Listener Questions – Episode 54: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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I asked on instagram if you guys had any questions and I’m answering all of them here! If I missed anything, feel free to leave a comment on the blog and I’m happy to answer it!! Big thank you to everyone who left a question!!


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Episode 54 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. Favorite new podcast [14:48]
2. Listener questions: Beauty [17:05]
3. Listener questions: Food [26:49]
4. Listener questions: Fitness [46:37]
5. Listener questions: Random [1:03:23]

Juli Bauer: Welcome to another episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. Thanks for hanging out today, guys. Thanks for coming in. If you’ve been listening to the podcast lately, you’ve noticed that I’ve been doing more interviews, and I’ve been loving it. You know why? Because I don’t f*cking yawn every 6 seconds, that’s why. But now I’m back to talking to myself today. And probably yawning. So I apologize now. Can’t help it. But I do want to get some feedback from you.

Other than the yawning, ok? Ok? Ok. Do you like the interviews? I’ve been interviewing all kinds of different people, and I have a ton of fun interviews coming up. So I was going to do a handful of interviews, then do an episode by myself, then do a handful of interviews. So do you like the interviews? Do you not like the interviews? Do you wish it was all interviews? Or do you wish it was just me yawning for an hour straight? You tell me. You give me that feedback.

How you can tell me that is if you go to the blog; you can always go to Or you can write me on Instagram, send me a message, leave me a comment. Whatever suits you. Let me know.

But welcome back to; this is going to be my 55th episode? It’s too hard to remember. We’re over a year, guys. We’re over a year. We’ve over a year in, and pushing through.

I just got back from Walla Walla last week. If you’ve never heard of Walla Walla, it’s in Washington. Walla Walla, Washington. The town so nice, they named it twice. Can you even with that cuteness? It really is that cute. It really is that cute. As cute as it sounds, it’s that cute.

So you fly into this little tiny airport. They have one gate. And I went to Seattle first, and then to Walla Walla through Alaska airlines. And I’ve never flown Alaska airlines. They’re adorable. On these shorter flights, they serve you free wine and beer. Sadly, I don’t like either of those that much. But the wine was actually tasty. I just took one for the team, and tried it out. And I can’t complain about it. Especially since it was free. Free wine always tastes better than wine you paid for. Am I right? Am I right?

I tried to; a friend asked if we wanted to go to dinner on a Monday. Go out to this pizza place. And they just had a baby a few weeks ago, so they’re probably like, “Get me the f*ck out of my house.” So we said yes, of course. Even though it’s Monday. Who eats pizza on a Monday? Not me. And then none of us ordered pizza. But that’s besides the point.

I ordered; when they were all ordering wine, I was like, ok sure. I’ll get wine too. Just because then it’s like, they didn’t have to take my wine glass away. And it tasted terrible. You know why? Because we paid for it. That’s why. So yeah, they serve free wine on the Alaska airline flight.

So you fly into this one little gate airport. And it’s super easy to get to the town; it’s just a quick drive over. And I stayed in this apartment style vacation home. They have these vacation rentals right in the middle of downtown. And they’re super cute. They have full kitchens. All five are a little bit different. But mine had a huge living room, a bedroom, this huge bathroom, full kitchen, just super comfortable cool space. And I stayed there for I think the four days I was there.

And I dropped in at a CrossFit gym. Which, CrossFit gyms are so sketchy going to different areas. They’re so hit or miss. You never know what you’re going to get. Because anybody can open a CrossFit gym. So for a CrossFit gym to survive and to be actually good, the people have to truly care about it. So when you’re in a small town, you just don’t know what you’re going to get. It’s going to be a person who is super passionate, or is it going to be a person who just opened a CrossFit gym because there was a need for one. And luckily; this gym has five owners. It was called Destination CrossFit Walla Walla. And it was fantastic. The coaching was awesome. There was so much different stretching and mobility stuff. And everybody was super friendly. And the space was huge. It was like 5000 square feet or something. Gigantic. So it was really rad.

And then I did Pilates. I’ve done Pilates in a couple of different places that I’ve traveled, and I don’t think I like Pilates. I just; I’ve tried it multiple different places, and I always give it a fair chance. And I always love the people that I meet at these fitness studios, and love going to different fitness studios. But I’m just not into Pilates. I’ve tried. It’s just like spinning. I’m not into spinning. I don’t want my vagina pushed into a seat. I was going to say an uncomfortable word, but I didn’t. But I don’t need it rammed into a seat for an hour. Don’t need it.

So I just kind of felt that same way about Pilates. Not the crotch part, but I just don’t have a love for it. But the woman who owned this studio was just so badass. She was just so inspiring. And she was probably highly disappointed by my incredibly tight hips. Sorry ma’am.

And then I went to all kinds of different wineries. I went to four wineries or wine tasting rooms. I should have gone to more, honestly. I don’t’ really like alcohol all that much. I like a good cocktail here or there. But I really like wine tasting, because you can spit it out. So if you don’t like it, you don’t have to choke down a whole glass because you feel bad because someone paid for it, or you bought it, or whatever bullsh*t. It’s like, you get to taste, and you get to spit it out. And if you want to finish it, if you really like it, you can finish it.

And then if you’re like; oh, I don’t like this place. Boom. Let’s move to the next. Because Walla Walla has like 120 different wineries and wine tasting rooms. So there’s a sh*t-ton to choose from. So it’s a blasty blast.

And so we went to a bunch of different places there. And all the restaurants in Walla Walla are awesome. This town is a town of a population of 30,000. So it’s not very big. So to have really high-quality restaurants and chefs there is quite amazing. And all the food was amazing.

There was a strict gluten free bakery. A bunch of the menus had gluten free options on the menu. Bakeries had gluten free choices on their menu as well. So it’s so easy to eat here and not get sick and not feel awful. It was the best. I had so much fun. And it was perfect fall weather. I went to a food truck night. And I went to this one restaurant, it’s called Andre’s Kitchen, and he has a food truck but he also has a restaurant that is inside a gas station. And it’s not like what you’re probably picturing of a gas station that’s been renovated and it’s all cool and hip now. No, it’s just a f*cking gas station.

So picture a gas station, and the Arby’s that you get inside a gas station. Like Subway. That is the set up. This this guy Andre has some of the best f*cking food. That place, in the gas station, was my favorite place. And I went to a super nice restaurant, and nice places in town with fancy menus. And this guy’s restaurant inside a gas station was by far my favorite. I tried to go back there the next day, but I just didn’t have time before my flight. Because I was walking everywhere, and it was a 15-minute walk from my little apartment downtown instead of a 2-minute walk like other restaurants. So I just didn’t have time.

But this guy; he makes food inspired by all over the place. So he has hot dogs to an amazing burger to barbecue. He does the best brisket I’ve ever had. And I wanted in line for 5 hours in Austin for brisket, and this brisket was hands down 10 million times better. I’m serious. It was so good. Everything is homemade. All the aioli, the slaw. Everything is just bomb. Oh my god, I loved it so much. And I wanted to go back because I heard he had really good breakfast. And he has these voodoo-Cajun fries. Oh my god I loved this place so much. I would literally go back to Walla Walla just for this gas station restaurant alone. It was so bomb.

And then I walked around the Whitman college campus, and it really made me miss being in college. Because college is the best. It’s the worst because you’re broke as f*ck, but it’s the best because you just have no worries in the world. And your whole life isn’t crumbling down because you’re like; oh where’s my money? I don’t know. Whatever. You’re in college, life is great.

So anyway. It’s just a beautiful town. And it’s been so fun. I’ve been working with different visitor bureaus and that’s what I did. I worked with Visit Walla Walla while I was out there to promote the town and promote whatever things I’m interested in. And it’s so cool to find out about all these little places in the US. Because I feel like we always want to travel outside of the US, because I’m part of that group. I want to travel internationally as much as possible. But it’s so cool to see all these little places within the US that are such cool towns to go to and to promote and want to go back to time and time again. And that’s how I felt about Santa Ynez Valley, and I feel the same way about this little adorable town now of Walla Walla. It was just so cute.

So while I was in Walla Walla, we just had put in a ring doorbell. So if you haven’t seen these, they have commercials for them, and they’re all over the place now. But they are doorbells that have a camera on them, so you can set the motion for however far of a distance. So if anybody walks by, if a car drives by, if somebody drops off a package, if someone steals a package, if the mailman comes, someone rings your doorbell is at your door. You can see it, and then you can respond to the doorbell ring. Or you can just respond to someone who is trying to steal your package and be like, “What the f*ck motherf*cker!” You know. Something just very subtle.

And when we put the ring doorbell in, it was like the day before I left. And I set the sensor too far, so every single time a car would drive past our street, on our street, I would get a little notification to my phone. So while I was in Walla Walla, I kept checking these notifications, and I’m sure it’s killing my phone battery. But that’s why I have a Mophie charger.

So I am obsessed with this ring doorbell. Now I can see when a package has been dropped off. Say if I needed my neighbor or something to pick it up, if my husband wasn’t going to be home for the day. And you can just see what’s going on. So if my weird ass neighbor who is selling drugs is walking through the yard, I can see it. I see everything. Oh my god, it is the best. Highly recommend it. You know what’s going on. It’s awesome. Do it. Just do it. Just get it.

Ok. So, today we’re going to go through some listener questions. Because I think these episodes are so much fun. And you can tell me if you don’t like them. But I always get a lot of questions on Instagram. And Instagram is such a poophole now, that I don’t know who is seeing any of my content anymore. And Instagram really regulates who sees it. Then I feel like nobody is seeing my stuff, and nobody likes it, and then I’m like, why am I even doing this anymore. I get on those.

So this is really fun because I always get a lot of questions. And I’m like, ok. People are still involved and want to hear and chat back and forth. And I just live in this world at my house. And so when I’m not seeing feedback on Instagram, I feel like nobody’s seeing anything or wanting to see anything. So thank you for anybody who left a question.

And if you don’t have your question answered on here, it’s probably because I’ve done a handful. I’ve probably done five or six of these episodes, and I’ve answered this question before. Your question before. So I’ve probably talked about that topic. I got a bunch of questions about how I come up with content on my website; I have a podcast about that. Or how I work with brands; I have a podcast about becoming a fulltime blogger. So I have all kinds of different topics already in the queue. I don’t know what that means. Or in listener questions.

So definitely go back to listen to those. You can find cool different content and listener questions as well. So I hope that helps, if I didn’t answer something, and you’re like, “Why is Juli such a raging b*tch? I hate her.” Well, it’s because I am, so that’s it.

1. Favorite new podcast [14:48]

Oh my god; wait, before I get started with these listener questions. I need to talk about something I’m obsessed with right now. Like, OBSESSED. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me talk about it there. Or on my blog. I am officially obsessed with a new podcast. It is called Wine and Crime. I feel like I haven’t listened to any of my normal podcasts lately. I have Reality Steve. I have My Favorite Murder. I have How I Built This with Guy Raz. I have all those podcasts coming in, subscribed, and they’ve had all these new episodes in the past 2 weeks, and I haven’t listened to any of them because I’ve been listening to Wine and Crime. I think they probably have 35-40 episodes. I’m at like 25 or something, and I don’t want to be caught up.

So these three women just badass feminists, hilarious women. They talk about crimes. And they do a wine pairing with their crime. And then they just get drunk and talk about these different topics. There are some tough topics to get through. I’m actually listening to cannibalism, and I had to take a break because it’s like, cannibalism of children, and I just f*cking can’t. I don’t like children, but I don’t want them eaten by other humans. You know?

So they get drunk and they talk about these subjects. Their first subject was necrophilia, so if maybe that’s not your cup of tea, maybe don’t start at that episode. But all their episodes are so funny. And they’re just; for women. Not women, but people in general to be that funny, you have to be incredibly intelligent. So you can just tell that these women are so intelligent. They’re so badass. And just f*cking funny! Ugh. I love them. Listen to them, Wine and Crime. They get drunk on wine.

I just told my husband; I’m like, I don’t even drink or like wine, and I want to be on their podcast. And I’ll get drunk just to talk with them. But they’re so cool. So listen to them. Obsessed with them. And don’t we love new podcasts? Listening to new podcasts is the best.

2. Listener questions: Beauty [17:05]

Ok. Back to square one. Let’s go over some listener questions! Ok, I have kind of different topics. So I’m going to start with beauty. Because I had a handful of questions about beauty; like skin. All those kinds of different things. I always go back and forth if I should say people’s names, but I’m going to because your post was out there. So obviously you’ll see it.

So, ok. Just so you know, I just got a notification on my phone that someone’s at my doorstep. I can look. I know exactly what’s going on. No big deal.

Ok, so this one is MC, I don’t know. Gunter. “How did you find your esthetician? Did you just Google ones in the area, or did she come recommended?” So how I found my esthetician. I get this question a lot, because it’s like; if you don’t know where to look, it’s very hard to believe anything. Especially with Yelp reviews nowadays. Like, oh man. I just had the worst experience with eyelash, not extensions, but an eyelash lift. And I went to this place because it had great Yelp reviews, and then I had the worst f*cking experience. And I left a bad Yelp review, and I never do that. Literally ever. And I sandwiched it with other compliments, because they were really good with dyeing. But the point is, you can’t trust Yelp reviews, because sometimes are paid for those. Whatever.

So I looked to a friend who had the most beautiful skin, and I’m like, “Who do you see? Do you see an esthetician, because your skin is just glowing all the time?” And I asked her, and she recommended my esthetician, Sean. And so I’ve been seeing Sean for, it has to be two years now. And she opened her own practice about a year ago. I was seeing her when she was at a different office. And I consider her a friend now. She is such an amazing person. She just does such a good job.

So I recommend word of mouth. I think word of mouth is so huge in whatever we do; whether it’s real estate or gyms or wherever. Get some recommendations from others. So ask some of your friends, or maybe people you know on Facebook. Get recommendations from them, because word of mouth is the best way to go, I’ve found. It’s the best.

Ok. Jen asks, “If you had to pick just one skincare treatment, what was the most bang for your buck?” So if I had to pick just one, it would be for sure ProFractional. And I am about to do some video stuff in the next month. I really want to go get ProFractional done, but I’m trying to wait until after the video is done, because your face looks like a monster for a couple of days. But it’s pretty expensive. I don’t know what it is at other places, but I’ve seen it range from $350 to $1000. It has really ranged in most places. I think my esthetician, she’s running a special right now for half off. Running it through October, and that’s half off I think is like $450. So it’s obviously a very expensive treatment.

But it’s complete resurfacing of your skin and giving you full new skin. So if you’re going the intense ProFractional; there’s kind of, not wimpier, just not quite as intense. The intense ones; you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Because you’re resurfacing your entire face. You’re rebuilding new collagen. It’s going to work on some dark spots. It’s going to work on your acne scars. On your fine lines. You’re getting it all. And it is painful, it is expensive, and you look like a f*cking sh*t storm afterwards, but it is so worth it. And I highly recommend it to everyone I meet. I really need this video stuff to end so I can go get it done again. But it is awesome, ProFractional. Highly recommend.

This one is from Lisa, and she said, “What do you use for your daily SPF on your face?” I use a ton of different products from them; Vivant. And I’ve talked about Vivant. I have their SPF, it’s like a zinc one but it doesn’t make your skin look white. That’s the main SPF I use if I’m not using a tinted moisturizer, which as SPF in it. And I really love Super Goop. They have a little brush; it looks like what you would brush your face with. And it has SPF inside of it; like SPF 30 I think. And so then if you have makeup on, and your SPF kind of runs out throughout the day, you can just use this powder on your face. That’s Super Goop. Vivant and Super Goop. And then I love the skin care Revision for tinted moisturizer. Revision Skin Care.

Ok. This one is a luxurious mind. Oh, that is so sexy. She asks, “You mentioned once that you’re a natural blonde. Why do you prefer to be brunette?” And she said, “Which is a good choice; you look fantastic!” Oh, stop, I love you, a luxurious mind!

So I went blonde when I was like, probably 14 or 15. And never turned back. And I think it just works better with my skin tone. I like how I look when I’m ultra f*cking tan when I’m blonde. But I’m not a teenager anymore who wants skin cancer. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see myself as blonde. So it’s kind of like, you look at yourself and you’re like, I don’t recognize myself. We’ve all gone through those different situations. Jackson needs to be let out. Whether it’s weight or who knows. Sexuality, even. And I didn’t recognize myself. It didn’t look like me with blonde hair, and I didn’t like it. So when I went brunette, I could never go back.

And I tried once to go back blonde, and it just didn’t work for my skin tone. I feel like my eyes pop more because I have dark hair. So I just keep with the dark. Dyeing my hair every three goddamn weeks, you know. So that’s why.

Ok. “What have you done that has been the most successful treatment for your acne scars?” The ProFractional for sure. But I am still getting more and more acne scars on my cheeks as I’m just getting older. Getting into my 30s now, just creeping along to that 30 mark, and these acne scars are really f*cking pissing me off.

But I just bought; I didn’t buy it. My esthetician let me borrow it. Her Dermapen. So it’s kind of like a microneedle; I just talked about it on my blog recently. But it’s like a round little pen, and you hold it to your face, and it digs the needles into your face to rebuild that collagen. So I’m going to start using that more often. I just, you know, it’s hard when you don’t want a bloody face or just little scabs from using the pen. But ProFractional for sure I think has been the most helpful. Which is why I’m doing it again soon.

And this was the last one in beauty, I think. This is from Healthy Living Warrior. She asks, “Can you talk about what it’s like to get dermaplane and how the hair grows back and how often you do it? What happens if you stop?” So, Dermaplane. I’ve talked about this on my blog. Dermaplane is like a really sharp knife they use, kind of like a scalpel. And they shave your face. It’s just like how they would do at a barber shop, how they would shave your face. They shave your face, but it takes the first couple of layers off of your skin, so like the dead skin. And then it takes all the hair off as well. So you just have this baby smooth face.

If you see all the dead skin that comes off, it’s so f*cking gross. But the hair grows back exactly the same, nothing changes. It’s not like you get extra thick hair, like that midwife tale or whatever where your hair grows back thick and black. That’s not how it grows. It grows back just the way it was. I think you just kind of notice it more because then you see what your face looks like without these little baby hairs. And I notice it more on people now since I started doing it.

But I use these little; I get dermaplaned every 4 weeks that I go see my esthetician. She does dermaplane to me. And then I have these little face razors, they’re called Twinkle. Or maybe; no, they’re called Tinkle. Because I was like, that’s a stupid name. I just use them at home. And they’re not near as good dermaplane in an actual office. But you can just get those little light hairs that start to grow back if you don’t like that look. It’s awesome.

Nothing happens if you stop. Your hair grows back like it did before. I think that was a pretty common question with dermaplaning stuff.

3. Listener questions: Food [26:49]

Ok, let’s get into food! Because it’s my favorite! Ok, this question is by a person who just has letters jumbled together. It’s like flalablahblahblahblah. I think they just typed on there; you know when you slam your hand down on your keyboard and it just puts all these random letters together? That’s what their name is. This girl is probably going to be like, you’re such a b*tch. “Siete chips; sea salt, lime, or nacho? I know you’ve discussed.” Oh, this is a separate question. “I know you’ve discussed part of your weight history, CrossFit, losing mass, etc. How did you find your ideal weight? Not necessarily a number, but a feel, look, and performance?”

Ok. Two totally separate questions. Siete chips; I am a lime lover. I’m not a huge nacho chip person. But I am a lime and sea salt one. I love the lime. Just obsessed with the lime.

And then for your second part of the question. So, finding my ideal weight. I’ve weighed myself here or there once in a while. And my ideal weight is different than what my body wants to be at, if that makes sense. So, my weight that I feel most confident in my clothes and with my physique is when I’m at 130 pounds, and what my body likes to stay at is 135. Because I like to eat more, and not restrict myself. So I think my ideal is 135 for me.

And that’s when I can lift decent amount of weight that I can still hold myself in the gym. But not so much about the weight but my form is really good. So I can get decent weight, but keeping perfect form. And that’s all I care about. As soon as I lose my form, I don’t do that weight anymore. So I like being able to fell best in my clothes and my jeans, how my leggings are fitting around my hips. That’s usually where I gain weight. And that I can keep form, and I can keep up my performance.

Meaning, even if I’m not going RX weights, I can finish the workout when maybe most people are having a hard time finishing the workout. Or I can stay kind of close to some of the best people at the gym. And they’re going RX weights, but I just don’t worry about that for me. But I’m saying, ok, if they finished at this time, I’m going to try to finish at this time.

So, that’s kind of my ideal weight. My clothes fitting that I feel most comfortable and that I’m still able to do decent heavy weight while still going fast. And I mean it’s not strong weight by any means, but it’s comfortable weights for me in different lifts. And that seems to be about 135. Whenever I’m like, ok I’ll just weigh myself. If I weigh that, it’s usually around 135, and that’s what my body likes to stay at. So hopefully that answers your question.

This one is Ricky Podgakala. God that sounded offensive. “Do you have some tips on how to get more of a lean body and how to avoid stomach bloating?” So I guess I kind of jumbled some of these food and body questions together.

So to get a lean body and to avoid stomach bloating, it is all about your diet. If you want to get a lean body, you have to have a clean diet. You have to stay away from sugar and alcohol. And obviously be working out on a regular basis as well.

But stomach bloating is being caused by something that your body doesn’t like or doesn’t want to digest, or doesn’t work well. Whenever I feel bloated, I can now, at this point, dig down to figure out why I’m feeling bloated. Ok, well it’s because you made dessert yesterday, and you had way more dessert than you usually do. Or you were eating the batter. Or you had nuts. Or you had eggs. I can start figuring out what is making me bloated, and it’s down to that specific food that my body does not like and it does not digest well.

So lean body and stomach bloating; it is all about the diet and dialing in that diet that works for you. So it’s a lot of trial and error. That’s it. That’s it.

This is from Sand1841. “What proteins do you eat? I have such a hard time getting them in. I hate fish, like shellfish.” Well shoot. I eat proteins in all kinds of different ways. Chicken, beef, pork, salmon, white fish, shellfish. I mean I do not have any sort of hard time getting protein. I don’t know if you think maybe I’m a vegetarian, or if you’re a vegetarian, but I have no trouble getting protein in. It is very easy for me, and I have protein with every single meal. So that’s how I do. Easy as that.

Ok, this one is from Lindsey Shent. She asks, “What foods do you choose to avoid? Any types of meat, beans? I know you don’t eat much fruit? What are your thoughts on keto? It seems like you are more balanced as opposed to all or nothing thinking that goes with keto.”

Ok, so foods that I avoid. I obviously avoid gluten. I’ve talked about that a ton. I pretty much stay away from that completely. And I avoid beans. I find that beans lead to bloating for me, so I don’t really do beans. I avoid fruit. I don’t eat that much fruit, because my stomach doesn’t really do that well with it. I find when I eat fruit, I don’t feel satisfied and I feel a little bit bloated. But when I eat vegetables, I feel satisfied and I don’t have any sort of bloat. So it probably has to do with the sugar content.

And I know everybody believes different things with fruit; I just personally don’t feel like I need fruit in my diet. And if I’m going to have sugar, it’s going to be in a piece of chocolate. I would much rather get my vitamins and minerals that I would from fruit from vegetables instead. So that’s one thing I stay away from. I stay away from eggplant, because I think it’s f*cking gross. I’ve got to close the door. And I try to stay away from too much alcohol, obviously while still enjoying nights out with friends. But I just try not to overdo it. And I see how much people do drink, because I live in a city and with people at my gym who all drink on a regular basis. So I think I drink very much less than most people. But those are the main things I stay away from.

And then keto; I think; who Jackson, don’t fall off the couch. I think keto can be incredibly helpful for people. I think it’s very hard to stay in ketosis, from what I have read. I haven’t done it myself. And I kind of screwed up my hormones from eating a little bit too much fat when my body needed more carbohydrates from doing CrossFit and high intensity workouts. So I don’t do keto myself. I like carbs and I like having carbs on a regular basis. And you hear a lot; I wonder if you can hear Jackson slurping this bone. Oh, I’m sorry I’m talking about you.

I hear about people losing all this weight on keto, but then they easily gain it back. So I don’t think it’s a long term, stable diet. You know? I feel like it’s this go in, lose a bunch of weight, and then go back to your normal routine, gain the weight, and just continue this process. And for me, paleo became not just a diet, it became a lifestyle that I can hold long-term. And I don’t feel like you can always do that with keto. So that’s my kind of answer on keto.

This is from Kay Scott. “What do you do when you feel like you have been on a sugar overload? I just got back from vacay where my sweet tooth went a little cray-cray.” And I feel the same way every time I get back from vacation. Whether I drink or I had more desserts than I usually would. And when I feel like I’m on sugar overloaded, I just stop eating sugar. That it. And I’ve gotten much better over the years where; you know, I got back last Wednesday from this trip, and the first sugar that I had was a pumpkin dessert a week and a half later. So I have to just hold myself and not have dessert for a little bit. Not have any sugar or any sweets. And then I can add it back in when I know I can actually control myself, and I’m actually craving it, it’s not just my brain being addicted like cocaine. So, that’s what I do. I just f*cking cut the cord. Cut the cord, brah.

Ok, this one is VTD nutrition. “How many sweet do you eat in a week? I’m trying to get better at moderation, but for my personality type, if I have something sweet one day I end up allowing a sweet every single day for a month at a time. So how often do you eat a treat during an average week?”

Well, that depended if I’m on my period or not. I’m on my period right now; TMI. And I just had four pieces of chocolate. Usually I wouldn’t do that. And honestly, I wish I had like a complete code for this, or like a layout. I just don’t live by that. Sometimes, I have a sweet every single day. Like I’ll have a piece of chocolate or two pieces of chocolate every single day. Sometimes I’ll go a week or more without having any sort of sweet. So I know I feel and I look my best when I don’t have sugar on a regular basis, but I like having sugar, as well, so there is some kind of give and take.

I wish I had a complete exact science for you. But sometimes I have sugar every single day, sometimes I don’t. But, telling myself that I can have sugar whenever I want it makes me want it less. As soon as I say I can’t have something, I want it constantly, and that’s when I’ll find myself eating it every single day. So, you have to totally work with your personality type, for sure. But I just sometimes have it every day, sometimes not at all. That’s how it is. It just depends on the day. And the time of the month.

Heather. “I work in sales and live out of my car during the day for work. Any good suggestions other than a salad to pack for lunches that don’t require a microwave?” You’re talking to the wrong person, Heather, because I will eat f*cking anything cold. I don’t give a sh*t. I don’t care about the texture. It’s the same food that I cooked up the day before. So I’ll eat chicken and broccoli and avocado completely cold. I’ll eat casseroles completely cold. So I think any food is good cold. I think steak is delicious cut up nice and cold.

So I think it just depends on you. If you’re like, texture and heat is a big deal for you, it’s going to be a little bit more challenging. But you can always make like chicken salads, you know tuna salad. So those can be cold. But maybe just stop caring about how it was like perfectly made the night before, and have some taco casserole cold because it’s still f*cking delicious. That’s what I say.

This one is from Vickie Lee. “I’m considering using Butcher Box next month. How many meals would you say that you get out of each box? I’m tired of meat that is from unknown places with unknown feeds.” Girl! For real. Butcher Box is the best. So it totally depends. I know they have different sizes with Butcher Box, and it depends how much you eat, and if you have a spouse or if you’re feeding other people. Usually in each box you’re going to gets I think 12 to 14 pounds. So you can kind of do the math for that.

For me, I usually, once it’s cooked out, I’ll eat half a pound; or like a third a pound of meat. I would say I eat like a third of a pound. Like when I cook ground beef, I’ll eat a third of that. And so then you can kind of do the math of how many meals you would get out of that after that meat is cooked down.

So I think it totally depends on the person. And you’re going to get; I mean, you’re going to get a lot of meals out of it. You could get up to like 20 different meals, depending on how much you eat, and your size, and how many other people you’re cooking for. So it kind of depends. But, I highly recommend Butcher Box.

And that’s kind of a perfect segue, because Butcher Box is our sponsor this month, and I talked about them on the last two episodes. Two episodes ago I talked with Mike, who is the owner of Butcher Box, and I have been using Butcher Box for probably nine months now, and have absolute loved it. And they’re this months’ sponsor, which is so f*cking cool, because I love them and promote them so much because it’s something I use every single day. I use their meat every single day. So instead of going to the grocery store and not knowing we’re your meat is sourced from, Butcher Box takes all that guesswork out of it. They bring you high quality grass-fed and pastured raised meat straight to your doorstep. It’s frozen right there ready to go. You can just put it in your freezer, and whenever you need to cook something you can take it out.

And they source that best quality beef, chicken, and pork. It’s humanely raised and it’s free of antibiotics and hormones. And Mike talks about that. And it’s so important to understand where our meat is coming from, because whenever meat you are eating, you are eating what they ate. So if you’re eating beef that was fed corn and whatever other bullsh*t they put in there, you are getting that same quality meat into your digestive tract. So remember that. You are what you eat. And it’s so important to humanely raise and to source from high quality farms and people who are making a difference in our community and those farms are making such a huge difference.

So if you haven’t heard about Butcher Box, here’s just a quick rundown about them. Once you sign on, you select your box, you customize it to your liking, and then you set your schedule of how often you want to receive your Butcher Box. So you get to pick that. And they offer free shipping to the contiguous 48 states. And each classic box is filled with 8 to 11 pounds; I get a little bit more in mine. And they just launched their custom box. So you can choose; before they didn’t have this. But now you can choose exactly what goes in your box. So if you want, like only filet mignon, or you want only steak tips. Or you want their breakfast sausage and ground beef and a certain steak. You can pick that now, which is really cool. Because they didn’t offer that before.

And so for PaleOMG Uncensored listeners, you are going to get $10 off your first order, plus two free grass-fed grass finished ribeyes. How rad is that? Ribeye steaks are really f*cking good. So all you have to do is go to and figure out the perfect box for you. Again, that’s And you’ll get $10 off your first order, plus those 2 free ribeyes. I’ve loved Butcher Box since I’ve started using them, and I would not tell you guys about them if I didn’t use them every single day. You’ll see them in more and more my recipes online. So I highly recommend them. Check them out for sure. And you can see what you think of them.

Okay, let’s move on to that next question. “How do you feel about cheats and alcohol? Non-paleo cheats included, if they exist.”

Ok, so I stay away from gluten. I just don’t think it’s something we need in our diet, and it doesn’t do well for me, and so I just don’t think I need it. And I try to stay away from alcohol. How do I feel about cheats; “cheats.” I think you choose to eat what you choose to eat. If you are feeling guilty about something you’re eating, then it’s either you need to change your mindset, or maybe you shouldn’t be eating that. So that how I feel about it.

I eat sugar whenever I want to. I don’t drink that much alcohol because I think it’s a waste. I’d much rather eat than drink, but I like spending time with my friends and going out for a cocktail once in a while. But I like to eat my food instead of drink my calories. That’s just how I feel. But yeah; I think life is part eating and drinking and having fun with your friends. And so you have to find what works for you, what is the best balance for you, and what works with your lifestyle. So you have to figure out what’s the best. Everybody is totally different.

And this one is Alison. “Do you feel satisfied more on carbs or more fat? Also, what’s your favorite night time snack?” So I feel more satisfied nowadays; I think with a balance of fat and carbs. You know, I like having carbs. I can tell when I’m having too many, if I’m getting overly full, I know I don’t need to be eating that many carbohydrates. And so I kind of back off. But I get plenty of fat in the ghee that I cook my vegetables in, or the fat that’s already in the proteins that I’m eating. So I don’t really add a ton of extra fat. Like I don’t get guacamole like I used to when I go to Chipotle, or get avocado on my burgers. Because I know I’m getting plenty of fat from other things.

I don’t really have a favorite nighttime snack. I try not to eat too much at night. And if I’m getting hungry, it means I didn’t have a big enough dinner. Because for us, we usually don’t eat dinner until about 7. And I try to go to bed by 10. So I don’t really need a snack for my metabolism. I don’t need a snack in that 3-hour timespan. So I don’t usually feel hungry by the time I go to bed. And if I do, it’s because I didn’t eat enough at dinner. So, I don’t really have a favorite nighttime snack. If it’s anything right now while I’m on my period, it’s a piece of Hu chocolate; H-U. It’s f*cking good. They have like Nutella. A chocolate hazelnut butter filled chocolate. It’s f*cking dope. Who says dope? That’s stupid.

4. Listener questions: Fitness [46:37]

Ok, let’s talk about some fitness questions. So I get this question a lot with Orange Theory stuff. So this is a couple of people’s questions kind of rolled into one. So, this is from Liz. She said, “How do you get your Orange Theory splat points and calories so high? I try so hard and have barely ever gotten 12 splat points or passed 500 calories. I’ve been in the red zone once. What the f*ck?! My base is 7 miles per hour, push is 8.5 to 9, and my all-out is 9 to 10, depending on the day. I know my heart rate is low because fitness, but yours must be low as well. It’s so depressing seeing everyone in class in the orange, and I’m crushing along at the green 73%.” And she says, “I’m 5’5” and 130 pounds.”

So, I get this question a lot. And for people who don’t know what Orange Theory is, I have a podcast about Orange Theory. Splat points are the time that your heart rate is in the orange or red zones. So kind of an elevated heart rate, where your heart is pump, it’s feeling uncomfortable. And the splat points are like the amount of time you’re there. So I usually get about 30 splat points; 30 to 40 splat points. And then most classes I burn 600-700 calories.

This is what sucks about Orange Theory versus CrossFit. Orange Theory; first of all, you have mirrors. I don’t need to see myself f*cking working out. Like, when people are like, I need a mirror to check my form. No, you need your brain to check your form. Like you don’t need a mirror. You can physically feel your body and where it should be if you listen to it. And I see plenty of people watching in the mirror, doing their form wrong. So, no, you don’t need a f*cking mirror. And, now since Orange Theory, they use heart rate monitors and give you a breakdown. I think people get very obsessive about it, and it can ruin their workout.

And what I love about CrossFit; you have no mirrors, you have no numbers other than what you got for your workout that day, what your score was, what your time was. But it’s not this number of how many calories you finished with. And I think that can be incredibly draining with Orange Theory if that’s something you worry about. Because then you’re like, “Why are these people burning more than me?”

But here’s the thing. Who f*cking cares? Who cares? You have probably a low resting heart rate. It could be that your monitor is off. If you have this question, ask your coach and talk to them. Because your Orange Theory coach knows way more than I do about your heart rate monitor. They’ve had training in this, and they can help you and give you advice. So talk to your trainer; they know best.

but it could be a number of different things. It could be, maybe you’re an endurance athlete, and you have a low resting heart rate, and your body stays at that rate more comfortably for a longer amount of time. That’s not a bad thing. Having a low resting heart rate is not a bad thing. So don’t stress out about it that much.

And for me, I can get to an elevated heart rate, and I feel like I can stay there for a long amount of time, and when I see my heart rate going back down, I usually try to get it back up in some ways. And I think a lot of people have trouble with that on the floor. And that’s because they don’t lift very much. Because Orange Theory has mostly lighter dumbbells at their stations. So they had maybe up to 25, and then they have some heavier dumbbells tucked in the corner, but not directly at the station. And so when we’re doing deadlifts, most women are just grabbing the 55’s, because maybe that’s just what they’ve done and what their comfortable with. And I go over and I’m using two 35-pound dumbbells, because I know when I’m lifting, when I’m doing deadlifts at CrossFit, I’m doing 125 pounds or more. So here with dumbbells I’m doing 70 pounds. Which is easy; it’s hard because there are two dumbbells, so it feels different. But my heart rate is getting much more elevated, because my muscles are having to work much harder than at those lower weights.

And I’m putting people down for using weights. You can use whatever weights work for you. I don’t give a f*ck. I’m just saying that’s how I get my heart rate elevated, and that’s how people, why lifting is so effective. Because it is upping your heart rate, it is upping your metabolism. You’re burning more calories because you’re lifting more. So I’m able to keep my heart rate pretty elevated while I’m on the floor, because I’m lifting heavier and I’m pushing my weight heavier than maybe what is recommended for like the snatches or the deadlifts or the squats. I go heavier in those, because I know I physically can because of all the CrossFit that I’ve done for the past 7 years.

So stop worrying about it. If it really does bug you, talk to your Orange Theory coach, because they will give you the best advice, not me. But don’t worry about those numbers. If you are feeling good in your skin and you’re feeling like you’re getting a good workout still, then what’s it the matter what it says on a screen? It’s just the same thing with a scale. What’s it matter what it says on a scale if you are content with how you feel? Like, who gives a f*ck about the number? Ugh, I hate numbers. So I hope that helps, because I know I had a couple questions about that.
This next one. Retapia. If I said that right. “How do you decide which shoes to wear to your workouts? Do you do CrossFit in your ultraboost, or do you feel like they’re too squishy for heavy lifts?”

So I wear my ultraboost Adidas shoes to all my Orange Theory classes. I love those shoes for Orange Theory. Like for treadmill workouts, because they’re so squishy, so soft. They’re so comfortable and my feet don’t hurt on the treadmill. And I’ll sometimes wear them; I don’t like wearing the ultraboost when I’m deadlifting or when I’m squatting. So I like it for jerks; for split jerks. I feel really comfortable in the ultraboost. Because they’re kind of wide. I don’t know, I feel like I sit into the ground a little bit more. But I usually, for CrossFit, I just find whatever flat shoes I have. Whether that’s my Nike metcons or Nike running shoes that are really, like the Nike frees that are really flat. That’s what I like for kind of normal CrossFit workouts, where you have overhead squats and that sort of stuff. But I love the ultraboost. They’re like the most comfortable shoes in the entire world.

Ok. Let’s see. This one is Weegi51. “Any tips for a flatter stomach besides dieting? I’m in good shape” and I guess I kind of covered this. “I’m in good shape, and I workout three days a week doing yoga and weightlifting. And I also do situps. I just have a layer of fat on my stomach that I can’t get rid of.”

Ok. Let’s talk about this. So first of all, you can do all the situps in the world, and it does not matter if you do not have a clean diet. Abs are made in the kitchen. And that’s like the worst annoying thing that we hear f*cking over and over and you’re like, shut up! But it’s so true! If you want a flatter stomach, if you want a leaner body, you have to have a clean diet. You have to not being eating sugar on a regular basis, you have to stay away from alcohol, you have to drink plenty of water. That’s very important. And it sounds like you’re working out, so that’s not an issue. So cleaning up the diet.

But, you know what is even more important? Cortisol. So cortisol is a stress hormone. And if you are not sleeping enough, or you are stressing out. Maybe you’re stressing out about belly fat or not getting to a certain weight. Or you have stressors in your life, whether it’s your relationship or maybe something else going on. When you have these stressors in your life, this messes up your cortisol and this leads to weight gain. And often we see this weight gain in the stomach. If it’s not from dieting; if the diet is clean, it can be from the stress or lack of sleep. Sleep is so f*cking important, and I don’t think people understand how important it is. So, think about those other two things in your life. If you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re stressed out about things. If you’re stressing out about your weight.

As soon as I stopped f*cking stressing out about my weight, I lost weight. I just stopped thinking about it. And so many people worry about their weight, and that leads to stress hormone and it leads to weight gain. So keep that in mind.

Ok, this one is XOXOBHarris. “Do you do any sort of mobility work? Your form is always phenomenal and I’m always looking for new tips and tricks.” Girlfriend, I don’t do sh*t. And I wish I didn’t have to admit that. But I literally do nothing. I’m terrible at even rolling out. I don’t do sh*t. I was seeing a guy for acupuncture, and he was doing some dry needling, and crazy massage stretching stuff. But I don’t do sh*t, because who has time?

I’m thinking about getting Amazon Fresh so I can have my groceries delivered, just to cut out an extra 30-45 minutes in my day that I can get more work done. I just don’t have time to sit after class and do my mobility work. And I get it; I could do it while I’m sitting on the couch, but right now I’m sitting on the couch working on my computer, talking to you. I just don’t have time. And I could make time, for sure. We can always make time for anything we want to do; I just don’t. But I need to get on it. But I don’t do any sort of a mobility stuff.

My form was at its, I think, not worst, but I just didn’t have great form when I was competing. Because I was going heavier than I needed to, but also all the stress on all my joints and muscles and tightness, and I just wasn’t doing any of my mobility stuff then. And now that I don’t go very heavy, my body is like, oh! I can get into this position much easier than I used to. So yeah, I don’t do sh*t. I’m too lazy. I’m sorry.

Ok. Let’s see. “I do a CrossFit workout 6 days a week. What are your thoughts on rest days? I know they are important, but I still work out 6 days in a row; Saturday’s being my rest day. Should I rest more?”

Um, girlfriend. I have no idea who you are and what kind of workouts you’re doing, so I cannot tell you if you should rest more or not. I take two rest days a week. I take rest days on Wednesdays and Sundays. And I’ve figured out that rhythm works for me the best. And I think rest days are so f*cking important. And people; we’re taught more and more and more is better. And at some point, it’s not better {laughs}.

Rest days, your body gets to recuperate. It gets to rebuild. It gets to just take time off, and it’s so important. So for me, two days of rest a week is best for me. For some people, it’s one day. You have to find what works for you. Honestly, I don’t know what you’re looking for. I don’t know what your goals are. I don’t know what your weight is. I don’t know what kind of workouts you’re doing. I can’t tell you. I would talk to a coach who knows you. But it’s finding out what’s best for your body and what it needs.

Ok. This one is OkieMomLife. “How do I know if CrossFit would be a good fit for me? I’m very intimidated to go in. It seems cliquey, and I’m scared I won’t be accepted or be good at it. Any pointers for someone who’s interested?”

OK. Girlfriend. No one is good at CrossFit when they first come in. There are some people who are better at movements than others, or maybe someone who’s had an athletic background. But that is not the vast majority of people. Most people come in, just normal, want to get a better workout in; that’s it. So you do not need to worry that you won’t be any good at it, because every single person feels like that. And every single person can improve, whether you’re improving from the beginning, or you are an athlete who has been there for years. You still have improvements. I still see high level athletes still have places that they could improve.

So don’t be scared of not being good at it. Because really no one is when they start. When you’re starting a new skill, learning a new skill, you’re not going to be good at it right away. I’m taking a photography class right now because I don’t know my camera and I want to learn. But I didn’t say I’m not going to go to this class because I don’t know anything about it. I’m going to this class because of that. I want to get better at something. You want to get better at a certain skill; maybe that’s your own fitness. CrossFit is going to get you there. You can’t be scared by something you’re not good at, if you’ve never done it, because of course you’re not going to be good at it! Are any of us good at something we’ve never done? Probably not. So remember that.

CrossFit can feel very cliquey; and even when you go to some gyms, it might be very cliquey. But every single gym is so incredibly different, and so the only way you’re going to know if you like it or not is going in and testing it out and seeing what the people are like and seeing what the community is like. That’s the only way you’re going to know. So go try out a class. But don’t be intimidated, because you feel like you are just this beginner. Because everybody in that gym has probably been there at some point, ok? You are not alone, and you might even be starting at the same time that other people are starting. So you’ll get to know people. So don’t be scared. The only way you’re going to know if it’s right for you is if you walk in the door. Yeah!

Ok. “How do you battle with weight loss resistance? I’m a clean paleo girl, and the last 10 pounds since my last pregnancy three years ago are making me legit crazy.” Ok, Erin, stop worrying about 10 f*cking pounds, that’s how. That’s how you get over that weight loss resistance. If you’re getting on the scale every single day, and you’re worrying about it, just like I talked about before, you’re messing up that stress hormone. Knock it off. So stop worrying about 10 pounds. Just start worrying about living your good life, eating clean, working out.

You say you’re a clean paleo girl; I don’t know if you don’t work out or not, but maybe adding some different workouts to that routine. Adding in weight resistance workouts. Whatever it may be, but stop worrying about 10 pounds. Our whole lives, most of us, there are some people who their weight doesn’t change. My weight changes 10 pounds all the time. And if I worried about it, I would be up at that 10 pounds constantly. If I don’t worry about it, my body is able to regulate itself by eating clean and working out and lifting weights.

So you said you’re eating clean; stop worrying about the 10 pounds, and maybe if you’re not working out, adding in some weight resistance training, because that is huge. Lifting is awesome!

5. Listener questions: Random [1:03:23]

Ok. Let’s see. Ok. These are kind of random questions that I’ve added in here. These are all just random ones all over the place, for the last questions. Ok, Cassy asks, “What is next on your travel bucket list?”

So right now, high on my bucket list is New Zealand. I want to go to New Zealand really bad. It’s just getting that type of time off to stay there for a while for my husband is close to impossible. Stupid jobs. But that’s on my bucket list for sure.

I want to go to Europe, when I have more money. Because I want to travel all around Europe. But I don’t know. Right now it’s just New Zealand is on the future bucket list. That’s what I’m hoping for. I have little trips here and there, but I really want to go to New Zealand. I’ll talk my husband into quitting his job at some point, right? Right? Probably not.

Ok, Theresa. “Not a question for your podcast, but maybe. I’m wondering if you’re making another cookbook?” And Theresa, I am not making another cookbook. That is not on the agenda. No future plans of writing a cookbook. Yeah, it’s not that much fun. Writing cookbooks is not that much fun. Unless you’re like super famous and rich, like Giada. Then it would be little bit more fun, maybe. I don’t know. Maybe not. But yeah. Nope, working on the blog. Working on some cooking videos coming up. Working on a special project right now that has to do with clothes. So doing other stuff instead. No books.

This one is by Fabulous Natalie. “Best way to stay motivated?” I don’t know if you mean; I mean I guess that can be a broad question. The best way to stay motivated is to love what you do. Love the workouts that you’re going to, love the gym that you’re going to, love the job that you do, and I think that really helps with staying motivated. But, also just self-improvement. If you want to improve yourself, you will take the steps to get certain things done. And that’s how you stay motivated. Like, I want to live a certain life, and I make it happen by doing the daily things I need to get done. And that’s what helps me stay motivated, if that makes sense. So find something you love, and that will really help for sure. If you don’t love it, find something else. Because life is too damn f*cking short. That is for sure.

Savs Smith. “When you got out to dinner with new friends, how do you explain you’re gluten free and dairy free? What explanation do you give? I always get so embarrassed.” You should not get embarrassed; who gives a f*ck. I tell them; I mean, I guess I don’t hang out with many new people, because I don’t like people. But I just say that’s I have digestive issues with gluten and dairy, and so I just stay away from it. I eat gluten free, and if people start to ask questions I explain what gluten does to your body and how the body is affected by it. So they can start; if they’re asking kind of rude questions, I can give them the background of what gluten can do to a body and why, so they can kind of maybe take a glance at their own body and how it’s functioning.

But I don’t think that’s an embarrassing thing to have to explain. If you have digestive issues, that’s I think a common term, and most people have digestive issues. And you say you don’t want to feel that way; I think people understand that and leave you alone. And if they don’t, it’s their own insecurities. So, don’t feel embarrassed, poodle!

OK, this one is Moira Build. “What feeds your soul?” My dog, for sure. “Do you set goals for your personal growth, separate from career goals and work out goals?” You know, I mostly set; OK I don’t sit down and set goals of like I want this by this certain date. I just know that I want to improve in all aspects of my life. I want to mentally improve, I want to physically improve. I want to improve my business, I want to improve my marriage. I want to improve my friendships. I don’t set; okay I want to make this amount of money by this. I want to retire at this age. I want to have children at this age; definitely that’s not on the agenda. But I don’t set any of those certain goals of life because that’s just not how I am. I see how things are changing, and I set goals around that.

But what feeds my soul is self-improvement. Self-improvement, and that’s in all aspects of both business and personal. And I just want to improve all the way around. I want to be better than I was yesterday, and that’s it. That’s what feeds my soul; along with my dog. Whose little butt is just poking up at me. And he just farted in my face, cool.

Becky Joy. “Do you think your success of your blog is in part because you did not follow a prescribed coached way of monetizing it like so many? In essence, do you think it grew organically because it feels more authentic and attracts more readers and investors?”

You know, I don’t know if I didn’t monetize in the prescribed way. I mean, I have advertising on my website, and I work with companies, and I think that’s how many other bloggers do, as well. But I think any person’s success with their blog or their business comes from them staying true to themselves. And that’s what I’ve done. And I know people think that I haven’t stayed true to myself. Like my personality has changed. I’m like; well, I started writing this blog when I was 23 years old and now I’m almost 30; so of course my personality has changed, and my goals have changed, and my life has changed, and so I’ve changed with it. And just not everybody has wanted to change with it.

But I think any sort of success comes from just being authentically you, and that’s what people gravitate towards. You know, I have the Food Network on in the background. And why is Giada successful, or why is Bobby Flay successful? Because they probably first stayed true to themselves. But they’re just authentic people that you can connect with. And I hope people feel the same way with me.

But I don’t know how people prescribed monetization; I don’t know what that looks like. I feel like I probably did that, but I continue to find different ways to monetize my blog, and I feel like others do the same thing. So I hope that answers your question. I don’t know. I don’t know exactly.
A whole lot of chasley. That’s the name. “Would you ever do another Whole30 or 21-Day Sugar Detox? If so, what would your strategy be in being successful in finishing?” I would not do another Whole30 or 21-Day Sugar Detox, as I’ve those in my life as I’ve gotten into paleo. Restricting does not work for me. It does not work for my slightly addictive personality. And saying I can’t have something makes me want it much more. I don’t need a Whole30, because I eat clean on a regular basis. I don’t need a 21-Day Sugar Detox because I know I can cut sugar off, and I don’t need to follow a prescribed way of doing it.

So I wouldn’t do it for me. And if I did go in with a strategy if I was doing something like that, it would be don’t be such a f*cking psycho about it. Because people are psycho about it. I was psycho about it. We’ve all done that, if we’ve done certain sort of diets. And if you’re such a psycho, how are you going to be psycho like that forever? Are you? Because that life f*cking sucks. Maybe you want to be that psycho. I see those psychos all the time. But I don’t want to be that psycho. I want to live a fun life, that I go out with my friends, and I have dinner, and I go to restaurants, and I make certain foods, and I eat snacks with my husband, and I eat ice cream tonight. That’s the life I want to live.

So, I wouldn’t do them. I’m not talking sh*t about those two companies; they’re great businesses, and they help so many. It just doesn’t work for me, and I found that out because I’ve done multiple Whole30’s and 21-Day Sugar Detoxes. And just living a healthy long-term lifestyle is what works for me.

Ok. Anna. This one, “What’s your favorite brand of skinny jeans and flare jeans? I feel like it’s impossible to find jeans that” why do I suck at reading? My mom always tried to get me in reading classes because I was terrible at it. No way, mom! OK, “I feel like it’s impossible to find jeans that look good if you have even slightly muscular legs.”

And f*ck no, that’s not true, girlfriend! Go to Express right now and find yourself some skinny jeans. They are the best. They’re the stretchiest; I love them. So Express has amazing jeans. If you go to Nordstrom, Articles of Society has extremely stretchy jeans for muscular legs. Those two brands are great.

And then my favorite pair of flare jeans and I can’t really find them on the internet anymore, but I find them at a lot of boutiques is Flying Monkey. Flying Monkey is my favorite pair of flare jeans, I’m obsessed with them. They make me feel so comfortable and confident, and they’re stretchy. But Express, girlfriend. Get to Express. They have the best.

This one is from Stacia. “What advice do you have for getting out of a binge cycle?” Clean up the food that you’re eating. So if you are in this sort of binge cycle, I think it’s very helpful to get clean food. If I have been eating a lot of food, I’ve been on vacation and eating more food and more salt than I usually do, I just have a clean meal. I have some salmon, I have green vegetables, and I keep it super simple like that. That’s how I’d eat.

And that really gets me out of that binge cycle of food that’s not that good for you. So clean up the diet and you’ll find yourself not binging on those cleaner food. If you have this salmon filet and a ton of green vegetables, it’s much harder to binge on. You’re going to eat a lot of it, but it’s not going to be overdoing it. Your body is going to be more able to say, “Ok, I’m full. I’m satisfied.” And not overdo it. So try that out.

“Can you do a hair tutorial?” This one is from Trobe-blah-blah. Girlfriend, or guy friend, whoever you are. I have a hair tutorial under the beauty tab on my blog. Boom. How’s that? How about them apples?

“Who takes all your amazing pics in all your outfits?” My photographer. Her name is Ashley Kitter.

This is from Meg Bug. “What’s your favorite part of being married?” Being married is awesome. I have such a good husband. I don’t talk about him much on my blog or any of my social media, I keep that really private, but he is f*cking cool. If we ever have any sort of issue or frustration, he works so hard to improve whatever we’re having issues with. And I want to be more like him. I think I try hard, too. But he’s just the best. He’s such a great husband.

So I think the best part of being married is knowing you have someone there always. I always have him to turn to talk to and get advice from. I always have him to hang out with. I always have him to share my upsets and highs and lows. He’s just great. And how great is it being married and; I love not having to go out and worrying about how I look. Not like physically, but I would always worry about dating sh*t and like, ok I have to do my hair, and how am I looking sitting on a couch talking to other people. All that stupid bullsh*t that I used to worry about, and you know that was my own issues, not not having a husband issues. But it’s just so cool having a person who loves me for me in all aspects, and I feel the same way about him and being there for each other.

Jackson, Jackson that was my hand. It literally hit the couch. Excuse me. You’re the pits. Jackson. Oh my god, how rude is he?

But yeah. Being married is awesome. Everybody says that the first year of marriage is hard, and it has not been hard. It’s been easy peasy, lemon squeezy, thankfully. I like being married!

This one is from Beck Lance. “On average, how many miles do you walk with Jackson each day?” Oh my god, like maybe not even a mile. Maybe a mile. We probably walk less than a mile every day. If we go on multiple walks, maybe we get a little bit more than that, or long walks then he’ll get a few miles in. But that’s when the weather permits, or it’s nice out, or I just have time to go on an hour walk. But yeah, I would say just a mile or so. That’s it.

This next question is, “What does your typical coffee order look like when you travel?” I usually get iced or hot; iced coffee or hot coffee. And I ask for heavy cream on the side, and I pour in my own heavy cream. And that’s my order. That’s my coffee order.

If a place has homemade almond milk, or like homemade nut milk or something, then I’ll get that, but not many places do that. And I don’t like the almond milks that most companies carry, so I just don’t even order that. I just get coffee with heavy cream, because I do fine with diary.
Audrey Smith, “How does your husband feel about kids? What age do you think you guys will have one, if any?” So I talked about a podcast; I have a podcast about why having kids scares the sh*t out of me. I don’t really like kids. And I can’t imagine raising one. I’m not to that stage in my life at all. So my husband is 7 years older and he likes kids more than I do. Like he has fun playing with kids. And if I turned to him today and I was like, hey, do you want to start trying to have kids? He’d be like, sure. I’m sure he’d be totally cool with it.

But when we met six or so years ago, that was one of the first things I told him, was I don’t know if I want to have kids so you have to be ok with that, because I don’t know if that will ever change. It could, but it might now, so I don’t know. So, he likes kids, but I think he also sees our friends who have kids and how it can be incredibly stressful having kids. But also on the relationship. And it is really fun being in a marriage where you’re really happy and you don’t have a ton of stresses, and kids can be extremely stressful. And it can be extremely stressful on the relationship. And so I just like being married and not having that stress right now. Man.

None of my friends who have had kids make it look like it’s fun in any capacity. Birthing them. Holding them. One of my girlfriends, she did great in her pregnancy. But birthing them; nope, that doesn’t look fun. Being up every 2 hours because they have to eat like that for the first two weeks or whatever; that doesn’t look fun. So I think as we see more friends have kids, we’re like; ok, we’re not prepared for that. And I’ definitely not there.

This one kind of segues into it. Rachel. “I know you’ve mentioned in the past that you grew up eating sh*t like most of us did. How are your parents now? Have they adapted to a healthier lifestyle with your influence?” I have no idea what my parents eat. My dad actually introduced me to paleo. He almost passed away when I was in high school, and he had to be pumped with all these steroids, and he gained weight. And he’s smaller than I am. He probably weighs less than I do, honestly. He’s a small guy. They had to pump him with all these steroids, so he gained a bunch of weight. And somebody introduced him to the paleo diet to lose weight, but to also really regain his health. And that was his first introduction to paleo. That was my first introduction. But I didn’t really get into paleo for years later.

So, my dad, he ate that way for a long time, and now he goes through these phases of loving to make bread. And he makes bread all the time. And so they don’t follow paleo diet; I don’t think my mom does in anyway. But I have no idea what they eat on a regular basis. I don’t hang out with them enough. Hi, parents, if you’re listing. Love you. But we don’t hang out enough to talk about their diet. And I’m sure; you know, people don’t like to talk about their diet, because they think I’m judgey. I don’t’ give a sh*t how you eat honestly. You do what you want with your own health. But yeah. My dad ate paleo for a long time. So we can kind of connect on that.
This is another kind of kid question. So this is curated Windsy. “How would you feed your kids? I know you don’t necessarily want to have kids, but if you did, what would you do? I always see moms who obsess over food themselves, but when it comes to their kids they don’t hesitate about giving them McDonald’s. I wish my mom didn’t feed me those things as a child. I feel like I could have had a better start on life and wouldn’t have so many body issues now as an adult.” Whoo! You’re preaching to the choir, here girl. I feel the same way. I wish I wouldn’t have been fed that. And that’s really hard to say though, as an outside person who has never had kids. I think it’s so easy to say that you’d feed your children a certain way. But then I see people say that, and then it’s like all hell breaks loose as a mom and you like, what the f*ck else am I going to do? I have three kids, just feed them what I can at this point. So, I can’t say what I would do.

I would try to feed my children gluten free at home, and I would try to feed them a ton of veggies and just try my best at that. But as I heard from Michelle Tam; she eats paleo and they eat really clean at their house, she has a challenging time with her younger son. And so he eats eggs, and then if he gets sick of something, he can have whatever they’re eating. And that’s how she kind of gets him to eat more things. So I would just do I guess the best that I could. But I would not go to McDonald’s. I don’t go to McDonald’s myself, and I’m not going to take my kid to McDonald’s. I luckily live in an area where I can get almost just as fast food that’s way healthier. Like we have a place called mod market where you can get food, not as quick as McDonald’s but it’s like you order and you wait for 6-7 minutes to get your order. You have go inside. But they have chicken, potatoes, and vegetables. And that’s what I would go for if I needed fast food options.

And I feel like there are enough options out nowadays where you could maybe do a meal planning service. But there are so many options out now. Companies make it easy, and if you are creative enough you can come up with things. But I would not feed them McDonald’s. F*ck no. No way. And I wouldn’t feed them pop, either. Soda, whatever you call it. I don’t believe in those two things. I think they’re disgusting and I think they should be gone. So yeah, no soda and no McDonald’s, or like fast food. It would be the healthier options out there. I would take my kids to Chipotle, and get them like a rice bowl or whatever. That’s what I would do. But that’s just me. And what do I know, because I don’t f*cking have kids. So, who knows. But no. McDonald’s is gross, don’t eat that.

Ok. This one is; I only have like three more. So this one is from a name I don’t understand. “More about beauty favorites; both face and body. Favorite books and audio books. Favorite fun podcasts. Love your listener questions podcasts.” Oh, that’s so fun.

OK, so I am doing a favorite beauty products post really soon. So I’m not going to list them all on here, because I’m going to share them in a post, so you can visually see them and get them there instead of trying to write stuff down or having to rewind. So I’ll do a beauty products really soon on the blog. So stay tuned for that.

Favorite podcast right now; hold on I’m going to pull it up so I make sure I don’t miss any. So obviously, Wine and Crime. I love Reality Steve. I love Mind Pump. My Favorite Murder, Girls Gone WOD. Generation Why. I love How I Built This with Guy Raz. Off the Vine with Caitlin Bristow. Rose Pricks when the Bachelor is on. The Vanished; I think that’s a really cool podcast. She’s doing cool stuff. So those are kind of my; I mean, they’re not all fun, because there’s some true crime in there. But fun for us to listen to.

I don’t read books, because I just don’t have time, and I haven’t listened to any audio books. But I know Cassy Joy of Fed and Fit listens to audio books a lot, so she might have great recommendations. So hopefully those answer your questions.

And then Maria Greenwall asks, “When is your eBook with Cassy, Lexie, and Vanessa coming out? When is it being released? And more plans to collaborate in the future?” So we actually pushed our eBook back because we all have stuff going on. Cassy pregnant, trying to get ready for her first baby to come out, so she can get all prepped and ready for that. So we had to push our eBook back. Now we don’t know when we’re going to come out with that, but hopefully we get to work on that in the future, but we had to push it back because we all had so much stuff going on and just couldn’t juggle it all at the same time. So yes. That’s it.

OK. Last question. Collagen. “I know from your posts that you’ve taken collagen supplement for a long time now. Have you noticed a difference since when you started? I’m curious since I’ve heard great things, but I’ve only added collagen in my diet for about two weeks.” So, yes, I have collagen in my coffee every single morning. And I use Vital Proteins at the moment, sometimes Great Lakes, and I just use a scoop in my coffee. I blend it or just stir it in if it’s hot coffee. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair. Never in my life have I ever had compliments on my hair, and I swear I get like one compliment a week on my hair at this point. And it’ll be like when it’s dirty, it’s greasy, and I’ll have just brushed it out. And someone will give me a compliment. It’s crazy.

So my hair’s been growing and it’s like much healthier and much thicker. And my nails grow. So yeah, that’s the main difference I’ve seen with collagen. And hopefully it helps with my skin long-term and I stay young forever Jackson. Do you love me? Can I have a kiss? Oh, did you hear him kiss me?

He’s such a gemmy- gem.

So those are all the questions today, Jackson. We answered them all. If I didn’t answer them, and you’re like, Juli, you’re such a b*tch! Feel free to email me. That’s because my assistant sees it first, so she won’t tell me if someone called me a b*tch or not.

But if you didn’t get a question answered, and you want it answered, just go to I have this podcast where you can leave comments, or you can always reach out to me on social media. I don’t e-mail back super fast, so know social media comments or comments on my blog are much quicker. So I’d recommend leaving them there. Thank you guys so much for leaving questions. It is so fun to actually have a community to talk to, because I feel like I’m by myself most of the time in this house. So getting feedback from others and knowing that you’re actually listening to the podcast is super cool.

And let me know if your liking the interviews more, if you like the podcast by themselves. Because I’m trying to do both and just mix both in there, but I’d love to hear your feedback and what you like the most so I can keep up with that.

Thanks so much for listening today. You’re a real gem. You’re a real peach. I have to burp. Excuse me. Every time I’ve interviewed someone, I’ve burped, and so I’m wondering if you can hear it. I can’t help it, ok. It was a very quiet burb; it’s not a fart. That’s way gross. It’s just a burp, ok?

So, if you like the podcast, don’t forget to leave a review. That’s super helpful for the podcast. I’m trying to get better and better with this podcast and take more time to it. So if you could leave a review, that would be so appreciated. If you hate this podcast, no need to leave a review. You can just say, “Juli’s the worst!” And I’ll agree with you.

And if you like this podcast, feel free to subscribe, and that’s the best. Go check out Wine and Crime. I know I keep pushing them, but I’m seriously obsessed. And don’t forget about Butcher Box. You can go to to get $10 off your order, and two free ribeyes for that first order. You’re going to love it. It’s the best. And I’ll talk to you guys next time, because I have a special, really cool interview coming out next week that you guys are going to love. Stay tuned. I’ll see you guys next week. See you guys, hear from you guys, talk to you guys, love you guys. Bye guys!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


23 thoughts on “Listener Questions – Episode 54: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Hey Juli!

    I am an avid (every Saturday morning on my walk wounded my dog) listener. I love your podcast and find your honesty so refreshing.

    I think the interviews have been awesome but I miss your funny banter so I think a mix would be great! You always say you don’t know how people listen to you talk but you are funny and informative, plus motivating! Just keep being you! Love it.


    1. totally get that. it’s so hard to do the same banter when it’s over a phone call just because the delay messes up their audio so i tend to stay a little quieter. i guess i just need a podcast recording room and a ton of money to fly people out to it lol!! i will definitely continue to mix it up between the random rants and interviews!! thanks for the feedback, shea!

  2. Have enjoyed the interviews for the new people and info, but I LUUUUUUUUVVV the podcasts of just you!!! I save them for my Monday morning workout because you put me in such a good mood and make me smile with your fun talks, colorful language, and even yawns. I mean everyone yawns, what’s the big damn deal to all these people?!
    I totally get that new content is important, I’ll try to come up with some ideas so you’ll continue to do plenty of solo podcasts. But please know we LOVE you and hearing you!!

  3. Hey Juli! Yes I also like the mix, when it was 2 interviews in a row I did find myself missing the just Juli episodes, I was very excited when I saw this past episode was a questioner one, those are so fun! But I get that it’s hard to come up with content by yourself. I do like the interviews too and that you ask fun and random questions of your guests.

    Also, some unsolicited marketing advice – you should promote your newsletter on your podcast? I know you talk about how it’s frustrating that people on instagram don’t see your content and I know I am driven to visit your site mostly because I am on the email newsletter. Perhaps people that listen to the podcast don’t know about that? Maybe I’m weird because I actually check emails lol. I just know from my professional marketing experience that the simpler and more direct you can make things for your audience the better 🙂

    1. that’s a great idea, april!! i’ll definitely start talking about my newsletter in my podcast!! and thanks for liking just me on the podcast, that’s really damn cool! I’ll keep trying to come up with new content by myself!

  4. I know you’ve mentioned that your husband works long hours. I’m curious if you pack his breakfast/lunch/snacks for him? What do you send? I pack my husbands day food and just looking for ideas. Thanks!

    1. not a ton, he usually makes his own breakfast and will either take lunch from leftovers the night before or pick something up during work (he has healthy options near his work) and i’ll usually send him off with a couple different bars or something i’ve made like energy balls at home!

  5. OMG. Thank you for recommending Wine & Crime. It’s hilariously dark! Also, I’ve enjoyed the interviews, but I do like when you have a “just you” podcast in between interview weeks.

  6. I like both the podcasts with you, or with interviews! The ones where it’s only you, I like the reader’s questions or your favorite things. Off the topic, have you tried Whole Foods delivery to your house yet? I know you did an article on WF, but I don’t remember seeing anywhere if you’ve tried their delivery service.

      1. seriously! that’s why I’ve been considering it. Plus I think it would be nice to have it delivered if I’ve been out of town and need to get food, but don’t have time to go to the store (work stuff always seems to explode the minute you get back from a trip)

  7. Love the podcast! I enjoy the interview but also think your solo episodes are hilarious! Maybe 2/3 solo and 1/3 interview or something of the like! Thanks for all the awesome content!! I super impressed my hubs with the spaghetti squash pizza casserole last week ????????

  8. Hi Juli, I enjoy both styles of podcasts. My fav are the ones with just you and your favorite things!! I was actually listening to your podcast a few weeks ago on my flight to Denver from Seattle and I look up and you are walking to your seat a few rows ahead of me… wanted to say Hi but didn’t want to be a creeper and yell across the plane.. ???? I think you were on your way back from Walla Walla. Not a stalker just follow you on Instagram.. lol anyway love your podcast and blog!

  9. Finally getting to your podcasts because I have been addicted to Wine and Crime podcast for the last month 🙂 I like both styles and I like that you mix it up.

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