Listener Questions – Episode 64: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Answering your fun questions on the podcast today!! Thank you to everyone who wrote in on instagram and left a fun question to answer! If I missed yours, feel free to come over to and I’ll be sure to answer it there!


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Episode 64 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. Listener Questions: Random questions [15:21]
2. Listener Questions: Food [45:33]
3. Listener Questions: Makeup and skincare [1:03:54]
4. Listener Questions: Fitness [1:10:55]

Juli Bauer: Well hey there. How’s it going? I missed you so much. I am sitting on my couch at the moment looking at our Christmas tree that is slowly dying. Thankfully, because I hate it. It’s really sad for me to say that. Because while I was gone in Mexico, I went to Tulum for my best friend’s 30th birthday vacation. And I came home last week, on Tuesday, and my husband had already left out of town on Monday. So I came home; he was out of town. And I came home to the house decorated. Because we were both out of town every day. And he decorated the house. He pulled the Christmas decorations out. He got a tree. He decorated the tree. It was so cute.

So I get home at night. I have to leave the next day. And then I’m gone for three days. I come back, and the Christmas tree is on the floor. She fell over. So luckily my sister-in-law was here, so she helps me put the tree back up. She peaces out. An hour later, I’m lying on the couch; the tree falls over again. So I after I cleaned this up twice, I was completely over it. Especially because my husband was still out of town and I had to clean it up.

I told him this whole real Christmas tree life is over. We’re getting a fake Christmas tree. Then this fake Christmas tree can already be lit up, already look beautiful, and we don’t have to worry about watering it. We don’t have to worry about it shedding on the floor. We don’t have to worry about throwing it out the day after Christmas. Maybe the day of Christmas; let’s clean up early here. We don’t have to worry about it. That’s what I want. And I think he’s into it now. I think I’ve talked him into it. Because, I’m looking at the floor right now. And there’s sh*t everywhere. There’s sh*t everywhere. I’m just so not into it.

Speaking of not being into things; let’s talk about Mexico. Because Mexico was a complete disaster. Sad to say it. So my girlfriend, who it was her 30th birthday. She found a house in Tulum. It looked like a super cute house. And I didn’t know anything about Tulum before I went there, other than what people told me of restaurant recommendations.

So we get to our place, not in the greatest area. Which I don’t care, but if I want to be on a beach vacation, I want to be right on the beach. That’s just personally me. So we’re not in the greatest location. But the place is really cute. We’re down for whatever. There are 6 people on this trip, and we have a kitchen, and we have an outdoor rooftop patio, and whatever we can cook our own meals.

So day two into being at this apartment, not only; in Mexico, dogs are running free everywhere. And there’s sh*t in the streets all over, so you have to watch where you’re walking constantly. But then we get into our apartment on day two, and it reeks like sh*t. Like sewer line is just filling into our apartment. It wasn’t, but that’s what it smelled like. Portapotty central. We couldn’t figure out why it smelled so bad! So not only were we now stepping in sh*t, but then our apartment smells like sh*t. Whatever, you don’t really hang out in your place that often anyway.

So we’re having a great time. We go to kind of near the ruins, and go to a beach club on the first real day. And I had shrimp ceviche, because I live in a land locked state. So I don’t do seafood that often. So you think you’re by the beach, sh*t is safe because you have your feet in the and. You think it would be safe to eat the seafood. And I was incredibly wrong.

So the next day, we go to; I don’t even know how to pronounce it. It’s like X-E-L-H-A. I don’t know, something. It’s like this huge water park arena that’s in the ocean. I don’t know; really cool. Really pretty. And it’s like all you can eat and drink. So you know the food is going to be sketchy. And my stomach starts to hurt when we’re here. But I can still eat. I can still drink; but I’m not drinking alcohol at this point, because I’m like; I feel weird. I don’t know what’s going on.

And then, still feeling kind of weird, but we go to get curry. We go to the Thai place. Which was f*cking awesome, and I wish I could have gone during the day, because it’s like you walk out onto the beach. And the Thai food was fantastic. It was at the Mezzanine hotel. But I go to sleep; I wake up the next morning, at probably 4 in the morning, and I have truly the worst stomach pains I’ve ever had in my life. And I’m allergic to gluten, and I grew up in and out of the hospital because I had such bad stomach aches, stomach issues, digestive issues. And this was far worse than any other pain I’ve felt. It felt like someone was taking a serrated knife, sticking it into my belly button, and just waving it back and forth.

And it was like; I always talk to my girlfriends who have had babies, and they were finally like; f*ck, give me the drugs. Because this sucks so bad. And that’s what it felt like. Because they talk about their contractions; they’re like a minute apart. And so as soon as the contraction starts to kind of go down a little bit and you’re about to get a breath in, the pain starts up again. And so they finally say, f*ck it give me the epidural. That’s what these pains were like.

I was on all fours, just yelling f*ck. Just screaming. I was in such pain. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’m crying because I’m like; ok, I’m just going to have to go to the hospital. I’m in so much physical pain.

So that whole day; all the things that go along with having food poisoning, they occur. I don’t need to get into detail here; use your lovely imagination. And finally there’s nothing left in my body. I can’t drink water. Because, of course in Mexico, you’re not supposed to drink the water. So you have bottled water, and I’m scared that the bottled water is f*cked up too. I’m like; what is happening?!

So finally, I take a taxi and meet my friends who are at the beach in Tulum. The cute part of Tulum, where you want to be in, where it has the cute hotels and boutiques and restaurants and beach clubs and what I picture as a Mexico vacation. So I make it there. I lie there for a good hour; can’t do anything. And then they’re about to go walk around town, and I’m like; I’m going back home to go to bed. I went to bed at like 6 p.m., woke up the next morning at 6 a.m. so I slept for like 12 hours.

I think at that point; I forget the days, but at that point it’s time to go home. I’m still in pain. But I have no nutrients in my body, so nothing’s happening. And I still just get these sharp pains. So we had a shuttle back to the airport at like noon, and our flight was at 5. We get there super early, and two of the guys we were with are like; oh, maybe we should try to get on an earlier flight. So he goes up there, and he’s like an A-list member of Southwest, and they’re like; it’s going to be $205. And he was like, I’m cool, I’m not paying that. And I’m like, I will. I will pay whatever.

I’m like, I don’t want to eat at this airport, spend extra money on food that might make me sick. I can’t even listen to Spanish music because it makes me sick to my stomach at this point. When I got home, I had to turn the radio off because Despacito was playing, and I’m like; that’s making me sick to my stomach.

So I go up, and I’m like; get me on this plane. I’ll pay whatever. And he’s like it’s, it’s going to be $275 for you. I’m like, I don’t care, here’s my credit card. Get me on this goddamn plane. Because it was boarding. It was like 45 minutes; I guess it was 30 minutes then. 30 minutes, they’re starting to board. I say whatever, I’ll pay whatever. So he starts running my credit card, and it’s not working. And he’s like; hold on. And he’s making all these calls. And nothing’s happening. And I’m like; dammit. Am I just standing here for nothing, I could be sitting down somewhere taking a nap? He finally was like, I can’t get the credit card machine to work, so I’m just going to let you on the flight. And he just lets me on. And I was so happy.

So I got home at 5 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. So happy. I got a pizza, because it was the only thing that sounded good. Gluten free pizza. I was able to hang out with my dog. And then I was so happy to be home earlier; like 3 hours earlier. Because my husband’s uncle recently passed away. I got home on Tuesday, and his funeral was Thursday in Nebraska. So I woke up the next morning and had to drive to Nebraska with my sister-in-law and meet my husband out there, because he was out of town. So we had a funeral to go to, and then I drove back on Friday.

So last week was absolutely bananas. So crazy. It was not many workouts. Lots of sitting. Lots of crying. Lots of feeling sick. It was a weird week. It was really weird. But it was great to see Brian’s family; because he has a really big, close family. His uncle has 9 kids, they have kids. Picture home alone with all their kids; that’s what their life is like. But now in adult form. So it was fun to hang out with everybody and see my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law. And that was nice.

And then this week was off to a great start because I filmed more cooking videos. I filmed cooking videos about a month ago, and then just filmed some more this month. I have 6 new ones coming out, and I’m trying to keep up with more and more cooking videos. So let me know if you like those, and definitely check them out on my blog. I have under the food tab, I have a cooking videos tab so you can see exactly which ones are cooking videos. And some are me, and some are those overhead shots that we know so well on Instagram. So yeah. That’s what’s been going on here.

But something else that happened last week that was quite startling, because I’ve never had this happen. So, I’ve had this friend at the gym, and he always talks about this couple that he follows, this fitness couple. And this girl always gets dick pics. Guys always send her dick pics in the messages of Instagram. And he was like; that much happen to you all the time. And he’s talking about how the husband puts these guys on blast when his wife gets these dick pics. And I’m like, no. That doesn’t ever happen to me. I get dudes who write “hello” and that’s it. Or hi. It’s like foreign dudes, and that’s the only thing they know how to say. It’s like; what are you doing? And I just decline those messages right away.

But last week, I wake up. I always grab my phone. Gotta pee, go straight to the toilet. And what do I do? Of course I look at my phone. What else are you supposed to do on the toilet? And what is waiting for me? Usually it’s; so Instagram, when you open messages, it blocks the image for a second, and you have to tap on the image. So it blocks it, and I usually tap on it. And it’s like; Juli’s gingerbread banana bread. Or Juli’s cookies. Or Juli’s pizza spaghetti pie. No, you know what it is this time? A guy’s wiener! You guys. Seeing someone’s penis that you do not want to see is quite disturbing. And who does that?!

At first, I wanted to; because I went to his profile, and I wanted to screenshot his profile and put it on my Instagram stories, and be like, “Block this guy. He sends nudes.” And it’s sad, because this is a good-looking guy! I’m like, what are you doing? What are you doing! No words. Just a mere wiener selfie. Naked. So disturbing. If you are a person that thinks it’s ok to send dick pics, which there are probably 3 guys listening to this podcast. So you 3; don’t. Because wieners are disgusting. They’re not cute. They look like Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants. Nobody likes to see them. Maybe some do, but Juli Bauer Roth does not. No. Oh my god! It was so disturbing. Eww, I’m so grossed out. I’m grossed out thinking about it. Let’s start talking about questions.

This week is the listener questions episode. Which I’m sure you understood that by the title of this podcast. Sorry, I’ve got an itch on the nose. So I asked you guys on Instagram for your lovely questions. And you guys sent in some. There were about 130 questions, so I’m not getting to all of them. Some I’ve already answered in previous ones, or I have a podcast on that topic. So definitely look back at other podcast episodes. And feel free, if I don’t answer your question I apologize. You can always come to and ask a question there. I answer questions on my blog much quicker than Instagram. So please come over to my blog and send me a comment there, and I’d be happy to answer it.

1. Listener Questions: Random questions [15:21]

So I’m going to start off with some random questions. I have a makeup and skincare section. A food and fitness section. So these are kind of just random ones. Kind of all throughout. So let’s start off with Hmmm. Ham. It’s so easy to pronounce all these Instagram names. “Can you talk about your decision to have a maid?” She asks, or he asks. Whoever this is. “How often, and have you found it has a huge positive impact on your marriage. More time together, no cleaning resentment, etc.”

So, I am so happy I got a maid. I have her come every two weeks, and it has been awesome. Because, obviously, I work in the kitchen all day every day, and I do all the cleaning. All the cooking and all the cleaning. So having someone reclean that area, and deep clean it, is freaking awesome. And the number one thing; I don’t care about cleaning toilets. I don’t care about doing the floors, cleaning the kitchen. But I do not want to clean the shower. That is my number one pet peeve. I feel like it never gets clean. And then you’re stuck in this box of fumes. I hate it. So having a cleaning lady has been awesome.

And I definitely think it’s helped with our marriage with getting things clean and not feeling like I have to do it all, or asking him to do it. Because he works 6 days a week. So its been awesome. Highly recommend it, if you can put the extra money into it. I think it’s the best.

Ok this next one. CM schmelto. “If you could take a spring time 5 to 7-day vacation with your husband in the contiguous US, where would you go?”

Contiguous, eh? Dammit. Well, in the springtime, we are planning to go to Santa Barbara. I love Santa Ynez. I want to go back to Santa Ynez Valley. I went there; I forget. Maybe in the fall. And it was the best. Loved it so, so much. So I want to go on a springtime vacation, which I think we’ll have one planned in spring, to Santa Barbara. And then I want to take my husband to Santa Ynez, and he can see some of the places I went to when I was there last. So that’s where I would go. Warm, beautiful, awesome vacation.

MC blah-blah-burn. I hate these. Why can’t it just be like Bob? “Loved your podcast with Mind Pump Media. If you could do a regular collaborative pod-swap, who would it be on the top of your list?”

So if you haven’t listened to Mind Pump, go check out Mind Pump. They are freaking awesome. I flew out to San Jose and recorded a podcast with the guys of Mind Pump. They have a full studio; really awesome building. And that episode was fun, because I feel like we went deep. We talked about things that normally don’t get talked about on any other podcast that I’ve recorded. So I think it was a great, kind of get to know me a little bit better, if you have any interest in that. And they have such a great podcast. I freaking love them. I haven’t listened to their podcast in a couple of weeks now, as I’ve just been crazy busy and sick. But they’re awesome.

I think working with them on a regular basis would be awesome, because they’re so intelligent, and they’re so good at talking constantly. So I loved listening to them. If I could do a swap, I’d love to chat with Kaitlyn Bristowe, of the Bachelorette. Because I love the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Can we just talk about how excited I am for January 1st to come along so the new season of the Bachelor comes out and I can talk sh*t on my blog again! Ugh! I can’t wait. I know some people don’t give a f*ck, but I don’t care.

Diane Winn. Thanks for having a simple name, Diane. “Are you going to start putting in home décor on your content? I think on your blog you have your bedroom and it’s so cute.”

Yes, I need to do more. It’s hard because I kind of feel like I have my kitchen and dining room and living room all done. And the bedroom is kind of all done. So I just don’t know what I would do next. I don’t know. I feel like I’m not that great with décor. But maybe, I hope to do more décor stuff. For sure. I definitely hope to.

Brooke Maria. “What are your top three favorite podcasts to listen to?”

So, definitely Wine and Crime. That is high up there. Wine and Crime I listen to as soon as the episode comes out. My Favorite Murder. Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. I love Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi. This is more Bachelor stuff, so if you hate Bachelor stuff, then don’t listen to those. Obviously Mind Pump. Reality Steve is another, but they have spoilers so just a heads up. I heard some, so I kind of know what happens, dammit. I know this is more than 3 to 5 but I don’t care.

I love How I Built this; one of my favorite podcasts. So fun to listen to. These people come on and the woman who created Spanx and Mark Cuban. There are so many different cool people on there, so highly recommend that one. I think that’s all I have. That’s all I have right now.

I did love, what was it? Maybe Dear John? It is something John. I listened to that podcast. Oh, Dirty John. Sorry. I forgot about that one. Go listen to Dirty John. It’s a kind of short one. I think it only has like, I don’t know, 10 episodes or something, but it’s a really good podcast. I like that one. Because I feel like; it’s this guy who is a compulsive liar and completely fucks over people. And I feel like if you’re a woman you’ve gone through that. I’m sure men have too. But we’ve all been f*cked over and completely fooled. So I like that one. It’s interesting.

This one is Mr. Salsiaberry. “Would you ever give Jackson a furry sibling. If so, what kind?”

I would love to give Jackson a sibling. And we always go back and forth. And we’ve thought about multiple times when dogs have come up. There was an English bulldog that came up. Then there was a French bulldog that came up. And then my husband looked for bigger dogs; he wanted a bigger dog and was looking at the adoption place nearby. And it’s just hard, because I travel on a regular basis. And Jackson is kind of a dick around other dogs sometimes. And he’s very territorial with food. He’s attacked multiple dogs.

And when I say attacked, he never bites them, but it sounds like he’s going to. The fur comes up; he just becomes a total dick. So it’s like; do we want to deal with making them like each other for a while and just deal with the transition? I don’t want to at this point. I work all through the day, so that would be a pain in the ass. But I would love to get him another friend and get another dog. It would just have to be timing is right. But we don’t have a preference in dog. I am always down for more French bulldogs, for sure, because Jackson is my favorite. So to have two, f*ck yeah. But I love all dogs at this point. As long as they’re cute and nice.

Kay Bush 2014. “If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?”

At the moment, I really have New Zealand on my bucket list. I would love to go to New Zealand. Spain. I’d love to go to French Polynesia; that’s high on the list. I still want to go to Canada; I’ve never been to Canada. Brazil would be awesome. Those are kind of high on my list at this point. Places I want to go. People I want to see.

Lucy Whole Foodie. “I was listening to an old episode, one about you and your husband. In that episode you mentioned that someone in your gym bet you $100 that you would be pregnant by Thanksgiving this year. Did you ever get that $100?”

Well, to specify, I bet two people in the gym; the owner of our gym, Jason Kelly, that I’ve had ton this podcast, that motherf*cker. And this guy named Derrick. And they both bet that I would be pregnant by Thanksgiving this year. I have no babies in my body. Nothing. Nope. Nu-huh. I’m not pregnant. So they both owe me $100.

Jason is the cheapest human being I’ve ever known. So he will never pay. Lying little sh*t. And Derrick, I haven’t seen. Because he goes to morning classes, and I no longer coach. So, don’t worry. I’ll keep prying. I’ll keep mentioning. Maybe I’ll steal the money. But a bet’s a bet. I hate liars. Aren’t liars the worst? Don’t bet something if you’re not going to actually do it. Motherf*cker.

Amanda M. Nelson, love the name solid. “What life advice would you give your younger followers that you wish you had heard yourself? It doesn’t have to be health and fitness.”

I would; well first health and fitness; stop obsessing over your body and your weight. Stop. Because life is so much more beautiful when you don’t f*cking obsess all the time. And you can create so many more friendships, relationships, and happy moments when you’re not obsessing about your weight.

And then I would also say, don’t listen to everybody else. And luckily I didn’t. But I’ve had so many people tell me that what I do is stupid, or I should go into a different direction. And that work should be miserable, and you should be unhappy, and that’s what a job is. And I don’t live that life at all. And I wish more people said kind of go with what your gut says and do what inspires you. So that’s what I would tell them. Because sure you’re going to fail, but you’re going to learn so much more when you’re doing exactly what you love. And you’ll be inspired to do other things because you’re doing exactly what you love. You don’t have to live a miserable life. Just because maybe you’ve seen other people live that way, you don’t have to.

Mattie Jackson. “What are you getting for Christmas this year?” Oh, she has a couple of questions. So let’s start with this one.

I’m not getting anything for Christmas this year. Thank god, we are not doing presents. I’m not a person who likes receiving gifts, and I don’t like giving gifts. Unless it’s the perfect thing, the perfect timing. Like, my sister-in-law, it was her birthday and we were talking about microblading, and she wanted that, so I bought her microblading for her birthday. Boom. But I’m not a big gift giver. And we’re going to Cabo for New Years, and that’s our gift to our family. So we’re not doing any Christmas gifts. It’s f*cking awesome.

“What are your all-time favorite go-to exercises in strength training and CrossFit?”

I love snatches and overhead squats. Those are probably some of my favorite.

“What are your favorite ever workout leggings?”

I love Lululemon high times wonder unders. I mean, those always work amazing and fit great no matter what.

“Favorite hydrating eye cream?”

I love L’occitane. Their eye serum. And I love Tula. They have a couple of eye serums that I use. I love both of those.

“Do you eat protein bars?”

Not often. I have some Larabars in emergencies, but I try not to eat protein bars that often. Because I just get sugar addicted.

“Does it really matter if meat is organic and grass-fed?”

Absolutely. You should only be buying grass-fed, grass finished, hormone free, antibiotic free. It is so incredibly important.

And that is actually a great leeway into our sponsor this week. If you haven’t heard me talk about Butcher Box, I love them. And as you know, I’ve talked about them a million times. I talk about them on my Instagram, on my Instagram stories. I always do the unboxing of my Butcher Box order. It’s just the best.

You should listen to my episode with Mike, of Butcher Box. He’s the creator. He talks about why organic and grass-fed and grass finished is so important. It is huge. It is so important. You are what you eat. So if you’re eating a sick cow who’s been fed corn and random ass sh*t, you’re eating that as well. You’re putting that into your body. And that’s probably why we have so many health issues at this point in our world. Because the food that we’re generally eating, at the normal grocery store that’s not taken care of is what we’re putting into our body. Which is causing so many health issues as we’re moving forward.

And Butcher Box is totally different than what you find at your normal grocery store. They source and deliver to your doorstep the best quality grass-fed, grass finished, antibiotic and hormone free, pasture raised beef, chicken, and pork. It’s so easy because all you have to do is order your box, and it’s delivered to your doorstep. You can customize it, select whatever box you want. If you only want chicken, if you only want beef, if you want a mixture of all. And then you can set to your schedule to receive your Butcher Box when you want it. And they offer free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.

The classic box, it’s filled with 8-11 pounds of meat, but you can go bigger than that, really depending on your family size and what your needs are. So they really make it easy to get amazing quality meat to your doorstep. It couldn’t be easier. As soon as I’m about to run out of meat, I get a new box. Put it into my freezer, and then I can take out whatever I need as I’m craving it. It’s awesome.

And Butcher Box is so great to sponsor this podcast and help this podcast stay alive. I’ve been doing this podcast for about a year now, and it’s one of the hard things; it’s hard for me to keep up with because I just have other things going on and making sure I fit it in and get interviews in. And Butcher Box is really helping me keep this podcast up and going. So if you want to support the podcast as well as support an amazing company who is changing the world; who is actually changing the world. Then you can just go to You’ll get $10 off your first order plus two free grass-fed, grass finished filet mignons.

They really make a world of difference. Now I don’t have to read all the labels when I’m at the grocery store. This I can just open the box. I know it is the best quality sourced meat, and I don’t have to worry about anything. It is awesome. Mike is amazing. I work with an amazing girl, her name is Torrie, through Butcher Box. And this company has become such a big part of my own life. I love having them part of the podcast. So if you want to support the podcast, and support a great company, again just go to You can get $10 off your first order plus two free grass-fed, grass finished filet mignons right now. That is the special deal for PaleOMG Uncensored listeners. So go check them out. It is very important. Make sure you get that in your diet; clean meat. I highly, highly push that.

OK, next question. Chirpy Bird. I like that. “What do you do when you feel cranky? What helps you get out of that mood?”

Working out. That is my main stress reliever. When I’m feeling down in the dumps. When I’m feeling off. When I have to deal with someone telling me they hate my voice, or I look ugly in an outfit. Working out clears my head, gives me some endorphins, and I feel so much better. So yeah, that’s kind of what I do to get me out of moods. Working out is huge for my stress relief.

Jay Hegs. “Do you ever get tired of keeping up with workouts, cooking, eating clean, blogging, Instagram, taking photos, creating new content, all while having your hair and makeup on point. Some days when I’m good about my workout and food, I’m just kind of tired of all the effort it takes on top of my busy work schedule, so I’m wondering if you ever wake up and are like, “I don’t want to write a f*cking blog post today.” {laughs}

You know, I think; I never get tired. Like sick of it, because it is all so fun. And the cool thing about my job is if I am like; you know what, I’m not really feeling this recipe. Or I’m not really feeling this post. I can change it up. So, I think I get fatigued of making sure I stay up with everything. But I never get sick of it. Because if I’m sick of something, I know that post is not going to come across in the right way so I need to do something different.

So if I’m writing a beauty post and I’m just not into it that day, then I’m going to change it up and do a recipe, or do a travel post. So I have a lot of flexibility, and I think that’s what makes my content fun for me. Is I can do whatever and stay excited. But f*ck yeah, I do not do my hair and makeup every day. That’s for sure. I mostly just put on maybe foundation. Maybe. Some days I don’t put any makeup on at all. So it’s definitely; my makeup and hair aren’t on point. And I wash my hair like one day a week. So it is greasy all the time, I just try to brush it out. And if I needed to put a couple of curls through it just to give it some look to it, I’ll do that.

But if I’m ever feeling like I do not want to write this f*cking blog post today, I remember that somebody is coming to my blog for a new blog post. And that gets me excited to come up with a new one and keep me on track with my posts every day. So I hope that answers your question.

J. P. Crossfitter. “So random, but do you dye.” She or he has a couple of questions. “Do you dye the bottom of your hair a lighter color, or does it fade lighter because you’re naturally blonde?”

My hairstylist runs lighter color through it. I forget what that’s called. Balayage or something. I dye my hair every three weeks because I’m naturally blonde. So I have to dye my roots. And then she’ll pull some blonde, like bronze and copper colors through the bottom. And then they lighten up with sunlight. In the summer, they’ll lighten up by themselves.

“And also, I recently starting baking with cassava flour, and I’ve read that you can swap out any baking recipe calling for regular flour one to one. I tried it with an old recipe that called for regular flour, and it turned out fantastic. Do you use cassava flour very often, since you avoid almond flour? If so, do you bake or do you use it as a thickening agent?”

Jackson has to go outside. So, here’s the thing. I don’t bake that often. I find myself eating; whoa. I almost poured my water everywhere. I find myself eating way too much sugar if I bake. And so I just don’t bake that often. It’s only when I’m really craving it. I dabbled in cassava flour a little bit more; which reminds me, I want to make my edible cookie dough balls with cassava flour for Christmas day. I’m majorly in sugar addiction at this point {laughs} because all I do is watch the Food Network Baking shows, and now I’m craving sugar constantly. So I don’t bake that often.

But when I do, I like to use cassava flour now since I’m trying to stay away from almond flour, it just upsets my stomach. So I like cassava flour, especially that one to one ratio. It just makes things so much easier. So yeah. I have only used it as baking. I don’t think I’ve used it as a thickening agent yet. But yeah, I love it.

Ok, this one is Lori Gabbered. “Can you talk about how your body has changed over the years based on diet, exercise changes, and what you recommend most at this point in your journey to being healthy and looking amazing?”

Thank you that is so nice of you. I think I constantly do different stuff because I constantly see my body changing and adapting. So when I first started paleo like 6-7 years ago, I went super low carb and really high fat, and I lost a ton weight. And my body seemed to do really well with that. And then over time my body was not loving the high fat anymore, especially when I was really going hard with CrossFit workouts. So I had to go lower fat, higher carb, and my body did really well with that. And now I feel like my body does well with doing low carb for a few days and then higher carb for day; lower carb. So I think I’m constantly just playing around with it. It’s not like on my mind all day. I just think; like, I probably don’t need a potato tonight. I’ve had carbs already today. I just think of it that way, but it’s not something I over obsess about or think about that much.

But I think the main thing that’s been important to me is eating healthy generally. I mean, I still stay away from gluten. I try not to overdo my sugar. I try to balance my meals of good proteins, fat, and carbs. Then just working out regularly. I haven’t taken that many days off in 7 years. I always take off multiple days a week, but I’m not taking two weeks off, where I’m like; I’m just not feeling like working out. I haven’t done that. I don’t let myself do that. I don’t like to do that. So I think working out continuously and not letting myself get bored. If I feel myself getting bored, I change it up

So I was getting bored with CrossFit. I wasn’t liking the programming, so I got an Orange Theory membership. I just quit my Orange Theory membership, and I’m getting an Anytime Fitness so I can do some stuff on the side of my CrossFit workouts. Which I’ll talk about in a little bit. So I just don’t let myself get complacent and bored. I make sure I’m continuously sore on a regular basis and I’m challenging my body in new ways. Mixing it up with going easier some days and harder others. So that’s kind of, I think, what has been the best thing for me, is consistency. Is that word? Sh*t, I guess I need more coffee. But, yeah, staying consistent more than anything. With food and with exercise.

OK, Staci Ya. {laughs} “Just like you, I’ve pretty much made the decision to not have children. I mean, I never say never, but I’ve pretty much made my choice. My reasons are very similar to yours. One of the questions that I struggle with, however, and one that my parents love to bring up is, who will take care of you when you are old? Who will you leave all that you’ve built? How do you deal with these questions?”

Well, number one, here’s the reality of life. You could have a child, and that child could pass away. So even though you have a child and you’re like, Ok, this child will take care of me. F*cking sh*t happens, and that might not be the case. So what are you going to do, have another child when you’re 70 years old to figure out who is going to take care of you?

To me, if somebody asked me that question; who’s going to take care of you, first of all I’m saving money to make sure my parents are taken care of. But I’m saving money to make sure I am taken care of so I can be put in a home with my own money. So the money I’m making now I’m putting away for my retirement, and that retirement includes a home to take care of me in, that I felt comfortable in, when I can’t take care of myself anymore. I do not think it’s someone’s responsibility to take care of you because you birthed them.

And you can say, I’ll raise this child and they’ll take care of me. Your child might hate you. Your child might move away, not be close to you. So I think that is a ridiculous question, and an incredibly self-centered and selfish. Because it is your own responsibility to take care of yourself. But that just my opinion. I know people won’t like that one. Because I get that question a lot.

And, who will you leave all you’ve built? I have no idea. What if I haven’t built something? What if something goes completely under? Am I leaving my debt to someone? You know. I have no clue. And I’m sure when I’m old enough and I have friends that I would want to leave something to. That’s just not the worry. That’s not worth having a child, so you can leave something to them. I just I don’t see it as that. So yeah, that’s my opinion on that.

And this is the last kind of random question. Lizzie Byer. “What products are you being paid to endorse and what ones do you just love to use?”

So. I only endorse products that I love. I only endorse clothes that I love, products, food, fitness, whatever brands that I actually use myself. So, like Nordstrom. I wear Nordstrom clothes all the time. And sometimes they pay me to do a post about Nordstrom. But I still wear their clothes regardless, and promote them, even when they’re not paying me to post about them. So, what is so cool about my business. And the other day, the owner of my gym, he just loves to talk sh*t. He was saying; he was like, Juli, I can’t believe you’re promoting all these brands. Is everything sponsored? That’s not you. I’m like; ok. Look at the pants you have on. Say they’re Reebok. If Reebok came to you, and you’re wearing those pants already, and said, “We want to pay you to wear those pants and take a photo of them,” would you say no? You’re wearing those pants already. Do you say no because that’s “selling out”? It’s a funny thing to think about. And that changed his tune really quickly.

But you will see all kinds of things on my Instagram, whether it’s a brand I love. Like the other day, I talked about these plantain chips that I picked up. I was not paid to talk about those, I just love those plantain chips and I posted about them. And then you’ll see a post about Modcloth today. They paid me to post about them. I picked the outfit that I wanted to wear. And I have worn Modcloth since I started doing fashion on my blog years ago.

So you’re going to see all kinds of different things on my blog, but I only endorse things that I want to endorse. I have said no to many products and many brands out there that just don’t fit with what I love and what I want to talk about and what I use on a regular basis. So yeah. You’re only going to see stuff I really like, I promise you that.

2. Listener Questions: Food [45:33]

Ok, let’s go onto food. Food time, food time! Let’s start with Debra Wainwright. “Do you have bulletproof coffee?” I think you meant do you drink bulletproof coffee. “Why or why not?”

I don’t do bulletproof coffee. But in my coffee I add less than a tablespoon of heavy cream and then I put collagen in my coffee. I just don’t really like butter in my coffee. Once in a great while I’ll have some like at a coffee shop if they have bulletproof and I know I’m not going to eat for a while. Because it holds me over longer. But I’m just not a big bulletproof coffee fan. I like my coffee with heavy cream, stevia, and collagen in it. And that’s how I prefer my coffee every morning.

Lisa. “If you have to a restaurant for an event; like a friend’s birthday, work party, whenever; and it’s not paleo friendly, what is your go-to meal? What do you request from the chef to make for you?”

Well, that is a hugely broadly; broadly. {laughs} hugely; incredibly broad question. Jesus, Juli. Because there’s a lot of different restaurants out there. I don’t have an issue eating at restaurants, ever. No, they’re most of the time not cooking with the best oils, depending on where you’re at. Because they’ll use vegetable oil or canola oil, which is incredibly refined and messed up. So, and Mexican restaurant; say we’re at a Mexican restaurant, I will order fajitas; meat, vegetables, some rice on the side. You can just eat that by itself, you don’t have to eat it in a tortilla. If we go; say, we went to an Italian restaurant recently, which is like pizza and pasta, I ordered; there are entrees usually at Italian restaurants, so I got the salmon that had potatoes and broccolini. Boom.

I think it’s pretty easy. You just have to read outside of the lines. Last night I was at a burger place. I ordered a burger with no bun. Super easy. If you’re going strict paleo, it’s a little bit harder, making sure the oils are correct and you’re not having any dairy, like cheese on a burger or whatever else. But I find it pretty easy at restaurants. You just have to ask for changes sometimes. And people; restaurants will change things, even at a pasta place I’ve asked for, instead of pasta, just getting vegetables, and some places will do that. So, I think it’s pretty easy. You just have to open your eyes to different things if you haven’t been paleo or gluten free in the past.

Sara Bobbio. “What are your favorite pots to cook with?”

By far my cast iron skillet. I love my cast iron skillet. I use it for everything. I proudly have five cast iron skillets, at this point, because it just gets the best sear on meat. It cooks things evenly throughout. You don’t get these crazy ranges in temperatures. It heats up very evenly. I love it, it’s the best for sure. And I get a pre-seasoned; I usually just get Lodge. I think they’re really affordable and they’re pre-seasoned, and so nothing sticks.

“Do you ever go through periods during which you’re “bad” at being paleo? How do you snap out of it? Particularly when you’re sick and tired?”

I don’t think; well, I guess I’ll go through stages where I’m eating more sugar. And I’m kind of in that stage right now, where I’m just having chocolate at night every night. Or, I’ve had too many carbs. Or I’m eating too many chips on a regular basis. So I’ll go through that where I’m like; ok, time to snap out of it. But when I’m sick and tired, when I’m sick especially, that’s the time you need those really nutrient-dense foods, like vegetables. So I find it easier, because I don’t want to be sick anymore. So I’ll make sure to get those vegetables into my diet. But, yeah, I go through stages of just not eating my best, and then I get out of it. And say; ok, it’s time to get more vegetables from the store, and get on it. And that’s it.

Shell Patricia. “How do you stop your food from sticking to the bottom of your cast iron skillet or enameled cast iron skillet? Super frustrating. I want to fry an egg or cook tacos without everything sticking.”

You just need to make sure you get that cast iron skillet more; sometimes it takes a while to really get it seasoned. So I was always buy my cast iron skillets pre-seasoned, and then you’ve got to use more fat. And that’s kind of that thing you have to do at the beginning to get these cast iron skillets really good to go, is use more fat. And then over time you’re not going to need that as much. But add more fat. And that definitely helps with the sticking, for sure.

S-word. “If you aren’t a fan of vegetables, what is one you recommend starting to add to your diet? Best way to cook and season it?”

So, I hated vegetables when I first started paleo. And what I ate for probably a year straight was burnt broccoli. It was the only thing I could stomach, and then I was able to add more and more as my palate changed. But I would just toss the broccoli in a decent amount of fat, salt it, a little garlic powder, put it in the oven at like 400° until it’s burnt. And it is so good. That’s what started me on my vegetable train, for sure.

Julane. “These could be dumb or annoying questions. Do you always buy organic? Do grocery stores give you a discount because you’re a food blogger?”

So I pretty much most of time buy organic. Sometimes there are some foods that I just don’t worry, maybe if it has a skin on it that you’re going to remove, I don’t really worry about that, buying organic. But if you’re eating the skin I like to buy organic. And no, grocery stores do not give me a discount. The only online grocery store that I’ve worked with that’s given me a discount is Thrive Market, in the past. And then I’ve worked with Whole Foods before, who has given me a gift card to do a post. But grocery stores; I don’t just walk into any grocery store and they; nobody knows I’m a food blogger in any store that I’m at. And I’m not just telling everybody that. {laughs} Because nobody cares. So no.

Hunter X Gatherer. “I get very depressed and sad when I’ve gone off the paleo diet and eat other things. How do you deal with the guilt that comes with eating non-paleo foods? Or just unhealthy foods in general. Do you not feel guilty?”

So, I don’t eat foods that are going to make me feel guilty. I very rarely do that. Because I don’t want to feel guilty. And if I’m going to feel guilty about it, at this point in my life, it’s a food I shouldn’t be eating. I’m not at the point where I feel guilty about having anything, because I feel fine about any food choices that I make.

So say that, I’m trying to think of a situation. If I just had a couple of days where I’ve eaten more chocolate or more sweets than I need to, then I just remind myself of that. I don’t feel guilty, I just say, “Ok. Girl. Slow your roll. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you need to stuff your f*cking face with chocolate at night every night.” And then I say, “Ok. It’s time to cut yourself off. Go a little cold turkey for a couple of days.

But I don’t eat things that are going to make me feel awful. I don’t eat pasta. I don’t eat bread. I don’t eat any of the packaged, sh*tty food out there. I’d rather make my own stuff that might be on the more sugary side, but is not going to make me feel like sh*t. Because I don’t want to feel like sh*t, and I don’t want to feel guilty. So I just don’t eat those foods. So I rarely feel guilt related to food anymore. I just more so feel like; ok. It’s time to cut things off a little bit because you’re coming a bit sugar dependent. And that helps me get back on track. But I don’t feel guilty now, because I don’t eat those foods that made me feel so guilty in the past.

Amanda Laris. “I just moved to Denver a couple of months ago, and was so happy to meet you at the gluten free fair!” Hi Amanda! “Any good paleo gluten free donut shops you recommend in town?”

I love going to Beat Box Bakery in Denver. They have gluten free donuts that are delicious. And then Debbie’s Gluten free is a totally gluten free, celiac specific place. And they have delicious donuts on Saturdays. They might other days of the week, but I just know of Saturdays as well. And they have good gluten free stuff. Not so much paleo. There’s Just B Kitchen that’s paleo, but I haven’t seen her do any donuts there. But those are the two places that I go to if I’m craving a donut. Which makes me want a donut right now.

Torrie’s Whole Life. “What’s your favorite Instant Pot recipe?”

Probably; I have a new meatloaf recipe on there that I really loved. Probably my meatloaf, and carnitas. Oh, and Instant Pot taco stuffed potatoes. And buffalo chicken soup. And smoky bacon chili. Those are my favorite. {laughing} How annoying.

Kay- I’m not even going to try to read this name. “Do you eat strictly paleo, and how much? Do you do anything with macros?”

I do not eat strictly paleo. I eat strictly gluten free. I stay away from gluten altogether, and then most of my days are more paleo, just meats, vegetables, some starchier carbs. But I try not to do too many gluten free grains because it just can irritate the gut. And I just don’t need that many in my diet.

And I do not do anything with macros. I’ve never done macros, so I can’t even speak to macros. Yeah, I’ve never done anything.

I love this name, it’s Pikaah! That was probably loud in your ear. Pikaah! “I was also;” maybe you asked another question but I didn’t see it. “I was also wondering about protein bars. I have a hard time digesting RX bars. Do you like any protein bars?”

I honestly try to stay away from protein bars on a regular basis. The only time that I’m eating more often is when I’m traveling. So I have them with me. Larabars aren’t protein specific bars, but I like having those on hand in a pinch. Larabar has all kinds of different bars at this point. And I love Perfect Bars. They’re not strict paleo, at all, but I really like those ones. But I just try not to eat protein bars on a regular basis. More so when I’m traveling or I just can’t get to a meal very quickly.

Tonja Gets You Fit. “Do you fast or do any intermittent fasting?”

I do not fast or do any intermittent fasting other than when I sleep for 8 hours. That’s when I like to fast. {laughs} And then between meals. That’s fasting, right? I know there are benefits to fasting, but I don’t do it myself. I’ve had too many issues with eating in general that intermittent fasting is just a way to starve myself and I’m not down for that anymore in my life. So, nope, I don’t do it. But Mind Pump guys, I know they talk about doing it. They might be great ones to chat with or just listen to.

Katie. Literally with 10 I’s. I love that. “I just started eating gluten free because I have gut issues. One of my favorite things to eat out is sushi, and I’m struggling finding options without soy sauce. Any suggestions?”

Well first of all find a sushi place that’s good enough that you don’t even need the soy sauce. That is; we go to Izakay Den in Denver all the time, and I don’t ever eat anything with soy sauce because all their sushi and their nigiri and sashimi and all their different dishes; their fish is so fresh and delicious that you don’t need it.

But you can always us Tamari, which is a gluten free soy sauce. Or you can use coconut aminos. Tamari is more salty like soy sauce, and coconut aminos is more sweet. So try those. Just bring your own bottle, and pour it out into the little cup that they give you. And you’re done.

“Struggling hard with overeating. How can you help yourself not overeat all the time?” This is Janessa Fleming.

So, for me, when I was overeating; and I look at this now. The reason I was overeating was because something was missing in my life. I was depressed. I hadn’t found happiness in my own life, so I was trying to find happiness through food. So there might be an emotional piece that you need to look at. I have no idea, I’m just speaking from my own experience of why I overate.

Or, are you maybe missing food at other times of the day? Are you overeating all the time? Or say you’re overeating at night; are you not eating enough during the day and that’s why you’re overeating at night. So it could be undereating at other times of the day. It could be an emotional point, and that’s what it was for me. I’m trying to fill sadness with food. Are you making sure you’re getting enough water? Because a lot of times we eat, we think we’re hungry, and we’re actually just thirsty. Speaking of, let’s get a sip. Oh my god, that’s so refreshing.

I find that all the time, because I’m thirsty constantly from my acne medication that I’m on, spironolactone. So I have to make sure that I’m drinking enough water, or else I think I’m hungry. So that’s kind of ways I combat that.

Danielle Cap. “More info on intuitive eating? I’ve been trying to listen to my body when it comes to hunger cues. All day I’m good, and right around dinner I can’t control how big my portion gets. I just keep getting more. How do you stick to it? Even when your hormones or brain are saying take all the bites.”

So you can control; you’re saying you can’t control how big your portion gets. You can. You actually have full control. I think slowing down, chewing your food. I hear this from Mind Pump all the time; how much your body starts digesting as soon as you start seeing the food, because your hunger cues start up. Your body starts the acid in your stomach to digest food. Then it hits your tongue. Make sure you’re chewing. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

And for me, I like to use a smaller plate, just because aesthetically it looks better in photos, so when you have a full plate versus a big plate and just a little bit of food on there. Think about when you eat your other meals. Say at lunch time, you know how much protein you kind of eat. You know how many vegetables. And that’s how you know how much food you need. The same goes with dinner.

For me, if I want to eat more of something, having more vegetables around, it’s not bad to eat more vegetables. Eat more vegetables. That’s totally cool. But you know that you’re overeating, and hormones may tell you something and the brain may tell you something, but you know what you should be eating. If you have found what works for you. So slow down. Chew your food. Take your time. Put your fork down. Take a second. Talk to your significant other or your friend that’s with you. Hang out for a little bit. Don’t just chow down and go back before your body has even had time to process that it’s full. I think that’s so important. To find where you feel comfortable, instead of overly full. And then that’s when you’ve over done it.

Last but not least in the food section, this is from Sarah Bardot. “You mentioned that your cast iron skillet is your favorite kitchen gadget.” I just said that, how’d you know?! You’ve listened to the podcast before. “How do you clean yours? I heard people say they never use soap on it, but it seems to gross me out.”

I don’t ever use soap. I think it’s disgusting. You don’t want to use soap on cast iron skillets. The soap goes into the pores of the cast iron skillet, from what I understand. And so then when you cook later on, the soap is going to cook into that food. The soap that’s been left behind. So don’t use the soap.

As soon as I’m finished cooking, I put water in my cast iron skillet, I boil it, I scrub it with a metal scrubber. Dump the water out, dry it off, and then I reoil it with olive oil or whatever I have around. Coconut oil. To reseason it. So that’s what I do. No soap. No, no. If you want to use soap, don’t use a cast iron skillet!

3. Listener Questions: Makeup and skincare [1:03:54]

Ok, let’s talk about some makeup and skin care.

Maria Greenwald. “When did you start selling Beautycounter, and how does it fit in with your other beauty products? There seems to be so many amazing options out there but I can’t use and buy everything. I’m loving Beautycounter, and I’m intrigued by Tula products you use. I also use Primally Pure. Do you feel like pick one line or mix and match the best? That’s several questions, but thank you for answering.”

I love trying all kinds of different beauty products. I totally get that it’s hard to just invest in a ton of different products. If you find a line that works for you, then stick with that line. If it’s not working anymore, try a different line. I use multiple different lines because I like to see how it changes my skin. I like listening to other bloggers and what they’ve been using and trying and adding into my routine.

I started using Beautycounter; I’ve used Beautycounter products for probably two years now. I just love a bunch of other products that I use; like Vivant skin care, Tula, L’Occitane; a ton of different products. So I think it’s great to stick with one, because you can really get the full benefits out of that product line. But using multiple isn’t a bad thing, either. Do what works for your skin, and try other things if something’s not working. I don’t know if that answers your question, but that’s what I do, personally.

Erin Gravy. “What is your stance on skin care lines like Beautycounter, Ever Skin, Tula, and all these new lines promoting safer beauty? As someone who has battled adult acne for a hot minute, I want to find something that’s good for my skin and health as well as packs a punch in my skin type needs.”

I think skin care is not a one-size fits all, just like food is not a one-size fits all. So keto isn’t one-size fits all. And Weight Watcher is not one-size fits all. You have to find what works for you. And I’m all about safer beauty products, but I’m all about the chemicals and stuff that {laughs} seems to do the trick. I went on Accutane and had a great experience, and some other people say they wish they had never gone on Accutane, or had their daughter go on Accutane.

So there’s not one-size fits all. It is what works for you. So I just love trying all kinds. I mean, I just lasered off my entire face, and some people think that’s f*cking crazy. You’ve got to do what works for you, baby boo.

Ok. Chris 10 UNC. “I use Primally Pure deodorant religiously. I love the product and it really helps keep the smell at bay. My question is; what do you do to prevent sweat stains in your clothes? You’ve said you sweat like a boy, and I’m in South Florida, and I’m guessing our sweating capabilities have got to be fairly similar.”

I don’t wear a lot of white. {laughs} That’s the way I prevent sweat stains. But that’s just life. I just don’t wear a lot of white clothes, that have sleeves on them. Because sweat stains will go through. But I don’t really do anything to prevent it. Sweating is just kind of a natural occurrence. So it’s just what you’ve got to deal with.

Ok, so this is kind of a two-piece question from Life with a Beach View. “We see you using a variety of flours; is there a reason you use one versus the other?” And then second part says, “Just a comment; love the episode with Miranda Oldroyd, and with the CrossFit owner of your gym. Would love to see you do commentary for regionals.”

We’ll just start with the CrossFit one; I would never do commentary for regionals because I just don’t give a f*ck. I like talking to some crossfitters, but I don’t give a f*ck about regionals. I did regionals myself. I don’t care about talking about them, or watching them or doing anything with them at this point. So you will not see me talking about that. But you will see me talking about the Bachelor, that’s for sure!

And flours; I like to use all kinds of different flours, just because not only does it make it possible for more people to cook certain things. Maybe they can’t get cassava flour, so they can get almond flour or coconut flour or vice versa. And I think they just bake a little bit differently. So I just like kind of changing it up more than anything.

Ok, back to skincare. This is Sam Pinkins. “I tried some Tula products that you posted; the serum and the day and night lotion, and like them. But I’m specifically looking for a good anti-wrinkle eye cream. I know Tula has one; any report on results?”

Eyes are a hard thing. I can’t speak to a cream just instantly helping with wrinkles. Because I go to the esthetician on a regular basis, and work on wrinkles by getting a laser that makes your face bleed. So I can’t speak on certain eye creams.

I love Tula, and I love L’Occitane. Those are the two I use the most for my eye creams. But I can’t speak to them just fixing wrinkles, because I see the esthetician and we do anti-wrinkle stuff regularly. So I can’t really speak to that. But those are the two I use on a daily basis.

This Cizbrowski. “How often do you get Botox? Any update on the FasciaBlaster?”

I get Botox every three to four months. Some people don’t have to get it that often. When you work out on a regular basis, you just metabolize it quicker. So I have to just get it more often than I would prefer to; but I like to workout so that’s just how it’s going to have to be. I know some people who get it every 6 months. And I think I get like 20 to 25 units. Botox is the f*cking best, I love it.

And any update on the FasciaBlaster; no. I haven’t used the FasciaBlaster since before summer. I stopped in summer because I didn’t want to have bruises. And then I just didn’t care. I really wish I cared more about using the FasciaBlaster. The FasciaBlaster is supposed to help with cellulite. I’ve heard about lawsuits with her; I have not idea of any of that. But I have not used it, and I just don’t care to. I’d rather just have cellulite and just keep working out and eating healthy and drinking water. It’s too much of my time! That FasciaBlaster took too much of my time.

4. Listener Questions: Fitness [1:10:55]

So let’s go into fitness! Last topic is fitness. Lots of cool fitness questions, this is fun.

Ok. Haven Amy. “Personal question; did you find your butt flattened out a bit when you increased your running in Orange Theory? I used to run a lot. And completely lost my butt and glutes. I’ve since heard it called runners butt, like it’s a thing. Slowly building it back after nearly a year of CrossFit.”

I don’t know if my butt has flattened out? The thing is, I used to have a much bigger butt when I was 30 pounds heavier, so my butt has gotten smaller as I’m not 30 pounds heavier and competing in CrossFit anymore. So my butt has definitely decreased in size, because I’m not squatting over 200 pounds on a daily basis. So my butt has changed. I don’t think it really changed with Orange Theory. But I was only running like 3 miles in c lass every day. So I don’t think that’s going to be enough to lose my butt. So no.

Nicole Lilies. “Nutritionally, what does my body need pre-workout? My gym pushes these caffeinated preworkout energy supplements and drink, but I don’t really buy into any of those because I’m just exercising to stay healthy, not going out for any body building competitions over here. What kind of food fuel should I prepare my body with? I usually do 45 minutes of HIIT style workout and about 4.5 hours…” What? “After lunch.” Oh, ok. Sorry, god I was thinking you meant 4.5 hours of working. “4.5 hours after lunch, and tend to feel hungry a bit and need fuel.”

Ok. Girlfriend, I don’t know what your body needs because every single body is completely different, and I’ve never met you. I know nothing about your body, nothing about your routine. So even if you tell me your style workout, I have no idea what kind of food you’re going to need. I don’t believe in those caffeinated pre-energy workout supplement drinks. Because if you need energy, f*cking eat food. Food is energy. I hate those pre-energy workout drinks. If you need energy, you need to supplement with real food. Because food is fuel.

So, I mean, usually pre-workout. If my stomach needs to be settled, I have half of a Larabar or just a little bit of a snack of a meal I had earlier. So I have chicken salad in the fridge. Maybe I’d have a couple of bites of chicken salad to settle my stomach. But I don’t personally do anything pre-workout or even post-workout. Because I usually have meals in between them. So you’ve got to just find what works for you, girlfriend. But I can’t tell you that, because I have never met you. I don’t know you; I don’t know what’s going to work for you. But yeah, I’m not a huge believer in those energy drinks. Sorry to those people who love them.

This one, Burlap Dancer. Oh, that’s a fun name. “What advice do you have for someone who has tried different types of workouts, and hates them all? Asking for a friend.”

I would say keep searching. Keep trying to find new things. There are so many different kinds of workouts out there now. There’s yoga sculpt. There’s Pilates. There’s pole dancing. There’s Zumba. There’s hip-hop dancing classes. Instead of looking at maybe a CrossFit style workout or Orange Theory, maybe think about it as more fun type workouts, like dancing stuff. If you would like that. Your name is Burlap Dancer; you’ve got to love dancing, right? So keep looking. Because there’s something out there for everyone. And that’s why there are so many gyms available at this point.

Ok, Lisa Shelly. “Why did you cancel your Orange Theory membership?” So I talked about that earlier. Just yesterday, I canceled my Orange Theory membership. And the main reason was, first of all, I wasn’t using it. I went probably three weeks without going to Orange Theory. And it was because I had like 5 classes in a row with all sh*tty coaches. I was so bored! I’m like, this isn’t inspiring. This isn’t inspiring. I’m so bored in class. I can’t wait to get out of class. And I should not feel that in the hour of me-time. I should not feel like, I can’t wait to get out of here.

So I didn’t want to go; I didn’t feel any excitement to go. So I like going to CrossFit. I’ve been going to CrossFit for 7 years. I love going to those classes. I always have fun. I’m always excited to go. But I wanted to do something else, because CrossFit is not giving me the butt I would prefer, and it’s been 7 years. If it hasn’t worked in 7 years, I think it’s time to do something different. And I just want a little bit bigger butt. A little rounder. A little bit more muscular. So it’s time to do some stuff outside of CrossFit. So I’m going to get a membership at the small gym by me, and I can do some butt workouts.

And I was talking about adding some butt workouts to my routine, and somebody was like; hey, you should check out Bret Contreras 1 on Instagram, he has amazing butt workouts. So I go to his page, and he has awesome stuff. I’ve been stealing some stuff off his Instagram that he shares. And I’m just going to add that to my routine. So I’m going to that gym near me today to get a membership and add stuff to my routine. And probably do CrossFit 5 days a week; I was doing 3 days and then 2 days of Orange Theory. So now I’ll probably be back to CrossFit 5 days a week and then adding in butt workouts 3 days a week. It’s stuff that I can do on top of my CrossFit stuff.

So yeah, I’m just going to change it up. I just got bored and wasn’t into some of the coaches I had. No offense to them, it was getting me excited and happy to be there. So I didn’t want to do it anymore.

Jene Carpen. “Favorite exercise? When you see it, you get excited.”

I love snatches, I love overhead squats, and I’m always happy to do double unders. Double unders are pretty comfortable and easy for me. I can do a good amount in a row. So I’m always happy to do those.

Lena Michelle, I think. “Do you use specific shoes for lifting? I started CrossFit a few months ago, and everyone keeps telling me I should get different shoes.”

So I do believe if you’re doing CrossFit regularly, get some flat shoes. I really love Nike Metcons. They’re flat. I don’t love them in running workouts, if we have like 400 meter runs multiple times, I just feel like they’re a little clunky. But they’re flat, they’re great for box jumps and lifts and any of the normal CrossFit movements.

Make sure you get flat shoes, unlike running shoes that are a kind of lifted and a little squishy. That’s just harder to do lifts in. I personally don’t think you need lifting specific shoes, unless you are going to compete. I think they become this; people just want to get all the gear. So they want to get lifting shoes. And believe me, I’ve been this person. They want to get lifting shoes, the knee guards, the wrist straps, the I don’t know, f*cking CrossFit shorts. They want to get it all. But that’s not going to improve your performance in the gym. Just getting better with your movements is going to improve your performance.

Lifting shoes aren’t going to make you a stronger lifter unless you have a strong lift in the first place. They can help you PR long-term, because they get you into a better position. But I think first and foremost, especially if you’re new at CrossFit, just dial in your movements. You don’t need to drink the CrossFit Kool-Aid of just getting all the f*cking gear. Just get your movements great, first. I think movements are much more attractive than CrossFit gear. I don’t use lifting shoes, myself. For any of my lifts.

Susan Jessup. “I’m a busy mom, wife, and teacher. I usually try to completely my workouts at 5:30 in the morning, but some days are endless and I don’t get to bed until late. Is it better to log a few hours of shut eye or to get my exercise in on these mornings. Should I sacrifice sleep or exercise?”

So, number one, sleep is incredibly important. If your goal is to lose weight or maintain your fitness, and you’re not getting enough sleep, and you’re f*cking up your cortisol, that is not going to help you with your goals or maintenance. So sleep is very important.

But, if it becomes, you can’t get to bed every night until late and this becomes a regular thing so you’re not exercising at all, I don’t think that’s great, either. So I think you have to find a balance of some nights, you don’t get to bed until late, sleep is more important. That’s fine; get your sleep in. And then other days you’re like; ok, it’s been a couple of days. I need to make sure I get my workout in tomorrow. Do that. I think you’ve got to find a balance, because not working out ever is not great. Not sleeping is not great. So it’s a balancing act when we’re all busy people and you can figure it out.

I really love Clare has gone through this, of Girls Gone WOD. Because she has a super busy job. Her husband was in school. And then she has a toddler. So she would set her alarm and if she didn’t get a certain amount of sleep, then she wouldn’t go to the gym. If she did get that sleep, then she would go to the gym. So I think it’s a balance act in finding what works for you. But sleep is very important and should be taken more seriously by more people, for sure.

Carissa. “I love working out. I’m literally in the worst mood if I don’t sweat once a day, but my boyfriend does not. It’s really hard to motivate him to workout, and I always bug him about it. Which I think irritates him. He just doesn’t have a lot of experience, and therefore confidence, in the gym. Any advice on how to go about motivating him or a way he could ease into a workout, so he comes to enjoy it and then sticks with it?”

That’s a hard one. Especially with your significant other. Luckily I have a husband who works out on a regular basis, but if he has had a crazy week at work and working out has been not as easy for him, I try to find ways to make it easy for him. So I’m like; hey, if you need to go to the gym tonight, we’ll have a later dinner. I want you to make sure you get your workout in and stay healthy.

So luckily I haven’t had to deal with that. But I think if this continues to be a thing, and your boyfriend doesn’t want to workout, I think it’s important to tell him why that’s important to you. Because to me, if my husband stopped working out, I would sit him down and I would say, “Your health is very important to me. Because if you’re not around, that’s a huge bummer. And fitness is a huge part of our lives, and taking care of yourself is a huge part of our lives. So how can we get your feeling comfortable in the gym? How can we get you working out on a regular basis?” And having that serious conversation. Because fitness is very important. Not to all people, but it should be. Physical exercise and taking care of yourself for long-term health should be part of their number one need in their own life as well as your life together.

So maybe sitting him down and talking about that. Or taking him to your gym and showing him some of the things that you’ve been doing. But he is going to have to find what works for him at the end of the day. But maybe having a serious sit-down conversation where he doesn’t feel like you’re attacking him in some way is maybe something you could try.

Torrie Ding Dong! {laughs} That’s fun. “How did you balance your hormones after experiencing adrenal fatigue? How do you monitor your hormone balance now? Specifically assessing how much is too much exercise. I love how I feel after working out, so I always feel up for it, but I know I need rest. So while I try to listen to my body, I always want to decrease stress with a workout so it’s not easy.”

So balancing my hormones, dealing with adrenal fatigue in the past. Working out way less, because I was working out multiple times a day. So I was working out way less, taking more rest days. Eating more. Those were all things that helped me balance my hormones. Sleeping more. Those were all huge.

I don’t really monitor my hormones at this point, but I know when my body is out of whack. So if I’m gaining weight, losing weight. If things are seeming weird, I try to figure out why that is. What’s happening and how I can change that.

For me, what works for me is taking two rest days a week. And before I always wanted to workout every day, because I felt that addiction that my body needed that stress relief or needed that endorphin high. And it doesn’t. It needs rest, as well. So what seems to work for me, because I’ve dialed this in. And that may change in the future. Is working out Monday through Wednesday, resting on Thursday. Working out Friday, Saturday, resting on Sunday. And that changes depending on when I’m traveling or things that have come up, and change my schedule a little bit.

But resting two days a week is huge for me, and I can feel my body recover. I can see my muscles change, and I can see the physical changes that come with taking that rest. So that’s what has worked for me. And I just listen to my body and see what it needs. If it needs an extra rest day; maybe it does.

Ang Medley. “My CrossFit coach owner.” Ugh, this one pisses me the f*ck off. “My CrossFit coach owner has not shown up at a 6 a.m. class 4 times this month. It’s open gym if the TRX coach is there, or if it’s closed I can’t workout. How do I approach him and tell him how unprofessional he is running his business? I feel like he’s losing his passion for the sport and it’s showing when he’s coaching, as well. I feel like he needs a pep talk.”

I mean, you’re a paying customer. What the f*ck? You can’t just not show up to your job when you have paying customers. That’s so f*cked up. That’s so f*cked. So yeah, you should confront him. Be like; you haven’t shown up. I’m paying money for your classes. That makes no sense to me at all. And say, if you’re not going to show up, hire someone else to do your classes, you f*ck. That’s so unprofessional. Absolutely confront him about that; that’s so unprofessional. Not cool.

Tri Rose. “Have you tried other workouts like spin, cyclebar, soul cycle, pure barre, core power, or other fitness studios like those?”

Yeah I’ve tried tons of things. I’ve tried cyclebar, soul cycle. My girlfriend owns a barre studio; barre Forte Lo/Hi that I love. I just don’t get over there very often because the construction is kind of sh*tty on the other side of town. But they’re amazing. There’s fierce 45. There’s fit wall. I’ve tried a ton of different things. I just always love CrossFit the most. It’s my favorite.

And last but not least, Marissa Janey. “What advice would you give for someone that is considering CrossFit? It always seems so intimidating. Also, what was the most helpful thing you did starting eating clean and avoiding sugar? Love your blog posts and podcasts. You’re the best.”

No, you are Marissa! Ok, so if you’re feeling intimidated about CrossFit; good. I think everyone should do something that scares them and makes them nervous, because that’s when some of the most beautiful things come. And for me, I was very scared of CrossFit when I started, and I started doing workouts by myself in the gym in a room by myself because I was embarrassed. I couldn’t do any pullups or pushups and I was nervous. But I wish I would have had a coach from the beginning.

And if you walk into a CrossFit gym, believe me, you will see all kinds of different people. You will see the shirtless dudes that we picture with CrossFit, with like 47 abs. You will see a guy who is just starting his fitness journey and might be overweight. You’ll see a mom. You’ll see a teenager. I have a 14-year-old in my classes. Or I did, when I was still coaching. So you’re going to see all kinds of different people. So don’t feel intimidated. Because everybody feels intimidated, even when they’ve done CrossFit for years. I still get intimidated by workouts, so you’re not alone. And that’s the best part about CrossFit, is you have someone to mull over the workout with afterwards and talk about your misery together. So, don’t be intimidated. Just get in there.

And then I think the most helpful thing I did with eating paleo was stop obsessing. Before I was like; I have to be strict paleo. Be super obsessive. And it made me crazier. And it made sticking with eating healthy much harder. So, I think just saying food is good for me and that’s why I’m going to eat certain foods. Instead of, I’m going to eat strict paleo then I can have a cheat meal and eat pizza and cookies and feel like sh*t and hate my life and then get back on paleo. I wish I would have just seen it as a new healthy lifestyle, instead of being crazy dieter instead. So that’s what I would recommend.

I have a 40-pound furnace of a dog on top of me. So, guys, don’t forget about this week’s sponsor, Butcher Box. Again, if you want to try them out for $10 off your first order and two free grass-fed, grass-finished filet mignons. You can support the podcast along with it. Just go to to get that offer. And I will see you guys next week! I have a special guest on the podcast next week so stay tuned for that. I’m going to share who that person is on Instagram, so you can ask her specific questions next week.

So thank you guys so much for listening and sending in your listener questions. It is so fun to do these episodes. And please, if I didn’t answer your question, please write me on my blog on And I have some holiday recipes, since the holidays are not over. Go to and you can get those. So I will talk to you guys next week. See you soon; bye-bye.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Listener Questions – Episode 64: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Crap! I always manage to miss the post to ask questions. I was wondering how you make your arugula. I tried it once and wasn’t fond of it but I probably didn’t make it right.

  2. Loved the podcast 😀 I’ve gotten back on the CrossFit train (re-joined last June) and have seen SO much improvement with my technique for the movements. I have so much fun and love my gym. However, right now I’m struggling with gaining weight (up 10 lbs, pants not fitting any better!). I’ve been planning my meals using RealPlans (love love love it) which has led to me cooking way more often, and I’m following a paleo-ish diet. I don’t want to go on a fad diet, but am looking to tweak my lifestyle. Is there anything you recommend I try?

    1. i mean, i obviously recommend paleo! if your hormones and body is in check, then it will respond to a diet that is high in greens, veggies, healthy fats, and clean protein. if you’re sleeping well, stress is low, drinking a ton of water, and eating paleo while staying away from a heavy amount of starches and sugar, than your body will respond!

  3. Hi Juli! I’m a long-time listener and reader and I love PaleOMG! I just Listened to this episode and I was just wondering about your Botox experience. I am 27 years old and just got Botox for the first time in my forehead and am loving it. Where do you get your injections placed? I’m wondering if I should be doing preventative Botox around my eyes for crows feet. Any info you’re willing to share about Botox as a preventative agent for younger women would be awesome! Thanks and happy new year!

  4. Juli,

    Love your podcast! As I was listening to this one I had a thought of what it would be like for you to interview one of your readers. I really enjoy when you bring people on for interviews and I was thinking it could be interesting to chat with one or some readers. Anyways, thanks for the podcast suggestions! I am also obsessed with all things Bachelor so I don’t mind those bachelor updates 🙂

    PS. Since I started listening to you I am now obsessed with Plantains & Podcasts!

  5. Also is there a way to be notified when you respond? I feel like I have commented a couple times but then I forget to check back or forget exactly what post I commented on. Just a suggestion 🙂

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