Listener Questions – Episode 61: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Answering your questions in this weeks episode!


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Episode 61 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. Listener questions: Fitness [7.39]
2. Listener questions: Skincare [25:53]
3. Listener questions: Food [36:00]
4. Listener questions: Miscellaneous [1:04:01]

Juli Bauer: Well hey there, guys. Welcome to another episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. I am your host tonight, and every other night. My name is Juli Bauer Roth, and I am the writer and creator of Isn’t this such a fun, dramatic intro today? You know, I feel like I should introduce myself at some point in this podcast. And since we’re at episode, I don’t know, 60? 61? I don’t f*cking know. I thought I should introduce myself, you know?

As I record this on my phone in the voice memos section of my phone; super fancy. I am in a king size bed in the St Julian Hotel in Boulder. Not half bad. I was planning to record this podcast yesterday on a Sunday. And you know what happened? I got hella wasted. And if you’ve listened to any of these podcasts before, you know I’m not a huge drinker. I’m a one cocktail kind of person; maybe two if I’m really feeling crazy that night. But multiple cocktails; no.

But here’s the thing. It was 90s night at Ophelia’s in Denver, which is a great restaurant. And I went to 90s night last year, and it was pretty much the best night ever. And they played all the straight hits. Brittany Spears, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Chumbawumba. All my god. All 90s. You knew all the words. So, I was very on the 90s train when I found out they had another 90s night planned. And last time, I don’t think I even drank. I think I had one drink and then I stayed on the dance floor the whole rest of the time.

But this time around I brought one of my girlfriends, who didn’t know this other group of girls. And she, of course, was probably nervous. Because you’re going into a whole group of people you don’t know. So we had cocktails together beforehand. And then she would go get two cocktails, and then I would get two cocktails. And then she was getting doubles so we didn’t have to go back to the bar. And it was just; it was a sh*t show.

This time around, they played a little bit more like Nirvana; no thank you. That’s not why I go to 90s night. I’m not trying to listen to Nirvana. I’m trying to listen to Brittany Spears, you dick. But you know what? I made the best of it. And I danced so hard. I just got a Fitbit, so I’ve been seeing how many steps I usually take. And on a day that I don’t workout, it’s probably like 10,000 to 12,000. On a day I do workout, it’s up to 15 to 17. And that night, that day and that night, it was 35,000 steps. I danced so hard, and I flipped my ponytail everywhere. Like a helicopter spin. My neck is still so sore.

So don’t remember the cab ride home. I’m a person who cannot hold my liquor because I black out right away. I don’t remember the cab ride home with my girlfriend. I plugged my phone in on the bedside table, but woke up on the couch. Not sure how. And your Fitbit tracks your sleep; and I slept 3 hours. And then I told my husband I’d go to breakfast with him that morning before he went golfing, and I was still drunk obviously when I woke up, and I made it happen. I went to breakfast. Stupid idea. I should have slept. But I was trying to be true to my word with my husband.

So, the point is, I couldn’t record a podcast yesterday while I was at home because I couldn’t form f*cking sentences. Because alcohol is poison. I don’t know how people do this every weekend. I mean, I did it three days a week in college. But I ain’t no 21-year-old anymore. This b*tch is almost 30, and she’s breaking down in the alcohol department. Hangovers are no joke. Especially when you run your own business, and Sunday means you should be working all day. Eh-he. No.

F*ck, that was terrible. That was terrible. So anyways, I’m in Boulder right now. When you hear this podcast, I’ll be in Austin. So I’m just traveling this entire week. Boulder, to Austin, then back home for a few days. Then I’m going to Tulum, them back home for a little bit. Then I go to Cabo. So it is all travel. It’s all awesome travel. Tulum is for my best friend’s 30th birthday. No biggie. She’s an old fart before me! Ew, that was annoying. I’m sorry I even said that.

Ok. But anyways. I’m recording this in the St. Julian beautiful hotel, just FYI. I have a balcony. How often do you get a balcony at a hotel? Not very often. And it is rad. So we’ve got to jump into this podcast, because it’s probably been like 5 minutes. Oh, it’s been 6 minutes, and I haven’t gotten to anything. And I can barely still form sentences.

I just went to a place and had a cocktail; I couldn’t even get the cocktail down because I thought I was going to die. And then they gave me a dessert wine; two dessert wines to taste. One was pure rubbing alcohol. It was like; this is not a dessert wine. This is hell. It was rubbing alcohol with cloves. Ugh. I can’t.

Ok. So, I put on Instagram if you guys had any questions. And I got a good amount, so I wanted to answer them all here. I love these listener question episodes. And it seems like you guys do too! And hopefully you see my Instagram posts still, because Instagram is limiting what you see at this point. Which is a huge poopy bummer.

So if you want to be up to date with everything, just try checking my Instagram by itself, instead of hoping it comes in your news feed. But who does that? I don’t. I don’t go to someone’s individual profile! Bananas.

Ok, so I tried to go through all these questions. If I miss any or I just didn’t get to yours, because time does not permit, then you can always go to and you can ask a question there and I can answer you right there. But I tried to section these into little sections. So we’re starting with fitness! Let’s get fit, bro! Ok.

1. Listener questions: Fitness [7.39]

So this is Bosk the Frog. {laughs} I don’t know if I should say people’s names, or try to even say them out. Whatever. “What is the longest amount of time you’ve gone without working out in the past couple of years?”

Five days. That is the longest I went without working out. And that was when I was trying to get my body out of adrenal fatigue and trying to take more rest days. It was 5 days. And I was writing a cookbook as well. My second cookbook. It is very stressful. And 5 days is all I took off. But that was about; I think that was 2014. So it’s been about three years. And then after that, it’s probably been 3 days in a row sometimes I’ll take off.

This next one is Sarah Hoffman. “I do body pump, but my back has been aching. I feel like I can add more weight, but then I have a sore back. So is it better to go lighter? Am I still reaping the benefits if it’s lighter weight?”

So if your back is aching and is sore, I’m guessing you’re meaning your lower back? That means that you’re not engaging your core correctly. So I would highly recommend trying to engage your core more. Thinking about your core. Taking those movements a little bit slower. Don’t go heavier on weight if you’re aching in your lower back. That’s not where you should be aching. There’s a difference between soreness in your lower back and aching. And you shouldn’t be adding weight until you really can engage that core and keep that core stable throughout your movements. So then you can actually focus on other muscles, instead of getting sore in your back. So that’s what I would recommend. And that’s what I’ve done in the past for me, if I’ve ever had any soreness in my back.

This one is from Kelsey. “What is your base push and all out wattage when you’re on the rower at Orange Theory?”

I have absolutely no idea about wattage on the rower. I usually; I don’t really even track that. I’m just feeling what it should feel like if I’m just giving a regular pace, a regular push, and then that all out. And I kind of track it by what my heart rate is doing, as well. So if I’m all out, I’m obviously in the red. High up in the red. That push; I should be in the orange. And then be able to control my breathing a little bit more in the base. So I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for that. I only know it on my treadmill.

This one says, “Could you talk about your current fitness goals and how you’re liking your new Fitbit! Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving!” You’re the best.

So, I don’t have any current fitness goals at all. {laughs} I usually just don’t have any specific goals anymore. I am just trying to be comfortable in my own skin, and proud of what I’ve accomplished and the hard work I’ve put into the gym on a weekly basis. So I don’t really have any goals. And I’m loving my new Fitbit. I feel like the only goal that I have with my new Fitbit is sleeping more. So it kind of tracks your sleep. It’s a good awakening if I didn’t take care of myself, and didn’t get to bed early enough. So even though I’m not tracking any fitness stuff, I like tracking the sleep on there. I think it’s fun.

This one is K Scott. “Thoughts on cardio and how much you do? I used to be a cardio bunny and now my CrossFit trainer is limiting me to only two met cons a week and making the rest strength and it’s a huge change of thinking.”

I don’t know. Ever since I started CrossFit, I just never think of stuff as cardio. Because it’s just a met con we do. Sometimes it’s going to be 5-minute sprint, and sometimes it’s 25-minute, 30-minute workout. So I just never think about cardio stuff. And I think it just depends on your goals. If you’re trying to increase that strength, then concentrating more on strength is what you need to do. But I just don’t really think about workouts as cardio anymore. I don’t even think; and even though I should, I don’t even think of Orange Theory as cardio. I’m just thinking of it as a workout. Where I’m doing some strength training and some cardio mixed in there. And CrossFit is the same.

And every workout I do at our CrossFit gym, we always have a strength and a met con. And that’s just how our gym does it. So yeah. I don’t have a huge viewpoint on it. I just probably do it; I work out 5 days a week, and I probably do cardio 5 days a week because we always have a met con mixed in there.

Mac Attack. “What are the best exercises to build upper back and lat strength in muscles? Also do you recommend CrossFit beginners build up weight with exercises that are most challenging for them?” Yeah, ok. “Stay at a lower weight for a while and forgo adding or somehow else.”

Mac Attack; that question is very weird. But I dig it. So, everything you do in CrossFit is very much upper back and lats. A lot of my jackets don’t fit because my lats have gotten so much bigger from CrossFit. And so; pullups, handstand pushups, push jerks, strict press. We do all kinds of different things. Overhead squats; front squats. You’re engaging your lats. Cleans; everything you’re doing is always engaging your lats and your back. I feel like my back is probably where I have most of my muscle. Because you’re constantly engaging your back, no matter what movement you’re doing. Even deadlifts you are.

And yes, highly recommend if you’re trying to get into CrossFit and trying to learn the movements, stay super light. And yes, forgo adding on weight until you’ve really nailed down that movement. Because I get dudes all the time who are like; I just need to put on more weight and I can hold the movement. I’m like; “If you can’t hold the movement with a barbell I don’t want you to try to add more weight onto it; bruh!” So yeah. Stay at a lighter weight. Crush it first. Ok? Just crush that movement. Then add some movement.

Megan Lott. Oh, shoot. {laughs} She said, “I second this question.” But I don’t know what the first question was. {laughs} But she also asks; “Have you monitored your progress in your base push and all out speeds? What made your running specific changes have you experienced? I love Orange Theory. I’ve always hated running but I’m trying to improve both my pace and endurance so I can keep up with my boyfriend during weekend runs. Do you think Orange Theory helps with running conditioning overall?”

So, I definitely have monitored my base pace, and push pace, and all out speeds. And they’ve definitely gotten better over time. But it also depends on the day; not always. And I think that Orange Theory can definitely help with your running. I am one of the faster runners at our gym, and I’ve always been a little bit on the quicker side with running. Not super, super fast. But I’m a little bit quicker, and Orange Theory has definitely conditioned me more, even when I’m adding in CrossFit movements and we have running with it, I’m able to catch my breath quicker than I was able to do so before. So I think it definitely helps with running condition.

The only thing that sucks; a treadmill is propelling you. So when you get to running on flat ground, and then you go onto hills, you don’t get the same exact feeling that you get on a treadmill. So I think it conditions you to an extent. But then it also helps you, too. If that makes sense. But it definitely has helped me, for sure. And I don’t like running. But now I just don’t care. It’s not like I would never go to a workout that had running in it. I wouldn’t not go to it.

I always think about when I first started CrossFit, and I used to get side aches all the time. And I just wanted to walk so bad in running. But I never walked, ever. Because I knew I could just keep one foot in front of the other, even if I just slowed down. So running is just that simple thing; it sucks but anybody can do it. You can continue to put one foot in front of the other. So I just don’t care about it that much. {laughs}

Ok. Hunter X Gatherer. “Exercise addiction/obsession. Have you ever gone through this? If so, how did you conquer it? I’m in college and feeling really lost. What age did you figure everything out about health and fitness?”

So yes. Exercise addiction and obsession I dealt with pretty much my entire life until probably 5; no, like 3 or 4 years ago I was able to cut the cord with that. But I felt very, very lost in college. I was extremely lost. Especially with health and fitness, and I didn’t know where to turn. College is a hard piece. If you can get your diet and exercise nailed down in college, awesome. But college is also a time for you to party hard, and stay out late, and do stupid sh*t. Because college is the best.

So I didn’t really figure out anything about health and fitness and what it really meant to me until I was probably 23, 24, out of college. But yes. I dealt with exercise addiction until probably 3 or 4 years ago. For sure.

Alyssa. I thought this question was super interesting. “What is your take on the new ‘healthy at every size’ movement? I think it challenges us to think about our definition of health. I think a better name of this movement would be ‘confident at every size’ or ‘love yourself at every size’. Because those movements I can get behind. I’m just not sure we are being honest with ourselves as a society if we discount the fact that being obese increases your chance of many illnesses and decreases your longevity significantly. I would love to hear your wise non-filtered opinion.”

Oh, I don’t know if I’m wise in any capacity. I totally agree. I think we need to remember that health is; I don’t want to piss anybody off. But when we’re saying it’s ok to be obese, that’s not the best route. I think it’s important to tell people to be confident and f*ck, how do I say it?

I think people need to remember that health can look all different sizes, but we should not be thinking it’s ok to be obese. And we should be teaching people how to get control of their weight. And that doesn’t mean you have to be super skinny. That doesn’t mean you have to be a certain size. It just means that you are eating the best foods for your body on a regular basis, and you’re taking care of yourself and staying active. And when someone is obese, they’re often not making those best decisions.

So I love the idea of confident at every size, love yourself at every size. But I do think we should be pushing the health movement even more all the time. I mean, if people knew; I don’t think that people understand the importance of food. I live in such a bubble. I live in a paleo bubble, a CrossFit bubble, healthy food bubble. So to me, I’m like; doesn’t everybody understand that the food we put in our body is energy? So if you’re putting in poison, that’s what it’s doing to your body. It’s poisoning your body.

But most people don’t have that understanding. And I didn’t have that understanding how sugar affects the body, and how alcohol affects the body just like we were talking about before. People don’t understand that. I wish we could spread that knowledge a little bit more. And hopefully we can. Companies out there are making food; healthy food, whole foods more available at cheaper prices. Amazon buying out Whole Foods; prices are coming down. So hopefully that can open the doors to more people to understand food and what it does for the body.

But I totally agree. I think we should have; instead of healthy at every size it should be love yourself at every size. And I haven’t see that “healthy at every size,” but I know where you’re coming from. And I think it’s important too, if we can erase obesity altogether, that would be f*cking awesome. And yeah, that would be rad. I don’t know if that answered your question. Because I ain’t wise, girl.

The paleo runner. “I’d love for you to talk…” geeze. See? Hung over. Poison. Alcohol. “I’d love if you could talk more about struggles with disordered eating, exercising to lose weight instead of feel good. I know you have other podcasts on that. But it inspires me to hear your advice on it.”

So that’s kind of general. It’s hard to answer a question quite like that. I dealt with disordered eating my entire life, and exercising. I always thought if I can burn way more calories than I’m eating, then I’ll be able to lose weight. But how far can your body go? And my body was just in total disarray. I was continually gaining weight from all the excessive exercise and not feeding my body properly. And I was completely inflamed and my body was inflamed.

So I finally just looked in the mirror one day, and was like; what’s happening? If you think you’re doing everything right and your body is saying, “F*ck no.” Then you probably should listen to it. So, taking more rest days, and just working out once a day, and not going excessively heavy in weights. Messing up my cortisol even more by stressing out about the body. I just left it all at the door one day. I said, “No thank you. I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to be happy.”

And the thing is, when I look back at things. When I had a lot of these disordered eating habits, and exercise habits, many of it is based off the people I was around. And think about the closest people around you. If you have negative people around you, if you have people talking about their bodies constantly. If you have people who are binging and purging, and/or starving themselves, you start to take on those habits. And growing up I always had a group of friends like that.

I had people who were anorexic, bulimic, over-exercised, hated their bodies, talked about them completely. And then I met my husband how doesn’t talk about body sh*t. He’ll mention some stuff but he doesn’t obsess. He’s in a swimsuit all the time. And we’re out on the lake constantly. So once I was around him, and around my sister-in-law, and my best friend, and all these people who just didn’t talk about that sh*t, I stopped talking about it. And I stopped obsessing about it.

So I think it’s important to remember who you’re around, and why these behaviors are happening, and how to fix them. And for me, I think it needed to be the people I was around. And then I needed to stop taking my own bullsh*t. And that’s what I was doing. I was bullsh*tting myself for a long time. So I hope that answers your question. But if you have any more specific questions, feel free to come to the blog and I can always answer them there.

2. Listener questions: Skincare [25:53]

Ok, so next is skincare. I think there are a couple more fitness questions, but they were kind of in the random section. I have a random section, ok? So this is skin care.

So this is Ellie. Ellie See Kellie. “If someone is just getting started with a skincare routine, more than just cleanser, toner, moisturizer, how should they get started?”

That’s hard. So, I found my first products that I really love, Vivant, through my esthetician. And that’s why I started trying them. So if you have an esthetician who recommends something, or a friend who has great skin and loves a certain product, I think recommendations are always helpful. And then I tried Tula, because of a friend’s recommendation and loved their products. So I think you have to find a recommendation through someone else, or a professional to help you out. And that kind of helps.

You can always go to blogs and see what people are talking about to help you kind of figure that out if you don’t have an esthetician or a friend to talk to about it. But, yeah. I’ve loved trying. My favorites are Vivant skin care, Tula, and Revision. And I also started adding L’occitane. I think I’m saying that right. To my regimen as well, and love that. I’ve heard some of these from bloggers, and then my esthetician is my other helper there.

Maggie. “Can you talk more about Botox/injection experience? Bruising, average pricing? I’ve listened to your plastic surgery podcast, but curious to hear more about that. I’m confused by units per injection. Also, what ingredients do you look for when choosing skin care products?”

So, Botox, I’ve only once ever had bruising in one spot. I don’t usually get any bruising. But bruising can occur, not usually, but sometimes. As soon as you get it done, you have a couple of bumps; because they just stuck a needle in your face. So just be aware of that. It goes down pretty quickly. But you have some bumps.

And then, let’s see. I’m not sure; I don’t even know all the details about Botox stuff. But I usually need 20 units. And that’s not 20 injections, it’s just 20 units. And usually that’s 5 injection points; 4 or 5 injection points. And it totally depends on your person. I think Botox usually is around $20 to $25 per unit. I think that’s kind of a rough average. But that’s what I paid when I’ve gone to different places.

And, oh my gosh, I have no idea what ingredients I look for when I’m choosing skin care products. {laughs} I know what my esthetician has recommended, and I trust her. And so that’s how I know. But I don’t know sh*t myself. {laughing}

Danny, “When talking about your beauty routine, you’ve said before how you hate hair except on your head. Have you ever done any laser hair removal or anything like that? Beyond just wax or shaving?”

So I’ve only; man. I haven’t stuck to my laser hair removal routine. So I’ve done it randomly. I started on my armpits. And then my esthetician moved, and she didn’t get her new laser in for a little while, so I didn’t do it. And then I got back on it, and then I forgot again. And then I started doing my arms. And then I got lazy about sticking on it. So, yeah. I started to see results on my armpits and my arms, but I just didn’t stick with it. So then it’s like; back to growing back completely normally.

I highly recommend it. If you can dish out the money to get it done, f*ck yeah. But yeah, I haven’t had much of an experience. It’s kind of annoying, kind of uncomfortable, but not like miserable. But I need to stick on it because I f*cking hate hair.

Ok, this next one, “I would love to hear about your current face routine. How Accutane worked for you, and if it’s still working today. Also, what worked for your cystic acne? Was it eating better? The kind of makeup you used? Etc.”

Ok. So, my current skin care routine; I have posts like that on the blog that you can go to and I talk about all the different products I use every night.

Accutane was amazing, and I know there are so many people out there that say it’s awful, and many people had bad experiences. I didn’t, and I’m so glad I didn’t. And I do recommend it to people, if it will work for them. And you don’t know until you try it. But I do recommend it. So right now, I was on spironolactone, and then my prescription ran out, and our insurance got changed. So I haven’t been able to go back. So I’ve been off of it for about a month, and my skin has started to break back out.

So about a year after Accutane, my skin started breaking out again. So I got on spironolactone and that was amazing. I need to go get another prescription, because I have been getting a couple of cystic zits, from changing birth control and not being on spironolactone. And being bad about drinking water, because I’ve been traveling so much.

But the things that worked the best for cystic acne, honestly, was Accutane for sure. And when my hormones weren’t screwed up. I have to stay away from nuts, like almonds, nut butters. If I’m eating too much sugar my skin usually breaks out. And then working out less. I know decreasing the testosterone probably really helped. Because that’s all I was doing, was just increasing the testosterone in my body. So yeah, it was a whole mess of things. But no, it had nothing to do with makeup or anything like that. It was just the hormones were all screwed up in my body.

Ok, this one is from Chuk-Colleen. “I’m considering getting a Profractional treatment done as well. What is the pain like? Any tips for how to lessen the pain at all during the treatment?”

Ok, so I think Profractional is extremely painful. I really do. It is extremely uncomfortable. I think it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever done for my skin, by far. And it’s really painful that day and that night after you get it done. So they’ll give you a topical numbing cream beforehand, and then you need to talk to your esthetician. Because I cannot give any doctor recommendations, because I’ll get f*cking sued.

But I can say that I took a little pain med beforehand. Don’t take my recommendation; I’m just saying what I did, ok. So if you can take a pain medication before to calm you down, that ain’t half bad. But I would talk to your esthetician. Because she’ll give you the right information. Don’t trust me; this b*tch over here. And a nerve block is pretty damn helpful, I’m not going to lie. So if you can get a nerve block too. {laughs}

Ok, here’s the thing. I did a numbing, nerve block, pain medication, and it still hurt like a motherf*cking b*tch. But, you guys, if I would recommend any one face treatment, it would be Profractional. It’s the best treatment ever. It is, seriously, outstanding. This is the second time I’ve done it, and the lines; like my smile lines around my mouth. Those fine lines have almost completely gone away. Oh my god, it is crazy. Nobody else would notice this, probably, except for me. Because I stare at myself, like in photos when I have to edit them. But the fine lines around my mouth have gotten so much smaller. It is f*cking crazy. It’s the best.

I’m going to do a blog post in January about the treatment and all the details. Just because the Profractional, as months go on, the results get better and better. It’s not just like; oh I’m refreshed, I’m brand new. They continue to get better. So I’m going to see how it goes through the month of December, and then do a post about it soon. Yeah, Profractional is where it’s at, you guys. I f*cking love that treatment. The worst thing ever, but the best thing ever. Don’t be scared to do it; do it.

3. Listener questions: Food [36:00]

Ok, Meredith Lyn. “I know you mentioned that eggs make you break out; are you still avoiding eating eggs?” By the way you guys, I’ve turned to the food section. We’re on the food now. Ok? We’ve moved onto food.

Ok, sorry Meredith, I interrupted you. “Are you still avoiding eating eggs? If so, do you have any tips for healthier breakfast options when eating out? I’m allergic to eggs and I find that when I go out, all the healthy breakfast options tend to include eggs. So I’m at a loss.”

So, I am still avoiding eggs. Once in a while; if I haven’t had eggs in a while and I go out to breakfast, and there’s no other options, then I’ll get eggs. But I also will get stuff with that. So the other day I went out to breakfast and had; it was eggs, breakfast sausage, potatoes. So I ate all the breakfast sausage and potatoes first. And if I was still a little hungry after that, then I ate a few bites of the eggs. But I didn’t end up finishing them, because I was full.

So a lot of times at breakfast places you can get sides. So you can get a side of potatoes, a side of fruit, a side of sausage, and that’s what I’ll do sometimes when I’m out to breakfast. Or a lot of places have steak and eggs, and I just ask them to hold the eggs. So I find it easier as I go, but you can always just order sides. Or ask them to get the eggs and sausage or whatever without the eggs. People will think it’s a little weird, but it’s fine. I haven’t had too much trouble with it; only once in a while.

Susan Jessup. “What are your favorite high protein foods? I’m trying to increase the protein intake, and I’d love some ideas beyond eggs and the typical beef, poultry, and fish. Thanks.”

Ok, girlfriend. Here’s the thing. Where I get my protein is meat. It’s all meat. That’s where I get my protein. I don’t turn to almonds and say that have protein in them. Or cheese has protein in it. I just don’t see those; I see almonds as fat and I see cheese as carbs. I think of protein; I think of beef, I think of chicken, I think of pork. And so that’s how I get my protein in.

I think of breakfast sausage. I have been loving my Butcher Box breakfast sausage. I just started adding it to my box. And I’ve told you guys about Butcher Box. Oh, and guess what? They are this week’s sponsor. How sweet is that? So if you want to support the podcast, you can actually support Butcher Box. And that’s how you can do it.

So I have been adding onto my normal monthly box with Butcher Box. I’ve been adding on breakfast sausage and burger patties just so I always have something easy. Their breakfast sausage; the only ingredients are like sage, salt, and water, I’m pretty sure. And it’s like the best breakfast sausage ever. I don’t know how they do it. Because most breakfast sausages have a ton, and they have sugar in them. Not theirs. It’s so simple, but it’s so good.

So if you haven’t heard me talk about Butcher Box, just a quick run down. The source the best quality grass-fed, grass finished, antibiotic and hormone free, pastured raised beef, chicken, and pork, and they deliver it straight to your doorstep. And they make it super easy. All you have to do is select your box. You can customize it to your liking. And then set up a schedule of how often you want to receive your Butcher Box. They offer free shipping to the contiguous 48 states. And each classic box is filled with 8-11 pounds of meat. But you can get bigger boxes than that. So they really let you customize it to your liking. And now they have the custom box, where you can pick exactly what you want in your order.

And if you want to try Butcher Box out, for new subscribers they have a special deal going on right now. All you have to do is go to and you’ll get $10 off your first order, plus 2 free grass-fed grass finished filet mignons. Have you guys had filet mignons? It is the best. And these are so tender, you can almost cut them with a fork. I swear they’re so good.

I have seriously loved Butcher Box. I’ve worked with them for, I don’t know, probably 8 months at this point. And they have been such a cool company. I had Mike, the creator, on the podcast in case you missed that one. And he talks about his company, so you can really better understand why better sourced meat is so important. So go check that one out. But if you want to support the podcast, go to and then try out your first order. Get $10 off your first box, and then two free grass-fed, grass finished filet mignons. That’s for you Susan; get more meat!

Ok, next one. I like this question. This is from Ally. “Hey. Love, love, love your blog and podcast.” Well, Ally; I f*cking love you, girlfriend. “I generally eat pretty well, but I think I go wrong with portions that are too large. That said; how do you handle hunger? Do you consciously stop yourself from eating because you think you’ve had enough? Or do you stop when you feel like you’ve had enough? I generally see myself as hopeless because I don’t know if I’ll ever succeed in stopping myself from eating a meal while I’m still hungry. Would love to hear your thoughts.”

I think that’s something most people struggle with, is portion size. So I always have a small plate. I use a salad plate, and that’s more so because it looks visually more appealing when you have this full looking plate for photos. That’s why I’ve always done that. My husband uses a huge plate; he thinks the small plate is stupid. Which is understandable.

But at this point, I’ve got a better gauge on how much of what I have on my plate I’ll need. What I mean by that is I know how much steak I’ll want. Or how much fish I’ll want. And I find that I’m able to understand my hunger cues when I’m not overdoing it in the starch department. Especially at dinner. I tend to have starches a little bit earlier in the day, and try not to overdo it at night, and get more green vegetables in.

And if I have, say, on my plate carrots, I have collard greens, and I have steak. I usually know how much steak I’ll need. I’ve just gotten better at it over the years. But I can throw on as much greens and carrot on my plate. And when I start eating, and I’m really hungry and start eating. But then I tend to slow down a little bit, and I might want to go in for another bite because it just tastes so good and I like eating. But I might have this; ugh, I’m not feeling it quite as much. That’s when I kind of know that I’m satisfied.

So it’s just that feeling of slowing down. I try to get my husband to slow down, because he eats really fast. So I slow down when I’m eating. I put my fork down multiple times. Hang out for a little bit. Chew my food. Drink some water. And that helps me just kind of regulate how satisfied I am.

So I always think of it as; I’m eating until I’m satisfied, not full. I hate the feeling where you feel like you can’t take a deep breath in because you’ve eaten so much. So I always try to stop before that. And where I’m just satisfied. So I don’t know if that totally helps, but that’s kind of how I gauge it. When I’m slowing down on food.

I find it’s much easier to overeat when I have starchy carbs. Like white potatoes or rice. I can overdo that a little bit quicker. If it’s just greens and more greens; like asparagus and arugula salad, I am going to slow down on that at a better pace than if it was a starchier carb and I’m kind of getting carb addicted. I hope that makes sense. Hopefully that answer your question, Ally. Because you’re the best!

Anna. “What’s your go-to meal when you’re feeling kind of bored with paleo and want to mix it up, but still keep it clean?”

Oh man. That’s hard. If I’m feeling kind of bored, I usually just buy something that I normally wouldn’t. Like, the other day I was feeling bored with everything, so I went to Whole Foods and I bought a Chilean sea bass. It’s expensive, and it’s not something I buy on a regular basis, ever. Once every 6 to 8 months probably. But it’s so easy to make, and it’s fatty, delicious fish. So I love that.

And then I’ll usually just do a different kind of vegetable that I haven’t done in a little while. That’s my easiest way of keeping it clean. Doing a vegetable that I haven’t had, and then switching up the meat. And I know that’s super boring, but if I’m getting kind of bored, I don’t want to make more recipes. I don’t want to turn to someone else’s book and make more recipes. I just don’t like doing that. So I just like to keep it simple and just buy food that tastes good on its own with minimal effort. {laughs} Minimal effort is where it’s at.

Ok, let’s see. “What’s your opinion…” Oh, this one’s good. Erin. “What’s your opinion on the anti-meat documentaries? There are lots of them, and they make meat sound like the number one cause of disease. I’m also paleo, and obviously eat my fair share of meat. I try to buy local, quality meat, but their opinions kind of freak me out sometimes. Can you share why you think meat is a healthy good option, and explain the reasons why you chose to be paleo?”

So, this is what I recommend you do. Because I don’t have the scientific knowledge or background to explain it. So I recommend you go to Robb Wolf. You can search on his website, on You can search What the Health, and he breaks down. Because that’s the number one documentary out there; like vegan documentary. And you have to remember that these people who made this film are hardcore f*cking vegans. Like, hardcore. Throw blood on people, type vegans. {laughs}

So, just read his little tidbit about the documentary. And he breaks down the facts. When they are giving you facts, he breaks down to what they actually mean. And he has a much better understanding of it. I don’t watch those documentaries, because I think it’s all bullsh*t. I know where my meat comes from. Luckily, thanks to Butcher Box. And I know that I’m getting the best quality sources of protein in my diet. And because I know where the meat is coming from, I know what’s going into my body.

I completely agree that if you’re eating sh*tty quality meat, that’s what you’re consuming. So you’re consuming this sh*tty quality product. But if you’re consuming high quality, where you know where you’re getting it from. You know where the animal has been and what kind of life it’s gone through and what it’s been fed. Then you’re not getting that same poison that can be going into so many of the animals that are regular common grocery stores.

So go check out Robb Wolf. He’ll give you some answers. It sounds like you just want some reassurance. And Robb Wolf is where it’s at. He is amazing, and will break it down. But stop watching those documentaries. Go watch documentaries about; I want to watch. I just listened to this podcast, Mouthing Off, with Olivia Caridi. Sorry if I’m saying that wrong. And she had a porn star on there. Highly interesting. And they talk about some documentary that’s about women going into porn. Watch that kind of documentary. That’s interesting, girl!

Ok, Jenna. “Are you restrictive with your food? Is there anything that makes you feel sluggish, food wise?”

I don’t think of myself as restrictive with food. I just don’t eat some of the sh*tty food out there. So I don’t eat gluten. And I don’t eat packaged crap. And I don’t drink pop. So all those things would make me feel sluggish, and that’s why I don’t eat them. And I don’t eat almond butter because that makes me feel sick and it makes my skin break out. So there’s definitely some foods that I don’t eat. But I don’t miss them, either.

Jenna, “If you could only bake one paleo good for the rest of your life, which would you pick?”

I’m going to go with my double chocolate soft and chewy cookies, because they’re so delicious. And they’re great any day of the week, ok. Double chocolate soft and chewy cookies. Plug!

Sprouty. I like your name. {laughs} “I would absolutely love it if you talked about how eating more carbs allowed you to get the body that you have now. Carbs are one of my fear foods, and I would love to hear you talk about good things they did for you, talking about starches more so than veggies, since I get plenty of those. I’ve followed for a while, and was waiting for another listener question episode.” Why do I suck at reading so bad? Ugh, I’m the worst.

Ok. So, I was very restrictive with carbs before, and my body was craving them and I would just not eat them. Or I ate a lot of sweet potatoes at one point when I was competing, and sweet potatoes made me feel really bloated and sick. So I don’t really eat sweet potatoes very often anymore.

So when I had my f*ck it moment after competing, and I was like; I continue to gain weight and all I’ve done is restrict my diet, I’m going to eat what I want. And my body was telling me it wanted carbs. So I added a little bit more rice into my diet, and white potatoes. And those are the main starches. And I started adding those in whenever I wanted them. And that doesn’t mean I had them every day. And I still don’t have them every day. It was just when my body was craving it. And if I had, maybe a longer, more intense workout, I would have a little bit more carbs than I usually would because my body would be craving them more.

But I just try not to over do it. Like I kind of said a couple of questions ago; I don’t want to get to that point where I’m feeling overly full, and that’s how I know I’ve overdone it with those starchier carbohydrates. So when I started adding in carbohydrates, my body actually lost weight. And I know that’s against everything that everyone else says, but that’s really what happened.

But it was all kinds of things mixed into that. Like working out less, and not sending my body into adrenal fatigue, and reducing my cortisol and not worrying and stressing all the time. So I think all those things played in there. But I just try not to overdo it, and I just don’t overdo it at every meal. I don’t have these starchier carbohydrates at every meal, either.

Colleen. Let’s see; “I’ve heard you say that you like to eat carbs on your podcast before, when you were explaining why you’re not a huge fan of keto. Can you share which ones you eat and how often you include them in your diet?”

Dammit. I feel like I was doing pretty good without yawns. But I’m sinking down more into the bed. More and more. I haven’t even taken my fake eyelashes off yet. Oh, they’re wanting to come off. Ok, I’ll peel it off. F*ck it.

Ok, so I obviously kind of just said that. But I do like white rice; brown rice makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me bloated. And I like white potatoes; sweet potatoes kind of make me bloated. I love butternut squash, any other squashes like pumpkin or delicata squash. Those are the main ones I have. But white potatoes and rice I like to have whenever. I don’t make white rice at home, but whenever I’m at Chipotle I always get white rice. And yeah, those are the ones I like the most.

This is from Gavin. “How is your husband’s food diagnosis coming? What is he allergic to? Updates please?!”

Oh my gosh, my poor husband. I think he gets annoyed that I talk about him on the podcast. So I asked him if he would come on my podcast, and he was like; why would I come on the podcast? I’m like, I don’t know. A couple of people asked if I would have you on. And he’s like, I don’t know what I would talk about. I think that’s stupid. He was so not into it. Ugh, come on, bruh! Support me. {laughs}

Jokes on him. Still going to talk about him. So my husband has been feeling sick for quite a while now. And he went in and did the Dunwoody blood test. D-U-N-woody. Like a boner. So he did the blood test. And it gives you this big breakdown of everything you’re allergic to. And it gives you like, within 24 hours of ingesting something, up to 72 hours. So he’s allergic to pretty much everything he was eating on a regular basis. So pork, chicken, oranges, grapes; it’s like, everything. Black pepper.

So his diet has been very restrictive. And pretty much what this is saying is he has, from what I understand, is he has leaky gut and we really just need to heal his gut. So we’ve cut out all alcohol. We’ve cut out all those foods. He’s been really restrictive with his diet. And he’s had some days where he feels really good and then other days he is back to not feeling great.

Thanksgiving was one of those days; he’s not supposed to have dairy, and everything that our friend made had dairy in it. So he wasn’t feeling great after that. And when he traveled to Vegas for work; he didn’t drink there. I can’t believe that. And then; I mean think about everything. When you’re going to a buffet, it has fruit. He’s allowed to have fruit, but it’s usually melon and cantaloupe, and he’s not supposed to have those. He’s not supposed to have pork and that’s all the usual breakfast sausage or bacon. That’s all that’s there. So that was challenging for him. And he was not feeling great after that.

So we’re just trying to heal his gut. Get lots of bone broth in, and see how it goes. But it’s going to probably be a longer road than he wants it to be. Because leaky gut is real.

Ok this next question. “How do you handle events where food isn’t paleo? Like company events, friend’s parties or holidays. Totally walking into a non-paleo Thanksgiving. Do you not eat? Eat anyway? Bring your own cooler?”

So, it depends on the event. Say you have a holiday party, and you know it’s going to be sh*tty food, I usually will eat beforehand. Or I’ll eat things there that I know aren’t going to make me super sick. So, I was just; I’ve got to pull myself. The bed keeps pulling me in guys, {laughs} it keeps pulling me in!

So I was at a Thanksgiving party, and we were eating Thanksgiving dinner. And I don’t usually eat dips or a ton of chips. I had plenty of that; because I knew that wasn’t going to make me sick. Having a cheesy dip, that’s not going to make me feel sick to my stomach.

And then I stayed away from any of the foods that would make me feel too uncomfortable. Like stuffing. And I stuck with things that I knew my body could handle a little better. Of course, I was feeling overly full because everything was made with cream and butter, so it was super heavy. But I wasn’t feeling painfully sick.

So I think as you get better with paleo, you can manage those situations a little bit better and understand what foods affect you and how and what you can eat. But then if there are small holiday parties, or just little events, I usually eat beforehand so I don’t find myself snacking. I’ll get a drink to sip on, so I don’t want to go in for all the cookies or whatever else. That’s kind of how I juggle those sitches.

OK, this is from Haven Amy. “How do you practice moderation so well when you receive so many delicious samples? AKA, bags of Siete chips, or bags of dried fruit, or Eating Evolved chocolate. Do you use soap on more than you’re baking?”

So what she means by that is I totally put soap on baked goods. If something; if a dessert fails, I have to put it in the trash because it failed. And then I have to put soap on it so I don’t go back into it. I have to hide things; bury them in the trash.

So the Siete chips is the hardest. Because when they send me stuff; I have a hard time stopping with Siete chips. So if I see myself gaining weight. Because my body gains weight every day, changes up and down. Then I know I need to cut myself off. I think with the dried fruit or chocolate, I’ve just gotten better at it that I just don’t crave it as much. But I’ll also share it with friends, or put stuff in the freezer for when I want it later.

But I’ve just gotten better at it. I feel like when I told myself I couldn’t have something; like, say I was like, “I can’t have sugar.” Then; oh my gosh, all the lights turned out. I think the power just went out here. Cool.

So, when I told myself I couldn’t have something, then I wanted it so much more. But now that I know I can have sugar whenever I want it, then I’ll have that whenever I want it. Instead of it sitting there calling my name and wanting it so much more. So I think that’s how I’ve been able to practice moderation; knowing I can have it at any point if I want it, but do I really want it at this point? Does that make sense? But I definitely have to soap stuff sometimes. For sure.

I’m listening to the hallway, because our power just went out. It’s so spooky. It’s so spooky! They can probably hear me talk to myself.

OK. This is Selina; “How do you find success in not overindulging while eating out? Do you have personal goals that you tend to follow to ensure you don’t overeat, such as not eating everything on the plate? Only eat three bites of dessert? I’ve followed you for several years, and have also learned to listen to my body. However, sometimes I fall into overindulge mode while being out and find that I overeat at times. I love your photos of your before meals. Would you consider periodically posting pictures of your after meals while eating out.”

{laughs} No. I will not be doing that. {laughing} So I think it’s definitely hard when you eat out. Because the food, when you eat out, is so much heavier. Maybe it’s cooked in a lot of fat, butter. It has cream in it; so it’s just easy to overindulge in those things. Especially if you don’t have them on a regular basis. So I just, for me, I try. I don’t usually order dessert very often, unless say I’m traveling; right now, I’m promoting Boulder. So I want to make sure I try multiple things. But I just make sure; say I’m having dessert. And I know if I eat much more of something on my plate I’m going to get overly full. I just put my fork down, and I move the plate.

I have literally; I’m not joking about this. If I’m done but I still want to eat it but I’m full, I’ll put either a towel on top, and I’ve even poured some of my drink on my food to stop me from eating it. Because I just know when I’m full and I need to cut myself off. But that’s my main thing; just knowing when I’m full and I’m satisfied and I don’t want to be overly full and stopping myself then. That’s how I kind of gauge it. Is; “Ok, I don’t want to be uncomfortably full. Time to stop.”

But ordering the right things is what’s very helpful for that. So today going to a restaurant and I have a beet salad, and then I have greens on this plate, and carrots, and a protein, and then trying not to overindulge in the starches. That is what makes me feel satisfied, and I still get a ton of food in, and I’m not feeling overly full. So hopefully that answers your question.

4. Listener questions: Miscellaneous [1:04:01]

Ok. This is Rosie. Let’s see; “Over the years you have grown and changed, but your blog, social media posts have transformed with you. So cool to watch. With that, it looks like you’re fancying up your how-to videos with awesome videos these days. Is this a new lane you’re exploring for content creation? I love it. In addition, what are your goals you have for PaleOMG in 2018?”

So, yes, I just started working with a company that does cooking videos. So they hire a team to come to your house and film these cooking videos. And it’s been awesome. I’ve only done 6 videos. I’m putting those on the blog every Tuesday. I did 6 old recipes first, just to get a hang of these cooking videos. And I love it. I think it’s just a great way to engage people in a different way. I haven’t had much feedback on it, but hopefully people like them.

I think it’s just another way to share with the world what you’re putting out there, and people to connect with you. Because they see you talking instead of just seeing a picture of you and hearing your voice sometimes on Instagram stories. I think it’s just a great avenue to engage people more. So hopefully I can just continue to do those. I’m trying to do one video a week, and then maybe I’ll get to increase that to even more.

But I have no idea for 2018 goals. Zero. I haven’t even thought about 2018. I have so much to do in December, that I kind of forgot 2018 is right around the corner. I totally forgot. So I’ll have to get back on you… Get back on you, what? I’m going to have to get back to you. But thank you for informing me that I need to set more goals in my life. I appreciate it. And more cooking videos. I know that much.

Damn, I really need to think that over.

Ok, Melissa says, “What do you order when you go to Starbucks or a local coffee shop? I know you use stevia in your coffee, but what are your thoughts on Truvia?”

So if I go to Starbucks, I usually get an iced coffee. And I’ll ask for a side of heavy cream, because that’s what I use in my own coffee at home, and then I can add my own cream. When they add cream, I just find they add way too much cream. So I just ask for a small cup on the side and I add it myself.

If I’m going to a local coffee shop, and they have almond milk. And most places in; oh, the power just came on, guys. We are back in business. I’m not sitting in pitch black anymore! {laughs}

So if I’m at a local coffee shop and they have almond milk; which most coffee shops in Denver do. I will sometimes get an almond milk latte. And that’s about it. Sometimes I add; if they have raw sugar, I’ll add that. If I’m in a sugary mood. If not then I just don’t. I like iced coffee and cream by itself without the sugar.

Oh, and I know nothing about Truvia. So I can’t tell you. I’m sure; people talk bad about stevia, so I’m sure they talk bad about Truvia, too. But I know nothing about it.

I had a couple of questions about this. I had two people who asked this question. They ask, “What does your husband do for work? Just curious because you say he works all the time.” And you know what? I’m not sharing that information. {laughing} But I thought I would talk about it because two people asked that question. But yeah, he’s the general manager of a company. He’s the best.

Ok, Kimberly. “Holiday traditions with you and your hubby. Would love to see a picture of the two of you.”

{laughs} No, silly! Only his back. Only the back of his head.

So, ok. Here’s the thing. I’m not a big holiday person. And I really want to be. But the holidays have become pretty negative in my mind over the years. So first of all, let’s first talk Thanksgiving. This is what I think about Thanksgiving. My mom used to have this guy over all the time, or we would go to his house for Thanksgiving. She worked with him. I’m pretty sure my parents met at his work a long time ago. She was friends with him for years.

When he would come to our house, and I would be playing in my room by myself, he would always come in and play with me. And then he would always give me these really long hugs. And he would always make time to hang out with just me. So I get to about 11 or 12, and we’re over at his house for Thanksgiving, and I have a coke or something. And he’s like, “Do you want something to make that drink more fun?” I was like, ok. And he put so much rum in my drink, and I had not drank alcohol at that point because I was f*cking 11 or 12. And I took a sip of it, and I’m like; what the f*ck?

At that point, I was like. Ok, this guy is f*cking creepy. I’m 11 or 12 years old, and I know I’m feeling uncomfortable, and this isn’t ok. So I think I didn’t get the balls to say it to my mom until I was probably 14 or 15 and I’m like, “I’m not going to that dude’s house anymore. He creeps me the f*ck out. He’s absolutely a child molester, or just… I don’t know. He’s gross. Not into it.”

So that’s what I think about, on Thanksgiving we used to go to a child molester’s house. That’s the memory I have tied to Thanksgiving. So it’s hard to break out of that mode.

And then most of my Christmases, as I was entering into any teenage years and older, were me and my mom fighting. {laughs} So I don’t have this amazing holiday viewpoint, because it was just fighting all the time.

So it’s hard to find the holidays joyful like some of my friends do, and my husband does. Because I don’t have as many memories tied to those joyful things. I told him; I’m like, I need to find new memories of things we can do. To me, I don’t want to receive presents. I don’t think; I mean, I’m sure other people in our family would want to receive presents. But I don’t want to receive presents. I don’t want to do the normal Christmas gifting stuff. I would rather donate money, give back, have those people who could buy us gifts donate that money. That’s what I would prefer to do. And create new memories around that.

So we’re really trying to find new ways to celebrate the holidays. I personally really want to spend our holidays in a new, a different country. Like go to the Bahamas. Go to French Polynesia. I don’t know; anywhere. That’s the holiday tradition I’m trying to push. But my husband is not as into that. He’s more of a traditionalist. But I’ll break him. Who doesn’t want to be in f*cking Mexico on Christmas? Well, many people. But I want to be on the beach, drinking a margarita, eating some chips and guac, ok? That sounds like a great holiday to me.

So I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have no holiday traditions yet. We’ve got to think of some.

Meg Bug. “Are you going to try out for any other cooking competition type shows? I think you’d be so great on Next Food Network Star or something like that.”

And, no. So I interviewed for Food Network Star and I never heard back anything. I was super stressed out about it, and then when I didn’t get a call back, I’m like; f*ck yeah. That sounds awful. As I watch these shows more often, how stressful they look. And then it’s like; you just get humiliated on national television. I’m cool. I’ll just humiliate myself on my own terms, not on a producer’s terms. You know? So no. No plans for that.

Lisa. “Do you shop small boutiques anymore, or do you avoid shopping at places that you can’t promote?”

So clothing, I don’t shop at a ton of smaller boutiques anymore for clothing. Once in a while, if I find a piece I really like, I really like going in those stores and seeing what they have. One of my favorite boutiques in town, Inspire Boutique in Denver, I honestly go in there just for the candles alone. They have the best smelling candles in there. But I shop more at places that I can promote because whenever I’m wearing something, if I don’t promote it, I’ll always get a message. “Where is that from?” And so I want to have links for places. And obviously not all boutiques have online places.

So yeah, I like to shop smaller for the little knick knack stuff, that kind of thing. But I don’t shop quite as often as I did small boutiques years ago before I started doing the fashion piece on the blog. It sucks when you tell someone you just got it at a local spot, and they can’t get their hands on it, you know?

This next question. “I just got a puppy, and man is she a lot of work. I’d love to hear your thoughts about raising Jackson. Your method of training, and how you managed to get everything done when he was a pup?”

Oh my gosh. Having a puppy is the worst. It’s the best, it’s literally the best. But it’s the worst. They’re just so naughty.

Ok, so we had literally no training. {laughs} Like, no method of training. We were in an apartment at the time, so potty training was hard because we’d have to go to our door, then go down the hall to another door, then go downstairs. And he just couldn’t get it. So he would pee all the time inside. Thank god it wasn’t our house. Sorry to the guy out there we stayed at; I apologize.

We finally got a pee pad and put it out on our balcony. And he took to it right away. I’m like; f*ck, why didn’t we do this from the beginning? I could have saved half of our couch that we had to throw in the trash because he pissed all over it.

So it’s super hard. But you just figure it out. You figure out what works for your dog and you. And he’s a pretty good dog. He has a hard time listening when other dogs are around. And when food is around, he likes to attack other dogs. So we’re not great with the training section. Ok? But he can be off a leash pretty well. Unless another dog comes around. He’ll just hang out in our yard. And sometimes he’s gotten out, and we don’t know where he is; and he’s just hanging out in our yard. So you’ll figure it out. You will. You can always take puppy classes, but we didn’t do that because we were too lazy. So I’m the worst at explaining anything.

Ok, this one is from Leash. “I know you talked about trolls before, and why you don’t post about your husband. Has anyone stalked your life to find him and then trolled him too? You said you would f*cking cut someone if they said anything about him, and I can relate to that.”

{laughs} So I have no idea if someone has stalked our life. I get a couple of comments, people messaging me to let me know that they can see stuff on my Facebook. I don’t know how to f*cking change my Facebook. I don’t even want a Facebook. Honestly; if I could delete my Facebook right now, I would. But I need my business page. It’s like, important or something. I don’t know; people are creepy so I’m sure that has happened. But I haven’t had people stalk me in real life. {laughs} Or my husband.

Darcy. “Was there something specific that made you decide to become a food blogger? Also, did you always see yourself going down this career path?”

Absolutely not. {laughs} I never saw myself becoming a food blogger, because when I started blogging, blogging was fairly new. And it hadn’t exploded to what it is now. So, I thought I would be a personal trainer. I thought that was going to be my career path. Owning a gym, or working in corporate wellness. And that’s what I did after college, was working on corporate wellness before I started coaching CrossFit. And then I thought I might own a CrossFit gym. And yeah, so I never saw myself going down this career path.

My main thing was it was what I loved doing the most. And what I put so much time into. So as I started to see it grow, I’m like; if I triple my time into it, what could it really grow into? And that’s when I started going full time.

Ok. This one. I don’t know this name. Learn 111. “Your clothes are awesome!” Thanks, you’re the best! “Where do you look for inspiration? How much time do you allocate to fashion each week? Other question: I cut out drinking alcohol, and feel great. But boy, does it make other people feel uncomfortable. Why do people care so much? Do you ever get sick of explaining that you aren’t pregnant, but aren’t drinking?”

So, number one question; I don’t know where I get my inspiration from. I follow a ton of different fashion bloggers, but I think I just pick out stuff that I like at the end of the day, and what I think is cute and colors that I like to go together and that’s kind of how I do it. And I allocate a lot of time to fashion each week. It’s finding the outfits, it’s getting all the outfits packed in my car, taking the photos, editing the photos. Getting the links prepared for the posts and the Instagram posts. So it’s many, many hours per week allocated to fashion, for sure.

About drinking; it definitely makes other people feel uncomfortable, because they are either insecure, and they feel like you’re judging them for drinking. That can usually be the case. I see it all the time, especially with people from my gym. They’ll ask; they’ll be like, “Why don’t you drink that much?” I’m like, well it makes me feel fat. And they’ll instantly be like, “Oh, I want to be fat. I don’t care.” I’m like; it had nothing to do with you. But I’m just explaining why I don’t because you asked me. And they always turn it back to them. So it’s just their own insecurity.

And yes, I get sick of people asking why I’m not drinking. Which is why I don’t go out a ton. I don’t go to a ton of friend functions, because I don’t want to say why I’m not drinking or be pushed by those people who feel uncomfortable with me not drinking. Not all friends are like that, but there’s definitely those few. And so I just don’t go to those parties as much. I have to be in the right mood to be able to do that.

Ok, just a handful. Just five more questions. Cassy, “I have really bad fatigue and anxiety. All blood tests have come back normal, which makes me believe it’s stress and anxiety. Hoping to use nutrition to improve my symptoms. Any suggestions, advice, or experiencing managing anxiety with nutrition? I eat fairly clean, but I do eat gluten and basically anything and everything in moderation.”

Ok, so absolutely nutrition can definitely help with those things. Why not try taking those things out? So if you’re wondering if paleo would help with that; why not take out gluten and those foods that aren’t part of the paleo diet? Why not take them out and try that for 30 days? If you eat fairly clean, it shouldn’t be a huge transition for you. So why not try that? Because I know that can absolutely help with stress and anxiety.

I was dealing with some depression before going paleo, and that completely went away. So definitely check that out. But make sure you’re thinking about this anxiety in other ways than just food, too. Whether that means that you need to meditate, or need to be working out. Whatever your way of getting stress, dealing with anxiety is. Make sure you’re doing those things. If that means going on a walk with your family. Or your dog. Whatever it is; doing those things on a regular basis. Deep breathing.

Whenever I’m feeling stress and anxiety, I try to do deep breathing for 10 minutes or so. Just regulating that a little bit more. But yeah, if you eat fairly clean, why not try paleo for 30 days. See how you feel. See what changes. And then make sure you’re doing those other things that deal with stress and anxiety as well.

Lindsey Katherine; “Hey girl! Will you ever do a retreat/meetup somewhere tropical, or even anywhere at all? I bet so many people would be interested.”

Lindsey Katherine, I have done that before. I worked with Under 30 experiences, and I did a trip to Costa Rica, and it was great. And I loved Costa Rica so much I took my husband back there. So yes, I definitely have done that in the past. And I planned to. And I’ve been in talks with them about doing one in the future. So yeah, you’ll have to stay tuned on the blog for that. I don’t know if it will be tropical, but it will be somewhere fun. So hopefully that trip does come to fruition. But yeah, who knows. That would be rad. But I have done it before.

Kirsten. “How do you figure out the tech part of your website? Was it easy to learn, or have you had luck with a hosting site?”

I 100% do not think it’s easy to learn, and so I hire people to do that. I got lucky finding a great host that I’ve loved, but then I work with a developer and he developed the whole website. And any issues that I have, I can turn to him. And he is there all the time. He’s f*cking awesome.

And I got lucky through another friend. I asked who she went through for her website, and that’s how I found him. But I can’t figure it out on my own, I don’t have the time, and I don’t have the willpower. No.

Mel. “Did you ever think about taking a regular corporate job? Why or why not?”

F*ck yeah, in the beginning. And I was in corporate wellness right after I graduated and thought I would be in that. But I was bored out of my mind. So yeah, I will never ever go back to a corporate job. I guess never say never. But I don’t know how I would. When you work for yourself, going back to corporate would be hella weird.

Ok, last but not least. The Top Knot Life. That is the best Instagram handle. The Top Knot Life. “This has probably already been asked, but when you visit cities you have posted, are they sponsored? Do cities contact you and ask you to visit and review? I love the posts and find them…” God. I hate myself. I need to go to bed. It’s 9 p.m. “I love the post, and find them very interesting. Just curious how it comes about.”

So I met this girl while I was on book tour, and she used to work for the visitor bureau of Phoenix. And she started talking about how different cities will host bloggers, or just people in media. And kind of set up trips for them to showcase the city. So she started helping me set up these trips.

So, she’ll contact; like I did one in Santa Ynez. So she knew the people at Santa Ynez, she contacted them, talked about what I do on my blog and what I’d be interested in talking about. And I’m interested in outdoor activities, fitness, food, gluten free, paleo, farm to table, local ingredients. So that’s what the visitor bureau will kind of set up a trip around that. And places that they want to showcase and promote for their city. So I’ll do a blog post about that.

So those meals are comped, and my stay is usually comped. But it’s not a paid post, I just do that post for free. So yeah, that’s kind of how those come about. And I’m sure there’s so many different ways people have gone about doing those types of trips. But yeah, that’s how I’ve done it. And it’s been super fun.

So yeah. I’ve also had a hotel contact me, but I know a lot of friends who are in the blogging industry who they contact those places themselves, or they’ll be contacted. So it’s kind of all over the place. So yeah, that’s how I do it.

So thank you guys for writing in. I’m sorry if I missed any of your questions. It’s just an hour and 30 minutes in, and I must go to bed. I sound sick, I don’t know why. But thank you guys so much for leaving questions. If I missed any and you’re like; “What the hell Juli, I hate your guts!” Please come to and you can leave your question there. I’d be happy to answer it.

And then make sure you go to Instagram, because I always ask for questions randomly. I was thinking about doing these listener questions episodes, since they seem to do so well, every two or so. So if you have any questions, feel free to write in next time I post one of these Instagram posts.

And don’t forget, if you want to support the podcast, you can go check out Butcher Box. That’s the sponsor this week. That’s and you’ll get $10 off your first order. And, 2 free filet mignons. I think they’re 6 ounces. Pretty bomb.

So thank you guys so much for listening in. You’re the best. Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe. And I will see you next time on another episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. Bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


15 thoughts on “Listener Questions – Episode 61: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Hi Juli! Thanks for answering my questions today on your podcast!

    I have a suggestion for a holiday tradition that I think would be traditional enough for your husband, and still have some travel for you. Every year my husband and I go on a “Christmas Trip.” We usually go within the first couple weeks in December, but you could take your trip on the actual holiday also if you wanted. We find a town or city we have been wanting to visit that has some festive holiday activities going on. We see a few sites, try the local restaurants – it doesn’t have to be anything crazy or overly cheesy. Since we started these trips several years ago, we have always brought back a few ornaments with us each time. Every year when we unpack our tree decorations, it’s really nice to see all of our Christmas ornaments we have collected over the years from these trips. But either way, I hope you find some traditions you love and enjoy the season!

  2. Hi!! Tomorrow I’ll be starting my 3rd month on accutane. Do you remember the cleanser and moisturizer you used when you were on it?? I’m using gentle super thick moisturizers but sometimes my face feels like it’s burning off. Can’t find one gentle enough! And any other pointers?!

    Thanks for entertaining me on walks with my pups! And i might be dropping in at CF Broadway again this week! Our gym is closing in a few weeks 🙁

  3. You mentioned on your podcast that you have not taken time off of working out since 2014 . . . what about after microblading? Everything I read says no sweating for ten days, which is going to kill me, but I do not want to mess them up. What did you do after microblading? I figure I will walk and yoga for ten days . . . AH! Thank you!

    1. i didn’t take that time off and i’m sure it screwed up the ink in some way, but i wouldn’t know any different and i’ve been happy with my results. i worked out before my appt that day then took the next day off.

      1. Thanks for the super-speedy response. I went back to your microblading post and saw someone else asked the same thing in the comments – sorry!

  4. Hi there! I enjoy your blog and podcast, and was really surprised by your answer to the “Health at Every Size” question. Unfortunately, the writer of the question fundamentally misunderstood HAES, and I wish you hadn’t relied on her characterization. We often take for granted that in order to “become healthy,” a fat person first needs to lose weight, and that a fat body is an indicator of bad food choices, laziness, and other sins to atone for through punishing workouts and restrictive diets. Society tells fat people their bodies are disgusting. HAES says you should take care of your body as it currently exists, rather than hating it until it’s thin enough to love. Some people who follow HAES will lose weight–if you get passionate about kickboxing and find that eating cleaner helps your progress, that could lead to weight loss. Others who follow HAES won’t lose weight–for a variety of reasons, including medications or illnesses that cause weight gain/retention, or simply because they choose to be more active but don’t feel the need to significantly change their diet or drinkng habits. Either way, isn’t it good for people to be actively pursuing health? Wouldn’t you prefer that more people take better care of their bodies, even if some of them don’t lose weight?

    I thought your answer to the next question would have been a good response to the HAES question, because you talked about getting away from people who had negative, unhealthy, and obsessive attitudes toward weight, eating, and exercise. Concern-trolling (as demonstrated by the writer of the HAES question) doesn’t help fat people, and actually leads to more unhealthy, obsessive, weight-focused, “when I’m thin enough” bullshit, instead of actually knowing and caring for the body you have, as HAES promotes.

    1. I knew I was going to get into trouble when i started answering that question. my intention was not to offend in any sort of way. and i am absolutely in no way putting anyone down for whatever size they may be. believe me, my weight changes daily and i have gone through many different stages so i completely understand what that feels like. in no way was i trying to put someone down for the weight they are at. i’m incredibly sorry if it felt that way.

  5. Am I the only one experiencing issues with your podcasts? I use podcast player for android and I only have issues with your podcasts. Sometimes it will play for about 5-10 mins but then stop and every time I try to play again it just says “error” and I can not play any of your podcasts 🙁

  6. Yes a podcast collab with Kaitlyn Bristow!! Also, listening to the MindPump podcast with you and it was a great episode

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