended my blog, left a comment on my blog, laughed from my blog, got offended from my blog, made fun of my blog, felt uncomfortable from my blog, read my blog on the toilet, and whoever ignored my blog because they hated the name. Thanks.

Paleo Lemon Poppyseed Waffles


  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1/3 cup coconut flour
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 4 eggs, whisked
  • 2 lemons, juiced
  • zest of 1/2 lemon, or whole, whatever you see fit
  • 12 tablespoons raw honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon poppy seeds, or however much opium you want
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • pinch of salt


  1. Turn on your waffle maker.
  2. Mix together all your dry ingredients.
  3. Mix together all your wet ingredients.
  4. Mix ALL OF IT together.
  5. Pour into waffle maker.
  6. Cook until done.
  7. Pour a sh*t ton of syrup on top.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

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70 thoughts on “Lemon Poppyseed Waffles”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog ALL DAY instead of studying for my stats exam. Thank you for having a blog that is SO MUCH WAY MORE AWESOME than statistics. Also I'm totally jealous of your waffle iron.

  2. Jenn–I think really anything would be more awesome than statistics, but I could be wrong. Thank you so much for supporting my blog and checking it out!! Let me know if you make anything!!

  3. Every time I come to your blog I question why I didn't bring an extra pair of pants. You're hilarious and your blog ALWAYS gets me cracking up. Which makes me feel ridiculous alone in my apartment. I think my fave recipe from your blog to date is your broccoli fritters ( You're a genius) but I am making your chocolate cake/ brownie RIGHT NOW as a thanksgiving dessert. 🙂 Thanks for being awesome!!!

  4. Sweet baby jesus, these things were lemon-insane. I loved the overall consistency, but ½ cup of lemon juice would have been plenty. No wonder you need a sh*ton of syrup… damn!

  5. Stu- Haha I think our tastes are different because I didn't think it was lemony enough!!! Hope you still liked it 🙂

    Michelle- I usually get my almond flour from the bulk isle at Whole Foods and my coconut flour from the bulk/refrigerator isle at Vitamin Cottage

  6. Just made these this morning and the taste is amazing! I chose to substitute the poppy seeds for blueberries, i just love the blueberry/lemon combination. I have a quick question tho, were you able to pull your cooked waffle off the waffle maker and manage to keep it from crumbling into a thousand little pieces? The texture of mine seemed a little dry and I couldn't even get one pretty waffle out of the batch. I made two batches and reduced the amount of almond meal and coconut flour in the second batch… this one held together a little better but not much. Is this common? I plan on making these Christmas morning (Christmas tradition) and this is our first paleo Christmas… I'm trying to keep the tradition going but no one is going to want to eat a plate full of crumbled "waffles".

  7. Hmmmmm, mine didn't fall apart at all 🙁 try using a bit more coconut flour and maybe even an extra egg. The eggs are what really keeps it all combined. And you used the baking powder and soda correct?

  8. I never thought about using another egg… I used the said amount of both baking powder and soda. Was your batter runny? Above it says, "Pour into waffle maker", and I definitely wasn't pouring. It was more of a scoop and spread… I'm fairly new to baking with coconut four and almond flour. I have noticed that coconut flour soaks up a ton of liquid and makes any better thicker than normal. Would using coconut milk or almond butter help?? Otherwise I don't really know how to make it "pourable" :/

  9. It's definitely thicker than usual pancake/waffle batter. I say add an extra egg and a bit of coconut milk to loosen it up. Coconut flour is pretty intense, you gotta be careful with it so you could always use a lil less coconut flour and more almond flour!

  10. Thank you Juli for all the back and forth discussion. Ill definitely be adding an extra egg and some coconut milk or try a little less coconut flour Christmas morning. Can't wait for my family to taste how delicious paleo food can be :0) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Just wondering what you are using in the way of syrup, being as that is not Paleo, according to resources?? I also realize that you don’t have to be %100 Paleo, but thought maybe you had some secret Paleo syrup or something…. 🙂

  12. Why did I have to choose today to start Whole 30? Whyyyy?! I want to eat these right now….too bad I don’t have a waffle maker anyway. Crap. Wait! My roommate does! I think. So yeah. Lemon Poppyseed Waffles will be made as soon as I’m done….in….30….days. Can’t wait to try ’em!

      1. Well, like everyone else, my waffles were Crumble City, even with an extra egg and some almond milk, lol But I didn’t care bc they were delicious! I made a raspberry maple syrup puree & it went with it beautifully.

  13. I’ve been obsessed with your blog since I discovered it, and today I bought a waffle maker at the thrift store because of your tempting recipes.

    I made these with lime juice and blueberries. My taste buds are so happy. Thank you.

  14. Just bought a new waffle maker, and couldn’t wait to try these as the first batch! However, I had the same problem as Shannon did – one big crumbly mess 🙁 I couldn’t even take a bite off my plate because the piece would just break off, pretty much had to scoop up the bites with the fork. I probably will try these again, but with another egg and less coconut flour.

      1. It is 🙁 I’m wondering if it might the brand of flours I’m using? I get both the almond and coconut from nuts.com, and have had this problem with a few other recipes such as pancakes – came out very dry and crumbly. I’m getting low on both so will use these up and try TT coconut flour next time. I’m also wondering if the fact that I live in the frigid north where its currently very cold and dry has anything to do with this as well. Hmmm :\

  15. I just made these and they are awesome!! not as crunch as a normal waffles but so worth the paleo. I added chopped pecans instead of poppy seed, cause i didnt have any. i”ll make these again for sure

  16. Juli, just found your blog a couple days ago. And I got to say, girl you crack my sh*t up. Seriously, even when I’m not “in the mood”
    i find myself LMAO at your interjection of comedy and honesty about your life. i.e your mom finding out that your blogging about getting a brazilian wax. Now that is some funny sh*t. I’ve tried two of your recipes and both were awesome. Thought I’d try some paleo waffles today and your’s was the recipe site that came to mind. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe not. If I can’t fit in my jeans two weeks from now, I’m gonna know who to blame. OK, that would still be me. darn. Anyway, thought I’d say “Hi”, and tell ya to keep up all the hard work. Both in the gym and the kitchen.

  17. Just made these for lunch!! (my waffle maker finally arrived!) Tastes so good, it feels like cheating!! Thanks for the recipe!

  18. Just made these and they are delicious!! I added an extra egg and some almond milk because the batter was too dry and they turned out perfect and fluffy. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

  19. Soooooo good! These were my first venture into Paleo baking an I’m not disappointed! Thanks for the great recipie! I’ll be making them again fo’ sure!

  20. You’re so funny! I’ve laughed at every entry! I was totally craving lemon today and have most of the ingredients for these waffles. I think I WILL add a waffle iron to my wedding registry. I didn’t think a Paleo couple would need one… Keep making people happy and full!

  21. I made these waffles for my family this morning. They raved about them.. So yummy! I also substituted blueberries and added one more egg and some coconut milk. No crumbling issues.. Moist and flavorful

  22. I have been looking forward to making these for a couple weeks now and had high hopes after reading the comments of adding an egg and some milk. But they still crumbled into pieces! The flavor was delicious, but I was eating a plate full of crumbs.. maybe next time I will try pancakes with this batter instead!

  23. Hey Juli –

    Your recipes are fabulous! I love all of them! One question – I can not have coconut (migraines) which is in itself depressing…but thats another story. Anyway, can i subsitute all the flours and milks with Almond? Will that work? Are some recipes only a success with the lovely coconut?

  24. Okay, so I never comment on blogs, but I have to give you MAJOR props on this recipe. I bought a waffle maker just so I can make these! I made these this morning and these were amazing! I didn’t miss regular waffles at all. The lemon zest gives it such a fresh taste. I didn’t have poppy seeds so I added in fresh blueberries. Seriously, in LOVE with this. I also tried the almond/coconut waffles, which are delicious as well, but this one is just another level. THANK YOU!!

  25. I´m making my own coconut flour tonight. It´s not sold in my country. Can I use sunflour oil to replace the coconut oil?
    your blog is my new cookbook now. I started paleo a week ago. Very hard to do it in Paraguay. We’ll see how it goes.
    Thanks for sharing all your recipes!

  26. I really wanted to like these, but they were so dry that I only could eat them with more syrup than I was eating waffles. Still looking for sweet paleo breakfast recipe that works. Sorry.

  27. I was wondering if these would freeze well? I was thinking of making a large batch, freeze 3/4 and then toast them in the mornings.

    I ADORE this site!!! Thank you for your blog!

  28. Mine were a big crumbly mess also. I added some almond milk but that didn’t help. I had some crumbles & liked the lemon but couldn’t eat them at all.

  29. I tried this recipe this morning – the batter was very good – but it was a HUGE CRUMBLY mess. This recipe is in desperate need of an update! I put in the waffle iron and it just was all crumbly and didn’t hold together at ALL. I ended up then switching to making pancakes to try and get them to stay together -that worked a little better but we still ended up w/pancake crumbs. They still taste pretty good – I just really think something is off w/this recipe. I have tried other recipes of yours and they are all really good. Please redo this recipe!!

  30. I just turned Paleo and I have been mourning the loss of waffles. My waffle maker is definitely my most prized possession and I am so happy to have dusted it off for these! Thank you so much for being so awesome and making my morning! I added an extra egg and a little almond milk and they are perfect!

  31. These waffles are AMAZING! Followed the instructions except for using tapioca flour rather than coconut flour. Waffles were slightly spongy and flavorful. I’m adding this to my Favorite Recipes folder!

  32. Please could you let me know what I may have done wrong – I made these waffles today but when I opened waffle iron they tore apart (top and bottom stuck to the non-stick waffle iron). They tasted really, really yummy. I tried a few times at different temps (1-10 range – I usually use 8 or 10 with the scrumptious gluten free waffles I used to make) etc but just couldn’t work out why they would not work. Thanks for your help.

  33. Hai, I did this and I replaced almond flour with golden flaxseed meal and did some extra egg whites stiffened and it came out beautiful full, thick, and fluffy it was amazing!!

  34. Thanks, I made the waffles this morning. And they came out great! I am quite inspired to make more paleo and sugar free recipes. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  35. Was soooo looking forward to these waffles! Unfortunately I experienced the same as others…thick, dry crumbly mess. Had to dig them out of my waffle maker. As suggested by some, I added a lil coconut milk and an extra egg to the remaining batter. Was better, but still difficult to remove in one piece. Lovely husbands comment “it’s not always about the presentation! They were definitely YUMMY!”
    Looking forward to the revised recipe!

  36. They are absolutely perfect: I reduced coconut flour amount, added flax meal and chia seads – the waffles are light and airy!
    THANK YOU! I cannot believe there absolutely no grains in them!

  37. I’ve made these numerous times. They are awesome. Everyone I share them with have loved them as well.
    Very yummy recipe!!!!

  38. I have a question, I made these waffles, followed the recipe to a T. They turned out delish, BUT they basically fell apart taking them out of the waffle iron. I sprayed the iron with coconut spray, so that wasn’t the issue, is there a trick to getting them to stay together? Do I add more flour? Tapioca flour? Please help, they were delish I just want them to stay intact! Lol

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