Let’s Talk About Sex w/ Vanessa Marin – Episode 219: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

Today on the podcast, I’m talking to Vanessa Marin, who is a sex therapist! We are talking about the taboo topics, diving in to struggles we ALL have in relationships, and answering your questions! Vanessa has so many free resources and courses to check out and an amazing instagram that will keep you entertained while also informed! The more we can talk openly about these things, the less taboo and scary it will all seem.

Check out Vanessa on her website at https://vmtherapy.com/

On her instagram at https://www.instagram.com/vanessamarintherapy/

And be sure to check out her free guides https://vmtherapy.com/free-stuff

As well as her online courses https://vmtherapy.com/online-sex-therapy-programs/

These are some of her most popular courses you may like:

How to Orgasm https://vmtherapy.com/how-to-orgasm

30 Day Sex Challenge https://vmtherapy.com/30-day-sex-challenge/

30 Day Connection Challenge https://vmtherapy.thrivecart.com/30-day-connection-challenge/?_ga=2.91829084.757641409.1635692749-1424054118.1635692749


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