Listener Questions – Episode 50: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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I asked what questions you guys had and I answered as many as possible in this weeks episode! Talking beauty products, collagen, food cravings, fitness motivations, dealing with social media, and my newest coffee obsession!


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Episode 50 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Well, hello from my couch. I am Juli Bauer Roth. Welcome to the 50th episode. That’s five-zero. Episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. If you’ve been here from the beginning, way to go. I don’t know how you’ve lasted this long with me. I really don’t. Especially with my yawning. I’m about to yawn just thinking about; ugh, I can’t. Oh my god. How. How is it possible? I just think about yawning and then I start yawning. And then you’re worried you’re going to yawn.

It’s kind of like sweating. If you’re a person who profusely sweats, like me. And you’re like; oh my god. I don’t want to sweat through this T-shirt, whatever. I’m going to something important, I don’t want to sweat through this dress. And as soon as you think about how you’re going to sweat through something, you do. So I’m yawning. I hate myself. I literally hate myself. I’m going to get some water.

It’s so great when I have someone else I’m recording with, because I actually don’t yawn. If you listened to last week’s episode with Cassy, not one. Not one yawn in there, ok? That was pretty f*cking rad. And isn’t she the best? She’s so freaking cool.

I’m trying to schedule some new interviews with some kind of random people. A food person, a workout person, and they’re dudes. So hopefully that comes to fruition. Because I’ve only had one other dude in here; the owner of my gym. And he’s traveling the world right now with his girlfriend or something, so I don’t see him anymore. F*cking turd bucket. Anyways. I’m going to have some other dudes on the podcast, so stay tuned for that. That will be quite fun.

I am getting excited, because I leave for Lake Powell soon. I’ve got a few more days. We leave during the middle of the week next week. And we’re driving out there, and we’re actually staying in a hotel. Which we’ve never done. We’ve always stayed in a houseboat. But, our friend’s houseboat that we went on last year. The first two years, it was like a group of 27, and we rented a houseboat. And then the third year I went, it was on my friend’s houseboat. And then get this; sorry I was thinking about yawning again. I hate. I can’t. I f*cking can’t.

Ok, so get this. So, he hires a company to take the houseboat out for the season, and they call them, and I’m kind of rounding out the story. There’s a longer story to it. But they call him, and they’re like, “There’s something wrong with your houseboat. You should check it out.” So I think he drives out there, checks it out. All of the cabinets, like in the kitchen, are all on the floor. Like they have fallen off the side of the boat. So obviously the boat had been dropped as they’re pulling it out. And they won’t admit to it.

And you have nobody else to turn to, because it’s f*cking Lake Powell. I don’t know if you’ve been to Lake Powell, but there isn’t a lot going on out there. And I’m judging right now, but the people who are out there don’t give a f*ck. They’re like; hey, we already got your money. I don’t care. So they’re not fixing anything. It’s been like 2 years now of it not getting fixed. It’s just a total pain, especially when he’s 8 hours away from Lake Powel. So it’s been such a mess.

So this year, with that friend, we were like, how about we go to Lake Powell and we’ll stay in Bullfrog. If you don’t know anything about Lake Powell; sorry to be annoying. But there’s maybe more than two, but I only know of two different marinas. But there’s Bullfrog, and that’s kind of the closer one for us. So we’re going to drive there. Stay in Bullfrog. And then boat over in our wakeboard boat to the other marina, to Page. Which is, I think, I don’t know how many hours. A few hours by boat.

So, then we get to Page, and Page has restaurants and bars. It has more of a town than Bullfrog, which is just the marina. And one hotel and a restaurant. So Page has more options. So we’re going to hotel it. All bunk up together in a group of maybe; how many. There’s five of us, I think. All bunk up in the hotel together. Because it’s of course, expensive. Because they can. So yeah. That’s what we’re doing. I’m so excited to go to Lake Powell. Lake Powell is one of my favorite places ever. Literally ever. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. And that’s saying a lot, because I just went to the Caribbean.

Which, by the way, cannot imagine what all these families are going through. Just want to; I’m not a religious person. I’m not a spiritual person. But I’m sending my thoughts and my hopes to everyone that is affected by these two hurricanes. By Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. I cannot imagine. The Caribbean was literally just destroyed. Places have been completely destroyed. Places we were just at a few weeks ago. I cannot imagine what these people are going through. Especially the people out in Houston, and what’s going to happen to Miami soon.

My husband and I; we got a new TV the other day. And we were trying to hook it up, and it was just being a pain in the ass of connecting. And then the volume wouldn’t work on the regular remote, so we had to use a second remote. And we both look at each other, and we’re like; why the f*ck are we complaining right now? I cannot imagine what it’s like to go through; to lose everything. I’ve had a family member, their whole entire house burnt down. They lost everything that they had built, and I could not imagine going through that. And then seeing that on your entire block, and your entire town. Your entire city. It’s like, I just can’t imagine it.

So I just want to say, just a quick thought to all of them. I’m not; that’s not what this podcast is for, to talk just completely about that. I’m trying to make people laugh and just have an easy conversation. But I talked about it on my blog this week, and shared places that you can give back to. It’s amazing how many people have come together to raise money.

I don’t know football; I don’t give a f*ck about football. But one of the guys, I think he is a football player in Texas. And I don’t know his name, and I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be an asshole. He’s raised like $29 million. His goal was $200,000, and he’s raised $29 million. That is out of control. It’s just amazing what I’m sure small amounts of money coming in. People just giving $10 here, $100, $1000 has made such a difference. And if we can continue to do that for any of the families that are out there, that is huge. So, just sending some love that way. I can’t imagine what they’re going through.

But anyway. Let’s talk about; I have some cool questions. Oh my god; Jackson is lying next to me, and I just noticed that he has tree sap all over his feet. Lovely. I love that on my couch. I love tree sap on my couch cushions. That is so cute.

Ok, so I’ve got to get into this pretty quick because there are amazing questions. I wrote on my Instagram this morning; this is Friday. And this podcast will come out on Saturday. So I asked if anybody had questions. And I always get really nervous when I ask that, because I’m like; “Nobody is going to write.” I’m like, “Oh my god. There’s going to be like three questions, and I’m going to have nothing to talk about.” So you guys are f*cking awesome, for everyone who left a question. If I don’t cover everybody’s question, it’s probably because I’ve talked about in previous podcasts. So I have multiple listener questions episodes; go back in those and listen to them. They have all kinds of random questions on there. And I think they’re easy listens.

But today, I’m trying to make it a little bit more organized. Because just not all over the place. So I put it in different sections. Like I have a skin section, I have collagen, I have fitness, food, and then I have some random questions section. So I kind of spaced it out. But, there’s something I want to talk about that’s been going on. Because it’s been really bugging the sh*t out of me.

I went off birth control for 2 months. And I was trying to find out my game plan. Because if you’ve listened to my podcast about not wanting to have kids anytime soon, you know that I’m not a huge fan of kids. And I’m definitely not a fan of being pregnant, because I don’t really want to have kids right now. Who knows if that will ever change. But I sure as f*ck don’t want to be pregnant, ok. {laughs} No.

So I was starting to get freaked out. I’m like, “Ok, this is bad. This isn’t good. We’re playing with fire here.” I’m not good playing with fire. So I decided to go back on birth control. And one of my friends told me she had an awesome experience with Nuva ring. So, after two months off birth control, before I got on Nuva ring my skin started freaking the f*ck out. And this is because I ate eggs, and I have a bit of a skin allergy whenever I eat eggs. And people are like, “No, it’s the eggs that you’re eating.” It’s been all eggs, whether it’s super high quality or sh*t eggs at the store. It’s been that.

So I ate a ton of eggs while I was in the Caribbean, because we had eggs for breakfast every day. That was kind of my only option; it was eggs and fruit a lot of time. And I should have specified before I left that I wanted just meat instead. But I just didn’t think about it. So after I got back from the Caribbean, not only was I eating eggs, I was drinking a ton of sugar. Because I was having the Pina coladas and mudslides; just sugar bombarding my system. So my skin completely broke out and I had all these breakouts, like along my jawline and kind of by my hairline and stuff. So my skin freaked out.

So not only was I like, I don’t want to get pregnant. I also don’t want to have acne anymore. So I got on birth control. Got the Nuva ring. The doctor gave me two for free. But I went in to fill my prescription, and it was $115 with insurance. I was like, abso-f*cking-lutely not. No. Well, I bought that one. I was like, ok whatever, I’ll figure it out. And then, luckily a reader told me that she gets hers from Planned Parenthood, and it’s only $40. So I need to go check out that.

But people have been asking about birth control because I talked about it on previous podcasts. And that’s what I’m on now. And coming off of birth control, I had a bit of emotional instability going on. Nothing terrible. It’s not like my food changed or anything. And my skin was staying pretty much the same until eggs were added into the mix. But going on birth control in the past, when I was off of it and got back on it, I was f*cking crazy. Psychopath. And I didn’t have that with this. It’s been pretty even keel. So that’s been pretty nice. I’ve really liked it.

You don’t feel it or anything, inside. That was too much information. But it was weird putting it in the first time, that’s for sure. I haven’t gotten that handsy with myself since I was a teenager, so that was a little weird. But hey, whatever.

So. When I had these breakouts, I got these cystic zits. I got three cystic zits. And I haven’t had those since I was on Accutane years and years ago, like before Accutane. So it was super sh*tty to get one. Because if you’ve never had a cystic zit, you don’t understand. Cystic zits, they don’t go away. They f*cking sit there until they’re small enough that you can poke at them, and then you squeeze them out, and that’s when you get scars. So it’s pretty sh*tty. And I found out when I went to my dermatologist to get on Accutane. I was like, “These cystic zits,” started talking about them. And she’s like, “Oh, I’ll just shoot those with a steroid.” So she just shot them up with a steroid and they were gone, in seconds. I was like, oh my god, this is great.

So, when I had one cystic zit that has not wanted to go away. So today I went in to get it shot up and get it broken up, because it’s almost like wax inside your skin. It’s f*cked up. Cystic zits are so f*cked up. And painful. So depressing. But thank god my skin is getting back under control. We’re back on track. The only thing I’ve been going through; oh my god, I’m talking way too f*cking long. The only thing I’m going through now, not with skin, but with some gut issues I have going on. Which probably did not help my skin either. Is I had some issues while I was in Idaho.

So whenever I go on these trips and work with cities, I tell them, “I want to promote restaurants that are gluten free.” Because that’s how I eat and that’s how many of my readers eat. So I’m trying to promote those restaurants so people know where to eat when they go. And they work with all kinds of different media. Media promotes all kinds of different stuff. So I noticed on my itinerary when I got to Idaho that multiple restaurants weren’t specifically gluten-free. So I ended up changing some of my itinerary on my own, and going to my own restaurants that readers recommended while I was there so I could eat gluten free.

But this one restaurant I went to; first of all, it had literally the worst service I’ve ever experienced. And it didn’t have any gluten free things on the menu. So I thought I was getting something safe by getting a salad. I just got oil and lemon juice for my dressing. And it just had salmon and beets. So I thought I was being pretty safe. But I don’t know what was in there, but my stomach has been f*cked up ever since then. And it’s been like a week and a half now since I got back from Idaho. But I did not blog; don’t worry, I did not blog about that restaurant on the blog if you read any of my travel posts.

But my stomach has not been the same ever since then. I don’t know what I ate. But it’s been really hard to come back from that. So my skin probably acted up a little bit from that, as well. But man, my guts have been all funky. So I’ve been trying to just eat a ton of vegetables. Stay away from sugar. Just trying to be clean. Clean Gene! I don’t know. My dad’s name is Gene, so that’s kind of funny.

So I’ve been trying to deal with that. I had some alcohol over the weekend; I made some drinks at home, and that didn’t help. So I’m trying to keep it super clean. But man, when you get glutened or whatever else. Maybe cooking oils; sh*tty, sh*tty cooking oils they were using. I’m not sure, but that place f*cking sucked. Ugh. I actually posted a picture of my meal. You know what, I’m going to take that down! I posted a picture on Instagram. I’m going to take that sh*t down. Because I know it was that meal. I was f*cked up ever after that. Such a bummer. But anyway.


Ok, I want to answer some questions. Because we’re like f*cking 15 minutes in. 17 minutes! Holy tits! So I want to start with skin questions. Let me get a drink of water, because I’m already on this skin route. So this is kind of skin and beauty questions. So let’s get them. This one is from Danni. She asks, “How soon after cutting out eggs and nuts did you see an improvement in your breakouts and bloating?”

I see a difference when I cut out eggs and nuts within three days, honestly. My skin starts to clear up. Any of the bloating or, I hate talking about bodily functions that much. But any bloating and gas that I’ve had, because of eggs or nuts. Mostly nuts. It goes away instantly. So that bloating takes maybe one or two days to clear up. But the eggs with breakouts, I saw an immediate difference. Especially within a month. So either a month of those two things, cutting them out completely, you’re going to see a difference if you have some sort of allergy to it.

So it might not be days, but within a month when you’re clearing out your system of any of those toxins that your body thinks are toxins, for some reason, you should see a difference. That’s just a Whole30. Why people say doing 30 days, because you’re able to clear the body out and really see how it reacts to things. So a few days for me, but it could be 30 days for other people.

This one is from Brit, she asks, “Question about your skin. How did you figure out what irritants are?” Sorry, I suck at reading, obviously. “I know you have mentioned eggs and nuts causing you to break out.” I think for nuts, I found nuts as the first allergy, and I found this years ago. Because I was just eating an excessive amount of fat, in the source of almond butter. And then I was eating; oh my god, I had such an addiction to chocolate covered walnuts. Me and my best friend Laura, we used to live together and there was a Whole Foods just a couple of blocks away. So we’d end up going to Whole Foods almost every night, and getting a bag full of chocolate covered walnuts. Or she’d get chocolate covered mango; we’d just get random stuff. And I would just eat so much of those. Oh my god, I was so addicted to sugar and nuts.

So, when I was having so much gut issues from the over dosage of probably all the; is it omega-6? I’m forgetting which omega it is. But the overabundance of fat I was getting from nut sources. When I took it out, any of that gas and bloating went away with days. And I was like, “Oh sh*t. I really should not be eating this.” And I really didn’t want to face the music. But I would eat it again and I would have that bloating and gas. So it was like, oh, ok. That’s pretty obvious. So it was just a smack in the face. As soon as I cut something out, saw a difference, add it back in, saw that change. You’re like, oh duh.

The eggs; I am so thankful. I have no idea who this reader is. But a reader; I was just talking about how I was having skin issues on my Instagram. And this was after I had been on Accutane and probably a year later my skin started acting up a lot. Someone mentioned eggs made their skin break out. And I’m like, well, I eat eggs every single day. That’s going to be easy to cut out of my diet. At first you’re like, “Oh my god, what am I going to eat for breakfast?” it’s like, ok, just eat what you ate for f*cking lunch for breakfast. Boom, problem solved. Eat dinner from last night for your leftovers for breakfast, done. So it got super easy to remove eggs. And I saw the difference right away. So I can thank one of my readers for saying that eggs made her break out. It made all the difference. I wish I would have known about that years ago.

Ok, this question. I like this question. This one, I don’t know this total name. But it says, “Have you ever done any fillers?” No, I have not done any fillers. I have thought about fillers. Because my skin; I smile and frown a lot. I frown because I’m just super expressive, not because I’m like, grumpy or something. I just make weird faces all the time. And now those smile lines are really starting to sink in. Plus I have a lot of acne scarring around my smile lines. So I have icepick scarring. That’s starting to sink in more, that kind of makes those lines protrude out more. So I’ve thought about doing fillers there.

But I really don’t want to do fillers for quite some time until I really need them. I probably won’t do fillers until maybe 35. And I’m almost 30 now. But who knows. Maybe I won’t even do them. I don’t know. I think something that has been amazing to help with not having to do fillers is; you know, just saying this. I notice the sh*t on my skin way more because I edit my own photos of me, in outfit photos. So I zoom in on my skin. I whiten my teeth. And if I have a big cystic zit, I’ll edit that out. So I see these smile lines that I used to not have. And I wouldn’t notice that if I didn’t edit my photos all the time. So that’s kind of a downside of seeing your face up close all the time. You judge yourself more often.

But I think what is so important for me, and I had to add this to my daily routine. And I’m going to be talking about this on the blog soon. So if you have any questions, just stay tuned. I’m going to be doing a whole blog post about it. Is microneedling with your own at home microneedle. I use that every single night on my face, and it really just helps rebuild the collagen in your skin. Which helps plump out your skin, and helps rebuild collagen and new tissue.

Not only do I do that night, but then I see my esthetician every month and do their higher-tech microneedling. She does different sorts of lasers, and what is it called? BBL laser. Which is a microneedle one. So I do a couple of different things. I’ve also done ProFractional, which is really helpful to not do the fillers. Because it rebuilds the skin even more, and you get that more plump look. I’ve only done ProFractional once, and I’m too scared to do it again because it was so f*cking painful. You know how you forget pain; women will push a body out of their vagina, and then they’re like, “I want to do it again! It was so beautiful!” Because they forget how awful it was. I have not forgotten with ProFractional how awful it was. It really made such a huge difference in my skin, and I would recommend it to anybody. But f*ck it sucks, ok? It sucks. But it’s worth it. But it sucks.

You can do less intense ones. I remember Chelsea Handler posted a picture of her when she did it. She did 75; I forget what the. I don’t know what it’s called. 75, and mine was like 300. So mine was much more intense. My face was bleeding. It was super f*cked up. If you want to know about any of this, go to my beauty tab. I have a skincare post and I talk all about it. And I have before and after pictures, and it’s f*cking frightening. But so worth it. But nope, I haven’t done fillers.

This next question is, “Lash extensions, yay or nay to Snuffleupagus?” That’s funny. Yes. I don’t do lash extensions; I never have. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people; their eyelashes being really broken and really light after they do them. And I don’t want to keep up with it. I don’t want to go lie in a chair for an hour and a half with my eyes closed. At least if I go somewhere else, like say I’m getting my nails done or toenails done, I can still get work done while I’m doing that. But an hour and a half out of my day, every two weeks or three weeks? No thank you.

And I hate when you need them refilled, and they’re super gross. I think it’s so pretty when they’re all big and huge. But then when you need a refill, there’s like four hairs still hanging on. People’s makeup gets in them, and I don’t know if you can use mascara, but most people don’t use mascara. So then you have these silverish light eyelashes instead of dark. I don’t like them, ok. I obviously don’t like them. So I stay away from them. I just use fake eyelashes whenever I’m doing any sort of photos or going out.

Heidi. “How often do you maintain your brows? I know you get them tinted. I had microblading done last November based on your post, and I love my new brows. They were pretty heinous after way too many years of tweezing.” Isn’t that the truth for anybody out there? “I’m trying to decide if I need a touchup. Also love your podcast. You totally have me addicted to the Vanish podcast.” That’s a good podcast, guys, if you like kind of mystery stuff. It’s really sad.

Anyway. I go get my eyebrows tinted every three weeks, and I think that makes a huge difference. Because as your eyebrows kind of lighten up, it doesn’t look the exact same as when you got them microbladed. And I’ve done two touchups with microblading in just a couple of spots. One spot it didn’t take because I have scar tissue. So she needed, I think, a deeper needle. So she had to touch up one spot. In another spot she was just touching up a couple of hair strokes that didn’t take. So I’ve had two touchups. But that was just in a few spots. It wasn’t like the full eyebrow. And I’ve loved it. I’m such a huge fan of it; recommend it to anybody. I’m so glad that I did it.

Ok, this one says, “I really appreciate your direct attitude of telling it like it is. So my question would be around products you didn’t like. I tried Tula overnight cream, and it smells like rotten milk.” Well, Tula is made from probiotics. And probiotics are kind of gross. So that could be why you think it smells that way. They definitely don’t have this beautiful scented lavender smell, for sure.

But you know, I can’t think of any products that I haven’t liked. Because I get most of my product recommendations from my esthetician. And Tula reached out to me about working together. And I was like, I’m going to try your products. I’m not going to sign onto anything until I see if I like them. And then I loved them. My skin seriously glows from using them. So I haven’t had any products that I haven’t liked yet. I really haven’t. So sorry I don’t have any stuff to talk sh*t about.

I know it can smell a little weird, just because they’re made with probiotics. But they’re worth it, I promise you.

And this other question was, “Do you still love Tula products?” And obviously that’s a yes. They have some new products coming out that they just sent me, so I’m trying them now for the next 30 days to see how it goes, and then I will be sharing what I think on the blog. So stay tuned for that. Because they have some cool new stuff coming out.

“What are your favorite eye and face creams?” Ugh. “What face and eye creams are you loving? I have yet to try Botox, but love to find a good cream. Also, favorite foundation and tinted moisturizer?” So, go to my blog because I have a huge list of products I use. And I use a huge list every day. I use a brand called beyond complexion. I use Tula. I use; why am I, oh Vivant. That’s like one of my main products I use and live by. Love. Those are my favorite face products that I use every single day now.

And then I love Jane Iredale, I think it’s a BB cream. I use that now for my foundation. I’ve loved that. It’s really great coverage, but it’s not heavy. It doesn’t smudge off on f*cking everything. And then favorite tinted moisturizer; oh my gosh, I’m totally forgetting the name right now. And I’m going to look it up, because this has been my absolute favorite tinted moisturizer. I would recommend it to anybody. It matches your skin color. And it has an SPF in it. But it’s really great coverage for pretty light weight. Where is it? How can I not find it? Oh, it’s Revision Skincare Intellishade. Sorry, that’s annoying. I should have looked that up before. Revision Skincare Intellishade. And I have this under the beauty tab in my favorite products. Love it. It’s amazing. So yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ok. Let’s see. And this last one, kind of beauty products. “Would love to know your thoughts on Invisalign.” So, I did Invisalign, and I was on it for 6 months. And I have loved it. I think if you can do Invisalign, you totally should. It’s super annoying when you have to wear it daily, but it is so better than braces, visually, in my opinion. I loved it. It’s been great. I’m looking at my teeth right now; they look straight. Love it!


Ok, just a couple of questions about collagen. Because I’ve been talking about collagen more often. I started adding collagen peptides to my diet daily. I either use; why can’t think of anything today. I just suck. I either use Great Lakes or I use Vital Proteins. My brain is shot. Great Lakes or Vital Proteins. I know Great Lakes is cheaper, and I’ve loved Great Lakes too. I just tend to pick up Vital Proteins at Whole Foods when I’ve been thinking about it. So I’ve been using that just a little bit more often lately.

But I started adding a scoop of collagen to my coffee every morning and blending it in my coffee. And I swear, my nails started growing way faster. And my hair is longer than it literally has ever been. Healthier and longer than it’s ever, ever been. And I’m not a person; I don’t take supplements. I don’t take protein powder. I don’t swear by anything. And I’m just clean eating; I think our nutrients come from food and that’s where they should start. And collagen has been a game changer for me. Just for hair and nails; love it.

So I use a powder. I don’t know about collagen pills. This question was about pills versus powder. I don’t know about pills. I might as well do the powder, if you can. I hate taking pills, personally. I had bad experiences with pills when I was younger, and I just f*cking hate taking pills. So, the powder is awesome and I just blend it in my drinks.

And this one was from Sarah. She said, “Besides collagen, do you take any daily vitamins or probiotics?” So actually I just started adding a probiotic to my diet. But I’m not going to talk about it until I see how my body likes it and what it thinks. Then I’ll let you know. And I sometimes take Smarty Pants vitamins. And honestly, I use it as candy sometimes. I’m like, “Oh, I want a little sweet treat.” And I’ll have two Smarty Pants. Because they’re super high in sugar. They’re prenatal ones. But no, I’m not trying to get pregnant. They’re just fun to add to my diet. But I think that I should be getting my vitamins and minerals and everything from food first and foremost.

And she asks, “Do you take anything for energy or recovery?” No. Especially energy. If you don’t feel like you have enough energy, it’s important to try to figure out why. Are you not getting enough sleep? Are you not getting enough nutrients in your diet? Is there some sort of stress in your life? I think figuring those things out are very important instead of just trying to supplement it with some sort of food or drink or whatever bullsh*t. And I say food, like an energy supplement food-wise. Food; real food. Real protein, real veggies, that sort of thing. That’s what I think is important.

And I don’t take anything for recovery. I don’t think I workout hard enough to need a specific food right after recovery. I’m not working out multiple times a day. It’s not like I need a protein shake to refill all the resources I just depleted, because I’m not working out again the next day. So I just eat a meal. That’s my recovery. Is eating a real meal.


Ok, let’s talk about some food. This one is from Tish. She says, “I was wondering what your thoughts are.” Ok, I really like this question. “About the many paleo products that are out now. It seems the concept of paleo eating is getting back to our roots and eat non-processed foods for the benefit of digestion and overall health. Now, there are so many products on the market that are technically paleo based on the ingredients used, but if it comes from a package or a box on the shelf, is it really paleo?”

So this brings up something I’ve seen recently. A couple of people tagged me in this. Because this one woman; she just, her blog is about. Or her Instagram, at least, is about going after companies and the ingredients they use. That’s her thing. So she’s going after Rx bar right now. So when I saw this, at first I was like, “You know, this is how I feel the vegans in What the Health are doing to the people who eat meat.” {laughs} They’re just going after what they think is wrong, and will look for any of the information. They will find the information that they need to find to make meat look bad. That didn’t come out correctly.

But they’re going after Rx bar right now, and saying that all the products that they used aren’t the best sourced products. And many people turn to bars and packaged goods. So, here’s the thing. I like this question, because at the end of the day, you should be having most; your main meals should be real food. You should be eating a sh*t-ton of f*cking vegetables. You should be eating good sources of protein. And you should be eating health fats. And that’s what your meals should be. They shouldn’t come from a box. But, if there are products out there that make eating a little bit easier. Say bone broth. A high quality bone broth that’s coming out of a package, but it’s still a high quality. And you can incorporate that in your diet, that’s awesome.

But I think most of your meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, should be made by you. Made with simple ingredients. Good nutrients into your body. And then when we have those other moments where we need a bar, or we need some crackers and that’s all we can have on hand, because maybe we don’t have a cooler or whatever else, then sure. But if you want the best; what is the word I’m trying to think of. The best quality in your diet, you need to get the best sources. And when you go into packaged goods, you’re not getting the best sources. You’re not getting the freshest ingredients. So keep that in mind. If you’re having an Rx bar every single day, it’s not the best thing you could be eating. It’s not the worst thing, either. But you could do better. And I think we could always improve our diet.

So I think it’s amazing what the paleo world has turned into. It’s opened people’s eyes into what they should be eating. And looking at ingredients. And taking the time to understand what’s going into their mouth and into their body. But you still have to go back to your roots. And I do the same thing. I’m like, “Ok, I’ve been eating too many bars lately. Or maybe crackers, those Simple Mill crackers. I need to take a step back and not get my snack on. I need to take breaks between meals.” So I have to think about that kind of stuff, and talk to myself to make sure that happens.

At the end of the day, people have to do the same thing, and recognize why paleo started. What is best for their own body. So I hope that answers your question.

Ok. Janessa. “How do you fight cravings when you transition to eating healthy in paleo?” So, transition to paleo is very challenging for me. I try to remind people of that, because I was terrible at eating healthy. I did not eat anything healthy growing up. So, transitioning was very, very challenging. Because I was so incredibly addicted to sugar and sh*tty carbohydrates. {laughs} Which is sugar. So, when I started eating paleo, I was like, ok. How am I going to eat something I still enjoy? So I started just making my own things.

So I made my own banana bread, and I made my own treats. And that was what really got me to fight those cravings. But I had to remember; I was still having sugar. It was this train that I got on. So the first stop was transitioning from the sh*tty banana bread that I was eating to my own homemade banana bread, with better ingredients. But I was still eating banana bread. So that next stop was finding healthier alternatives to that banana bread. So the next stop was cutting back on that sugar intake. So it was a very long; I’ve been doing paleo for 7 or so years now. And I’m continuously learning and figuring out what my body needs and what it doesn’t need.

But the biggest transition was for me, how can I find alternatives? If I can’t have pizza anymore, how can I make my own pizza at home? And that’s what my blog started out as. Was, I want to show people that eating healthy really is possible, and it can be delicious, and that’s why I make all these alternatives. So if you’re having cravings for something, go to my website. I have over 700 recipes just on my website, that’s not even in my cookbooks, of healthy alternatives to help you transition in eating paleo and making better decisions with your food. So I hope that helps.

Mel. “Do you still get cravings for things like fries, cookies, regular pasta? You mentioned once that you cut stuff out to make room in your.” Ok. These are two separate questions. F*ck. OK, I’ll start over. Let’s start with the first one. “Do you still get cravings for things like fries, cookies, and regular pasta, etc.?”

I don’t really get cravings for those things anymore. I mean, I just don’t get cravings that much. For the sh*tty stuff. If I want pizza, there’s an amazing gluten free pizza place here. There’s multiple. So it’s pretty easy to either find a gluten free pizza, or make my own pizza. I have a pizza recipe in my newest cookbook that I love, and kind of is my go-to if I’m ever making pizza at home. So I don’t crave the sh*tty Pizza Hut pizza that I grew up with, because I have great alternatives nowadays. And I know the exact ingredients going into it.

So the only thing I think; I told my husband the other day. I was like, “The only thing I crave,” but I can still make my own pretty much with anything. But no, I just don’t get the same cravings for sh*tty stuff. Because not only does it make me feel sh*tty. But there are alternatives to everything now. It’s so easy to make stuff, and come up with a recipe at this point. Or just find clean ingredients out there. I don’t really crave it. Especially regular pasta, because that would make me feel like f*cking dog sh*t.

Ok, this other one. Mel says, “You mentioned once that you cut stuff out to make more room in your budget for more frequent visits to your esthetician. Any advice on how; because my skin is shriveling.” I mean, it’s pretty easy. Not going out to eat. Not going out for drinks. For me, and I say this a lot. I talk about drinking a lot, because at my gym, I’m filled with a gym of people who drink excessively. And when you drink excessively, you spend a f*ck-ton of money.

When I go out and get a drink, drinks around here in Denver are like $10-13 for a nice drink. Like, a fancier drink. That’s so much money if you’re doing that multiple times a night! So if you’re doing two drinks. Say $20 in drinks, and you do that three times a week. That is so much money you could be saving. Plus all the restaurants you go to. You could cut that out. Depending on shopping, cutting out shopping. And little knick-knacks that we buy and we don’t really use. I think it’s pretty easy to cut stuff out once you start writing down what kind of money you’re spending and where.

In college, I made room for paying for $150 or whatever for a CrossFit membership by simply not drinking. That was a huge difference, because I drank a f*ck-ton in college. So yeah, it’s just looking at those little things.

Ok, what’s next? “What’s one kitchen tool you couldn’t live without?” Ashley asks. I would say a cast iron skillet now. I use my cast iron skillet almost every single day. I just think it makes the best sear on meats and seafood and just cooks like the best flavor. I love my cast iron skillet.

“If you had to eat the same thing every day, what would it be?” Whitney asks. If I had to eat the same thing; I’m going to say three things, because I’m thinking a plate. It would be salmon, broiled salmon, lemony kale, and roasted carrots. It’s the super high, nutrient-dense meal and I love it. It’s my go-to every time I get back from vacation. I’m ready to have a clean meal.

PinchePaleo, which is like the best name ever. “What are your favorite pumpkin spice recipes?” If you go to my website, I have a f*ck-ton of pumpkin spice ones because I love pumpkin season. I have these pumpkin chocolate chip cookie dough cups that I love. Seriously love. Could not stop eating those. I have pumpkin crumb pancakes. Pumpkin spice chocolate chip energy balls. Pumpkin magic bars. I’m looking at all the pumpkin. I have pumpkin muffins that are super easy. A brownie eggnog pumpkin pie. I have a sh*t-ton of pumpkin. So just go to my website. Go to Search pumpkin. If you’re ready for pumpkin spice, basic b*tch, time of year; head there. I’ve got you covered. I am all about that basic b*tch life.

Ok. Lori said, “What is your mindset for keeping your eating in check. How do you just eat dessert in moderation, and how did you get there? And how do you find balance? So, I noticed that my eating is the worst. I’m over eating and eating when I’m bored, when my emotions are out of whack. So I’ve had this a little bit, and I think it comes back to the gut issues I’ve been running into after my trip to Idaho. So if I’m feeling emotional; maybe I’m looking at social media and I’m depressed about that. I have to unfollow people, or whatever. That’s when usually my diet is out of whack.

And I’m like, “Ok, how can I clean things up. How can I make sure I stay on track for the day? I’m not just eating stuff.” So I make sure I have my three solid meals, and I eat them at a certain time of day. And I don’t always do that, but when I’m having a hard time with food, that’s kind of what keeps me in check. I make sure I have a big breakfast, a big lunch, and a big dinner. And then in between making sure I drink a decent amount of water, because that just keeps me fuller longer, so I’m not just turning to food.

And then, if I’m having these issues with food, I have to go down to the root cause. And that’s emotional for me. So I have to say, “Why am I feeling this way? Why am I depressed? Why am I upset about something? And how can I change that?” I have to rearrange things in my own life and decide how I’m going to work on that emotional stability, and that’s going to help with the food long-term. So that’s how I found balance, is my own emotional intelligence, if you will. If you want to take it to the Bachelor franchise. If you don’t get what I’m talking about, you better watch the f*cking Bachelor, ok?

Ok. This one is from Rachelle. “I love that you post so many free recipes.” Thanks Rachelle, I love you for saying that. She says, “Could you list off your top three recipes from your cookbooks?” OH my gosh. That’s really, really hard. I’m going to pull it up, so I can see if I; I’m going to talk about my third cookbook because that is my favorite cookbook. I put my life into this cookbook, so I’m going to talk about that one.

So, ok, my favorites in that book include the breakfast tacos, the pulled pork benedict with green chili hollandaise. I really love that recipe. The lechon asado. If you haven’t tried that, it’s like a Cuban style pork, and it’s super easy. But it is so flavorful. The; maple bacon pork loin. My moo shu pork. The carne mechada, which is Venezuelan beef. I think I already did five. But those are my favorites. Breakfast tacos, pulled pork benedict, lechon asado, carne mechada, moo shu pork, and maple bacon pork loin. Everyone should try those recipes; they’re my ultimate fave. Thanks for reminding me of those.


Ok, this is on the fitness route. We’ve moved past some of the food, let’s talk about fitness. Becks asks, “This may seem silly because it may be a simple answer. But suggestions on how to get motivated to start working out. I’m a mom of three, two of which were C-sections. I no longer have much core strength, but I need to get into a workout routine. Where to start?” That is so hard. When you’re out of your workout routine, finding your groove; especially when you have three kids. I cannot f*cking imagine having three kids and trying to find your workout routine. And I’ve seen many of my friends go through this.

So looking up how to work on the pelvic floor. I think it would be really beneficial; just because I’ve heard of this. I haven’t tried it myself. But you should look up BirthFit. And I think her name is Lindsey, she’s been on one of my favorite podcasts, Girls Gone WOD. And she created this amazing thing. They talk about, what do they say? Refiguring out the pelvic floor. Tightening your pelvic floor. Something like that. But it’s like getting your core strength back. I don’t know if they have workouts, or what their whole jazz is. But BirthFit would be really beneficial.

And maybe just finding a gym. Finding a gym that gets your excited to be there. Whether you’re going to group classes, like an Orange Theory or a CrossFit. Or you’re finding a personal trainer who can help you build that core strength. But at the end of the day, you can always modify no matter if you’re in a group class or if you’re with your trainer. You can always modify and just take it one day at a time. Workouts are hardest I think for the first two weeks. Those first two weeks f*cking suck, and then you get back in that groove and it just becomes second nature. Like brushing your teeth and washing your hair. Just doing those things that you do on a daily basis. It just becomes second nature. And it becomes something you actually crave.

So just figure out where you want to start. Whether you want a personal trainer or you want to do something at home, you can find workouts online. You can go to group classes. Find something that works for you and your schedule, and having three babies. But look up BirthFit as well. I think that would be really beneficial if you’re trying to work on those; those babies f*ck up the stomach! They f*ck that sh*t up. Hopefully your vagina is doing ok.

My esthetician today was talking about how she has a new laser to help with vaginal tightening and lubrication and it helps for women who pee after giving birth. Just a little heads up. If you need some advice, call me up. She told me all about it today. Just message me, don’t call me.

This next one. “Any advice on what to do on a standstill with your body? I’ve been doing CrossFit at home 6 days a week, one day being active recovery. It’s been since April, and I’ve gotten stronger. I started at 121 pounds; today I’m 121 pounds, but I’m still not tight through the ab section. Is it better to cut back on heavy lifting, do more HIIT, or even less weight.”

So, just so you know, with midsection stuff, it often has to do with diet. So you can do all the exercise in the world and not see any change through the stomach. And that very often has to do with your diet. It could do with drinking, depending on how much you drink. But it often has to do with what foods you’re consuming. And everyone is built differently, so maybe you hold more weight in your stomach, not your legs. I’m the exact opposite. I hold all my weight in my butt and legs.

So I would say stop thinking about your weight. Who cares about 121 pounds. I have no idea how tall you are, but that’s not a ton of weight. And if you’re pushing yourself in workouts, and breathing heavy, and I think lifting heavy is important. Just mixing it up between some HIIT and heavy lifting. But I would say look at your diet, for sure. If you’re having trouble around the midsection. Because when my diet is out of whack, I’m a person who doesn’t even gain much weight in my stomach, but I see it right away in my stomach if my diet is out of whack.

Ok, this one is from Sheen. “Can you talk about figuring out what weights you use for your body to still get a good workout, but not too bulky?” So, for me, for CrossFit style weights, our gym is excessively heavy. Because our gym owner is a f*cking freak of nature. So he programs workouts so heavy all the time. Literally, maybe two people a day do the workout Rx. Maybe. So for me, I have done workouts at Rx and even Rx plus before, and I know at this point when my form is going to breakdown. That’s where I cut it off at. So I find a weight that I can do the movement almost perfectly; because nobody is perfect in any of their lifts. But almost perfectly, and that’s the weight that I stick with.

So nowadays I know that I’m not really going to go over 75 pounds for thrusters. I know that I won’t go over 200 pounds for deadlift. I just know numbers by now, doing it more often. And I can feel when I’m pushing it too heavy in the weights. If my knees are coming in at any point. If I’m not feeling stabilized in my lift. I just know I need to cut down on the weight. So I just know by now what lifts I can push it in and what I can’t, depending on my strength, and that’s how I figured it out. So the more you lift, the more you’ll be able to figure out those numbers.

{laughs} This question is funny. Alyssa, “Why don’t you ever workout in shorts?” I literally never workout in shorts. I don’t have any actual workout shorts. I worked out in shorts in the Caribbean because I didn’t want to have sand crusted into my vagina because of pants.

But number one, I see many women work out in shorts, and I’ve seen vaginas come out. Especially if they don’t have the underwear lined. But then you see butt creases. A person will be on the floor doing flutter kicks, and you can see their butt. I don’t want people to see my butt. They see enough of my butt wearing leggings, let alone the actual creases and like weird tan lines. No thanks! I’ve got a huge ass. I don’t need for it to be seen by other people.

And I just feel like everything is out and moving about. I like to feel secure when I’m running a mile. And I feel like in shorts, goodies are just all over the place. I just don’t like the look of shorts. I’m not talking sh*t about people who wear shorts. I don’t give a f*ck what other people wear. But for me, I like to keep my goodies in there. I feel like leggings just do it. So I just fight through the miserable summer in leggings. {laughs}

Ok, Lindsey. “Do most of your 5 days of your workouts involve some sort of running? I know Orange Theory does, but what about the other three days of CrossFit?” So you can actually see all my workouts every single Monday. And that will answer your question right now. But not everybody at CrossFit includes running. We’ve had more running because it’s been summer, so we just run more in the summer at CrossFit, because we can. We kind of try to get it in before the winter comes.

So Orange Theory I do 2 days a week, and it always has running, obviously. And CrossFit, maybe once or twice a week has running in it. So I don’t run every single day that I workout.


Ok, we’re onto blog. Oh my gosh. It’s been an hour. You guys tuning out? We’ll get through these. I’ll try to go fast. I like long podcasts, so apologies if you don’t. Come back later. Pause! Come back. Love ya!

OK. Jen asks, “Over the course of your self-made career, anything you would do differently?” Yes. I would listen to my gut. Everything that I’ve done, obviously has brought me to where I am today, just like we can all say. But I would listen to my gut. I wouldn’t trust as many people. I trusted too many people at the beginning and I got myself into some trouble. And I would listen to my gut. The biggest mistakes that I’ve made personally; aka, getting a tattoo. And business-wise, my gut was saying, “Don’t do it.” And I didn’t listen. So I would go with my gut more often.

But again, those choices that I made got me to where I am today. So I can’t complain. But I would listen to my gut. Because people in business like to screw other people over. So go with your gut. And I hate saying, don’t trust as many people. But, just be hesitant. {laughs} That sounds like such a pessimistic way to live. But if you trust everybody, you get f*cked over. I’ve been there.

Ok, this one is Dionna. And she asks, “I’d love to hear how you manage social media and disconnect, if ever. Obviously, you have to be super connected and present on social media platforms to promote your business. But how do you balance it out with your social and personal life? I’m trying to get a blog running, and it seems like the only way to get traction is to be on social media all the time.”

So yes. I am on social media all the time. What I try to do nowadays. And my husband works a lot, so it helps out with that. But nowadays, I try to be done with my work by the time my husband gets home. And he doesn’t get home until like 7, most night. So then we just have dinner, and we can just hang out, talk. If he has to work, I’ll work. Now it’s football seasons, so I’ll work all the f*cking time. Because he’ll be turning that football on and I’m going to have to entertain myself. F*cking football season. So I spend a lot of time on social media.

And I was so upset. This woman messaged me the other day and it just put a damper on my whole day. She was like, “I really just want to give you some feedback that I’m going to unfollow you because you don’t respond to all your readers.” And on my blog, I try to respond to every single question or comment or something nice. And I try to do that on my blog, because those are the people that I appreciate really the most. They’ve come to my blog, and taken the time to support something that I worked so hard on. And on social media, it’s just hard to keep up with those.

That’s why I love that they installed the like function, so you can just like comments instead of doing a kissy face. Because then I feel like I’m being disingenuous when I’m throwing a kissy face to every single person, or a thank you to every single person.

I don’t comment on people’s social media to get them to say thank you. I comment because I just wanted to say something nice. I don’t care if they see it, I don’t care if I get feedback from it. I’m just saying it because I want to say it. Out of the bottom of my heart.

And it was hard when I heard that woman say that, because I was like, I spend literally my entire f*cking life on social media and I try to tune it out for 3 hours per night to hang out with my husband. And then I get a comment like that. So it’s just frustrating.

But that’s how I kind of balance it. I don’t do a ton of video stuff when I’m doing fun things, because you’re not even in the moment. So if you’re at a concert with friends, or out to dinner with friends. I’ll take on picture, and post about it later. But I just try to make sure I’m not on my phone, looking at it all the time. Because I hate when people do that to me. So snag a photo, talk about it later, but be present in that moment.

But it does. You have to be on it all the time, and that’s just part of the game. And it’s really that not much to give up, compared to what other people have to give up in their business. So that’s how I do it.

I love this question. This next question is, Ander Beth says, “Have you ever dealt with social anxiety or anxiety around having basically to share your life via social media? To only be scrutinized or to have pressure to always share on social media would overwhelm me.” I don’t have much anxiety when it comes to social media stuff. I’ll have times where I’m very frustrated with how social media is changing, or how Facebook or Instagram limits what people can see. So you might not see my posts. And it’s hard when your business is built around that.

But I have social anxiety in actual social functions. I do not like being in social functions. When my husband is like, “Let’s go to this, whatever, event downtown.” First I’m like, oh my god. Dealing with parking is going to be a nightmare. It’s going to put me in a bad mood. Then I have to be around a bunch; like say we’re going to a Rockies game. Parking is going to be a nightmare. Then dealing with all the drunk people, and loud people, and in your face, or bumping into you. Or a guy, one time I was downtown and this guy tried to fight me, downtown. That sh*t gives me social anxiety. And then having to deal with parking afterwards, getting your car.

So I go through all these things in my head. So I don’t do a ton of social things other than going to a restaurant. And I still pick my restaurants based on waiting time. Because that sh*t just gives me a lot of anxiety. People give me a lot of anxiety. So that’s the main thing I have to deal with. But my husband is a very social person and loves to do stuff. So I give in about 50% of the time. I think 50% of the time I’m like, “No, I’m cool you go do whatever you want to do. Hang out with your friends. I’m just going to be by myself because that’s what I want.” And then the other 50% of the time I’m like, “You know what. This is important to him. I’m going to do that.”

But he has been an amazing partner because he knows that stuff gives me anxiety, so he helps me plan ahead of time. Where he’s like, ok where do you want to eat before we go to this event. Let’s make sure we get food in you. We’re going to park here so it’s not a big deal. He helps me plan through things, and talking through things really helps me with my social anxiety. But I really do have social anxiety. But it’s not to the point that I can’t function. I just decide not to go and do certain things, and a stay at home body sometimes. But I don’t have it around social media, for sure. It’s just frustrating or upsetting sometimes with how social media changes.

This one is from Diane, “Do you think you reconsider the name of your brand as you’re incorporating other content into your brand, like travel and fashion?” And you know, I don’t think so. Because if I ever run into anybody, people are like, “You’re PaleOMG!” They never say, “Oh, you’re Juli Bauer Roth!” {laughs} Once in a while I’ll get that, but it’s, “You’re PaleOMG!” People know me by that name. It’s a very easy name. And I see it as a very broad thing at this point. I still share a ton of paleo recipes. But I just share a ton of other content. And I’ve really branded myself as that name. So I don’t see myself changing it. I really love that name. I don’t think so.

This next question says, “Any books in the future for PaleOMG? What’s your most favorite thing about working for yourself and finding different ways to make your own income?” So, no more books planned at this point. Books are very challenging. They’re very few people in the book arena that they can make extremely good money. I won’t say who these people are. I’m thinking paleo. But they will do well no matter what. Those people have great publishers, too.

And the thing about books, depending on how you do it. My book was written. I didn’t get any sort of advance. So then you’re waiting like a year and a half, once you start it. It took me 9 months, and then you wait like 6 more months to get paid, and you don’t know what that paycheck is going to be. So it’s like a free-for-all how much work and time went into this where I couldn’t do the rest of my other job, like blogging, and coming up with new content. It’s a total crapshoot. You could make a lot of money, or you won’t make any money.

It’s just too frightening, and it’s too exhausting. And it’s just not as fun. At the end of the day, it’s not fun. And coming up with new content on the blog, where I can say exactly what I want. A publisher is not changing how I speak. And I know that I’m putting out content that I love and that other people will love. That’s just more fun. I just love that. Blogging is just way more fun.

And I think; my favorite thing about working for myself is I get to do whatever I want. I get to plan exactly what I want. And if that means I blog about beauty tomorrow, or I make a new recipe, or I travel. I get to come up with content. It’s constant creativity, which I think is so cool. And a lot of places hinder creativity. I never get that. It’s definitely challenging finding more ways to make money, but the internet has opened so many opportunities up. So it’s been really fun. I love working for myself, for sure.

“What do you find the most difficult about being a full-time blogger? Did you ever have the fear about not having a steady, reliable salary?” So the thing about blogging is it’s kind of just like any other job. Because in the way that you could get fired from your job. So your reliable salary could go away, just like blogging. But what’s so cool about blogging is instead of making $60,000 a year at your job, you could make so much more. When a business says you can make this much; when you’re working for yourself, the world is your oyster. So you can keep working and keep making more money. Or work less and make less money.

I think the most difficult thing about being a full-time blogger is the fear of how the internet will change. And how those sources of income will change. I think that’s the scariest thing. Yeah. But I never had a fear of it not being a steady income, because you just figure it out. If you lost your job, you would figure it out and you would find a new job. And if this goes away, I’ll find a new income. That’s just life in general. So I don’t think I’ve ever had a real fear about that. But I have had changes where my income changes, and you figure out new things. So no time to have fear.

Ok, we are almost done. Let’s see. Andrea asks, “How did you get a large following for your blog? I’ve tried blogging before in hopes of starting an online nutrition coaching business. Nobody would read my blog.” So I got very lucky. I started out when there weren’t a ton of blogs out there, especially paleo blogs. So mine was one of the; not one of the first, but one of the few paleo blogs out there. A handful of paleo blogs. And that was when paleo exploded, so people were looking online. So blogs exploded, and then paleo exploded. And this was before Facebook and Instagram decided that they would limit who could see your posts.

I just hit it at a really great time. That if you were like, “Oh my god, I love this PaleOMG recipe. I’m going to share it on my Facebook.” Facebook would share it with all of your friends on Facebook. So, say you have 1,000 friends; all 1,000 friends would see it if they looked at their newsfeed. And friends would be like, “Oh, I want to look at that.” So I started getting a huge Facebook following. I was getting thousands of new followers a day. And that was simply because Facebook wasn’t like, “Oh, no we want to f*ck small businesses over and make them pay for their people who follow them already to see their content.” It was like anybody could see the content that I shared.

So that was how I grew a following. And I think what was really important was even when my readership went down, or wasn’t really going anywhere, I kept blogging. And I didn’t just say, “Nobody’s following me. I don’t care, I’m not going to blog.” I continued to blog, and I continue to do that now, with six new posts a week. So I just continue to share content, and I think that’s why people come back. Because even if they leave, they’re like, “I know she’s going to have something new.” They’ll come to my website. Because I’m always going to have new content up there. So I think those are the two biggest things. But I did hit it really at a great lucky time, for sure.

“Can you share any tips or advice about working from home? Considering making a career shift that would be working from home, and I’m worried about self-motivation and lack of interaction.” That’s definitely hard sometimes. You have to be a self-motivated person, I think, to work at home. I have a routine that I’ve gotten down. Every morning I wake up, I make my coffee, I finish my blog post for the day. I make breakfast, I take my dog for a walk. I come back, I work on whatever I need to work on for that day. I go to the gym, I get a workout in. Come back, work more. Make dinner, pause for the rest of the night.

So I’ve gotten the time down that I can take breaks between my work. I can get outside, get some fresh air, walk my dog. And then I go to the gym mostly because; obviously, I want my workout. But it’s social interaction. So I get to actually interact with human beings and talk to someone other than my dog and my husband at night. So that’s really important for me.

The gym is not only good for the body and the mind, but is really good for that social interaction time. So that’s been huge for me, is making sure that I get to the gym, kind of halfway into that day to break it up a bit. But, making a schedule. That’s what I think is important.

Ok, this is the last question about blog and then I have random questions. “My question is; do people ever make fun of you, or judge you for what you do for a living? I know so many people who want to start a blog, but get stopped by what other loved ones and people think. It makes them afraid to put it out there.”

So I don’t know if I get made; well, yeah, I get made fun of. Yeah, for sure. And it’s so funny telling people what I do. It’s very frustrating, because I don’t think people take it seriously. I think they think my husband makes the main income, and I just kind of dilly dally at home all day. It could not be any more opposite than that. I work a f*ck-ton, and it has made him work more. Vice-versa; he works a sh*t-ton so I work even more.

So at the end of the day, people are going to make fun of you no matter what. People don’t like you whether you’re the nicest person in the world, or meanest person in the world. So it doesn’t really f*cking matter what other people think. That’s what I’ve had to figure out over the years. So I just don’t care. It always feels weird telling people that I blog for a living. For a while I went through a stage of saying that I write cookbooks, because people are like, “Oh my god!” When you tell them you’re a cookbook author, they take you so seriously. But then you tell them you’re a blogger, which makes 10 times more than your book, and they don’t take you seriously. Because people just don’t know. And they don’t understand.

So I don’t care. And people have told me that I should go into a different profession. I’m like, you have literally no idea what you’re talking about. So how can I take you seriously. So yeah. It sucks that people don’t understand, but I don’t give a f*ck, either. Because I’m living a wonderful life and creating financial stability for me and my husband in retirement. So, don’t care.


Ok, One Full Plate. Her question is, “So we’re new transplants in Denver.” Oh, ok. Geeze, I can’t read. “Where can new transplants in Denver find legit nice people?” These are random questions guys, so they’ll be kind of all over the place. “In our experience living here for a month, it’s been super hard to find genuine and reliable individuals because they either, 1 – do not want anything to do with transplants. Or 2- can’t relate to us because we don’t have kids. Or 3 – they’re super flaky and want to get drunk all the time.” {Laughs} Well, that is Colorado, for sure.

Ok, so here’s the thing. You’ve lived here for a month. It’s pretty hard to make decent, good, long-term friends in a month. Unless it just falls in that way. So that can be tough. Just remember, you’ve only lived here for a month. Number two; most people here in Denver are transplants. So if they don’t want to have anything to do with transplants {laughs} they’ve f*cking liars. This guy in the gym was like, “I’m a native to Colorado. I was born in Utah.” I was like, you’re not a f*cking native to Colorado. You were born in Utah. Whatever. They’re all transplants here. People are stupid.

What I recommend, for me, find a gym. Find a gym. Because what’s so awesome about a CrossFit gym, is when my husband and I talked about moving to a different state. I know that if I move states, I will have instant friends because of a CrossFit gym. You have something in common. So finding a place. Maybe a running a club. Finding clubs, or gyms, or something that you have in common, that’s going to build those relationships. Because you have common ground to begin with. So I think that’s a good way to find a bond and a relationship and have something to talk about.

Because what are you going to do? Hang out a bar and just hope you makes friends? That’s weird. And then you’re going to be meeting these people who are flaky and want to get drunk all the time! Sorry, but people here love to get drunk. I’m not one of those people, but 95% of them do. So that’s just something you deal with. But I think building those relationships around things you want to do is the best way to do it. But yeah, people just like to get drunk. They love it!

This one is from Ellen. “How did you decide on the neighborhood you bought a home in?” That’s an interesting question. When we started looking at homes, I started looking all around the cities in Denver, because we wanted to be in Denver. And then I just started looking at prices. What we could get for our money. That’s how we found this neighborhood. Because we could get a backyard. We could get everything on our priority list under budget, and we couldn’t do that anywhere else. We had to give up certain things in other places. So here, the only thing we didn’t get was a two-car garage. And my husband’s truck is so stupid big anyways, it couldn’t fit in a garage.

Anyway. That’s how I looked at it. Could we get everything on our list that we wanted under budget? And that’s pretty much how we picked a neighborhood. We’re lucky; I love the neighborhood that we’re in.

Ok, this next one. LuLu la-la-la. “Why don’t you ever post or show your husband? More specifically, his face?” I’ve talked about this actually in past podcasts. I have been chewed out on social media so many times based on how I look or anything I do on a daily basis. So if anything ever said something about my husband in a negative light, I would f*cking lose it. I would literally f*cking lose it. So I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to show his face.

The other thing I really hate about social media is; I was hanging out with this person. This guy. Who was in a relationship, and he posted on social media constantly about how perfect their relationship was. And me, the outside person, watching this relationship go down, I was seeing how awful this relationship and unhealthy it was. And I was like, I can’t believe the whole world thinks you have this perfect relationship and it’s the complete opposite. You’re like lying to the world. I never wanted to be that person. I don’t want to put on social media that I have this perfect life when it’s not perfect all the time. Because people just think that everybody has these perfect f*cking lives. And it’s not like that.

So I just chose a long time ago that I was going to keep my person life to myself. And then it became a game of how we could cover up his face in as many photos as possible. So yeah. That’s why.

Ok. “What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have a preference of what you listen to when you workout?” And I literally, the only kind of music that I actually listen to is EDM. I listen to house music, techno. That’s the kind of music I listen to. Whether I’m working out or just listening in a car. That’s the main music. I’m like a top-40 person, for sure. But that’s the main music I like to listen to, and dance to.

“How many hours of sleep do you get on average?” I get 8 hours of sleep usually per night. I’d say 7.5 to 8 is what I always get.

This next one is, “What is your favorite way to order coffee when you’re at a coffee shop?” So I either order an almond milk latte if it’s cold outside. But I usually just get cold brew and I get some heavy cream on the side and add my own heavy cream to it.

And then one more question, “Why do you chose to be gluten free? Do you get negative side effects when you eat gluten, or is it just a general health reasons?” So yes, I have negative issues. Negative side effects when I eat gluten. I get a stomachache, I’m bloated, I’m fatigued. But I also know what gluten does to the body after doing research about it. So if you just do some simple research about the protein structure of gluten and how it affects the digestive system and the gut as well. I don’t want that in my body so I just stay away from it completely and have gluten free grains. I just try not to eat those regularly. But yeah, gluten sucks. I don’t like it. I’m not a fan of it.

This next one, “Have you ever tried Halo Top ice cream?” I’ve never tried Halo Top. And here’s the thing. Here’s why. If I’m going to eat f*cking ice cream, I’m going to eat ice cream. I don’t need it to be under 150 calories and probably taste like air. I’ve never tried it, I don’t know what it tastes like. But I’m not a huge ice cream person anyway. So if I’m going to eat ice cream, I’m eating the real deal. Or like coconut milk ice cream. There’s great ones that have cleaner ingredients.

But I feel like that Halo Top is all gums. Isn’t it like a small amount of sugar and gum? There’s all kinds of different gums in it. I don’t know. Not a fan of it. Seems to weird and fake to me.

“So I notice that you don’t eat a ton of fruit. Is it because you don’t like it, or because of the sugar content?” I don’t eat it because of the sugar content. I mean, who doesn’t like fruit? It always tastes good. But I just feel like I don’t need that extra sugar in my diet. I’d rather get my vitamins and minerals from veggies instead and stay away from fruit. So I rarely eat fruit. If I do, it’s in a smoothie, when I make with a frozen banana. But I just try to stay away from it. If I want some sugar, I’m going to have it in the form of dark chocolate.

Ok, four more questions. Five. Four. Five. “I know sometimes you post about having a late dinner after a night workout. Do you try not to eat after a certain time of night?” I don’t live by that rule. A lot of people talk about trying not to eat after 7 or 8. And, sorry. If I workout late, I’m going to eat dinner. It’s not like I’m not going to eat. Do you need to go potty? There you go.

So, I don’t live by that rule. I usually eat dinner by 7. And if I have a snack, it’s going to be a piece of dark chocolate or something. But no, I don’t live by that rule. I love free! {laughs}

“What is your favorite bone broth brands for sipping. Unfortunately, Broth Rx,” I’ve been talking about this on my Instagram lately. “Doesn’t deliver to my area. If you’re drinking bone broth, do you also put collagen in your coffee that day? Have you ever tried making your own?” So there’s other great brands of bone broth out there. You often just need to look in the frozen section. There’s Bonafide bone broth; love that brand. They have great stuff. Kettle and Fire, they’re not even frozen. They’re on the shelf. So they’re shelf stable, great bone broth, as well. There’s a ton of other brands out there.

I’ve made my own ones, and I didn’t really like it that much. The one that I made. And it stunk up my house for f*cking days. Not into it. Don’t care about making my own, because I have enough resources around me to buy it when I need it. And then when I do have bone broth, I still have collagen in my coffee. Might as well have just a little bit more.

Ok, these last three. “Might be noted, but about your anxiety struggles in the past. How have you dealt with it?” Sorry, I kind of talked about that. I meant to erase that question. But I talked about that. I try to come up with a plan, and my husband does that as well. Just in those social situations, making sure that I know what I’m doing. I have a plan. I have a game plan, and I can get out of it if I want. So leaving, if I cannot be in the social situation anymore, I’m like, ok. I’m out of here.

And people have said that’s an only child thing. No, I don’t want to be around drunk f*cking assholes. Sorry, that’s not an only child thing. That’s a social norm thing. Sorry you’re an asshole, you’re super wasted, I’m sober. I don’t want to be here anymore. So I just try to come up with a game plan, and that’s really helped subside it a little bit. And just some things I just don’t do.

“What’s your recent recipe for your morning cold brew coffee?” There’s no actual recipe for it. I use cold brew coffee, I add malk almond milk to it. I really like that brand. I add malk, and then I add some stevia drops, and then I add a scoop of collagen, and I blend it all. Boom. That’s my recipe.

This is an interesting question. Not interesting. Just because I actually do have an answer for this that’s pretty close to home. “Do you have a hometown murderer from a fellow murderino?” So if you’re not a murderino, that means you don’t listen to the podcast My Favorite Murder. And that’s one of my favorite podcasts. I went to the live taping episode here in Denver. Love listening to them. And every time; they have mini-episodes where people write in about their hometown murders. And then when they’re live episodes, they have someone come on and talk about their hometown murder.

So this a two-part statement. Number one, if you’ve listened to; and I forget her name. And apologies, because she was murdered and it’s so f*cked up. But she was the girl who was in Malibu, and she seemed like she was kind of on drugs or f*cked up, and she didn’t have money to pay for this meal at this super nice restaurant in Malibu, California.

So they called the police, because they’re like, “Something’s wrong with this girl.” The police took her, and they let her go at like 3 in the morning. The police force. They let her go. She had no jacket. And she had no phone. And they just let her go at like 3 in the f*cking morning into the Malibu open landscape, like open area. And she was murdered. What the f*ck. I can’t believe this has not been talked about more often. It’s the most f*cked up thing.

But I was at this event with a Colorado blogger, and I was talking about this. And she was the waitress at the Malibu restaurant who called to the police. She still, to this day, feels bad about it. F*cking crazy. F*cking crazy. But that’s not my story.

Here’s the second story. I have a sister-in-law. Not a sister-in-law. I have a half-sister. I do have a sister-in-law; she’s great. But my half-sister, she’s 10 years older than me. I do not speak to her. We’re not on speaking terms. But this is crazy. And somebody asked me this question the other day, and I was like, “Oh my god, I do have a hometown murder.” So my sister’s aunt. Not related to me, but my half-sister’s aunt was murdered on Christmas day. She was stabbed to death. They never found out who did it. And then my sister’s mom, just a couple of years ago, was murdered. For morphine. In a murder suicide. And he didn’t die, and he went to jail.

How f*cked up is that? We don’t get dark very often on this podcast. That is some of the darkest sh*t I know. That is my hometown murder. Obviously it has full details and f*cked up stuff. But I can’t just end on that, you know? But that was my last question, so that’s kind of how I ended up things. Super f*cked up.

But yeah. That’s what I got for you guys today. I hope this answered your questions. If I didn’t answer any of your questions. If you made it the full hour and a half, and you’re like, “That b*tch didn’t answer my question.” Don’t worry. Just go to You can go right into this podcast, and you can leave me a question. And I will answer it right there. Right there and then. Because that is where I respond to everybody’s question and comment. Because I’m so pumped you took the time to go to my blog.

So go to I have new recipes every week. This week on the blog, I shared two new recipes. I try to share two every single week. This week included a taco lasagna casserole, and then a chimichurri loaded slider recipe. So two; the taco lasagna casserole you have to try. Period. Do it. And then I have a post about Hurricane Harvey and legitimate organizations that you can give back to so you don’t get scammed, because people are f*cked up. I have a weekly workouts post where I talk about what I ate in a day, because I get those questions sometimes.

And then I talked about in my blog post today, I talked about picking what items you should splurge on and where you should save. And talk about winter coats, and making sure splurging on winter coats, because they’ll last for so long. So that’s what I’ve got on the blog this week guys. Now you know what, I made it this long without having to go to the bathroom. I am so proud of myself. I should have left that out, huh?

Ok well I’m going to head out. Thanks for listening today guys. Thanks for making it through 50 episodes. If you have, good on ya. Hopefully I have some good podcast interviews coming up for you guys. And you know what, that’s all I got. I hope you have a great weekend. Keep being awesome. Bye-bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


30 thoughts on “Listener Questions – Episode 50: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Listened while cooking today, great podcast! PS. No need to apologize for long podcasts. PPS. Ive never ever expected a response to a comment. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Hi Juli, great episode as always ???? You often ask for podcast recommendations, and I know that you like The Bachelor. Jamie Ivey interviewed Catherine Lowe, wife of Sean Lowe from season 17. Apparently the interview was so good that Sean’s father wrote Jamie thanking her. I enjoyed the episode even though I have never watched The Bachelor.

  3. Juli, loving the podcasts and love that it was an hour and half! My husband and I are training for our first 1/2 marathon next weekend(eek!) and this was the perfect length for our 11 mile run today! I’ve listened to every episode and you never disappoint. I laughed out loud a lot, much needed to get through that run! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to get me through most of the marathon!!!!!

  4. I look forward to my Saturday afternoon walks with you, Juli! I just love have upfront you are and I feel like I am have a chat with a friend even though its just me, walking my dog. Thanks for your dedication! Also, you are fucking beautiful and your legs are too.

  5. Hi Juli –
    I’m trying to find the Revision Skincare Intellishade. Is it safe to purchase it from Amazon? I clicked on the link you attached in your blog but no item was found. HELP!
    Anissa 🙂

  6. Hi Juli! LOVE your podcasts, instragram posts/stories, and blog! I just recently bought collagen to add to my daily routine. I add two tablespoons to my coffee every morning and was wondering if you had any suggestions for what drinks to add it to for the second set of two tablespoons. My friend suggested wine, so that’s always an option haha 🙂

  7. So! Your listener’s question about working out with three kids. My sister teaches at this group called Stroller Strides – and they have groups all over the country that have classes at various times of the week. It’s really great for moms because you can bring your kids and they sit in the jog stroller (or play with the other kids if they’re too old for a stroller). They meet at parks or the mall depending on weather, so it’s a lot of body weight and band exercises or whatever else depending on the creativity of the trainer. My sister loves it – not only can she get a workout in every day, but her kids get some energy out playing with their friends and she has a great mom support group.

  8. Hi Juli

    Have you ever thought about doing a podcast talking about your home decor style? I know you were part of the design when you bought your house and it would be interesting to hear what you look for style wise, color schemes etc. It was interesting to hear about your landscaping and house painting this summer and now I am dying to know what the inside feels like! Also when you had to buy your new couch what did you end up getting – I can’t seem to find it here. Thanks for being so open and honest on with everything!

  9. Hey Juli! I’m listening to a podcast from June and you were talking about acupuncture. You should look into Lokte Method, it’s an amazing modality for recovery and is geared toward athletes! I’m a practitioner in Michigan and I love treating CF people with it. It was created in Colorado and there’s several practitioners out there if you want to check it out.!

  10. Just started listening to your podcast and loving it!!! Wanted to to see which collagen is better or what do you recommend. The Vital Protein grass-fed or marine? I had a sample of the marine collagen from my fabfitfun box but when I went to order some more I seen there was grass-fed as well.

  11. Hi Juli! I was hoping you could answer this in a future Q&A podcast– What are your go to “date night in” meals for you and your husband? We are trying to save money for our wedding next year and dining out can be SO expensive. Thanks!! ????

    1. i’ll answer that right now so i don’t miss it next time around! for date night, we usually make a gluten free pasta together! we will go shopping and pick out fun ingredients for the gluten free pasta and make it together!

  12. Hi Juli! LOVE your podcast, blog and instagram posts/stories! I have recently bought collagen to add to my daily routine. In the morning, I add two tablespoons to my coffee, and I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to get the second dose for the day. My friend suggested wine 🙂


  13. I have a question potentially for your next podcast! I have heard you mention craving nuts, nut butters or chocolate covered nuts…etc only to find out that you have a mild allergy to them. I am in the same boat! I love nut butters but need to limit them because of a milk allergy. I won’t go into anaphylactic shock or anything, just have digestive issues and some other discomforts. I was wondering if you could talk about how you were able to limit your intake and what you eat instead when you are craving nut butters? Or do you just eat them in moderation and deal with the symptoms?

    1. i honestly just cut them out cold turkey one day for quite a while and then i try to stay away from as much as possible. and if i do eat them, it’s definitely in moderation. i found that i tolerate peanut butter better so i can get away with peanut butter a couple times a week, but it’s no more than 2 tablespoons in one sitting. and i cut them out so long ago that i don’t totally remember what i would eat instead, but really anything other than nuts because it made me feel so much better!

  14. Hey Juli! Can’t remember where I saw you say this but you were looking for people to have on your podcast. I think it would be cool to get Alexia Clark on to talk about all of her creative workouts and how she continues to come up with these awesome moves that only she could make look good, lol.

  15. Hey Juli! Just listened to this today, I am a little behind on your podcasts, and I wanted to thank you, you really do share so much of your life, your delicious recipes, your cool fashion, you give us a lot, and most of it for free! I live in México, and I made sure to get your book whenever I was going to the United States for holidays. I have your 2nd and your 3rd, and I like your 3rd so much more than the 2nd. I felt that it was to heavy on the use of nuts and the fact that you had to cut nuts from you diet shows in the 3rd book that doesn’t depend heavily on nuts. I also felt that something happened between you and George, you barely tour together and you almost never talked about that book, and somehow that translated into how I perceive that book. Also, nut butters are hard to find in México! Local Costco just started selling almond butter a couple of months ago. You know what is absolutely delicious from your 3rd book? The chocolate cake! It is so pretty and so delicious, I made it for my birthday and a couple of non paleo friends came and one of them said it was orgasmic lol so yeah, it’s definitely a favorite 🙂

    Thanks again Juli for sharing your journey with us

    1. thank you so much, i worked extremely hard on that 3rd book to get it exactly how i wanted it!! and that cake is my FAVORITE! and thank you for all the love, helga!

  16. Shannon Tymchyshyn


    Today I listened to my first podcast from you and it was episode 50. I LOVED it! It made my hour and a half drive, fly by! Such great information and of course you deliver everything with a wicked sense of humor which I really appreciate. Excited to go back and listen to the first one and get caught up. Just wanted to share.


  17. Love following your instagram – just started listening to your podcast.

    How has the nuvaring worked for you? I am thinking of getting off hormonal birth control pills after 10 years and am in the same boat. DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT CHILDREN. But its too soon to demand that my partner get a vasectomy. lol

    How has your birth control journey been over the last year and a half or so?

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