My Life, Through Food

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So this is how my Thursday morning started off. I woke up around 6:45am, didn’t feel good since I ate far too much dark chocolate on Wednesday night, so I threw away my chocolate surprise brownie thingy. Whatever it is. I just got rid of it. No need for it to stare at me. I’ll miss you chocolate treat. But I won’t miss what you did to my insides. Since I cut out sugar, now whenever I have it, I feel like balls. Damnit.

To ease my tummy woes, I made a nice cup of honey lemon ginger tea. It’s my new fav. Not like omgilovethisteasofreakingmuch, but more of a omgicanactuallychokethisteadown. So I had 2 cups of it. The air conditioning unit is still in my window and it’s probably 50 degrees outside. Meaning it’s 50 degrees inside my room. So really, I was just drinking tea to keep from shivering.

So I started my normal morning routine when I’m not working at the gym. I checked all my social media, wrote back to comments, wrote back to some emails, and started writing a new post. Then I decided it was breakfast time around 8am. So I stared at what was in the fridge and decided to make a love child of two leftover meals. I had one meal (from my cookbook, so it’s a secret) which included some spaghetti squash in a sauce and leftover chicken from yesterdays post. So I mixed the two together and ate it cold. I love cold food. All while watching the Today show. Turns out morning tv is boring. Mostly because it’s not New Girl or The Mindy Project. Those are the only two shows on worth watching. Ok wait, Glee and Modern Family are stupid awesome too. Morning tv is just a bore.

Anywho, then I headed to the gym around 10am! Jason was oh so lucky to workout with me on this fine day. So this is what our workout looked like:

  • Every 30 seconds, for 5 minutes: 3 connected squat cleans (no dropping between reps) – My weight was 115#
  • Then we did a workout called ‘Cory McGee’ which was a 40 min AMRAP of 10 handstand push ups, 6 deadlift (315,225), 12 toes to bar, with a 400 meter run on the even rounds. I did deadlifts at 185# at got through 10 rounds.

Afterwords, I drank down my Simply Pure Nutrients recovery fuel with unsweetened almond milk at 12pm. But this is no normal recovery fuel, this recovery fuel is the closest I’ve seen to paleo. BUT it hasn’t been released yet. Not until November. It’s stupid delicious. And I was back to my perky self soon after. Just so you know, I don’t tend to drink a ton of protein shakes. I only do it on two-a-days or after workouts when I feel absolutely awful. I just hate taking in extra sugar when it’s not needed, mostly because my skin is so incredibly sensitive. But I’ve loved this brand and it’s worked well for me. But come November, I’ll be talking more and more about this product so you guys can get your hands on it too!!

Once I got home, I cooked up an easy meal of mashed plantain and a sugar free chicken sausage at 1:00pm. All I did was add a tablespoon of coconut oil to a pan, peeled and slit a plantain in half and cooked it on both sides until soft. Then I just used a fork to mash it all up while I cooked my sausage that I cut in half as well. While that cooked, I ate about a tablespoon of coconut cream concentrate. Aka my best friend. No wait, boyfriend. No, lover. That’s the right word for it.

Then I got back to a few more emails while I ate.  And moved my butt to Starbucks for a business meeting at 2pm. Since I’m still off the coffee train, I had an unsweetened iced green tea. Let me tell you, it was thrilling.

After the lovely meeting, I headed back to the gym to chat with Jason before getting to workout #2. I haven’t done two-a-days since Regionals, so it’s about time to get to them. Great. So excited. Not at all. While we chatted, we headed down to the Sugar Bake Shop for an almond milk chai and a delicious paleo muffin. Yes, our local bake shop carries paleo muffins. Badass huh? Jason and I split one, but after one bite I lost interest because my chai was more interesting, so I gave the rest to him. I’m the best kind of friend to have 3% of the time.

About an hour after our chai time, I did my second workout for the day around 4:30pm:

3 rounds: 10 clean and jerk (95#) 10 box jumps (30 in.) and 20 kettlebell swings (55#) – it took me 10:20…I think. Now I’ve forgotten. I suck.

Doing a workout by yourself is never as fun. Neither is a 40 min AMRAP though. Or 30inch box jumps.

Then I coached from 5:30-8:30. This is the time I get to play my own music to make the workout extra fun. Here are some of my favorite songs right now:

  1. I love it by Icona Pop
  2. Anything can happen by Ellie Goulding
  3. Gangnam Style by Psy
  4. One More Night by Maroon 5
  5. Too Close by Alex Clare
  6. Best Love Song by Tpain and Chris Brown
  7. Fade into Darkness by Avicii
  8. 40 Deep by Lecrae

Don’t like them? You’re dumb.

After coaching, I headed to Gov’s Park to chat with my good friend and owner of Renegade Fitness, Tom, to go over PaleOMG apparel. You didn’t know I had apparel!?!? WHAAAAAAAT? It’s cool. Now you know! Yay!

Once I got home around 9:45pm, I made an easy dinner with 1/2 of leftover baked sweet potato, 2 slices of bacon, on 2 eggs. I just cooked the bacon and eggs in a pan together, heated up the sweet potato in the microwaves, then used a knife and fork to mash it all together. While that cooked, I snacked on some of Laura’s plantain chips. I didn’t ask. I’m a bad friend.

So whoever says eating dinner before 7pm is a must, can suck it. Because that’s not how my life works. And I’m sure as hell not fasting until the morning. Starving myself doesn’t work in my book.

I also had a tablespoon of coconut cream concentrate before I went to bed.

Good day people, good day.


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


81 thoughts on “My Life, Through Food”

  1. Juli,

    Can you mix the Simply Pure Nutrients recovery fuel with water? Or do you need to use a thicker liquid such as the Almond Milk you used? Also, what flavor of recovery fuel did you have?

  2. The easier the better, therefore cold food is amazing due to the lack of work involved. In respects to comedy sitcoms, show some love for The Big Bang Theory, puhhlease.

  3. Totally know how you feel. Whenever I cheat (wing night, a doughnut, a ginger ale, esp. beer). My stomach feels like shit for hours!!

    Def motivation not to do it often!!

  4. Every time you make these posts I am so jealous of your habits!! If I was doing Crossfit twice a day I’d be eating 3x as much as you! As it is I do cardio in the morning and train at night, and my breakfast is about the size of an entire day’s worth of your meals. Wish I had your self-control!

  5. This is my first comment! Get excited! I’m new to anything paleo, and still struggle to not inhale pasta and cheese…my favorites. Not eating bread is whatever…I could go without bread forever!! It’s the cheese that gets me…and I’m lactose intolerant!!! Boooo. However, your blog has helped me out TONS in finding awesome tasty replacement foods for when I’m standing in front of my fridge in a food craving frenzy. I’m IN LOVE with my crock pot, so thanks for having so many crock recipes. Do you use a crock pot liner? Do they freak you out?? I don’t understand how something plastic that can withstand that much heat can be ok to use to cook your food!! My husband and I have a ‘I cook, you clean’ deal, so he wants me to use the liners to make his cleaning easier…but seriously they freak me out. Thanks for the awesome blogging!!

  6. Props for doing both of those workouts In the same day! I need to step up my game…
    Feeling like hell after cheat food is always my motivation!

  7. I love your blog! Yours is the only one that I follow every day just to read. Other paleo blogs I just stumble on because I’m looking for a recipe to use up my leftover ingredients or for my avocado-coconut cravings at the time. Hi-larious!

    And your WODs and weights make me think that I have been slacking. Holy-moly!

  8. I bought a can of coconut cream concentrate at Trader Joe’s and tried a spoonful of it. Not what I was expecting! Is the CCC you are always referring to the stuff that comes separated in a can (water/coconut)?

    1. coconut cream concentrate is coconut butter. which i’ve never seen in a can so you might have just bought coconut milk and it was called something different like creamed coconut

    2. I bought that coconut cream from TJ’s recently, and it’s just the full-fat version of coconut milk. For the longest time they only carried light coconut milk so it looks like the coconut cream is the full fat kind. It is pretty thick, but definitely not coconut butter. It was delicious in my coffee!

      1. I bought it too and used it last night. It tasted kind of waxy straight out of the can but was pretty good in food.

  9. Whatever is going on in that bowl with the spaghetti squash and left over chicken looks amazing. Can’t wait for the cook book! Also, totally with you on the cold food – husband thinks it’s nasty, I think it’s the greatest!

  10. And I am super jealous your local bake shop has paleo muffins and almond milk chia’s. I have totally started to make my own almond milk chias just to compensate for the lack in my area. One more reason why I think I need to open up a paleo bake shop or restaurant here on the EAST Coast, because apparently we are not as cool as you West Coast/Mountain Paleo people! sad day:( But alas you rock and I love your recipes and can’t wait for your cookbook!

  11. your coffee shop serves Paleo muffins? the idea of a coffee shop intentionally serving Paleo anything blows my mind. You are a lucky gal!

    And thanks for sharing your day with us!

  12. Juli – I live in Denver….where is this coffee shop with Paleo muffins??? I would love to satisfy a muffin craving that won’t make me feel blah. Thanks! Love reading your blog everyday and can’t wait for the cookbook!

  13. Juli,

    When is the SPN going to be available for the public? What flavor is the one you have in your mixer bottle? Is this just for recovery?

  14. Hi Juli! I’ve been a reader for a few months, but this is my first post. Love your personality! 🙂 Congrats on just throwing out the chocolate mess! I have a hard time throwing away food. Feels like such a waste. Must eat! I have to say, though, where are your green veggies?! Your meals look totally delish, but awfully white :/ Two-a-days sound rough, but I’m excited for you to get back into it. I had a thought that maybe you could try making your partner workout the second one to keep you motivated?

  15. wow….looking at your pics reallllly makes me think I need major portion control. My paleo portions are huge….I just might like eating more than you. I run extra minutes with seconds helpings in mind.

    1. Just my 2 non-exercise aficionado cents- I think if you’re working more on cardio then that ramps up your appetite a bunch. I mean, I don’t just think that…people have written that. Not just me…people who know things. 🙂
      And if not, it’s a funny coincidence, reading through the comments..seems like the people worried about their large portions all also mentioned doing cardio.


    Also, I’m drinking a decaf Americano this morning and “thrilling” would not be an overstatement. 🙂

    Also, just snagged that whole play list HOLLA!

  17. Julie! So happy that you have a contribution button. For all the awesome recipes you share for free, its about time we moochers gave a little back to ya :). Thanks for making me realize that there is someone equally as strange as me in the world!

  18. I did two workouts this morning, i seriously would crossfit all day if that was physically possible, love it so much. I’m listening to your music right now, thanks for sharing that! I have a few questions for you. First how’s the no coffee thing going? Besides coconut butter, you don’t really snack, right? Lastly, I know you did the sugar detox, and have adjusted because of that, but what’s your fruit consumption like now? Sorry for the bombardment of questions!

    1. No worries!! Let’s get to it. No coffee is going great. I’m still having green tea so i still get caffeine that way, but I don’t think I was super addicted to coffee in the first place. I don’t snack a ton, but if i did, I try to have something with fat or protein, my last resort is carbs. And I don’t eat nearly as much fruit as I used to. Still have higher starch foods like plantain and sweet potato, but I’ll maybe have 1 or 2 apples a week, if that. Hope that helps with your questions!

  19. I had a couple of thoughts while reading your post and I wanted to share them with you.
    1. Mashed Plantains sounds like an amazingly good idea.
    2. I hate squat cleans so much right now. I did them this morning they made me want to cry.
    3. Dinner after 7 is fine and not going to hurt anything. I think if you are hungry you should eat.

  20. Cold food is the best! I ate cold pizza/chinese food/whatever for breakfast all throughout high school…granted that was before paleo, but whatever. The concept is still the same!

  21. Hey Juli,
    As usual I totally love your blog.
    I recently gave up eggs to try and cure my tummy and skin issues. I feel a lot better but i had some 70% choc last night and my gums are inflamed and have new spots!

    Do you get frustrated that although you have a v clean diet you keep having to cut stuff out? i am starting to feel that I am ‘allergic’ to everything!

    Really love your blog!

  22. Hey Juli,
    Luv the recipes!! You really help people like me who have a hard time finding things that are good for you to eat while working out trying to stay in shape.

  23. I just found your blog and love your recipes! The chicken avocado pasta, pork w/plantains, mexican chicken soup over cilantro lime rice and blueberry pumpkin loaf were all wonderful.

  24. Hi Juli,
    I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I opened up a coffee shop and Paleo bistro near your friends at CrossFit Deco. It’s called mmm…COFFEE! @ 910 Santa Fe and everything is Paleo. You should come and see us!

      1. Our hours are Tuesday-Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We opened on the 2nd, but our Grand Opening is this Friday 8:30-8:30. I would love to meet you, Juli! You have even inspired some of my food on the menu…check it out on our web site!

  25. Juli-
    Paleo is totally jacking with my skin!! I have read that you have problems with yours as well….. Any suggestions?? I take a probiotic, wash immediately after workouts, and the whole gamut of things. Seriously if you told me you use bird poop I would be outside in a hot second finding a crapping bird!! I only have almonds and max of 10 3x’s a week, sugar is low…. Help!!!

    1. I totally agree… my skin hasn’t been this terrible in YEARS.. I thought Paleo was supposed to help!! I’ve just started using Castor Oil on my face- I’ve read it’s supposed to be great, so hopefully that works out or else I’ma be wicked cranky!

  26. Artisana makes yummy Coconut Butter, too. You can buy it at Sprouts, Whole Foods or online. The stuff in the can at Trader Joes, coconut cream….check the label. Not so ‘clean’ in the ingredients….and NOT ‘coconut butter’! You’ll know when you’re eating coconut butter…HEAVEN!

  27. Andrea- I’m not Julie nor am I completely paleo…but I’ll tell you a few tips that have helped my skin. I eat greek yogurt and cheese and I swore up and down that was what was causing me to get zits so I cut them out. Nothing happened except my zits got worse!! I discovered I was using products that irritated my face. Now, I use trader joes Johoba oil with their gentle cleanser to wash with (I mix the two on my wash rag) then, I put TJ’s sensitive lotion on my face. It has helped so much!! Lot of water helps too!

  28. Hey Juli, I’ve been reading your hilarious and educational posts from Down Under!!!!!! I am so loving my new life living Paleo and cross fit. I’ve started an 8week challenge incorporating Paleo, WOD’s and strength! Never before did I think I would be achieving such great things. I imagined it and now its coming to fruition; eating clean and training hard…. I have some amazing mentors and friends who are guiding me in the right path.. I had a binge last night on dark chocolate and now understand why I am not losing the weight! I have to learn to say no to those night time cravings…. but its so damn hard. Any hints???
    I wish we had bakeries close by like you do that have yummy Paleo muffins….. Anywho, don’t stop blogging and delivering information to this amazing website… I love it… Sue

    1. cravings are super tough! i know how that goes. I try to eat something that will keep me feeling full whenever im having cravings. like a bit of coconut butter or just some meat. just cut the cord with the chocolate, once you get it under control, then you can add it back in and won’t crave it as much!

  29. I had to give me coffee too. 🙁 Huge loss. My DO told me it was majorly screwing with my hormone regulation and since those levels are already way out of whack from being on birth control for 11 years the last thing I need to be doing is interfering with my body’s attempts to correct the SNAFU hot mess o’ hormones. I am not much of a tea drinker either, but I have found the ginger teas as well as the licorice teas (stash makes a licorice spice one that’s caffeine free and a lovely blend of spices with just a hint of vanilla) to be my best bet. So if you are not averse to that particular flavor, I’d highly recommend you giving it a whirl.

  30. Ok. I needed something today other than my usual americano so (thinking of you) I got a sugar-free chai with unsweetened almond milk as a once in a blue moon drink. BIG MISTAKE! I want to swim in it now. I want to invite it home and make it my friend. I want it coming out of my faucets. I think I have a problem. A very good problem.

  31. Juli….this is my first ever comment yay! Love love love your blog…on down weeks in crossfit and up weeks…basically every day I read it and it always makes me laugh and pick me up if I’m having a rough crossfit week! Anyways… this blog and saw your wod of 3 rds for time of box jumps, clean and jerks and kb swings….did that today at my gym and loved it! Thanks for the kickass wod!!
    Can’t wait to see what your next recipes are 🙂

  32. Juli…..LOVE your blog!!!! And thanks for the kickass wod idea…3 rds of 10 clean and jerks, 10 box jumps and 10 kb swings…my friend and I did it today (okay okay 24 in boxes) and loved it…well i did get told i hate you a couple of times by my friend in the middle of the wod hahaha…she loved it in the end though!

  33. Hi Juli!

    I’m a (semi) new reader and a new Paleo…er? I usually don’t comment on blogs but just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! Not only do you have wonderful recipes but you’re freaking funny as hell. Like I feel like you and I would be bffs if we knew each other in person. Just sayin. Anyway, thanks for being so awesome and just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog!


  34. Omg I just love your attitude 🙂 it makes your posts so much more interesting to read than a lot of the other blogs out there! Keep it up! I’m loco for it

  35. First off, your top pic is hella (f*ck yeah old school words that probably aren’t as cool anymore, but since when did that stop me from anything!) awesome, it almost looks as though you’re smiling into your mug, haha.

    Secondly, I wish I could stop reading your blog, as I’m unable to join a CrossFit gym as they’re all almost an hr away from me – FL sucks for that.

    P.S. I have to make small batches of coconut butter when I make my own, *because* it’s too good and I just… can’t… stop. If I could re-join a CrossFit gym I’d at least be more able to validate my engulfing of coconut butter.

  36. I am new to your blog (what up??) and I must say I keep finding myself coming back for more! You talk like me and I feel if I knew you we would be best friends (mostly because I love the word balls). I really enjoyed this post because, as a paleo newbie, it gave me a sense of how a person can eat without making crapton of food or a fancy recipe every day. Keep them coming!

  37. HELP!!! I am feeling overwhelmed. I am a newbie and don’t know where to begin . . . sugar detox, paleo, crossfit. Should I start them all at once or do a little at a time? There is a Crossfit gym about 25 min from my home, I plan on calling them today to get more info. I have no idea what you are talking about when you talk about your workouts. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere with what all of those abbreviations mean?? LOL

    I want to make a life change and feel that Paleo and Crossfit are for me. I am old though . . . so I worry about if I will be able to do the Crossfit.

    What advice do you have for the people that have just read Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution book, some blogs (loving yours the most) and looked at several recipes?


    1. Hey Deanna! I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to start it all. I started CrossFit and didn’t start paleo for a little while afterwards. I think starting at a CrossFit gym is super helpful because many CrossFit athletes eat paleo and can help you on your journey, including your coach could help you with that! And while you join the gym, you can just start making recipes from my blog and many others and it will be super easy to transition!

  38. I drove past Sugar Bake Shop the other day and got a little sad realizing that I couldn’t enjoy coffee and a treat during this upcoming winter.. But you’ve saved my mood! So happy to hear about their paleo options, hurrah. 🙂

  39. I effing love your pic in this post and I thought you should know that. all sassy eyes and such. that is all. actually, it’s not… i miss you coaching.

  40. I love the way you write! So funny. I have a similar writing style but I thought “people would stone me if they read this” but I see you are quite alive – YAY! Question – I don’t love exercise that much, but I wana be a buff mofo so …. do I just force myself to do it like I’v been doing for a good while now? And go Paleo? I’m currently vegetarian (feel bad for the animals – yes I’m one of those!) I’m doing lots of weights at the moment, but my diet isn’t strict enough for me to get shredded, even though I eat healthy – crap load of salads and eggs and fruit and vegies and yadiyaaa. But I love coffee, honey, fruit, dates, chocolate (sometimes) and nuts! I’m super confused about which route to take – the happy hippy vegan, or the paleo cave-person or the just what?

    1. Hey there! If I could recommend anything, it’s to eat meat. It’s incredibly important to get that healthy protein. The more protein you can get, the easier it will be to build muscle. As for the honey and dates and nuts and chocolate, all those things will hold you back from being totally shredded. I would know, I eat those and I’m definitely not shredded. So figure out what your goals are. If they are to be shredded, you’re going to have to make your food a bit boring. IF they are to be happy and healthy and more muscular, you can probably find a balance with all of that.

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